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legcramps - Thursday Oct 28, 2004

Weight: 132.0

Yesterday I had: yet another pc of toast and peanut butter, and a salad for dinner. Boy, was I ever rushed yesterday. After wallyball I had a cup of tea and went to bed.

Today so far: 1pc toast with 1T peanut butter. 1/2 c tea.

Plan for today: haha, more toast and peanut butter (almost done the peanut butter container, thank the lord), and hamburger helper for dinner. It's going to be another rushed day, because I have volleyball tonight for 2 hours.

I finished my 2L of water yesterday, AND I worked on BF's costume (it's almost done - one more night), AND I went for a jog with Chewie. I did not fold my laundry. *sigh*

Today I will finish 2.5L water and fold my laundry for goodness' sake.

Chewie is a very good puppy. He listens all the time; last night we took him to wallyball with us so that everyone could take a look, and he listened to me the whole time, even though there were so many other people around to excite him. When he's in the yard, he listens to me when I call him. I've taught him to sit, shake a paw, lay down, and roll over already. He's a good and obedient dog, without naming the many things and people he chews on.

We don't let him out of our sight when outside - honestly, he's almost always on a chain unless we're walking to the car to go somewhere. We let him loose in parks, where we can keep an eye on him always. Our dog was stolen right from inside BF's house, not from the back or front yard. He is licensed and has a collar with a tag on it, unfortunately only with his name. I need to get an ID tag. We would never intentionally leave Chewie unattended, and we didn't that day either. We were simply asleep. I realize that there were steps that we could've taken to prevent this from happening, and trust me, I will do my best to take those steps from now on - hindsight is always 20/20 though. I feel guilty because I know he is just a little puppy who cannot take care of himself, and I feel guilty because we found him outside in the cold in a container filled with ice and snow, and I feel guilty because we didn't start looking for him until hours after he had been taken (I went home and BF thought I took Chewie with me). I just feel so darn guilty about this whole thing. And yes, I think the next-door-neighbors should be evaluated by a psychiatrist as well!

Hope everyone has a great day today, stay strong!

monet0329 on 10/28/2004:
hello sweetie..dont feel guilty for something you didnt do or have controle over.. I mean geesh you have to sleep right.. no fault of yours at all.. I still cant beleive they got into bf's apt.. let alone took him.. how rude.. and you didnt know that bf thought you took him hun.. only other thing you can do is just tell each other who is taking him.. :O).. he will be ok.. You are doing so well in training him hehe.. I bet he is so cute doing all that.. My Molli does a belly craw ehehe.. kinda like in the army.. and when I say.. wanna snack she is on her hind legs and goes around in circles hehe.. and when I say.. wanna go outside.. while I put my shoes on she is jumping up and tapping my booty..lol.. its too cute.. hehehe..

Hope bf likes the costume your making :O).. I am sure it will be neat.. my little boy is gonna be a vampire this year..lol and my oldest doesnt wanna dress up :O(.. he will be 14 in december..he is growing to fast.. :O(..I remember the last year I went.. I was 16.. but times have changed..lol.. I was still playing barbies at 14/15.. but not now a days :O(.. they all wanna grow up so fast... why I ask..lol.. its just all bills bills and more bills..lol..

anyway.. you have a great Friday hun.. :O).. hugs

oh and that show you were talking about .. is it where then men dress as women..lol. I seen a talk show (Oprah) had soem tof the guys on it..lol.. too funny.. but we dont have cable here.. so I just get the basic channels..are you watching The Biggest Looser on Tuesday nights? love that one.. hehe..tonight I watched surviver.. I think I have a show on just about everynight.. except Fri and Sat..lol.. on Sunday I watch Extreme Makeover Home Addition.. :O) and most of the time I cry..lol..


legcramps - Wednesday Oct 27, 2004

Weight: 132.0

Yesterday: the usual toast and peanut butter, 1 porkchop, 1c potatoes and carrots, 1 cup caesar salad. I fell asleep around 8pm yesterday, so I didn't get to sneak in anything else! Wow, now that's probably the best way to lose weight - just go to sleep right away! Chances are I would be a total slug during the day though.

Today so far: 1pc toast with 1T peanut butter.

Plan for today: 2 more pcs toast and 2T peanut butter. I'm not sure what i'm having for dinner because we're going to have to leave early today to play wallyball. If I have enough time, i'll grab some lettuce and carrots and make myself a salad or something, otherwise we could be looking at a high(er) calorie day.

I didn't fold my laundry yet. I did cook dinner and work on BF's costume, and I must say that it's going really well so far. Today I want to do that darn laundry and work some more on the costume. Time will be a factor today. Oh, yesterday I only drank 1.5L water, I really wanted to finish 2L. Today I will finish 2L.

I've decided for my hallowe'en costume to just get it spur of the moment. I'm thinking of a go-go girl, and as far as I remember, there are lots of those costumes around, so it shouldn't be a problem. All I really need is a flapper dress and a feather!

biscottibody59 on 10/27/2004:
I read the saga of losing/finding your pup--glad there was a happy ending and he and you all have bounced back from the ordeal.

I remember when I had my first dog I had as an adult and apparently there were gangs of people going around stealing dogs out of peoples yards to sell them to labs. Now I'm not sure this was true, but it made me a little more vigilant.

Someone would have to tranquilize the dog I have now to get her to go with them.

Sounds like you had a really good day--keep up the good work!

Becca27 on 10/27/2004:
Your costume sounds cute. Is Chewie dressing up? Ha Ha! I often go to bed to avoid eating. It works. Have a great day!

borntocry on 10/28/2004:
Hi legcramps,

Thanks for your comment. No, I'm not taking secret tennis lessons! I think I also just manage to "pull out my lucky charms" every now and then, as you put it. I'm still only learning, though.

I just finished reading about what happened to Chewie. I'm so sorry you went through that, but glad that you got him back. When I was ten years old my dog was stolen. He was barely more than a puppy too. I never got him back, even though for many years I never gave up hope. Every time a white dog caught my eye I thought it might be him.

Penguin_14 on 10/28/2004:
Thanks for your comments! I was reading more about you and Chewie, and you're so lucky to have him back! Believe it or not, we never leave our dogs unattended in the yard. We have a 6' fence and padlocks on our gates. It may sound extreme, but I live near a large city in the midwest, and there is an increase in dog theft. Unfortunately, people don't make pets out of them, it's more for abuse or dog fighting or as bait for their fighting dogs. It can happen in the country or the city. We've seen the results at the vet hospital where I've worked for the past 15 years. Microchipping is one of the best forms of identification, as Becca27 mentioned, too. Unfortunately, there's no radar to tell you where he is, but if he's picked up and taken to a shelter, police station or animal hospital with a scanner, they can trace him back to you. This is also helpful if someone claims your dog as their own.

I always tell our clients to treat your dog or puppy as you would a toddler. They wander into streets unattended, they have minds of their own, they don't come when they're called, they stick everything in their mouths, they can be taken, and they're dependent on us for their safety. Sorry to get on my soapbox. I try not to stray too far from diet-related things, but I thought my suggestions might be helpful.

Chewie, by the way, sounds like an awesome puppy!! :) One of the smartest, most loving dogs I ever had in my life was a Lab mix. You'd think your own dog would be safe from your own neighbors in your own back yard. I think that family next door needs to be evaluated by a psychiatrist!

Have a good day!

legcramps - Tuesday Oct 26, 2004

Weight: 132.0

Yesterday: finished off with chicken and salad (and I sneaked in a couple mouthfuls of corn) and then came my usual kicker - ice cream. I had one cup. Still, I finished off the day with 1300 calories. I think.

Today so far: 1pc flax toast with 1T peanut butter.

Plan for today: another piece of toast with peanut butter, salads and chicken, carrots for snack.

No exercise yesterday. Even BF exercised, and I just sat on the couch and watched t.v. Oy-vey.

Today will be better. I'm starting BF's costume for hallowe'en. He's going as a mummy. I'm not sure yet what i'm going to be, hopefully I figure it out soon though. Today I will fold laundry and put it away, cook dinner for BF, work on his costume and do 10 minutes of exercise in the basement. A start is a start is a start, you know?!

smiley2 on 10/26/2004:
Thanks for the comment, you lost 30 pounds doing that, wowie hehe. Anyways you know of any good Halloween parties? Me and SO are looking in California, but we are looking for something more fancy. Have a good day!

Becca27 on 10/26/2004:
Let's throw our ice cream out together. LOL. I promised myself a day without it, and guess what, I've already caved and it's only noon. :o(

skinnyjill on 10/26/2004:
Any ideas as to what to be for halloween? A mummy sound great. I hope he has fun with that. I dressed my pumpkin up as a mummy. My BF and I are going to a masquerade charity type thing for Halloween. He's going as a Cowboy. Don't know what I am going to be.

Hope you have a successful day!

monet0329 on 10/26/2004:
will you eat alittle icecream for me ? sniff sniff..lol.. and yes.. a start is a start.. lets get this going :O).. 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and... ect.. hehhe.. have fun hun.. hugs thanks for the water tips.. I know all that..but I still have problems now..:O(.. thinkk Ill try the tea and splenda.. :O)

legcramps - Monday Oct 25, 2004

Weight: 132.0

I forgot to look for that scale. Actually, we didn't even have time to stop in at Wal-mart, so there you go.

This was the first weekend in a long time where i've actually written down everything that I ate! And my totals each day were good, below 1600, except for Saturday. I don't know what happened on Saturday, but I ended up with around 1900 calories. That's still not bad though. I'm happy with it anyhow.

Friday was wallyball and it was a good night, although I was terribly sick with TOM. Going to wallyball was probably the best idea i've ever had while with TOM. The rest of the weekend was much better for me than it would usually be, because I exercised so well on Friday.

Breakfast today: 1pc 9 grain toast with 1T peanut butter.

Plan for the rest of the day: salads at meals and carrots and popcorn for snacks.

Exercise today: A short walk with Chewie.

I'm starting to get bored with all of this. Right now, i'm bored with everything, not just my diet. Things need to change.

Becca27 on 10/25/2004:
It took me 5 minutes to figure out what TOM was. LOL. I can't move when TOM is at my house. Good for you! Change something! Mix it up a bit. You'll get through this slump. Has Chewie (and have you) completley recovered from his kidnapping?

legcramps - Friday Oct 22, 2004

Weight: 132.0

132 even this morning.

Yesterday: I didn't eat that apple, just couldn't bring myself to take a bite, so Gain, you can have it! I had a french vanilla capp in the afternoon while still at work, and 2 cups of potatoes (1 for lunch, 1 for dinner). Potatoes, toast, peanut butter, caffiene and sugar is probably not the best diet....

Today so far: 1 pc toast with 1T peanut butter

Plan for today: 1 cup yam for lunch, 1 cup yam and 2 oz chicken (which means two thumbs) for dinner.

Exercise: 1 hour volleyball. One team we were supposed to play last night didn't show up. Sure enough, when we got to the bar afterwards, there they were. Duh. Tonight is wallyball for 2 hours.

I'm going to have a chance to buy a food scale tonight because i'll be at Wal-mart for a quick minute. I hope I remember to at least look for one.

Becca27 on 10/22/2004:
You're getting there. It's headed in the right direction. Have a great weekend.

monet0329 on 10/23/2004:
wo0o0ho0o hope you got your scale heheh.. you'll love it.. :O).. then you will be used to eatting that amount .. it does help.. expecially when you go out to eat.. youll know how much to eat.. or go to families and friends.. just by looking :O)..

hope wallyball was fun for you :O).hugs

legcramps - Thursday Oct 21, 2004

Weight: 132.5

Yesterday: I had everything I said I would, plus two servings of nacho chips. Yup.

Today so far: 1 pc toast with 1T peanut butter.

Plan for today: 2 cups potatoes, 2 oz bbq chicken, a gross sour green apple that I mistakenly bought and now have to eat, lots of water.

Time to tone down my plan, because I always seem to add something to it.

No exercise yesterday, but today I have volleyball for 2 hours.

I was surprised that my calories only added up to just over 1700 yesterday, especially because of those chips. I wonder if i'm calculating wrong. I used fitday, but for the chips I chose, they don't have servings and I have no idea how many ounces I ate. Most of the time I think a tiny piece of chicken the size of my pinky finger is an ounce, so what do I know? A little research might not hurt me at this point. I might be starving/gorging myself and not even know it.

Becca27 on 10/21/2004:
try calorie-count.com They have a lot of foods on record. All last month, I was continually "surprised" by my daily totals. This month, I'm writing it/subtotaling as I go along - it's been much better for me.

monet0329 on 10/21/2004:
hiya... you can go to wal-mart or somehwere and get you some food scales .. :O).. just a thought for ya.. I know its hard to tell without them.. good luck hun and have fun with Volleyball.. I love that game.. :O)

TheMother on 10/21/2004:
Boy, I go away for a couple of days and come back to your saga. I can only imagine what you went through while your sweet little "baby" was missing. Fortunately, he was found - that's what counts but I wouldn't let him out of my sight from this moment on. Your BF's neighbors sound anything but neighborly and I'd keep a close eye on them. It doesn't hurt to file a police report just to be on the safe side. Hopefully, this won't happen again but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Is Chewie's leg getting better? If it doesn't within the next day or so, I'd bring him to the vet. Glad he's safe and things worked out OK. I'm a cat lover and I know how much Fluffy means to me. She is family in every sense of the word.

Take care,


CountryGain on 10/21/2004:
I'll take that green apple if you don't want it! Just kidding. I'm told that an ounce of cooked meat is the size of your thumb. Five ounces is the size of your palm.

feeleebubs on 10/21/2004:
I've had that problem with calorie counters. I have no idea what an ounce of anything is. I know 8 flui ounces is a cup, but that is the extent of my knowledge. I think I'll do some research on it as well.

legcramps - Wednesday Oct 20, 2004

Weight: 132.5

Yesterday: I didn't have leftover chicken and potatoes. 1 orange, 1 cheeseburger, 1 cup fries, root beer float and 1 38 gram bag of corn nuts.

Today so far: 1 piece of white toast with 1T peanut butter.

Today's plan: 1 orange, 4oz chicken, 2 cups potatoes.

I didn't get any exercise yesterday. I need to lose a few pounds before the holiday season starts. I ate out yesterday because darn dinner was taking too long (I had to make more potatoes because they had been eaten, I forgot we had the rest for breakfast) and BF was 'starving' apparently. Anyways, it was a great excuse and now i'm paying for it. I had a stomach ache all night!

legcramps - Tuesday Oct 19, 2004

Weight: 132.5

Once we talked to the mother, we were able to find out why Chewie was limping. Apparently, they took him out to their farm, where someone brought the garage door down on Chewie and caught his leg. The mother denies that the kids would have placed the puppy into the container in which we found him, but i'm not quite sure I believe her story. When I told her and her daughter where we found the dog, her daughter kind of looked around, smiled and said 'I don't know how he got in there'. And the mother, best of all, said 'maybe he jumped in there'. Yeah. He jumped in there and then closed the lid on himself and placed a big red wagon on top. Yeah, sure. Well, they're denying the fact that they put him into that container, but they did say that they had him all day on Sunday and that they didn't know whose dog it was. I find that to be a crock as well, because BF took the puppy over there a few weeks ago and showed them, and the girl has been watching when the puppy's outside in BF's backyard. The mother had already bought dog food for him and everything. If they weren't thinking of keeping this dog permanently, they sure as heck wanted to keep it for a couple of days.

I'm still very upset, but I know that there isn't much more I can do besides keep Chewie the heck away from that family and that yard.

We still believe that someone stole him from inside BF's house, but when we said this to the mother, she told us that 'her kids would never do something like that'. I told her that we might still call the police and give them a report. She didn't say anything to that. I also told her that if our dog goes missing again, her place will be the first place i'll look for him. I hope she understands that if her kids were responsible she needs to make sure that they don't do it again, because next time there will be much heavier consequences.

Well, I didn't have anything for breakfast or lunch yesterday, but made up for it at dinner. I had two slices of pizza and a cup of ice cream. And lots of water. For some reason, I really felt dehydrated last night.

It's been snowing here for a couple of days now, everything is icy and getting to work is taking twice as long! The snow is nice, but I sure wish it wouldn't be so cold. It's still just October, it would be nice if we didn't have any snow at hallowe'en, but i'm not sure it'll happen.

Plan for today: two eggs, two pieces toast with peanut butter and some fried potatoes for breakfast. One leftover slice of pizza for lunch, and leftover chicken and potatoes for dinner.

Becca27 on 10/19/2004:
You have some nasty neighbors there, hun. I would definitely call the police just to have a running record in case something else happens. The mom sounds like a genius. Cheer up. He's safe now. Do you have dog tags on him or is he microchipped? Make sure he's wearing ID. Be healthy!!

monet0329 on 10/20/2004:
oh wow.. I have missed alot.. I am so sorry about chewie :O(.. I cant believe a mother would not believe you.. I mean I love my boys but I am not gonna cover my eyes and act as though they are innocent ... that is the worst ting you can do.. what happens when they get older and start doing drugs or something.. she gonna say.. oh no not my kids.. my kids would never do such a thing.. wake up and smell the coffee lady..lol..

and she knows Chewie didnt jump in there shheeesh.. some people.. I am just glad she is ok.. her little leg will get better.. :O)expecially now that he is at home with people who love him :O)..

you have a great day sweetie and give Chewie alittle hug from me :O)..

legcramps - Monday Oct 18, 2004

Weight: 132.5


My Chewie has been found.

Saturday nights are now officially evil.

BF had a party after the bars closed on Sat night (early Sunday morning). So, lots of noise, rowdy people, etc. etc. Chewie was awake and stayed up with us most of the night (morning). Finally, around 7am (I know, you don't have to tell me that having a party was not the best thing to do when you have a new puppy in the house) I left his place and went back to my apartment. When I left, Chewie was sleeping in his bed and the gate blocking the hallway was up and closed. I didn't make it back to BF's until 4pm on Sunday afternoon. When I got there, BF jumped up from the couch right away and asks me if I have the puppy. I say 'why would I?' and he drops his head and tells me that the puppy is gone. Without thinking, we immediately run outside and search for three hours. It had just snowed, so there were plenty of tracks to follow. No luck. We get back to BF's and split up, driving around looking. Nothing. When we finally sit down and start factualizing everything that happened, we realize that the gate had been knocked down and the front door left unlocked. We go back outside and realize that, indeed, there are no tracks in BF's front or backyard. We determine that our puppy has been stolen.

Preparations are made and posters readied for stapling around town. The city manager is phoned and advised that a little puppy is missing, and we have phoned everyone at the party to ask them for information. I have also lined up the police dept's phone number and am ready, willing and able to give them a call the moment I have time at the end of the day. We drive past the pound. Nothing. I tell you, I haven't done this much searching for ANYone in my entire life.

Sleep finally comes, but morning comes even more quickly, and i'm dressed and at work by 8am. I get a phone call from BF at 9:45am, saying that he's found Chewie and to call him back right away. Instead, I drive there during my coffee break. He's been found!! There he is, laying down on the living room floor, sleeping soundly.

You'd better sit down for this part.

BF tells me that he gets a call from his boss saying that they're not working today, so he goes about watching tv on the couch. Then he hears a yipping noise, so walks around the inside of the house investigating. Opens a window and the yipping is even louder now. Runs outside, all through the yard again, then stops and listens. Sure enough, there's that yipping again. Slowly he walks into the neighbors back yard. Quickly now, he runs over to a large plastic storage container, with a big red wagon dropped on the lid. BF lifts up the lid and, there we go, there he is. Crying and shivering and limping. Let me tell you what was in the container. Metal toys, snow, and ice. And my puppy. My puppy for goodness sake! A two month old tiny little squirt of a dog that can't take care of himself let alone when he's locked in a plastic freaking container with no food or water!

BF took him inside and fed him, since he probably hadn't eaten in a while. He was very hungry.

He's still limping, but we feel that he's extremely happy to be home again, and we are so happy as well.

Those kids next door are going to get a talking-to tonight. So is the mother. And if I smell ANYthing nasty, i'm going straight to the cops and to hell with them...

I haven't eaten since dinner yesterday. I'm very tired and very relieved, but i'm so angry right now! Here we are, only one month into owning this bundle of joy, and what do we do??? WE LET SOMEONE STEAL HIM FROM US!!! I can't forgive myself.

Becca27 on 10/18/2004:
Wow! That's quite an adventure. I'd hold off having a baby for a little while if I were you. I'm very glad that Chewie is back, safe and sound. :-) Why is he limping?

legcramps - Monday Oct 18, 2004

Weight: 132.5

My Chewie has been stolen.

Becca27 on 10/18/2004:
NO! OMG! What happened???? Please update!

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