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legcramps - Monday Oct 12, 2020

Weight: 0.0


October 7 - supplements, vitamins, protein done. Walked at home without the ankle brace, completed Physio Level I and 30 minutes on the spin bike. Also cleaned all day.

October 8 - vitamins and protein done. Walked at home without the ankle brace, completed Physio Level I. Forgot to take glutamine at the end of the day. Went for COVID-19 swab.

October 9 - supplements, vitamins, protein done. Walked at home without the ankle brace, completed Physio Levels I and II, and 30 minutes on the spin bike. Also cleaned all day.

October 10 - supplements, vitamins, protein done. Walked at home without the ankle brace, completed Physio Level I and 30 minutes on the spin bike. Test results received online - NEGATIVE.

October 11 - supplements, vitamins, protein done. Walked at home without the ankle brace, completed Physio Level I and did yardwork for 2.5 hours.

Results of the swab were as expected. So I spent my week cleaning my house from top to bottom! It's spotless now. I was angry-cleaning, and I always do a great job when I angry-clean.

I'm thankful I got the results back in time to still be able to see BF and also a few of his kids this weekend for Thanksgiving. We had meatballs, sausage and peroxide's for our thanksgiving meal tonight LOL, and now we're having popcorn and watching Game Night.

Also cleaned up the yard and winterized as much as we could today. Feels good to be on top of things again.

grannyannie on 10/12/2020:
You've made good progress. Glad you don't have Covid!


legcramps on 10/12/2020:
Oh my, that was supposed to say perogies! I got autocorrected!

bearcountrygg on 10/12/2020:
Yeah...for the results...don't blame you for being irritated....you eat peroxides????? Angry cleaning is a thing...and it also works...LOL

legcramps on 10/12/2020:
Oh my, that was supposed to say perogies! I got autocorrected!

Donkey on 10/12/2020:
Was Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend?

Glad you were able to get tested and tested negative. Your healing seems to be coming along so well, too!

How long will you do Physio II exercises?

legcramps on 10/12/2020:
I’m not sure to be honest, I guess until I feel like I’m doing more extensive workouts than just physiotherapy exercises. I’ve got some goals for the second level of physio that I think might take some time to reach.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/12/2020:
sorry about the lost week's pay / sick days! at least you were with BF :)

legcramps on 10/12/2020:
Yes, at least there is that :)

bearcountrygg on 10/12/2020:
I'm glad you aren't drinking peroxide..>LOL

Donkey on 10/12/2020:
Eating perogies is much better than drinking peroxide, I would think.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/14/2020:
hahaha....peroxide! haha...Trump would support that ;) JK

enjoy those perogies...you have me craving them! maybe next supermarket trip....when i'm actually running low on food again (not yet!)

happy-1 on 10/15/2020:
Hugs. Good job making the best of things. What does the glutamine do?

legcramps - Wednesday Oct 07, 2020

Weight: 0.0


October 6 - supplements, vitamins and protein done. Walked at home all day with no ankle supports, and completed Level I physio. No pain meds.

Super, SUPER annoyed. I wrote out a big post about why, but then deleted it. The gist is, I'm being sent for COVID-19 testing tomorrow and have been self-isolating since Tuesday. And it's likely all because of allergy season.

A small excerpt from my course studies, if you care to ingest:

A large part of nutrition coaching is about taking a biopsychosocial perspective; this includes being mindful of physical features or health, mindset, and relationships or environment. Everyone has a different identity, and a unique "why" behind their values, priorities, and goals.

The next time I make a choice I end up not being happy about, I'm going to try to "break the chain". I'm going to think about what's happening around me. What am I doing, thinking, feeling; what made the unwanted choice easier to make? And how could I make it easier for me to make a better choice next time?

Horn_of_plenty on 10/07/2020:
Absolutely good addition to your post from your course. Truth is, lately i'm not eating well nutritionally and i am just about ready to face the reasons - i'm not focused enough on having enough healthful produce at home and i'm starting to rely on junk too much since being home...and i'm about raedy to stop always making these rather unwanted decisions for junk (because it doesn't have me feeling on that great and it hasn't been tasting very good either!)....

sorry about the covid testing stuff....near me the cases have been rising and my nearby gym that i used to go to will close for two weeks now...which is understandable to stop a spread of a disease so less people do not have to be sick (in my opinion!)

i'm glad you aren't needing the pain meds.

legcramps on 10/08/2020:
Yes, we’ve been a little too slack here lately I think.

bearcountrygg on 10/07/2020:
It sounds like you ankle is doing really well....sorry about tomorrows test......Hoping for you to pass it with flying colors!

legcramps on 10/08/2020:
It is doing well, thank you! I hope to pass it also lol

Donkey on 10/08/2020:
Allergies have flared up here too. I usually check in with my boss, because we seem to suffer them at the same time. I've had this cough and tightness in the chest... sounds bad, with COVID, right? But I know it's allergies.

I wish I had the luxury of being able to self-isolate or stay home.

legcramps on 10/08/2020:
I wish it was a luxury, however it is not. I will lose four days of sick pay and was mandated to stay home, otherwise I would not be.

Maria7 on 10/09/2020:
Hope you are having a good day.

Maria7 on 10/11/2020:
Hope you are having a good day.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/11/2020:
how did your test go?

legcramps - Monday Oct 05, 2020

Weight: 0.0


October 4 - supplements, vitamins and protein done. Walked with ankle brace all day, with brief amounts of time on the couch to rest. At the gym for Level I physio and a 30 minute hard bike ride. No pain meds.

October 5 - supplements, vitamins and protein done. Worked all day with ankle brace (some swelling and discomfort), went home for lunch and rested, then again after work for about an hour and a half. Level I physio and 30 minutes on the spin bike! No pain meds (yet) but definitely some discomfort after a full day of work today. 

I'm making ground turkey and roasted Brussels sprouts for dinner, and for leftovers too. Earlier today I had a slice of toast with pb for breakfast, a banana, a leftover burger for lunch, a protein bar, and leftover piece of quesadilla. I believe I am eating a lot better than I was, but still can make a lot of improvements. It's good timing that I decided to take this nutrition course, it will benefit me as well as those around me.


grannyannie on 10/06/2020:
30 mins on the spin bike is great. Hope the pain eases quickly. Sounds like you are doing well.

bearcountrygg on 10/06/2020:
Sounds good......A nutrition course sounds so interesting.

Donkey on 10/06/2020:
Careful on the swelling but otherwise sounds like every day brings healing and improvement!

Horn_of_plenty on 10/06/2020:
I am not used to standing all day in a work situation and believe it or not i get swelling / uncomfortable from standing for prolonged periods of time....but yours is due to injury, i know!

your food sounds GREAT!

keep resting when you need it. do you ice the inflamation?

legcramps on 10/07/2020:
If it gets particularly bad I will for sure

Maria7 on 10/06/2020:
Ground turkey and brussel sprouts sound very delicious.

legcramps on 10/07/2020:
It was!

legcramps - Sunday Oct 04, 2020

Weight: 0.0


September 29 - supplements, vitamins, protein done. Spent over 9 hours at work today only walking with the walking boot, did my physio (which I am now calling Level I) and some walking at home without the boot. Took one pain med.

September 30 - supplements, vitamins, protein done. 5.5 hours at work with the boot, did Level I physio, some walking at home without the boot, and 20 minutes of biking. One pain med.

October 1 - supplements, vitamins, protein done. Spent 6 hours at work with the boot, did Level I physio, some walking at home without the boot, and 30 minutes of biking. No pain meds!

October 2 - supplements, vitamins, protein done. Spent 6 hours at work - 2 with the boot, and 4 with a pair of runners on! Did Level I physio and a little gym workout (box squats, TRX lunges, some single leg stands with TRX). Two pain meds because I thought I was getting my period. Ended up not coming.

October 3 - supplements, vitamins, protein done. Walking around with ankle brace, Level I physio, 30 minutes hard biking, and Level II physio (inclusion of proprioception exercises and some progressions from Level I). No pain meds, but a tiny breakdown at the gym when I couldn't do a single leg stand without supports. It was probably not because of the one or two exercises that I couldn't do, but rather a build up of frustration because I just want this to be over with already. An emotional ball of fragile webbing these days.

So that's what I've been doing. I also started taking a nutrition course so that I can be certified in coaching nutrition, so I've been keeping myself  busy with that. I'm at BFs this weekend, but planning on heading home today so that I can do a little housework now that I can walk without the requirement of the boot. 

Must remember that there has been progress every single day that I've been out of the cast, rather than feeling like I'm not where I want to be! Mind games!

bearcountrygg on 10/04/2020:
Putting so much effort into everything is inspiring Legs.......GREAT JOB!!

legcramps on 10/04/2020:
Thank you :)

Donkey on 10/04/2020:
I am surprised to hear that you were not in agony after 9 hours at work.

It's never fun to breakdown at the gym. I'm sorry that happened. Just a vulnerable moment.

Actually, considering that you are able to put in so many hours of work with 1 or no pain pills is a huge accomplishment!

How long is the nutritional coach course? That sounds like something that would be very beneficial to you, career wise, and maybe for yourself too, although you seem to do quite well with eating well.

legcramps on 10/04/2020:
I was definitely feeling some pain after the 9 hour workday, but was honestly just too exhausted to take any more pain meds. A good sleep had me back on track.

The course itself has no timeline, but I expect to finish it in about six months.

thinkpositive on 10/05/2020:
Your are determined and disciplined !

Coffee&Calories on 10/05/2020:
Good job Legs!

Maria7 on 10/05/2020:
Hope you are having a good day.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/05/2020:
oh my, great idea to get a course done so you can coach in nutrition. what a smart idea...

legcramps - Monday Sep 28, 2020

Weight: 0.0


September 27 - supplements, vitamins and protein done. We went back to the gym again today and I did all my physio as well as 50 minutes of walking and 30 minutes of biking. Big day! No pain meds. 

September 28 - supplements, vitamins and protein done. Went to work today until 2:30 and spent the whole time at work on the walking boot, off and on for 6.5 hours. Used crutches to get to my office but I don't think I needed to. Once home, I was pooped! Even took a nap. But eventually I got up and did all my physio then got on the bike for 20 minutes. 

Tomorrow might be a long day of work so I might be skipping the bike. I expect to go to work for 8:00 but will have two meetings in the afternoon I need to be at work for, 2:00 and 5:00. So it will be a long day even if I have time to go home for a bit between meetings to put my foot up.

I think I will take a pain med tonight.

Tomorrow marks two weeks of physio!

Eating Sunday - turkey bacon, eggs and toast, sausage and peirogies with lots of veggies, Coke Zero, tried some weird spicy potato chips, slice of banana bread (omg no thank you, gave me major stomach pains!)

Eating today - tried the banana bread for breakfast and the same thing happened to my stomach, definitely no more of that, banana, protein bar, burger with salad and cooked veggies, nibs, more spicy potato chips, and still planning on rice and chicken maybe with more veggies.

grannyannie on 09/29/2020:
No pain meds is great!

Donkey on 09/29/2020:
No meds AND a very active day! Woo hoo!

Something in that banana bread wasn't right. Oh dear!

Good idea to rest after a busy day at work. No sense in pushing it right now.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/29/2020:
you have progressed REALLY well in the past couple weeks. I am SURE it's only due to the fact that you are rather fit compared to most! ROCKSTAR level.

Maria7 on 10/03/2020:
Hope you are having a good day.

legcramps - Saturday Sep 26, 2020

Weight: 0.0


September 26 - supplements, vitamins, protein done; heel presses, abc's, stretches, walking 10 minutes, spin bike 30 minutes, walking around getting groceries 40 minutes. 

No pain meds taken yet today, maybe one before bed. 

I managed only 10 minutes of walking because we were at the gym and I had many interruptions. I knew I wanted to do a longer bike ride so I cut the walking short. Made up for it grocery shopping I think! Again, the walking was easier today when I put my knee brace on, and I was well warmed up before I tried to walk without the crutches.

Eating - toast with pb, coffee, a protein bar after working out, and a second breakfast for lunch - toast, eggs and turkey bacon. Planning on fish and chips for dinner, and snacking on some nibs while we watch Enola Holmes.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/26/2020:
sounds good. i wouldn't rush anything. good job walking for groceries to make up the walking at the gym that didn't go on long. good idea.

doing those errands, like grocery shopping, def burns some calories no doubt and is a "little exercise."

i ran errands for the good part of yesterday and i felt a little extra energy burn doing it..

bearcountrygg on 09/26/2020:
You are doing great getting around...so many are afraid to use a limb after breaking it.....it takes time....meals sound delish!

Donkey on 09/27/2020:
Funny you mention Enola Holmes, as Husband was talking about her yesterday. I wonder if he's watched the movie, too. That might be something we could do together, if he hasn't.

A day without pain meds shows that you are really improving and healing! However, don't be afraid to take one if you need to. Don't "tough it out" for the sake of being brave.

You're getting there!!!

Donkey on 09/27/2020:
Oh, and I love the idea of a physio journal. That was a really good idea!

legcramps - Thursday Sep 24, 2020

Weight: 0.0


September 23 - supplements, vitamins, protein taken; used one crutch to get to and from work; heel presses, abc's, stretches, weight-bearing for 12 minutes total. Two pain meds. I scratched the spin bike because my ankle and inside of my knee were really sore/painful. I'm still calling it a win though, since I did complete all my physio, even though I really wasn't feeling it. 

September 24 - supplements, vitamins, protein taken; worked; heel presses, abc's, stretches, weight-bearing for 15 minutes total, spin bike for 20 minutes. Will end up having two pain meds again, but not as much soreness/pain in my ankle and knee today. I wore my knee brace during weight-bearing which really helped. 

I'm saving a long bike ride for Saturday when we go to the gym. And by long I mean longer than 20 minutes hahaha. Means something completely different these days!

Better eating today - banana, cliff bar, turkey melt with potato wedges, tasted a salted caramel cream donut thingy that a coworker gave me, and having supper now - rice with roasted chicken and lots of veggies.

happy-1 on 09/24/2020:
I find it very awesome that the PT actually does their PT for an injury. Inspiring!

grannyannie on 09/25/2020:
I had a really good PT for a rotator cuff injury years ago.

Well done on the eating!

bearcountrygg on 09/25/2020:
D had a good round of PT after a knee replacement and it was a lot of help....she was tough on him but it pushed him to work harder....and was worthwhile.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/25/2020:
proud of you legs! you are doing GREAT GREAT GREAT. be proud of your recovery process!

Donkey on 09/25/2020:
I LOVE PT! The results are amazing.

legcramps - Tuesday Sep 22, 2020

Weight: 0.0


September 21 - 3 sets of heel presses, abc's, mobility stretches, spin bike 20 minutes, and weight-bearing on one crutch. Took all my supplements, protein and vitamins, and one pain med. Had the day off work. 

September 22 - 3 sets of heel presses, abc's, mobility stretches, spin bike 20 minutes, AND weight-bearing with no crutches! I managed that for a few minutes before my calf started complaining very loudly  I went into the office today until 1:00. Took all my supplements, protein and vitamins, and two pain meds.

I have not been focusing on my diet too much, trying to use all my energy to focus on healing. Today I had a banana, coffee, hash browns with eggs and toast, a croissant, some potato chips, a slice of pizza and a kale salad with baked chicken breast. So not great. I wish I had the energy and focus to work on my healing AND my nutrition, but my brain is not capable of taking on that many things at once LOL.

Forging ahead! One week of physio is complete!

grannyannie on 09/23/2020:
Yes, focus on healing is the best plan! Hope you heal quickly!

bearcountrygg on 09/23/2020:
I agree...just deal with healing...you need to eat to heal.

Donkey on 09/23/2020:
^I too agree with focusing on healing. It's just so frustrating that the nutrition can't fall into place effortlessly. Maybe there's a little comfort eating, there?

You're coming asking quite nicely! I was impressed that you were able to be crutch-less for a bit!

Horn_of_plenty on 09/23/2020:
maybe not focused on diet, but you are focused on the ankle and how you are training it for it's strength. one thing at a time, once the ankle is more healed then you can refocus more on nutrition!

but, you do have a LOT of knowledge on nutrition and you aren't a beginning, so even without thinking you can do pretty well on that end :)

legcramps on 09/24/2020:
good point, HoP. No excuses now LOL.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/24/2020:
but with that, it's ok to indulge and eat the things you like!!! :)

legcramps - Monday Sep 21, 2020

Weight: 0.0


September 18th - I drove myself to work today! The morning in the office took a lot out of me though, and I had to rest my ankle once I got home. So I didn't do as much physio as the day before, but I still managed my abc's, a set of heel presses, and I got on the bike for another 15 minutes. I had to ice my ankle for a bit in the evening, and took two pain meds.

September 19th - BF came and we went to the gym. I did my abc's, two sets of heel presses, and spin bike for 15 minutes. While I was at the gym I also did some stretching and mobility work with resistance bands which felt pretty good. I overdid it afterwards when we went for groceries, we spent almost an hour in the store, and all I had were my crutches so I definitely got my workout in, but strained the muscles and tendons in my calf. One pain med.

September 20th - day 5 of physio went well. Still feeling strain in my tendon, but funny enough it doesn't hurt as much when I put pressure on it... three sets of heel presses, abc's, and bike 15 minutes with increased resistance. To compare, on the 2nd day of physio I went 3.43km on the bike, and on this day I went 5.51km. I also completed 10 laps around my kitchen using only one of my crutches! No pain, but I still took a pain med later for the calf strain. I also managed an actual bath, and was able to soak my extremely dry foot in the tub!

I had a sneaky suspicion that I actually had vacation days today and Friday this week, and sure enough when I logged in from home this morning I realized it was so. So a slight change in my work schedule will include days in the office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday instead, as long as I can stay in the office. I'll have three days to rest after Thursday so I think I can manage that.

So pumped that I managed to walk with one crutch yesterday! I'm going to work on that again today. You guys should see my calf muscle though...or should I say lack of calf muscle lol. It's hilarious to compare my legs, I literally have so much work to do to get that muscle back. I think that's going to be more of an issue than mobilizing my ankle will be!!

I jiggle my calf with my finger every so often because it amazes me how there is no muscle there. I cannot remember a time when my calves weren't the strongest part of my body.

bearcountrygg on 09/21/2020:
I know how it is to get out of a cast, It is like having to learn to use that limb all over again......having to regain any strength....I'm glad to hear that you will have some days off......take it slow.

Donkey on 09/21/2020:
Are you wearing a boot? How is that working for you?

Oh my, I'm not so sure I would want to see your lack of muscle in the calf. But you're right- you'll have work to do, when you're ready. I share your amazement at how quickly the changes go. Well, atrophy is easy. I think building your calf muscle back up will take time and effort.

legcramps on 09/22/2020:
Yes, i'm wearing a boot and it's going well. I take it off as much as I can so that I can start getting used to not being dependent on it all the time.

It sure will take time, but time is something i've got in spades and I won't be doing anything else until the end of October for sure - so lots of time to get there slowly and work my way up the right way!

And now I can tell my fitness clients exactly how long it might take for muscle atrophy to occur in the calf ;) Consistency really is the key in rebuilding these muscle groups, but I know I can do it if I just keep at it.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/22/2020:
you are def doing great...try to be gentle to yourself with the strain. you sound soooo positive! :) you are doing good.

legcramps - Friday Sep 18, 2020

Weight: 0.0


September 17th

AM: B12, Calcium, protein, aspirin 

PM: meds for inflammation, glutamine, iron 

PHYSIO: heel presses 1 set of 3 x 10 seconds; abc's for mobility; spin bike 15 minutes

Felt like a good day yesterday; I accomplished what I wanted with physio, and when I got on the bike was surprised to note that it was much easier to pedal than the day before. I still felt so good after 10 minutes that I decided to try for 15. The entire physio session including the bike took me 40 minutes to complete, so I think that was definitely enough!

I didn't think I would get through the whole alphabet tracing with my toes, but I did eventually. I stopped a few times for a quick rest. Some of the letters were...uncomfortable to trace...but I didn't feel any pain.

I went back to doing the heel presses because I thought it would help with weight-bearing and eventually getting rid of the crutches.

Moral of the story is everything is feeling pretty good - knock on wood!


Monday AM in the office, PM work from home

Tuesday work from home

Wednesday AM extend to 2:00 p.m. in the office, off for the rest of the day

Thursday work from home

Friday ALL DAY in the office

We'll see how this goes; trying to slowly work my way back to a full time office routine. I hate working from home in this position, it is not conducive to efficient work processes.

grannyannie on 09/18/2020:
Glad you are making progress with physio.

bearcountrygg on 09/18/2020:
Happy for you ......

Donkey on 09/19/2020:
Isn't it wonderful when you try something, and it doesn't hurt any more?

I think you have a good plan, although Friday sounds a bit ambitious. Please be amenable! However, I do see that you would have the weekend to rest and recover if Friday is a long day.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/19/2020:
the is really wonderful how much you are progressing! all of your previous bike riding and physical activity will certainly serve to help you in recovery!! you have a lot of muscle that will be able to work for you as you recover too. so happy to hear these good things!

Horn_of_plenty on 09/19/2020:
i may start doing the alphabet a couple times a week with one of my ankles also, the weak one!

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