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legcramps - Monday Mar 01, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Had a good weekend, but boy is it ever busy at work this morning.  I'll be a tired bunny after this day is over.

So Friday gym buddy bailed on me.  I pouted around the house for an hour or two and then decided to go to the gym anyways, by myself.  Wow!  I must've been super motivated to exercise!  I really was motivated, because when I got to the gym I went straight to the treadmill and ran AGAIN!  I was only thinking of doing some cross-training for about half an hour, but ended up running for 19 minutes!  Best yet!  Can I hear a 'Whoop, there it is' from the crowd, please?!

I ended the day with 1,200 calories.  I went to bed early as was still feeling effects of my cold, so didn't bother with a late night snack (I know, i'm bad for this).

Saturday I woke up with all kinds of energy.  I cleaned house within the first two hours of waking up, then did my Shred workout.  This level is going to take me a while.  It's really hard for me to do all those planks.  I have ZERO upper body strength, it seems.  I then visited a friend for the rest of the afternoon.  I went back to the gym with gym buddy and walked for 30 minutes, then went on the elliptical for 10 minutes.  1,500 calories.

Sunday was a nothing day, but i'm okay with that.  I was starting to feel sick during the afternoon, but visited another friend anyways.  When I got home, I had another friend stop in to chat.  I was going to take the dog for a walk, but it didn't work out for us.  I hope she doesn't hate me for it.  1,600 calories.

Got sick during the night and had a hard time falling asleep.  My doctor told me that this would get better eventually, but apparantly not yet.  I feel disgusting today, and very tired.  I did not do the Shred workout this morning as that would have really finished me off.  I don't know if i'll do the workouts in the mornings right now - it all depends on how well i'm sleeping.  Plan is to go to the gym tonight and run.

nosetwitch on 03/01/2010:
Wow, I can barely run for five minutes anymore. Nineteen is incredible! I hope you feel better and that work doesn't exhaust you too much! Have a great day. :)

Playmate on 03/01/2010:
Im proud of your Friday workout!! You did really good. I hope that you feel better soon.

KathyBlue on 03/01/2010:
Whenever your buddy bails on you, take an mp3 player with motivating songs! I love it. Well, I guess tomorrow I'll be able to play TENNIS finally, instead of FITNESS. Not that I have any probs with fitness, just that I pay a fortune for TENNIS so I shouldn't have fitness instead which is much cheaper normally. But then again, they don't have all the fault - weather is crazy. I see the news on TV and I think: "Nature's getting a revenge." We had a very serious storm recently in Portugal, on Madeira island killing a lot of people, destroying houses, etc. some days after Haiti disaster - and now Chile... What comes next?! :(

i_believe on 03/01/2010:
thank you:)))))

beatingfat on 03/01/2010:
Way to go and keep up the good work.

mylilsista on 03/01/2010:
I hope you're feeling better soon...Kodos for going to the gym without your friend!! You seem soooo motivated and it's apparently paying off!

ElizabethBennet on 03/02/2010:
RUN!!! Well done!! Good job!

legcramps - Friday Feb 26, 2010

Weight: 0.0

I was so antsy yesterday, I decided to go to the gym.  Well, it helped that gym buddy also went.  I did a total of 31 minutes on the treadmill, 18 of that running.  I spilled enough sweat at the end of the workout to form a very long river at my feet, but I felt great.  My legs are a little sore today, but hopefully I will make it to the gym tonight and be able to knock out a few more minutes.  That's my goal, anyways ;-)

Calories yesterday were 1,600.  Thank goodness, getting back on track!

I would have done the Shred workout this morning except that I had a fairly long night and didn't get a lot of sleep.  My family sure knows how to disrupt structure, I tell 'ya.  Well, hopefully i'll get it in on the weekend.

I've been missing my workouts, so i'm glad to get back at them.  I will have to make sure i'm not doing too much so that I don't wear my system down again, but I feel great and back in the groove!

MoodyMe on 02/26/2010:
You are doing SO great..I am very inspired by your entry~Running is hard!! And to do it when you're not feeling very good..wow~! Just be careful..I know you put alot of pressure on yourself, and I understand that feeling when you don't workout..but listen to your body..don't want you making yourself worse.

Hope you have a great Friday!!

chidogs on 02/26/2010:
Oh running sounds so good! I am so glad you are back on track, and feeling better! Bravo.

balloonlady on 02/26/2010:
great day. I am jealous kinda, I never really sweat at the gym.. I really get going on the tread and elipitcal, keep my heart rate around 140-148 , A little damp. as a child I had a disorder where I never sweat at all and would just pass out... But I still kinda feel I not really woring that hard when I know I am... weird huh?

biscottibody59 on 02/26/2010:
Your day sounds great! Hmm that's what my family's good for--upsetting structure--I like the way you put it though!

Have a good weekend!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/28/2010:
i love that feeling of getting back into workouts. :-)

and i also loved reading about your "sweat river!"

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/28/2010:
i am a sweater, as well.

legcramps - Thursday Feb 25, 2010

Weight: 0.0


1,700 calories yesterday, no exercise.  Gym buddy had other committments and I just couldn't find the motivation to go on my own.  This is not looking good.  Everything hurts, even my internal organs.  My cold, by the way, is taking over my sinuses and the part of the neck that gives me headaches.

I slept well again last night (apparently I need to be suffering from a cold in order to get a good night's rest) and was reluctant to get up this morning.  I think I have a cold sore on the inside of my lip, I keep running my tongue over it and feeling the irony-taste of blood in my mouth.

Well, I don't know what else to tell you.  I know i'll get back on track at some point.  I only wish it was sooner rather than later!  No worries, it'll happen.  And i'll be ready when it does!

geevee on 02/25/2010:
We have a lot in common! Without a friend or class to encourage me, I vegetate. I am not self-motivated. I can't even do the poses while watching someone do them on TV. Nope. I have to be there.

Sleep? What's that? It's been SO long! I'm lucky to get 4 hrs. and never wake up feeling well-rested because I'm not.

And cold sores too! Yup! I have two at the moment; one above each end of my upper lip. How I hate the way they look and feel!

All I need now is a cold, too. I can't handle a simple cold and am amazed at how people can work while having one. I sure hope yours goes away soon.

panda22 on 02/25/2010:
Hey there! I'm sorry you aren't feeling well, colds are the WORST! They just throw everything off track! Don't get discouraged, you need to give your body time to heal and get better....and rest is the best way to do that. Skipping on the exercise for a bit isn't terrible! Don't beat yourself up, it's not like you're feeling fantastic and just deciding not to exercise, you're sick and feeling horrible from the sound of it, and that's not your fault! Hang in there! I would suggest drinking lots of orange juice and fluids, that may help curb the hunger, as well as get your body back in gear quicker. It might take another week for the cold to go away, just do what you can for exercise, don't overdo it, and try to stay positive! You can get through it! Hope you feel better and have a nice evening =)

chidogs on 02/25/2010:
Hang on, I know it's miserable to be sick but it takes time to recover. You need rest and no stress, so do what you can and let go of the rest until you actually feel better. Take care.

loveray on 02/25/2010:
let your body get well:) xo

legcramps - Wednesday Feb 24, 2010

Weight: 0.0

1,900 calories yesterday.  For some reason, I just HAD to have a banana smoothie before I went to bed at 8:30pm.  The positive is that I slept through the night and was quite rested by the time I got up this morning, even though I still didn't do any exercising yet.

Today i'm hoping to begin to get back on track.  My cold has moved up into my sinus and I had a bit of a bloody nose this morning due to it being so dry in the house.  But at least my throat is no longer SO sore.  Maybe a sinutab or two and i'll be able to make it back to the gym tonight.  Time to get back at it before I lose ALL incentive!  Also, hopefully my diet is back on track today too and i'll have no yearning to eat through house and home when I get back from the gym.  I'm thinking of getting to bed early tonight just to avoid that.


Who knows if i'll be able to run tonight, but I hope so.  I'd like to try for 17 minutes of running again to ensure that I haven't back-stepped too far.  If I can't do it, i'll just have to work back up to that point again, but OY - what a long process!

I could just keep blabbering on and on here, i'm in that kind of mood, but I think instead I will go comment on your entries now.  Have a great day!

chidogs on 02/24/2010:
Glad you're feeling somewhat better. Just don't overdo and stress out your still recovering system. Now that you are feeling better, the cravings for mass amounts of comfort food should decrease! Hang on!

loveray on 02/24/2010:
you too! hope all is well. i am sending good vibes to everyone, including myself!!

still_too_heavy on 02/24/2010:
You are too funny. I love reading your enteries! I am struggling to get on track to.. Looking for some encouraging words that will motivate me!

hollybelle on 02/25/2010:
Sorry about your cold! I am finally over mine and feeling better. Wishing you a speedy recovery! I have a new tactic. When I feel like eating thru the house I clean instead. You should see my floors! Tee-Hee!

legcramps - Tuesday Feb 23, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Well, I realized that it wasn't just a cold keeping me down, my TOM also decided to show up. I'm assuming that was why I was feeling so HUNGRY and catching the cold gave me no test of resistance whatsoever.  I crumbled under the pressure!

I went home yesterday right before lunch and slept all afternoon.  Then came that darn demon of hunger - it overtook my limbs and carried me into the kitchen for food.  I swear!  Like, NINE times!  When I finally decided I might as well go to bed since all I was doing was eating, I was rudely woken a few hours later by an outraged TOM demanding to know why I wasn't paying any attention to it.  So for the next hour or so, I squirmed between the sheets, trying to get comfortable, trying to will the aches and pains from my body.  Once the heating pad took effect, I was off to wonderland - and two hours later up and getting ready for work.  I don't know why I do this to myself.

So, I didn't do any exercising yesterday, which is understandable under the circumstances but surely won't help me balance out those calories.  1,900 again.  If we're gonna look on the bright side, at least it wasn't 3,000 I guess.

I had a meeting this morning which droned on into the afternoon and now here I am, trying to keep my eyelids open and putter away until the end of the day.  Will I go to the gym tonight?  I hope you won't feel badly of me for saying 'probably not'.  The whole reason for coming into work today was so that I could go to the gym tonight.  But I am tired.  I feel the burn of an aggravating cold that I don't wish to aggravate more, and an irritating soreness throughout my midsection, threatening to take away the holly jolly personality i've been holding onto for so long.  Exercise would be a great counter-balance in this situation, however - I have no motivation.  People still exercise with aggravating colds and topsy-turvey tummies.  I'm just not one of 'em.  Maybe that's why I am where I am.

chidogs on 02/23/2010:
Don't beat yourself up. You're down because you don't feel good. Normal, very normal. Your energy is all going towards fighting that cold. Let it. Just do what you can do, and push the guilt away. As soon as you feel better you will get back on the road! Sending you hugs.

jananasplit on 02/23/2010:
feel better soon hun!!!! and dont worry. xxxx

nita51 on 02/23/2010:
Between a cold & TOM,,,,that's enough to make anyone feel awful.I sure hope you get better.

bez15 on 02/24/2010:
Hahaha I like your story about Level 2 on the Shred. I am soooo dreading it!! Planks suck.

Feel better soon!! I know that I hate to exercise when I feel like crap. Just take some time to get healthy so you can workout again!

legcramps - Monday Feb 22, 2010

Weight: 0.0

I feel pretty crappy.

Saturday 1,900 calories.  I WAS doing well, then went over to a friend's place to play cards and had too many snacks.  I did Shred today.

Sunday 3,000 calories!  I started out by eating granola and yogurt with fruit, then my cold started to take over.  I just couldn't get myself up and moving, even to eat.  Finally, I forced myself into my winter clothes and took the dog for a 30 minute walk.  Then I visited my Grandma, then got groceries.  That was a bad idea, groceries.  I was starving by then.  When I got back home and sat down, the cold kicked back in.  I ate until I couldn't eat anymore, then lay on the couch - sick, sick, sick.  Tried cough drops, medicinal teas, took a nap.  I woke from my nap around 9pm HUNGRY and kept right on eating.  It just wasn't a good day!

I should have stayed at home today.  I feel pretty crappy.

chidogs on 02/22/2010:
Awwww, I'm sorry you feel bad. Colds sometimes force you to hit the comfort foods. Just take care of yourself and you can get rid of that when you are strong again.

hollybelle on 02/22/2010:
Sorry you feel sick. I relate - yesterday first good feeling day I've had in 2 weeks. Don't make it worse by eating too much today. Eat well and what you like,but try to keep it in line so you'll feel better when you heal!

nita51 on 02/22/2010:
Lets turn crappy to happy,,,,OK? Remember it was only 1 day, and with this new week,,,You'll be right back to taking good care of yourself. My weekend wasn't too fantastic, either, My guy had me cooking up a storm again. Well I tasted this and nibbled that, but I'm not going to fall, I may have stumbled, but I'm right back in step. So at least you walked your dog for 30 min. that's got to stand for something. Hugs....You'll be just fine......Nita

biscottibody59 on 02/23/2010:
Sorry to hear about the cold--do take care of yourself:-)

legcramps - Saturday Feb 20, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Wow.  Shred DVD, level 2, workout 1.  Done.  What a butt kick.  Just thought you should know.

Yesterday 1,300 calories and four glasses of red wine.  Oops.  Ran 17 minutes out of 30.  That's my best yet!

biscottibody59 on 02/21/2010:
Lookin' good--hope the cold didn't take hold!

Have a good day!

legcramps - Friday Feb 19, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Yesterday was 1,300 calories.  I can't remember why this is less than what i'd estimated they would be.  Oh, I only had one alcoholic drink at dinner, instead of the two that i'd allowed myself on fitday!  And a few other changes I guess.

Ran 12 minutes out of 30 again yesterday.  At the end of it, I felt like I could probably have done another few rounds of running.  At the beginning, I thought I was going to die.  Eating your fill then going to the gym right afterwards isn't the best idea in the world.  I really wanted to...you know...all over the treadmill.  It took at least 20 minutes to get into the groove of running, and then I only had 10 minutes left!

This morning I took the morning off of exercise, I will start level 2 of the Shred tomorrow morning instead.  I feel good for the extra sleep - I needed it I think.  My plan is to hit the gym with gym buddy again tonight, then take the weekend off of running and start again on Monday.  I don't know if I will run tonight though.  Depends on my energy levels and how my knee is feeling.  So far, it's feeling pretty good.

My throat was really sore when I got up this morning.  I sure hope i'm not coming down with a cold or something.  I've been illness-free for almost two months now, and I want to keep it that way!  Other than the odd sniffles, my immune system is keeping me from catching anyone else's bugs (of which there are many.  I think everyone is suffering from some kind of cold or flu).  This is amazing, as i've always been the first to catch whatever is going around.  But yesterday I had a headache, and I can feel it again today along with the sore throat.  Already taking vitamin C, so maybe a few cough drops and see if it progresses.

Have a great weekend!

still_too_heavy on 02/19/2010:
Drink some Theraflu with honey! I think its the best stuff for a soar throat. Hope you stay healthy and keep up the good work. Every step you take is a step forward! Happy Friday!!

loveray on 02/19/2010:
sounds like a great day...hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

hollybelle on 02/19/2010:
You are doing so well! Keep it up, girl! My Shred dvd hasn't arrived yet. Chekced with Amazon on it and it was hung up in the snow somewhere. Was delivered to UPS in my town yesterday so maybe I'll get it today - in time for the weekend!

chidogs on 02/19/2010:
Take care, the stuff is going around every where. We've had the runny nose head cold already. Took Zicam and it seemed to shorten it.

MoodyMe on 02/19/2010:
Oh God, I did the same thing tonight that you did last night~worked out with a full stomach~uggggh..NOT a good feeling!

Hope you're not getting sick~take it easy and listen to your body~If you DO happen to attempt Level 2 of the Shred, Good luck~but LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!!! LOL

nita51 on 02/19/2010:
Oops! about the doggy question. Hope you're not coming down with a cold,,,,I really believe in "Airborne" especially in the early stages of a cold or virus. Your doing marvelous getting in any kind of physical activity. Have yourself a good week-end.

Soon2BThin on 02/21/2010:
Hi, from Soonie! I hope you don't get sick. I sometimes feel like that but then it goes away. Good job on the running!

legcramps - Thursday Feb 18, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Had a good day yesterday.  I was right - Grandma made both chicken AND fish for dinner!  I chose the fish (grilled salmon), and tiny bits of turnip, carrots and potatoes, then filled the rest of my plate with salad.  We had cheesecake for dessert, YUM.  I finished the day at 1,400 calories.

Went to the gym and walked on the treadmill, then worked up a sweat on the elliptical for a while.  That's all I did, though - about half an hour in total.  My knee is acting up a bit, so I will have to see how much I can do tonight.  I'd like to run, but we'll see.

Day 10 of the Shred DONE!  I almost didn't do it.  I really didn't want to get out of bed today, but I shuffled downstairs and managed to struggle through it.  I got all my pushups in, so the next time I do the DVD, i'll start at level 2!  Planks, here we come!  I don't know if i'll start tomorrow morning, I might take a day off to recoup.

Second day of getting some breakfast in my belly.  I don't know why but eating breakfast always makes me so hungry for the rest of the day.  You'd think it would be the opposite, but not for me.  I remember when I used to eat Kashi cereal for breakfast.  Man, that stuff is sooooo good.  I would eat it for breakfast, then crave it for the entire rest of the day.  Crazy.  Just something else I can't keep in the house!

I'm going out for supper tonight and have already decided that i'm going to have a small chicken ceasar salad with garlic bread.  It should put my calories at 1,500 for the day.  Motor on!

KathyBlue on 02/18/2010:
yayyyy grilled salmon... I can't eat salmon, it's fat fish and I'm not allowed to eat fat animal/fish... but I loooove salmon. I also miss potatoes (must not... again).

chidogs on 02/18/2010:
Mmmm love salmon, it's just hard to find the wild kind that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Kashi GoLean Crunch is addicting, and in the amounts I eat it yeah, keep it away. Have a great one!

loveray on 02/18/2010:
ditto on the kashi addiction...must be the carbs/honey in it...works for some people, not for others. xoxo

gettingthere22 on 02/18/2010:
haha kashi go lean cereal is addicting!

legcramps - Wednesday Feb 17, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Well, I thought I was doing well for calories yesterday, until I added them up.  I'll just get it out of the way right now and tell y'all that I was way under on calories yesterday.  Way.

Everything is going to be in point form today.  It's not that i'm being lazy, it's just how my thought processes are working today.  In point form.

I made a batch of veggie burgers last night, so that's what i'll be eating for a few more days to finish it off.  I did a pretty good job - they're almost as yummy as the one I ate on the weekend!  I even indulged in some white potato baked french fries with ketchup!

I made guacamole dip last night too, but haven't tried it yet.  I bought some multi-grain chips to go with it.  They are 250 calories for a good sized serving.

This morning i've eaten breakfast.  Ya, it's a miracle.  Granola, with blueberries, pineapple and yogurt.  I had to bring it to work with me and eat it here, but i've made the effort so... good for me!  That granola is yummy, man.

Went to the gym last night and did 30 minutes on the treadmill, 12 running.  I miscalculated and realized all the 15 minute run sessions I told you I had done were actually 12 minute run sessions.  Oh well. 

In the beginning of March i'll try another long run and see if i'm getting any better.  I was sweating profusely yesterday, which was a tad embarassing as the body builders were there and I think they were laughing at me and gym buddy.  They're a hard clique to break.

I did the Shred workout this morning, Day 9 is now complete!  One more and off to level 2 I go.  This time, I did 25 pushups.  I could probably do 35 in total, so i'll try for that tomorrow and if I make it, i'm done with level 1.

Gym again tonight (walking and elliptical), as well as supper at Grandma's.  She said she's making either fish or chicken.  Works for me!  (I bet she ends up making both).

chidogs on 02/17/2010:
Sounds like you have some good and healthy foods around. Yay. Your exercising is awesome. I admire that!

gettingthere22 on 02/17/2010:
Wow, your exercise plan is amazing, sounds like its just a routine now, good for youu!

MoodyMe on 02/17/2010:
You're doing amazing!! WTG on the Shred~I'm doing it as well, and am no where near level 2!!

Your breakfast sounds soooooooooo good!!! Will have to try that one definitely!

Hope you have a wonderful time with Grandma tonight~

nita51 on 02/17/2010:
So happy you think I'd be great for talking to the class. Push ups? go girl!!! You're doing an awesome job, working out. 12 min. run sessions, are better than 0 min. :),,,so hang in there, every bit of activity,,,,adds up. Take Care

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