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legcramps - Wednesday Mar 05, 2008

Weight: 147.0

So, I might be a sac of whimp, but I won't know for sure until I go for an ultrasound. The doctor told me that everything he tested me for turned out normal, so he wants to try doing an ultrasound. I have to wait for them to phone me to make an appointment. By that time i'll probably be back to normal!! People piss me off. Not you guys though :).

Gym tonight. I was going to take it easy, but screw that, i'm starting my 5k workouts again. Not that they're incredibly hard or anything.

Geez, i'm in a bad mood. I want to beat up a garbage can, but the ones here at work are too small. I wouldn't get any relief from it.

workingit2 on 03/05/2008:
Be happy that nothing is wrong, you may just be suffering from anxiety and stress. My sister has the same thing every once in a while. Thoughts and prayers are with you!

starlight on 03/05/2008:
lol sorry to get amusement from your entry. You sound like me. Seriously though, I'm sorry to hear they don't know what's going on. Of course negative test results are a good thing, but I'm sure you just want to know what happened. Go home and punch a pillow :) you have to clean up after you punch a garbage can. Keep us posted on your tests. I have you in my thoughts.

thinnsidenotout on 03/05/2008:
I have kicked a few cans in my time.....just to make a mess and be worse off for having to clean up garbage... I'm no spceialist/Dr.... but my bets are anxiety (yes, even thought you don't know what about/what for you may be subconciously thinking about) and you will be just fine....

My momma always told/tells me "You're just gunna have to get glad in the same pants you got mad in, so get on with it!"

I wish you much luck and settlement of mind......

hollybelle on 03/05/2008:
Go workout and maybe bad mood will pass. Don't give into the mood if you can help it - OR - my other suggestion is give into and get it over with! See, I can go either way!

legcramps - Tuesday Mar 04, 2008

Weight: 147.0

Thanks so much for all of your comments yesterday ladies, I really appreciate your concern and support. Although some of your entries terrified me, I realize that you're only educating me on the worst-case scenarios. I don't have a lot to say today, my doctor's appointment is at 4:30 and until then i'll be in limbo. Honestly, if he doesn't have an explanation for me, i'm going to whoop some serious doctor butt...

I feel depressed today, but I think maybe i'm just playing the poor me card. There isn't anything to be depressed about. I'm okay. I'm just scared: scared that it will be something serious, and scared that i'm just a sac of wimp and nothing's wrong with me at all.

Rating for Monday: 6/10 - I did the dishes yesterday, that's an improvement.

biscottibody59 on 03/04/2008:
A friend had what she thought was a heart attack several times--ruled out every time, had a stress test several times over the years--nothing unusual as a result. She's bordering on morbid obesity--long-term. Diagnosis was/is "chest wall spasms," which sounds like BS to me, only because I'd never heard of it. Apparently these spasms are absolutely nothing to worry about. She also has occasional anxiety attacks, which of course would be somewhat manageable, but they come on without warning--so they're pretty upsetting. I saw her have one when we were at lunch years ago and it was quite disturbing. Not something you'd want to have happen in public if you could help it.

Now the voice of experience: The older I get, the more things bother me that don't really seem to bother me. (Although it seems to be tapering off--haha!) For instance if you're accepting that something in your life is okay, but in your subconscious you're driving yourself crazy over it--it may still have a physiological effect.

Does that make sense? Same goes for worrying about other people/things that we have no control over. A family member goes in for surgery and we're a little anxious, but then it's over and they're fine. Then later you get a headache or a stomache ache or some physical reaction. (The first time this happened to me, I couldn't believe it because I felt like had control over my feelings. I couldn't trace a headache back to anything but the stress that apparently was happening while I was in the OR waiting room.)

Apparently there are so many things going on with us on a subconscious level that we never know about. Perhaps this episode you had is tied to something you feel anxious about, but haven't really thought of.

Okay, that's it for my armchair shrink session--haha!

Hope you're feeling better and get it all sorted out!

thinnsidenotout on 03/04/2008:
I hope I didn't scare you!...:)(sis-in-law gallbladder thing, was due to untaken care of situation & not seeing the Dr. when should of)...

I agree w/ biscotti on the subconcious, cause that is exactly how I am and no matter how much I think I am not dwelling on something...poof there it is and it effects our whole body (even pains/aches/etc).....

YOU ARE GOING TO BE O.K......! Seeing the Dr. is the right thing, no matter what the outcome, you will feel better just knowing what is going on....

thinnsidenotout on 03/04/2008:
Re: caloric burn considerations of weather pattern/wind.... Your funny! :}

Although last night I did fight25-30 mph winds with 35-40 mph gusts the 4 miles I got to go....and sometimes it is so dadgum cold I have to wear a sweatshirt/coat/scarf/mittens..... have to give that a thought....Naw, just kiddin!!!

Check in on ya tomorrow....GOOD DAY!

mmuraro on 03/04/2008:
I'm hopping for the sac of whimp! :) I'll come check in later to see how the dr appointment went.

legcramps - Monday Mar 03, 2008

Weight: 147.0

That "something bad" that I was dreading was going to happen last week happened on Friday night. I developed severe chest pains which at first I thought was just a really bad case of heartburn. And, in theory, I was right. The more I tried to let it pass, the worse it got. Finally, the pain was so terrible that it was making me physically sick and i'm sure I vomited the entire three meals I had eaten that day. I called a friend who came over with tums and flat 7-Up. They didn't work and around the same time my right arm lost some strength and the fingers in my right hand started tingling and going numb. After panicking and then ruling out a heart attack, my Dad and the friend who had come over decided it was in my best interest to force me to the hospital.

In conclusion, it was probably a gall bladder attack. But it sure felt like a heart attack. Wake up, legcramps. Wake up. I don't know why it happened - when I researched online I found that it normally occurs in Native Americans or Mexican Americans. I am neither. It occurs in overweight people. This is why i'm posting my weight today - I am not overweight for my height (5'6"), though I am pushing it a bit. I've been eating regular meals for a long time, nothing out of the ordinary. It's weird. I wonder if I brought something back with me from Mexico.

I'll find out more tomorrow when I see the doc about the test results - bloodwork and a chest x-ray. Chances are, he'll say i'm fine. If I ever go through that pain again, i'm going to go to his house and wrap my hands around his neck. Although, that probably won't hurt him because my right hand will have lost all its strength...

Taking it easy, going to read your entries and get through the workday today. Tonight I need to review my homework. No exercise :( March is starting off just great.

Rating for Friday: 2/10

Rating for Saturday: 5/10 (at least I moved around a bit and ate well because I was too scared to not eat well)

Rating for Sunday: 4/10 (my laziness caught up with me)

starlight on 03/03/2008:
Wow, that's pretty scary. Did the doctor feel just below your ribcage on the right side to see if it hurt there? Do you have a history of gallstones? I myself need to educate myself on the gallbladder. I've never experienced a gallbladder attack (sounds scary)but for a while I was cramping up really bad throughout the day and when I would go, only bile came out. This has started happening again recently. My mom said it sounds like gallbladder problems. I read that gallbladder attacks can be very scary, but I'm glad the doctor didn't brush you off like what happened to me when I had a kidney stone. It was so small (but VERY painful) that the radiologist missed it on the CT. The doctor told me "It's probably the flu." What an idiot. Did he honestly think I didn't know the difference b/w what I was feeling and the flu? Anyways, good luck on the results of your tests. I hope they can figure out whats wrong. It would be pretty scary having that happen again and NOT know what it is.

mmuraro on 03/03/2008:
Ouch, Im sorry you went through this. I am sure it is not related to your weight at all. We're pretty much the same height, i am way heavier than you and was even heavier before and never felt anything like that. 147 is not bad for your health. There's a bigger change you're Mexican american. :) Anyway, how come you were thinking something bad would happen? And what do you mean by gall bladder attack? You mean stones? I really hope your tests come back normal. Let us know and take care of yourself!

thinnsidenotout on 03/03/2008:
Believe it or not...That sounds close to how I felt the 2 times I had a panick/anxiety attack..... Scared the poodoo out of me almost, thinking it was my heart and my arm/shoulder ached so bad (tension I am told).... Have not had any for 8 weeks now.... I really contribute my walking (clearing my head) to less stress and freeing the subcontious (which can be a killer)....

I am not saying that your problem is that of panic/anxiety and know that gallbladder can be serious (mentioned in my post today on how I know). You should defitintely consult your physician as you have scheduled.... I hope you can get to the bottom of what is going on and that all turns out just fine.

inmorning on 03/03/2008:
I know this is a duh type question, but they at least did an ECG and bloodwork right? B/c ECGs don't always show ischemia and the blood tests are what make the difference. Just a scarry thought. I am glad you are okay.

workingit2 on 03/03/2008:
Scary stuff indeed! I hope you get clear results back from your doctor. Have a great (and restful) week!

borntocry on 03/04/2008:
Oh, poor legcramps! What a horrific experience. I was also wondering if it could have been a panic/anxiety attack. Sometimes you can have those without even consciously feeling anxious. But I've had them and they've never been that bad, so I don't know.

My Dad had a bout of severe chest pains which were so bad he even passed out from them, and they turned out to be due to a problem with one of the nerves in his chest - the phrenic nerve? vague nerve? Can't remember what it's called. But given the tingling in your arm and hand maybe it could have been something like that?

Sometimes there's no explanation for these things, though. I once suffered a terrible stomach ache so bad that I was actually considering jumping out of the window to put an end to my suffering! My friends took me to the emergency room but no-one ever told me what it was. It just eventually went away on its own but for several years I was terrified that it would happen again.

I agree, you are not overweight at all for your height. My college room-mate is your weight and height and has a very athletic build. In fact she even had a six-pack! I was always really jealous of her... still would be if it weren't for the fact that she lives in San Francisco so I never see her.

Thanks for your comment on my diary. It's so sweet of you to think of me and cheer me on at a time like this! And I'm so grateful to you for encouraging me to run this race. If it weren't for you I might not have done it!

legcramps - Thursday Feb 28, 2008

Weight: 0.0

Another good day yesterday (I swear, something bad has GOT to happen sooner or later) and came in under 1200 cals. I forgot to rate my day for Tuesday, so i'm giving it an 8/10 - it would have been a 9 if I had gone to the gym. Coulda Shoulda Woulda. Whatever.

So my friend called me last night about a half hour before we *usually* go to the gym. I say *usually* because we haven't been going very consistently lately. Anyhow, so she calls me and says that she's decided to go for coffee with a friend instead of going to the gym. She's walked to and from work that day and she feels that she's gotten her exercise in for the day, but she wanted to call me and let me know and also see if I wanted to go to the gym tonight instead. I was a little miffed, so was very abrupt with her and used my boyfriend's brother being at the house as my excuse to get off the phone, telling her i'd call her back tonight.

I didn't really appreciate the fact that I *thought* we had made plans and she so easily was able to change them to go out with another friend. I suppose I shouldn't be so jealous, but that's how I feel. Oh well, I need to let it go, and I can't let that get in the way of exercising.

I studied again last night for three hours and finally completed all the papers I needed to do! Yeehaw!! I'm so relieved. I sent some of them yesterday and the rest this morning. I hope they will still accept them - should I phone and find out for sure? I have a little left to go over tonight and tomorrow, but now I can set aside an hour or so each day to review the material before the seminar. I am quite happy and feel very accomplished today... :)

Rating for yesterday - 9/10 :)

mmuraro on 02/28/2008:
Yes, you're very right. The support system helps so much! Glad you're having good days and that you accomplished what you needed. And.. I am a latin scorpio female, so i know what you mean about feeling turned down and jealous. But it's okay, those things happen, especially if the gym is an ongoing thing. Let it go. I am sure she didn't mean it. :)

borntocry on 02/28/2008:
How many 1200 calorie days have you had recently?! You'll be wasting away at this rate!

Thanks for your comment. Are you proud of me for finally getting a race entry? I thought you would be. I just hope the girl who's selling it to me doesn't change her mind at the last minute!! I'm supposed to meet her on Saturday morning. Yeah, the race is this Sunday!!

thinnsidenotout on 02/28/2008:
You do what you need to for you and your betterment.... I was walking alone (or with my kids) for 3 weeks and then my firend decided she would try it..We have been going together since...Which is fine, but I have to remember that I started it FOR ME and I need to finish it FOR ME.... so I have talked with her on her pace of walk and am hoping that we can agree upon a pace that will be comfortable for us both..... We shall see.....

Hang in there and shake it off....Don't let someone else determine how/when you are going to have a healthier lifestyle....

mcwoo40 on 02/29/2008:
Keep up the good work, and have a good weekend Julie

hollybelle on 03/01/2008:
I don't know how your freind was raised, but I was taught it is rude to change plans just because you get a "better" offer. But what do you care anyway - you've had a GREAT week. Hang in there!

legcramps - Wednesday Feb 27, 2008

Weight: 0.0

Yikes, I made it another day and again am under 1200 calories. I wasn't even trying yesterday to get those cals, but it just sort of happened that way. I'll take it, though, don't get me wrong! I was hungry again in the morning, towards lunchtime, and then again late afternoon before heading home after work. But it wasn't as bad yesterday as compared with Monday. I cut down a bit on breakfast (don't worry, I still eat a lot for breakfast!) and upped my dinner slightly because I find it hard to stop eating after dinner because i'm still *empty*. Yesterday I studied for three hours though, so that helped to not think about eating, and I ate my bowl of fruit after dinner which also helped to fill me up.

I woke up incredibly tired this morning. I had a rough night, wasn't able to fall asleep right away and so just layed awake for a long time, then I woke up a couple of times during the night. I made myself some decaf coffee and i'm thinking this might be the reason????? I don't know, there were a zillion things going through my head as well and the lack of sleep could have been because of that. Anyways, even washing my face with ice cold water this morning didn't help to wake me up. I'm still a little groggy and it's already 10:30am!! My boyfriend's sister came over to visit last night just as I was finishing my courses for the night - good timing, otherwise I may have been frustrated with the interruption! She wanted someone to go to the movie with her - P.S. I Love You was playing in the theatre in town and she really wanted to see it. She ended up going on her own because no one else wanted to - I was so pathetically tired by then that I could barely even keep the conversation going...

Because of all the great things I got accomplished yesterday, I opted out of exercising. I'm okay with it - I feel accomplished and it's okay if I *miss* this workout. Maybe I can make up for it, but i'm not going to let it rip me apart. I hope to make it to the gym tonight and get on that treadmill again to do my running, but I still have a lot of studying to do. I still don't have the papers that are due today completed, so I need to find a way to get them faxed in tonight. Urgh, drama.

workingit2 on 02/27/2008:
Great job on the calories...I KNOW exactly what you are going through with that cycle!! OMG it is like reading a page out of my own life! I hate it when my body cycles like that and it seems to do it more often since the hysterectomy and this faux (or real) menopause! Good luck with getting your sleep and regulating that..I know once my sleep is regulated that the eating is better as well. Have a great day!

mmuraro on 02/27/2008:
Good luck on that. And I also skipped exercising yesterday and I am glad I did. :)

thinnsidenotout on 02/27/2008:
Isn't the counting thing just the strangest..I count how many slices of things, steps to the mailbox, digs in the dirt with a spade when planting flowers....I just catch myself doing it... I learned a while back, my dad does the same thing....

Hope you can get some rest tonight and feel refreshed to face those things which are ahead of you to get accomplished..... Just a ball park figure, not nitty gritty specific if you don't want to give it- About how much do you have to lose to your goal?

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/27/2008:
...ugh...studying...lol. we can do this...

starlight on 02/28/2008:
I'm with horn of plenty....studying......ugh. BUT we're doing it. AND exercising, AND eating well. Well... I didnt exercise yesterday either actually lol. But I dont feel bad about it either. I got a lot of studying done the last couple of days.

legcramps - Tuesday Feb 26, 2008

Weight: 0.0

So THAT's what it feels like to be on a 1200 calorie diet. Yesterday certainly didn't win me over and I find it hard to think I could be manipulated into thinking that something like what I went through yesterday is FUN.

I was hungry all day, all the time. I ate a good breakfast in the morning, my lunch consisted of well-balanced leftovers from the night before, and dinner was much of the same only my dog got to half of it before I could. Okay, he got to the bread and left the beans alone. You cannot imagine how upset I was that he had eaten my bread! The wrath of God came down upon him, i'm serious. You just don't take my bread, man. Especially since this particular bread was one of my favorites - Naan. I was left with a simple morsel of bread that I tried to place on the top of my mouth to make it melt so that I could savor each tiny little crumb that went down my throat. It had little effect and left me feeling extremely frustrated. In the end, I over-compensated by eating a few pieces of regular whole wheat bread with margarine, emotional eater that I am. Even though I had an unsuccessful dinner, I still made out alright with under 1200 calories yesterday. Amazing.

I studied last night for 2 hours and realized how overwhelming this whole process is going to be until the day of my seminar, March 12. Unfortunately, some of my paperwork has to be sent in by Wednesday and i'm not even close to completing it. Thankfully it can be faxed in so i'm hoping that Thursday morning i'll have some kind of progress made and can fax in what i've done so far. Wednesday, Thursday.... what's the difference?!! It's not that structured of a course, so hopefully they will allow the one day late papers. After studying, I managed to pick my butt up off the couch and head to the gym, where I jogged 15 minutes and walked 15 minutes, alternating between the two. Then I went on the recumbant bike. Total time at the gym was 1 hour. Fell into bed soon after.

Monday - completed; i'd give myself a 8/10. Perhaps with a little more effort, it could have been a 9.

CritterMom on 02/26/2008:
Try looking at WHAT you're eating in those 1200 calories. Maybe there's something more filling that you could substitute? I know that I am more satified eating a handful of plain almonds, or some kind of protein. Watch the added sugars in things...those are empty calories.

workingit2 on 02/26/2008:
I don't mind the lower calorie days as long as I am not really busy..otherwise I am STARVING. Have a good day!!

mmuraro on 02/26/2008:
I don't know how much you weight or what's your height, but you can easily eat more than 1200 and lose weight. Try to shot for 1500. Then you can have 1600 or so when you work out and 1300 when you don't. That would be better. Plus I agree with CritterMom, I mean a whole bowl of brocoli have maybe 60 cal? Add that to your meals. You won't be hungry, that's for sure. Keep up!

thinnsidenotout on 02/26/2008:
An 8/10 isn't bad at all.... Keep up what you know works and stick with it....Find out what your goal weight, compared w/current weight,height & age is the right requirement for daily intake.... I don't count calories or anything like that, jst have chosen to eat in moderation the healthy things and walking like the dickens to help tone & build muscle to burn what my body needs to..... it's working so far....


borntocry on 02/26/2008:
Hi legcramps,

That's a good idea - to give yourself a daily score out of 10. I think I'll start doing that myself!

I agree - 1200 calories is feasible but really hard. True, it's easier if you make the right choices but that takes some preparation and you have to be in the right mindset, where you're willing to consider a bowl of steamed vegetables a "snack". Every now and then I do go on this sort of health kick and at times like that it isn't so hard to stick to 1200 calories a day... while it lasts.

Thanks for your comment. Ellen Page is the girl who played Juno. I think she's Canadian, you know! You might like the movie after all - it wasn't really that bad. I think I just expected more from it because it's the type of movie that I would normally like, so I wanted it to be really good, and instead I felt like it was just a bit too... predictable, maybe? Or just that it fit too easily into the mould of a lot of other alternative, "indie" movies, if you know what I mean. Like, Michael Cera is basically playing the exact same role that he had on Arrested Development - I don't know if you know that show, but I liked it quite a lot and yet I didn't really like the fact that he was just playing the exact same role, you know?

corrinamac on 02/26/2008:
Thanks for the support, I hope you stick in there, and maybe lock your dog away come supper time :P

legcramps - Monday Feb 25, 2008

Weight: 0.0

Oh my God, i'm STILL HUNGRY! :(




I picked up groceries this weekend and am set for the rest of the week - there is no reason why I should not have any problems getting back into the dieting thing. I don't eat only fruit during the day, but I do try to limit everything else. I didn't think about sugar levels, HoP, i'll have to watch what i'm doing because that could get quite serious. Thanks for the heads up.

I had eggs and toast this morning for breakfast. It was a large breakfast, but I woke up starving and it's because I skipped dinner yesterday. No, not on purpose. I was cleaning the house and called a friend to see if she wanted to visit later on last night and by the time I finished cleaning, she was already at the front door. Yes, I know I could still have eaten something, but I didn't. Let's move on.

There are plenty of leftovers to choose from for lunch today, good eats like brown rice, green beans and either chicken or beef steak. Plenty of choices for dinner as well, so I definitely won't go starving and I definitely will stick to healthy foods. Tonight a friend is forcing me to the gym (thank goodness) for an hour or so. Will continue with my treadmill training there.

I'm hoping this week will instill in me the willpower I need to get through the next month. My boyfriend is still away from home, working hard. It's getting more difficult to get through the days without having him there to not only help out but just be there, for whatever. But enough about that, i'm going to go and read your entries now. Have a great day everyone!

thinnsidenotout on 02/25/2008:
YOU WILL DO IT!!!!!! positive thinking is the biggest part of overcoming battles....

mmuraro on 02/25/2008:
Thanks for the support and I am cheering for you this week. Shopping for healthy things always helps me keeping on track. Also, I have a hard time getting motivated to work out so i always try new things, preferably with a friend. Yoga, hot yoga, dance classes or just walks.. and I realize those things are much more fun for me than going to the gym. Have a great day.

biscottibody59 on 02/25/2008:
Yeah, restricting just doesn't work for me--I made those scones about a month ago after not making them for many months and I just couldn't stand it anymore--so I went a whole month this time! If I can restrict a free to semi-free day to one day/wk I'll feel very lucky!

Have a great time at the gym and a good week as well! Don't work TOO hard;-)

starlight on 02/25/2008:
I wish I liked brown rice. Unfortunately I tend to not like a lot of healthy foods. I've been that way since I was a kid. That's why this is so hard for me. As far as the boyfriend being gone, I hope you can stay strong (not just with dieting, in life in general) That would be hard. You can count on us to be here for support : )

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/25/2008:
...all i can say is...well i hope...this week HAS to get BETTER! :)

Princessa24 on 02/25/2008:
Thank you! All of you are very supportive and I'm glad I registered! :)

workingit2 on 02/25/2008:
Ohhh I KNOW what those hungry days feel like! KEEP THE FAITH!!! Have a great night =)

borntocry on 02/26/2008:
It's good that you're hungry - it probably means you're burning more calories than you're taking in.

Dude, I was dying of laughter after I read that line at the bottom of your last entry!

I still haven't signed up - it's driving me crazy not knowing whether I am going to be running this weekend!!

legcramps - Friday Feb 22, 2008

Weight: 0.0

Getting back into the groove of things is sure hard! Winter isn't helping any either, although it's starting to feel a bit warmer than it has been, which is really nice. So I sent a message to my Tai Chi and kickboxing instructor yesterday, explaining that I wouldn't be returning to classes until the start of March. I told him that I needed time to work on my classes, which is reasonably correct. On the other hand, I really just didn't want to be there. Clicking the send button was difficult, but I did it and I feel a little better about explaining my absence to him instead of having him wonder where I am all the time.

I did well yesterday, but the batch of chocolate chip cookies I made on Sunday is dwindling and it's all because I keep sneaking one every time I walk past the cookie jar. Why i'm *sneaking* them is beyond me - there's only the dogs there to see me do it. Other than that though, i've been trying to stick to fruits during the day and meat and rice with vegetables for dinner. Slowly I will get back to the place I was before leaving on holidays (which to be honest with you wasn't exactly the best place to be, but it was better than where I am now!). One day I will post my weight here again. One day when i'm feeling like succeeding instead of just scraping by. I must remember that I like to deliberately fail at things - misery loves company and all that. Maybe a new year's resolution should have been to work on sticking things out. Did I even make any resolutions this year?

Tonight I plan on studying. This weekend i'm *hoping* to get outside with the dogs and go to the gym to re-start my running routine in order to do a 5k run i'm going to enter again in August.

*I wonder if anyone here is entering any runs this year, or maybe, like, half-marathons and things of that nature* (perhaps this is an inside joke that not even the inside person will get... I was never good at wording my sentences properly)

feeleebubs on 02/22/2008:
I sneak food in front of my dogs too...mostly it's because if they saw me, they'd be under my feet trying to get some! Winter really puts a damper on weight loss plans...I know people want to lose weight for the summer, but it's so much easier to lose weight DURING the summer!

mmuraro on 02/22/2008:
The best thing to do with cookie you bake at home is having one or two and then wrap them and take them to a neighbor, or to work, or to someone who works at your neighborhood, etc. They'll appreciate it and so will your body. Get back to the running and I am sure that will make you feel like eating less. :)

thinnsidenotout on 02/22/2008:
Boogieman, was who my hubby knew him by too.. He had a bad experience with somebody scaring him and using that terminology, so he never would let me use it with our kids...That's o.k.!

Happy Studying..Keep on track with the fruits, etc...Good Weekend to you!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/24/2008:
are you only eating fruit during the day? that may lead to sugar highs and lows.

legcramps - Thursday Feb 21, 2008

Weight: 0.0

I've been pretty down on myself lately and i've made the decision to not go back to Tai Chi or kickboxing until March. I don't know if this decision was made out of laziness or if it is actually explainable, but right now I don't care. I just don't want to go. I really need to devote myself to getting in some study time with my management courses, otherwise I can pretty much kiss a good grade goodbye. I only have a few weeks left until the first seminar, and I have a TON of work to do. I'll never understand why I always leave everything to the last minute and then stress out until it's half-a$$ed done and wonder why I do so poorly.

ANYHOW, holy I can sure complain! I think i'm going to take your advice and map out a plan for the remainder of February, except I need to remember to leave leg-room here and there so that I don't go crazy from too much structure!

Things to consider: gym time, work, dogs, family and friends, study course, writing, leg-room.

When you take away Tai Chi and Kickboxing, it almost looks do-able. I must be forgetting something...

Total exercise for February is i'm not going to tell you. You win, HoP! But in March it may be a different story!!! :)

Thanks for all the comments and advice - I think the moral of the story here is that I need to quit enabling myself to fail and really start trying instead of thinking everything will just fall into my lap.

thinnsidenotout on 02/21/2008:
Sounds funny, but sometimes if you literally talk out loud to yourself (no witnesses)...." I CAN DO THIS!" sometimes over and over and over...It starts to sink in....as you are struggling/juggling life's challenges.....I have had to learn to turn my back on a couple of things to get this downsizing/healthier lifestyle underway and you know, those things (not people)will always be there, until I get around to them. Going to the thrift store Mon-Wed-Fri,etc... as I ALWAYS DID and don't now, so I can walk has been very hard, but well worth it..I frequent those stores, so I can sell on Ebay, but I have told myself the $$$$ is no replacement for my health..Hard pill to swallow!..Thank goodness for hubby's overtime and I tell him "thank you!" for it...Better to care for myself now, so I can take care of important things later.... Your schooling is different I know and I don't envy you....but tell yourself, what you can do and go to it!

I wish you all the luck and success in the World and hope you can get some peace of mind about your situation....

borntocry on 02/21/2008:
You know, if you don't want to go, don't go. No matter what the reason. I am the same way about running. Sometimes I just don't feel like it, and it could be 'cause I'm tired or stressed or coming down with something... or it could be that I've just had enough of it for a while. That's why I try to make sure I find the time for it when I do feel like doing it, because I never know how long the feeling will last.

Thanks for your comment! Yeah, I still haven't bought the half-marathon entry. I did find some on eBay but am waiting for it to get closer to the actual date in the hope that they will start going for cheaper. Right now I'd be paying more than I would have if I'd signed up under my own name. And that just doesn't seem right!

Do you remember I told you I was going to forget about the half-marathon in Paris and do one in Luxembourg instead? I actually could still sign up for that one officially, in my own name, but I've changed my mind. And guess why? Because my parents *might* be in London then and they *might* want me to spend that weekend with them. Sigh...

mmuraro on 02/21/2008:
Quitting Tai Chi and kickboxing for now it fine if it seems to you that you're over-committing, but you should try and find something that you can fit in more easily, like a rebounder for example. Something you can do at home, even if just 30 min a day and be done with. It's a good idea to plan your weeks, but good call on leaving some leg room to be spontaneous and shift things around when you want to. Good luck!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/21/2008:
My exercise is also the lowest it's been in months! oh well...there's really nothing i can do about the past. I'm having the same problem of wanting to exercise but having to study. arg! I think its good to leave leg room because i also sometimes plan to much and then i end up needed a few days to do just nothing!...and that's not a good plan!

MsKitty on 02/22/2008:
Just remeber "You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind." When you feel you are slugish one day. LOL when I was in college I became a complete insomniac so that I could get everything done that I needed too... I would not suggest that, I gained 20lbs in college alone just because of the stress eating.... Good luck to you.

legcramps - Saturday Feb 16, 2008

Weight: 0.0

Today i'm sick, and I know I always used to only venture on to this board and leave a message when I was sick, but it's not like that anymore, really!!!! I can't believe this week is already over and it's time to start thinking about going back to work on Tuesday. Ugh, i'm not looking forward to it, but I really like the money. What can you do? I have a problem, and maybe you can help:

I work Monday to Friday during the day and take exercise classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays i've designated an hour's time to my management courses. This probably isn't enough time, so i'll have to up it to two hours and eventually get it to about eight hours a week. I clean, do laundry and visit friends and relatives on the weekends (this is where quality time with my puppies also comes into play). I really love to write, but i'm having so much trouble 'getting into it'. I also love to paint and draw, but I just don't have the time. My question is: How can I balance everything so that i'm not just doing the things I NEED to do, but also the things i'd like to do???? I really don't feel balanced and though it may not be a life-threatening thing, it matters to me, you know? I'd love to devote myself to art and creative writing, but money always gets in the way. How can I feel better about this?

Tai Chi and Kickboxing are definitely fun classes, don't get me wrong, but sometimes it feels more like a chore than a fun thing to do with friends. I know i'm supposed to suck it up, and I DO suck it up, but i'd really like to know when this business of loving life is supposed to start happening, 'cause i'm not there yet. And i'm getting older every day.

Total exercise for February - 3 hours. Yee. Haw. I think I made this same comment in January. Now i'm not only unfulfilled in life, but i'm also repeating myself as if I was drunk.

CritterMom on 02/16/2008:
Hope you're feeling better soon. I find that the workouts must boost my immune system, because I haven't been sick in a long time (except for the occasional migraine).

There are ways to balance the things you spend your time on. Get a big white board and lay out your week in advance. Put in your work hours, and reasonable sleep hours, then see what's left over. Schedule errands when you're already on your way past that place, so the stop isn't as time consuming as it would be to run across town just for that thing. Example: I try to make doctor's appointments on days when I don't have anything else on my schedule...then use the extra time in town to get the oil changed (you could have a notebook to do creative writing while your oil gets changed), or shop for this months' birthday cards, get groceries, mail packages, etc. Combine those into one day in town.

Also, I find it really easy to cook a whole week's worth of food in a couple of hours on the weekend, then package it to just reheat during the week. Example: it takes just as much heat and time in the oven to cook one roast, as it takes to cook a roast beef, a baked chicken, and a pork tenderloin. You can also prepare several servings of long-cooking rice, make some real mashed potatoes, etc. Package everything into serving sized containers and reheat as needed. All you need to "make" are your steamed veggies, which only take about 5 minutes. This REALLY frees up your weeknights for more enjoyable things.

mmuraro on 02/16/2008:
Hey, I know what you mean! I have been trying lately to get my friends into trying something new, like a dance class, or just go for a walk with me. That way you combine a "chore" with fun and being with your friends. Also, if you said money gets in the way, you should check the web for cultural things to do in your city, I find that there's always free or nearly free art classes or drawing studios or something like that in most cities. And if you can't find anything, this may be a stretch, but maybe you could organize a group of something you like to do with some friends! Hope you figure it out! :)

shadetree on 02/17/2008:
You don't really need to sleep do you? Sorry, that was always where I managed to make up the time, but then my health always suffered because of it. CritterMom has good suggestions, planning is the key.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/17/2008:
honestly, I would do less kickboxing and tai chi and take up something else for awhile...or take a class in the other things you like: art. Hmmm, I have a friend that does "internal restaurant reviews." These reviews are for high class restaurants and do not get published...she does get paid and gets a free meal. perhaps you can do do some painting/drawing for something and get compensated for it.

borntocry on 02/19/2008:
Hey legcramps!

I actually wrote you a really long comment when you got back from your holiday, but then I accidentally pressed the wrong key and closed my window and lost the whole thing, and was too pissed off to write it all out all over again. Oh well!

I kind of have a similar problem as you, except that I'm not quite as busy - more just lazy. I used to write a lot when I was younger but now it seems I never have time - I mean, you need some real alone time to write, not just a few minutes here and there. I'd suggest you try to put aside one or two hours on weekend mornings for your creative pursuits. (You could even use this time to do laundry - that seems like the kind of thing which might not interfere too much with your creative juices.) Turn your telephone ringer off and give your puppies some toys or something to distract them! If you feel guilty or distracted, tell yourself that you have the whole rest of the day to take care of whatever other commitments you have.

Good luck!

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