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legcramps - Friday Jul 08, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 134.5


food: chef's salad, chicken breast with potatoes, peas and swiss cheese, 1 slice of chocolate cream pie. The pie was 350 calories.

exercise: walking dog, 5 minutes elliptical. Hoy, that thing kicked my butt on Wednesday. Woohoo, 5 minutes....


food: salami sandwich on brown, corn chowder, 2 buffalo burgers (patty only), potatoes, cooked veggies, watermelon with a scoop of Cool Whip. I ate a lot yesterday.

exercise: unfortunately, due to a friend's personal problems, I did not get any exercise in. I will never choose exercise over a friend's needs.

Plan for today: toast with margarine, salad, chicken ceasar salad. water, water, water. After work I want to get a workout in, because otherwise I won't be able to.

I cleaned and cleaned on my day off yesterday. Actually, it wasn't supposed to be a day off, but I took one anyways. I'm supposed to have Monday and Tuesday off of next week, so maybe i'll work on Tuesday to make up for taking yesterday off. We'll see. Anyways, I cleaned the living room, dining room, laundry room and kitchen. My boyfriend cleaned the bathroom, did the dishes and cut the grass, all with a bum knee! We made quick work of the house, and it looks so much better and feels so much more calm than before. I hate messes, but it's so easy to live in them without realizing it.

borntocry on 07/08/2005:
Hi legcramps,

Cleaning is exercise too, you know!

Seriously, in answer to your comment, I'd love to say that I don't have to force myself to exercise and that I just do it for the fun of it, but the truth of the matter is that I'm quite simply the laziest and greediest person ever (and I'm not just being modest - everyone who knows me agrees) and so the answer is yes, I have to force myself every time. But it usually isn't so hard once I actually get going, so I try to just get myself out there by telling myself that even if I stop after two minutes, two minutes of exercise is still better than just lazing around on the couch doing nothing.

Also, I just read yesterday that people who exercise in the morning are something like 40% less likely to put it off. Now I know that the idea of waking up early to exercise sounds like a fate worse than death to us lazy people (at least to me it does), but that's what I had to do in America because that was the only time it was cool enough, and surprisingly I actually did go running almost every day, which is more than I can say for myself over here, where I'm happy if I go every other day.

I'm surprised that you call yourself lazy, though - I always think of you as such an active person. You seem to like sports - why don't you focus more on that? I think a lot of people find the social and/or competitive aspect of sports much more interesting than solitary forms of working out. My husband is almost as lazy as I am, but he loves sports and rarely puts off a basketball game or a tennis match.

legcramps - Wednesday Jul 06, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 135.0

So i'm feeling pretty comfortable at this weight, so we'll see where it leads me this time around....

My computer died on me yesterday and I wasn't able to make an entry, so i'll make up for it today.

Monday is a distant memory already, but i'll try to remember how my day went:

food - toast with light margarine, chef's salad, one slice pepperoni pizza. (We were rushed for dinner on Monday night because I had to play two ball games that I didn't know about.)

exercise - keeping true to my word, I played two games of ball and then took the dog for a 45 minute walk. I was then going to hit either the elliptical or the bike, but decided against it in the end. No need to go overboard quite yet.


food: toast with light margarine, coffee with sugar, beef taco salad (oy! that was all the cafeteria had left besides a citrus salad, and I can't stand fruit in a salad!), spanish rice, crabmeat and a jello smoothie.

exercise: Aquasize class - kicked my butt.

Today will be much the same with food as yesterday. My exercise today will be walking the dog, and hitting the elliptical and the bike. Wish me luck!

I almost cried yesterday when I found that my puppy had eaten my very best pair of dressy sandals. I blocked him out of the front entrance today, but he can so easily jump that little baby gate. He knows when i'm pissed off at him, because he just wags his huge tail and looks at me out of the corner of his eye. I guess he's making sure he's ready in case I bolt towards him with the evil eye.....

Soon2BThin on 07/06/2005:
It sounds like you're doing really well. So much exercise! Sorry to hear about your good sandals. BTW, how do you make that jello smoothie? Have a great day!

legcramps - Monday Jul 04, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 134.0

I didn't weigh this morning, but I think I might be up. Yes, especially after the chicken fingers on Saturday night. Which is actually alright, because i'm at a crossroads at the moment. I was down to 133, and I noticed this too when I was under 130, and I could feel my ribs digging into.....well, my body. That's kind of a disgusting feeling, and one i'm not into feeling everyday. It was hard to get comfortable on the couch, laying down, sitting up, doing basically anything. I think i'd rather have some cushioning there so that I don't have to hear my bones squeak together. So, my new plan is to work soley on my lower body, which was the only thing really bothering me in the first place, and exercise more. That doesn't mean i'll forget about my diet, but i'll work on maintaining instead.

Today: coffee with sugar, chef's salad, water water water. Later on - no idea, but there's lots to cook so i'll figure something out.

Exercise tonight: bike and elliptical.

mummypod on 07/04/2005:

I think it's fantastic that you are listening to your body more. We all need to do that. You have felt uncomfortable at a certain weight and have decided to change your focus a bit. Good for you!

I used to do easily 60-90 minutes of cardio 3 times per week and while of course it helped me lose a bit of weight, I have since found that by doing squats and quad work I have reduced my hips, inner thighs and toosh so much quicker and also that horrible "disease" called cellulite is disappearing like lightening.

As they say, a change is a good as a holiday, maybe you need to try something different *smiles*

Kim xxx

borntocry on 07/05/2005:
Hi legcramps,

Wow! My husband occasionally complains that he can feel his ribs digging into his lungs and I always thought it was just his imagination. But I guess maybe it does happen!

I don't have that particular problem, but I would like to slim down around my hips without becoming completely skeletal above the waist. I also think that exercise, rather than diet, is probably the key (if anything). Hope it works for you!

legcramps - Thursday Jun 30, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 134.0

As I predicted, it rained too much yesterday to play ball. Instead, I went to my boyfriend's sister's graduation. That was my exercise. Whoopee.

I added 1/2 cup of ice cream to my intake yesterday. It was just one of those rainy, nothing-to-do days. I indulged, and now my week's not looking as hot as it was in the beginning.


1pc toasted brown bread with 1 pat lite margarine, jello smoothie, raw veggies with dip, strawberries, rice, grilled fish patty and cooked veggies in sauce.

My neck and shoulders are so sore. I think i've been sleeping incorrectly. Everything hurts today, and i've got Aquasize class tonight to get through. This time i'm not sleeping through it.

Chewy has now 'chewed up' a pair of my good shoes, a pair of my boyfriend's sandals, and a pair of my sandals. He's also been caught munching on my runners and taking the soles out of every shoe in the house. I think it's time to get those shoes upstairs or into a container. Lesson learned.

skinnyjill on 06/30/2005:
I hate how rainy days acn ruin your plans and your mood.

My neck and shoulders hurt today too. I was wondering if I slept on them funny too. I haven't done too much work on them lately. Maybe they are crying out for attention.

Chewy sounds like my BF's labrador Wilbur. He shews EVERYTHING. He's cute and all... but man he is a handful. He's my walking buddy though, so I shouldn't complain!

I hope you and Chewy have a great day!

Umpqua on 06/30/2005:
Hehe - my friend's dog also has a "thing" for chewing shoes and she's lost many a pair. Now she keeps them stored in an enormous tupperware container under her bed. Good luck with Chewy!

borntocry on 07/01/2005:
Hi legcramps,

Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you sympathise! I don't think I'm quite as secure in my thinness to go to an all-you-can-eat buffet on my own just yet - I think I'd feel too much like a greedy glutton just there to pig out! (Which is what I would be, of course, but I'd rather be a bit more subtle about it!)

Well, I hope you get a good night's sleep soon. That can make a world of difference. I always seem to eat more when I haven't been sleeping well.

legcramps - Wednesday Jun 29, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 133.0

I think i'm stuck at a standstill or something, but at least i'm not gaining.

Yesterday: 1pc toasted brown bread with one pat lite margarine, cherries, chicken salad (without dressing), one cherry tomato, jello smoothie, grilled salmon patty, a bite of a hot dog (wiener only), spanish rice, cooked veggies. This seems like a good day for me, I don't think it's too much, so if i'm not losing like this then I doubt I should be losing. What was I thinking trying to get below 130?! You know what? I also had a little slice of a cinammin bun. I swear it was forced down my throat. Maybe that's cause for the standstill. I forgot about that.


1pc toasted brown bread with one pat lite margarine, jello smoothie, raw veggies with lite ranch dressing, 1/2 cup spanish rice, 1 cup strawberries, grilled salmon patty (not breaded by the way), more spanish rice and some cooked veggies.

No exercise last night because I slept through Aquasize class, and tonight it's raining so I doubt we'll be playing ball.

So much to do, so little time....

legcramps - Tuesday Jun 28, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 133.0


coffee, salami sandwich, rice, cooked veggies and grilled fish. I know it doesn't seem like much, but it was enough.

I played ball yesterday, got groceries, and took the dog for a walk and didn't get to sleep until quite late, so i'm really tired today. Tonight I have Aquasize class. Depending on my mood after work, I might take the dog for a walk again. I'm thinking about making pollock for dinner tonight, because the rest of the grilled salmon is just not tasting all that great.

Don't have much to say today - just trying to get all my work done without screwing up too much...

borntocry on 06/28/2005:
Hi legcramps,

Glad to hear you had a nice weekend. Sounds like a lot of fun. I should do something like that myself some time!

I think you're right not to aim for below 130 lb. I always used to assume you were around my height and when I found out how much taller you are I was shocked that you were trying to lose weight! You probably look great at 130 lb. And the way things are going, you'll get there in no time!

I also have a hard time drinking enough water. In fact I drink hardly any water. I'm sure that one of the reasons my weight seems so low is because I'm just dehydrated all the time! I have a vague goal of 1 litre a day, which isn't much but is actually still really difficult for me!

Jennifer68 on 06/29/2005:
just trying to get all my work done without screwing up too much

That's my goal too, lol. Short and simple and totally doable! You go girl!! Lol Jen

legcramps - Monday Jun 27, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 133.0

The weekend went well, and even though I did manage to finish off those reduced fat chips of mine, I still think I did alright, considering what there was to gorge myself on....

I had one hot dog the entire weekend (yippee!), two jello smoothies, two helpings of my macaroni salad that my boyfriend really liked (it helps when others like what you make them to eat), and a small porkchop. I also snacked on watermelon and strawberries.

It was such a great weekend that we're thinking of going back again this weekend, hopefully to the same site because we were right at the water and the dog loved it!

This morning I found that I had nothing left to bring to work. No veggies, no fruit, nothing. So this morning I had a quick coffee, and now i'm munching on a salami sandwich on brown bread. It'll have to do. After work i'll do some grocery shopping, then I have a ball game to play and tonight I have fish, rice and cooked veggies for dinner. I'm very hopeful that I will have a great week.

legcramps - Friday Jun 24, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 134.0

I had Aquasize again last night, and even though it was a tad bit cooler than usual, I still made the best of it and got a pretty good workout in.


another cinammin twist, veggies and dip, rice, fish and cooked veggies.

Today is almost over already, and i've done fairly well so far. The last cinammin twist is half gone, and I have a pretty good idea that I won't need to touch anything sugary or cinamminy for a long while now. After the last half today, I realized that i'm getting sick of them fast. I also had some veggies with dip, and i'm about to have my usual dinner of rice, fish and cooked veggies. After that, I plan to clean the kitchen, finish laundry, take the dog for a walk, help my mother out with her basement, pack the van to go camping this weekend and just generally piss off my boyfriend because he's at his friend's right now drinking instead of helping me at least by making his own dinner.

This weekend will be a test. Purchased food for the weekend: jello smoothies (at 100 cals each), strawberries, watermelon, hot dogs, one small pork chop, macaroni salad, and a bag of reduced fat sour cream and onion chips. I know, but I can't watch other people eating chips without gorging on them. At least this way, I can gorge on my own and the damage won't be as great.

Talk to you all again on Monday!

borntocry on 06/27/2005:
Hi legcramps,

Looks like you're doing well! You've already lost almost all your excess weight, haven't you? Are you aiming for another 4 lb? Or more?

I hope your camping trip went well. I've never been camping, but it sounds like a lot of fun. I think it was a good idea to take your own reduced-fat snacks. It's just too depressing not to join in when other people are snacking. I did the same thing here - I knew my husband would be indulging in various late-night snacks so I bought myself a bag of baked blue corn tortilla chips. Unfortunately I invariably end up snacking on them even when I'm alone and have no excuse!

legcramps - Thursday Jun 23, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 135.0

I had an exhausting day yesterday, with lots of running around and had to play two ball games as well. I am tired. I'm off work for the rest of the week though, other than some training this afternoon, so i'm hoping to relax and rejuvenate for next week.


On Tuesday, my lovely co-worker decided that she wasn't full after lunch and walked down to the vending machines to get chips. I told her, when asked, that I wasn't interested in getting anything. Well, she came back with a bag of cheesies. For moi. But why? I asked her upon her return. She said that she would feel guilty eating chips in front of me. We are both trying to lose weight. Anyhow, I threw those cheesies into my desk but they called out to me all afternoon and finally I gave in. The good news was that I wasn't very hungry after that and so stuck to smaller portions for dinner. The better news is that I definitely worked it off at Aquasize class.


With the knowledge that my co-worker had purchased a bag of cheesies for me the day before, I stopped in at Robin's Donuts to pick up some cinammin twists. Not realizing how big they were (having never purchased any type of pastry for many months), I ordered half a dozen. Well, these suckers are huge! Anyhow, she did have one, but I had two. And I still had to face hot dog night at ball! Thankfully, I did well, drank lots of water, and played my heart out at ball. I don't think i've sweated that much in my entire life.

Therefore I woke up today at 135lbs. Keep it keep it keep it.

Umpqua on 06/23/2005:
Congratulations on the new weight! It just shows that exercise pays off, and allows us to indulge in a few treats every now and again.

legcramps - Tuesday Jun 21, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 137.0

I had a good day yesterday, so i'm really not sure why my weight is creeping back up on me, but i'll wait it out - eventually it has to turn in the right direction again.


apple, raw veggies with dip, rice, fish, cooked veggies, 3 cups coffee with sugar.

I went downstairs and biked for 20 minutes, burning over 200 calories. After that, we took the dog for a nice long walk, then I went out for coffee with a friend.


raw veggies with dip (I have no fruit again in the house), rice, fish, cooked veggies. I don't know what i'll do tomorrow - everything is finished after tonight. *sigh* I have so much to do, I have a feeling i'll end up having a hot dog tomorrow night at ball because I won't have had time to go grocery shopping. Well, i'll keep it clean during the day I guess.

Tonight is Aquasize class. Tomorrow morning i'd better see a lower weight. Grr.

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