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legcramps - Saturday Mar 03, 2007

Weight: 0.0

This really IS my breakaway week for step counting!!! I am as of right now far in the lead and will be most fortunate if I can only keep it up for the next couple of days. The keeping it up part is what i'm most anxious about, though. Que Sera or however it's spelled.

Because bf is gone, i've been faithfully walking the dog each night (except for Wednesday because I was lazy and it was a blizzard outside). I've also not touched the vehicle at all so far - though today I will have to in order to get groceries. I've been walking to and from work each day and it amasses a great amount of steps as well as energy, enthusiasm, confidence - and paranoia. I've discovered that i'm a paranoid walker. So don't look at me the wrong way if you pass by me on the sidewalk - I might start to think you're out to get me.

The weather is not good. It's been snowing for days now and although it's not too cold it's still not fun trudging through the snow each day. Yes, those legs are going to look darn good come summer!

Have to go. Take care all.

greengirl on 03/03/2007:
Weather sounds awful but you are doing great with the walking. I am also a paranoid walker, having been mugged in the street one night. I hate people coming up behind me!! Cant let it stop you getting out tho'. Keep up the good work :)

WorkingIt2 on 03/04/2007:
Hooray that you've been doing so well on the steps! YAY!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/04/2007:
ummm...who would walk a dog in the blizzard...you chose a good night to stay in! congrats on all your walking!

smiley2 on 03/05/2007:
Hehehe, im a paranoid walker as well, but coming from South Africa i guess its a pretty natural way to be :) Great job for getting that exercise done!

legcramps - Tuesday Feb 27, 2007

Weight: 0.0

So those were pms symptoms and I rallied hard against them this time and came out on top, for once. It came and went, and no sick days off work, just a little time spent on the couch trying to sleep through it.

My boyfriend is working out of town and so i'm using the opportunity to work my butt off and get lots of exercise in while I have the time. Although I miss him a lot and he's only been gone for a couple of days. As long as no one takes my dog away from me, I should be fine! But he's going to be away for months and I for sure won't see him for three weeks. It really sucks, but holy does it ever make you realize what you had.

Getting my steps in although everyone else seems to be as well, plus some extra steps in there too. I'm still a follower and will try my breakaway week now and see if I can't swoop back into first place. I'll be darned if i'm not even going to try to win!

My knees hurt from walking so much.

borntocry on 02/28/2007:
Gosh, that's sad that your boyfriend is going to be away for so long. Is this a temporary job? How long is it going to last? I suppose it might actually help the two of you to reconnect, though... maybe this enforced absence will make him realise what he had, too! I know my husband (whoops, I almost typed "boyfriend" - it's only been two years!) tends to be so much nicer to me when he knows that he won't be able to see me for a few days, let alone weeks!

Thanks a bunch for your comment - I'm sure you're right and my cousin doesn't mean to hurt me. My husband and my brother brag a lot too and I know they don't mean to put me down by comparison - it's just that as someone with such low self-esteem myself I find it incredible how other people can think so much of themselves! I think I need that 2-second confidence-boosting book, too. Could you lend it to me when you're done with it, please?!

WorkingIt2 on 02/28/2007:
Great job on defeating the PMS! YAY!

hollybelle on 02/28/2007:
Ah PMS-I am almost done with that mess - if my luck holds out! Good work on working through he mood and on making good use of time while BF is away - exercise!

WorkingIt2 on 03/01/2007:
Happy March 1st!


legcramps - Friday Feb 23, 2007

Weight: 0.0

After writing about how I should find a way to replace bad moods and eating with bad moods and exercise, the next day I proceeded to be 'taken into' a bad mood and against my will purchased a very large bag of cheesies and ate the whole thing. I say against my will as in 'not enough will in my body to stop myself'. Ah, let it go.

Steps are still good, but boy am I tired today - and I think I am experiencing some pms symptoms. I'm getting crankier and crankier as the day progresses and my back is killing me. Ah, let it go.

We're going for a walk tonight and perhaps i'll jump on the bike and finish my count for the day. I'm looking forward to the weekend, but only to sleep. I really don't want to do anything besides that. Just sleep.

Oh my Lord can I ever complain.

On the brighter side...oh, forget it.

WorkingIt2 on 02/25/2007:
I feel your pain with the funky day..don't worry...it will change around for you! (((Hug))) hope you are having better days!

legcramps - Tuesday Feb 20, 2007

Weight: 0.0

I'm riding high again; still behind in my steps but will catch up quickly if I keep doing what i've been doing for the last couple of days. I always resent the fact that I get so down at certain times in my life. I must discover a way to counteract those unambitious feelings - or at the very least not use food to try and cheer myself up!

It's much warmer outside (thank goodness for spring - if winter was 12 months long, I would go insane) and i've been walking outside a lot trying to get my sun time in. This morning I walked to work and quite enjoyed myself, although I was a bit warm and sweaty once at work. When I worked in a different position and had to walk almost all day, I was much happier and more at ease. I think I really like to walk. It seems to clear my head so much better than anything else I do.

Tomorrow night i'm back at kickboxing and i'm hoping it will up my steps to a new high!

Our dog truly enjoys and is also reaping the benefits of the Step Challenge. We can tell when he's had enough walking though - he starts to nip at my boyfriend's mittens. I'm not sure if he's trying to tell him that his paws are cold, or if he's asking my boyfriend to carry him the rest of the way home! We can read him pretty well by now - he holds his emotions in his eyes and it's so endearing and soulful. His thoughts run deep, i'm sure of it!

Take care all.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/21/2007:
I was thinking about "sun time" as well and the weather here was nice yesterday, but i missed it. If its a nice day tomorrow, i will walk outside...just for a little while and then probably do some indoor exercise as well!

WorkingIt2 on 02/21/2007:
Exercise is the best thing I've found to beat the blues! Keep up the great work!

greengirl on 02/21/2007:
Isnt it great to feel the sun on your face after the worst of winter is past. And it gives you vitamin D too apparently!! Bonus!!

legcramps - Friday Feb 16, 2007

Weight: 0.0

This last week I seem to have dropped from my cloud, curled up under the covers and tried to look dead to the world. Of course it didn't work, but it did mean that my steps were horrid for last week and I am again losing!! A new situation: my boyfriend has entered the competition in place of another stepper. Oh, look out now! He started on Wednesday and is going overboard on steps, trying to catch up to everyone else. I think he will over-exert himself and have told him that, but nevertheless he is also a competitive spirit and will work hard until he catches and passes the rest of us! A good thing to come out of this: he is motivating me to keep up. And today I am sore from an almost two hour walk with the dog last night. And I think I pulled a muscle in my leg, but I will never tell him or he'll make me stop!

Things have gotten better between us, but we are increasingly awkward around the other person due to this lack of communication. I have always included him in my activities but it just makes me resentful when he doesn't do the same for me. But I know there are things I need to just let go, and this may be one of them. It's just that sometimes I think that I deserve to be around someone who wants me to be around!!

Tonight wallyball is cancelled and so I will try to go to the gym before supper as we're going out (together, with friends) for wings and it may be a long night. I know after yesterday Chewy will be standing at the door, staring at the doorknob, waiting for his two hour walk!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/16/2007:
Its so great that your pet loves exercise as much as you do! Enjoy the night out with friends and company!

WorkingIt2 on 02/16/2007:
LOL good luck with the competition with the boyfriend. It really is cool to have a dog who likes the long walks! I hope your leg feels better =)

hollybelle on 02/17/2007:
Hi there! Men/egos - a scary mix - be careful - and good luck!

legcramps - Wednesday Feb 07, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Doing well, getting my average steps in each day and slowly gaining on the competition. Or so I think, anyways!

Here's a scenario for you that has nothing to do with dieting or excercising and has me in such a funk today that I wonder if perhaps i'd rather not say where i'd rather be:

My boyfriend bowls two days out of the week. He has also recently stopped drinking, but continues to go to the bar on both of these nights with his 'friends'. He wanted to bowl with his 'friends' last weekend without me, when we had decided last year to bowl together in the tournament I was telling you about. His team would have consisted of a married couple and a younger female, if I had not intervened and told him I wanted to bowl too. I have never met these friends before, and had no idea who they were until Saturday. My boyfriend neglected to introduce me to them. Last night I was asked to spare for someone and I agreed to, so went bowling again. At the end of the night my boyfriend stood near the doorway and it looked to me he was waiting for this girl to leave - watching her the whole time. I was furious with him and asked him if there was something going on that I didn't know about. He acted like he didn't know what I was talking about - but, my friends, i've been there before and I know the signs. However, I may just be paranoid enough to jump to conclusions, and so I apologized for upsetting him and went to bed. But the thought runs through my head every few minutes today, like a terribly bad film, of me watching him watching her. And it, without bias, is slowly breaking my heart.

What should I do?

gym tonight - bike, bike, bike. Then I have tomorrow AND Friday off work, so four day weekend for me! It's my birthday this weekend and I want to go into the city to see my Dad.

borntocry on 02/07/2007:
Hmmm... that is a tough one. I doubt there is anything actually going on between your boyfriend and this other girl, but he sure is acting suspicious.

How are things between the two of you these days?

I don't think you should play the "jealous girlfriend" role. That won't get you anywhere. If he has anything to hide, he will just lie about it. If he doesn't, he will feel hurt and angry at you for doubting him. I would suggest that you simply tell him that you would like to meet his friends and that maybe all of you can hang out together some time. It's odd that he insists on going out alone with them all the time, especially since it's a mixed group, not all guys. What if the two of you were to throw a little party or something at your place - you could suggest that he invite his friends from bowling. I think you should try to get to know his friends. There's nothing paranoid or weird about that. And that would defuse the situation. They will be less likely to encourage him in any wrong-doing if they know you.

If he is really not happy with you, then that is a bigger problem than whatever may or may not be going on with this other girl. Do you guys confide in each other much?

Honestly if I had to make a guess, I would say that there is probably nothing untoward going on. So don't worry about it too much, and have a great birthday weekend!

WorkingIt2 on 02/07/2007:
I agree with BTC...sometimes we see things we thought we saw based on past experiences that haunt us. I am so happy that you have the four day weekend and I hope you have a lovely visit with your dad AND a great birthday!!

borntocry on 02/08/2007:
Hi legcramps,

There could be any number of reasons for your boyfriend's reluctance for you to meet his friends. You could be right - maybe he wants some space - or maybe he thinks you might not get along. Whatever it is, I hope you guys can work it out soon. If you don't tend to confide in each other much, maybe you could try to do more stuff together? You both seem like very active, out-going people, so perhaps it's just a question of including each other in your activities. I think it would be fun way for you to reconnect with each other, rather than sit down and have a serious talk if that's not the type of thing you normally do.

I know what you mean, though - when my husband withdraws from me, my reaction is always to withdraw from him too. In fact in all the times we've fought, I have never been the first to apologise. I guess I have a lot of pride!

Thanks for your advice on my brother. I do remember now that you are also quite close to yours.

legcramps - Sunday Feb 04, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Oh my God, everything hurts.

I'm so sore today - all over; there isn't one muscle that I can't hear screaming at me to sit down. And my brain is mush, too. I just want to take a nap and by golly, I just might do that.

We started bowling at 6am yesterday. Our first 'round' consisted of three games. After we won that round around 8am, we stopped for breakfast then returned to the allies for another 'round' of three games at 12pm. After those two rounds I was already mighty tired and figured i'd had enough of bowling, but we were doing so well that we just couldn't lose. To be quite honest, some of those games I didn't even really try all that much because I just wanted it to be over! But no, when I didn't try, my teammates did, and we landed ourselves in yet another round of three games by 4pm. I started out strong, catching a turkey (three strikes in a row) at the very beginning of the first game and AGAIN took it easy for the rest of the game. And AGAIN my teammates proved their worth by leading us into the next round!! And we won that one too, to take us into the finals at 10pm!!

Unfortunately by then we were all much too tired to move, let alone bend down to throw bowling balls down an alley. I alternated between sleeping with my head on bf's shoulder and sluggishly shuffling my feet down the alley to huck a ball. I just didn't even care anymore. I'm serious, I cared about nothing but sleep. Nothing in life was important except sleep. I was so tired by then that I was shivering cold; covered in a film of cold sweat listening to my teeth chatter away. It was NOT fun! And we lost in the final by only 63 points! Argh. All that work. We did get our money back, and an extra $25.00 per person for getting second place, so that at least is rewarding for our efforts.

I think my highest game was 211. I got three turkeys in all those rounds; I was on fire! My average has never, ever gone over 150. I bet my average was close to 180. I think we played a total of 14 games, but my memory is hazy on that.

I finally crawled into bed at 1:30am, and this morning when I woke up I could hardly move. Yes, I need a warm bath and a short nap.

I've already walked the dog today and did 30 minutes on the stationary bike, because I want to get those steps in. I'm almost there.

I'm almost there.

WorkingIt2 on 02/04/2007:
WOW what an exhausting evening you had and how wonderfully you played! YAY!!!

mattscat3295 on 02/05/2007:
Congratulations on your second place. I believe we can all say you definately got your exercise in. Take care and I hope the soreness eases away soon.

legcramps - Saturday Feb 03, 2007

Weight: 0.0

I was a little peeved on Thursday night when the meditation class I wanted to go to was missed because of a mix-up in communication. I was e-mailed to be there at 6pm, then told to come at 6:15 instead. When I showed up at 6:15, the lights were off and I assumed the yoga class beforehand was just ending, so I waited. And I waited. By 6:30 when the lights were still out I decided they must have started without me. And so they did. Oh well. Next time.

Friday night I went to the gym and did a full cardio workout, then went out for supper with some friends and bf. Today i'm in a 24 hour bowling tournament. Unfortunately this isn't giving me a lot of steps, but i'm okay with that. Tomorrow i'll be able to up my steps and hopefully my average, which is at about 13,000 a day. If I can make that today, i'll be laughing my way to the bank. That is, if I can keep it up. I may still be behind in total count this week, but I know that i'll gain a little at least.

Eating is good - breakfast this morning consisted of eggs and toast, and just finished brown rice and chicken. Because of the bowling tournament, i'm eating at odd hours, so we'll see what will happen tonight. I have plenty of leftovers, so shouldn't make any bad, rash decisions about what to eat.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/03/2007:
try to get some vegetables in, too! you food looks good, protein and carbs! good luck bowling!

Soon2BThin on 02/03/2007:
A 24-hour bowling tournament!! That sounds right up my alley, lol! Where do I sign up?! How many games are you bowling? Let us know how it goes for you. Sorry about that meditation class, hope you make it next time. You're doing great with all the steps!

borntocry on 02/03/2007:
Oh poor you! That class must have started really early for them to have finished by the time you got there! I hope they give you the right time next week.

Good luck with the bowling!

Donkey on 02/03/2007:
Hey, bowling might not get you your "steps" but it's a whole lot better than sitting on your butt in front of the TV. I hope you had a great time!

WorkingIt2 on 02/04/2007:
Ohhh, I would be bummed about missing the class as well! Great job on the cardio and have fun at your bowling tourney!!

legcramps - Wednesday Jan 31, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Today I must admit that I was a tad bit too happy when my competitor called me to say she wasn't feeling well and wouldn't be going to the gym. I offered my condolences of course, then proceeded out the door towards the treadmill. Heck, I say, too bad if she's sick. I was sick last week - now we're even!!! I'm yelling at myself for taking such advantage of a bad situation, but I just can't help it. By my very pure nature i'm a true competitor - I fall just short of breaking your leg for you...

I'm only kidding.

I DID hit the gym though, and am over my 17,000 step goal for today. I'm very excited about the rest of the week, too. Tomorrow, we have our weekly dance class, but beforehand i'm going to try a meditation class. I'm looking forward to this - added to my yoga class, I will hopefully soon be able to calm myself down each night just enough to feel good about my accomplishments and successes, and honor myself and my body in a positive way for a change.

I'm feeling more introspective as the weeks progress, much more at ease with myself - and my talents seem to shine through it all and push me forward into directions that will enhance my life and my values.

Don't anyone bring me down off this cloud!!!

borntocry on 02/01/2007:
Haha, you should be able to overtake your competitor soon enough! Sounds like you're doing great. And I agree - it is so important to allow ourselves to feel good about our accomplishments. I have definitely noticed when I go running that if I allow myself to obsess about how slow and crappy I am, I always feel much more tired and achy afterwards than if I try to focus on how much I have improved and how good I feel about what I am doing.

So, no, don't let anyone take you off that cloud!

Oh and thanks for the comment you left me. No, of course I don't mind that you compared my husband to your dog. Dogs and men have a lot in common, after all! So basically I just need to tell him "no" firmly and smack him on the nose with a newspaper if he doesn't listen!

legcramps - Monday Jan 29, 2007

Weight: 0.0

I was a little over-confident in my stepping abilities apparently, as after two weeks I am no longer 'in the lead'. Ah, crap, is all I can say! I'm about 10,000 steps below the leader and it's driving me absolutely bonkers! I was even a little peeved about it, but must take into account my unfortunate beginning to the second week of the challenge and reside myself to the fact that i'll just have to work a little harder this week. And i'm off to a grand start, might I add. 17,000 steps today! I told our leader that I was not going down without a fight - and i'm sticking to it. When last checking in with her (as the two of us are at the far front of the pack) and finding out she was not far behind me in today's count, I made sure to wiggle my butt a little bit more and danced with the dog for a bit!! There is no way i'll let her pass me this week. I'm taking over, gosh darn it.

Gym tonight - treadmill walking with sprints, some stretching, a baby shower, a coffee night with a friend, and now i'm off to bed. Good eating today, too - you know, it's really not that hard once you're in the habit of healthy eating. I must remember that.

Until tomorrow, i'll just keep moving on...

WorkingIt2 on 01/30/2007:
LOL great job! Keep up the steps! We're all pulling for you!

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