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legcramps - Wednesday Oct 26, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 136.0

We (the dog and I) had a really good walk yesterday after work. We went cavorting in the park and found some really neat pathways and hiding spots to play in. It was a wonderfully long walk, about an hour or so. Chewie was a regular private eye sniffing things out, and he waited so patiently for me to catch up to him so that he could show me what he found. At one point we passed a rather large log lying on the ground, and the fur on the back of Chewie's neck went up and he slinked past the log making sure that it wouldn't jump out at him. Hilarious!

My boyfriend decided that he was going to take me out for dinner last night, so we didn't have steak after all. That is on the menu for tonight. Instead I had a grilled chicken burger with potatoes and a nice talk. It seems we always have more to say to each other when we're out and about rather than sitting at home.

I was feeling quite sick yesterday afternoon, very naseus, and this morning woke up with an extremely sore throat. I say extremely because I exaggerate things, so really it's a small cold - at the moment. We'll see how it progresses. My boyfriend gets sick a lot more than I do, so he's watching when he's around me, and making sure that he's not getting too cold while working outside during the day. It's just so much easier for him to pick up viruses.

Anyways, today's plan: rye toast with peanut butter, a mug of coffee, a sandwich for lunch with some trix mix, and steak and cooked veggies and onions for dinner. Tonight's exercise will be another walk if the weather cooperates with me.

borntocry on 10/27/2005:
Hi legcramps,

I'm glad you had a nice time with Chewie, for once. I guess he's good for something after all! And it looks like you had a nice night out with your boyfriend too. I've also noticed that my husband and I have a lot more to say to each other when one of us (and I don't think I need to specify which one) isn't glued to the television set and/or computer screen.

Well, hope you have another nice day today!

gigi43 on 10/27/2005:
Uh-oh! Hope you're not getting sick! I am just now getting over my cold that I picked up last Tuesday. It started out with a small sore throat and progressed into misery. Hopefully yours won't turn nasty, but if it does SLEEP as much as you possibly can!

Take Care, Julie

legcramps - Tuesday Oct 25, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 136.0

Dinner last night was a few bites of sausage with cooked veggies and onions. I managed to suck down three litres of water as well.

Aquasize class is getting better as we progress. It was a slow start, with not knowing what to do at what times, but the pace is speeding up now, so it's more of a workout. My boyfriend took the dog for a walk last night so i'm hoping he's not too jumpy today after work. The bad part about today is that I forgot my keys at home and am now locked out of the house until my boyfriend gets home. I've been trying to call him at work, but they don't have their cell phones turned on. I'm glad i've brought along a toque and mitts because at least I can take the dog for a walk to cut down on the waiting time, but I still might have quite the wait ahead of me. I guess i'll remember to never do that again.

I took out steak for tonight's dinner, along with cooked veggies. I still haven't brought out the frozen yogurt since I first tried it. It was good, but i've been so full after dinner that I haven't needed anything else. But today is a hungry day, so who knows what will happen.

Today's Plan: rye bread toasted with pb, pb sandwich and a cup of trix mix, steak and veggies, a cup of frozen yogurt.

Mega-walk planned for tonight, but as of right now I really don't want to. Brrrrrr.....

legcramps - Monday Oct 24, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 136.0

The weekend flew by it seems....Monday already. What a sad, sad reality.

Friday I ended up having a terrible day at work and when I got home all I did was complain constantly about it. Fortunately, I was extremely tired and fell into bed fairly early. Dinner was chili and then a cup of frozen yogurt for dessert, which I felt I deserved. There's that emotional eating coming into play again. It was too cold to walk tonight - or that's what I told myself anyways.

Saturday was a lot of nothing. We went out for brunch and I had two eggs with rye toast and hashbrowns. Then some friends called us up and decided that we needed to go out for dinner as well. I stuck to a chicken ceasar salad with a few bites of garlic bread. Some walking today, but not the mega-walk i've been meaning to take.

Sunday seems to be the day where I throw all caution to the wind. I went with a friend to a Bridal show. Before going, I warmed up some chili and had two slices of rye toast. On the way to the show a couple hours later, we stopped and I had a snackwich sandwich from KFC. Let's just say my brain wasn't thinking as hard as it should have been. On the way back we stopped for dinner and this time I wasn't going to let that small stone in the middle of my skull plead ignorance. I had a really good stir-fry with crab, shrimp, bean sprouts, mushrooms, celery and sesame seeds. It wasn't too much because I wasn't FULL, but it was just enough. Lots of walking today, and a lot of stair-climbing. A good three hours of it.

Today's Plan is rye toast for breakfast, pb sandwich for lunch, and I think i'll be making steak for dinner, with cooked veggies. And that frozen yogurt is sitting in the freezer, calling out my name. Well it's better than ice cream! It doesn't look nice outside, but i'm going to Aquasize class tonight anyways so I don't think i'll walk.

legcramps - Friday Oct 21, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 136.0

It was raining all day yesterday and by the time I got home I was in no mood to go for a walk in the rain, especially since it was also so chilly out there. So the dog went walkless. Which is a good thing because he probably needed the time to recover from the morning's excursions. Excursions, you say? What did he do? Well, i'll tell you.

I was paged at work that I had a phone call, around 11am yesterday. Unfortunately, I was outside of the building and couldn't hear the page. About half an hour later, I got a phone call from the front desk, saying that a strange man with a strong accent had phoned asking for me, saying that my house was in distress. It took me a second to figure it out, but our neighbour is from England and so I figured it had to be him. When the front desk asked if I had a dog, I knew something was up. My neighbour wouldn't phone me at work unless it was a real emergency. I hadn't driven to work yesterday, so had to borrow a co-workers Jeep and bagged it home quickly. It's a good thing it only takes me 5 minutes. Anyways, the house wasn't on fire when I got there, but I couldn't see the dog and my neighbour was no where to be seen. Upon entering the house, I noticed that my boyfriend was home. They had to stop work on account of the rain, and he had gotten home just as our neighbour was calling me. I guess Chewie had strung himself around a tree in the backyard, pulling so hard on the leash that he actually stripped off a large part of our back shed, pulling down pieces of lumber along with the cord he was attached to. He then proceeded to wrap his leash around his back leg approximately 20 times, and had been pulling on his leg to get out of the leash when our neighbour 'heard' him. My boyfriend said he was crying like he's never heard him cry before. And he cries often. They had to physically hold him down and cut the leash from his leg. I imagine if no one had been there, poor Chewie would have either broke his leg trying to pull on it so much, or chewed the darn thing off. *sigh*

So last night I made chili, with meat - since my boyfriend was home and could handle thawing it out for me. We then went for a few drinks before playing volleyball, then a couple more afterwards. I left to go home, and my boyfriend stayed. I guess he thought he wouldn't have to work today because of the weather. Anyways, he got home really late, really sick, and kept me up snoring for most of the morning. Actually, the snoring was coming from both my boyfriend and the dog. Men.

Today's Plan: cheese toast again BTC (did you have some?!) with coffee this morning, pb sandwich for lunch, chili for dinner, trix mix for a snack. I'm sure i'll sneak in some other things as the day goes by....

Mega-walk tonight, and if it's not raining, playing with the pup.

borntocry on 10/22/2005:
Hi legcramps,

Oh gosh, poor you! Who would have thought a dog could be this much trouble? I think you're right - there's something in that Y chromosome which demands constant attention!

Have a good weekend - you deserve it!

legcramps - Thursday Oct 20, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 136.0

Monday: After work I took the dog for an hour walk and played fetch with him, then made chicken with carrots and potatoes. Went to Aquasize class for an hour, found my hallowe'en costume, took a bath and fell into bed.

Tuesday: In the morning I had a slice of cheese with a slice of toasted rye bread, and some coffee. Lunch was a peanut butter sandwich and a 30g bag of cheesies. I got home from work late, so only had time to make dinner, which was a 6oz steak with carrots and potatoes. Then I went for another mega-walk. My boyfriend took the dog for a walk for me, but forgot to harness him OR leash him and so my previous efforts in lead training have all gone to.....you know what.

Wednesday: Again I had cheese toast in the morning with coffee. Lunch was a peanut butter sandwich with one of those small O'Henry hallowe'en treats. I was so hungry after work that I had another peanut butter sandwich, then took the dog for an hour walk and played fetch. When I got back I started dinner, which was a buffalo burger patty with carrots and potatoes. Are you getting sick of reading carrots and potatoes? Carrots and potatoes, carrots and potatoes, carrots and potatoes. Just kidding. Anyways, I went for a mega-walk and then we watched part of Batman Begins while munching on low-fat stix mix before falling asleep on the couch.

Today's plan is: cheese toast with coffee this morning, a peanut butter sandwich for lunch (i bet you're getting sick of seeing that, too) with a peanut butter cup hallowe'en treat. I brought stix mix for a snack this afternoon and for dinner is chili! Yay! Something new! Except I forgot to take out hamburger meat this morning, so it might be meatless chili. I plan to take the dog for a walk after work and then tonight is volleyball for an hour and a half.

It's just another manic Thursday...

borntocry on 10/20/2005:
Hi legcramps,

You guys still haven't finished the carrots and potatoes?!

Now I feel like having cheese toast for dinner tonight...

legcramps - Monday Oct 17, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 136.0

Didn't do so well over the weekend even though I tried really hard. Win some, lose some and then there's that thing called motivation in between that is still a mystery to me.

Wallyball is much the same as volleyball except you're playing with less team members and you're hitting the ball off the walls. It's much more fast-paced when you have a competitive game going and so is as much of a workout as volleyball.

Weekend recap:

Saturday: woke up feeling sick and ate an egg sandwich for lunch. That unfortunately kept me sick for the rest of the day. Later on I tried chicken and potatoes and that went down alright. We went to see the 40 year old virgin at the theatre. I didn't like it and pouted for the rest of the night. Drank tons of coffee, silly me. Played with the dog outside in the backyard for a bit, and went for a quick half hour walk in the morning.

Sunday: ate toast and cheese for lunch, then chicken and potatoes again for dinner. Went for a mega-walk by myself that lasted well over an hour, and by the time I got back I was so hungry that I had more toast with cheese and some crumbly oatmeal cookies as well. Took the dog to the park and played for a good hour.

Today I woke up early to work out then decided it was too cold to do anything but sit on the couch in front of the electric heater. After work i'm taking the dog for a walk (about an hour), then going to Aquasize class with a friend for an hour. So far i've had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch and a small bag of cheesies as a snack. Coffee, of course, and for dinner i've taken out chicken. I'm just such a creative person, aren't I?

legcramps - Friday Oct 14, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 136.0

This morning Chewie didn't want to go outside. He was going to hold his bladder no matter what and was not about to step one paw out there. I think he knew that I was going to leave him there. I forced him out though, poor thing, and there he'll stay until the end of the day. I think he has been missing out on socializing. We used to have a lot of other dogs around us during the summer, but now it's few and far between.

Played volleyball last night and have wallyball tonight for two hours. I can't believe how much I sweated yesterday. At least 5 gallons......

Yesterday was salad, chicken, potatoes, coffee, crispers (30g bag), and a few tacos with cream cheese dip.

Today is chicken, coffee, vegetable medley soup-to-go, potatoes and carrots, and apple crisp with whip cream.

This weekend will be training the dog to stop barking (unfortunately using a muzzle for one-minute intervals) and if it's nice out trying to tire him out with our new game of fetch.

Have a great weekend!

mummypod on 10/14/2005:

Now I know what volleyball is (we play a lot of beach volleyball in Oz!) but I had to laugh at your mention of WALLYBALL!!!! Sorry.. but here a 'wally' is somebody who is a bit of a dag/idiot/does silly things!!!

So could you please put me straight LOL about what it is or point me in the direction to find out!! Ta mate!

Oh good luck with the dog training - I wish my neighbour would do the same... grrrrrr.. she leaves for work at 4.45AM!! and the poor puppy yelps and whines the whole day until 2PM!!!

Take care Kim xxx

legcramps - Wednesday Oct 12, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 136.0

Things are really busy. And I don't want them to be.

Yesterday: I had soup for lunch (vegetable medley soup-to-go), a bun with peanut butter after work, five crackers with sour cream dip after canvassing for donors' choice, 3 ribs marinated with tex mex sauce, and a cup of cooked veggies for dinner. Walked a total of half an hour. Whoop-de-do.

Today: sandwich for lunch, leftover ribs and veggies for dinner, and walking.

Boyfriend and I are fighting again, and I do not know why. All I know is that he will not speak to me in a civilized manner. I no longer care as I am simply trying to get through each day.

Chewie is well again, and i'm still working on training him. He is getting better, but our neighbour tells us that he is barking through the whole day and crying as if he's hurt. Well, he probably is hurt because we are not there to play with him. Our neighbour suggested we get another dog. Sure, another dog that I will have to train. No thanks.

kelly2112 on 10/13/2005:
Poor Chewie. Another dog is a great idea. Dogs are pack animals, very social (plus they must be socialized in order to not become DANGEROUS animals). Poor poor Chewie.

borntocry on 10/13/2005:
Hi legcramps,

I'm sorry your boyfriend and you have been fighting. Things haven't been so good between me and my husband lately, either, but I hope it's just due to stress. Could something like that be to blame in your case, too?

Good luck with the continuing training of Chewie. He's still quite young, isn't he? He might grow out of the whole crying-all-day thing. Let's hope so!

legcramps - Friday Oct 07, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 136.0

I was off work yesterday because I got a wisdom tooth pulled. It hurts and I don't want to be here today, especially since my co-worker was sick yesterday so nothing got done. I have 10 times the work today, and I was really hoping for peace and quiet.

Because the appointment was in the morning, I did not have breakfast. I took a sip of coffee before getting my tooth pulled, then spent the rest of the day trying to sleep and/or mope around the house feeling sorry for myself. I did not eat until my boyfriend got home from work. Then I made mac 'n cheese and chicken noodle soup. I was to only eat soft foods. Well, there was no way I could possibly eat the mac 'n cheese, so I spent the remainder of the night slurping down soup broth and sucking on an ice cream smoothie. Boy, when I woke up this morning I was sure hungry! But still I can't eat anything because it hurts to chew and because my mouth seems crooked for some reason. I brought soup to work though, so don't worry - I will eat something.

This was great timing to get my tooth pulled, however. It's thanksgiving for us this weekend, so I won't be tempted to eat turkey. I'll be sticking to the soft foods like mashed potatoes, cooked veggies, things like that. And ice cream. Feed me lots of ice cream because i'm just like a kid right now and everyone should feel sorry for me......

legcramps - Wednesday Oct 05, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 136.0

Oh wow, thanks for all of the advice ladies! I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner, but i've been quite busy, and away from the computer.

Well, I stuck to my word and started re-training Chewie. Mind you, he is already trained in sitting, shaking-paw, laying down and rolling over. What i'm working on is stay, heel (dog-walking techniques) and crawl. The stay and heel are very important to us. And when he jumps up, I tell him 'off', then sit and good dog. It's taking a lot of time, but he's starting to get the idea of stay and heel. The jumping not-so-much but I think it will simply take time. We've been leaving him outside during the day and he seems better off now, because he at least gets to run around and play in the backyard, as compared to sleeping all day inside. Well, and chewing on things in the house. He finally uses his dog house now (I think because it's getting colder outside) and is generally happier, although he's been sick for the last couple of days. I tell you, if it isn't one thing, it's another!

I am still waiting to start aquasize and have been contemplating a gym routine. However, seeing as I really need to start saving money, I might have to find another way to push myself to work out. I'm doing only so much as walking/jogging right now and playing wallyball, since volleyball hasn't started yet. But it's not going well because my motivation and incentive have sunk really low. I need to work for something, but I can't think of anything to work for.

Today the plan is:

breakfast: 1/2 slice whole wheat bread, 1 tblspn peanut butter, 1/2 glass orange juice

lunch: 1/4 piece mushroom pizza, 2 slices 60% whole wheat bread, 1 tblspn mayonnaise, 2 slices salami, 1 slice cheese

afternoon: 473ml orange juice

dinner: 1/2 cup cooked carrots, 1/4 cup cooked onions, 3/4 slice mushroom pizza

I'm going to the dentist tomorrow, hopefully to extract a wisdom tooth, so it's hurting a lot today and it's hard not to eat because chewing relieves the pain quite a bit (for the moment, anyways). I've tried gum but it's too sweet. And about the pizza - I wasn't feeling good yesterday so that's what my boyfriend bought for dinner since I hadn't made anything!

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