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legcramps - Thursday Jun 10, 2004

Weight: 141.0

I should have been thinking this morning and weighed myself because i'm not going to have access to a computer tomorrow. Darn. Maybe i'm doing this on purpose because I can tell that i'm not at 141.

I went shopping yesterday and picked up 12 grain bread, light peanut butter and cheese whiz, light soya sauce, non fat yogurt and chickpeas, along with some low fat turkey sandwich meat. I still have some chicken breast in the freezer and raw veggies in the crisper, so other than the odd piece of fruit everything I need is at home now. No reason to eat out. No reason at all.

Yesterday wasn't the greatest day. I had a cappaccino in the morning again, and since I still hadn't gone grocery shopping, I needed something for dinner. So instead of picking a nice healthy sub I headed for A&W. Momma burger with cheese and fries and a root beer. Of course, I only had a sip of the drink and then poured it out. I mean, THAT stuff is BAD for you........

Then in the afternoon I headed for the vending machine at work. But instead of getting chips I got an iced tea. And I was right - I was actually more thirsty than hungry. Supper was a peanut butter sandwich and then off to play ball. I ran around a lot again - I love running around. After ball I went to the bar for a drink, which turned into three beer. They were selling hamburgers instead of hot dogs this time, for $1, so I had half of one, with cheese and ketchup. When I got home I had another half of a peanut butter sandwich. I knew I shouldn't have gotten that peanut butter.

This morning so far was two slices of toast with cheeze whiz spread. I should have only had one, because I now feel really full and not quite up to par. Live and learn. Dinner - veggies. Supper - turkey sandwich. Tonight I have to make hummus so that I can use it instead of mayo on my sandwiches. yeah yeah.

Have a good one.

legcramps - Wednesday Jun 09, 2004

Weight: 141.0

I did alright yesterday I think. I had salad for dinner and salad for supper with 2 chicken strips with dill dip. 1 cup of cappaccino in the morning, and 2 cups of coffee at suppertime. I ran around sticking up posters for a bit, then watched some ball games. When I got back home I had the other 3 chicken strips with dip and a slice of garlic toast. And then I had a beer. I know.

Today's plan is I don't know. I have nothing in the fridge. I was supposed to go food shopping yesterday but was too lazy to find time to do it. I have stale veggies, crystalized sweet and sour sauce and frozen water. Oh, and some pasta sauce that I think has ice hanging off the lid. Damn fridge. Today I don't care, which means I might not eat at all. I want to feel sick and hungry today, to match my crappy mood. People piss me off.

On the up side, I found a really neat Tommy skirt for way under half price the other day and i'm wearing it today. I hardly ever wear skirts, but this one is so pretty it was impossible to resist.

I'm also planning another excursion in the near future. I have already made plans to save money starting with my next paycheque, and i'm breaking cable connection and phone line. I have a cell phone, so I don't need to have two lines going. I'm only in one place at a time. I'm cutting down on eating out and partying, and i'm saving a certain amount each month so that i'll have enough when it's time to go. I'm not sure where yet, my boy and I are still discussing that, but this time it's going to be for a month at least. Ah, such high hopes for the feeble minded.......

legcramps - Tuesday Jun 08, 2004

Weight: 141.0

I wasn't around home on Friday so I didn't get a chance to weigh in. I guess i'll leave it until this Friday. The weekend was okay, I tried out lots of different kinds of foods. I went to a sort of gathering of different cultures and traditions for three days. I got to try out lots of different foods and listen to different kinds of music and see dancing in different cultures. Pretty neat. Anyways, I ate too much and didn't drink enough water. So today i'm feeling a little bloated and pudgy. This week i'll have a chance to rectify the weekend. Yesterday was good. I had salad for dinner and an egg salad sandwich for supper. I forgot to get it on rye bread though, so they brought it to me on white. I didn't want to make them change it, so I ate it like that. I'd forgotten how good white bread tastes. But not as good as rye bread! Today for dinner is salad, and supper will be whatever raw veggies I have left in the fridge with dip. I don't think there's much left, so I might sneak somewhere and get some soup or a sub. Tomorrow is ball night, so i'll probably try to have a hot dog after the game. I think i'd better start laying off the beer. It's becoming quite the habit.

Have a great day everyone!

legcramps - Wednesday Jun 02, 2004

Weight: 141.0

Yesterday I had chicken strips for dinner with a piece of garlic bread, and for supper I had two slices of pizza. What the heck. I drank lots of water and went for an hour walk so it should all even out in the end. Today so far i've had cauliflower for dinner with dip. My fridge is pissing me off though. It freezes all my veggies and fruit so that I can barely bite into them. This is in the fridge, not the freezer, and i've tried to turn it down but it doesn't help. So I picked out the least frozen pieces and after work i'm going to take it out of the fridge and let it thaw a bit.

I'm not sure what i'm having for supper tonight, don't know if i'll make it to grandma's or not. If not, I might run and pick up a sub, or not eat until after ball is done tonight. Then I can go to the bar and have a hot dog. They're supposed to be really good, everyone on my team has had one except for me. And I love hot dogs. I've always had supper before ball though, so I haven't had a chance to try them out. They're footlong hot dogs, and supposedly really yummy. I'm getting hungry just thinking about them.

I'm off work for the rest of the week and won't be back on here until monday at the earliest. So I hope you all have a great weekend and don't eat anything I wouldn't eat!!! (oh darn, that doesn't leave much out unfortunately)

legcramps - Tuesday Jun 01, 2004

Weight: 141.0

My aunt, cousin, brother and his girlfriend and their two dogs are all here. Which means that it's grandma's home cooking for awhile. A week to be exact. I did okay last night, having chicken breast, pasta and salad, then a small sliver of carrot cake for dessert. Later on I snuck in an orange, but I totally ignored the fudge brownies and the vanilla cake. It's nice that there are people around who are just as health-conscious as I am. That means grandma will cook better for us. If it was only me I would have to eat whatever was on the table. The salad was very good too, a lot of veggies mixed in with greens. I would have had a lot more than I did, but everyone was eating it and I didn't want to mooch it all.

Today I have sweet peppers at work for snacks, planning on salad for dinner or something, and supper at grandma's. I think they're having pizza tonight, so I might have to buy my own food. I made a face when they said they were getting pizza, but there's not much I can do about it, besides eating my own food. It might look ignorant or rude to them, but oh well.

It's been raining off and on for the last three days or so, but i've still managed to plant flowers and work outside a bit. Other than that, there's no thought to exercise right now. I get home from work by 5pm, go to grandma's for supper, visit until 10pm and then go home and go to sleep. I'm so dead tired all the time i'm starting to think something's wrong with me.

Later days.

legcramps - Friday May 28, 2004

Weight: 141.0

I figured something like this would happen. Last night I went nuts again. Why? Because I knew that this morning was weigh in day. I was starving all day. Honestly. I had strawberries and grapes in the morning, soup and cauliflower for lunch, cucumber and dip in the afternoon and then after work I stopped for a 6"sub and told them to keep the mayo rolling......why was I so darn hungry???

After that episode I felt guilty but I was still hungry. About two hours after that, I went to A&W and got a burger. Just had to have that burger. Okay, well, they don't call it a fresh start for nothing......

much love all.

legcramps - Thursday May 27, 2004

Weight: 140.5

Well, getting sick meant not having the greatest weekend. I was very sporadically eating and i'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

In other news - ah, heck, there is no other news.

I went out and bought a whole bunch of raw veggies and fruit. I'm primarily eating that right now, with supper being some sort of chicken and pasta or potatoes. It's going alright, but I realize by the end of the day how hungry I am for meat. I don't think I could be a vegetarian. I doubt I could be anything but a screw-up. Just kidding, i'm not down on myself, just making fun of me.

It's funny how your sub-conscious likes to sabotage good work. At least mine does to me all the time. 140.5. One pure pound away from the 130s. Then I get sick. Ah, the pressures of dieting. If I didn't love it, I wouldn't be here, right?.......um, okay. Night all.

legcramps - Friday May 21, 2004

Weight: 140.5

Hi guys, sorry about not checking in yesterday. I was sick all day, and i'm thinking about going home right now. I did weigh in today and i'm glad I get to post a smaller number this time, I just hope that i'll be able to continue doing that in the future. I feel dumpy and gross today. Just wanted you to know that. Later.

legcramps - Wednesday May 19, 2004

Weight: 143.0

Yesterday was yet another good day. And, yet again, i'm not going to talk about it much. hehe. Superstitious? Maybe a little. I will say that I did stay away from the cappaccino machine, yay me. Today might be a little tougher to deal with. I have to go to a meeting where they'll be serving snacks. I have no idea what kind of snacks, but you can bet your butt they'll be good ones. So, keeping that in mind, what I have planned for today is soup for dinner, a salad for supper and those darn snacks at my meeting tonight. So far, so good. Of course, that's because I haven't even made it to dinner yet. Big talker, but can I walk the walk? I guess we'll find out tomorrow. And the saga continues....

p.s. - i feel thinner today....

legcramps - Tuesday May 18, 2004

Weight: 143.0

I had a really good day yesterday, but i'm not going to talk about it much because I might jinx myself.

And whew, I had a good run too. I just about threw up from it all, but it feels awesome today. There's one muscle in my leg that really really hurts and i've got nothing but smiles on my face. Just because I did it. We lost our ball game last night, but i'm still smiling anyways. 'Cause I had a great workout, nanananana na.

Today i'm going to try and duplicate yesterday. Simple. But I didn't say easy.

I have to also add that I sneaked a small cappacino yesterday afternoon and it just about made me sick. Not sure why, but hopefully i've learned from it and today i'll stay the heck away from that darn machine.

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