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legcramps - Monday Sep 26, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 136.0

This weekend was spent visiting with family, which is something I don't do often so it was much needed. My boyfriend finally finished building the dog house as well, so I went to work painting it. I painted the whole thing a burgundy color, then went back and painted on green grass, tulips and daisies, and a 'home sweet home' message on the front. I'm also going to paint on a white picket fence and write some poems about dogs with black marker. On one side I painted a large yellow and blue-green sun, and on the other a big green tree with some bluebirds in the air. I did such a crazily good job that I could probably sell the thing! We threw some treats inside for the dog, and he unwillingly went in for them, then came running right back out. Interesting. And Ironic that a house that cost us way too much money to build may not even be used! I also finally finished painting in the living room. Now all that's left is the trim around the windows and my Beatles painting, and to decorate. It would seem that my lazy bum has actually accomplished quite a bit so far!

I'm hoping that we can store our garage sale items and get them out of the house once and for all. That way we'll have much more room in the house. We have a couch, two chairs and a lot of other furniture that can go. When that's done, there will be some swift re-arranging so that the dog cannot rip up our books and other miscellaneous items like cameras and kitchen-ware.

October is upon us, knocking at the front door. I pretend that i'm not home.

borntocry on 09/26/2005:
Hi legcramps,

That dog house sounds SO COOL!! What a pity it's for such an ungrateful and badly-behaved dog! Oh well, I guess you're just going to have to take some digital photos of it and post them here so that we can appreciate it at least! And I want to see the Beatles painting too... you can't deny me that... I'm such a huge fan!

legcramps - Wednesday Sep 21, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 136.0

To continue with the saga of my life with a dog...

My boyfriend took the dog for a walk one night. The dog and my boyfriend's shoes both came back, into the carpeted house, with a mysterious odour and a caked on substance. Thinking it must be mud, I made an effort to clean what I could and then went to sleep. Upon waking in the morning, I found the dog again blocked off into the back porch. Judging by the strong stench and floating mist through the house, I realized this was not mud. Not wanting to deal with it before work, I set off. When I got home afterwards, what greeted me was something I hope to never come across again. The dog had gotten out of his pen. The smell was everywhere, and up my nostrils within seconds of entering the house. This was poop! Oh my God! Open the windows! All the doors! Get that dog outside NOW! I grabbed the doggie shampoo, filled a 5 gallon container with warm water, and went to work. I scrubbed and cleaned that boy from top to bottom, him chained to a tree so as not to run away from me and whining under his breath and me covered in water and poop and God knows what else. What perfect timing for my mother to plan a visit, bringing with her a bag of lilies for the front yard. After the much cleaner dog had his fun jumping all over her work clothes, I dried him off best I could and threw him back into the house. After my mother left, I went to work killing all the flies and bugs that with the doors being open had gotten into the house. Already discouraged and extremely worn out, I showered, made a quick dinner, washed some clothes and called it a night. After a couple hours of sleep, I remembered the lilies out in the backyard on top of the dog house. Thinking I couldn't leave them outside overnight for fear of freezing, I ran downstairs and outside in my bare feet. The bag? Was on the ground, ripped apart, torn and withered. Where were the flowers? Laying askew on the cement pad, seemingly drawn up and curled into tight little balls - in fear i'm sure. I went ballistic on the pup, cleaned up what I could, threw out what I couldn't save and took my turn whining through the night.

If I didn't have him, what stories could I tell?

borntocry on 09/21/2005:
Hi legcramps,

What a horrible story! Looks like things are just getting worse and worse. I wish I had some advice for you but my family hasn't had much luck with dogs so unfortunately I can't help.

Thanks for your comment. Believe me, my stomach was in knots wondering what everyone would think of the food I'd made. Luckily most people are quite polite and probably wouldn't say anything too negative even if they thought it!

And yes, of course I have noticed the similarities between your boyfriend and my husband. They're very childish at times, it's true. And my husband also criticises the way I do things around the house, which is really ironic since he never does anything around the house. All he does is the laundry. I do everything else. And then he has the cheek to complain about how I do things.

I think they're just egocentric. They can't see things from another person's point of view. Or accept that it might be just as valid as theirs. I know I should probably talk to my husband more about the problems I have with him. I just can't help but feel that if he hasn't grown up by now, he never will. So it's just a question of training him.

Hmmm, I guess men and dogs do have a lot in common, after all...

Umpqua on 09/22/2005:
I'm so sorry to hear about your dob problems! All I can do is offer some advice based on what I've learned over the past 4 years of dog ownership. Our guy was around 2 when we got him and had some "behavioral issues" after being abandoned by his previous owners. He used to poop in the house when we were at work as well as get into the garbage, and chew on one of our recliners. Two things that have worked: if you actually witness the bad behavior, a "time out" is sometimes helpful. We would lock him in the bathroom for 5 or 10 minutes. The other thing is the water squirt bottle. If he starts chewing or digging, that might be a good deterrant.

I also had some power struggle issues with our dog during the first month we had him. He instantly obeyed and respected my husband, but apparently thought he was "2nd alpha" and didn't have to listen to me. He's a 60 pound muscular dog, and I actually had to grab him and pin him down with all my strength a couple of times when he was being growly with me to show him who was boss. He's never pulled that stuff with me since!

blacksheep on 09/25/2005:
Well....on the plus side that seems like a great exercise

legcramps - Monday Sep 19, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 136.0

That dog. That lovely, sweet, compassionate, masquerading, manipulative, violent, ill-mannered, adorable dog. Chewed my camera up to bits. Found out how to place his front paws on the kitchen counter and has had an absolute BALL chewing up all my kitchen utensils, bags of bread, and other miscellaneous items he so happily and joyfully found. Everything. Was. In. Bits and Pieces when I came home yesterday. Train him you say? Discipline him? I'd like to know how to discipline a 70lb dog that is nothing but muscle and sinewe. And has a hard enough skull to be able to run smack into trees and not feel a thing. What on earth are we doing with a dog THIS big, THIS utterly bad? That dog house had better be built within the next couple of days. He's not allowed anywhere right now but the back porch and boy he sure doesn't like that. He kept me up all night with his silly whining. Want to hear a 70lb full-grown dog whine? It's loud.

Since i'm so upset, you can imagine what's happened. I didn't even bother bringing water to work with me. I keep buying diet pops from the cafeteria. The best part about being angry though is knowing that when I get home that house is going to be spotless within two hours. I power-clean when things get like this.

Have a better one than I.

gigi43 on 09/19/2005:
Don't know if this makes you feel any better, but I found your entry hilarious! Good luck with that dog!

legcramps - Friday Sep 16, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 136.0

The chocolate lab has found it's home. I'm glad to hear it, as i'd been thinking about her all day long yesterday and told everyone at work about her.

This morning as I was taking a quick jog with the dog we passed through one of the parks near our home. It seems that when Chewie gets near a park or ball diamond, he goes nuts. He started barking furiously and nipped at the bottom of my sweats, inadvertently undoing the shoelace on my runner. So I bent down to tie it up and he attacked my gloves! I quickly pulled them off so that he wasn't biting my hands, and he proceeded to then nip at my shirtsleeve! Oi! I was so angry with him that I picked up my gloves, stood up and continued walking, leaving him with a dragging leash and an angled cocking of his head, wondering where I was going without him. Eventually he calmed down and I was able to continue jogging with him. What a snotty thing! I complained to my boyfriend that our dog was attacking me, and he just laughed and said that I needed to discipline the dog so that he knew who was boss. I guess i'm not trainer material!

Food yesterday was awesome. I had a sandwich for lunch, a few bites of ravioli after work while cooking dinner, and chicken and broccoli for dinner. Still sticking with tea instead of coffee and that's going very well as it's helping me drink water every day.

Tonight we were supposed to go golfing, but since it's rainy out i'm not sure what will happen. We're going out for dinner with friends to a wing place. I hate wings. I hate anything with bones. Oh well, I guess that means I won't be gorging on it!

Liza36 on 09/16/2005:
I'm so glad to hear the dog found its home. I admired your compassion yesterday and I was very happy to know that the dog had someone like you to help find her way back home.

Have a good weekend, and you're right about the dinner tonight. At least you won't overeat if you don't like what's being served. Have a good one!

borntocry on 09/16/2005:
Hi legcramps,

Chewie is just getting so naughty. Why doesn't your boyfriend help train him since he seems to know so much about it?!

legcramps - Thursday Sep 15, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 136.0

I'm glad it's Thursday.

I went to wallyball last night for two hours. It was good, but I didn't get as much of a workout as I usually did in the past. I think maybe it's because of the jogging i've been doing. I could keep up to everyone, and hardly even had a sweat going on. Although, my arms and legs sure hurt today!

Food has been good - sticking to my plan! Today I brought a sandwich for lunch, as well as ravioli in case i'm still hungry. I'm hungry right now. I was hungry when I woke up. It's going to be a long day!

Still walking the dog in the mornings, but this morning he pulled the cord for the alarm out of the outlet, so I woke up too late to take him.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store to get something for dinner, totally off the cuff because I had a lot of food at home that I could have made. As I was walking into the building, what I thought was a stray dog was weaving in and out of traffic. I felt bad and called her over to the safety of the sidewalk. She didn't have a collar on, and it looked to me like she had just had a litter of pups. I told her to stay and she seemed well-trained, which kind of got me a little worried. What if she couldn't find her way back home? What if those little puppies needed her? She was a chocolate lab, and seemed well taken care of. Were her owners looking for her? Did she sneak out of her collar and chain and take off? I quickly went in for my groceries and mentally decided (within 5 seconds of seeing her) that I would take her home and try to find her owners. When I got back out, there she was, right by my vehicle. It's like she knew I was there to take care of her! She hopped right in and I took her home. I gave her food and water, and she sort of played/sort of ignored my dog. My boyfriend and I had to call all over the place, and finally got a hold of the dog-catcher. He met us at the dog pound to take a look at her. I didn't want her to stay in the dog pound, so beforehand my boyfriend told him that we would keep her until they could find the owners. But once the catcher saw her, he figured he knew who she belonged to. We trusted him because it's a small town and pretty much everyone knows everyone, so we left her with him. I hope she didn't have to stay in the pound overnight. I think i'll phone and check with him today after work.

borntocry on 09/15/2005:
Hi legcramps,

Oh, wallyball! I remember that! I also remember I used to think you were totally sports crazy at one time. I guess most of your chosen activities seem to be winter ones.

As I was reading your entry I thought you were going to say that you'd adopted that chocolate lab. She would have made a nice playmate for Chewie! (It sounds like he's getting totally out of control, by the way - he actually pulled out the plug of the alarm?!) But it was so nice of you to take care of her and try to track down her owners. I'm sure they'll be very happy and grateful to have her back.

Oh and thanks for your comment. It's funny that you should leave me a comment today as I was just thinking of you while I was out running. Hey, we runners have to stick together - there aren't many of us out there! I hope you get to keep it up at the gym you are joining. I just recently ran on a treadmill for the first time ever and I was surprised at how much I liked it! I had always thought it would be so boring, but it was nice to be able to cut off entirely from the outside world.

Umpqua on 09/15/2005:
That's so sweet of you to look after that dog, what a nice thing to do! I love how your dog sabotaged his own walk by unplugging your alarm clock. It sounds like you've got the exercise all planned out - nice job. I need to incorporate some kind of exercise routine into my life right now. I walk every day but don't tone consistently, and it's just not enough. Good luck with the new food and exercise schedule!

legcramps - Tuesday Sep 13, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 136.0

Well, i'm struggling to keep going with my diet and so on, but it's really difficult right now for many reasons.

Yesterday morning and this morning I took the dog for a walk for 20 minutes each time. I'm watching closely what I eat and am writing everything down (this worked for me the first time) in a journal. I'm not drinking coffee anymore, instead i'm having green tea. I'm making my own dinners and have been laying off on too much food at lunchtime. I haven't been running again, but i'm starting a gym program in the beginning of October (she only takes new people at the start of each month) that will incorporate the treadmill. I'm also starting water aerobics again, this time in a heated, inside pool. Other than that, volleyball is starting in October as well, so I should be able to get fit again. I hope so anyways, because I sure don't feel fit right now!

I'm so busy right now that i'm not sure how often i'll get on to post or even comment, but you'll always be in my thoughts and in my heart. Take care and keep on trucking!!

legcramps - Thursday Sep 08, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 136.0

I had yesterday off and now it's really frantic here at work. I can't believe some of the things people are phoning me for. Craziness.

Anyways, I haven't been doing so well lately. I haven't been jogging since the weekend, although i've still been at least walking. But i'm eating way more than I should be and it's starting to have an effect on the way i'm moving around and taking my time getting things done. I'm so sluggish and all I feel like doing is sitting on the couch or sleeping. How many times do I have to say this has got to stop? If I keep going at this rate, i'll make up the weight I lost in no time and i'll have to start all over again! Okay, i'm exaggerating just a bit but you all know what I mean. The frustration at myself is really taking its toll.

food: chicken fingers, turkey and cheese wrap, dinner will be beef and cooked veggies.

exercise: walk the dog.

I need a plan of action. Although when I make those up I generally tend to disregard them after about, oh, 2 minutes.

So, what's wrong with this picture? I cannot write the words because then i'll feel even worse about myself. I can only thing positively and know that today will...MUST...be a better day.

legcramps - Tuesday Sep 06, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 136.0

Hello all. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was really good actually. I went jogging, and went to a dance, and watched some fireworks.

food: oh, lord, you don't want to know. Okay. Maybe you do. Pizza for breakfast. Pizza for lunch. Most likely, pizza for dinner. I did have a coffee already as well. I needed it this morning. You know when you have a few drinks and suddenly your willpower is gone? That happened to me, and now i'm stuck with leftovers that are way too good (Greek pizza - yummy feta) to pass up.

We walked home from the dance on Saturday night, and along the way passed some horses. One in particular was standing near the fenceline, so we walked up to pet it. I don't think horses like me too much. Maybe it was the incredible fear I felt whilst being near one, but the sucker ran from me so quickly that I didn't know what he was doing until he was on the other end of the fence. My boyfriend ducked under the fence and brought him back towards me, but you could tell he didn't want to. So I gave him a quick pat and a hug and was on my way. Poor thing probably didn't want us anywhere near him. I mean, really, after a hard day at the track, who wants to be social?!!

legcramps - Friday Sep 02, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 136.0

woot! *happy dance* thank goodness it's friday!

Took the dog for a walk last night. It was so nice out, even though we had much cooler temperatures. I slung on an extra jacket, put the hood up over my noggin, and rather enjoyed myself. We didn't go to the track, opting instead for the park so that the dog could run around a bit in the fields. I, however, *drum roll* DID jog. In fact, I think I did very well though I have no clue how far I went. Oh, and the red tape I had to cut through to get there! My boyfriend wore sandals (so smart when walking long distances) and after a while started complaining about wanting to return home. I was disgruntled at the thought, as so far I hadn't lifted a foot to jog anywhere. I was going to give in, then thought that my priority doesn't always have to be the well-fare of others. So, thinking that I was compromising, I told him to go home, that i'd continue walking with the dog so that I could get a jog in. Well, he stayed and drifted along beside us, sighing heavily the whole time. Finally I told him that I was going to run, and he kept up to me even in sandals and afterwards seemed much more enjoyable to talk to. The moral of the story is that i'm quite pleased with the fact that I pushed so hard to be able to run. I would never have done that in the early days.

food: coffee, chicken soup, and I might grill something special on the bbq tonight seeing as it's friday and i'm in a great mood.

I was supposed to go to a concert four hours away tonight. A friend's cousin had two tickets and was going to give them to her for free. She has to work tomorrow, so we would have had to drive all the way back home tonight. I was wary of it, but agreed to go. Well, thankfully her cousin had already given the tickets away to someone else. Though it was Billy Idol and I kind of like Billy Idol, i'm happy that it turned out this way. I was not prepared to make the long journey there nor the long one back home. So tonight will be the routine walking of the dog, coffee with the friend I mentioned above, then out for a drink with another friend once she gets off work. I thought perhaps this weekend would be quiet, but it is not to be. Tomorrow is my boyfriend's ball wind-up, Sunday is a mad-dash to get the laundry done and then see the fireworks, and Monday is my ball wind-up. Oi vei.

Have a wonderful weekend all - I wish I could push a bunch of the energy I have today out to y'all so that you could feel just how happy I am that this week is over.

geevee on 09/02/2005:
Your joy is so evident in your entry. It's wonderful to feel so happy, isn't it? Would I love to have your energy to cope with my situation!

borntocry on 09/03/2005:
Hi legcramps,

Well done! You jogged in the park! And despite your boyfriend's efforts at sabotage! My husband does that same heavy sighing thing too. What's up with guys being so passive aggressive like that? They're such sissies!

It's interesting that your decision to go ahead and do what you wanted actually put your boyfriend in a better mood afterwards too. I've noticed the same thing with my husband when he gets in one of his whiny moods. Giving into his complaints is the wrong move to make because then he just starts to feel guilty and wallow in self-pity and I end up having to reassure him, when I'm the one whose plans he ruined in the first place!

Well, I hope you have a great, great weekend!

biscottibody59 on 09/04/2005:
Good for you on the jogging/running! I kinda like Billy Idol--he's actually a good singer. I harbor a wish that he'll one day deviate and do a "Frank Sinatra" type album. I think he'd be great.

Have a good one and keep up the good work!

legcramps - Wednesday Aug 31, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 136.0

Things are definitely looking up, although it's raining cats and dogs here. I wonder if the effects of Katrina are heading this way because the wind is steadily picking up and I can hear the roof moaning with each gust. This building was only built a few years ago, and well-built I might add, so it must be a strong wind.

food: haha coffee, ham and cheese wrap, leftover chicken and brown rice with cooked veggies.

exercise: well, if it isn't raining, something outside. If it is, i'll have to think of something else. Oh yeah, I have a stationary bike and an elliptical gathering dust downstairs. Now how could I forget about that.

My boyfriend phoned me at work this morning, wanting to use my car today and then suggested that we go out for lunch. Which I agreed to. Then he changed his mind. Well, thanks! I wonder sometimes what he wants/expects out of life. He has such a hard time making a decision and simply shrugs and says he doesn't care. And most of the time he's so hell-bent on saying 'yes' to everyone but me that he totally misses the fact that I feel so left out of his doings. But I guess it's easier to say 'no' to me than it is to say it to anyone else.

In spite of the weather and really feeling under the weather today, i'm in good spirits and am looking forward to the weekend. Everyone have a grand day today!

borntocry on 09/01/2005:
Hi legcramps,

Your boyfriend sounds a bit like me. I also have a hard time making decisions. I think it comes from a desire to please everyone, or not to let anyone down. Which is a bad mentality to have because I inevitably end up pleasing no-one, and even sometimes angering everyone.

Glad to see that you're in a good mood today. I thought of you while running yesterday, and of all the obstacles you've overcome recently. And I was reminded of my own early days when running was so tough and I had to force myself not to give up, just as you are doing now. It was such an inspirational thought!

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