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legcramps - Tuesday Jun 03, 2014

Weight: 0.0


good eats, with some frozen yogurt thrown in for good measure

yardwork 1/2 hour

physiotherapy -

recumbant bike 20 minutes hard effort

probed and prodded my rolled ankle; i'm going to start wearing tensor wraps on my ankles to give them more support

analyzed my gait to see why I keep getting shin splints; must remember to walk off the first two toes of the feet!!! that probably means nothing to you, but it's something that I need to be reminding myself of every now and then.

then I drove to the city because I was fed up with my lack of summer clothing; spent way too much money and it will probably take me a full month to recover from that little spree

legcramps - Monday Jun 02, 2014

Weight: 0.0

I'm a little frightened to head to PT after work today and tell her that I rolled my ankle playing ball. I know she will just take it in stride, but I certainly don't want her to feel like she's not doing much for me - she's made a huge difference in my life so far!

My ankle feels much better anyways, and so does the achilles tendon. I think it's because I truly rested them this time instead of pushing it. Although I sure missed my yoga this weekend.

Friday - bike 1/2 hour and yardwork 1&1/2 hours, also baseball game was fabulous :)

Saturday - yardwork 4 hours and fireside chitchat later in the evening

Sunday - REST; stretched and did some situps, pushups, and planked for 45 seconds, but that was it; spent the day cleaning and getting organized for this week

All in all it was a great weekend, too bad it ended so quickly!


SkinInTheGame on 06/02/2014:
Glad to see you let yourself rest - you will get better faster!

It's Murphy's Law that when you think you've got a plan, something like that will bite you in the butt!

Sounds like you are getting the best of if!!

Hope you are 100% soon!

legcramps - Friday May 30, 2014

Weight: 0.0

We got a crazy storm yesterday that lasted for about half an hour; pretty sure a couple tornados went through as there's stuff strewn everywhere and some sheds and small buildings have completely changed location.

Part of the fence in my backyard was ripped up and toppled over when I got home. Guess i'll have to deal with that at some point, but right now i'm just glad everyone is safe and no one got hurt. Lots of other people I know have some major damage to their house and yards, so i'm not about to start complaining over a little bit of fence!

I took a total rest day and elevated my foot pretty well all evening. I watched a lot of Cougarwives, which left me feeling a little disgusted to be honest. I'm glad I don't make much time for television; most of it is just so meaningless.

This morning I wrapped my foot in an ankle brace and biked to work. It feels fine, so I think i'm definitely on the mend. Won't do much more today than a little yardwork though, just in case.

Have a great weekend!

Horn_of_plenty on 05/31/2014:
Oh gosh :( I am sooooo sorry to hear about the injury and that your Achilles' tendon is acting up. It makes me nervous to read these things bc I fear the same for myself actually :( I feel I will never recover....maybe if we changed our diets completely but I really really really don't want to :(

legcramps - Thursday May 29, 2014

Weight: 0.0

Yesterday was my first slopitch game of the season. In the third inning, I was playing field and caught a ground ball; as I was throwing it to second base (where we got the runner out), I overextended my left foot and twisted it pretty good. Thankfully, another player had a tensor bandage so I was able to wrap it and play out the rest of the game.

Sucker throbs though.

It feels like I did something to the top/right side of my foot, and then I also really ratched my achilles tendon. It's thoroughly pulled now, if it wasn't before.

This is obviously going to suck big time, because I can't do anything in terms of workouts. Can't bike, can't jog, yoga is pretty much out too. PT told me before that a strained achilles means three to six weeks off to recover. Obvs I didn't give it the time it needed to heal. I can be such an idiot.

I wanted to cry when I got home last night, but instead I iced my achilles and top foot really good while I ate dinner, then went out into the yard and putzed around watering plants.

So, plans change, I guess.

I am going to try and do more digging in the garden and see what I can accomplish. Might also say screw it and head over to the home store and shop for patio blocks and a fire pit instead - and take a complete rest day today. I don't want to, but it might be the best thing I could do for myself.

SkinInTheGame on 05/29/2014:
Legs - so sorry to hear about your injury! You have a good plan to heal and I hope you feel better very soon!!

legcramps - Wednesday May 28, 2014

Weight: 0.0

A quick summary of the last two weeks:

Started yardwork; took some time off work; visited family; went to a bbq; went to a concert; did a 10 mile bike ride in just under an hour; did some yoga; did some pilates; walked; jogged.

My shin splints started acting up again so I've relegated myself to the bike for now. My next physio appointment is Monday so hopefully she will be able to relieve some of the pain. I was pretty disappointed in this result since I hadn't overdone anything - I simply had a three-week break from physio. I am also having trouble with my achilles tendon, which is really starting to bother me. I am going to stop talking about this now because it's just upsetting me.

I've got lots going on this week - today i'm biking home from work and then I need to start digging up the garden. I am also doing some perennial planting; hopefully all this will be done before 6:30 when I have slopitch. Then tomorrow I want to get patio blocks and a fire pit and start building myself a pit in the backyard. I will probably need to do more digging before I can actually put the patio blocks down. Tomorrow night is the first baseball game of the season as well. Then Friday and over the weekend I need to continue on with yardwork and building the fire pit, and then I want to plant some grass around the pit, set up a new garden hose, put some trellaces in the front, blah blah blah. It's overwhelming. Did you read all of that? Good for you, you're a real trooper! Want to do it all for me?

I also want to get in a 15 mile bike ride this weekend, and get some more yoga and pilates in.

Seems exhausting, but i'll just take it one thing at a time and see what I can get done.

Foods have been so-so: Chicken, rices, veggies, made some bison burgers one day for dinner, spaghetti with chicken. Some not-so-greats were frozen yogurt (chocolate), two snickers bars in one sitting, and potato chips. It's sort of been a free-for-all lately, but it certainly could have been a lot worse!

legcramps - Friday May 16, 2014

Weight: 0.0


Got a text yesterday from a friend that wanted to do a quick 9 holes of golf, so I headed out to the country club right after biking home from work and quickly getting changed. We did 9 beautiful holes and I was pretty tuckered by the end of it; seems like I need more upper body strength so I might have to start doing yoga a little more often. I was a little jealous of my friend, who is a really good golfer; I always feel jealous when I golf with him.

Anyways, when I got home again afterwards, I didn't feel like having dinner yet and it was so nice outside that I really wanted to spend more time out there. Because two hours of golf is not nearly enough ;) So I texted a friend to see if she wanted to get in a bike ride, even though i'd already biked to and from work. I just couldn't sit still yesterday! She agreed, and we ended up doing our longest ride yet! 1 hour and 50 minutes, and just over 14 miles. It was very leisurely, but we're not racers so it worked for us.

I am just waiting for DOMS to set in; should be here any time now.

Eats - coffee; lunch at work was special - chicken, dips, veggies, fruit, and a cheesecake tart for dessert; oatmeal with 1/2 an apple; roasted chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes and cooked veggies for dinner. Then a bath, and to bed I went. Great day!

SkinInTheGame on 05/16/2014:
What a great day! And roasted chicken - my favorite! Happy Friday!!

Horn_of_plenty on 05/16/2014:
Nice exercise yesterday!!! Even if leisurely that surely burned some awesome calories sound like ur legs are soooooooo much better! I am getting excited about my legs too. They still need work but they don't hurt near as bad as they used to. I am getting over the shin splints. Maybe the January academy can work out :)

Horn_of_plenty on 05/16/2014:
And if not January bc I hate that pushed feeling, next summer :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/25/2014:
why do you think DDers do not post here much anymore? I miss a lot of the older members who have taken some time away from here...or who don't post at all. it used to be nice to read lots weightloss diaries & experiences & give feedback. now, as I look to the left, it seems few people post lately...and that it's been going on several months this way...?

legcramps - Thursday May 15, 2014

Weight: 0.0

Doing great!

Got a 6 mile bike ride in after work yesterday, and then kicked it on the couch for awhile and finally caught up on all my PVR'd shows.

Eats - coffee, layered salad for lunch, oatmeal in the afternoon with 1/2 an apple, roasted chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes and cooked veggies for dinner.

I wanted ice cream in the worst way yesterday (I have a sore throat AND it's that time of the month, so i'm a bit of a baby right now), but managed to work through the craving. Maybe this weekend i'll get some frozen yogurt instead if i'm still craving the cold stuff.

Horn_of_plenty on 05/15/2014:
Way to go on working through the craving :) I feel if have finally reached a point where I am ready for change and to lose weight. If feels great! I even want to work on my excess binging on too much fiber / volume when I eat. The constipation is due to stress and it's bad. Right now I am relaxing and hopefully I will feel better before tomorrow at work if I could just let my body relax. I do have coffee and everything but my poor body is keeping it in :( oatmeal 3 days straight too :( sorry too much info :(. But Metamucil may be used this weekend if I have to. Or another laxative. I hate being so bloated I can hardly stand up at work without holding in gas! Sorry girl

Horn_of_plenty on 05/15/2014:
U r eating healthy. One thing I I find is to include carbs at main meals bc they leave u feeling good and satisfied like u did with the potatoes.

legcramps - Wednesday May 14, 2014

Weight: 0.0

A Day in the Life

Exercise Tuesday:

Bike Ride - 30 minutes

Walk/Jog - 30 minutes

Stretching & Yoga - 15 minutes

physio exercises - kneeling, heel raises, etc.

Eating Tuesday:

Coffee with creamer x 2

Chef's salad, creamy ranch dressing

Oatmeal, almond milk, 1/2 apple

Roasted chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cooked vegetables

Multigrain toast with margarine and boiled egg x 2

4 litres water

Other Tuesday:

Looked at yard and felt overwhelmed by the work

Went to friends for coffee & a visit

Was propositioned by a man 12 years my senior

Got excited about possibility of golfing this weekend

Finished reading Omens by Kelly Armstrong

SkinInTheGame on 05/14/2014:
Great day! I love your meal plan for the day!

legcramps - Tuesday May 13, 2014

Weight: 0.0

I was feeling sickly all day yesterday; didn't seem to matter what I ate or did. I was tempted to head home from work, but managed to get through the day. And then after work I was still in a bad mood, so I took the long way home and biked for half an hour. I incorporated some fast sections in order to vent whatever was making me feel so frustrated. It worked!

I went home afterwards, changed, got groceries, and cooked a nice meal for myself. I feel a lot better today, although I think I was right in that i'm getting a cold because my throat is still pretty sore today.

Not much going on; a work meeting in the afternoon and then home sweet home, where I have some delicious leftovers waiting for me. I biked to work, so will bike home as well and even if I do nothing else, i'll have at least done some exercise today.

I can't wait for this week to be over! I have the next one off and will be visiting family and going to a concert. I need this break :)

Horn_of_plenty on 05/13/2014:
A wonderful wa to end your day last night :). I got sick this year too...really sick and it was the first time in about 2 years! Going to work feeling sick stinks for sure. Nice way to spend your vacation :). And the concert...have fun!

SkinInTheGame on 05/13/2014:
Good to see you are feeling better! I like the way you work out stress thru biking!

legcramps - Monday May 12, 2014

Weight: 0.0

I've been true to my word and deliberately slacked off on the exercise over the weekend to try and help my knee and my achilles heal a bit.

Friday - Bike to work; walk to dinner out with friends. I ordered the stuffed chicken and when it came, the plate was swimming in oil! Not a pleasant surprise. Took the long way home afterwards and everything (i.e. shin splints, knee, and achilles) seemed to stay in place and not give me any grief!

Saturday - I woke up tired and the day was just downhill from there! The only good thing that happened was an hour and a half of yoga. And all the napping.

Sunday - Just blah! What the heck? I forced myself up to get some work done around the house, but honestly my mood from the day before just rolled on over into Sunday. And I ate, like, EVERYTHING I could possibly fit in my mouth. It was horrible, and on top of that I had to force myself to be upbeat because it was mother's day and we had dinner at Grandma's. Trying to be happy when you're most certainly not is incredibly difficult to do. Just saying.

It feels like i'm getting a cold (sore throat, stuffy nose), but just everything and everyone around me is completely TICKING ME OFF.

Yes. This is what happens when I can't exercise, people. I am a nutcase and should have really just stayed in bed today.


SkinInTheGame on 05/12/2014:
Legs - my favorite Saturdays include all day naps! Take care of yourself and feel better!

gfryer on 05/13/2014:
I have had days like that before, filling my face. Sometimes we need it. Were only human and can't be full of "I can do this" all the time cos in all honesty sometimes we can't do it and that's we are here. Don't feel bad. We all have difficult times and we can't be expected to get through them by being perfect with what we eat.

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