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legcramps - Monday Mar 18, 2019

Weight: 0.0


MONDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 6:30-7:30; 6 hours, 21 minutes

TUESDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 6-8:30; REST;

WEDNESDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 5-6;

THURSDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 5-6;

FRIDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-8; REST;

SATURDAY - Workout 10-11;

SUNDAY - Workout 2-4;

It's looking like a slower week this week both at work and at the gym, so that will be nice (knock on wood). This weekend was rough, so I need a slowdown.

Friday night I got home from coaching and discovered I had water in my basement! I looked and looked for the source, and finally found a small pin hole opening in a copper water pipe leading to my water heater. There wasn't much I could do about it at the time, so I tried my best to tape it up overnight. On Saturday I was scheduled to coach from 8:00 to 1:30 - I sent my boss a message and she let me leave at 12:00 instead so I could be at home; plumber came around 3:30, and it was fixed by 4:00 thank goodness! I did some cleaning, then drove to BF's. We went to the gym and worked out, and I pretty well collapsed after that - game over for me.

Sunday I woke up not feeling great, and a terrible headache stayed with me for most of the day so I was off and on napping throughout. We went to BF's sister's for a visit, then to the gym for another workout. I felt better after that, and we went out for supper. Then BF and I had a moral disagreement, and it upset me for the rest of the night. We don't fight much, so when it does happen, I never feel good about it.

I am thinking I will hit the gym tonight and take part in a coaching session 6:30-7:30. I need to start adding in more workouts to my week, and not having to think about what to do for one of them would be nice, so trying to fit in Monday coaching sessions sounds reasonable to me - and possibly do-able. We'll see how it goes!

Hello Fresh is arriving tomorrow, so leftovers from the fridge today and not cooking anything big tonight for supper.

horn_of_plenty on 03/18/2019:
It's so good the plumbing situation worked out so "conveniently" for you thank gosh it wasn't a bigger hassle!

Do you want to share this moral argument???

What do you mean by adding in a coaching session means adding in a workout?

legcramps on 03/18/2019:
I know, i'm so grateful I didn't have further issues with the leaking pipe!

Basically, there was a situation, BF didn't feel like it was a big deal, and I did. I felt like it was wrong in a lot of different ways and I just couldn't believe that he didn't feel the same way about the situation, like he doesn't 'get it'. But if I really felt like we couldn't work through it, I would just walk away. There are some things I do not want in my life - I want to be a good role model for my nieces and nephew, for the people around me - and so those 'things' are NOT ALLOWED space in my life. If they end up in it, I will walk. No question.

I mean I am going to get in a coaching session from someone else instead of me doing the coaching tonight :)

Donkey on 03/19/2019:
Slower weeks can be a real blessing.

I'm sorry about the disagreement with the boyfriend. It might just be one of those things where you agree to disagree.

legcramps - Friday Mar 15, 2019

Weight: 0.0


MONDAY - Work 8-4; REST; 7 hours, 3 minutes

TUESDAY - Work 8-12; Massage 2-3; Workout 4-6; Coach 6-8:30; 8 hours, 54 minutes

WEDNESDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 5-66 hours, 33 minutes / 1 hour nap in afternoon

THURSDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 7-8; 8 hours, 7 minutes

FRIDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 3:30-8; Workout 8-9; 7 hours, 29 minutes

SATURDAY - Coach 8-2; Drive to BF's; Workout 4-5;

SUNDAY - Workout 2-4;

Got my workout in yesterday, a nice run for about 35 minutes total, some walking, and some stretching. About 55 minutes total. Good.

I offered to work extra today at the gym to cover for someone else, so leaving work early by one hour and will cover three group sessions tonight. Then if I am not too tired, i'll get some biking in before I head home for the night.

I had homemade burgers for dinner last night - stuffed thin crust buns with ceasar salad and a burger, turned out quite yummy. I'll have that for leftovers after the gym - so I won't have to cook a meal tonight thank goodness.

I thought I had skipped hello fresh next week, but I see it came out on my credit card. I should pay more attention LOL. Mexican pork tacos, pan-seared steak, and chili chicken is on it's way to me. Sounds good!

Today is flying by - almost coffee time. Time to break out my morning snack of mixed fruit - pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries! Yum!

Horn_of_plenty on 03/16/2019:
what a tasty assortment of fruit you've got going on!

have fun coaching your sessions tonight!!

Also that burger sounds delish with the caeser salad in it too.

at least the hello fresh deliveries are giving you a chance to explore cooking more. i'm sooooo not at that point yet! (and do NOT want to be!) lately, i'm not into cooking.

Donkey on 03/16/2019:
Well done on your weekday sleeping!!!

horn_of_plenty on 03/18/2019:
i agree with Donkey...last night was really late for me (6hours?), so i gotta catch up tonight!

legcramps - Thursday Mar 14, 2019

Weight: 0.0


MONDAY - Work 8-4; REST; 7 hours, 3 minutes

TUESDAY - Work 8-12; Massage 2-3; Workout 4-6; Coach 6-8:30; 8 hours, 54 minutes

WEDNESDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 5-66 hours, 33 minutes / 1 hour nap in afternoon

THURSDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 5-6; 8 hours, 7 minutes

FRIDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-8; REST;

SATURDAY - Coach 8-2; Workout 2-3;

SUNDAY - Workout 2-4;

I'm glad i'm not as concerned about perfection as I used to be, because I didn't get in a workout yesterday either. Which means I should have taken my rest week as this week instead of last week LOL. The good thing is that I still worked pretty hard at my workouts last week, so a little extra rest this week might be exactly what I need. And, if I get my run done today, I can do the bike after coaching tomorrow, and still hit my strength workout on Saturday. It will all work out in the end i'm sure.

I decided to do some deep cleaning in the house, and I focused on that instead of working out. My bathroom was a mess, and really needed a good cleaning. Once I got that done, I headed into the kitchen. I would love to be able to work through the whole house and give it a good spring cleaning, but I think I will save that for April and take a few days off work to get it all done.

I'm doing some extra coverage at work for the next week or so. It will create busier days for me, so i'm happy I don't have much else on the go other than my regular coaching shifts. On that note, i'd better get to it!

horn_of_plenty on 03/14/2019:
sounds good to me...it must feel great to have a lot of the rooms cleaned. it is work and a workout, usually!

legcramps - Wednesday Mar 13, 2019

Weight: 0.0


MONDAY - Work 8-4; REST; 7 hours, 3 minutes

TUESDAY - Work 8-12; Massage 2-3; Workout 4-6; Coach 6-8:30; 8 hours, 54 minutes

WEDNESDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 5-6; 6 hours, 33 minutes / 1 hour nap in afternoon

THURSDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 5-6;

FRIDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-8; REST;

SATURDAY - Coach 8-2; Workout 2-3;

SUNDAY - Workout 2-4;

I've been feeling a bit crummy since I got my massage yesterday afternoon; I think it's because it released a LOT of tension in my neck and shoulders. I left feeling quite nauseus even, and had to go back to BF's and take a nap rather than get in a long workout.

So no workout for me yesterday, but i'm oddly OK with that. I think it's because I still feel a little 'ugh'. I should up my water intake, I know it will help if I can stay hydrated today.

Instead of getting ourselves new road bikes this year, BF and I are thinking about purchasing a camper trailer for the summer. We know someone who is selling theirs - it's 42 years old! - it has a couple of beds, bathroom, small fridge, stove and furnace, and we think that is all we really need. They are asking $2,000 for it, but BF will try to negotiate a lower price. We got some money from my family for Christmas, so I think we will use part of that to buy it. I'm kind of excited; i've never owned a camper before and I always felt like they were so AWESOME LOL. Even though it is old, I feel like we could recover the cushions and make new curtains for it, and that would help it feel a little newer.

A bike ride is on the schedule for a workout today; I think I will do it on the trainer at home so that I can multi-task and get some laundry done. Then just relax for the rest of the night!

horn_of_plenty on 03/13/2019:
based on your advice below, i think i "over-rolled" the sensitive spots on my legs...will try to do it correctly maybe tonight!

horn_of_plenty on 03/13/2019:
wow, nice 8hrs 54 min...sounds like my sort of "perfect" sleeping day!

not too many people own campers in my part of NY, but, that could be so cool for traveling and then just having a convenient place to sleep! talk about major savings in hotel fees!

i cannot believe it's still good 42 years later!?

legcramps on 03/14/2019:
Yeah, that sleep was pretty awesome!

I didn't believe it would still be good shape either, but for 42 years old it's doing pretty well. Of course, there are some things that have been fixed or replaced already, and i'm sure we will have to do a little bit of repairs/renos to it as well, but for the most part it's still a much better deal than anything newer that we've seen!

legcramps - Monday Mar 11, 2019

Weight: 0.0


MONDAY - Work 8-4; REST; 7 hours, 3 minutes

TUESDAY - Work 8-12; Massage 2-3; Workout 4-6; Coach 6-8:30; 

WEDNESDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 5-6;

THURSDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 5-6;

FRIDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-8; REST;

SATURDAY - Coach 8-2; Workout 2-3;

SUNDAY - Workout 2-4;

I had a rough end to last week; Friday early morning I woke up not feeling great. I don't know if it was food poisoning, or a stomach bug, but I was violently ill for about four hours in the morning. I called in sick, and then ended up having to beg out of my coaching sessions that night as well. I literally had nothing left by the end of the night. I was supposed to go to BF's, and that didn't happen either. I did start feeling better around 5:30 on Friday night; i'm so thankful it didn't last into Saturday.

On Saturday, the plan was to go snowshoeing in the morning, then drive into the city for a concert and do some shopping. When BF got to my place early Saturday morning, I did not think I was going to be able to do much because my body was so spent from being sick, and I hadn't had much to eat, but I really didn't want to spoil the day for BF so we decided that we would go to the snowshoeing event, and I would just do what I could so that we could try to enjoy some fresh air. Well, it was AWESOME. The best thing I could have done. At first, it was tough going - I was very unbalanced and even fell once. I thought I was going to be miserable LOL. Then, we got onto a groomed trail, and it was like night and day difference. I got into a groove and took off; BF was struggling to keep up with me! When we got back from snowshoeing and started our drive into the city, I was finally able to eat and drink.

We did our shopping, and had a small bite to eat before heading to the concert - Randy Bachman and Lynyrd Skynyrd. It was a pretty good concert, and we had our seats upgraded from row 11 on the floor to row 4 on the floor, so that was cool. It was close to midnight when we got out of the concert, and I was hungry again - Yay! So we stopped for some food and then went to BF's cousin's place for the night.

Sunday was spent visiting BF's cousin, then his son, then hitting Costco. We drove a little extra and did a loop - from the city about two hours to check out that bike I was talking about buying (I didn't), then another hour to BF's to drop off some fish he bought for his fish tank, then another hour back to my place for the night. It was a long day of driving! So i'm tired today, but I don't have much planned so I will just relax after work tonight.

Because of not feeling great, I took it easy on the workouts over the weekend. So tomorrow since I have the afternoon off for a massage, i'm going to hit the gym a bit early and get in my usual Sunday workout in - biking and running. As long as i'm feeling ok, this schedule change should be just fine.

Horn_of_plenty on 03/11/2019:
Wow! what a goooood difference in you feeling one way Friday and feeling wonderful Saturday! that's great that the snowshoeing worked out so well! sounds like so much fun!! and makes me want to try it!

great plans and great schedule! i love how you are so excited to work out and do active things. an active lifestyle is your motto!

horn_of_plenty on 03/13/2019:
i have been looking to use my foam roller (and well using it i should have said!) to promote blood flow. i'm so GLAD a finally bought one. mine is very hard, harder than most rollers, as i think i have a high pain tolerance and enjoy the feeling of rolling over the somewhat tough hard points on it.

legcramps on 03/13/2019:
I also enjoy harder foam rollers, LOL. One thing to point out when you're using a foam roller is when you feel a sensitive spot, you should actually stop rolling over it and simply increase stable pressure on it for about 40 seconds. That way, you give it a bit of 'pressure', which allows the muscle to relax - and voila there go those tough spots!!

legcramps - Thursday Mar 07, 2019

Weight: 0.0


MONDAY - Work 8-4; REST; 5 hours, 53 minutes

TUESDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 6:00-6:45; Coach 6:45-8:30; 7 hours, 47 minutes

WEDNESDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 4:15-5:15; Out with friends 6:30-8:30; 5 hours, 50 minutes

THURSDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 4:30-5:30; Out with friend 6:30-8:30; 8 hours, 4 minutes

FRIDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-8:00; REST;

SATURDAY - Workout 10:00-12:00; CONCERT;

SUNDAY - Not sure? Might still be in the city? Workout?

I went out with friends for supper last night. I hardly ever go out for supper anymore, so it was a nice change! I had chicken and salad, and took a lot of my food home with me for leftovers today.

On Tuesday, I jumped in on a challenge with some gym friends and we did two minutes of planking followed by two minutes of mountain climbers. I didn't have too many issues getting it done, but the reason i'm telling you is because today I can hardly cough without cringing because my ABS...they HURT. SO FUN.

I managed to stay on the bike last night for 50 minutes, which is pretty good considering I was going for anywhere between 30-45 minutes. I needed the time on the saddle (bike seat), but man I wish those seats were more comfortable! I normally wear bike shorts when i'm on a real bike saddle, but i've been having issues wearing them and heard that tri-shorts are much more comfortable (in many ways, one being TMI). So for the last two rides, i've worn my tri-shorts. They have a lot less padding on the bum, so my sit bones are SORE. I don't know how less padding is better than more padding, but I wanted to at least give it a fair shot. OUCH though.

Plan is to get in a run right after work, and then I have a coffee date with a friend later. Coaching tomorrow, and I think i'm going straight to BF's after because I might meet someone at BF's that is selling their road bike. I know, I know, I don't need another bike! Except, it's a much better one than my basic 'intro to road cycling' bike, and I need to start looking at higher quality bikes if I want to get better. They are selling it for $1200 (brand new it is worth $2,000). Mine is worth about $700 (brand new it was $1,300). If I sell two of my bikes that I wouldn't use if I had this one, there wouldn't be much of a difference left to pay, plus I might be able to negotiate $1,000. But first, I have to see it and decide if it really is better than the one I already have!

Donkey on 03/07/2019:
Great sleep! I hope you woke up refreshed!

That challenge - OUCH! So your abs are sore and your butt is sore. Oh my!

Let us know what you decide on the bike. I understand the temptation!

horn_of_plenty on 03/07/2019:
Very impressed with your workouts wow! that's a really tough gym challenge!

Will you be going bback to using the other biking shorts?

i need a new bike, too, but don't have money to spend. my current bike is not really a road bike, as i don't think it'd last on nyc streets, but, this current bike seems way too heavy - the material it's made out of - and i'm thinking i wish i had a nice, light bike. i think "Costco" wholesale store sells good ones more in my price range ($200)

legcramps - Wednesday Mar 06, 2019

Weight: 0.0


MONDAY - Work 8-4; REST; 5 hours, 53 minutes

TUESDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 6:00-6:45; Coach 6:45-8:30; 7 hours, 47 minutes

WEDNESDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 4:30-5:15; Out with friends 6:30-8:30; 5 hours, 50 minutes

THURSDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 4:30-5:30; Out with friend 6:30-8:30;

FRIDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-6:30; REST;

SATURDAY - Workout 10:00-12:00; CONCERT;

SUNDAY - Not sure? Might still be in the city? Workout?

I didn't get in as long of a workout as I wanted yesterday, so i'm going to try and get in another one today after work. It means no rest until Friday but I think that will be OK. I'll still take it easy tonight.

I have to try and remember to massage my shins and calves tonight when I get home, to prep them for my run tomorrow.

I did a 45 minute climbing workout on the bike yesterday before my coaching session started. One of my sessions got cancelled, so I had some extra time. I did a lot of climbing - about 30 seconds of full resistance climbing every two minutes, then moved that to every minute and a half. It was tough - felt like I took a bath in my own sweat LOL. I think tonight will be just straight cycling - no hills, and slow or easy cadence. I just want to put the time in on the bike - it doesn't have to be a killer workout every time! In fact, it shouldn't be. Balance!

So BF ended up making pizza for supper. I did tell him that I wasn't impressed that he changed his mind from making chicken noodle soup. He was so good about it, he said he would still make the soup if I wanted it, but by that point I only wanted the pizza LOL. Today will be chicken, chicken and more chicken. And lots of water. I woke up in the middle of the night thirsting for water - that usually never happens, so i'm thinking I haven't been drinking enough lately.

Donkey on 03/06/2019:
Looks like sleep wasn't the best. Hope you can catch some more tonight. I too change up the levels of my biking. Love those nice and easy days, but it's the more challenging days that make them extra special!

horn_of_plenty on 03/06/2019:
one thing i do most mornings is use a scrub on my arms and legs....it doesn't take long but i like the feeling of adding a lilttle circulation to my body...i feel a scrub or a scrubbing sponge help me and circulation.

soup would have been nice especially slow cooker type...

legcramps on 03/07/2019:
Yes! I exfoliate every time I shower or bath, and that definitely helps with circulation :)

legcramps - Tuesday Mar 05, 2019

Weight: 0.0


MONDAY - Work 8-4; REST; 5 hours, 51 minutes

TUESDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 5:30-6:30; Coach 6:30-8:00; 7 hours, 47 minutes

WEDNESDAY - Work 8-4; Out with friends 6:30-8:30; REST;

THURSDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 5:30-6:30;

FRIDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-6:30; REST;

SATURDAY - Workout 10:00-12:00; CONCERT;

SUNDAY - Not sure? Might still be in the city? Workout?

It felt like I got lots of sleep last night; hoping to knock off some to do's that have been sitting on my desk at work for awhile now. Not quite ready to 'attack' it, but i'm willing to step into it slowly ;)

I had roast chicken and leftover veggies and rice for supper last night, did some laundry, took a bath and went straight to bed. I only stayed up long enough to watch part of Dirty John on Netflix, and then it was Lights Out!

Just going to work on getting through my Tuesday over here. I might pick up some dinner buns at lunch today and make chicken sandwiches for lunch. Supper is at BF's and he WAS going to make chicken noodle soup but he changed his mind and wants to make pizza now instead. I don't think he is being very supportive of me trying to eat healthier. I just finished telling him that if I lost a few pounds it would make my training cycle for these summer events a lot easier. I guess he doesn't agree!

Donkey on 03/06/2019:
The chicken dinner sounds lovely. I would say that if you are in training, optimal nutrition would serve you best. (I know you know this.) Not so much the "losing a few pounds" as an objective, but eating for optimal performance.

I struggle with nutrition - ALWAYS. Some folks don't, or don't have to. Last night, I had a completely different dinner than the rest of my family because they wanted take-out, and I wanted to stay on track. I'm completely OK with that, but had to work hard to convince everyone that this really was OK to do.

legcramps on 03/06/2019:
Yes, you're right. I should be more focused on what i'm eating, however in the past this has tended to take me to a place where i'm no longer happy and I would rather avoid that if possible.

I do try to plan most of my meals through the week, but when it's BF's turn I try to leave it up to him. I will say that a lot of the time he does make nutritious meals - but sometimes we both would just prefer to have something quick, and not so good for us. Life is a balance, and that's how I prefer to live it, so i'm trying hard day-to-day to make it work for me!

horn_of_plenty on 03/06/2019:
somehow i forgot to write on your entry yesterday...so here i am today!

lol, that's good he can stay lean on pizza! kudos to him! i surely couldn't do it!

legcramps - Monday Mar 04, 2019

Weight: 0.0


MONDAY - Work 8-4; REST; 5 hours, 51 minutes

TUESDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 5:30-6:30; Coach 6:30-8:00; 

WEDNESDAY - Work 8-4; Out with friends 6:30-8:30; REST;

THURSDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 5:30-6:30;

FRIDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-6:30; REST;

SATURDAY - Workout 10:00-12:00; CONCERT;

SUNDAY - Not sure? Might still be in the city? Workout?

We had a pretty eventful weekend. I was so exhausted from the last couple of busy weeks, but I pulled through my last work shift for the week on Saturday, got in a strength workout, and we even got to go out to see a movie that night. We watched Alita - so good. The popcorn was good too LOL. On Sunday we did our usual weekend warrior workout routine - a 1350 meter swim, 40 minute bike ride, and I did a 15 minute run off the bike. It all felt pretty good, and now i'm finished my cutback week and on to bigger goals this week.

I'm looking forward to the week - less work, more workouts!

I had to take my car in to the shop for repairs today; the heater hasn't been working great - which is no good with all the cold weather we've been experiencing lately. I hope they get it figured out before I head to BF's tomorrow night to coach. I am going to try and get my one hour bike ride in tomorrow as well, instead of Wednesday. I should have the time, and I would like to keep Wednesday open for a gathering with friends without having to rush through a workout first.

Then a bit of a harder run on Thursday, coach on Friday, and off to a concert in the city for the weekend. I'm still hoping to get my workouts in, but we'll see what happens. I'm not going to stress over having to move it to Monday if that means spending more time with BF and having fun in the city.

Yeah, definitely looking forward to this week! So glad the business of the last month is over.

Nothing planned for tonight; i'd like to head to bed early.

horn_of_plenty on 03/04/2019:
Did you rent the movie or go out to see it? New movie or older? What's it about that it's so good!?

You know, the "lazier you act, the lazier you become" and i've been feeding into this motto for the past 3 weeks BIG time. Even laying around all weekend, it seem i'm still exhausted come Monday morning...so, my goal is to be a LITTLE BIT more efficient on the weekend...for instance, i can research Paris AT THE LIBRARY COMPUTERS by me on the weekend so i'm off my couch at home (since i'm never in a research / work mode at home, i can be so much more productive if i'd just leave my apt!)...then again, maybe bc of the lack of sleep last week, it was a Preventative measure to lay on couch a lot of the weekend? (i doubt it).

like you, ii do not like to be rushing from a workout to see friends...i hate that rushed feeling especially after a workout. on the weekend, personally, i like to workout with little else going on that day. I'm such a HOMEBODY!

What concert are you going to see!? how exciting!

I'm so glad we're into March also! Like you, i have a "rest night" scheduled and i look forward to sleeping early again!

legcramps on 03/04/2019:
We went to the theater to see the movie; it's about a cyborg that is found by a cyber-doctor and he gets her a new body and wakes her up - the majority of the movie is about her remembering her past. But the cool part is that she is animated (like a simulation) but set in the 'real-world'. I don't know how else to explain it! It's really good though.

I really think you just had a rough week and needed some extra rest this weekend. Maybe your body is trying to fight off something too, and you just don't realize it. I know I sometimes have to shake off the 'lazy', but this could be more than that for you!

We are going to see Lynyard Skynyrd and Randy Bachman from BTO! I'm excited, it's some time away from home with BF - and I get to dress up a bit!

legcramps - Friday Mar 01, 2019

Weight: 0.0


MONDAY - Work 8:00-4:00; REST; 5 hours, 54 minutes

TUESDAY - Work 8:00-4:00; Coach 4:30-8:00; REST; 7 hours, 28 minutes

WEDNESDAY - Work 8:00-4:00; Coach 4:00-6:30; Workout 6:30-7:30; 5 hours, 58 minutes

THURSDAY - Work 8:00-4:00; Workout 6:00-7:30; REST; 6 hours, 23 minutes

FRIDAY - Work 8:00-4:00; Coach 4:30-6:30; REST; Workout 6:30-7:00; ARGH!

SATURDAY - Coach 8:00-1:00; Workout 12:00-1:00;

SUNDAY - Workout 1:00-2:00; Workout 2:30-4:00;

I took my fitbit off to charge it last night and forgot to put it back on before bed! It wouldn't be such a terrible thing if I had actually set it up to charge, but in my haste, it didn't connect so it didn't even charge!! Yep, it is the end of a busy week, I can tell LOL.

I got my email confirmation for the FEMSPORT competition in August; it lists the events that we MIGHT be doing during the competition - some of it is left up to decide the DAY BEFORE and competitors don't find out until the MORNING OF the event, so that's a little nerve-wracking! Anyways, there are six different disciplines:

Sandbag Burpee / Clean & Press, Box Jumps, Kettlebell Lift, Tire Pull, Obstacle Medley and Tire Flip. Each one has either a time limit or a rep limit; some have both! Lots of these are used with very heavy resistance, so it sure isn't going to be a walk in the park. Not that I was expecting a walk in the park, I knew it would be tough, but just wait til you read the next paragraph!

I got click-happy last night and signed up for another gran fondo (long bike ride), so now we are doing two of them this summer instead of just the normal one. God, why do I do this to myself?! I now have a total of FIVE events for the summer. I think I might throw up. That's a lot of stuff to train for!

1. Sprint Duathlon - 1.5 km run, 10 km bike, 1.5 km run

2. Gran Fondo - 80 km bike ride

3. Gran Fondo - 90 km bike ride

4. Sprint Triathlon - 750 meter swim, 20 km bike, 5 km run

5. FEMSPORT - see above!

To say I should be in the best shape of my life by the end of summer is an understatement.

horn_of_plenty on 03/01/2019:
i did a similar thing with one pair of my "travel" headphones that i like to keep in my bag! in my haste coming home, on the phone with a phone call, i also forgot to pack my headphones back in my bag. luckily for me, i have an extra set at work that i can use tonight if i want to walk a little during my commute and listen to music!

makes sense that some of the items on the femsport are last minute :) instead of thinking of it as nerve-wracking, consider it to be "part of the thrill of the race!" you are in shape so even if they are challenging, i have no doubt you'll do them and get thru them!

wow! 5 events!!!! that's like definitely a full summer! you must be excited!!!! so no time to travel right? these events will be your summer "thrills!"

Sprint Triathlon looks a LOT LONGER and more intense in kilometers than the duathlon. ...

very interesting.

if i were to sign up for something, i'd do a femsport type of race. i'm not in shape right now though as i am not jogging yet. i only plan to start any jogging after paris trip end of april, i think!

horn_of_plenty on 03/01/2019:
I think it's super duper for you to have a physically challenging summer like this!

If i were done with career type goals, and better fitness, i'd do spartan races...maybe another time in my life i will....(now is not the right time for it!)

Donkey on 03/01/2019:
Logging in from my phone to say how impressed I am with your summer endeavors! I'm excited for you!!!!

I have a fried in real life that sort of trains for this stuff. She's a runner who has transitioned into a long-distance biker. Not much on the swimming, lol. I'm in awe of her and so jealous of her lack of knee, foot, and back problems...

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