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legcramps - Wednesday Sep 13, 2006

Weight: 0.0

Hello all:

My calorie total for yesterday was 1430 and I added on a walk with the dog later at night for 200 cals burned. I'm still very sore from kickboxing, but i'm still going tonight!

We tried to hide on Chewy during our walk but the sucker sniffed us out. So he may be almost blind but he can sure use that nose!! At first I could barely hold my laughter because he was so desperately looking for us. I guess that's not very funny, is it, given the last encounter we've had with our runaway. Okay, i've slapped myself on the wrist for that comment, now let's move on. He was running back and forth and back and forth, finally finding us hiding behind a pine tree - then he had to sniff out the tree and make sure it was 'okay' for us to be there!! You may think I laugh far too much at my puppy, but having a 70lb black labrador, you'd think it was funny too. And when he looks at you with those big, dark, puppy dog eyes it's extremely hard to hold down the bubbling joy that rises and swallow the temptation to take hold of him and squeeze really tightly.

I was supposed to have a ball meeting tonight but i'm feeling rotten about some of the members and have decided that my priority is kickboxing class! Ha Ha! You just lost your recorder! For just this one meeting, anyways...

WorkingIt on 09/14/2006:
Yay for you on the exercise and calories! LOL Chewy sounds like a loveable kind of guy...dogs are fantastic companions!

sweetpea1977 on 09/14/2006:
Chewy sounds like an oversized and adorable teddy bear! Thanks for the cute story!!

How is kickboxing going for ya?

smiley2 on 09/15/2006:
I love Labradors and by being black it even makes him more unique, cause they are usually a golden or lighter colour arent they? He sounds too cute for words! Thats why i love animals so much, you can make comments about them being black and white and its always ok, cause they will never be racist. I think you will enjoy this quote, i have it on my page at myspace.

"A dog is not "almost human" and i know of no greater insult to the canine race than to describe it as such. "

Hope you have a good weekend.

legcramps - Tuesday Sep 12, 2006

Weight: 0.0

So this last week has been very interesting...

Apart from sticking to my diet (which is quite a feat in itself might I add), i've also taken up yet another exercise. I guess I was starting to get tired of going to the gym every morning, because I haven't been there in a few days.

Throughout the last couple of weeks i've been averaging around 1700-1800 calories per day. I've done some golfing and walking and taking the dog out for runs, but like I said - i've stayed away from the gym due to lack of momentum.

Last night was my first class in kickboxing with a different instructor. I found it amazingly hard, which is difficult for me to handle as i've had a lot of training in actual kickboxing and I didn't think it would be this hard for me! It kicked my butt regardless, and I have to deal with that fact. So I will continue going twice a week until I find myself being able to deal with the 60 minute hell on wheels workout. Then perhaps i'll get bored again...

Included on these nights are optional Yoga classes for 45 minutes. As I said, last night really kicked my butt so I opted not to stay for the Yoga, but next week i'll knock it down a notch and be able to stay. Wednesday nights after kickboxing there are stability exercises for 45 minutes. As well i'm interested in this but will need to find myself a stability ball first. I'll have to check that out. Anyways, this is what i've been waiting for - Yoga - and I won't quit until i've gotten a handle on it!

So my eating has been consistent and wonderful, and I just need to work on regular exercise and then make healthy, fabulous habits out of it all!!!

Thanks for all your comments!

feeleebubs on 09/12/2006:
I sooo want to try Yoga. I have for a long time and have never had the guts to go to one of the classes.

WorkingIt on 09/12/2006:
Kickboxing is VERY hard! I don't think people realize how difficult true kickboxing is..it has been YEARS and YEARS since I've been and I don't think I could do it right now to save my life...so I think it is wonderful that you are doing it! That is great!

legcramps - Monday Sep 11, 2006

Weight: 0.0

I am busy. Busy, busy, busy. But I am still here and alive and well. AND staying on track. I just can't update right now, will be back on to update another time. Oh my, i'm busy.

WorkingIt on 09/11/2006:
Congrats on staying on track! Look forward to reading your updates!

GoldenGirl on 09/11/2006:
Keep up the great work. Looking forward for an update.

Runner on 09/12/2006:
glad you're still around, legcramps! Don't be a stranger! :)

SOOO glad to hear that you're staying on track!

borntocry on 09/12/2006:
I was just thinking about you this morning and wondering if you had disappeared again. Thanks for checking in!

legcramps - Thursday Aug 31, 2006

Weight: 0.0

So I did end up leaving work a couple of hours early in order to go home and sleep. The further along I got in the day, the more sick I was getting. Finally I told myself that it jusn't wasn't worth trying to smile through the pain and that I should probably just go home. Once there, though, it seemed like the pain got 100 times worse, because there I was, doing nothing. At least at work I was kept decently busy and didn't have too many chances to feel sorry for myself. And instead of sleeping, I found that I couldn't close my eyes (I had at least a litre of coffee in the morning at work because it was the only thing that kept me going) so I resorted to the internet to pass the time.

After eating a semblance of chicken for lunch, I was starting to get hungry so into the fridge I went, quickly skimming past the block of cheese and to the macaroni salad. I had to stop there because nothing else was in the fridge. That was edible, anyway. So macaroni it was, and eventually....I caved and had some cheese toast (on white bread, for which I shall explain below**). After this I nibbled for the rest of dinner on items I just can't recall - I wrote them all down in my book but I left that at home. All I know is that my calories for the day totalled 1500. And I most definitely did not exercise. I'm doing better today though - so far. I'm feeling much better although this morning was a little rough, and the coffee is helping to pull me through the day. I have Friday off, so I wanted to come in to work today no matter what because I needed to finish off some things and attend a meeting. Rough, but doable.

**I usually buy either whole wheat or rye bread, pasta, etc. and it's only on VERY slim occasions where i'll have white flour. I don't even like the taste of it anymore. BF and I therefore eat from different bags of bread, and we leave said bags on the counter in our kitchen. On Tuesday when I got home after work, I noticed a ripped up bag on the kitchen floor and walked closer to investigate. Sure enough, Chewy had gotten a hold of MY bag of bread (apparently he favors rye over white), ripped it to shreds, and had himself at least half a loaf of it. He's so clever, isn't he?! He places his paws strategically on the edge of the counter so as not to scratch the surface and give himself away. He then stretches his neck as far as possible, which is quite a distance - easily the whole surface of the counter from front to back. Then he simply takes his pick - "what would I like today?". Now don't get me wrong, he doesn't do this regularly, only occasionally when he knows we've faltered a bit and left something out for him. Very clever he is, indeed. I gave him a 'time-out', which he dreads receiving. I drag him to the corner (I might have already mentioned this) and leave him there for a minute. This is funny - i've only done this a few times so far and already he knows his punishment and sits there like a prisoner sentenced to death. This is the only time where he'll actually STAY.

This morning again no gym - I had a few problems getting up and moving around - and had to force down toast and an egg. Lunch again had to force food down, and I imagine dinner won't be easy either. I just need a good back massage and some sleep!!!

cornucopia982 on 08/31/2006:
Feel better, don't overwork yourself! It's sometimes better to rest a day than to overwork yourself every day of the week! Gosh, your dog is quite clever!

WorkingIt on 08/31/2006:
I wouldn't worry about working out right now..not until you are all better! And LOL at chewy! That is too funny!

borntocry on 09/01/2006:
Isn't Chewy a grown-up now? I guess some things never change!

smiley2 on 09/06/2006:
Chewy sounds too cute for words!!!! What kind of dog is he again?

legcramps - Wednesday Aug 30, 2006

Weight: 0.0

I had a whole entry written out in my head around 2:30am this morning while I was NOT sleeping because I had gotten my period. Unfortunately, I can't remember any of it. It's too bad, really, because you all would really have enjoyed it, i'm sure. It was filled to the brim with sarcasm and stinging wit. At least, that's what it seemed like at 2:30am this morning. I remember this much - I was complaining A LOT about the predicament I was in. And I kept going on wild tangents and getting lost in the middle of sentences.

I'm so sick today. Ugh. And besides that, I feel like a pig because of bloating. My skin is so washed out it's a wonder people can still see me. I want to crawl under the covers and stay there!

So I had 1,880 calories yesterday, the last 500 or so due in large part to my 2:30am excursion. When i'm sick and my stomach feels empty, I feed it. And feed it I did, with bread products that will most likely hang around for a couple of days. At least I stayed away from the cheese. Usually when I get sick like this, I turn to my favorite foods, and cheese is one of them. But the dairy product makes me feel even worse (although at the time i'm eating it, that doesn't seem to matter). Anyhow, this time I managed to avoid the huge block of cheddar sitting in the top shelf of the fridge. I could even describe - in detail - the wrapping on the cheese, that's how often I look at it every time I open the fridge door.

So this morning I asked bf to please call and wake me up as I was going to miss my gym workout in favor of more sleep. Well, he did. Ten minutes before I had to be at work! So more sleep I definitely got, but I have a nagging suspicion that I might not make it through the day....

Soon2BThin on 08/30/2006:
Sorry you're feeling bad. Hope it goes away quickly. I do that too, make up entries in my head at all times of the day and night. Thought I was the only one. I am so obsessed with this site and people here. I know if not for this, I would weigh a lot more than I do now! Try to have a good day!

WorkingIt on 08/30/2006:
The positive is that you avoided the cheese. And the other positive is that any potential damage you did to yourself, you can correct easily. You will be ok..I hope you feel better SOON!

borntocry on 08/30/2006:
Oh, that's really funny - I write out entries in my head too! Especially when I'm running. I never write them out though. My entries are long enough to begin with... I can only imagine how long they would be if I started throwing in every random thought which flits through my brain!

Thanks for the comment you left on my half-marathon. So you liked that "schneller, schweinhund, schneller" line, haha! It's especially funny if you've watched a lot of those WWII movies, as I guess I have. And if you like making fun of different nationalities, hehe...

Umpqua on 08/31/2006:
Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I know what you mean about the cheese, and especially cheddar. I feel like I could eat a pound of that stuff.

legcramps - Tuesday Aug 29, 2006

Weight: 0.0

It was a good weekend - quiet but yet not so quiet that the silence drove me insane.

Dinner was chicken with rice and cooked veggies and afterwards, of course, is when my emotional eating reared its ugly head. BF didn't come home until later on that night, choosing to spend his friday night with the boys. Since I haven't seen hide nor hair of him for the last few months, I guess I sort of assumed he'd want to spend some time together. Oh well. So I went uptown, rented some movies and bought a bag of snack mix, which I put quite a dent in on Friday night. I hit the gym in the morning though, with my weight workout, and took the dog for an hour long hike, so I don't feel quite as bad about the snack mix as I probably should.

Saturday was spent looking for another vehicle, one big enough for the two of us and the dog, and also looking for more room for the future. We did manage to find a Ford Explorer Sport and i'm picking it up today after work. Of course, here comes Mr. Emotional Eating again. This time it was to celebrate, but of course my stomach doesn't know the difference. Breakfast was a fruit bowl with coffee, lunch was another two servings of snack mix with cheese toast, and dinner was a chicken burger and two mini cherry strudels. I had two mugs of Mudslide with milk - that's probably the most dairy i've gotten in a long time! I totalled this day of calories to 2,230!!! Yikes! Without having done any exercise, this was a total waste of a day (other than finding a vehicle).

Sunday wasn't much better with calories, maxing out at 1,970. In the afternoon we took Chewy, a small cooler of refreshments and hit the tennis courts. We spent two hours playing hard, with me as the loser in every match except one. Once I could barely walk (the heat was getting to me - no really, it wasn't because i'm out of shape!!) we called it quits and I thankfully went back home to 'rest' by doing laundry and other household chores.

Monday's calories were 1,250 AND I went to the gym for my cardio workout. A much better day, but the weekdays usually are.

Right now i'm sitting at 510 calories and I think i'll consume around 600 more for dinner. I've already done the gym thing - weights today - but I don't think i'll make it for a walk tonight.

It's been busy at work the past couple of days. I have this Friday off but i've already booked the day full of appointments! Thank goodness one of them is to get some primping in at the local hair salon. I'm going to need the rest...

cornucopia982 on 08/29/2006:
Congrats on the new vehicle! It's always fun driving around in a new car! My weekdays are usually better food days too because I'm on more of a set schedule. Have a good week!

WorkingIt on 08/29/2006:
I think you already burned those calories off, or at least made a huge dent in them where it won't matter...might not lose any weight but I doubt you will gain any. Congrats on the new vehicle! And enjoy getting your hair done!

legcramps - Friday Aug 25, 2006

Weight: 0.0

Grrr, I didn't get to walk the dog yesterday because bf took him out to the farm. I was so pissy when he got home around 7pm that I cleaned half the house in a frenzied fit of anger. At least the house is a lot cleaner than usual, although i'm pretty sure I broke the vacuum AND possibly a few loose cd's that were lying on the floor of the living room. I wouldn't leave MY cd's there, so they were probably bf's. I might hear about that later on this weekend when he notices.

I did end up having half a sandwich and the rest of the chef's salad yesterday for lunch. Then I had the other half of the sandwich after work when I realized that bf probably wasn't going to respect my request and bring the dog home. Then I made chicken breast with rice and vegetables and ate that, too. I was close to finishing off the 10 or so popsicles sitting in the fridge (do you think I have a problem with emotional eating?!!) but fought off the urge and didn't have any, took a bath and went to bed instead. God, I just felt like bursting into tears last night. Today I know that it's just part of the game of life, but at the time it sure did hurt my feelings!

There are so many things that I want to accomplish and it feels like bf and I are on opposite teams. All I want is to replace some windows before winter, fix up the bathroom so that it's not embarassing to have people over, and generally do some cosmetic touches around the house. All he wants to do is fix his truck and talk about accomplishing everything! Such a procrastinator. Apparently I still have some issues with my anger from yesterday, so maybe I should just stop now and hope that I get over it by the time he gets home from work today.

This morning I really wanted to sleep in an extra half an hour, but made myself get up and go to the gym. I walked and jogged on the treadmill, then did my weights. Again I ate a large breakfast of rye toast and eggs. I have leftover chicken breast with rice and veggies for lunch that i'm already starting to salivate over. It must be the big morning breakfast that's making me so hungry - i've never been this hungry in the mornings.

borntocry on 08/25/2006:
My husband is very similar. He doesn't like doing anything and what's even worse is that he doesn't even want to talk about doing anything because it stresses him out. What I've learnt is that if I really want something done I just have to do it myself. But it's hard if you need the other person's help and you don't want to nag. I just wish I ended up cleaning the house every time he made me mad!

Anyway, I think you did great resisting the popsicles and just having a bath and going to bed instead. And going to the gym this morning! That could be why you are so hungry, although I've also found that having breakfast seems to wake my appetite up! I've started drinking a glass of water every morning and even that seems to get my digestive juices flowing and I can hardly wait until lunch.

Thanks for the comment you left me. You're right, I do generally let my whole day fall to pieces after the slightest hitch in my schedule. So I'm glad I salvaged what I could yesterday. And thanks for wishing me luck in my race - I'm going to need it!

WorkingIt on 08/25/2006:
Congrats on doing your workout this morning!

legcramps - Thursday Aug 24, 2006

Weight: 0.0

Last night involved a hike with Chewy for 45 minutes out in the bush, which was amazingly fun. It's interesting how I forget so quickly the fact that I love just being in the outdoors; how sunsets, wind and silence looks and sounds and feels. Lovely, perfectly lovely.

I had a turkey sandwich for dinner with chef's salad.

This morning I went to the gym and worked out on the elliptical, the recumbant bike, and did some floor exercises. I had a big breakfast of rye toast and eggs, and i'm already gunning for 12:00 so that I can eat some more. I know there's a sandwich already made, just sitting in the fridge calling my name - and there's still leftover chef's salad too. My plan is to eat it all. Yes, i'm hungry today.

In other news, it's a generally good day today (knock on wood). I almost can't believe it. I was relatively busy this morning, which makes the days go by so much faster and i'm glad for it today because I got home fairly late last night from my boyfriend's fastball game. BTW, we won! So that's it, they're the league champs and got a huge trophy to carry around with them and everything. Very proud of them, they really brought it all to the table and made that game something to watch. BF was doing badly in the beginning with his hitting, but after I showed up 20 minutes late, he really started cranking those singles.

I forgot - I had a beer last night with the team. Then I took off out of the bar before someone could buy me another one....

WorkingIt on 08/24/2006:
What a beautiful walk! That must be very theraputic! LOL I know what you mean about the hungry days...right now, I'm in that 'not really hungry' phase but I know in a couple weeks, I'll have a couple HUNGRY days. Congrats on stopping at one beer and congrats to your boyfriend and team!

borntocry on 08/24/2006:
Oh, you brought your boyfriend luck! My husband always seems to lose when I'm around, whereas he usually wins when I'm not there (or so he says, haha!).

You're doing great - keep it up!

Brian's girl on 08/24/2006:
I love the elliptical, it has really given me the motivation to continue to exercise, now if I can just put a t.v. into it, lol but then again I can see the t.v. that is in the treadmill but I must shift my neck the whole time...sore it is now.

Your walk sounds heavenly...enjoy them for me too...thanks.


Brian's girl on 08/24/2006:
You should totally make your BF buy the trampoline for you...lol. I love the large one we have, the kids have also loved it too. Yeah you are right, it kicks your butt and gets the heartrate up and fast.

See ya


becca27 on 08/24/2006:
Out in the bush? Where on earth are you???

Congrats on winning the game!!

legcramps - Wednesday Aug 23, 2006

Weight: 0.0

I went to the grocery store yesterday and bought myself a chicken salad sandwich on ww for dinner. I was craving it and didn't really want to make it myself. I also picked up a tray of veggies that we seem to be munching on so far, so I might continue this easy alternative. Along with that I also had a small container of potato salad. I must be craving miracle whip! Or a miracle, and my crazy mind is distorting it into food. I chomped down two fat free popsicles as well.

I took Chewy for a long walk yesterday and had a good talk with him. He stuck close to me during the walk - I think he was scared he would lose me. I promised to pay more attention to him and he wagged his tail and motioned for me to hurry up and walk faster. It was so warm outside that when we finally got home my clothes were soaked right through and I was actually warm (i'm usually always cold). Anyways, he stayed mostly right behind me, often bumping his head into my legs. I am going to start showing him how to get home from different points in town. I'm hoping that if he catches an area's scent he'll be able to find his way home, if he ever gets lost again.

This morning I woke up early and went to the gym, worked on the treadmill and did my weights. I like the early morning workouts but we'll see how long I can go before it burns me out. I've never been a morning person.

Breakfast was a cup of peaches in syrup and a bite or two of leftover mac n' cheese. Lunch was leftovers.

WorkingIt on 08/23/2006:
I'm glad Chewy is doing better! And good deal on the walking! I go through miracle whip cravings as well lol. I am not a morning workout person at all. Not enough energy for me to feel like I am doing anything other than doing it half-way. I think I lasted for two weeks doing morning workouts LOL. Looks like you had a great day!

borntocry on 08/24/2006:
Ohh, Chewy will get over it soon! I think it's a great idea to teach him how to get home from different parts of town, though!

I know what you mean about those early morning workouts. I do them occasionally when I'm on holiday in America (and when I say "early morning", I mean any time before noon - that's how NOT a morning person I am!) and I must say, it feels great for the rest of the day. I'm actually thinking of getting back into that, because my legs are so stiff in the evenings after sitting at my desk all day, and I think that could be making me more prone to injury (yep, still in this injury obsession mode).

Thanks for your comment. My race is on Sunday - this Sunday!! Hence the panic/stress/confusion. I don't really have the time to "ease" myself back into running, although of course that would be best. I did run a slow four miles on Monday and now I'm going to try a couple of miles today, so that I'm not just going out and running a half-marathon after doing nothing for two weeks!

Becca27 on 08/24/2006:
I, too, like early morning workouts but I don't appreciate them until they're over!

I live in a very small "hick" town, but for some bizarre reason, it is the home to the most amazing health club I've ever been a member of. Until 5 years ago, I lived in a suburb of Philadelphia in a very pretentious town with gobs and gobs of filthy rich people. I always joined the YMCAs because I couldn't afford more. We moved here and I found this jewel of a place that is better than anything I've ever been part of - they're quite amazing - it's a little oasis in this dessert of a town - We don't even have a real grocery store! Anyway - I feel very blessed and they are always on the cutting edge of fitness trends, so I will definitely be trying "iron yoga" and I will let everyone know how it is!

I'm glad Chewie had a better walk!

legcramps - Tuesday Aug 22, 2006

Weight: 0.0

I really think that everytime I log back onto DietDiaries, things in my life start going wrong....

I had a slo-pitch wind-up on Saturday and although the wind-up itself was awesome, some other events of the night were not. My boyfriend and I set up tent in the park, where we were holding the bbq party. To make a long story short - my boyfriend was terribly ill all over the inside of our tent and I got a little pissy with him and walked home, leaving Chewy with him. The next morning bf anxiously confessed that he had lost Chewy sometime in the night. We spent five hours looking for him, thinking the worst had happened. I finally gave up, trying to accept the fact that we were probably not going to see him again. And then God stepped in - yesterday the dog catcher phoned and said she had found him about two blocks away from our house, sitting in the middle of the street. He seems to be a little angry with us for leaving him alone so long, and I don't blame him one bit. For the last few days i've been wishing that my life would be boring; that nothing like this would happen; I could even handle nothing extremely good happening as long as nothing this terrible runs through my life again. Isn't it just like a knife in the heart to have to think of anyone or anything suffering through two lonely days like that? And I think I can't be a very good dog owner if the only dog i've ever owned is only 2 years old and we've lost him twice now? TWICE.

Yesterday my boyfriend had another fastball game, so no exercise. I ate some leftovers for lunch and got a chicken sub for dinner from Subway.

Maybe in a couple of days there will be a bright, sun-shiney story to tell!

borntocry on 08/22/2006:
That other time you lost him didn't it actually turn out to be some kids that stole him, or something? I don't know... seem to remember some kids being involved in that saga. And this time it was your boyfriend that lost him, not you! So don't blame yourself. Chewy will forget all about it in a couple of days.

I know how you feel, though. I wish nothing would ever happen in my life either. And it's not like anything truly terrible has ever even happened to me. But still my life isn't as uneventful and boring as I would like!

WorkingIt on 08/22/2006:
aaww...don't worry. My cat escaped the house and was lost for a week. A very kind stranger picked her up and took her home. My cat didn't eat for a week! The lady finally put a "found" ad in the paper and I went and brought her home. It took her three months to get back to feeling 'right' because the experience shocked her system so badly. She is back to being the same loveable, sweetheart she always was and is very happy and content at home. Don't beat yourself up. I work in the shelter and there are plenty of doggies that get picked up who 'escaped' and they forgive instantly and love you immediately. Don't stress yourself over thinking your dog won't love you, dogs always love their owners. Look at how many owners abuse their dogs and the dog will still lick their faces and love on them. Chewy will be ok.

LOL I would have left him in the nasty tent as well. You'll be ok, just going through a slight slump. And the depression and sadness you feel is because you aren't doing the things you like for yourself. Like exercise. I wish you the best =)

shellybelly on 08/22/2006:
Awwww...things will be good soon. Good to hear your dog is ok. My bf and I have a crazy little beagle and he is our child. If anything were to happen to him we'd go nuts!

Umpqua on 08/23/2006:
That's horrible, but Chewy will get over it. You have every right to be mad at your boyfriend though. We've had quite a few escapades with our dog and cats over the years, I guess it's just part of animal ownership. I think we'll have to be a bit more careful when this baby comes though ;)

borntocry on 08/23/2006:
Hi legcramps,

Thanks for your comment. You're the only person so far who has told me to go ahead with the race! I must admit I am a bit skeptical of this advice, hehe, but thanks for the encouragement!

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