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legcramps - Wednesday Jun 02, 2004

Weight: 141.0

Yesterday I had chicken strips for dinner with a piece of garlic bread, and for supper I had two slices of pizza. What the heck. I drank lots of water and went for an hour walk so it should all even out in the end. Today so far i've had cauliflower for dinner with dip. My fridge is pissing me off though. It freezes all my veggies and fruit so that I can barely bite into them. This is in the fridge, not the freezer, and i've tried to turn it down but it doesn't help. So I picked out the least frozen pieces and after work i'm going to take it out of the fridge and let it thaw a bit.

I'm not sure what i'm having for supper tonight, don't know if i'll make it to grandma's or not. If not, I might run and pick up a sub, or not eat until after ball is done tonight. Then I can go to the bar and have a hot dog. They're supposed to be really good, everyone on my team has had one except for me. And I love hot dogs. I've always had supper before ball though, so I haven't had a chance to try them out. They're footlong hot dogs, and supposedly really yummy. I'm getting hungry just thinking about them.

I'm off work for the rest of the week and won't be back on here until monday at the earliest. So I hope you all have a great weekend and don't eat anything I wouldn't eat!!! (oh darn, that doesn't leave much out unfortunately)

legcramps - Tuesday Jun 01, 2004

Weight: 141.0

My aunt, cousin, brother and his girlfriend and their two dogs are all here. Which means that it's grandma's home cooking for awhile. A week to be exact. I did okay last night, having chicken breast, pasta and salad, then a small sliver of carrot cake for dessert. Later on I snuck in an orange, but I totally ignored the fudge brownies and the vanilla cake. It's nice that there are people around who are just as health-conscious as I am. That means grandma will cook better for us. If it was only me I would have to eat whatever was on the table. The salad was very good too, a lot of veggies mixed in with greens. I would have had a lot more than I did, but everyone was eating it and I didn't want to mooch it all.

Today I have sweet peppers at work for snacks, planning on salad for dinner or something, and supper at grandma's. I think they're having pizza tonight, so I might have to buy my own food. I made a face when they said they were getting pizza, but there's not much I can do about it, besides eating my own food. It might look ignorant or rude to them, but oh well.

It's been raining off and on for the last three days or so, but i've still managed to plant flowers and work outside a bit. Other than that, there's no thought to exercise right now. I get home from work by 5pm, go to grandma's for supper, visit until 10pm and then go home and go to sleep. I'm so dead tired all the time i'm starting to think something's wrong with me.

Later days.

legcramps - Friday May 28, 2004

Weight: 141.0

I figured something like this would happen. Last night I went nuts again. Why? Because I knew that this morning was weigh in day. I was starving all day. Honestly. I had strawberries and grapes in the morning, soup and cauliflower for lunch, cucumber and dip in the afternoon and then after work I stopped for a 6"sub and told them to keep the mayo rolling......why was I so darn hungry???

After that episode I felt guilty but I was still hungry. About two hours after that, I went to A&W and got a burger. Just had to have that burger. Okay, well, they don't call it a fresh start for nothing......

much love all.

legcramps - Thursday May 27, 2004

Weight: 140.5

Well, getting sick meant not having the greatest weekend. I was very sporadically eating and i'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

In other news - ah, heck, there is no other news.

I went out and bought a whole bunch of raw veggies and fruit. I'm primarily eating that right now, with supper being some sort of chicken and pasta or potatoes. It's going alright, but I realize by the end of the day how hungry I am for meat. I don't think I could be a vegetarian. I doubt I could be anything but a screw-up. Just kidding, i'm not down on myself, just making fun of me.

It's funny how your sub-conscious likes to sabotage good work. At least mine does to me all the time. 140.5. One pure pound away from the 130s. Then I get sick. Ah, the pressures of dieting. If I didn't love it, I wouldn't be here, right?.......um, okay. Night all.

legcramps - Friday May 21, 2004

Weight: 140.5

Hi guys, sorry about not checking in yesterday. I was sick all day, and i'm thinking about going home right now. I did weigh in today and i'm glad I get to post a smaller number this time, I just hope that i'll be able to continue doing that in the future. I feel dumpy and gross today. Just wanted you to know that. Later.

legcramps - Wednesday May 19, 2004

Weight: 143.0

Yesterday was yet another good day. And, yet again, i'm not going to talk about it much. hehe. Superstitious? Maybe a little. I will say that I did stay away from the cappaccino machine, yay me. Today might be a little tougher to deal with. I have to go to a meeting where they'll be serving snacks. I have no idea what kind of snacks, but you can bet your butt they'll be good ones. So, keeping that in mind, what I have planned for today is soup for dinner, a salad for supper and those darn snacks at my meeting tonight. So far, so good. Of course, that's because I haven't even made it to dinner yet. Big talker, but can I walk the walk? I guess we'll find out tomorrow. And the saga continues....

p.s. - i feel thinner today....

legcramps - Tuesday May 18, 2004

Weight: 143.0

I had a really good day yesterday, but i'm not going to talk about it much because I might jinx myself.

And whew, I had a good run too. I just about threw up from it all, but it feels awesome today. There's one muscle in my leg that really really hurts and i've got nothing but smiles on my face. Just because I did it. We lost our ball game last night, but i'm still smiling anyways. 'Cause I had a great workout, nanananana na.

Today i'm going to try and duplicate yesterday. Simple. But I didn't say easy.

I have to also add that I sneaked a small cappacino yesterday afternoon and it just about made me sick. Not sure why, but hopefully i've learned from it and today i'll stay the heck away from that darn machine.

legcramps - Monday May 17, 2004

Weight: 143.0

I had a pretty good weekend, considering there was a ton of family down and we had wonderful homecooked meals everyday. I filled my plate with lots of raw veggies and had small small portions of chicken and turkey. Yup, they had steak - I took chicken. They had cabbage rolls - I took carrots. I did good, my friends. I played with my cousins for exercise, and boy, that WAS exercise lemme tell 'ya. I'm sure most of you already know this as you are already mothers, but I had my work cutout for me this weekend. Add to that hauling pails full of salt up and down stairs, and there you have a great workout!!

Today's plan is salad for lunch, which i've already eaten, and a sub for supper. I didn't bring anything to snack on 'cause i've got bottles and bottles of water to drink. That should be enough and if not, I can get some raw veggies from the cafeteria. And guess what? On Friday when i'd already eaten my snacks for the day, I just made do, and wasn't even all that hungry! Oh, it's the little things.....

I have ball tonight (hopefully, unless it rains) and then i'm hoping to do some cleaning - but I might fall into bed before that happens because i'm feeling really tired today. I think it's from being outside so much on the weekend!

Good luck today, stay strong!

legcramps - Friday May 14, 2004

Weight: 143.0

The weight fairy came by yesterday, and since she was rude enough to tell me that i'd gained a pound i'm going to therefore POST that pound so that I have to stare at it every day hereafter.

I did not, in fact, exercise yesterday. I got home around 9pm, and pretty much fell straight into bed. I'm still tired today - I wonder if I have some sort of nutritional deficiency. Anyways, the retirement social did NOT have less than desirable food. But I, however, DID have a less than desirable attitude towards the buffet table. I had my regular soup for dinner, cappacino in the morning, and sunchips in the afternoon. At the social I added to that two cups of coffee (what??? I don't even DRINK coffee), a chicken breast smothered in some kind of sauce that is still unknown to me but very, VERY good, some white rice and potato salad, and topped it all off with caesar salad. With the dressing on top. Phooey. I should have known that the day before official weigh-in would be the day I screw up.

Plan for today is soup for dinner, sunchips, and a turkey sandwich for supper. No cappacino for me today which made me very hungry this morning for some reason. I had my sunchips already and now i'm wondering how i'll get through the afternoon with my day's worth of snacks already eaten. More than likely, I won't. So the question becomes - what will I choose to snack on later? Yeesh, that's a hard one. I'll have to let you know on Monday, right now I really have no clue as i'm stuffed full of soup and sunchips at the moment. I think the gain in weight had something to do with my hunger this morning. Click - would you call that emotional eating? Weight fairy ups me a pound, I stuff my face so that weight fairy is.......right? Yeah, that makes sense.

Good luck to all today.

geevee on 05/14/2004:
Do you ever put the chips in the sandwich? We used to do that with potato chips in high school and it was SO good! You really didn't do so badly at the social except for doubling up with both rice AND potato salad..It was a rather healthy meal. That pound might have just been normal fluctuation.

legcramps - Thursday May 13, 2004

Weight: 142.0

Ah yes, I see now, biscottibody. Have to agree with you there. Almost everything is easier when you're down an extra few pounds.

Okay, so.....not a good day yesterday.

Big Dunce move #1: a lovely springlike snowfall of about 5cm. Well, at least this one wasn't my fault.

Big Dunce move #2: deciding to have a beer anyways, even though ball was cancelled.

Big Dunce move #3: deciding that since ball was cancelled I should cancel my exercise routine for the day.

Big Dunce move #4: having another beer.

Big Dunce move #5: feeling so depressed about having to tell diet diaries about my follies and crying into my pillow before bed last night. Or, should I say this morning at around 1:30am. Geez.

I ended up having four beer last night. Four. And eating more than I said I was going to. I had my soup for dinner and sandwich for supper, but as the evening wore on, I got hungry. Around 7pm, I decided I needed something to eat, so my boyfriend and I went to a restaurant where I got a caesar salad. But by that time, I was so hungry I forgot to tell the waitress to leave the dressing on the side. Fortunately, I ate half of it, left the toast, and drank two cups of tea instead. But that beer is what hurt me yesterday. So of course I woke up this morning 2 pounds lighter. Which i'm not posting because we all know that it won't stay like that.

So the most depressing thing about last night was the fact that I knew I would have to face it and realize that i'd screwed up. I'm such a baby. I'm 27 years old and i'm scared to tell you that i'm not perfect. I need a quick dose of religion or something.

Today's plan is: soup for dinner, sandwich and soup or salad for supper. I have to go to a retirement social tonight, i'm hoping that the food will be less than desirable so that i'm not tempted by the huge buffet. Yes, fruit and veggies only, fruit and veggies only. Pound into brain. Brain into mush. Mush down the drain. Exercise? Who, you say? If i'm back in time - but don't cross your fingers for me or they may stay that way - permanently.

Have a good one my friends....

geevee on 05/13/2004:
Beer is my weakness. I can't have just one, or even two. Every now and then I slip up like you did yesterday. I'm saving those days for football season. I just can't enjoy a game without beer.

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