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legcramps - Tuesday Aug 13, 2019

Weight: 0.0

Last week's average sleep - 7 hours, 25 minutes

Well, if I felt I was down on my sleep, last night should bump me right back up to a respectable level! I took a complete rest day, and did absolutely nothing. I was in bed by 9:30! I used to go to sleep this early a few years' ago, but that routine fell out the window when I met BF, and I was surprised to find myself walking up to my room that early. 

Anyways, since I went to sleep so early I thought for sure I would get up early this morning and either swim or go for a run. Nope. My alarm went off at 6:00, but I did not get up at 6:00. I guess I needed that sleep!

Our slopitch finals got rained out yesterday, so the games were moved to tonight. Depending on what the weather does today, I will try and get out for a short run before the game starts.

Tomorrow it's time to start packing for the weekend and the triathlon, and doing the last of the laundry so that I have the pick of the litter when it comes to what outfits to take with me. Are you the same as me - do you have a favorite pair of leggings or top that you must always have with you?!!

Donkey on 08/13/2019:
Wow, you must have really needed the rest! That sounds so lovely, actually, just to rest.

I have a small rotation of workout clothes -- one rotation for warmer weather, and one for winter. In the winter, I MUST have my fleece jacket. I mostly prefer the white one. I have 2 others (red, blue) that can be worn, but I almost always wear the white one. I also have a favorite pair of leggings (for winter) but I do have other pairs that I will rotate. My favorite pair are my favorites because they are too big: XXL, while I usually wear a comfortable size 8 in women's.

For summer, I have a favorite pair of shorts, but I do not wear them to workout (I could) but prefer to lounge around in them on weekends.

Is it time for the triathlon already??? Wow, this summer is going by so fast!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/14/2019:
Hi Legs!

All your training is coming down to the last couple practices now before the races! how exciting! i will be interested to read all about it, so def share with us!

Did you make the short run before practice?

Was it at all a challenge with logging less sleep or less opportunities for sleep after meeting BF? or was it a natural thing for you and sorta like an easy shift?

Horn_of_plenty on 08/14/2019:
yes, i do have favorite outfits and love to do laundry before travels so i can have anything i want to wear and not have to worry that something i like is dirty. because i mostly workout at home, i am not as picky with workout clothing anymore as i would dress differently if i still went to the gym! but i def have things i'd like to have with me when traveling. i cannot say i know my favorite though...without giving it some extra thoughts now!

Donkey on 08/15/2019:
I always read that as "slop-itch" and think of a thick beef stew.

Slo-pitch... lol.

legcramps - Monday Aug 12, 2019

Weight: 0.0

Last week's average sleep - 7 hours, 25 minutes

Friday - I got rooked into working out alongside my coaching client. She's easy to push to work hard, and I had to keep up to her, so it was a fantastic workout. And then, to keep her coming to the gym, I promised I would meet her Saturday morning for a workout. BF came to my place this evening and we ate turkey bacon, eggs and roasted veggies.

Saturday - BF and I drove to the city to workout at the gym, as promised! Then we both had massage appointments. I got our therapist to work solely on my legs, and they feel fantastic now! After that, BF left to pick up his daughter, and I did some chores. Later on I cut the grass, and we cleaned up some yard debris and pulled another rose bush out of the ground (there was a tree growing in between it and killing the bush - there was really nothing left of it). The area looks SO MUCH BETTER without it. For supper we made turkey chili, and I had it with mini corn tortillas and mozzarella cheese. BF bought us ice cream for dessert.

Sunday - Waffles and eggs! BF and I took apart the railing on my backyard deck. It was all lattice and I hated it; it obstructed my view into the backyard. Now, without that railing, I can see all the hard work we've put into the yard this summer. BF is going to build a lower level/step all the way around the deck, and no more railings! So it will be completely open to the backyard, and easy to access from anywhere. In the afternoon, we drove to the lake, where I did some transition practice for the triathlon (which is on SATURDAY!!!). Swim and bike. Shorter workout today, because we were all in a grumpy mood and I didn't want to make BF and his daughter wait for me to finish if they were ready to go home. I had leftover turkey chili and tacos for supper again.

It was a very productive weekend, though BF and his daughter argued a lot of the time. I don't know why, really, other than she was on her period and extra moody, and BF doesn't deal well with moody people being the happy-go-lucky guy that he is. Pulled him aside on Sunday and asked him to be more patient with her...as I imagine she is trying hard to keep herself together and is still learning how to deal with TOM. Plus he has only one more week with her before she heads back to her Mom's to get ready for the school year.

Short workweek this week as i'm taking Friday off to prep for the triathlon. I'm already nervous about the triathlon and it's still 6 days away!

innerpeace on 08/12/2019:
Sounds like a lot of work - on your back yard and deck. I know all about moody teenagers and TOM - dealing with one this week my self. Good luck on your triathlon sounds exciting for you.

Maria7 on 08/12/2019:
Hoping you are having a good day.

BearCountryGG on 08/12/2019:
Lots got done at your house.......sounds like a lot of work...

Horn_of_plenty on 08/13/2019:
i think i'll buy some turkey bacon at the supermarket next time i'm there !

turkey chilli sounds good too! did you put any turkey bacon in it!? lol, i see you are on a turkey kick!

yeah, that TOM can be sooooo annoying! i am dealing with mine, a little bit of a struggle with pain this time around but nothing major.

Donkey on 08/13/2019:
You were so wise to point out to BF about his daughter's TOM. I think especially with younger girls, the body is still adjusting to these raging shifts in hormones. I wish that the other older women in my life would have been more understanding about these changes. Had someone pointed out to me like you pointed out to BF, a lot of grief, strife, and sadness could have been spared.

legcramps - Friday Aug 09, 2019

Weight: 0.0

Last week's average sleep - 8 hours

I haven't been watching my food intake this week, and I think it's starting to catch up to me. I was really sluggish yesterday and also this morning. Not getting in enough protein. I'll try better today. Last night I had a couple of eggs to get some protein in, and this morning my usual oatmeal. I'll have eggs for lunch today and then cook something healthy for dinner. I only have one more week left before all the August events start happening, and I don't want to sabotage myself by not getting in the nutrition I need.

Swim workout this morning, and coaching at the gym tonight. Not sure what the weekend will look like, so rather than guess at what we might be doing, i'll just update you all on Monday :)

Have a great weekend!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/09/2019:
i'll be waiting on Monday to hear about your weekend.

i go thru phases where my protein is low and i notice it shortly after, starting to crave meat. ...this week is one of those weeks, actually...less meat and i'm starting to what more of it!

Donkey on 08/10/2019:
Your sleep is enviable.

It's all in the nutrition, isn't it? This week, I've heard a lot about how we need to switch to a plant-based diet to save the planet. Oh how I wish it were that easy. So OK, I could *probably* give up meat -- and gain weight -- but don't ask me to give up cheese!

Protein - specifically from meat - just seems to hold me better.

legcramps on 08/12/2019:
It takes some concentrated effort to get that amount of sleep in, LOL, but it's worth it. To me, good health is found in recovery!

Donkey on 08/10/2019:
Ooo, also: Very excited for your events to start!!! Can't wait to read about them!

legcramps - Thursday Aug 08, 2019

Weight: 0.0

Last week's average sleep - 8 hours

We won our slopitch game last night! Wowzers! By ONE run. Before we started, our captain told us it was 'okay' to lose this game, because it would put us into the B side finals rather than the A side finals. I think, just because she told us to relax and not worry about winning, we SHOWED UP. Other than one inning where the other team caught up to us in runs, we RAN that entire game like a well-oiled machine. Now we are in the A side for finals and we may not make it far, but LOL that's how that particular cookie crumbled yesterday.

This morning I got up early and went for a run. It was quite cool this morning, about 10 degrees celsius. It was a good run because I was able to stay cool pretty much the entire time, and I wasn't labouring too hard. I still have a pretty slow pace compared to what some other girls will be able to run, but I put a lot of work into getting to this pace so i'm very happy with it!

I was too lazy yesterday to cut the grass, so I will have to do that today after work, and then i'd like to get out for a bike ride tonight, probably on the road bike. We'll see how the day goes and how much energy I have after cutting the grass.

BearCountryGG on 08/08/2019:
Congrats on the win...and for playing all out even though it would make your future competition tougher.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/08/2019:
yes, congrats on your unexpected win!

i hope you also get a bike ride in...let's make sure this happens!!

Maria7 on 08/09/2019:

legcramps - Wednesday Aug 07, 2019

Weight: 0.0

Last week's average sleep  - UPDATED - 8 hours

I did end up getting to the lake for some open water swimming yesterday. BF snapped a pretty good picture...

So I ended up getting home around 9 p.m. from the lake. Considering how tired I already was, i'm surprised I stayed up until 11 p.m.! I started watching the CrossFit Games and then I couldn't stop LOL. It is so interesting to me. Anyways, my point is that I was too tired to get up early this morning, and I missed out on the PERFECT morning for a run because I was being an armchair athlete haha!

We are supposed to play ball tonight, but i'm not really looking forward to it - we are playing the toughest team in the league (in my opinion) and they are not a fun team to play against (usually). Or maybe I am just not interested in playing ball anymore this summer...and am starting to become anxious about finishing up a course I started a couple of months ago. It is a nutrition course and I would like to finish it this month but I need to complete an exam and i'm not ready for it yet.

innerpeace on 08/07/2019:
That is great you can swim in the lake.

Horn_of_plenty on 08/07/2019:
I was thinking to myself the other day it might be fun for me to study nutrition (though i do already know quite a bit) - but i could be a nutritionist on the side perhaps. but, i'm thinking that's a lot of school...just something fun to do. probably better just to keep it as a hobby, now that i think about it!

well at least you are very fluent in the cross fit games! haha..

sorry you missed the swim. similar situaiton for me - great weather all morning, then i planned an afternoon bike ride but it rained all afternoon! so poor planning and it didn't happen! oops!

great swim pic and pink cap. seems you like to sport bright, happy colors wherever you are exercising.

i second innerp - i wouldn't be swimming in any lakes by me!

legcramps on 08/08/2019:
The pink cap is helpful in circumstances where there are motorized things whizzing past me ;) It's like a shout out "hey boat, i'm here, don't run me over".

BearCountryGG on 08/07/2019:
Lake swimming is the best....spent my childhood doing that...along with rollerskating.......

Horn_of_plenty on 08/08/2019:
I learned a new word today that you may want to know too!

The word is natation and it means swimming / the action of floating!

so, you have a great natation routine and you are really good at natation! :)

legcramps on 08/08/2019:

legcramps - Tuesday Aug 06, 2019

Weight: 0.0

Last week's average sleep - 7 hours, 39 minutes

I've had some issues with my Fitbit, so average sleep is not entirely accurate, though it would be close.

It's been a busy weekend! Friday night I did some femsport training. Box jumps, cable rows, rope pulls, and medicine ball work. I really focused on the box jumps though. Saturday I headed to BF's after my coaching shift was over. When I got there, we went to the gym for more femsport training. Kettlebells, burpees, and sandbag presses. 

BF moved a deck to his house on Sunday, so I helped him a lot with that - moving deck pieces around, hauling cement pillars. We spent the better part of the day doing that, then relaxed at home because I knew that Monday was going to be a full day of activity so I wanted to get in as much rest as possible!

Monday morning started at 6:00 a.m.(!) with an hour of lane swimming. The rest of the morning we continued to work on the deck outside; here is a before picture. We added a lower section in front of it, and removed the lattice - still lots of work to go, but we got a great start on it.

In the afternoon I had group femsport training. It lasted about two hours, and we covered almost everything that will be required for the femsport competition. Then in the evening BF and I joined a cycling group for a gravel ride. I have been hearing more and more about gravel riding, and just recently found a used gravel bike so I was pretty excited to try it out for the first time!

I need to work on controlling the bike, and probably have to put a little wider tires on it, but i'll get there! Hopefully in time for the gravel race at the end of the month that I signed up for without even knowing what I was getting myself into LOL. It was a good first experience though, and a really great group of people to cycle with for sure. If you're wondering why it looks like there is an extra rib sticking out of my jersey, it's just my heart rate monitor :)

This morning it's back to the grind. Depending on the weather, I would like to drive out to the lake after work today and do some open water swimming. To bed early tonight!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/06/2019:
You look great down there at the bottom of your entry in the photo!

You'll have to update us on more of what you are changing / alternating to gear up with the bike and yourself for the gravel part of the race.

The deck looks wonderful. It's nice and big and spacious. Will he be attaching it to his house!?

also, nice job waking up and sticking to your healthy schedule and routine! way to go!

legcramps on 08/07/2019:
Yes, the deck is against his house; he had patio doors there already, just no deck, so this will be awesome to have in the backyard now as he might actually find a reason to be outside there more!

BearCountryGG on 08/06/2019:
I just love the way your helet matches your top...so cute!!!

legcramps on 08/07/2019:
lol, thanks! also, p.s. my shoes also match ;) ;) ;)

Donkey on 08/07/2019:
Wow, you are one active lady!

I love the deck!

Your picture is so pretty!

legcramps - Friday Aug 02, 2019

Weight: 0.0

Last week's average sleep - 7 hours, 18 minutes

The grass that BF re-seeded in the backyard is growing so fast, I had to cut it AGAIN yesterday after work. At least I did not have to cut the front. I'm just amazed at how fast it's growing. Some parts feel like i'm walking on shag carpet it's so thick. Very nice!

I relaxed for about an hour after cutting the grass, waited for BF to arrive, then we went out for a run. While we were running, we stopped at the high school track and did some tire flips. I got a 4km run in, and too many tire flips to count. I feel good about getting back to working out this week and getting back to routine, and as a bonus I got in a little femsport training.

I work tonight and tomorrow at the gym. Tonight, since nothing else is going on, I might try and stay at the gym to get another femsport workout in. Then on Saturday i'm heading to BF's after work and we'll hit the gym and do one more workout for femsport. It will put me in a great position to know what I need to improve for the next few weeks. We'll also get outside for a little biking this weekend; it's supposed to be a scorcher all weekend so we might try for an early morning ride before the sun gets too hot.

Monday is a holiday here; a little afternoon nap might be on the to-do list!

Once September is here, i'll start tracking my workouts again. With two events coming up this month, i'm just trying to fit in what I can whenever possible. Trying to plan them out won't do me any favours; rather, it will be frustrating if I can't make them work or have to keep shuffling them around. It's better this way, for now.



I just decided to do a third event in August, a gravel grind (gravel bike race) on August 31st. I am such a sucker for punishment.

Horn_of_plenty on 08/02/2019:
I'm also amazed how thick grass can be! did you buy this type on purpose? or is it just nice and healthy and always supposed to be like this?

I'm so impressed at your exercise today. love it so much!! tonight actually i had a similar night as you where i came home after work, relaxed a bit, but then went back out to walk a little! it felt good to be out of my apt and outside in the nice, cool summer air!

I totally get you on not totally planning things just to have the plans changing constantly. I usually do just a little plan, as i have less to plan activity wise than you....

I know what you mean by signing up for these events online...;)

good for you, August will be a BLAST!

Donkey on 08/03/2019:
Wow, another event! You ROCK!!!

It's really nice that your BF is into fitness as well. There is so much hiking and biking that I would love to do with my husband that he cannot do. My daughter, who has her own life to live, doesn't have the time to accompany me. I don't want to do that stuff alone - especially the hiking.... It makes me sad.

Donkey on 08/03/2019:
^My point wasn't a pity party (sorry!), but rather to appreciate the gift you have been given. :-)

BearCountryGG on 08/04/2019:
The ups and downs of having a super cool yard......it's beauty....and then...it's work!!! I guess it does explain the old addage..."be careful what you wish for...you just might get it"....I'm sure it is beautiful.

legcramps - Thursday Aug 01, 2019

Weight: 0.0

Last week's average sleep - 7 hours, 18 minutes

I enjoyed another rest day yesterday when I got an email that our ball game was cancelled. There were things I could have done instead, but I felt that I needed to use the opportunity to get some more rest. And rest I did! I took a two hour nap after work, had a bite to eat and took a nice warm bath (self-care) and then watched an episode of Stranger Things and went upstairs to bed. It's been a nice change of pace!

August is here already, oh my! In 16 days, I will be taking part in a sprint triathlon and i'm worried that i'm not ready for it. I think if I got in a couple more open water swims, and a couple more brick workouts, I might feel more ready. So that's the goal for the next two weeks, even if I have to drive to the lake after work just to go swimming. I know my fitness is good and I will finish the race - but I would like to calm my nerves a bit about transition and being able to move smoothly from one discipline to the next. The good news is that I should have no problem with the bike portion of the course! (fingers crossed)


Maria7 on 08/01/2019:
Sounds like you had a wonderful, relaxing day yesterday!

Horn_of_plenty on 08/01/2019:
Hi Legs! I am partially jealous too like Donkey about your ability to be so active on your vaca. it's because of all the training you do, that you can do the things you do - man, that's something for me to think about....

Keep at your training and enjoying "the fit life!"

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/02/2019:
Good sleep, legs.

I also have days where i need much more than 8 hours sleep, especially after a vacation. good repair going on.

legcramps - Wednesday Jul 31, 2019

Weight: 0.0

So last night I didn't have to drive to the gym to coach because my boss took me off the schedule for the evening and did the session herself. Ok with me! Although I was prepared to coach it, it was nice to suddenly have the evening to myself.

With which I did not much! I was feeling pretty sick, so it was nice to just meander through some small tasks at home and then relax for the rest of the evening with a blanket, advil, and a cold pack. I am feeling OK so far this morning and i'm hoping that I won't get too sick today.

 It's crazy that it's already the end of July! Summer is going by so fast.

Last week's average sleep - 7 hours, 18 minutes.

The last couple of weeks have been filled with swimming, hiking, canoeing, biking, and eating ;P which has been fun, but not training-focused. Hoping to get back into a routine this week by hitting up the pool at least once, and going out on a run. I'm spending part of the weekend with BF at his place, so i've got my gravel bike already there and ready to go. If I can get in a brick workout (bike, then run) that would be fantastic.


BearCountryGG on 07/31/2019:
Vacations are exhausting....unfortunately. Now to get back on the usual routine. I'm always so happy to get back home!!

Horn_of_plenty on 08/01/2019:
I agree with BCGG. I am usually a little run down after a vaca too. It's good you were able to rest.

I usually don't stick to training on a vaca either bc i consider the vaca plans to take the full day with no time (in my opinion) for extra plans on top of those plans!

but you were active and the change for a week in activity is prob the best thing you could do for yourself.

Donkey on 08/01/2019:
I wish my vacations were that active!

Donkey on 08/01/2019:
(I'm a little jealous)

Maria7 on 08/01/2019:
Hoping you are feeling better today.

legcramps - Tuesday Jul 30, 2019

Weight: 0.0

I'm back from vacation! And I had a fabulous time; it was really hard to go back to work. I don't have much time to update, but I got TOM this morning so i'm feeling pretty crappy today; I work my last shift for the summer at one of the gyms tonight - it's the longer drive (45 minutes each way) so i'm happy to drop it until at least October, possibly longer. After tonight, i'll only have the other gym shifts - and they might give me an extra shift or two there - but that's a 20-25 minute drive and so much easier to make work!

Hopefully back to the grind this week after I start feeling better! I have a couple of weeks left to get some extra triathlon training in before August 17th comes around!

Last event - 100 km bike ride - 31st in my division. It was a stacked field, so tough!

Horn_of_plenty on 07/30/2019:
Welcome home Legs! Your photos all looked great and i'm of course really happy for you and the fact that you had a wonderful, well spent vacation!!! :)

that sounds good about dropping the longer drive gym for awhile and keeping the shifts at the closer one. makes a lot of sense since you work full time and driving 1.5 hours is quite a bit of time in the car to coach a few classes. 20 min is much better.

i have always felt very run down the first week back after a vaca. maybe after this weekend you'll be feeling better. good news is tomorrow is already Wednesday! this week has been going pretty slow for me lol since my weekend was also pretty busy, it's always hard for me to start a new week after a very busy weekend. i LOVE to relax i guess! LOL.

back to you - welcome back! so glad to see an entry from you.

Nice job on a 100km bike ride! that's no joke! how long did it take and how many people were in your division?

Triathlon will be here soon ;)

Donkey on 07/31/2019:
Welcome back! Glad you had a good time!!!

Maria7 on 07/31/2019:
Hoping you are having a good day!

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