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legcramps - Tuesday Oct 29, 2019

Weight: 0.0

SLEEP STATS: 7 hours, 17 minutes


#1 Active Every Day (28/31)

#2 Track Food

I laid in bed for an extra 20 minutes this morning and almost made myself late for work.

I had almost nothing to give to my workout yesterday. Tonight is bootcamp, so hopefully I will be able to kick it into high gear and get one last really good workout in (Wednesday and Thursday I plan to either do yoga or shovel snow - light activity only for the rest of the month). But yeah, wasn't kidding when I said I needed a break LOL. Every step I took felt like I was slogging through quicksand.


toast with peanut butter, coffee with protein, krill oil, b12, vitamin C,

water with BCAAs, glutamine, grapes,

rice, bell pepper, chicken bacon,


tuna salad sandwich, nuts 'n bolts (geez)

Maria7 on 10/29/2019:
You are very disciplined with your workouts.

BearCountryGG on 10/29/2019:
Laying in bed for awhile is a luxury...I do that too.

Donkey on 10/30/2019:
Oh I know that heavy feeling in your muscles from fatigue.... I hope bootcamp went well!

happy-1 on 10/30/2019:
I feel you, I'm slogging through quicksand too.

legcramps - Monday Oct 28, 2019

Weight: 0.0

SLEEP STATS: 6 hours, 32 minutes


#1 Active Every Day (27/31)

#2 Track Food

I'm so ready for my October goals to be complete! I need a couple of rest days. 27 consecutive days of working out is exhausting LOL. And tracking my food on weekends is irritating when I don't spend any time at a computer. 

It was a good weekend; got to spend time with BF, one of his kids, a few friends, and BF's sister on Sunday when we got together to make nuts n' bolts (those things are dangerously yummy). 

Yesterday morning the snow started falling. It fell most of the day, and this morning when I was driving home it picked up again. It is snowing fairly steadily now, and it feels like this time it's going to stick around. I have to drive into the city to coach today after work, so we'll see what the roads are looking like then.

I needed more oranges so I bought a whole bag of 6 or 7 and when I went to cut one up on Saturday to take to the gym with me, I realized they were grapefruits, not oranges. Yuck. I hate grapefruit, and now I have a whole bag of them! Will have to find someone to give them to.


toast with peanut butter, coffee with protein, krill oil, b12, vitamin C,

water with BCAAs, glutamine,

rice, two eggs, ketchup,

water, grapes, bell pepper, coffee with protein,

turkey sub

happy-1 on 10/28/2019:
I love your entries. It’s like you are in the front of our pack and setting the pace.

BearCountryGG on 10/28/2019:
Bummer about the oranges that weren't!!!

happy-1 on 10/28/2019:
Ha, I actually love grapefruit and feel the same way about oranges.

legcramps on 10/28/2019:
It's too bad you're not a lot closer LOL, you could have the whole bag of 'em!

Donkey on 10/29/2019:
Very interesting observation about consecutive days of working out... I don't rest nearly enough either.

Sounds like a lovely weekend, with the exception of the snow, but as you live further north, I suppose that's to be expected. See my comments to Bear today: I am not ready for this.

legcramps on 10/29/2019:
Going, going, going isn't very healthy for us. Now, if I would include more yoga in MY lifestyle, maybe consecutive days of 'exercise' wouldn't be such an issue if I replaced two per week with yoga instead.

legcramps - Sunday Oct 27, 2019

Weight: 0.0

SLEEP STATS: 7 hours, 59 minutes (ugg i can't reach 8 hours to save my life!)


#1 Active Every Day (26/31)

#2 Track Food


chocolate protein pancakes, turkey bacon, two eggs, coffee with protein, krill oil, b12, vitamin C,

water with beta alanine,

nuts 'n bolts,

fried rice, pork ribs, chicken skewers, noodles, broccoli,

mr. freezie :)

EXERCISE - gym workout x 2

happy-1 on 10/28/2019:
You very likely did sleep 8h. the trackers take an hour or more to start tracking your sleep. What tracker are you using?

legcramps on 10/28/2019:
I use a fitbit charge 3; when I look at my sleep stats it literally starts when i've just jumped into bed and tracks awake time until I fall asleep, so I think it's actually pretty accurate. Every time i've woken up through the night (and remembered it), when i've checked the stats they have lined up almost perfectly and show 'awake' time.

happy-1 on 10/28/2019:
I think the Garmin is more accurate.

happy-1 on 10/28/2019:
So basically, you probably did sleep 8h

legcramps on 10/29/2019:
Thanks, it was close enough either way :)

Donkey on 10/29/2019:
I have a hard enough time trying to reach the 7-hour mark for sleep.

legcramps on 10/29/2019:
I just simply couldn't function on less than 7 hours of sleep, especially if that's all I got night after night.

legcramps - Saturday Oct 26, 2019

Weight: 0.0

SLEEP STATS: 7 hours, 20 minutes


#1 Active Every Day (25/31)

#2 Track Food


toast with peanut butter, coffee with protein, krill oil, b12, vitamin C,

water with BCAAs, glutamine, banana,

leftover vegan burger, sweet potato fries,

water with beta alanine, two mandarin oranges,

two slices pizza, snacks at friends (salsa, tortilla chips)

EXERCISE - gym workout

happy-1 on 10/28/2019:
Are you doing soy?

legcramps on 10/28/2019:
Yes; although I haven't had soy yet, it is on the list of good to go for my vegan November challenge. I just picked up oat milk and I want to try that - if I like it, I will likely use that rather than soy when I get a chance. At some point, I want to try cooking firm tofu into a noodle dish, and tempeh into 'bacon'.

happy-1 on 10/28/2019:
Back when I was doing vegan, I was all over the soy pulp from making soymilk for filler in my vegan burgers. Vegan made me so hungry okara was the only thing that kept me from biting people.


legcramps on 10/29/2019:
Ha! Thanks for the link.

legcramps - Friday Oct 25, 2019

Weight: 0.0

SLEEP STATS: 6 hours, 32 minutes (pffffffft)


#1 Active Every Day (24/31)

#2 Track Food

Bootcamp yesterday. BF came along, but it was not his cup of tea; it was an easier session even for me, so for him it didn't have the desired effect at all. He's got a calorie goal for October and the session didn't really get him to his goal for the day. I figure I forced an active rest day on him, in a sneaky way, which he needs from time to time. So it all worked out well in my opinion LOL.

We ended up making vegan burgers for supper instead of the curry. Since it was my Dad's birthday and he's been gone for just over two years now, I wanted to make something that I thought he would have enjoyed. It's sort of a tradition - last year, we split a HUGE meat burger in his honour ;)

We had it with sweet potato fries, and it was delicious! Once I had all the ingredients, it was super easy to make. I think, maybe, the hardest part of our move to a vegan-based diet will be having the right ingredients on hand so we're not constantly running to the grocery store.

Coaching tonight and a quick workout before heading home. I have to coach tomorrow, then BF and I are going to a friend's to hang out for a bit. Spending the weekend at BF's again.


toast with peanut butter, coffee with protein, krill oil, b12, vitamin C,

water with BCAAs, glutamine, 

leftover vegan burger, water with beta alanine,

leftover vegan burger, sweet potato fries, black bean tortillas with salsa

EXERCISE - gym workout

grannyannie on 10/25/2019:
Dinner looks yummy

BearCountryGG on 10/25/2019:
Sweet potato fries...look so good!

happy-1 on 10/25/2019:
Wow that looks good. Your dad would definitely have eaten it.

Donkey on 10/26/2019:
Your dinner photo looks so delicious! A very nice tribute to your dad, if I do say so...

That's funny about getting the BF to "rest" by doing a "lighter" workout. That made me smile.

legcramps - Thursday Oct 24, 2019

Weight: 0.0

SLEEP STATS: 8 hours, 3 minutes (YES!)


#1 Active Every Day (23/31)

#2 Track Food

I made it to a Hatha yoga class last night, which was really nice. I also managed to cut the grass one last time before the snow decides to stick around. AND I got a full 8 hours of sleep, finally! Oh man, i've been working on this all month.

I took the afternoon off work so that I could get the grass cut and do a few other things, but I ended up sitting on the couch for an extra long period of time with a slice of the leftover apple pie from Thanksgiving weekend. At least it's finished now and no more pie in the house for these vegan-folk. Maybe one day i'll try making a vegan pie. Tonight i'm going to try my hand at a vegan curry.

Would have been my Dad's birthday today; he'd be turning 67 if he was still around. Today might be a hard day.


toast with peanut butter, coffee with protein, krill oil, b12,

water with BCAAs, glutamine, banana,

vegan fried rice with soft tacos and guacamole,


vegan burger with sweet potato fries,

black bean tortillas with salsa

BearCountryGG on 10/24/2019:
Those particular days are tough...yesterday was 5 years since my Mom passed....Thinking about you today....the pie sounds good.

grannyannie on 10/24/2019:
Sorry. Those anniversaries are tough. I miss my mom often and it's been 21 years.

happy-1 on 10/26/2019:
Definitely a good day to take it a little easy.

legcramps - Wednesday Oct 23, 2019

Weight: 0.0

SLEEP STATS: 7 hours, 11 minutes


#1 Active Every Day (22/31)

#2 Track Food

Still feeling extra energy during the day, though again I wanted to sleep in this morning. Looks like mornings will always be hard, no matter what I eat LOL.

Went to bootcamp last night. I still wore my knee sleeve BUT I am feeling a lot less tension in my knee the last couple of days. I don't know whether to attribute that to the modifications i've made in my workouts, the extra air sock time, or my nutrition, but I think it's likely a little of everything.

Not too sure what i'll do for my workout today; i'd been using Wednesdays as an active recovery day so it might be a walk or maybe I will do some yardwork and count it as my activity for today. First step is to get through the workday.


toast with peanut butter, coffee with protein, krill oil, b12,

water with BCAAs, glutamine, banana,

vegan fried rice with lettuce, small tortillas, guacamole,

orange, apple pie with whip cream,

vegan burritos

BearCountryGG on 10/23/2019:
Peanut butter....just sayin....possibly my most favorite food in the world...I think it just may have magical powers!!! I just discovered peanut butter and honey.......oh my!

innerpeace on 10/23/2019:
I read that the first thing that happens when you stop eating meat is inflammation goes down, so maybe that is helping your knee. PB is one of my favorite things too.

grannyannie on 10/23/2019:
Yes to PB!!! If you have set honey (very thick) try that with PB. OMG.

happy-1 on 10/23/2019:
I just tried RX bar brand peanut butter. You have to stir it, but it is really good.

legcramps - Tuesday Oct 22, 2019

Weight: 0.0

SLEEP STATS: 7 hours, 6 minutes


#1 Active Every Day (21/31)

#2 Track Food

A decent workout yesterday; started with stair climbing, then did a 20 minute circuit, and finished on the bike. I could have kept riding the bike much longer. Definitely went vegan for 80% of the day yesterday. The extra carbs make me feel like I have enough energy to share with EVERYONE, but I did still want to sleep in this morning LOL.


toast with peanut butter, coffee with protein, krill oil, b12,


vegan fried rice with lettuce, water with BCAAs, glutamine,

orange, potato chips right after work,

vegan burritos

Donkey on 10/23/2019:
That's very interesting about all the extra energy. I just learned yesterday that type O blood (which I am) doesn't do well with vegetarian/vegan eating. I'm not sure how much credit I put into the "Blood Type Diet", but that would explain things a bit.

Also, I love how you're doing it 80/20, so that it's not so strict at least to start off with. I had to LOL at your coffee creamer though. I am **SO** with you on that. I can change most things for a while at least, but DON"T MESS WITH MY COFFEE!

BearCountryGG on 10/23/2019:
Carbs...the happiness food...and the gut likes it too......

happy-1 on 10/23/2019:
Yum. I bet you are a great cook.

legcramps - Monday Oct 21, 2019

Weight: 0.0

SLEEP STATS: 5 hours, 57 minutes


#1 Active Every Day (20/31)

#2 Track Food

It was quite the whirlwind weekend. Only two more weeks left in October; I can hardly believe it. I am still going strong on my October goals and my body is actually getting used to working out every day. It's adapting well; i'm recovering pretty quickly now and have been managing my energy levels alright. Maybe it's not perfect, but it's been pretty good! I have averaged a calorie burn of 470 kcal every workout, over and above any other activity I do throughout the day. My eating has increased a bit because of the extra activity, so I don't feel like I lost any weight, but I also haven't stepped on the scale to find out.

So, BF and I were talking over the weekend about nutrition. To make a long story much shorter, we have decided to try an 80:20 approach to eating vegan. It's way out in left field for both of us - we love our eggs, bacon, steak, etc. But we kept hearing about increased energy levels, increased performance with a vegan nutrition plan, and finally decided we should at least do a trial run. It won't be easy for us - it's a whole new way of eating and cooking that we'll have to overcome. We plan to start in November and will try it for at least the month.

In preparation, i've been researching various vegan recipes. Yesterday, we made a huge batch of black bean burritos, as well as vegan fried rice. Both are absolutely delicious. I also picked up the ingredients to make vegan sour cream, so i'll be making that this week as well.

Part of my :20 will be the protein creamer that I add in my coffee every day since it has animal proteins, but I just can't cut it out completely. The other part of the :20 will be the days or meals where we choose to have meat or eggs. 

If anyone has any great vegan recipes that closely resemble meat and potatoes but don't have the word 'tofu' or 'tempeh' in it, please send them my way ;) I know, that's a tall order. I'm feeling there will be a lot of black beans in my future...


toast with peanut butter, coffee with protein, krill oil, b12,


vegan fried rice on lettuce, no sauce,

coffee with protein, orange,

vegan black bean burritos, ice cream for dessert

innerpeace on 10/21/2019:
i have been eating meatless, not totally vegan yet. good luck to you.

grannyannie on 10/21/2019:
Good luck on going all vegan. I managed for 6 months and then went vegetarian. But I felt great!

legcramps - Sunday Oct 20, 2019

Weight: 0.0

SLEEP STATS: 8 hours, 38 minutes (oh yeaaaaah!)


banana, coffee with protein,

pancakes with protein isolate, peanut butter, two eggs,

black bean burrito

EXERCISE:  gym workout

grannyannie on 10/20/2019:
Good sleep!

Horn_of_plenty on 10/20/2019:
nice job on sleep also :) and you sound better!

Donkey on 10/20/2019:
Envious on your sleep - way to go!!!

BearCountryGG on 10/21/2019:
good sleeping.

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