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legcramps - Tuesday May 20, 2008

Weight: 153.0

Thursday: walked 45 minutes @ 6am; napped after work because I was totally exhausted; walked dogs; ran 400 meters in 2:33; ran 400 meters in 2:00. My boyfriend can now run 1k in 3:50...

Friday: run/walk 35 minutes; painted bathroom; walked dogs.

Saturday: painted bathroom; household chores - yuck :( hate them; no exercise besides that.

Sunday: I napped again this afternoon - can anyone say 'burnout'?!! no exercise; went to church then lunch at the farm; dogs got a lot of exercise.

Monday: ran the most pathetic distance of 3.5k in the most pathetic of times - 37:00 minutes. That's a pace of 10:57 per kilometer. Wow. Nasty. Oh well; bad day I guess...

Tuesday: Morning walk 45 minutes @ 6am. That's it so far :) back at work and trying to be pleasant about it... hehehe.

thinnsidenotout on 05/20/2008:
I am thinking that I need to get out about 5:00 in the mornings and do the "walk".....Hubby goes to work @ 6:30 and daughter (8) doesn't get on the bus until 8:45, then neighbor boy comes over about 9:15...Therefore I walk around 10:00 a.m...I love to walk, but seems I feel that I take time out to do it when I should be doing more mundain housework and hate feeling behind all day.... Your 6 a.m. walking sounds mighty tempting! I hate mornings though too!..

You are doing good keeping busy....Keep it up! Be pleasant indeed!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/20/2008:
sometimes rest is just what the doctor prescribes! by the way, i was burned out after i had finished my class and i was sleeping all the time for like a week. haha, not all the time, but resting after work. i'm glad i'm out of that short lived phase!

legcramps - Thursday May 15, 2008

Weight: 153.0

Slo-pitch was slow yesterday. They had me playing first base, and I didn't get to run hardly at all except for when I was batting. We were so low scoring though that I only went up to bat three times! Crazy. A good game, but we lost by enough runs to make some of us a little ornery...

So, thank goodness I went for that morning walk, because otherwise I would've guilted myself into running and then probably hurt myself or worse - got sick of running so much. We took the dogs for a walk later last night too, so when you add it all together it doesn't look all that bad!

Was up again this morning at 5:30am to do 45 minutes of walking.

My boyfriend wants to go back out to the track tonight to test his 1k time again, so as long as he is still gung-ho about it, I will also be doing my running.

Can you believe this weight increase? Let me vent for a moment here... the scale is an absolutely ridiculous thing that should be outlawed. I'd like to take a hammer to mine, to be more precise, or chuck it out of a 80 story building. However, in the time i've had since weighing myself, i've been able to come to grips with the extra gain. I realize that what i'm looking for is not primarily weight loss, it's more about finding balance in life and being able to use running as a coping mechanism on those days I just can't seem to handle right now. And I am not weighing myself again until, like, July or something. So be prepared to see 153 for a long time.

selina on 05/15/2008:
good job with the walking! keep it up. have a great day!

maria777 on 05/15/2008:
Scales can be disappointing sometimes. But you ARE getting in your walking!

Alexis6100 on 05/15/2008:
There have been many times when I would have voted to abolish scales. Feeling better is really the important thing.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/15/2008:
nice exercise this morning!!! I'm going to start up some exercise in the AM, or at least i'm debating it! :) you go girl!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/15/2008:
I've also had to come to grips with a major gain. I feel your pain!

hollybelle on 05/16/2008:
Maybe a slow game was OK since the season is just getting started again (at least I assume that is the case). As for scale - yes - cuck it. I got by clothes - can't stand to weigh - it makes me CRAZY!

legcramps - Wednesday May 14, 2008

Weight: 147.0

It rained yesterday afternoon so much so that I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to run, but it stopped soon after it started and had dried up decently enough to be able to get out there and run - so I did! Yay! Two days in a row! And I don't feel all that sore! Knock on wood...

I grabbed a protein bar when I went to the grocery store on Monday, so yesterday afternoon I tried it out. I usually get very drowsy and can't concentrate later on in the afternoons at work, so I wanted to find something that would maybe help me through that junction. The bar was huge, for one thing, and expensive. Thankfully I could only eat half of it at a time. It was amazing how much energy it actually gave me. Other than my normal feelings of distraction and dry-eye, I felt pretty darn good! I was still feeling half decent when I got home from work and didn't need to sit on the couch and zone out at all. I made dinner then finished off the rest of the protein bar, then we all went out for our 'walk'. I was able to step up my intervals a bit and hung on till the end, but it was hard work. I started out too fast and was sure paying for it at minute 15. Stupid me was trying to run like my boyfriend and I knew I was going too fast but it was too much fun to stop!!!

Woke up at 5:45am this morning, had breakfast of oatmeal and strawberries, and headed out for a 45 minute walk before work. Today is slo-pitch day!

mmuraro on 05/14/2008:
Thanks sweetheart, you too! Great job on your run!

thinnsidenotout on 05/14/2008:
Super!..Have a good one!

maria777 on 05/14/2008:
Wow, you sure are doing good on the exercise!

rae_regenbogen on 05/14/2008:
You used "run" and "fun" in the same sentence? I'm impressed. :)

Beth201P on 05/14/2008:
Way to go...You keep up the wonderful work. Have a GREAT Evening. ((Hugs))

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/14/2008:
we all have to test out physical limits! :)

legcramps - Tuesday May 13, 2008

Weight: 147.0

I ran yesterday, all in all it was pretty good but I need to start stepping it up a bit if I want to be able to run the 5k. It won't happen if I stay at the pace i'm at now. We're going out again tonight to run, so I will start to step it up tonight. Might as well give it a shot at least. Not a whole LOT of stepping it up, just knocking off a few more minutes of walking in favor of jogging. But it'll probably be enough to leave me exhausted and wobbly.

I start out about five minutes ahead of my boyfriend, and do my routine while he walks the dogs behind me, following my route. At some point I turn around and start heading back towards them. Once I reach them, we move into the park and over to the track so that he can time his 1k pace. It's a good process and I can tell that my boyfriend is starting to get back into running. That is wonderful news, if you ask me!! Anyways, his pace for 1k yesterday was 4:25, which means if he was able to keep that pace for 5k he could run it in 21:55. I think that's about a 7 minute mile, but my math isn't great so don't quote me on that. His goal is to run it under 20 minutes! Yikes! It's a good goal, don't get me wrong --- it just hurts even for me to think about running that fast!!

I can't wait until I can jog long intervals and be able to breathe and not have my legs feel like rubber underneath me. My boyfriend looks like a freakin' gazelle when he runs... while i'm a chicken just trying desperately to get back to the food barrel, grabbing and scratching at the ground, dragging my legs behind me.

crategrl on 05/13/2008:
Great job yesterday. In no time you will be running the 5k!

thinnsidenotout on 05/13/2008:
I can't wait til I can just jog any distance!....

Doing a great job..Keep it up!

maria777 on 05/13/2008:
Well, at least you can RUN!!! That is WONDERFUL!!!

rlovell on 05/14/2008:
keep at it...you inspired him to run again even if he is "prettier" than you. jp is much prettier and stylish than me...and he can be that way!!! ;)

legcramps - Monday May 12, 2008

Weight: 147.0

I feel much better today, although i've gotten nothing accomplished this weekend! Oh well, this too shall pass....

I'm not in a very talkative mood today (which means i'll probably end up writing a novel in here) because I don't really have a lot to say. I mean, I didn't run. I didn't walk. I didn't eat very well. I didn't do anything right!

Friday night - oooh, Friday night I was very, very sick. It was hard enough to sit up on the couch, nevermind trying to take the dogs for a walk. I went to bed very early tonight, praying that Saturday morning would come quickly. But I forgot to take Ibuprofen!!!! and woke up at 1:30am, shivering and moaning and groaning like I was dying. Ran to the bathroom every 15 minutes from then on until about 4:00am. In conclusion, Saturday morning did not come quickly enough.

Saturday - I was still sick on and off all day while preparing for the day. We were going to see the Phantom of the Opera in theatre! It would have been ten times more exciting if I would've been feeling better... :) but it was an awesome show and well worth the effort to be there! I fell fast asleep by 8:00pm and slept right through the night.

Sunday - Everyone was so grumpy today!! Amidst all the chaos, we finally found our way home, picked up the dogs, then went for Mother's Day dinner at my grandma's. Once we got back home from all that, my boyfriend chilled on the bed upstairs and I on the couch downstairs, watching Survivor and eating cheese strings.

So I didn't accomplish much in the way of daily household chores but you know what?????? ..... Life isn't about making sure the laundry is done and the dishes are clean. It's about making sure you're living the best life possible. And this weekend, I was.

I'd like to run today. So maybe I will.

mmuraro on 05/12/2008:
It's a new week, my dear! and thanks for singing to me today. :) xoxo.

TOPSgirl on 05/12/2008:
Thanks for the encouragement! I hope you have a great day too!

hollybelle on 05/12/2008:
Glad you're feeling better. Phantom is one of my favorite musicals! I love Music of the Night and Think of Me....wish I could see it again...

Beth201P on 05/12/2008:
Sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well. This is a new week and it will be better. HUGS!!

maria777 on 05/12/2008:
I'm glad you are feeling better.

thinnsidenotout on 05/12/2008:
Aha!..A woman after my own heart!..... Not cleaning house isn't going to make the roof cave in....My mother would tell you otherwise....

Have a great week..Hope you are feeling 100% better soon.

Live_Love_Laugh on 05/12/2008:
LOL I love your open honesty about how you felt, what you did. And I DO totally agree that life is not all about doing laundry & stuff! Last night I said to my husband, "Shoot! There's laundry to be done!" He said, "It's still Mother's Day," so I said, "Yep, you're right." I went to bed! Have a great day tomorrow! ;o)

selina on 05/13/2008:
have a great day!

legcramps - Friday May 09, 2008

Weight: 147.0

Well, bad luck has crashed down my door, but I am still better off than most, so i'm not going to complain about it too much today!

I'm sick - AGAIN. At least this time I KNOW what it's from (TOM) and can more easily *handle* the pain. I'm still at work, which is also a good thing, and I even went for a walk last night with my boyfriend and the dogs. We made it about halfway along our usual path when I started to get cramps and everytime I leaned forward to ease them, my back would start to hurt! Honestly, I looked like a cripple trying to pass myself off as a dog-walker! Anyways, I feel pretty awful and i'm hoping it goes away soon.

Wednesday - walked to work, walks at morning and afternoon coffee break, walked home, slo-pitch game, walked dogs

Thursday - walks at morning and afternoon coffee break, walked dogs

I need to get back out there and run, but it's going to be tough going because of all the committments this weekend and Mother's Day being on Sunday. Oh well, somehow it'll get done.

maria777 on 05/09/2008:
I hope you feel better! Try not to overdo it while you are getting better.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/09/2008:
a dog walker! that's so cool, except those times when you're in pain! That's such wonerful exercise! (I also give credit to the mailcarriers out there!)

greengirl on 05/09/2008:
We ladies have a lot to put up with, dont we??

thinnsidenotout on 05/09/2008:
I swear sometimes that I should buy "Ibuprofen" by the bucket loads...Hubby with sinus H/A frequently...Me with backaches, PMS & who knows what else sometimes..Kids with muscle aches & pains from overdoing it.... huh, when my back goes out, I am crawling on my hand/knees everywhere and look like the dog you probably looked like you were to be walking... hehe!

Have a good weekend!

mmuraro on 05/09/2008:
Ahhh I hope you feel better. I am still sick too, but getting better and I was able to have a lot of fun and have enough energy last night! Thanks for the healing chant :)

shadetree on 05/10/2008:
I had back labor when I had my son, and when I get cramps it's always in my back...Hope you're feeling better soon!

legcramps - Wednesday May 07, 2008

Weight: 147.0

I think i'm doing quite well, considering all the many little things that have proved to be obstacles in my way.

Tuesday night - jogged intervals for 15 minutes and walked the dogs.

Wednesday morning - I woke up, started eating breakfast then proceeded to throw everything up, plus what i'd eaten the night before, PLUS what i'd eaten at lunch the day before! Yikes! It was quite scary and I ended up in the hospital for the morning with an IV stuck to my wrist. Needless to say, no walk or jog THAT night! I'm hoping that when I go for my ultrasound at the end of June they will be able to diagnose something. I hate feeling sick all the time and not knowing what it is or if it's just in my head! I've definitely met my sick quota for the year and we're not even halfway through it...

Thursday - sick.

Friday - I had taken as a vacation day and was able to do my jogging intervals for 15 minutes, then we went to a friend's for dinner that night. Around 8:30pm, we took the dogs for a walk.

Saturday - We drove to the city in the morning to buy ourselves new runners (my boyfriend is thinking about running in the 5k as well), we walked the dogs and I worked on the garden beds most of the afternoon.

Sunday - We took the dogs for a walk before lunch, then had slo-pitch practice in the afternoon for two hours. Later that night I was feeling very sore and restless and decided to walk uptown to take back some movies. The walking helped, but my hip had started to give me some trouble during ball practice and I worried that it was getting worse.

Monday - Was a vacation day as well, and I did a lot of walking, probably close to 10km in total. Spent the evening at the farm so the dogs could work off some energy. I didn't jog today to give my hip more rest, although it was feeling much better.

Tuesday - My first day back at work. It was a long day! but I got through it without too much hassle. We went out for dinner (BLT sandwich, salad with ranch on the side), then I jogged intervals for 20 minutes while the dogs and my boyfriend played about behind me. My boyfriend also started running a bit during that walk. He is a runner, though, and can't keep my slow pace. It's either really fast or not at all! We've resigned ourselves to the fact that we probably will not be able to run together at any point in time, unless I can speed up, which I doubt will happen anytime soon!! :) The extra 5 minutes hurt believe it or not, but I felt so good afterwards. A runner's high...

I walked to work this morning, and my mother and I walked around our building at work during coffee break. I'm staying for lunch, then walking home after work. Tonight we have our first slo-pitch game and we're also hoping to walk the dogs after that as well. Dream Big!!!

mmuraro on 05/07/2008:
Good job. Wow. I hear you though, i find it impossible to run with others, because everybody's pace is different. especially guys and girls. you can always go together and each run on their pace, in case you dont, try listening to music, as it's proven to increase the amount a person can run. My sister is a marathon runner. She's in an awesome shape. Xoxo.

WI3 on 05/07/2008:
You are doing great with the food and the exercise! I am sorry that you aren't feeling well. :( I hope you feel better very very soon and they find out what is going on!

maria777 on 05/07/2008:
I hope you feel better...good job on the walking!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/08/2008:
hey girlie. i was thinking about your comment - how i may not be giving myself a change to relax. In many ways, that is true. I will not let myself have time to just chill as I am constantly thinking about this test. I need to better organize my days, and realize that "scheduled relaxation" is important and ok. :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/08/2008:
you had a good week, despite that day of sickness! :)

legcramps - Friday May 02, 2008

Weight: 147.0

I got sick on Wednesday morning and have been off work since then. My ribcage is very sore right now and i'm sort of... well, blah I guess. I was supposed to run today (Day 4 of program), but will have to wait until tomorrow or Saturday, depending on my strength. I did run on Tuesday night, did pretty well but I can tell i'm in terrible shape compared to last August and that's not saying a whole lot, lemme tell 'ya...

I'd been living off soda crackers and gingerale for the past couple of days, but tonight I managed to swallow a regular meal, although it wasn't the healthiest - a burger and fries. I'll take it over soda crackers though! I hope tomorrow i'll be in better spirits. I hate feeling so blah all the time and was trying pretty desperately hard to get out of it. I guess life hits you whether you're ready or not, huh?!

thinnsidenotout on 05/02/2008:

I was feeling blah yesterday too, but it was due to overdoing it with trail mix & spaghetti on Wednesday....

Did you happen to read biscotti's diary yesterday and how taking those 8 weeks of weight training "off", caused a reduction in ability to do the same now... 8 weeks is not all that long, but it sure did tell me that I needed to continue with walking or I too would feel like I have to start all over again...

Hang in there and hope you feel 100% better soon....

legcramps - Tuesday Apr 29, 2008

Weight: 147.0

Well, i'm an idiot and just erased everything I had written here, so chances are this isn't going to be a very exciting entry because I used up all my energy writing the other one!

I'm pretending that I have the motivation and incentive that I need in order to start running again. I faithfully receive Runner's World monthly and have been reading it in an effort to get back into the mood. It may have finally worked. Yesterday I printed out hundreds of pages of paper, dated them until close to the end of August when my 5k race is scheduled, and wrote out a running program. I also left enough room for walking the dogs, playing ball (which starts next week), and of course working. This is the master schedule to end all schedules, dude. It's COM...PLETE. Okay, not quite; I still need to pencil in study time. I am pumped.

My muscles are sore from ball practice on Sunday afternoon, then two consecutive walks on Sunday and Monday night. I think i'm on a roll, but i'm not going to push my luck.

1 grapple (grape/apple cross-breed), 1/4 cup blueberries, 1 Oatmeal to Go bar.

1 flavored coffee

1 cup chicken breast, 1/2 cup green beans

1 flavored coffee

1 grilled pork chop, 1 cup brown rice, 1 cup green beans

1 slice apple crisp with 1/2 cup ice cream

walk dogs, running program (Day 2), and I need to buy some bottled water today.

thinnsidenotout on 04/29/2008:
Here's to gettin' 'er done!.....

Much success is wished for you!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/29/2008:
grapples are ok. I've tried them too! It turns out I'm allergic to some apples, but eat them anyway. When i tried the grapple, I was even more allergic (my throat gets VERY itchy) so i've stayed away. I love how they smell!

those foods you've listed are healthy as can be! :)

maria777 on 04/29/2008:
Good on the PLAN!!! You know, I've always heard....Fail to plan...Plan to fail!

Big smile to you, Friend!

Beth201P on 04/29/2008:
High Five to you....Keep up the wonderful work. You can do it!!! ((hugs))

legcramps - Friday Apr 25, 2008

Weight: 147.0

I slept in this morning and although it felt good to be able to sleep that much, all I feel like doing now is sleeping. I managed to go for dinner with my boyfriend and some of his crew, picked up the mail and i've been going through it and paying whatever bills I can. The first coat of mud went on the walls of the bathroom last night, so two more and then I can paint. Hopefully one of those will be done tonight and the other in the morning tomorrow, but I guess time will tell if I will be able to paint this weekend or not. I hope so! I can't wait to see the sink in it's place and the finishing touches done! Right now, a friend drew a mirror on the wall where our medicine cabinet is supposed to go, and a picture of my boyfriend inside it, looking out at us and giggling. It's hilarious, but I can't wait to cover it up!

I would like to visit with friends this afternoon, but i'm not sure if anyone is at home. Maybe i'll just go back to sleep!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/25/2008:
some days sleep is just what a body needs! happy weekend!

thinnsidenotout on 04/25/2008:
Here's to a great weekend of mud/paint/cover=up......

: - )~

Beth201P on 04/26/2008:
Hey sometimes we need to hear what our bodies are telling us. Sometimes we need a lot of sleep. Have a good day and I hope you get your bathroom done soon. ((Hugs))

biscottibody59 on 04/28/2008:
Have a good week!

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