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legcramps - Friday May 29, 2020

Weight: 0.0

MAY 24 - mobility 30 minutes; bike 1.5 hours; walk 1 hour

MAY 25 - mobility 20 minutes; bike 1 hour

MAY 26 - mobility 20 minutes; bike 50 minutes

MAY 27 - mobility 20 minutes; bike 50 minutes

MAY 28 - mobility 25 minutes; bike 50 minutes

MAY 29 - mobility 25 minutes

I'm changing the heading in the above calendar to show mobility rather than yoga/mobility. Just for ease of typing - I am still doing the same yoga but it is all in the name of better mobility, so just going to start calling it that from now on.

I had planned to do a virtual group bike ride yesterday after work but didn't get home in time. So instead, I decided I would take a rest day. As soon as I made that decision, my thoughts went straight to food. Suddenly, I was so hungry. I went a little bit overboard, attacking the bread bag and peanut butter. To stop myself, I made an early supper and ate that. Once I let that settle and digest, and had my fill of netflix, I found myself almost automatically going upstairs and changing into biking gear. It was really strange, to be honest. It was already 8:00 p.m. and I had had no intentions of riding. But suddenly, there I was in my bike shorts and shoes, strapping my heart rate monitor to my chest.

Since I hadn't ridden with my planned group, there were no events to jump into. I would have to ride on my own. This is not a bad thing, but group rides motivate me to work much harder (competitive nature) so I figured it would be a nice, easy ride. And it was, in the beginning. Then I found a mountain bike trail that really pumped me up; I used my phone as the handlebars and had to try to keep my bike on the trail - it was like a video game and even though I lost it was really fun to try. And it ate up almost 15 minutes, after which I was ready to tackle a few hills. It turned out to be a really good hill workout and, for an activity I didn't think I was going to do at all, ended after 50 minutes of pretty hard pedaling.

I have a tentative plan set for June. I want to explore more gravel riding this summer, so my plan is to train for a gravel ride. I will probably have to train in both June and July, so i'll set the actual ride event for sometime towards the end of July. To start, i'm going to plan for 5 rides a week and see if I can handle that for a couple of weeks, then i'll start adding longer distances. I'd like to complete at least 80 kms for the actual ride event. On gravel, that might take me up to four hours to complete.

bearcountrygg on 05/29/2020:
I LOVED THAT!!! The subconscious mind is amazing!!! And in doing it a bit differently...you found a new "game ride".......I swear...our bodies know...but our heads get in the way.....

horn_of_plenty on 05/29/2020:
Do you have a thick tired bike ? Mountain bike ?

legcramps on 06/01/2020:
I was on my spin bike, on a virtual ride :)

I have a few actual bikes, too many really, but enough to do almost all types of biking.

Donkey on 05/30/2020:
Those virtual bike rides sound like fun!

Maria7 on 05/30/2020:
I never heard of a virtual group bike ride but it sounds wonderful!

legcramps - Thursday May 28, 2020

Weight: 0.0

MAY 23 - yoga/mobility 30 minutes

MAY 24 - yoga/mobility 30 minutes; bike 1.5 hours; walk 1 hour

MAY 25 - yoga/mobility 20 minutes; bike 1 hour

MAY 26 - yoga/mobility 20 minutes; bike 50 minutes

MAY 27 - yoga/mobility 20 minutes; bike 50 minutes

MAY 28 - yoga/mobility 25 minutes

I'm on a biking roll, and i'm going to "ride" it as long as I can. Yesterday was more of a relaxed ride, but of course towards the last 5 km I had to push it so that I could complete it before anyone else in the group. Slightly competitive.

Well, I was upset yesterday when BF's daughter came over with her girlfriend and her girlfriend's daughter. It was a full house, and I was not expecting to have that many people in the house at once. I felt quite uneasy and anxious; I feel like everyone is taking the inch we've been given and stretching it into a mile.

A co-worker suggested that I increase the amount of advil I was taking for my headache, and use a cold compress on my neck, and it seems to have really helped. I feel so much better, more awake, and actually alive if that makes any sense. So thankful!

thinkpositive on 05/28/2020:
So hard to know what is okay as far as gatherings now that we’ve all relaxed the Covid rules a bit. Struggling with this as my husband has a lung disease.

bearcountrygg on 05/28/2020:
Young people are so oblivious sometimes.....some things just take experience to understand......I look back at the things I just didn't get when i was young...and now feel like i truly had no clue.....she may not have realized how that would affect you.....maybe need a talk with her to just let her know how you feel......you have a lot of stress and surely don't need any more.

Maria7 on 05/28/2020:
I know the feeling and people are acting like there is suddenly no virus at all, even here in SC, too. Take care.

horn_of_plenty on 05/28/2020:
Here in nyc a lot of people are being pretty obedient still bc cases aren’t as low as in your neck of the woods.

When it’s that time of the month and I have bad thigh pain, I find myself needing to take more than the prescribed amount of painkillers

Donkey on 05/29/2020:
Oh my, I would have felt completely invaded by the unexpected guests. I guess that would make me a bad hostess, when in truth, I'm just an introvert, very protective of her personal space.

legcramps - Wednesday May 27, 2020

Weight: 0.0

MAY 21 - yoga/mobility 25 minutes

MAY 22 - yoga/mobility 20 minutes

MAY 23 - yoga/mobility 30 minutes

MAY 24 - yoga/mobility 30 minutes; bike 1.5 hours; walk 1 hour

MAY 25 - yoga/mobility 20 minutes; bike 1 hour

MAY 26 - yoga/mobility 20 minutes; bike 50 minutes

MAY 27 - yoga/mobility 20 minutes

I've been battling with a cluster/migraine headache since Sunday morning. Not too sure what it's from...sinus pressure, shooting pain, swollen eye, sensitivies to light, nausea and upset stomach. We had a bit of a storm last night and I immediately felt better afterwards so I thought maybe it was barometric pressure or something, but no. This morning it was back, but it's not as bad so that's good.

Going to try for another bike ride tonight. Then helping BF's daughter with homework. BF should be coming to visit also. A busy night.

My gym is doing a daily check-in challenge - drink 64 ounces of water and eat at least three servings of veggies each day. They started it on Monday and so far, i've hit the targets two days in a row. Pretty impressed, especially since I normally have a hard time getting those veggies in. Looks like I will have to go out and buy some more already today.

That's it from me. I wish I was feeling better!

horn_of_plenty on 05/27/2020:
Yes ! Those veggies are what I need to buy the most often lately :)

Nice job on biking !!!

Donkey on 05/28/2020:
I hope you feel better soon! You're doing great, in spite of the pain.

legcramps - Friday May 22, 2020

Weight: 0.0

MAY 16 - yoga/mobility 25 minutes; bike 50 minutes

MAY 17 - yoga/mobility 25 minutes; TRX training 6 hours; bike 30 minutes

MAY 18 - yoga/mobility 25 minutes; online workout 60 minutes

MAY 19 - yoga/mobility 25 minutes

MAY 20 - yoga/mobility 45 minutes; yardwork 40 minutes

MAY 21 - yoga/mobility 25 minutes

MAY 22 - yoga/mobility 20 minutes

I fell asleep on the couch again after work. I slept there, pretzled up in the couch, for over two hours. When I woke up, I was a big ball of cranky and depressed. Yeah, last night was a complete write-off.

Which seems to have rolled over into this morning, in which I spent only 20 minutes doing yoga and spent the entire time thinking about when I would be done yoga.

I know BF will kick start me for the weekend, and it will be full of exercise-y type things. 

Starting in June, I will form a plan each week for workouts. I'll start small, but it will be structured, and have a reason behind it (cardio, strength, recovery).

Our gym will likely be opening up again June 8th. I haven't talked to the owners yet, but at this time it's not looking like I will be able to return to coaching. Obviously i'm still pretty stressed at work, and I need to focus on me and my mental and physical health before I can concentrate on someone else's. It's disappointing, and i'm sure the owners won't be happy, but it's what I need to decide for ME right now. I wish it was an easy decision, but it will haunt me for a while for sure. Always trying to please everyone but myself.

bearcountrygg on 05/22/2020:
Take care of you first Legs! Everyone that has worked through this will possibly have different views on things later. Even those of us that have stayed home have some different takes on life in the future......maybe our new normal isn't about wearing masks and sanitizer...maybe we will just make different choices about lots of different things because we have been changed by this.

Horn_of_plenty on 05/22/2020:
Take it day by day and try not to think too much about the gym situation as I am sure it will happen in slow motion with many people - that’s my own personal take on this - but it’s also bc I am in nyc and most of us are still on a type of large quarantine !

Donkey on 05/23/2020:
You've inspired me to focus on mileage goals next month, instead of time or calories!

legcramps - Thursday May 21, 2020

Weight: 0.0

MAY 14 - yoga/mobility 65 minutes; bike 60 minutes

MAY 15 - yoga/mobility 25 minutes; walk 50 minutes

MAY 16 - yoga/mobility 25 minutes; bike 50 minutes

MAY 17 - yoga/mobility 25 minutes; TRX training 6 hours; bike 30 minutes

MAY 18 - yoga/mobility 25 minutes; online workout 60 minutes

MAY 19 - yoga/mobility 25 minutes

MAY 20 - yoga/mobility 45 minutes; yardwork 40 minutes

MAY 21 - yoga/mobility 25 minutes

I think i've figured something out. Maybe the reason i'm having so much difficulty getting back into training is because there's nothing to train for. I've become a weekend warrior - the type of person who only really works out on the weekends.

So I can either accept that this is my new normal, or I can start training for something that I can do on my own.

There are pros and cons for each argument. An off-season is not a bad idea, but it might also regress me so far that if I do get to start training for anything, I will literally be starting from scratch.

However, my biggest issue right now is not having the drive to train. I know i've been saying it's due to work stress, and that's very true, but I could be working on that a little more than I have been. Maybe what I need is something to train for.

A 100km ride on road or gravel?

A swim, bike, run at the lake (when it is appropriate and available to do so)?

A run, bike, run?

I will have to give this a little thought, and try to come up with something I think would be fun, as well as available to train for.

bearcountrygg on 05/21/2020:
Sounds like you are on to something........That aha moment!!!!!

grannyannie on 05/21/2020:
Serious exercise! Well done.

Maria7 on 05/21/2020:
Hope you have a good day.

Donkey on 05/22/2020:
This makes a lot of sense! Have fun figuring out your next challenge, your next goal! I'm excited to see what you decide to do!

Horn_of_plenty on 05/22/2020:
I totally get you on needing something to train for - right now I’m at just staying moderate and maintaining .... can you do specific racing with that bike program with money involved ? Betting on the winner or something ?

legcramps - Tuesday May 19, 2020

Weight: 0.0

MAY 12 - yoga/mobility 25 minutes; walk 50 minutes

MAY 13 - yoga/mobility 25 minutes

MAY 14 - yoga/mobility 65 minutes; bike 60 minutes

MAY 15 - yoga/mobility 25 minutes; walk 50 minutes

MAY 16 - yoga/mobility 25 minutes; bike 50 minutes

MAY 17 - yoga/mobility 25 minutes; TRX training 6 hours; bike 30 minutes

MAY 18 - yoga/mobility 25 minutes; online workout 60 minutes

MAY 19 - yoga/mobility 25 minutes

For the 10th week in a row, i'm trying to start off the workweek on a good note, and it's not going so well.

I've been wearing my yoga bracelet of black onyx all the time; it is said to absorb and transform negative energy, and help prevent the drain of energy. I will take anything I can get from it. I rub a grounding essential oil into it every morning, and when I start to feel anxious, I take a quick sniff. It sounds super weird and hippy-ish, but it does seem to calm me down a bit. 

I started doing some shoulder mobility along with morning yoga. I feel it is helping, and between the shoulder mobility and all the hip flexor work i'm doing, my lower back has been feeling better.

Yesterday I bought a new bathing suit online. I have no idea why.

I need to run some errands and cut the grass after work. I was up early this morning to drive back home from BF's so I will probably crash hard at some point this afternoon. Hopefully I can stay awake long enough to get everything done. If not, then tomorrow I guess!

Sunny2020 on 05/19/2020:
Hello, Legcramps:

Greetings. I read your bio and see you're from Canada! I love Canada. My Mom lived in the little towns outside of Calgary during her young years. We still go north to visit cousins. Love it. You probably have used copper to relieve pain? I currently use a dose of Gabapentin to help quiet my night time restless legs. We are walkers and that is a side effect of that, I guess. New bathing suit? You bought it because you are going to use it! :) Thanks for reading. Sunny2020

legcramps on 05/21/2020:
I'm glad you love Canada :) I love Canada too!

Yes, I have tommy copper knee and arm sleeves that I use from time to time to relieve pain, but I don't like the one for the lower back. I use topical creams for my back, or a spray that has a numbing agent in it.

Thanks for excusing my recent purchase :) I still don't really have a good reason for that purchase, but i'll have to let it go! And use it, yes!

Donkey on 05/20/2020:
Almost always, I start the day fully intending to stay positive, to stay mellow, not stress out, be kind, take things as they come.

This feeling usually dissipates within the first 30 minutes at work.

Sometimes I can recapture it, usually after my lunchtime walk, but not always.

Very sad.

legcramps on 05/21/2020:
So sad.

Horn_of_plenty on 05/20/2020:
I see you are soooooo I to the yoga these days. Do you need something stronger to really make you sweat and put you into the endorphins zone ???

Great ideas with your black stone and essential oils ( of which I have NOT used mine like I said I would !)

Keep up your spirits ! You are doing well!

legcramps on 05/21/2020:
Yes, I do need to do something more than yoga/mobility every day; it has been tough to get back into this routine because of my workdays being so stressful. I know one would help the other, I know all this - it's just been hard.

Donkey on 05/21/2020:
Oh, I meant to comment on your use of malas to help adjust your aura. I've been looking into the healing characteristics of different stones but haven't purchased anything yet. The black onyx is a good choice!

legcramps on 05/21/2020:
Yes, if I could douse myself with grounding and calming essential oils I would, but we are a scent-free workplace :(

So I add a little bit to my bracelet and hope the onyx is strong enough to get me through the day!

legcramps - Thursday May 14, 2020

Weight: 0.0

MAY 8 - yoga 20 minutes

MAY 9 - yoga 40 minutes; online workout 60 minutes

MAY 10 - yoga 30 minutes

MAY 11 - yoga 20 minutes

MAY 12 - yoga 20 minutes; walk 50 minutes

MAY 13 - yoga 20 minutes

MAY 14 - yoga 20 minutes

Well this week didn't really go as planned. I wanted to try and ramp up my workouts, and last week I did well with three extra bike rides, but this week has been a lot tougher for me.

Workload has also spiked again this week, and my blood pressure along with it.

I've got to take my life back from this heaping hole of stress I keep falling into. Trying so hard, but I guess maybe i'm at my wits end. It's probably not great to be on the verge of tears all the time. I guess hindsight is 20/20, but it was probably not the best idea i've ever had to get that birth control shot right now. I know it messes with my hormones and I've struggled with depression in the past while i've been on birth control; I feel like it's making a comeback. I feel all wrong. 

I feel good when I do yoga, but I can't do yoga all day long.

Probably just ranting. I'll be fine by the weekend.

bearcountrygg on 05/14/2020:
I know what you mean about the birth control....it had a bad affect on me too......miserable. Your job is certainly high stress just going through those doors everyday. Maybe talk to your doctor about the depression...or switching birth control if possible...but at least yoga helps......please try to pamper yourself a bit...you need and deserve that. Thinking of you!! ((HUGS))

Horn_of_plenty on 05/14/2020:
I see you are taking a break from most exercise but keeping yoga in - very nice work to you!

I’m so sorry you are going thru a rough time and I know what you mean by crying everyday - I hope you feel better soon and you can continue to share with us so we might help you at least by listening.

This is such a difficult time especially for the healthcare workers and hopefully soon it will lessen up for you all :)

Donkey on 05/15/2020:
As you are already aware that your mood is hormone related, perhaps take some comfort in knowing that this too shall pass. Aren't hormones something else though? Whew!

legcramps - Tuesday May 12, 2020

Weight: 0.0

MAY 6 - yoga 20 minutes; bike 65 minutes

MAY 7 - yoga 30 minutes

MAY 8 - yoga 20 minutes

MAY 9 - online workout 60 minutes; yoga 40 minutes

MAY 10 - yoga 30 minutes

MAY 11 - yoga 20 minutes

MAY 12 - yoga 20 minutes

I felt so run down when I got home from work yesterday; I fell asleep on the couch and basically slept on and off like that for three hours. After that crazy nap, I still got my normal hours of sleep through the night. Likely allergies again; they have been hitting me hard this year). 

This morning I pattered downstairs for yoga. This is my 23rd consecutive day doing yoga! Today I celebrated with some shoulder mobilizing moves, and boy did they feel good! I might challenge BF to do this routine to see if it helps our mobility (we both have terrible shoulder mobility).

Because I slept pretty much all evening, I didn't have much to eat. PB sandwich and some watermelon.

Breakfast - coffee with oat milk, oatmeal

Lunch - chicken, rice, veggies

Dinner - salmon, rice, veggies

Snacks - almonds, protein cookie

innerpeace on 05/12/2020:
Watermelon sounds delicious! I hope all the sleep helps your allergies.

Horn_of_plenty on 05/12/2020:
Well I have signed up for 3 sessions of Friday chair yoga classes :)

Nice add Of healthy fruit to your meal !

I get allergies too and yes it fires me out

Donkey on 05/13/2020:
I'm so impressed with your yoga consistency! I'm just not there yet, but I did mention to the studio owner on Monday, before her class, that the classes her studio is offering feel like the only thing keeping me anchored during the week.

legcramps - Monday May 11, 2020

Weight: 0.0

MAY 5 - yoga 20 minutes; bike 30 minutes

MAY 6 - yoga 20 minutes; bike 65 minutes

MAY 7 - yoga 30 minutes

MAY 8 - yoga 20 minutes

MAY 9 - online workout 60 minutes; yoga 40 minutes

MAY 10 - yoga 30 minutes

MAY 11 - yoga 20 minutes

Weekend was okay, aside from the snow. Sounds like a lot of us got snow :)

I participated in the Breath and Healing session on Friday night. It was ok, but mostly they wanted me to sign up for a longer workshop and this one was going to cost me $200. So I sat through the session because it WAS very relaxing, then signed off and haven't talked with them since. Maybe i'll look up the breathing technique on you tube and try to teach it to myself instead.

We bar-be-qued sirloin steak on Saturday night; the weather during the day warmed up and all the snow melted so we went for it. The steaks were delicious, and we made baked potatoes, salad, and veggies as well.

Sunday was a day of cleaning and housework for me. I set up the chairs outside on the deck (I haven't pushed the BUY button yet on the patio furniture I was looking at last week) with my fire pot in between them, and it looks okay. Just is not as comfortable as a couch would be LOL, look at me being all First World picky.

Dropped off some gifts to friends, and BF's son and his girlfriend brought over a pot of flowers for me so that was nice.

Just waiting to see what happens at work this week; there is always something new and frustrating to stress over each week!

One of my bottom teeth started hurting last week, so this morning I finally called a dentist who will send out some antibiotics and then i'll have to make an appointment to have it looked at. Will probably need to have it pulled; it's been bugging me off and on for awhile now, and I've been procrastinating about getting it looked after.

Horn_of_plenty on 05/11/2020:
It’s a bit chilly here too in nyc - with a chilly rain ! Sorry you got snow !

Sirloin steak sounds good on the barby!

Sorry about your tooth -

bearcountrygg on 05/11/2020:
I've heard of that breathing technique....I find it interesting as well.

legcramps on 05/12/2020:
I have a hard time with meditation. I can't slow my mind down. I thought a challenging breathing exercise would help me focus only on one thing. Yoga is helping too, focusing on the moves and my breathing through that as well, so my mind will slow down a bit.

legcramps - Friday May 08, 2020

Weight: 0.0

MAY 1 - yoga 20 minutes 

MAY 2 - yoga 20 minutes; yardwork 2.5 hours

MAY 3 - yoga 1 hour; bike 35 minutes

MAY 4 - yoga 20 minutes

MAY 5 - yoga 20 minutes; bike 30 minutes

MAY 6 - yoga 20 minutes; bike 65 minutes

MAY 7 - yoga 30 minutes

MAY 8 - yoga 20 minutes

I took the evening off to rest my back, and it feels fine today. So glad it wasn't anything that decided to stick around for days on end!

I was very excited at lunch time today to check the mail and see that I got a parcel delivered from Saje Natural Wellness. I bought some essential oils from them - headache remedy, stress release, and a grounding oil for yoga. The headache formula smells strongly of peppermint and is so refreshing. I am giving one of them to my boss to (hopefully) help her with her stress, but i'm hoarding the rest for myself.

I plan to try the grounding oil later on tonight, as i've signed up for an online Breath & Meditation workshop. Interested to hopefully learn more about how we can use the power of our breath to relieve stress, ease anxiety and boost the immune system. I might even sign BF up for it too since he's planning to stay at my place this weekend.

Weekend plans are dependant on weather! I know we will for sure be bar-be-queing steak! Have a great weekend everyone :)

bearcountrygg on 05/08/2020:
Meditation is something I have used for many years as needed.......it always calms me.

Horn_of_plenty on 05/08/2020:
Omg ! You reminded me that I could be using my essential oils and defuser and that I will start on it now ! !!!! Oh yes time to use my oils !!!!

Will the steak be sirloin ?! That’s what I had the other night - so good !!

Donkey on 05/09/2020:
Oh the essential oils are a great idea! I have our diffuser running - each morning gets a fresh scent. It has an automatic shut-off, so once it's empty, it shuts off. Then I start it up again in the morning. I have it set at low, so it shoots out a scent every 2 minutes or so.

I have yet to appreciate the power of rest in my life. Glad to hear your back is feeling much better!

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