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legcramps - Thursday Dec 17, 2009

Weight: 0.0

Playing wallyball is like playing volleyball, except off the walls of a squash or racketball court.  Much more fast-paced.

I became sick last night with my period; SO exciting.  Not.  Struggled through the early morning once I had taken some advil and had the heating pad going.  I found it incredibly difficult to fall back to sleep for the hour and a half I had left until the alarm went off, and then even more incredibly difficult to get out of bed once I did fall asleep.

Was sick this morning before getting dressed for work, but came anyways.  I had meetings almost all day today, that's sort of my excuse.  Anyways, I just got back into the office and am leaving for home in about ten minutes.  I missed my lunch break totally because one meeting ran into the next, so i'm starving.

Oh yeah, and I ate some snacks at work yesterday afternoon, then a nice heavy meal for dinner.  I haven't added up the calories yet.  I don't know that I want to.

Badminton tonight at 7:30pm, but not so sure I wouldn't rather pass out on the couch instead.

legcramps - Wednesday Dec 16, 2009

Weight: 0.0

Yesterday ended up around 1,700 calories.  I had sushi for dinner, so that added a few more calories than I would have liked, but I very much enjoyed myself so doesn't that make up for it?!!

I ended up not going to Wallyball last night, as no one phoned to say they needed an extra player.  I was a bit disappointed, but eventually they will ask, and then they won't be able to get rid of me!  So, no exercise yesterday due to the cold weather.  It is supposed to warm up a bit today - wouldn't it be nice to be able to go for a walk longer than 5 minutes and not get frost-bite?  My dog would enjoy that immensely.

I will be watching a movie with friends tonight.

I know it's unusual for me, so keep it on the DL, but i'm feeling sort of... happy... today.  Don't jinx it!

MoodyMe on 12/16/2009:
What is Wallyball? Got me curious!!

Have fun tonight with your friends!

legcramps - Tuesday Dec 15, 2009

Weight: 0.0

Another sad and premature death.  I don't know what it is, but it's been a long year for everyone around these parts.  I think it must be agonizing for families to have to cope with loss like this.  Unimaginable.

I was cooped up in the house last night, napping and reading and generally doing the absolute least that was required of me.  Tonight is supposed to be wallyball, so I am hoping for an invite to that so I can vent the frustrations of life for a couple of hours.  With the inactivity I found it hard to fall asleep, and even more difficult to get out of bed this morning.

I did really well yesterday with my eating, counting at around 1,600 calories for the day.  Also had a great water-intake day.  Good all around.  I hope today will be the same, to begin to make up for Sunday when I decided to try and eat my way through the entire house.

Just sad today and i'm finding it hard to believe there is a grander scheme to life when all the good ones have to leave so soon.

legcramps - Monday Dec 14, 2009

Weight: 0.0

I was a little bummed this weekend because of the weather, not that I would have taken advantage if it would have been warmer out.  This cold weather really sucks the energy out of me though. 

I went for sushi on Friday evening with some friends, then for coffee, then home.  I walked to all places, which I have to say is not that large of a feat considering they were all within three blocks of my house.  It's nice to have a sushi place within walking distance.  I need to remember to be grateful for these things more often.

I slept in on Saturday, did ALL of my laundry, which had amounted to a lot because i've been quite lazy in that regard lately.  Washed dishes, cooked some food.  I only stepped outside to let the dog out.

Sunday I spent watching movies on tv, eating too much, and painting.  I will never get these paintings done in time.  That's okay, my brother will understand.  I think i've only once been on time when sending gifts to his family.  Usually I am a week (sometimes even months) late.  I was even brave enough yesterday to watch a scary movie all on my own.  It wasn't so bad.  No nightmares, either, although I stayed up too late reading so there really wasn't much time for REM sleep.  Is that when we dream?  During REM sleep?  Anyways.

I'm sure i've said this before, and then when it happens I complain anyways, but i'd really like for life to slow down a bit so that I can get more done.  Why is it that there is always something to be done?  Why can't there be nothing to be done, for once?

ColorMeBlue on 12/14/2009:
Oh I so envy you in having a sushi place within walking distance!! I love sushi. Wait, maybe that is a good thing. I would be there all the time. I am with you. Wish things would slow down to a better pace. Seems like there is never enough time and when a block of time comes up I end up wasting it. Have a wonderful day!

legcramps - Friday Dec 11, 2009

Weight: 0.0

So I checked some things out yesterday after work; places I could go for recreational activities.  I heard there was drop-in badminton in town on Thursday nights for two hours, so i'm going to try that out next week if I can find someone to go with.  I was going to go last night, but had a memorial service to attend and it was too late to go by the time it was over.

As well, I e-mailed a friend of mine that I used to play wallyball with, and he's gotten me back on the team (at least for most of the weeks).  This will require some travel, but i'm okay with it.  This is on Tuesday nights for two hours.

There.  I guess it wasn't as hard to get back into it as I thought it might be.  So at least I have SOMEthing I can do for two nights a week.  That's a start, as compared to what I am doing now!  I also know that these two activities will give me a good beating!  Something I am most deserving of!

I'd like to go out tonight, but am thinking it might be better for me to stay at home.  Stay out of trouble and all that.

doitup on 12/11/2009:
wahts walleyball?!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/13/2009:
stopping by to say hi!

legcramps - Thursday Dec 10, 2009

Weight: 0.0

Only just slightly tired this morning when I got to work.  I slept in this morning for a few extra minutes, couldn't get myself out of bed to save my life.  But i'm here.  I made it!

The first part of this week was pretty dreary for me at home.  There's a cold spell working it's way through this part of the world, so it's been difficult to get outside even for a few minutes.  I had nothing planned with friends or family either, so that made it even worse.  Last night, I begged a friend to let me come over and watch a movie with her and her husband, that's how much I wanted to get out of the house!  I even took my dog with me for a play date with their dog.  I know there are so many things I could be doing at home, but this weather makes me procrastinate, and I can only go so many days on my own!  That's my excuse of the day, anyways.

One up-side to being home so much lately means i've been cooking my suppers instead of grabbing crackers or frozen meals.  Last night I made burgers on the griller, with whole wheat buns and alfalfa sprouts.  Some coleslaw and cooked peas and i've got myself a pretty good meal - better than i've had at home for a long time!  I just KNOW that cooked peas bring me around to the brighter side of life.  I've also been eating bananas; they're supposed to be good sources of vitamin B-12 (energy).  I'm trying to remember to bring one to work with me and i've averaged probably 3 per week.  That's extremely good, since i'm not exactly a fan of bananas.

So, obviously, the only thing missing here is exercise.  It's crazy.  I used to pride myself on the amount of exercise I got in each week, going to various sporting events in the community and even travelling to play wallyball and badminton.  Sports were my life, I revolved around what I was going to kick butt in next.  That totally needs to be back in my life!  I think I need to start searching out some good activities, and if I have to drive to them I need to just suck it up and drive to them.  This old body needs some love and attention, and it's time to give back to the one thing that has gotten me so far. 

Be kind.  Be honest.  Be YOU.

doitup on 12/10/2009:
I miss sports as well. I played varsity field hockey for all four years of high school and I miss it SO MUCH its unbelievable. I just miss being active. going to the gym is just as successful, but definately not as fun. Is more of a chore now :(

legcramps - Tuesday Dec 08, 2009

Weight: 0.0

I woke up on the WRONG side of the bed today.  Holy.  I know I was dreaming (having a nightmare) about X as well, so that might have something to do with it.  Seriously, I am so angry today.  Grrr!

I have a shooting pain from my neck up into the back of my head.  It is hurting badly.  I have a tooth that needs a filling, and even that is hurting badly. 

What else?  The phone won't stop ringing, I have to sit through a meeting all morning without a break, it is MINUS 28 DEGREES CELSIUS outside...

I should've turned over and gone back to sleep.

doitup on 12/08/2009:
Hello! i'm sure you'll be glad to hear that you aren't the only one who has mornings like this and they are horribl! hope the rest of your day is well. Just try to stay positive.

legcramps - Friday Dec 04, 2009

Weight: 0.0

I didn't even sit down when I got home from work yesterday.  Instead, I threw on my tocque and gloves and went back outside to shovel.  It was a bit of work, and I don't think I even have a whole lot of area to shovel.  I think it took me close to 30 minutes to do it all.  My dog was able to run around for a bit, although most of the time she was cowering by the door because she was afraid of the shovel...

Then I played on the computer, payed some bills, and had friends over for coffee.  It was a good night.  I wish they were all like that.  I wonder if it had anything to do with spending some time outside...

I am probably having another friend over for coffee right after work today.  I think I will try to hit the hay early tonight (I hate doing this because I always feel like i'm missing out on something that's happening) and get up earlier tomorrow so that I have a full day to paint.  I am excited to get started.

I took Claritin yesterday morning because of the off-chance I had allergies that were acting up and that's why i've been sick for so long.  Sure enough, after a couple of hours I was feeling much better.  I'm a little sneezy and congested this morning, but hopefully the Claritin I took will kick in soon.

abfab_74 on 12/04/2009:
Sounds like you had a great day. I heard somewhere that shoveling snow is one of the highest calorie burning activities you can do, so kudos! Have fun painting!

legcramps - Thursday Dec 03, 2009

Weight: 0.0

Sick, sick, sick.

I didn't take the dog outside in the snow, and I didn't shovel either.  Now, I am packing the snow down on the path from my house to the garage from my frequent jaunts and it's forming a nice layer of ice.  Oh well.  Today after work I will bundle up and do the shovelling.  Maybe i'll have to take out the ice pick, too...

Still sick, I almost can't believe it.  On the other hand, everyone is sick, so i'm not really surprised it has held on for so long.  If this continues, I don't know if i'll be in good enough shape to paint this weekend.  I don't want to do a crappy job of it just because i'm not feeling well.

On the good side of things, I have everything I need for christmas gifts in the house.  All I need now is some wrapping paper.  I am glad I have it all done, except for the painting, because I really don't like shopping during the christmas season.  It's always so crowded and everything is laying haphazardly (?) on the shelves.  Sorting through things is not my forte!

hollybelle on 12/03/2009:
Sorry youre sick! How much snow do you have already?

legcramps - Tuesday Dec 01, 2009

Weight: 0.0

I would really like to take my dog for a walk today.  It snowed during the night and this morning we woke up to a covering of soft and sticky whiteness.  I will have to shovel for sure, anyways, so she and I can play in the backyard at the very least.

I have nothing planned for tonight.  I will read, rest, and hopefully rejuvenate.  My cold/flu is working it's way throughout my body.  Aches, congestion and sinus troubles.  I almost didn't make it to work, but then what would I do?!!

hollybelle on 12/01/2009:
Oh to walk doggies in the snow. Our dogs would love that, but we get snow very infrequently. Flurries are predicted for later this, though, so who knows! Hope you feel better soon.

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