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legcramps - Monday Jul 13, 2009

Weight: 0.0

I need to get on this running stuff.  I've been doing nothing for the past few weeks because of this and that and everything else and I need to stop the pity-party and get moving again!  I've worked out a bit of a schedule and so long as I am able to follow it through, I should have no problems doing the 5k in around 33 minutes, which I think will be pretty good.

Today's task:  walk 1 hour.

Gotta stop feeding the stomach so much, too.  Attended a bridal shower/stagette this weekend and all we did was eat!!!  It literally made me sick the next day.  I am going to load up on rice, salmon, chicken and veggies this week.

This psychotic bouncing back and forth between trying and not trying has GOT to stop.  I need to change everything.

I cleaned out some items in the house that were taking up space... a few more loads and I will be free of the clutter in my life and can begin to free the clutter in my head.  My period is coming up any day now, but I will struggle through as well as I can, and then will make the life-decisions that I need to make in order to move on from this ailment for good (or at least for now).  I can't allow this to run my life any longer.

Breakfast was Fibre 1 cereal with 2% milk.

Lunch will be rice with salmon and salad with italian dressing.

Happy motoring to all!

Halley on 07/13/2009:
Walking for an hour is a great plan. I know it can be overwelming because we want results now! But hang in there, small steps are the right way to go!

evaopala on 07/13/2009:
Good on you, keep it up. You'll thank yourself later. =]

legcramps - Wednesday Jul 08, 2009

Weight: 0.0

I thought I was doing well, but I weighed myself this morning and.... well... i've gained another 6 pounds in the last month.  I feel pretty crappy about it.  Really crappy, in fact.

Actually, I feel pretty crappy just in general.  All the busy-ness of the past two weeks have caught up to me and i'm not only tired but i've picked up some type of stomach virus as well.  And then I went and topped it all off by weighing myself.  Hellooooo, what did you think you'd see on the scale?!

My period is coming in just a few days, so i'm sure i'll be feeling crappy for a good week.  That sucks.  There are too many things I want to do, and too many things that i'm missing out on.  I'm so tired.  What will give me some energy?

CritterMom on 07/09/2009:
Take a hard look at what you are putting in your mouth. "You are what you eat"...choose a different way. I know you can do it. Just make yourself a priority again.

nenak on 07/12/2009:
hope you feel better soon!

legcramps - Wednesday Jun 10, 2009

Weight: 0.0

I've been a little lazy recently, but far better than normal.

On Saturday I got up early and went running with a friend.  I felt good, even though I still have a silly cough and sinus congestion.  I could've gone longer, but i'm glad we kept it under control - if I would have had my way I wouldn't have been able to walk properly for three days afterwards.

Then I did nothing.  Until this morning.  This morning I went running again.  And I felt even better this time.  I don't know what the secret is, but I pray that it continues.  Maybe it's all the peas i'm eating... :)

For the last few days i've been tormented with the bitter result of procrastination.  But it's not really about that, it has more to do with time constraints and priorities.  I can prioritize at work A-OK, but at home i'm a constant basket-case, trying to do everything and getting absolutely nothing done.  Moral of the story?  Out come the TO-DO lists again. :P

Check home, dog park and slo pitch e-mail accounts for new correspondence (DONE 2/3)

Fill out Association papers for dog park (although i'm sure they gave me the wrong forms)

Find out about city council meetings (DONE)

Fill out running registrations for me, Dad, BF, his sister and his cousin (DONE 3/5)

Make bank appointment re dog park (DONE)

Make doctor's appointment

Complete information required for class seminar on the 17th!!!  (so important and yet NOT AT ALL done yet)

June exercise to date:  3.5 hours

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/12/2009:
mmmm, peas are definitely healthy. and add in running and all is good! :)

looks like you've been getting stuff done....keep up the great work.

CritterMom on 06/15/2009:
What's up with the dog park? Seems like lots of "to-do's" with that. I must have missed something (been away a while).

TO-DO lists save me, too. Otherwise, my day goes something like it did yesterday....

I needed to find the battery charger for my camera, which we took with us when we went to FL last week. Started to look in the suitcases, and got sidetracked into emptying the suitcases and hanging up the clothes in the closet. Realized the closets were a mess and started organizing them. Hubby called me to come down to help him bleed the brakes on a car he was working on, so I did that...then meandered out into the yard for fresh air and started weeding the gardens. Hubby asked if I ever found the camera.......and I realized I never found the battery charger to charge the battery so that he could use the camera. Argh. I think old age is catching up with me.

legcramps - Friday Jun 05, 2009

Weight: 0.0

Went running this morning by myself, as my friend slept in and didn't get my text message.  It was a cold one today, we had freezing temperatures overnight and so pretty well the whole workout was spent with my hood over my toque and my hands holding my sweater over my neck to stay warm.  I have a slight cold - sore throat and ringing in the ears - so it was a bit of a struggle towards the end of the workout to stay focused and not give up.  I think I did well overall though.

Tonight BF has another fastball game so I will be driving out to support him.  Tomorrow a massage appointment (YAY!) and Sunday another 5k walk in the city with my Dad.  Also need to prepare for a meeting on Monday night, and work on some classes that I seriously need to finish.

June exercise - 2.5 hours

40andfabulous on 06/05/2009:
Thank you for your sweet comment. Thought I would share a race story with you. We live near Jacksonville Florida and one of the 'big' races that happens here is the Gate River Run in March. Well, a good friend of mine asked me to go volunteer with her to hand out race packets the Thursday before the race. Sounded like fun and boy was it! The energy was so intense! Me being me I got so swept up into it! I sent my hubby a text and said I was entering us in the 5k that goes along with the BIG race. My poor hubby mean while, was home early from work because he had strained his muscles working out the day before! So Thursday I pay and sign us up and pick up our race packets and Saturday morning at 6am we're leaving our house before dawn to get down to Jax and do this race! My hubby thought I was nuts (and told me several times, in a loving joking way mind you- he is so supportive of anything I do!)but by the end of it, we were both thinking and saying- you know- we can be ready to do the actual Gate River run (a 15k) by next year! The main race ends the last 2-3 miles going over one of the BIG bridges in Jax- my calves hurt just looking at it! Still we watched people finishing it for a long time- the energy is just so unreal and it's so exciting. As for our 5k- we hadn't run in months but we still did it and enjoyed it, though I learned the only port-o-pottys were at the start finish line and it bites having to pee for the better part of 3.2 miles! LOL!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/07/2009:
wow, all kinds of exciting things you have planned! wow, what a great entry. you sound good here.

legcramps - Thursday Jun 04, 2009

Weight: 0.0

I missed this morning's exercise as well (my fault, I cancelled on my friend) as I wasn't sure how I'd be feeling this morning.  As it was, I didn't wake up until 7:15 which gave me a whole 45 minutes to eat breakfast and get ready for work.  I think i'm wearing the same outfit I wore on Monday... and the same hairstyle as yesterday's.

Anyways, i'm feeling a little better today (so far) so hopefully i'll be back into running tomorrow morning.  My friend went without me yesterday morning and said that she ran the sets a little longer than we usually do, so i'm going to make her prove it to me tomorrow!  I can run longer than what we're doing right now, so if she can too than we may as well start running longer - it seems pointless to continue doing the same thing when we could be progressing further.

Slo-pitch went alright last night - I only had to use the port-a-potty once (yuck.  i mean YUCK).  We won (I think we're at 3 wins and 1 loss now) and went out to celebrate for a bit.  Everything went well.  I would be surprised, but i'll just be happy instead.

I can't recall if anything's on the agenda for tonight, so I might try to tackle some of the e-mails at home i've been ignoring for the past week.  That, and maybe we'll take the dogs for a walk.

June exercise - 2 hours

40andfabulous on 06/05/2009:
LOVE your nickname- legcramps too darn cute! You had me laughing at the same outfit as Monday commit too. =*) Good luck with your running this morning! I'm getting back into it. At one time (oh yeah, that was when I was nice and thin and wore smalls wasn't it?) I used to run nightly, now I'm working on getting back into that habit. Feels so good when we do it, but after stopping it's kind of a bugger of a habit to break back into until you re-establish that solid base! Have a wonderful weekend and looking forward to reading of your progress. BTW do you ever race?

legcramps - Wednesday Jun 03, 2009

Weight: 0.0

Hey everyone,

I don't really have a whole lot to say today but I thought i'd check in anyways because I know sometimes I don't come on here for awhile so i'd better get an entry in when I can!

I watched fastball last night, BF pitched but he felt he didn't do that well.  His team won, but a lot of that had to do with errors and some crappy batting from the other team.  He wasn't impressed with himself but I told him that the fans don't know he had a bad day and he looked good out there even though he didn't feel good.  I'm being a very positive GF!

Still suffering today, but i'm going to go out to slo-pitch tonight and try to forget the pain for a couple of hours.  I woke up in the middle of the night last night in pain and had to get out of bed and take a bathroom break.  You don't know this, but i'm a terribly grouchy person when i'm half-asleep... boy, I sure wasn't happy that I had to get out of bed!  Anyways so when a co-worker asked me why my eyes looked tired this morning I panicked and told her that I got lots of sleep and didn't know what she saw 'cause I couldn't see it... :) Still on a quest to keep my personal life to myself!

June exercise - .5 hours

thinnside40 on 06/03/2009:
I sure do hope you get to feeling better & soon.....

nenak on 06/04/2009:
think positive and you will achieve!

legcramps - Tuesday Jun 02, 2009

Weight: 0.0

April - 13.5 hours

May - 8.5 hours


I'm gaining some ground on my health issues, being referred to a specialist and just trying to struggle through until that happens.  I've been feeling so rough lately though that it's a wonder I even manage to get up for work in the mornings.

The only reason I even have 8.5 hours of exercise for May is because I did two fundraising walks on the weekend; one on Saturday and one on Sunday - both at or over 5 kilometres.  The walks were good and i'm hoping to do more of them.  I am registered for one this weekend as well - it's for Diabetes research, and it's a 5 kilometre walk as well.

Went running this morning with friend.  Because of all the exercise on the weekend it was really rough for me this morning.  I had shin splints up the yin-yang and was in pain almost the entire time.  I will be taking tomorrow morning off of running, but will start up again on Thursday.  Tomorrow I play slo-pitch anyways, so i'll still get some exercise in.  Anyways, at one point this morning I just decided jogging was easier and kept jogging until close to the end of our workout.  I just couldn't handle walking anymore!  That felt good, too.  I mean, I was going SLOWLY, but I was still jogging...

Tonight BF has a fastball game.  Oh, summer is starting and before we know it, it will be over.  NO!  I would love to be able to enjoy the weather this year instead of worrying about how many things need to be done.  It's a learning curve I guess.  Perhaps this summer I will be more conscious of my priorities.

May exercise - .5 hours

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/02/2009:
lol...to the having pain of the yin-yang....i know what that feels like. there's NO WAY i could have done exercise today...unless my goal was to break down my body completely....

legcramps - Tuesday May 26, 2009

Weight: 0.0

Went jogging this morning before work.  Boy, was it hard to get back into it... :)

Have been feeling pretty good lately, I hope it lasts!  Work is tough right now because it's starting to get nice out (at least, today it is nice out) so I don't want to be cooped up in this office ALL day long.  It gets depressing!

I have so many things I need to do, but I have to remind myself to take it all slowly.  I am starting to be more able to say "no" when I know that I can't possibly fit any more into my days.  It's still difficult to do though, and I find that my weekends are starting to fill up, people are starting to send me nasty e-mails asking why I haven't done certain things yet, and there are to-do lists that i'm scared i'm going to forget all about and not do - things like buying a wedding gift for one of my very favorite cousins who is getting married in June.  I need to remember these things!  Those other things though, including the e-mail - well, those people can go you-know-where... :-)  'cause I never signed up to be their gopher girl.

Hope everyone is doing well and getting to their goals!  Keep at 'er!

WI_HashiHypo on 05/26/2009:
Good for you on saying NO! How liberating =) have a great week

selina on 05/27/2009:
So happy to hear you are feeling good, I hope it lasts, too! Good job on the jogging - it's tough to go back to it - maybe you should ease into it! Stay well!

legcramps - Friday May 22, 2009

Weight: 0.0

Well, things are looking up.  I was still so sick yesterday from my period that I made myself a doctor's appointment.  I brought up the fact that I thought I had an ear infection so he checked my ears but said they were clean.  He thought perhaps I should get a hearing test done.  He also referred me to a gynecologist for my period issues.  Maybe this is a start, maybe it is another brick wall, but at least something is being done.  So, that's TWO off my list, already!

The doctor also gave me some stronger medication for the heartburn i've been experiencing lately.  Now I just need to start popping that Vitamin B that's sitting on the counter in the kitchen, and make appointments for an eye check-up and a massage, and i'll have really dug a hole in my list of things to accomplish!  Yay!

Have a great weekend!

May exercise - 5.5 hours (yes, I know I need to work on this)

thinnside40 on 05/22/2009:
Good Job!...Feels good to scratch a check mark on a to-do list for one's health...

breakaway on 05/22/2009:
Sure hope you are feeling better! I like how you have the amount of exercise at the bottom of your page. I should do that so it gives me incentive to exercise more :D

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/23/2009:
doing great girl! nice work on getting all these IMPORTANT things done. even though a doctor's appt may seem like it can be prolonged, it is important for us to deal with our health!

nenak on 05/25/2009:
healthy body, healthy mind!

legcramps - Wednesday May 20, 2009

Weight: 0.0

I don't know what's happened between May 7th and today, 'cause I really can't remember, but I know it was pretty hectic and I know I didn't do a lot of the things I wanted to do before summer got here.  Well, it's okay because summer is still a long ways off if we can still get snow on the 14th of May.

I am doing the running program to get ready for the 5k in August, and have entered a 1k run and a 5k walk, the 1k is at the end of this month and the walk is in June.

We already have four weddings lined up to attend; three of which are out of town (WAY out of town) and will necessitate a few days off of work.

I am taking classes to prepare for a seminar in June where I will (hopefully) receive my certificate in a Management Competencies course, so i'm busy with that right now too.  Mostly because I like to procrastinate.

And after all that, I am still gaining weight, and still scared to step on the scale and face my ultimate fear - that sometimes what we work so hard for can be ripped away from us in a matter of due course.  My tummy is so swollen and i've changed from an A-cup to a C-cup in, like, overnight.  There can be no more of this, so I realize that I need to accomplish a few simple things i've been procrastinating over, these being the top five:

1) Go to doctor. Ask for pills to stop periods from being utter disasters.

2) Go to doctor. Check for ear infection.

3) Go to optometrist.

4) Continue massages.

5) Take more vitamin B for energy.

'Til next time.

thinnside40 on 05/20/2009:
Take Care of YOU indeed!!!!!!

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