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legcramps - Wednesday Jul 04, 2007

Weight: 0.0

I didn't make it out for dinner on Friday, but we did manage to sneak some rhubarb crumble cake from my mom's place. Very good, but really, really sweet. I guess i'm not used to all these sugary foods anymore. Ha, yeah right.

So I talked to my boyfriend about the lactose-intolerant idea that I had, and he sort of tore that to bits for me. He said that since he's been eating that cereal (Kashi), he's been feeling the same way. So we've decided that it is not the milk, that it's the cereal. And it's probably only the cereal because we eat it for breakfast and lunch, not just breakfast. And usually not just one cup either. So there you go. If we weren't so bull-headed and addicted to munchy foods like this, we wouldn't have a problem.

We play a double header in slo-pitch tonight. That's three hours of ball. You know, if i'm not sick of ball by the time we're done the season, I think I must be crazy. I know there was a reason for contemplating not returning to ball last year, but unfortunately I can't remember it!

I'm not old yet, but man do I feel it.

Run, legcramps, run...

legcramps - Friday Jun 29, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Thanks for your suggestions Donkey and Horn_of_Plenty. Next time I visit the grocery store i'll pick up some soy milk and give it a try. I've tried soy milk before with cereal but for some reason haven't stuck to it. But it was a while ago and maybe my tastebuds have changed since then.

Breakfast: 5 biscotti biscuits (186 cals) Lunch: turkey sandwich on a hot dog bun! (270 cals) Afternoon: veggies and dip (155 cals) Dinner: I might be going out for dinner today, so i'll budget 600-700 calories for that

Total calories = Maximum of 1311

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/29/2007:
Great calories and glad to be of help to you for the soymilk issue. I can't believe how many different types of soy milk are on the market...more brands than milk, i believe! Have a good dinner. Let us know how it was!

legcramps - Thursday Jun 28, 2007

Weight: 0.0

I've come to the conclusion that I am lactose-intolerant. I suppose I should go for tests to back up my theory, but i'm not going to.

I figure so because of my favorite breakfast. Heck, i've even had it for lunch and dinner: Kashi cereal with milk. I don't know why I like it so much but it's wonderful. And I can't eat it anymore because it makes me double over in pain.

I guess I could eat it as a snack, without the milk. Yeah, i'll give that a try. Look at that - I cheered myself up! Doesn't take much.

Breakfast: 1/2 cup french vanilla cappacino; 1/2 cup coffee (132 cals), 5 biscotti biscuits (186 cals) Lunch: veggies and dip (104 cals) Dinner: chicken and rice (534 cals) snack: cheese twists (314 cals)

Total calories = 1271

Donkey on 06/28/2007:
Have you tried soy milk? I had reservations about trying soy milk, but then somebody told me to get vanilla flavored. I was pleasantly surprised. Some brands come in chocolate too. I have also tried the "light" variety of vanilla and plain and both are wonderful. I have not tried any of the chocolate kinds (regular or light) because I've heard they are *delicious* and I'm sure I will overindulge if I do have a carton of that stuff in my house.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/29/2007:
do you like soy milk? some of the soy milk brands have even less calories than milk..and there are such good flavors. i wouldn't go for rice milk, because it doesn't have protein. but you should definitely look into soymilk.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/29/2007:
i would try the vanilla flavor if your unsure of trying the plain first!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/29/2007:
whenever i hear or say the word "biscotti" i always think of the member "biscottibody" on this site! haha

legcramps - Wednesday Jun 27, 2007

Weight: 0.0

This morning when the alarm went off I went downstairs and lay down on the couch with Zoe our Cockapoo. She was fast asleep on my tummy when bf came down the stairs and woke her up. He was supposed to be working out of town this week but because of rain it got postponed to next week. It's been postponed a few times now and i'm starting to wonder if they just don't want to do that job. Anyhow, he went over to the big lazy chair and she zoned in on how comfy he looked, jumped straight up in the air and flew over to rest herself on his legs. I can't believe she thinks he's more comfortable than me! MY belly is very soft, believe me!!!

Breakfast: biscotti cookies (5) - 186 cals Lunch: turkey sandwich on white (no ww bread left) - 441 cals Afternoon: veggies with dip - 91 cals Dinner: Chicken with rice - 330 cals Snack: veggies with dip - 91 cals

Total calories = 1139

Exercise: slo-pitch (two games, approx. 3 hours total)

I suppose I should mention that I didn't run yesterday, nor did I go to the kickboxing class. I did go for a walk, but that's it. The shame...

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/27/2007:
eh, don't worry about yesterday not doing any exercise. it just gives you more of an incentive to exercise really well today! especially since your muscles are nice and relaxed!

bathsuitbeautif on 06/27/2007:
Thanks for you comments. It looks like you had a good day diet wise.

legcramps - Monday Jun 25, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Bf left this morning, so it's just me again and the dogs. I put in my schedule that I would run today, but I don't know if that's going to happen. There's a kickboxing class tonight and seeing as there are only going to be two more classes until summer break, I oughta try and make it to them. So we'll see which one I pick (and hopefully I will pick one of them).

Breakfast - Kashi cereal Lunch - Turkey sandwich on ww; taco salad snack - Quaker Crispy Delights Chocolaty Drizzle cookies (90 cals) Dinner - 1/2 chicken breast, 1/2 pork steak, potatoes and raw veggies with dip. snack - Kashi cereal

About 1500 calories if i've added correctly.

Donkey on 06/25/2007:
Sounds like a good eating day! Good work!

legcramps - Sunday Jun 24, 2007

Weight: 0.0

I don't have much to say tonight, i'm pretty tired and haven't been doing very well the past couple of days. We had a backyard bbq last night and ever since i've been eating leftovers. It's terrible - I mean the food is awesome, but I should have given everyone a doggie bag to take home with them - there's way too much left for me to eat!!!

Tomorrow my bf is leaving to work - unless it rains, which has postponed his schedule already by a couple of weeks. I need a plan for the week, and I need to come up with it fast. The road race is in August and i'm only halfway there - BARELY halfway! I need to step it up a notch but where will I find the energy????

All else is going well, though I just can't seem to find any spare time and when I do manage to sit for a bit my mind races with possible things I should be doing instead. You'd think I drank a pot of coffee today or something. Nervous and anxious and just plain fidgety!

legcramps - Tuesday Jun 12, 2007

Weight: 0.0

I'm in a better mood today. So I won't bore you with my complaints...

My running schedule is going well...30 minutes in total is the plan for tonight and I feel pretty good about doing it. Saturday I had a hard time getting psyched up for it - my head just wasn't in it. But today is not like that. I feel good today, like i've had a good rest.

My boyfriend will be leaving tomorrow to work and will probably be gone for a few weeks. When he's gone I do a lot better because I plan everything out and am very scheduled. That is to avoid going nuts but it actually helps me out in the long run. I would accomplish nothing if he didn't go away to work!!!

I tried out naan bread yesterday for supper and now i'm hooked! I can't believe i've never tried it before. Granted, it's the President's Choice brand, but I still really like it! We ate it folded with chicken breast and mixed peppers and low fat mayonnaise in between, like a sandwich. I don't know if that's how naan bread should be eaten but it sure made MY grade. Too bad we only had a couple slices of it.

There's no food in the house besides some salmon and whole wheat pasta. I just can't stomach that picture right now. Will have to get creative.

greengirl on 06/13/2007:
I always find I do better with a plan, too !! Well done on the running :o)

legcramps - Wednesday May 30, 2007

Weight: 0.0

I want those summer legs but am getting the feeling that i'm sacrificing my flat tummy for them...

It just keeps getting worse. I tried real hard yesterday and woke up this morning to find that i'd gained yet again. I don't know what i'm doing! And I feel terrible. Maybe i'm getting sick and my body is playing tricks on me. That must be it, what else could it be?

I had such a terrible headache this afternoon that it literally made me sick. I took an advil and a nap and now it's not as bad but I just feel like crap.

Last month I had to visit the emergency ward at the hospital because my period was really horrible. They gave me two shots, one in each hip. Would you believe that my left side STILL hurts? I went running yesterday and at every jarr of my foot to the earth I could feel a shooting pain in my hip, exactly where I received the needle. I wonder if they hit a muscle or something. Why would it still hurt after this much time?

Oh ladies, all I can do is complain today! Maybe tomorrow will be better. Yes, of course it will. Positive thoughts!

My mantra for the moment:

Enough is enough.

sweetpea1977 on 06/07/2007:
I hope you are doing better since you posted this entry. Give us an update whenever you get a chance!

legcramps - Monday May 28, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Update on the points challenge: I started it and now I feel that it's a complete waste of my time. I am gaining weight (I think because i'm eating far too much fruit) and it is not challenging me in any way whatsoever. I've lost ambition and motivation for the challenge. However, I have to keep up with it because there are others who say it is helping them. So for them I have to keep going. But I just want to say - I have realized I am definitely not a long-term healthy person. I like to do it in spurts, go as hard as I can, and then drop off the face of the earth for awhile. I know I have to work on this, but my gosh is it ever boring!!

On to other things; my running training is going well but of course am carrying around a few extra pounds and boy can I feel the difference.

And I wanted those summer legs so badly... someone help me!!! HELP ME!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/28/2007:
you don't have to do the challenge! do what's best for YOU!

It sounds like you are going in the right direction for those summer legs...please teach me! haha

keep up the great training!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/28/2007:
you aren't supposed to eat perfectly all the time...sweets in moderation (that's why they do have their place on the pyramid!)

greengirl on 05/29/2007:
Come on legcramps!!!! You CAN have those summer legs. They ARE your motivation. If you want them badly enough you WILL do it!!!!!

legcramps - Thursday May 10, 2007

Weight: 0.0

I'm such a sporadic journal entry'er. I don't know what i've been doing for the last two months, but obviously one of the things I have NOT been doing is logging on here...

The top two participants in the walking challenge decided amongst themselves to quit a few days early and split the winnings. There was no contest but between these two people - I was one of them and completely worn out. I was already wearing a knee brace because I was having such trouble walking! I'm never doing that again!

I HAVE however started a new contest - this one to target a more balanced lifestyle. I've realized in speaking with my Dad that we are hyper people - I can't remember the medical term he used, but it essentially means we go and go and go until we cannot 'go' any further. Then we are completely exhausted and will not do anything at all for days. This contest has a few more people in it, too. Maybe because it's not hog-wild-work your ass off-boot camp style. It's based on a point-system (you get so many points for doing certain things), and some of those things include eating fruits and veggies, whole grains, getting 7hrs of sleep each night, walking, working out, taking a bubble bath, etc. Then there are bonus points for trying a new recipe, a new activity, and this week's is setting up a workout just for you. Next week's i'm going to get everyone to try out their workouts and rate them. Anyways, it's much easier on me and therefore does not especially seem like a chore.

Which is why I can also do other things - like entering a 5K run. It is at the end of August and i've been working on my running seriously now for about three weeks. I'm going for a 10 minute mile, which would put me at around 30 minutes for 5K. I know it will be difficult for me (i'm not much of a runner, no matter how hard I try), but i'm determined to do this as it has been a goal of mine for sometime. I know it's just a 5K, but it's a good starting point!

What else - we recently received another dog - a Cockapoo named Zoe who is almost 8 months old now. We have definitely had our ups and downs with the two dogs, but they are precious and I wouldn't trade them for the world. Now my house, that i'd trade.

sweetpea1977 on 05/11/2007:
Welcome back! I've been wondering where you went!

Your new challenge sounds awesome! I love point challenges! Keep us posted on how it is working for you all.

greengirl on 05/11/2007:
It's a wonder you havent worn your legs away!! LOL!! Think of all the calories you must have used up! ! Awesome. well done !!

borntocry on 05/12/2007:
I can't believe you walked yourself into a knee brace! The new contest sounds like a lot more fun. And so does the 5K! I am sure you will be able to make your target. Don't forget the extra inspiration on the day of the race will probably help shave a few minutes off your time!

smiley2 on 05/14/2007:
Hi there! Hope you are doing well! Wx

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