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legcramps - Monday Jul 05, 2004

Weight: 141.0

I had a great weekend camping! It was so much fun, I can't wait for the chance to do it again! The van worked out even better than I had anticipated, and everyone was in great spirits for most of the trip! My boy got a little pouty a couple of times - once because my friend and I wanted to go see the Canada Day fireworks and he wanted to go to the bar with a few friends that went camping to the same campground as us. He drove us to the fireworks and then pouted the whole time. I told him once that he could walk back and I could drive the van (i'm not good with big vehicles) back to the campsite but he wouldn't. If you're going to stay then, why not make the best of it? The second time he had a little much to drink and had to turn in early and I stayed up. Can you believe he got cranky at me for not going to bed when he went to bed?!!! Argh. Men.

Eating was okay, but mostly pork and steaks. Potatoes, brocolli, cauliflower, carrots, brussel sprouts, mushrooms and corn for veggies, with cheese whiz melted on! Bacon for breakfast with flax buns and eggs. Oh, it was all so good. Dessert was marshmallows of course, with chocolate chip cookies. I tried to cool it on the cookies and ended up only having five over four days. Not bad.

Today's lunch is pork with potatoes and onions. Dinner same thing. One of these days i'm going to have to cook up some chicken. I think i'm going through withdrawal.

legcramps - Wednesday Jun 30, 2004

Weight: 141.0

Thanks for the comment, Kayla. And you're right - we should always embrace life with both hands, but sometimes life sneakily puts tar all around itself and makes it very hard to embrace.

Yesterday I had: 1 boiled potato with 1/2 serving whole wheat noodles, 2 brussel sprouts, a few cookies from grandma (with no icing or anything on top - but they were sugar cookies so that kind of defeats the purpose anyways) and three pieces of pizza. I don't know, for some reason i'm on a pizza kick. Actually, I went to Robin's Donuts to get a ham and cheese sandwich on whole wheat and changed my mind at the last minute because it was super busy in the restaurant and I didn't feel like waiting a really long time for food. So I got pizza instead. Pepperoni. Gotta stop doing that though, I can feel my weight moving up slowly. Still haven't weighed myself but I can sure tell that a couple pounds are haunting me again.

Today's plan: 1/2 boiled potato with 1/2 serving whole wheat noodles, 3 brussel sprouts and a quick ham and cheese on brown from somewhere. Hopefully this time I don't change my 'unable to make decisions' mind.

legcramps - Tuesday Jun 29, 2004

Weight: 141.0

Yesterday I had one more slice of pizza for dinner, two boiled potatoes with whole wheat spagetthi and brussel sprouts for supper, and 1/2 a ham and cheese sandwich on brown as a late night snack because apparently I thought I deserved to have a sandwich as a late night snack. I also managed to sneak in some doritos as well. Might as well be brutally honest here; I also had a Dole strawberry/kiwi fruit drink. Lots of sugar in those things.

Today's plan is leftover potatoes, noodles and sprouts.

I'll be gone this weekend from Thursday to Monday camping and i'm really hoping that I can make some healthy choices. I've already gone over a grocery list with a friend, and it seems like we might have it cased. We're taking lots of veggies and bottled water, and there are tons of hiking trails where we're going. I'm hoping i'll get my exercise and be able to clear my head as well! When I get back, I want to have a new outlook on life and I want it to be a good one. I need to rest.

It was so beautiful outside yesterday. Actually, it's been wonderful since Sunday and I just can't believe we've had two straight days of sun and great weather! And today's looking like it's going to be a great day too. You wouldn't believe the weather we've had here lately, and you'd be as excited as I am to see the temperatures in the 20s (celsius) for once!

Have a great day all!

kayla on 06/29/2004:
PIZZA! I LOVE PIZZA! the day sounds like its going to be a lot of fun! Sounds like you have a great plan... now forget about being good or being bad and just have so much fun you don't even think about the fight! EMBRACE THIS LIFE WITH BOTH HANDS!-Kayla

legcramps - Monday Jun 28, 2004

Weight: 141.0

My weekend was not healthy, not healthy at all.

What could I say to motivate myself? What could I do? Obviously, I think i'm a lost cause right now.

I can't remember what I ate on Friday or Saturday and I didn't write it down, so it's also a lost cause. Sunday I had buffet-style salads, hashbrowns and a small slice of ham with eggs and ketchup. After vacuuming out my new 1981 Dodge van, I washed the whole outside and scrubbed the whole inside, then went to work putting in carpet on the floor. It's my shag-wagon. Anyhow, after that I got about an hour's worth of batting and catching practice (and i'm sore today from all the running around I did) and then played some bauchi-ball. Sorry, I'm not sure if that's the correct spelling. Then for supper I had ham and pepperoni pizza and orange juice. I read last night and finally finished a book I was reading, The Dirt by Motley Crue. Good book.

This morning i've already had two slices of leftover pizza. I knew that was a bad idea.

But it was my idea, so I can't blame anyone but myself.

Moving on.

legcramps - Friday Jun 25, 2004

Weight: 141.0

Well, that what else turned into something horrendous. All day until supper I went with my boiled potato with onions, raw veggies with light dip and water. Then, for supper I had a hot dog. Okay, still not terrible. Then I drank a can of rootbeer. I mean, come on. I hardly ever drink pop, why did I have to last night? Anyhow, after watching the parade in town (Loonie Thursday was yesterday - don't ask me) I walked back home and tried to read. But all I could think about was food. I was so hungry I was almost willing to eat more veggies. But then the salivating thought of red meat, pickles and salty fries took over my mind. I went through the drive through at A&W and hammered down a momma burger with cheese and medium fries in about 10 minutes. Then I felt disgustingly guilty. And I was still hungry.

Sigh - if I would have held out and just gone to sleep, I would have woken up this morning a lot happier. Instead I woke up starving. Oh, yes, starving. I barely made it to work on time, so I had to improvise on breakfast. I had a french cappaccino and a chocolate bar. Oh, fire me now. I don't deserve to even try to lose weight anymore. What's left for today? It should be nothing, but of course I don't have that kind of willpower, so it's water and raw veggies. No dip. Because I forgot to bring any. And supper will be whatever is on special at our little corner cafe that my boy and I always go to for supper. They usually have healthy good stuff everyday, you just have to ask for no fries. So let's see if I can refrain from eating at night tonight.

My back hurts.

I'm going to go for a walk tonight. That's about it. Just thought you should know.

home_goddess on 06/25/2004:
Sometimes when the momma burger calls, you just gotta listen! Don't get to down on yourself. Just don't let momma keep calling! Tomorrow is done and there is no going back.

legcramps - Thursday Jun 24, 2004

Weight: 141.0

I've decided not to step on the scale for a little while for fear of what it might tell me. I've also decided to stop deluding myself. So, i'm a walking contradiction right now. Oh well.

Yesterday was a good day. I had one serving of pretzels, one boiled potato with cooked onions and a dab of butter, three servings of raw veggies with a small amount of ranch dip and an egg salad sandwich on brown bread with coffee.

Then I played ball. And ran and ran and ran. Let me gloat for a moment - I hit an infield grand slam. Boy, am I stoked about that!

Then I decided I deserved a beer. Then I decided to hit the bar up for some drink specials. And had two paralyzers. Well, there's my calcium for the day I guess.

All in all, not a bad day. Today's plan is raw veggies with light ceasear dip, one boiled potato and one serving pretzels. I don't know what else.

legcramps - Wednesday Jun 16, 2004

Weight: 141.0

I feel severely bloated today, not sure why but it should go away so that I can feel good about myself for once. Yesterday I had beef veggie soup for dinner and a turkey sandwich for supper, with a cup of coffee. In the afternoon at work I had two servings of pretzels (mmmmm, salt) and an orange. Happy happy joy joy, something clicked. Maybe the pretzels are a good reason why i'm bloated. Crappy yummy pretzels.

I did watch ball, without having any beer - How can I? I'm not sure, but part of the reason was because I was already cold and didn't want to drink cold beer on top of it; but mostly because no one else was drinking. I'm huge on peer pressure. I have no willpower at all.

After ball I grabbed a slice of turkey and ate that, then went to bed. So all in all, I think I had a pretty good day yesterday. Today so far I haven't had anything to drink! I know, get on the taps woman. I've been munching on celery and peanut butter spread pretty much all morning and I feel full. There's a glass of water sitting right next to me which I haven't yet touched but got about 2 hours ago. So, let's get to it.

Dinner I don't know. Supper I know even less. I'm tired and I want to sleep. And I have to play ball tonight. That means exercise. AAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

legcramps - Tuesday Jun 15, 2004

Weight: 141.0

Oh what a night......

I had salad and chicken for dinner, and a ham and cheese sandwich for supper yesterday. Then I went and watched fastball for about 4 hours and got hungry again. All I did was sit there, have a couple beer, and watch ball. How could I get hungry doing that?????! Anyhow, so after the game I picked up half of a half of a 6" ham and cheese sub, with only mustard for sauce. Agh, not bad I guess.

To answer a question brought to me: I'm not usually much of a breakfast eater - I tend to rather munch all morning instead of sitting down to a meal at 7am before work. So having the piece of bread with peanut butter was lots for me compared to what I usually consume at that time. And i'm huge on juices in the morning instead of actually eating something. For example, today so far i've had a bottle of strawberry/kiwi fruit juice and a bottle of lemon iced tea.

Today? Who bloody knows.

I have turkey in the fridge but no bread. I have carrots but no peeler. I guess it's brocolli and celery with dip for dinner. Supper? Who bloody knows, but my guess would be salad and chicken. Watching ball again tonight, this time with NO beer. See if I can do that. Baby steps. And probably some sort of snack later after the game, because that seems to be the nasty habit i've gotten myself into.


geevee on 06/15/2004:
HOW can you watch a game without beer?You just have to deny yourself something else to allow for the beer. That's what I do.

legcramps - Monday Jun 14, 2004

Weight: 141.0

I've been so busy trying to get together an itinerary for my trip to Europe that my diet has been non-existent lately. At least, that's the excuse i'm using today.

This morning I had a piece of 12 grain bread with peanut butter spread. Dinner will be salad with chicken, and supper possibly veggies and that's it. I have to find a way to incorporate fruit into my diet without having to stock it in my fridge because it will just freeze or go bad. I can't go to the grocery store everyday either. Hmm, i'll have to think about that one.

I was supposed to play last weekend in a ball tournament but it was cancelled due to rain so I didn't get much exercise in. I walked a lot (no gas in car and with gas prices the way they are i'd better darnwell walk whenever I can) and went for a jog with a friend's dog. So that was okay, but not enough. Of course.

Have a great day all!

lavette on 06/14/2004:
Europe, that sounds nice. Question..did the piece of bread and dab of peanut butter fill you up? gosh i need more than that i think.

legcramps - Thursday Jun 10, 2004

Weight: 141.0

I should have been thinking this morning and weighed myself because i'm not going to have access to a computer tomorrow. Darn. Maybe i'm doing this on purpose because I can tell that i'm not at 141.

I went shopping yesterday and picked up 12 grain bread, light peanut butter and cheese whiz, light soya sauce, non fat yogurt and chickpeas, along with some low fat turkey sandwich meat. I still have some chicken breast in the freezer and raw veggies in the crisper, so other than the odd piece of fruit everything I need is at home now. No reason to eat out. No reason at all.

Yesterday wasn't the greatest day. I had a cappaccino in the morning again, and since I still hadn't gone grocery shopping, I needed something for dinner. So instead of picking a nice healthy sub I headed for A&W. Momma burger with cheese and fries and a root beer. Of course, I only had a sip of the drink and then poured it out. I mean, THAT stuff is BAD for you........

Then in the afternoon I headed for the vending machine at work. But instead of getting chips I got an iced tea. And I was right - I was actually more thirsty than hungry. Supper was a peanut butter sandwich and then off to play ball. I ran around a lot again - I love running around. After ball I went to the bar for a drink, which turned into three beer. They were selling hamburgers instead of hot dogs this time, for $1, so I had half of one, with cheese and ketchup. When I got home I had another half of a peanut butter sandwich. I knew I shouldn't have gotten that peanut butter.

This morning so far was two slices of toast with cheeze whiz spread. I should have only had one, because I now feel really full and not quite up to par. Live and learn. Dinner - veggies. Supper - turkey sandwich. Tonight I have to make hummus so that I can use it instead of mayo on my sandwiches. yeah yeah.

Have a good one.

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