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legcramps - Thursday Jan 20, 2005

Weight: 130.0

I weighed in last night because i'm so twisted in the head that I can't stick to my weigh once a week programme. Ah well.

Yesterday: 1/2c yogurt, 1pc cheesetoast, 1c potato casserole, 2pc sausage, 3pc twizzlers (1 serving which is 150 cals), 2L water.

I'm slowly upping that water intake, but yesterday it was hard to get that much in for some reason. I'm taking it slow today because I don't want it to make me sick. I'll just sip and see where I end up.

I biked last night for over 30 minutes! I burned over 300 calories (at least, that's what the machine told me) and my legs were burning so much afterwards. Tonight I have a meeting so i'm not sure if i'll be able to bike, but i'm hoping that I won't let the meeting deter me from the roll i'm on right now!

Thanks for the comments ladies, I really appreciate it. I'm much more calm about things today, but anything can spark it back up so i'm carefully watching what I say and trying not to take everything BF says literally. He bought me flowers yesterday just before lunchtime and I didn't even notice them until late last night. I feel bad for that, but don't understand why he bought them in the first place. He's not the 'spur-of-the-moment' kind of guy, to just go out and buy me flowers because he wants to, which is the reason he gave me. I think he bought them because he knew I was going to go nutso on him and he was trying to avoid a fight. Believe me, ladies, if I could just forget about the incident I would. Unfortunately, that's not the way my mind works. I desperately want closure on this, but i'm too passive to talk to him about it, too stubborn to just let it go on my own, and too ignorant to think that he really hasn't done anything to me at all. *sigh* The mind - such a terrible thing to waste on such trivial matters as these.

Have a wonderful day today - stay strong. BTC - I have heard of those 'mini-bikes'. I think it's a great idea!

borntocry on 01/21/2005:
I totally know what you mean. I've been having problems with my husband recently too, and I'm also too non-confrontational to bring them up with him but also too stubborn to just let them pass. So I end up dwelling on them and growing more and more resentful and irritable with him, which isn't really fair to either of us. But I asked him out on a "date" last night - we went to one of our favourite restaurants and spent some "quality time" together and even though I didn't end up talking about what's been bothering me, I feel better about it anyway. Maybe you and your boyfriend could try to do something nice together too - it might help clear your mind a little!

legcramps - Wednesday Jan 19, 2005

Weight: 132.0

BTC - to answer your question about where i'm moving, i'm actually moving in with BF. I'm trying to save money because I might be out of a job in about a month or so (term position) and since he owes me money he'll be letting me live there rent-free. And, i've seen Eastenders!! Only once or twice, but yeah, that's exactly the relationship I have with Everybody Loves Raymond!

Yesterday: 3pc toast with margarine, 4oz cheese, 1c salad with dressing, 1c potatoe casserole, 3pc sausage, 1.5L water. I can handle days like this.

I biked over 27 minutes last night. Eventually, i'll hit 30!

Plan for Today: 1/2c peach yogurt, 1c salad with dressing, 1c potatoe casserole, 3pc sausage. Snacks: 1pc cheesetoast, 1c milk and 1c cranberry juice. 1.5L water again, and biking.

I purchased a new computer yesterday. After a lot of haggling over price and himming and hawwing I think I got what I want. I didn't get the big sale package, but i'm happy with what I have. I still need to get a printer, but that can wait. In about a week or so, i'll get internet hook-up and then I can talk to everyone so much more!

I'm majorly pissed off with my boyfriend. I'm trying to calm down, and I know eventually i'll be okay and i'll be able to overlook this last couple of day's events. I'm feeling quite worthless in his eyes right now and it's causing me to act out with bitterness. It boils down to this: we made a pact to work together and try to be more trusting of each other; i've worked my a$$ off to make sure i'm not doing something that will inspire anger in him; he's not giving me the same respect. Last night I was more than angry with him - I was furious. Of course he doesn't know why yet because he got home so late that I was already sleeping. Grrr.

My puppy is growing so big! He's 50lbs now - when we first got him he weighed only 8! He's so long and lean right now because he just had a growth spurt, such a beautiful boy!

Yesterday it was 0 degrees celsius in the morning. Today it's -17. Shucks, I was hoping spring would come early! Have a great day all.

skinnyjill on 01/19/2005:
BF's can be sooooo crazy. Mine just up and left to New Orleans for three or for days... w/out me :-(

He's basically and only child growing up. (his sister was 16 when he was born) So he's sort of spoiled. He's 23 and still lives with his mom. I was the thrid of 3 children. even though I was a baby and Daddy's girl, I still knew what it was like to not get my way. BF is used to getting his way all the time.

Boys are more trouble than they or worth sometimes. I guess we women just nee dto have a little patience with them.

have a good day

borntocry on 01/20/2005:
That's it, you've inspired me to dust off my mini-bike. (It's sort of like an exercise bike but only the pedal part - I have to sit on a chair or lie down to use it. Sounds absurd, I know, but it's actually very common here where living space is at a premium.) Hopefully this will help me get in a bit more exercise now that it gets dark too early for me to go running on weekdays.

I hope you and your boyfriend work things out soon. If it's any consolation, he probably doesn't even realise he's doing anything wrong. Boys aren't as perceptive as girls, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships. I'm really fed up with my husband these days too. He's been very argumentative and critical lately and it's really getting to me. But I'm sure it's just because he's upset or worried about something that has nothing to do with me. That's just the way it is for a lot of guys...

legcramps - Tuesday Jan 18, 2005

Weight: 132.0

Yesterday: 2pc toast with margarine, 2c salad with dressing, 1/2c potatoe casserole, 3oz pork roast, 1/2c cranberry juice and 1.5L water. I guess I messed up on my sugar intake, huh. I started drinking it because I got TOM and it's supposed to help. Anyways....

Plan for Today: 1pc toast with margarine, 2c salad with dressing (i'm running out of dressing), dinner is totally up in the air. Since bf has been laid-off, he's been doing a lot of the cooking, so i'm constantly surprised! Whatever it is, I will have the cup of salad with it so that I don't take too much of the actual meal. Because usually it's packed solid with calories.

Thanks for your ideas borntocry. I guess you're right - and maybe in the future I can trade in the computer I get now for a better one. The only thing i'm interested in having is a LCD display (flat screen) and a cd-burner. I'll talk to them today hopefully and maybe I can get it up-graded now and save myself another trip.

Today I want to accomplish: trip to city to get computer, wash dishes, bike, pick up around the house. In the future I will need to start packing my stuff because I gave my notice starting February 1st. I have to be out of my apartment by the end of February. It may sound like a long ways away, but in reality it'll be here in no time.

Yesterday I biked for 25 minutes. I watched Nick & Jessica and some show regarding the Golden Globe Awards. I bought The Simpsons - Season One to watch while i'm biking, but only if there's nothing else on tivo. I also bought Everbody Loves Raymond - Season Two. We watched two episodes so far. I got hooked on the show because it's always on when I get home from work and at that time I always collapse on the couch - so I end up watching it.

Have a super day today everyone...

borntocry on 01/19/2005:
Haha! I had to laugh when I read about how you got hooked on Everybody Loves Raymond. The same thing happened to me with Eastenders - a really stupid British soap opera which my husband always makes fun of. I know it sucks but I just watch it because it's on exactly when I get home from work, so it's a nice way to unwind.

So where will you be living after the end of February? Are you looking for a new place?

legcramps - Monday Jan 17, 2005

Weight: 132.0

Sorry BBody, i've never heard of Red River Cereal.

Weekend was alright, I was sick Friday night and part of Saturday, but Saturday night bf had his christmas party and that was fun. We went bowling, which I haven't done for at least a year. Yesterday I spent the day on the couch, but I did manage to hop on the bike for close to 23 minutes! It wasn't hard - again, I just turned on the t.v. and was fairly happy the whole time while sweating all over everything.

I drove into the city on Saturday to price out a computer and found one that was on sale for $600 (with taxes, warranty, and printer cable it came to $850). This is Canadian dollars. It's a basic model, Windows XP, can't remember what else it has, but it's probably enough for me. All I want is internet service anyways. I'm going to look around more today, but the sale is over tomorrow and I need to act right away if i'm going to get it. Part of me wants to wait and get a computer I know i'm going to really like, and part of me wants to jump on this cheap deal and get one now so that I can start using one at home again. What do you guys think?

borntocry on 01/17/2005:
Oh, poor you! I always seem to get sick on weekends and it seems like such a waste of a weekend, doesn't it?

The PC you found seems great - if all you want is Internet anyway then why not just go for it?

legcramps - Friday Jan 14, 2005

Weight: 132.0

Weighed this morning; at least it's a little less.

Yesterday: 1pc whole wheat toast with butter, 10 baby carrots with low-fat dressing, 1 small buffalo burger (patty only) with 1sl cheese, 1 small piece whole wheat bread with 1/4c WHOLE WHEAT chicken gravy and 1oz pork roast. 1 liter water.

TOM is here and i'm crossing my fingers for a better experience this time around. So far so much better.

Plan for Today: I had two eggs with ketchup for breakfast in an effort to cut-down on the bread intake. Lunch salad, dinner pork roast sandwich. 1 liter water, 1c milk and 1c cranberry juice. Possibly some yogurt as a snack. If I can get it all down i'll be happy. Unfortunately since i'm not feeling well i'm not feeling like eating too much. Nothing tastes good and i'm in a bad mood.

biscottibody59 on 01/14/2005:
Hey LC! I saw some talk about a cereal ya'll Canadians have called "Red River Cereal?" Is it any good? I don't think it's available in the US, I am going to check some Health Food Stores.

Anyway, I went to Nova Scotia a number of years ago and had the best oatmeal ever--I don't know why it was so different, but it was really good.

Take it easy today (hope you get to feeling better) and keep up the good work!

legcramps - Thursday Jan 13, 2005

Weight: 133.5

My weight is inching up on me for some reason. I need to watch what i'm doing...

Yesterday: 3pc whole wheat toast with margarine, 1c milk, 2c salad with low-fat dressing, 1c sausage with tomato sauce and mozza cheese, 1c peach yogurt. 1.5 liters water. Is there any sugar or white flour in these products? I didn't think so, but I could be misguided. That wouldn't surprise me at all.

Plan for Today: I have to cut down on the bread for goodness' sake. That's probably where the extra pound came from. 2pc toast, 2c salad, 4oz roast pork with cooked veggies. 1 liter water. BF's cooking tonight. Last night he cooked buffalo burgers, but I didn't have any. I might try just a patty tonight, to see how he did, but if I do i'll cut back on the amount of roast I have. I might also try cutting down to only 1 piece of toast but that might be harder to do.

I biked for almost 23 minutes last night, burning around 200 calories. I wasn't going very fast which is why I went for so much longer, but i'm happy with it. I got a sweat going at least. I have a meeting tonight so i'm not sure if i'll get any exercising in, but i'll try to.

BF washed dishes last night. All I did was lay on the couch until my workout. What a lazy bum! I fell asleep for a couple of hours which was a terrible thing to do because when I finally hit the sack for bed, it took me a long while to get to sleep.

Today I want to accomplish: wash dishes FOR SURE, bike, tidy kitchen.

Have a good day all!

legcramps - Wednesday Jan 12, 2005

Weight: 132.5

Yesterday: 2pc toast with butter and 1c salad with dressing for lunch, 1c peach yogurt, 1c brown rice with ketchup, 1 egg salad sandwich on brown, 1 small slice ham with white bun and 1 small slice turkey with white bun, three drinks, 1/2 liter water, 1c milk.

I did over 10 minutes on the bike again yesterday, about 20 seconds longer than last time. I was in a bit of a rush, but I could have gone longer. Maybe today.

I did terribly at the luncheon, but it could have been a lot worse. They had my favorite food there - cheese. I tell you, it was extremely hard to avoid that yesterday, but I knew that if I got started, I wouldn't stop. So instead I loaded up on white flour. Well Becca, I think i'll take you up on that offer of no sugar - no white flour for 5 days. Yes, I think I will.

Plan for Today: 2pc toast with butter, 2c salad with dressing, 1c sausage with tomato sauce and mozza cheese. 1 liter water.

Today I want to accomplish: wash dishes, bike, pay rent (forgot to yesterday), and do a load of laundry. Ooooo, my life is exciting. I could be playing wallyball tonight, but i'm taking time off from it because BF doesn't like it and because it's getting costly having to drive there and back all the time. I just don't have that kind of money right now. I need to start saving for a new computer. Anyone have any suggestions on good deals?

geevee on 01/12/2005:
Except for a rare occasion I eliminated white flour, white bread, white rice and white potatoes from my diet 16 months ago and substituted brown and whole grains instead. They are a lot more filling, nutritious and have loads of fiber which white doesn't have. You can't go wrong.

Becca27 on 01/13/2005:
Don't commit me to No Flour just yet!!!! I need to stock my house with whole grains before I do that. I do think it's a great plan though. White flour and sugar are killers!!! I'm just surviving this week with no sugar and looking forward to saturday. - can't binge, though. After I grocery shop, I'll join you on the flour, too.

legcramps - Tuesday Jan 11, 2005

Weight: 132.5

Yesterday: 2pc toast with butter and 1c salad with dressing for lunch, 1c brown rice and 1c sausage with tomato sauce and cheese for dinner. 1 serving Spudz, 1c peach yogurt and 1c milk. 1 liter water.

Plan for today: I went out for breakfast with BF: 1pc toast with butter, 1c hashbrowns with ketchup, 1c scrambled eggs, 1c coffee with sugar. Lunch will be 1pc toast with butter and salad, and dinner will be some sort of sandwich I imagine. I will be at the luncheon for the funeral and i'm not sure what they're serving. Another liter of water today hopefully.

I jumped on the bike last night and held on for over 10 minutes. My chest was heaving pretty hard afterwards though, which only goes to show what can happen when you stop exercising over a very long course of time. My goal is to work up to 30 minutes, then 45. BF's moving my t.v. downstairs so that I have something to do while riding, instead of staring at the walls. I can now watch The Biggest Loser, and all those types of shows and get motivated while i'm working out. It's better than sitting on the couch watching these shows and telling myself over and over that I should start doing something and then never doing it. Yesterday I also washed dishes and cleaned up the kitchen a bit. BF took the movies back so I didn't have to do that. Today I want to accomplish: pay rent, bike, wash dishes. Not much, but the afternoon will be taken up with the funeral, and tonight there's a big party being put on in his honor that i'll be attending.

We took the dog out to a park road and got him to follow behind us as we drove through the park. It's about 3/4 of a mile, and Chewie made it the whole way without even beginning to pant, and he was going at least 3/4 speed the whole time! Oy, this dog is going to need a lot more exercise than we thought! We took him through it twice yesterday, hopefully twice more today. It's just too hard to take him for walks when it's this cold out. This way, neither of us have to spend too much time outside and he still gets his exercise. I'm still holding on to this cold, and today won't help it much. It was getting better, only a cough now at the worst of times.

Well that's it from me for now. Hopefully this week i'll have some time to do some commenting - i'm not ignoring anyone!!! I'm just extremely busy right now! Wait until my job is up in March, then i'll have all the time in the world to comment. I'll be leaving you guys pages and pages of writing! I bet you can't wait!!

Becca27 on 01/12/2005:
Your food plan sounds great. I encourage you to try the 5 days no sugar. Runner's going to try it too, I think. I'm even considering taking white flour off, too. THat's a killer, though. I may have to build up to that one.

Regarding the exercise, you're right, you just have to slowly build yourself up and try to do a little more each time. You'll get there!! What did you think of "The Biggest Loser" finale? I was truly inspired. I didn't realize that girl lives 30 minutes from me. Small world.

legcramps - Monday Jan 10, 2005

Weight: 132.5

Well, I faced the music and weighed myself last night before bed. It could be worse...

Plan for today: I missed breakfast because my alarm didn't go off (still made it to work on time, though, yeehaw) so I grabbed a frappaccino which is 198cals. Lunch is either toast and salad or leftover rice with ketchup. Dinner is leftover pork chops and potatoes. Snacks today are low-cal Spuds. I don't know if that's what they're called, but that's what i'm calling them. shaped like fries, air-popped potatoe wedges in ranch flavor. I ate around 20 of them last night and was stuffed full. For a serving of 29 chips, it's 120cals.

Rabbit-Proof Fence is sort of a tear-jerker. There are a couple parts that are hard to watch. Some parts are weird - it's just a different kind of movie. I think if you're at all interested in the storyline, you'll really like the movie.

Friday I took down the tree and finished cleaning the bathroom. BF got a different fridge and stove, so we had to clean them out and set everything up on Friday. It looks so much better! The fridge we have now is way bigger than his old one - there's at least twice the space! I'm truly loving it, and the stove kicks heat out so quickly! I'll never go back to the old one! So Saturday I cleaned the kitchen and finished laundry, and Sunday after church I just picked up and cooked. I cooked sausage with home-made tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese on top, with brown rice cooked in low-fat chicken broth. It was so good I almost cried. BF cooked pork chops on Saturday, which were very good as well. We're just having a good cooking week so far!

Today I hope to accomplish - a dent in the mounds of work I have here, wash dishes tonight, 30 minutes on the bike, re-fill my water bottles and take movies back. It's too cold to take Chewie for a walk today. -30 celsius this morning without windchill. A couple days last week were up to -46 with windchill. I really need to head south. Can anyone suggest a wonderfully warm area?!

Becca27 on 01/11/2005:
We could all ambush geevee in Miami! - I'm in PA here and we're climbing up to 66 on Thursday!! It's a mean, wicked teaser that will only last a day, though.

By the way, I watched Elf 4 times over the holidays and laughed more at each viewing. Laughter is great medicine!

You know you have to weigh yourself in the morning!!!

legcramps - Thursday Jan 06, 2005

Weight: 129.5

I'm off tomorrow, and as usual, forgot to weigh. It'll have to wait until next week, which might be a good thing seeing as i'm not sure i've done so well this past week.

Yesterday: 1pc toast with butter, 1 bowl soup, 1 serving tacos, 1 orange, 1c couscous, 1/4c cooked carrots, 2oz roast pork and 1 liter of water.

Plan for today: 2pc toast with butter, 1 bowl soup, 2oz chicken breast, 1c couscous (I love this stuff), 1c cooked asparagus, 1 serving cheesies and 1 liter of water.

The water's going down slow because i've been really busy today at work (hence the late journal entry). There's been a death in my best friend's family and i'm somewhat downhearted today. I haven't had a close family member pass away on me (I thank God for that); it's so hard to imagine what they must be going through. I will be there for them tonight and will do everything in my power to soften their load over their time of grief.

Becca - Rabbit Proof Fence is about Aborigional people in Australia, so i'm assuming it isn't Canadian-made, but who knows. And I, too, am having a hard time getting through the Passion of Christ. I have to keep reminding myself that it's only one person's opinion of these detailed, descriptive events in the life of Christ. I've been contemplating this movie since it's arrival, and would not have given myself the opportunity to watch it however my brother sent it to me for Christmas, along with Rabbit Proof Fence. Thank goodness he also sent a less deeply thought-provoking Elf and Shrek II!!

I'm taking time today to think about the people i'm grateful are still in this world with me, and about those who are not. How many people that touch your life actually end up changing it, making you a different person than you were before? I am thankful he isn't in anymore pain and I am thankful that he had the time to say his goodbyes. Have a wonderful weekend my friends.

feeleebubs on 01/06/2005:
Rabbit Proof Fence you say??? Sounds interesting. I bet my mom would like it. Is it a tear jerker?

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