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legcramps - Thursday Aug 04, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 134.0


I found enough energy after work to actually thaw some fish and grill it up. Along with that was a few tablespoons of potatoes and some salad. I ate quickly because I was expecting company, so after they left I sneaked a piece of whole wheat bread and a slice of salami. Ah well. It was a late night, so today i'm living off of plain coffee and i'm feeling quite awful because of it.

Again, due to there being company last night I did not get to walk. Neither did the dog, and let me tell you how pissy he was about that. I was sitting on the couch waiting for the last person to leave when he jumped up beside me (understand that this is a 65lb dog), put his paw up and across the back of my neck and proceeded to simply sit there with his jaw pressed up against my face. What a silly, precious, lovable thing! After he conceded that I was not going to bend and take him for a walk, he started to flip his paws at my body and look at me with the infamous (in my opinion) puppy dog eyes. When that still did not work for him, he jumped down onto the floor and began nipping at my ankles. What a handful, but it was far too late to be taking him out and so the poor thing did not receive any kind of treat for his impromptu temper tantrum.


food: coffee, granola bar, coffee, salad, coffee, granola bar, coffee, a peach perhaps, coffee, leftovers.

exercise: we play ball tonight - the B Finals! Pray for my team, please, we will need all the encouragement we can get. And the dog will get his much-deserved walk tonight.

I could have written a novel last night in my sleep. As I was drifting off, I told myself some kind of story that I can't remember now and used such elequent words that I swear Elliot, Dickenson or Frost had taken over my mind and were playing out some kind of freaky fantasy. I need to write these things down.

Take care!

biscottibody59 on 08/04/2005:
That's so funny about your dog. If I miss walking my dog for any length (more than a day) she'll bring me a shoe or pull a leash down from a door it's hanging on. She will settle for a car ride instead, sometimes!

Have a good evening!

legcramps - Wednesday Aug 03, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 134.0

I had a really great weekend, and am now ready to be back at work for the next three days. I love loooooong weekends.

I am trying diet pepsi today instead of opting for the treacherous energy drink fiasco again. It worked for me on Sunday quite well.

I've been going for long walks everyday since i've been off work and it's going very well. My boyfriend comes along with me, and pushes me to jog, so i'm working up to my first kilometer! Almost there, by the end of the week for sure. I do keep walking after my jog, I never stop right afterwards. Usually i'll jog again, but not for very long. I missed Aquasize last night because we went into the city and didn't get home until quite late and still had to take the dog for a walk.


food: granola bar, salad, granola bar, ham and cheese sub with mustard and lettuce, on whole wheat, 1 bottle diet pepsi and 1/4cup vanilla ice cream. Leftover from the weekend. Let me explain: I bought a cup of ice cream and ended up only having 3/4 of it over the course of two days! yay me!

exercise: walk/jog tonight with dog and boyfriend. Yup, that's quality time!

Must go, much work to do today and not enough time in the day to get it all done!

legcramps - Friday Jul 29, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 134.0

Yesterday's changes:

food: added 1 serving crackers.

exercise: I went to Aquasize class and did a little bit of painting, but did not take the dog for a walk because it was raining at that time. I'm sure my class made up for it - I was panting and exhausted for the first 30 minutes of class (the cardio portion). It was kicking my butt!

I tried that energy drink yesterday around 2pm. I started just sipping on it, and eventually finished it by 4pm. I didn't really notice a difference until just after 5pm, when my hands started shaking. Then I could feel and hear my heart banging against my chest at triple its normal rate. I felt like I could run 10km no problem, but I was way too freaked out to do anything but curl up and shake like a baby. Scratch that idea. I have tried ginseng tablets to no avail. Sometimes I wonder if my head doesn't just play tricks on me by telling me i'm tired when i'm really not. hmm.....

Today when i'm starting to crash I will just take a walk around the building. We'll see if that helps.


food: 1/2 serving crackers, granola bar, salad, granola bar, fish with cooked veggies, 1/2 serving crackers. I will probably also have a beer tonight before dinner.

exercise: walk the dog and see how far I can jog without stopping. I think i'll walk to the track in order to correctly measure my progress. It's raining right now, but hopefully by then it won't be. If my boyfriend helps me move furniture, I can finally finish painting tonight!

That's it for today because I have a wedding to go to tomorrow and I have to prepare for it by pampering myself. I'm so happy it's Friday i'm about to bounce off the walls.

borntocry on 07/30/2005:
Hi legcramps,

Wow, that's a pretty scary reaction you had to that energy drink. Did it have a lot of caffeine in it? Speaking of caffeine, have you tried just having a coffee or a Diet Coke when you start to crash? I used to avoid caffeine like the plague but now I allow myself a coffee if I get really tired at work, or if I need a little boost before I go running! (I did some research on the Internet and apparently this is quite a common practice among athletes!)

Let me know how your jog went! I would suggest that instead of stopping when you get tired, try walking a lap or two and see whether you can jog a little more afterwards. I used to get tired very quickly but I always recovered quickly too. (Conversely now it seems to take me days to recover after running!)

becca27 on 07/30/2005:
What did that energy drink have in it? Your reaction should tell you to stay away from it. I tried a diet pill once that did something similar to me. I thought I was going to die. It's not worth it. If you are really feeling sapped, try vitamins. They seem to be helping me.

If you think you're iron deficient check out: http://www.clevelandclinic.org/health/health-info/docs/1700/1753.asp?index=7240

Do the ring test on your face. Run a 14K gold ring down your face and see if it leaves a black mark. Apparently, if it does, it shows an iron deficiency.

biscottibody59 on 08/03/2005:
Hey, thanks for the comment--I'm gonna try to get back into the swing of things here. Later!

legcramps - Thursday Jul 28, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 133.5

Thanks for your comments ladies, it was just the pick-me-up I needed.

Yesterday's changes:

food: I had a chef's salad for lunch instead of veggies. No dressing. Who needs dressing when you have at least 10 different ingredients in a salad?

exercise: I painted another two walls. Two coats later, and I think it's looking pretty good! I also went for a walk with a couple of friends and oh boy can they walk fast. Good burn for about 45 minutes. Then my boyfriend wanted ice cream, so we walked the dog uptown! I didn't have ice cream, but I went along for the walk and even jogged a block or two.

BTC, my boyfriend also mentioned that he thought I could do a lot more than 2km. But I think it's a good starting point - I don't want to get my hopes up and then discover that i've failed again. If I at least start small, I can eventually work my way up. Then again, i've been saying that for a long time now! Maybe I should just go for the 5km. I'll see what he thinks tonight.

I feel that I did well yesterday all in all. I'm banking on the fact that i'll do as well today, since i'm feeling so much better. Although I still have not gotten any cleaning done and the house is a total mess because of painting, i'm not going to let it get to me. It will get done when it gets done. Funny how my attitude can change overnight!


food: 1/2 serving crackers, granola bar, salad, granola bar, fish with cooked veggies, 1/2 serving crackers. I'm also going to try an energy drink today during work when i'm most likely to start crashing. I've tried taking vitamins before to boost my energy but they haven't seemed to work. It would be nice to have a little extra energy after work to not feel like crashing on the couch.

exercise: 1hr Aquasize if weather permits, walk the dog, paint/25 minutes bike.

Have a good day all!

Umpqua on 07/28/2005:
Wow, you're doing great with the food and the exercise! And not having the ice cream - I've been dealing with that temptation almost daily at my new job. As for an afternoon pick me up, have you tried ginseng? I used to rely on caffeine in the afternoon and then realized it was just making me tired and cranky. I started taking ginseng tablets with water or herbal tea and immediately noticed a difference.

borntocry on 07/29/2005:
Hi legcramps,

Yes, I know what you mean about not wanting to get your hopes up. I've given up on my idea to run a half-marathon for the same reason. I don't want to put too much pressure on myself. So if that's how you feel, I understand. But I think that if you alternate walking and running, as long as you don't run too fast, you should be able to do more than you could do at a stretch. Maybe you should see how much you can do right now, and then decide how to work your way up from there.

By the way, that's a good idea about doing without salad dressing. I've been getting a new salad for lunch which has sheep's cheese in it, and that has quite a strong taste, so I think I could easily skip the dressing. Thanks!

legcramps - Wednesday Jul 27, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 134.0

I just don't want to talk about yesterday. Moving on...


food: 1/2 serving crackers, granola bar, raw veggies, granola bar, chicken breast with cooked veggies. Another 1/2 serving crackers because i'll most likely have it anyways, whether I write it down here or not.

exercise: supposed to be playing ball today, but the weather may not agree with that. So if not, 25 minutes bike, walk the dog, paint. If we do play, I probably won't get on the bike.

I don't feel at all well. I really need a day off. I can't wait for this weekend because I have Monday and Tuesday off next week. Only three more days!

It's not like I screwed up enormously yesterday - I just didn't do everything I wanted to and i'm sick of not getting anything done. I will start fresh today. I have to.

geevee on 07/27/2005:
I know how you feel about yesterday. It's the way I felt after my Sunday of tamales and beer. "..not getting anything done" applies to me and the past SEVEN months of going nowhere. It was so much easier to lose the first 38 lbs and then to come to a standstill? I wish I had an answer.

BethH on 07/28/2005:
Hope you are feeling better soon. Hang in there. All most your weekend. Hope the rest of your week goes fast. Beth :)

borntocry on 07/28/2005:
Hi legcramps,

I'm sorry you had another bad day. Don't be so hard on yourself. You're probably just feeling a little run-down. I can't wait for the weekend either!

Thanks for your comment. I'm not sure how far I actually run on the promenade, but I'm guessing it's around 4 or 4.5 miles (about 7 km?) because I think that's about how much I can do in 45 minutes. I am really impressed at how far I've come, actually. Considering that a little over a year ago I literally could not run for more than two minutes at a stretch.

I think it's wonderful that your boyfriend wants to do the 10 km event with you! Not only will it be encouraging to have someone else to get into shape with, but it also just seems like a fun thing for the two of you to do together. My husband also offered to run a half-marathon with me, if I ever actually do it. Funnily enough he also has problems with stiffness in his hips, but he isn't willing to admit even the slightest possibility that I could run further than him!

Personally, I think that if you can run 1 km right now, you could easily run 5 km of the 10 km event. If you alternate running and walking, running 5 km is basically no different than running 1 km 5 times. And I doubt that running 1 km would tire you out to the point where you couldn't do it again after a short break. When I first started running, I could only do about two laps (800 m) without stopping. But it wasn't because my legs were tired - I just ran out of oxygen. It was actually pretty annoying because even though I had to practically kill myself to run those two laps, afterwards I never felt like I'd gotten a good workout. You may not have the stamina to run long distances but you are a pretty fit and active person and I think you are probably capable of more than you might think!

becca27 on 07/28/2005:
Every day is fresh with no mistakes!

legcramps - Tuesday Jul 26, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 134.0

Yesterday's changes:

food: I had a 6" ham, turkey and bacon sub on whole wheat for dinner, plus a couple bites of a donut. Yeah, rush me and that's what happens! Afterwards I had a blackberry cooler.

exercise: I did not get around to painting, or riding the bike.

When I got home from work yesterday I had one of the worst headaches i've ever had. It's also blown over into today. I couldn't find any Advil (boyfriend had taken it to work with him because of his knee - aren't we just the pill poppers?!) so I went to sleep instead. So, that's why there was no bike. After playing ball, we were invited over to a couple's house and couldn't turn down the offer because we hardly ever hang out with them and I love 'em to bits! Such a cute couple, and their kids are hilarious! Anyways, we at least walked the dog there and back, but no painting. If I don't paint today I have a feeling it won't get done for awhile. Way to start something new and then not finish it, legcramps. As usual.

Sorry, i'm down on myself today because i'm not feeling well and because things aren't going well at work today. I wish I could have just stayed at home.


food: 1/2 serving crackers, granola bar, salad, granola bar... ...of course I forgot to take anything out AGAIN today for dinner. I will take it out as soon as I get home. Chicken breast and veggies. Now that I realized I forgot to do this, i'm in an even worse mood....

exercise: 1.5hrs ball again, 25 minutes bike, 1hr Aquasize.

borntocry on 07/27/2005:
Hi legcramps,

Don't be so hard on yourself! You can get around to the painting eventually! Why should you think all hope is lost just because you had a bad day?

Thank you for the comment you left me. I should just clarify that it's a half-marathon I want to run some day - not a full one! I'm not about to sign my death warrant just yet! I like your idea of signing up for the 10 km walk. I think that's a pretty good distance, actually. I hope your boyfriend agrees to help you train. My husband helped me quite a bit when I was first starting to run. I was so unfit that I couldn't run for more than a couple of minutes without stopping. I never really looked forward to it because it was such a painful and depressing experience. But he used to get me going. He is a natural runner - he ran a half-marathon at the age of ten without any training whatsoever!

And oh, I can relate to your dislike of the cold! It's often around 15�C in the summer over here too, and I can't bear it! It's bad enough that we have to endure such long, freezing winters, and then when it doesn't even get warm in the summer...! The funny thing is that I kind of want to move to Canada, but my husband doesn't think I could handle the weather. Which makes sense, I guess, considering that I feel the cold a lot more than he does, but my view is that since we don't live in a warm country now, it won't make much difference if we move somewhere even colder!

becca27 on 07/27/2005:
Hi Legcramps,

You are exercising like a mad-woman. wow!

I hope the mural works out for you, which ever way you decide to go. Good luck!

I am painting my office a color called "Winter Garden" - it's kind of a khaki - beige. My window treatments- which I bought at Target yesterday are Waverly - Garden Room. I got these cute fabric clip up blinds - I love them. There is red and pink in the floral pattern and the leaves are that khaki color of my future walls. I'm getting an oversized chair from my parents that I'm going to throw a red slipcover over. I hate to paint - so I'm trying to pawn the job off to H. Hee! So far, he hasn't taken the bait.

legcramps - Monday Jul 25, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 134.5

As usual when I follow my plan, Sundays are my off day. And, as usual, they're really, really...off. Didn't weigh today, woke up late and had to rush my butt to work.


food: 1/4 serving chips, 1cup soda, granola bar, salad, granola bar, awe darn I forgot to take anything out for dinner. Grr. I hate Mondays.

exercise: 25 minutes stationary bike, 1.5hrs ball, take dog for walk, continue painting.

So. I primed the living and dining areas of the house on Saturday, then yesterday I started painting and managed to finish two walls of two coats. It looks good! I then tested out the color for the other three walls, and it looks pretty dark but i'm hoping it will work out. I also brought up the idea to my boyfriend of painting a mural of the Beatles on one of the walls since he's such a huge fan. I'm not sure I should have brought it up though, because he thinks it's a great idea and i'm not sure I have that much talent! Well, it can always be painted over. Which reminds me that I also forgot to bring the picture he picked to work so that I could enlarge it and start tracing as soon as i'm done painting the walls. Oy. Did I already say I hate Mondays?

borntocry on 07/25/2005:
Hi legcramps,

Just finished catching up on your entries. Your boyfriend's new haircut sounds truly hilarious. What is it with guys and their desire to experiment with hair (and facial hair)? I had a boyfriend once who just randomly shaved off all his hair. I think that was the beginning of the end of our relationship...

I like the idea of the Beatles mural, though. I'm a big fan, too. Go for it!

Other than that, I'm glad that you've been feeling stronger and more toned since you started exercising. It's a pity it's still so cold where you are, though. Isn't it supposed to be warm now?!

becca27 on 07/25/2005:
Could you turn it into an overhead (Staples does that) and project it onto the wall? Then you could trace it that way, too. Can you think of someone who would lend you a projector? What about a church or school? Just a thought...

I'm priming tomorrow. I have to paint my new home office!!!

legcramps - Saturday Jul 23, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 134.5

Yesterday's changes:

food: dinner ended up being three chicken fingers, two onion rings, five ribs and three mozza sticks (they were fairly small, the size of my pinky finger). All this with ranch and salsa dip. I also had two long island ice tea's and four whiskeys with soda and water. Oy. The good news is that I drank 3 litres of water plus another two big glasses of it at dinner.

exercise: I didn't do the crunches.

I gotta learn to lay off the booze (I say this as i'm sipping on a beer). I was pretty sick last night after getting home - you'd think i'd learn. I'm quite please with myself for getting in most of the exercise with the amount of time I had. I also skipped the birthday cake AND the dessert after dinner.


food: 1pc bacon, fried to a crisp, 1/2 cup mashed potatoes (then gave the rest to the doggie), 1sl ww toast with 1sl balogne, 1.5 eggs scrambled with dill and cajun seasoning. Is that wierd to put cajun seasoning on eggs? It was good. I had two cups of coffee, this time without sugar or cream. Then went to grandma's for dinner and ate 3oz chicken, 4 scalloped potato slices, a taste or two of macaroni salad, coleslaw and potato salad. I also had two glasses of milk while nibbling on a brownie. Not bad considering all the temptations in the last couple of days. I've had 2 litres of water so far, and i'm currently sitting here with a glass of water and a beer, sipping out of both. I'll make it to 3 litres today, I know it! No more food today I don't think, but I might have another couple cups of coffee since those relatives that we were supposed to go visit decided instead to come here. So much for that relaxing day tomorrow...

exercise: I've already done my exercise for today, although I might try to do those crunches later. I painted the living room and dining room walls today, then took the dog for a nice long walk. I can't go on the bike because the boys are playing poker in the dining room and that's where the bike is. No way am I going to work out in front of six males!

So that's it. That's all I have to say other than to add that I have no idea how I could possible be any more 'normal' than I have been in the last week or so. And I think that's sad, really. That's just not me...

legcramps - Friday Jul 22, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 134.0

Yesterday's changes:

food: I added another serving of crackers to my day, which didn't help at all. *sigh*

I did manage to make it to Aquasize class last night even though it was cold enough outside to freeze a popsicle. Okay, so maybe it wasn't that cold, but it felt like it! I feel bloated again today and it's really starting to piss me off. I need to lay off the crackers; the salt is doing absolutely nothing for me.

I'm just waiting and praying for Sunday to come quickly because i've nominated this day as my day to laze about. And I need it. But just from getting on that stationary bike every day for the last while I can feel a major difference in my stamina. I can walk around all day at work without feeling physically tired, and that's a great feeling. One day I should count my steps at work and see just how far I walk. I know it's at least 4 miles, and it could be much, much more than that. Even though i'm not losing any weight, there's a definite change in my body. Everything, especially my lower body is much more toned and defined. My next step is to incorporate the step/elliptical machine downstairs. That won't be for a while yet though, I have enough to do right now.


food: 1sl ww toast with 1sl balogne, granola bar, salad, granola bar, dinner to be determined. No crackers today!

exercise: 25 minutes stationary bike, walk dog (do a little jogging too), 50 crunches.

I don't know how much time i'll have to get all this exercise in today. I'm due at "The Deck" no later than 5:30pm. I get off work at 4pm so I should be able to bike, do some crunches, and take the dog out for a bit, since I don't have to worry about cooking dinner tonight. I'm going out with the girls! I probably won't see my boyfriend at all tonight because he'll be out with his friends as well.

Tomorrow I will hopefully be priming the living room/dining room and getting it ready for painting. Then, of course, my lazy day on Sunday when I plan to lay on the couch and take cat naps all day. We were supposed to visit relatives this weekend, but I vetoed it saying that I needed a break from all this action. I don't think my boyfriend was impressed, but I really do need a break!

legcramps - Thursday Jul 21, 2005
(It's called Reality Bites)
Weight: 134.0

Yesterday's changes:

food: I also had one serving of crackers and four beer with clamato juice.

exercise: I did 25 minutes on the bike instead of 20.

I was wiped again yesterday, but managed to be persuaded into going to the bar with my ball team for a few drinks. Unfortunately, this time around I was one of the last people to leave the bar. Four beers later and i'm feeling that if I don't eat something I might not be happy in the morning. That's where the crackers came in. Because of this persuasion, I also did not get a chance to walk the dog, and he definitely thanked me for this by ripping apart a couple of unneeded but costly items in the house. All the same, I walked from the ball field to the bar, then home afterwards, which is not a small feat in itself. I'm sure I walked more than I would have with the dog.


food: 1sl ww toast, 1sl balogne, granola bar, salad, granola bar, salad with red pepper and light ranch dressing, chicken breast with spicy marinade, one serving crackers.

exercise: 25 minutes stationary bike, take dog for walk, Aquasize class 1hr.

I'm feeling okay today, but it's cold! I wonder if i'll chicken out of going to Aquasize because of the weather....

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