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legcramps - Tuesday Oct 19, 2004

Weight: 132.5

Once we talked to the mother, we were able to find out why Chewie was limping. Apparently, they took him out to their farm, where someone brought the garage door down on Chewie and caught his leg. The mother denies that the kids would have placed the puppy into the container in which we found him, but i'm not quite sure I believe her story. When I told her and her daughter where we found the dog, her daughter kind of looked around, smiled and said 'I don't know how he got in there'. And the mother, best of all, said 'maybe he jumped in there'. Yeah. He jumped in there and then closed the lid on himself and placed a big red wagon on top. Yeah, sure. Well, they're denying the fact that they put him into that container, but they did say that they had him all day on Sunday and that they didn't know whose dog it was. I find that to be a crock as well, because BF took the puppy over there a few weeks ago and showed them, and the girl has been watching when the puppy's outside in BF's backyard. The mother had already bought dog food for him and everything. If they weren't thinking of keeping this dog permanently, they sure as heck wanted to keep it for a couple of days.

I'm still very upset, but I know that there isn't much more I can do besides keep Chewie the heck away from that family and that yard.

We still believe that someone stole him from inside BF's house, but when we said this to the mother, she told us that 'her kids would never do something like that'. I told her that we might still call the police and give them a report. She didn't say anything to that. I also told her that if our dog goes missing again, her place will be the first place i'll look for him. I hope she understands that if her kids were responsible she needs to make sure that they don't do it again, because next time there will be much heavier consequences.

Well, I didn't have anything for breakfast or lunch yesterday, but made up for it at dinner. I had two slices of pizza and a cup of ice cream. And lots of water. For some reason, I really felt dehydrated last night.

It's been snowing here for a couple of days now, everything is icy and getting to work is taking twice as long! The snow is nice, but I sure wish it wouldn't be so cold. It's still just October, it would be nice if we didn't have any snow at hallowe'en, but i'm not sure it'll happen.

Plan for today: two eggs, two pieces toast with peanut butter and some fried potatoes for breakfast. One leftover slice of pizza for lunch, and leftover chicken and potatoes for dinner.

Becca27 on 10/19/2004:
You have some nasty neighbors there, hun. I would definitely call the police just to have a running record in case something else happens. The mom sounds like a genius. Cheer up. He's safe now. Do you have dog tags on him or is he microchipped? Make sure he's wearing ID. Be healthy!!

monet0329 on 10/20/2004:
oh wow.. I have missed alot.. I am so sorry about chewie :O(.. I cant believe a mother would not believe you.. I mean I love my boys but I am not gonna cover my eyes and act as though they are innocent ... that is the worst ting you can do.. what happens when they get older and start doing drugs or something.. she gonna say.. oh no not my kids.. my kids would never do such a thing.. wake up and smell the coffee lady..lol..

and she knows Chewie didnt jump in there shheeesh.. some people.. I am just glad she is ok.. her little leg will get better.. :O)expecially now that he is at home with people who love him :O)..

you have a great day sweetie and give Chewie alittle hug from me :O)..

legcramps - Monday Oct 18, 2004

Weight: 132.5


My Chewie has been found.

Saturday nights are now officially evil.

BF had a party after the bars closed on Sat night (early Sunday morning). So, lots of noise, rowdy people, etc. etc. Chewie was awake and stayed up with us most of the night (morning). Finally, around 7am (I know, you don't have to tell me that having a party was not the best thing to do when you have a new puppy in the house) I left his place and went back to my apartment. When I left, Chewie was sleeping in his bed and the gate blocking the hallway was up and closed. I didn't make it back to BF's until 4pm on Sunday afternoon. When I got there, BF jumped up from the couch right away and asks me if I have the puppy. I say 'why would I?' and he drops his head and tells me that the puppy is gone. Without thinking, we immediately run outside and search for three hours. It had just snowed, so there were plenty of tracks to follow. No luck. We get back to BF's and split up, driving around looking. Nothing. When we finally sit down and start factualizing everything that happened, we realize that the gate had been knocked down and the front door left unlocked. We go back outside and realize that, indeed, there are no tracks in BF's front or backyard. We determine that our puppy has been stolen.

Preparations are made and posters readied for stapling around town. The city manager is phoned and advised that a little puppy is missing, and we have phoned everyone at the party to ask them for information. I have also lined up the police dept's phone number and am ready, willing and able to give them a call the moment I have time at the end of the day. We drive past the pound. Nothing. I tell you, I haven't done this much searching for ANYone in my entire life.

Sleep finally comes, but morning comes even more quickly, and i'm dressed and at work by 8am. I get a phone call from BF at 9:45am, saying that he's found Chewie and to call him back right away. Instead, I drive there during my coffee break. He's been found!! There he is, laying down on the living room floor, sleeping soundly.

You'd better sit down for this part.

BF tells me that he gets a call from his boss saying that they're not working today, so he goes about watching tv on the couch. Then he hears a yipping noise, so walks around the inside of the house investigating. Opens a window and the yipping is even louder now. Runs outside, all through the yard again, then stops and listens. Sure enough, there's that yipping again. Slowly he walks into the neighbors back yard. Quickly now, he runs over to a large plastic storage container, with a big red wagon dropped on the lid. BF lifts up the lid and, there we go, there he is. Crying and shivering and limping. Let me tell you what was in the container. Metal toys, snow, and ice. And my puppy. My puppy for goodness sake! A two month old tiny little squirt of a dog that can't take care of himself let alone when he's locked in a plastic freaking container with no food or water!

BF took him inside and fed him, since he probably hadn't eaten in a while. He was very hungry.

He's still limping, but we feel that he's extremely happy to be home again, and we are so happy as well.

Those kids next door are going to get a talking-to tonight. So is the mother. And if I smell ANYthing nasty, i'm going straight to the cops and to hell with them...

I haven't eaten since dinner yesterday. I'm very tired and very relieved, but i'm so angry right now! Here we are, only one month into owning this bundle of joy, and what do we do??? WE LET SOMEONE STEAL HIM FROM US!!! I can't forgive myself.

Becca27 on 10/18/2004:
Wow! That's quite an adventure. I'd hold off having a baby for a little while if I were you. I'm very glad that Chewie is back, safe and sound. :-) Why is he limping?

legcramps - Monday Oct 18, 2004

Weight: 132.5

My Chewie has been stolen.

Becca27 on 10/18/2004:
NO! OMG! What happened???? Please update!

legcramps - Thursday Oct 14, 2004

Weight: 132.5

Well, like I said I would, I got on that scale and stared right into it's face. Knowing how much work I put in to losing this 1.5 pounds, putting it right back on so quickly is a little heart-wrenching. But, I will survive. Considering that not too long ago I was sitting at 142.5, I think i'm still doing alright. Now, instead of 12.5 pounds to reach goal, I only have 2.5 pounds. Positive thinking!

I have to say that the comments made to me yesterday really helped me to not go overboard and I kept to my plan with two exceptions. I didn't eat the banana, and I had a slice of pizza for dinner instead of cooking something. Still, ending at around 1300 calories is WAY better than what happened on Tuesday! I'll take it, thank you very much...

Today's plan: 2 pieces toast with peanut butter, two eggs, 4oz cran-grape juice, apple, turkey sandwich, banana, dinner - who knows? I can't think about these things so early in the morning...

I've been taking Chewie for an hour-long walk everyday for the last while. Like I said before, not very fast, but a walk's a walk. We jog probably a good quarter of the way too, so that counts!

geevee on 10/14/2004:
Hey! That 1.5lb. is not permanent. Runner and I both have the same 1.5lb. problem. I complain ad nauseum about going from 125 to 126.5, and most of the time can't figure out why it fluctuates. If not tomorrow, then the next day your weight will go down. DON'T worry!

monet0329 on 10/14/2004:
hello sweetie.. 1300.. yay.. better :O)..I am glad Me and the others could help you hun.. just think possitive ok.. you have came a long way.. and we dont want you to gain all that back.. a slip here and there is natural.. just dont let it take you under.. we are human,, there for we are not perfect.. so smile.. and remind yourself just how beauitful you are..and that you are so worth this effort :O).. have a great Friday hun.. I am just getting on here for the first time today.. at 10:24 pm.. busy day here.. and tomorrow will be as well.. but I wanted to come and comment on a few of you :O).. hugs sweetie.. oh.. and I wanted you to know .. if you even have a craving and wanna fight it.. feel free to e-mail me.. and just talk about whatever pops in your head,,, just long enough for your craving to go away.. I am here for you sweetie.. if you ever need me.. hugs

borntocry on 10/15/2004:
Hi legcramps,

I was wondering where you were when you stopped posting for a while there. I'm glad to read your entries again! But sorry to see the small gain. It won't take you long to lose it again. And I'm sure all the walking and jogging with Chewie will help. He'll be a very fit dog with a very fit owner!

legcramps - Wednesday Oct 13, 2004

Weight: 131.0

Not much to say today. I'm not very happy at all with my eating yesterday. I stayed on track until after work when I just lost any willpower I was holding onto through the day. Sad, just very sad. I added to my already full day a small bag of cheesies (they are my weakness for sure), and a cup of ice cream. I ended at 1722 calories. Oh, what a terrible day.

Today's plan: two eggs, two pieces of toast with peanut butter, glass of cran-grape juice, apple, turkey sandwich, banana, dinner I have no idea yet.

My stomach feels big and yucky.

monet0329 on 10/13/2004:
Hello sweetie.. I guess I missed you yesterday :O(.. sorry.. I am glad you had a great weekend.. everyone needs to take it easy on the exercising every now and then :O).. and I know what you mean about you BF's ex girlfriend.. My hubby had to take his daughter home Sunday.. and of course I had to ask.. has Thonde lost any weight..lolol..He wouldnt dare go back with her.. for one she is married.. but, that all ended years ago anyway .. but Its just the thought..lol..

I would lost to dress Molli up for Halloween.. that would be cute.. but we are taking the kids out and she barks at every thing that moves..lol.. so I dont think it would be a good idea to take her.. I would end up carring her the whole way..lol..If I was to dress her up.. I think I would go with a little tu tu on her.. if thts how ya spell it.. hehehe.. but not Chewy...hehe.. maybe a dinosaur.. or a fireman.. I dunno hehehe.. but we wanna see pictures , thats for sure..

oh and sweetie.. dont get down for testerdays calories hun.. just do better today.. and think od the BF's ex...I have faith in you.. and I know you have faith in yourself.. :O).. hugs..

geevee on 10/13/2004:
What you ate yesterday is probably less than what you ate on a daily basis before you started on DD's, right? The same thing happens to me. We have to look at this thing positively and feeling the way we do, like I did yesterday after my lunch out, look at it as a sign of progress. Before, we never would have felt the least compunction after overeating. It's something we did. We might do it now on occasion but we know better and have developed our consciences. So you'll do better today. That's all there is to it! Onward and upward!

legcramps - Tuesday Oct 12, 2004

Weight: 131.0

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was a long one because of Thanksgiving, so today is my first day back to work since Friday. It was a good weekend, but so busy! I did everything I said I was going to do, and BF and I had a thanksgiving meal every single day of the weekend! Oy!

Of course, I went way off course in eating, and my exercise was practically non-existent, so for the rest of this week, i'm really going to try hard to get back on track. I met up at the dance with a friend of a friend's who used to see my BF occasionally, and she's stick-thin now! She used to be bigger than me, but now she looks like she's a size 5 (although she says she's a size 3). Talk about aggravating! I'll never be a size 3!!! Anyhow, it's given me a little push, not because BF was staring at her all night or anything, because he wasn't, but because she's that kind of person who can just motivate me to be better! It might seem like I have a vendetta against the girl, but I really don't! She's been very nice and respectful, to a point, towards me, and I have nothing terrible to say. You know when you just don't want to think someone your BF used to be with MIGHT look better than you?!! lol, it's crazy I know, but true nonetheless!

Today's plan: 2 eggs with one piece toast and 1/2 tablespoon peanut butter for breakfast, an apple, turkey salad sandwich (toasted, with lite mayo), a banana, one chicken breat (boneless, skinless) with one cup brown rice (cooked in lite chicken broth). Water and cran-grape juice to drink. It's probably too much, because i'm sure i'll sneak some kind of snack in there somewhere, but i'll work on it during the week. Gotta start with small steps!

My plan is to work on lowering my carb intake and upping the protein. Along with that are one hour walk/jogs each day, weather permitting. It's supposed to get cold by the end of the week. I hope that doesn't happen!

Well, i'm really frightened to get on that scale on Friday, but I have to do it. I don't know why I went so hay-wire this weekend. I really hope I can learn to control this part of my life, or at least limit it somehow. It's left me feeling quite disappointed in myself, even though I know that these things happen.

On another note, I want to dress up Chewie for hallowe'en, but i'm not sure as what. Anyone have any suggestions?

legcramps - Friday Oct 08, 2004

Weight: 131.0

ooo, one more pound to go!

I missed checking in yesterday because it was soooo very busy I just couldn't find any time to do it. Wenesday was good, but I took in a couple hundred extra calories that day. I played wallyball though for two hours so I think that might have helped balance it out. Yesterday my eating was good, but I had volleyball for two hours and went to the bar afterwards. If I wouldn't have had those five rye and cokes I bet my calories would look a lot better than they do!

Anyways, losing the .5 pound might just be a temporary thing, I guess i'll find out next week.

Today so far has been toast with sausage and cheese. Planned is a nectarine for snack, crackers, sausage and cheese for lunch and either an egg or a chicken salad sandwich for dinner. I'm craving a 'salad' sandwich today.

I'm so busy this weekend. I have four thanksgiving dinners to attend, one birthday party, a hockey game and a dance! I also have to find time to walk our eager young puppy who still has not learned to stop chewing on people. I didn't get a chance to walk him yesterday and neither did BF, so he's extra jittery now!

Have a great weekend everyone!

geevee on 10/08/2004:
Oh, boy! I know all about those miserable half pounds! Mine is gone, at least for today.

geevee on 10/08/2004:
Thanks for your comment. It's true. It's much slower losing weight when you're not so fat. I've gotten to the point where 1.5 pounds a month is wonderful! I'll take any loss!

So it's a good thing you lost a half pound with all of the social eating events on your calendar this week-end. Heavy duty!

Don't you find that the rate of weight loss is less since you are smaller?

legcramps - Wednesday Oct 06, 2004

Weight: 131.5

Still really busy today. Hopefully I can get some time to do the things I need to do already! Yesterday I had a chicken sandwich for dinner and then toast with peanut butter later on, along with an orange. I had to get groceries and I didn't want to go there on an empty stomach otherwise I would have purchased the entire supply of junk food! So I had a sandwich and then when everything was packed into the fridge, I helped myself to toast. Lots of bread yesterday, so i'm hoping I won't go overboard with that today. After work I also took Chewie for a run - two blocks again, this time we only stopped a couple of times. Then, when BF got home, we went for another jog, this time we went eight blocks in total! Of course, we were stopping a lot for Chewie because he kept finding things to chew on. So it was a walk/jog thing for me. I'm very happy with that, though. I wasn't at all expecting BF to want to go for a walk or jog or anything, so it was a nice surprise!

Today's plan: so far toast with butter, sausage and cheese for breakfast, 4oz cran-grape juice. Lunch is crackers, sausage and cheese, dinner is hopefully chicken. Snacks are a nectarine and a banana.

Gotta go, catch 'ya later!

monet0329 on 10/06/2004:
I know all about the stopping when you walk Chewie hehehe.. Molli does the same thing.. hehheee.... you have a great day.. wish I could talk more.. but the baby might wake up.. I am baby setting for 2 weeks for a friend.. and dont get to get on here much sniff sniff.. hugss.. have a great day hun..

Becca27 on 10/06/2004:
It sounds like you're trouble-shooting well. Grocery shopping on a full stomach is always a good tip. Two runs? Good for you!

geevee on 10/06/2004:
Boy, that's an important pointer, to eat before you go shopping! There always seems to be someone with an open bag of cookies or something which only encourages you to do the same.

legcramps - Tuesday Oct 05, 2004

Weight: 131.5

Good morning all. BF and I got a lot accomplished yesterday. When I got home, I unpacked the old freezer and repacked the new one. You won't believe the amount of meat I had to throw away. It was all AT LEAST four years old, and so badly burnt that there was no salvaging it. Anyways, since I had to lug bags down to the basement where the new freezer is, I think I got some good exercise in! BF got the old freezer moved outside, and put the weather stripping on the front door. So much warmer now! We're slowly getting there.

I cooked pork chops and potatoes with onions last night - no butter, no oil, just water and some milk and 1/2 cup of creamed mushroom soup, cooked in the oven. I had one pork chop and one potato. Later on I snuck in two more crackers with cheese and sausage, but all in all I think it was a good day! I also got some exercise in - Chewie and I went for a jog and made it two blocks again! That little bugger can almost keep up with me now!

Today's plan: breakfast was toast with peanut butter, lunch will be crackers with cheese and sausage, and dinner will be leftovers. Snacks are one nectarine and one banana. Goal: get some water in today! (i've been messing up on that for a couple days now). Exercise - jog with Chewie.

Hope you are all doing well - sorry about not commenting much at the moment, life's just really hectic all of a sudden!

legcramps - Monday Oct 04, 2004

Weight: 131.5

The scale moved back down for me when I weighed on Saturday morning. This is so nice to see, especially since I haven't been very loyal to any kind of exercise regime. I know I hadn't been eating as much as usual, so that's probably why. Having a new puppy cuts down on the time we have in the day to eat!

Chewbacca is now eight weeks old. We've gotten him his first shots, and had his nails clipped. He needs another bath, but that'll have to wait until we're both around to do it (I tried it myself before and it wasn't pleasurable). He's doing very well. We took him over to a friend's place that has two smaller types of dogs and he spent a good hour or so playing with them. He gets along with them nicely, and is learning much faster than I think he would if he wasn't interacting with them. We also took him out to BF's family's farm, where they have two dogs, one that is part black lab as well. Her name is Bailey. She is I think around seven months, and huge! When we first showed Chewie to her, she ran from him! She was so scared of him that she wouldn't go near him until the other dog started playing with him! But when she finally did, she was so rough our poor Chewie was covered with slobber and was barking furiously and whining constantly! I had to put him in the car for the rest of our visit. But it's a great start for him meeting other dogs and soon enough he'll be able to take on Bailey! Oh Chewie also almost got beaten up by a cat! So funny!

I did manage exercise on the weekend, dancing and taking Chewie outside to play and for a bit of a walk. Ah, you take what you can get.

Today's plan: two pieces toast with peanut butter, crackers, sausage and cheese for lunch, sub(??maybe) for dinner. Snacks: banana and an apple.

BF got a new freezer on the weekend, so tonight will be unpacking the old one, defrosting it and packing up the new one. We're also in the process of winterizing BF's house, so very busy right now! Take care all!

Princess_Teacup on 10/04/2004:
I just wanted to tell you how much I love hearing about your puppy! I think it's especially hilarious that you've nicknamed him Chewie. I'm surprised that every puppy in the world doesn't end up being called Chewie. I remember when my American Eskimo was about 3 months old and I ducked out to take a quick shower and came back to find that he'd eaten an arm chair in under 15 minutes. A couple of days ago he (now 3 years old) helped himself to about 10 dollars that I left sitting on the dresser while out running just for old times sake, I guess.

Anyway...Good job on the half pound! Hug the puppy for me!

Becca27 on 10/04/2004:
My yellow lab's name is Bailey! She's two and rather small for a lab, but we love her. Did chewie do better in the car this time?

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