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legcramps - Wednesday Jan 17, 2007

Weight: 0.0

After my great desire for food on Friday and my extraordinary attempts to eat i've decided that Friday was an amazing day. A day, might I say, of discoveries. I discovered that I do have a large dose of willpower, I just didn't realize it existed inside me until I came face to face with it outside the fridge door. And when it told me that this wasn't the way, for some reason this time I believed it. It was a really good day.

I started a pedometer challenge with a few friends on Monday. It's fun so far - I get to write newsletters each week and I love doing creative things like that. And i'm doing well too - I have to because one of my friends who's in on the challenge is a walking extraordinaire. I got over 13,000 steps on Monday! And yesterday I think I finished with a little over 9,000 steps (mostly due to an hour long class of yoga where you don't do all that much stepping; and an hour long drive to get to said yoga class). Today i've already tried to step it up, and am planning on walking the treadmill later tonight. They say you should shoot for above 12,500 steps per day if your goal is to lose weight. I can't believe how many steps 12,500 actually is!

Anyways, still doing good - hope you are too!

maria777 on 01/17/2007:

Good for you on the walking! Keep up the good work and have a nice day!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/17/2007:
i once bought a cheap pedometer. for some reason, i don't use it. probably bc i know i need to walk more...that is something I think i'll start doing in the spring! thanks for reminding me about it!

legcramps - Friday Jan 12, 2007

Weight: 0.0

So this is the part of the week where I am most vulnerable. I started the day out by going for breakfast with bf. I got two slices of toast and used PB and jelly on them, and had coffee on the side. Not bad, but it sure did make my day all wacky for some reason. I'm beside myself with hunger and so I thought i'd make an entry to try and pass through this enduring feeling.

It's only 3:15pm and i've already managed to build up over 1100 calories. What can I eat tonight that will satisfy me and not take me over 1400 calories? Yoy.

Okay, got busy again. See 'ya!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/13/2007:
chew on ice...somebody else here gave me that idea. I don't endorse sugar free products, but you can suck on a few sugar free ice pops.

WorkingIt2 on 01/13/2007:
I hope the rest of your day went well!

legcramps - Wednesday Jan 10, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Yoga turned out to be very good, relaxing and all that good stuff. Not quite like the yoga class here in town, better i'd say although I wouldn't let anyone quote me on that. And even though I had a devastating encounter with a suicidal deer on the way to yoga, I still managed to relax and forget about my worries. Unfortunately, it's all come back to me today and I guess I just have to deal with it!

Tonight is kickboxing and maybe pilates.

Eating is going well!

I'll let you know what I find out about snowboarding!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/10/2007:
i'm glad you enjoyed yoga...its not "easy" like some people think!! it's "pleasurable pain," as one of my instructors said today! LOL

WorkingIt2 on 01/11/2007:
You are such an energetic person! So cool! Sorry to hear about the deer, that is scary!

legcramps - Saturday Jan 06, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Ugh. I got this nasty flu bug that's been swarming around town for a while now. I was so sick Thursday and Friday, but i'm feeling better now, thank goodness. We went out sledding again this afternoon. I was wiped out since I hadn't been feeling the best - but it was good to get outside and do something meaningful instead of lying on the couch complaining.

Still doing well, even with being sick i've managed to control my eating and stay focused. Today i've missed my vitamin intake, but will start again tomorrow.

This week starts those new yoga classes i've been talking about. I hope i'm ready for Tuesday - Monday will be a kickboxing night so we'll see what kind of shape i'm in for yoga on Tuesday. Hopefully all will go well.

Trying to plan a snowboarding trip, but will have to make some phone calls first as we're such amateurs (not even, we've never tried snowboarding before), to find out what we need to know about it. It's exciting though, trying new things. I swear someday we're going to go skydiving too, just have to find a day when bf is certain of his courageousness!!

amanda8419 on 01/06/2007:
i wish i could find a yoga class or some kind of fitness class but there is literally nothing in our area. have fun! and hope you feel better!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/07/2007:
If you are sore on Monday, I still urge you to go to yoga on tuesday. Yoga tends to relieve a lot of soreness and helps you feel better. however, since you are new to yoga, you may experience some muscle soreness after that also!

WorkingIt2 on 01/07/2007:
UGH I have the same thing for the last three days!! Nasty feeling. Glad to see you are feeling better. I have always wanted to snowboard! Looking forward to reading the details about your trip!

Moody on 01/07/2007:
Glad that you were feeling well enough to get outside for some fun!!

I am starting Yoga on Tuesdays too!! Wish me luck! LOL

smiley2 on 01/09/2007:
I always admire people with a sense of adventure! Hope you feel better soon though.

legcramps - Tuesday Jan 02, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Today went well and now i'm off to bed - early to sleep, early to rise. Or so they say...I challenge that notion though, as I sure do love my sleep.

Crystal Light with water; two ham sandwiches; yogurt and vegetables with dip.

A friend talked me into going to the gym - I was going to go sledding again but boy does that workday wear a person out!! The gym was okay, did some treadmilling and stretching and called it a good 'back to the drawing board' day.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow since my cousin will be visiting for the night. He's added excitement to our lives a few times now with his guitar and zany attitude. My boyfriend also plays guitar, so it will be a sing-a-long night!

Today my pants are not so tight.

gogirl on 01/03/2007:
Canada! Sledding! wow how exciting! im inlondon so dont get much skiing here. usually just grey and rainy! make the most of it!! :-)

Moody on 01/03/2007:
Looks like you had a successful day!! Good for you!!

Have fun with your b/f and cousin~~sounds like a great way to spend the evening!

WorkingIt on 01/03/2007:
Hooray on the pants not being so tight! That makes a gal feel better instantly LOL

legcramps - Monday Jan 01, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Thank you for your comments! I do feel better now, just needed a little extra 'me time' I guess.

Today we went out to the park and went sledding with our dog and lots of other friends. It was so much fun! But i'm wiped right out now, and it's only 5pm. I think i'll take a nap.

Our New Year's party was amazing. We had so much fun playing games, watching the fireworks and having friends over. I had quite the spread of food laid out on the table, which we thoroughly enjoyed, might I add. Now it's back to the drawing board, and i've done quite well today:

Lots of crystal light and water, strawberries and a banana for lunch as I woke up later than usual and missed breakfast. And after our sledding experience (which lasted well over 2 hours), we made a batch of ham sandwiches and munched on crackers and cheese. I will have a light snack after my nap, and that will be my day. Back to work tomorrow, and I can truthfully say that i'm looking forward to getting back to the grind. Life is pretty darn good. We need to remember days like these more often.

All the best!

Moody on 01/01/2007:
Sounds like you had a blast today! Wish we had snow..lucky you!!

Last night sounded like fun too..Happy New Year!!

And yes, we do need to remember days like the one you just had more often!!

sasyredneckgirl on 01/01/2007:
sounds like you had a blast my son would love to go sledding!! we live next to a hill that they usually shut down if it gets to bad the cars cant go up or down it but unfortunatelly it hasnt been that bad since we have lived here.. but son always has his sled ready..

mattscat3295 on 01/01/2007:
You had so much fun and I can just imagine going sledding, if it would only snow here. I love playing in the snow and wish we could get one good snowfall in here sometime soon. Have a great day and Happy New Year!!!!!

toady on 01/01/2007:
I am jealous you got to go sledding. Here in Vermont we certainly haven't had to much snow. Sounds like you did really well today with the food and your drink choices. Good luck to you!

WorkingIt on 01/02/2007:
Sledding is so much fun! Nice to read that you had a better day!

legcramps - Friday Dec 29, 2006

Weight: 0.0

Christmas time has come and gone...and back to work for these bludgeoned and bloated fingers. Next year, i'm taking some extra time off during Christmas and New Year's. It was so busy that I had to escape it all by going to the office - but that didn't end too well because...I was going back to work.

I don't really have any good news; things are at a standstill and i'm just trying to sleep my ****iness away. Today was especially gruesome - I feel quite sorry in retrospect for the people who had to work with me all day long. The funny part is that I was waiting all day to tell someone off, but it never did happen. And I probably wouldn't have had the guts anyways. Bravo legcramps, I do believe you've reached a new 'low'. Not only depressing and angry, but now pessimistic and skulky on top of it all. Nah, it's not that bad.

BF has gone bowling tonight and so the dog and I are alone and I think he's feeling a little unattended. He's usually very happy to see me by the end of the workday, but today he just sort of sniffed at me and turned on his haunches. So we've been ignoring each other - he at one end of the house and I at the other. Yes, he's pulling attitude on me, and is quite right to do so as i'm not quite the most appealing person to be around. It will all change, doggie dearest, when I get my beauty rest.

Have just finished Anne Rice's book "Christ the Lord - Out of Egypt". This one has been on the backburner for a year now due to its' reviews, but I rather enjoyed it and am glad I opened my mind for the brief number of days it took to read. I went all hog-wild and even watched Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ". I'm glad the curiosity is out of my mind now.

Have a wonderful New Year's!

smiley2 on 12/30/2006:
Happy New Year! Hope you feel better soon x0x0x

Moody on 12/30/2006:
Hope you get plenty of rest and feel better..Take care.

WorkingIt on 12/30/2006:
I hope you feel better soon! Happy new Year!!

legcramps - Friday Dec 22, 2006

Weight: 0.0

The Ballroom Dancing is starting on the 18th of the New Year, and yoga will start on the 9th. I'm looking forward to both, especially now since there are no more classes to go to because of Christmas and New Year's and i'm putting on amazing amounts of weight. I really am. It's almost disgusting, but obviously not disgusting enough to make me stop. Every morning starts out great, but I end up stressing over the holidays or finding some other excuse to not think about how much i'm eating.

My back is almost killing me now - it seems ever since I went to that doctor's appointment i've been feeling pain every day, all through the day. It's funny how that is - I should have never gone but what if something would be wrong? Besides that, the doctor only told me that my muscles were enflamed. Wow. I didn't think chronic back pain for the last eight months could possibly be due to sore muscles. Gimme a break. I was so enormously angry with him that I said the next time i'd see him is when I can no longer get out of bed. I'm making an appt with another doc in the new year - one who wants my whole medical and health history before she even begins to figure out what's wrong with me. That sounds better, doesn't it?

Adding unneeded fuel to the fire is my unbearable clumsiness. I've now fallen off the front steps twice, slammed my toe into the table legs, twisted my ankle and have had a nasty rash entertain my entire face and neck for a whole day.

I think I might now hate winter. Or at least December.

But Merry Christmas anyways!

smiley2 on 12/26/2006:
Oh no, i hope things gets better for you soon! Hope you had a great X-mas. Wx

tourguidebarbie on 12/26/2006:
You are going to Ballroom dance? I'm so jealous! How exciting! I've always wanted to do that, but have been to scared... haha. :) ~*Renee*~

WorkingIt on 12/26/2006:
I think going to a new doctor is a very, very good idea. Especially in light of you falling down the steps and the other things you've mentioned. I think it is great that you are doing the dancing and yoga! I wish you the best for the new year!

legcramps - Sunday Dec 03, 2006

Weight: 0.0

That growth chart is such work, I tell 'ya. Got some more christmas shopping done today - a few more things and I should be good to go. I managed to work on the exercise room in the house, and it's looking good - just need to get my boyfriend to carry up the stationary bike from downstairs and some weights and I can get started.

Checked out the new yoga classes that I want to take - should be interesting, i'm definitely going for it. Also going to sign boyfriend and myself on for ballroom dancing. This would be hilariously fun for us - we love to dance and learning a new style will be awesome! Too bad there wasn't swing dancing - that would be great. Maybe in the future...

Anyways, not much else going on at the moment - the weekend was much too short, but isn't it usually?!

smiley2 on 12/04/2006:
I wish i had some time or creativity to make some creative gifts for Christmas lol! I guess i can make the time, but the creavity you cant really buy! The dance classes you guys are going to enroll in sounds like fun!

Moody on 12/04/2006:
Ballroom dancing sounds like alot of fun!! When will it start?

sweetpea1977 on 12/08/2006:
Man, I've always wanted to sign up for a dance class (especially swing!!)! Do keep us posted on how the ballroom dancing goes for ya. At any rate, it should make y'all work up a sweat and burn a bunch of calories. Enjoy!!

legcramps - Thursday Nov 30, 2006

Weight: 0.0

It's getting pretty late tonight and I should probably head to bed right away, but wanted to check in and see how everyone's doing.

Everything's still going well for me, although i've had those ups and downs as per normal life. It's a darn good thing I have friends to keep me active and working out!! Otherwise i'd be a total squishamabobthingy.

Still some painting left to do in the house, but it looks awesome - very happy with the result.

I'm hoping to start some yoga classes in January. I love the yoga class I have each week, but i'm looking for more; my flexibility could be a lot better. Having some problems with my back but hopefully will get that checked out with the doctor within a week.

Christmas is coming upon us quickly and i'm so not ready, largely due to the fact that i'm trying to be crafty and making some growth charts for my wonderful, beautiful little nieces and it's taking up a lot of my time. But worth it - i'm sure they'll love it.

Let's see, what else - read a book, watched Superman Returns, attending birthdays and a christmas party this weekend. Yeah, we're doing pretty good - i'm on a lucky streak!

borntocry on 12/01/2006:
Hey there legcramps! Glad the painting is going well. And good luck getting all your creative gifts ready in time for Christmas. I'm sure your nieces will love them! My husband and I were thinking of getting a huge birthday card for our niece and drawing cool stuff all over it, but we never got around to it - we're so lazy. It's a shame!

WorkingIt on 12/01/2006:
Good to see you again! Good luck with your back, I sprained the rhomboid on the left side and it hurts like the devil himself is in there with his pitchfork lol. Glad to see you are doing well!!

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