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legcramps - Monday May 17, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Positive - The trip went great and i lost a pound!  We went to see my relatives that are on weight watchers; I attribute that to losing any weight :-)

Negative - I didn't get anything around the house done, nor did i study.  I have only a week and a half left to get this course done.  Panic-mode will be setting in soon.

Plan for today:

Breakfast - 1 multi-grain toast, 1 tblspn pb, black coffee - DONE

Snack - fat free yogurt, 1/3 cup bran buds - DONE

Lunch - Knorr cream of mushroom soup, 1 serving - DONE

Snack - 1 Curves strawberry granola bar - DONE (but gosh, i'm still hungry!)

Dinner - Smart Ones frozen dinner, 1.5 cups spinach leaves, 1 oz lite ranch dressing - DONE

Snack - Guacamole tortillas, 7 - DONE

Dessert - Jello, strawberries and lite cool whip, 1 serving - DONE

Exercise - I can't remember if I have a meeting tonight or not, so hopefully will be able to get in a walk with the dog.  Maybe we'll go to the park and I can start my running program up again.  It's a beautiful day so far.  Had a meeting.  No walk.

Other - I need to study.  And I didn't.  Crap.

just42day on 05/17/2010:
Congrats on doing a trip AND losing weight! That's wonderful! Sounds like you have a full day planned. I hope you're able to get out for a dog walk in your nice weather. Have a great day!

Soon2BThin on 05/17/2010:
Hey, great job on the weightloss! BTW, how long have you been a member of the DD? It seems you've been here almost as long as I have. Keep up the good work.

CoverGirl on 05/17/2010:
Congrats on the loss!! :)

tangalyn on 05/17/2010:
Big congrats on the pound lost!

Miss Reality on 05/17/2010:
Miss Reality says sounds like you had a nice roadtrip. How was Grandma? Congrats on your lower number from doing so well! How's the family?

mollylondon on 05/18/2010:
Wow - 1lb off when surrounded by family and I'm guessing lots of yummy home cooked food - well done!

legcramps - Friday May 14, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Positive - It's Friday, that's always a positive!

Negative - My stomach hurts again.  I think it's stress-related.  Ok, seriously, it hurts.  What's wrong with me?!!

Plan for today:

Breakfast - mocha; 1/2 cup black coffee - DONE

Lunch - 2 multi-grain toast, pb

Snack - 2 servings crackers, 2 oz cheese

Dinner - 1 cup rice, 2 cups veggies

Exercise - SHRED, walk/run dog

Other - visit my brother, find a dog-sitter for the weekend

I'm taking my grandma on a road trip to see her great-grandkids dance.  Should be fun.

just42day on 05/14/2010:
That's so sweet of you to take your grandmother on a road trip. I'm sure she appreciates and values the time with you and her great grandkids. Hope you have a great trip and that stomach feels better! Nice food plan for the day. (Don't you love rice?)

jubileecoast on 05/16/2010:
Looks like a great food plan for the day! How did the trip go?

legcramps - Thursday May 13, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Positive - I played slopitch last night and got some exercise; I feel less weighted today whether I actually am or not; it's so wonderfully warm outside.

Negative - I am still getting over FOOD POISONING from drinking fermented orange juice on Sunday.  Yes, that's right.  Apparently I had no taste buds that day and didn't realize I was drinking MOLD, for crying out loud!  Food poisoning is a horrible, horrible feeling.  I have now vowed to all my friends and family, even my coworkers, that I will watch what I 'eat' from now on.  If it happens again, there'd better be a restaurant to sue.

Plan for today:

Breakfast - 1 small orange, apple tart, mocha, coffee with sugar twin - DONE

Lunch - 1 cup chili - DONE

Snack - 2 servings crackers and 2 oz cheese - DONE

Dinner - 1 cup rice; 2 cups veggies Take-out sushi, yeah... - DONE

Exercise - SHRED; walk dog; run (like i'm really gunna do all that...) - HAHAHAHA

Other - tidy house - 1/2 COMPLETE

tangalyn on 05/13/2010:
:-) hope u feel all better soon!

CoverGirl on 05/13/2010:
Sorry to hear youre not feeling well :(

brownbeauty on 05/13/2010:

KathyBlue on 05/14/2010:
Food poisoning is horrible, true... I had that a couple of times, and when digestion stops, now that's awful!

legcramps - Monday May 10, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Positive - It was a fun weekend filled with lots of visiting with friends and family.

Negative - Why do I seem to be sick EVERY single Monday of each week?  My stomach is cramping like crazy at the moment.  Feels like food poisoning, but I know it's a stomach virus.  This is a chronic condition with me... I continually run myself down and pick up whatever is floating around in the air.  Three more hours of work.  Three more hours of work.  Three more hours of work.

Plan for today:

Breakfast - crackers and cheese (slept in this morning), coffee with sugar - DONE

Lunch - chicken pasta salad - DONE

Dinner - chicken pasta salad

Exercise - SHRED - there's no way this is going to happen.

Other - Dog Park meeting tonight

I don't know how i'm going to get through the day.

tangalyn on 05/10/2010:
:( hope u feel better

jojobean on 05/10/2010:
hope you feel better soon there's nothing worse than trying to keep on top of things when all you want to do is fall into bed and feel sorry for ourselves. hope the day hasn't been to stressfull on you. xo

brownbeauty on 05/10/2010:
awesome plan, instead eliminating exercise completely, you should try going on a nice walk it might even make you feel better :)

mskitty on 05/10/2010:

nita51 on 05/11/2010:
Thanks for your :) When you said you didn't feel well, I was like :( Hope you feel better, soon. Hugs!

glycrina on 05/11/2010:
I just bought Jillian's 30 day Shred. I started on Level 2 and I love it but I need to run or do some cardio after. Thanks for checkin on me! I am glad to see you are doing well.

biscottibody59 on 05/11/2010:
The Marketside flats are made in Canada:-)

legcramps - Thursday May 06, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Positive - Two days of exercise is a great thing in my books.  Also? My muscles hurt.  That's a positive.

Negative - I went to bed late and therefore woke up not wanting to exercise.  So I didn't.  Exercise, that is.

Plan for today:

Breakfast - 2 multi-grain toast, pb, 1/2 banana; coffee with sugar - DONE

Lunch - fish salad, cooked vegetables (fish to be determined) - DONE (it was salmon)

Snack - 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup LF yogurt, fibre powder - 1/2 DONE

Dinner - 1 baked chicken breast, cooked vegetable, 1 cup brown rice

Exercise - SHRED

Other - dishes, dentist appt, gift shopping

I have the day off tomorrow.  Neener, neener, neener...

mskitty on 05/06/2010:
I like the idea of writing everything out ahead of time.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/07/2010:
healthy stuff!

legcramps - Wednesday May 05, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Postive - it feels good to have exercised yesterday.

Negative - i need to stop waking up in the middle of the night.

Plan for today:

Breakfast - 2 multi-grain toast, pb, 1/2 banana; coffee with sugar - DONE

Lunch - 1/2 baked chicken breast, cooked vegetables - DONE

Snack - 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup LF yogurt, 1/4 cup granola - DONE

Dinner - 1 baked chicken breast, brown rice, cooked vegetables. Cheese & Crackers, 2 multi-grain toast.  yeah... that was dinner.  Um, and 2 beer and 1 whiskey pressed.  Crap.

Exercise - SHRED.  Can't run, too much snow on the ground - DONE

Other - dishes, fill water cooler, uhm...oh yeah...STUDY. Still no studying, everything else done.

KathyBlue on 05/05/2010:
try to drink a hot tea before going to bed, it gives you an additional comfort

legcramps - Tuesday May 04, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Plan for Today:

Breakfast - 2 multi-grain toast with pb and 1/2 banana; coffee with sugar - DONE

Lunch - 1/2 breast baked chicken, cooked vegetables; coffee with cream & sugar - DONE

Dinner - 1 breast baked chicken, 1 cup Long Grain & Wild rice, cooked vegetables - DONE

Exercise - SHRED - DONE; running program if weather permits - rained & snowed = no running.

Other - dishes, STUDY.  Got the dishes done, not the studying.

Snack - cheese, 2oz; triscuit thins, 2 servings.

Let's get this party started.

legcramps - Thursday Apr 29, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Ok. so.

May 2nd. Sunday.

I will run 1 kilometre. Not quite 1/2 mile.  My goal is to do it in 7 minutes.

Gotta start (again) somewhere.

biscottibody59 on 04/29/2010:
I'm just getting back into jogging of late. I feel like I'm starting over each new outing. I feel differing degrees of "when will this end" and "oh this is doing me so much good I'm sure" along the way!

Have a good race! Keep up the good work!

legcramps - Friday Apr 23, 2010

Weight: 0.0

So yesterday after work I was thinking about skipping out on doing whatever it was I had planned to do and just lay on the couch and veg.  I still wanted to watch the last two episodes of Taking the Stage, and the movie Stomp the Yard.  It was the perfect opportunity.  I had nothing else to do, right?

Then I got a phone call from my Mom.  She had some boxes that belonged to me and wanted to bring them over.  While I was waiting for her to show up, the dog and I went outside to do some more raking in the backyard.  Mom came, we went through the boxes, then she helped me rake some of the flower beds.

Some phone calls and paperwork after that, and it was already 8:30pm!  Essentially, I didn't accomplish anything that I had planned (which I had already decided to skip anyways), but I got a lot more raking done and the dog got some much needed exercise!  After doing some laundry and picking up around the house, I decided to try and watch Taking the Stage and managed to get those two episodes in.

Tonight, because I procrastinated and was lazy, I have a lot to do to get ready for the girls trip on the weekend.  But just this morning I was asked by a co-worker to go for a couple drinks after work.  Hmmn.  It's looking like Sloth is going to win the battle again today.  And you know what bothers me the most about this choice?  I don't really care.

I was asked to run as part of a relay team for the 10k run in August.  I was going to run the timed 5k, but I think the relay might be more fun and a bit more of a challenge.  I believe, as per my posts of late, that I'm going to need a bit of a challenge to get me going again.  Yes, I think this may be the kick in the butt I need.

legcramps - Thursday Apr 22, 2010

Weight: 0.0

I'm writing off April.  It sucked.  I know it's not over yet, but I think I can confidently tell y'all that the rest of it will probably suck.  Everything except for the trip to the States this weekend with my girls.  That part won't suck.  Ok.  I'm done.

hollybelle on 04/22/2010:
Well, there's always May!

KathyBlue on 04/22/2010:
yeah, don't give up that easily. May's knocking on the door.

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