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legcramps - Friday Jul 19, 2013

Weight: 168.0

Quite the work week it's been; lots of peeps on vacay and things are happening here that I don't know what to do about. So glad it's Friday.


6 AM - alarm goes off; press snooze; press snooze; groan and moan and grumble about having to get up; brush teeth and take shower

7 AM - prep for workday, 1 big mug Chai Tea Latte

8 AM - arrive at work; make coffee; begin workday

9 AM - yogurt, strawberries, blueberries; coffee w/ ff creamer

10 AM - coffee w/ ff creamer, water with crystal light

RE: water and crystal light/mio liquid - the only way I can drink the water at work is to add something to it. Otherwise? disgusting.

11 AM - water with mio

After this is the plan for the rest of today:

12 PM - baked chicken, garden salad, ff ranch dressing; walk 15 minutes

1 PM - water with crystal light

2 PM - water with mio

3 PM - search for plain, salted chips and have with garlic hummus

4 PM - workday is done! Home; pull some weeds

5 PM - turkey sandwich on whole grain, spinach, pickles, mozza cheese; vegetable soup

6 PM - water

7 PM - yogurt covered pretzels and a little bit of chocolate with nuts

8 PM - mow lawn; water; pull more weeds

I hope it doesn't rain today, because having to postpone my plans for yardwork will severely interfere with the rest of my weekend plans. Which include a lot of visiting and a very good dinner tomorrow, and lots of golf on Sunday. So, please don't rain.

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 07/19/2013:
Hope your weekend goes well!

hollybelle on 07/19/2013:
Hope weather cooperates and your weekend goes as planned.

V on 07/19/2013:
Rain in Canada as well?? That blows my friend :( It has rained at some point of the day here in the past 3 frigging weeks :'( That is so lame!! Hahahaha Have a good evening <3

legcramps - Thursday Jul 18, 2013

Weight: 168.0


This week I started walking for 15 minutes at lunchtime, just around the building outside. Thankfully, it's been nice out.

So I mentioned that I started playing ball again. Well, last night I went directly home after playing and had to ice my knee for a couple of hours before it felt numb enough to walk around on. Not good; after getting a taste of what being back to full ability might be like, it will be incredibly difficult if I have to back off again.

Regardless, I will keep on and see what happens. I haven't been out golfing for a week or so, just because there are a lot of other things I need to be doing, and i've chosen golf as my reward after doing them. LOL, that might mean it'll be another week before I get back out on the course, but if that's what a person needs to do to get their butt moving, then so be it.

I even prioritized my days into certain tasks because i've been falling so behind on everything. Ball on Mondays and Wednesdays, yardwork on Tuesdays and Fridays (and weekends if I need to catch up), housework and laundry on Thursdays.

And i'm stubborn enough to give Insanity a try this weekend. I'll pick the easiest one and see how it goes. If it goes well enough, that's what i'll do on weekends, along with some longer walks. No use scheduling in exercise during the week if it's all I can do to keep my yard and house work from buckling under!

I recently cleaned up my eating as well; not as many bbqs happening so that helps too. Basically whole grains, veggies, fruits, some dairy, and chicken or turkey. For some reason i'm also craving pickles. Like, a LOT. Very wierd, i'm not really a fan of anything pickled.

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

V on 07/18/2013:
Sup girl! Hope that your knee cooperates with you.. Good luck with your Insanity class!! Have a great evening :)

legcramps - Thursday Jul 11, 2013

Weight: 168.0


what did i say yesterday about not being lazy?

wait, what?

awe. some.

At 4pm I left work, went home, and had a snack of crackers and mozza cheese. Then, around 5pm, I tore apart my single-cup Keurig for an internal part I need in order to get a new machine. After that I had to copy some pictures to a memory card for my mother (who phoned me at work and called me a couple of names that are probably fairly indicative of my character, but still. that felt awesome.)

As I was in a low state of mind, I *thought* about doing some of the other things on my list, and then decided to just get ready for slopitch instead.

Played ball from 6:30 to 8pm; sweated. Ran the bases, which wasn't the best thing I could've done for my knee but GEEZ I had to vent somehow, you know?

And then I had dinner, which was very good - chicken, soft bun, quinoa and wild rice, and sweet peas.

Instead of cutting the grass, I read a book. Give me the Lazy medal.


Breakfast - coffee with fat free creamer, water with crystal light

Lunch - chicken, soft bun, rice and sweet peas (leftovers)

PM - diet pop

Dinner - tbd?

Exercise - golf, and I wish I had a punching bag

Other - oh, just everything

Damn, I wish people didn't have such a huge affect on my mood.

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 07/11/2013:
You're being too hard on yourself, you got in a nice game of slow pitch! I'll have to try mixing quinoa with wild rice, that sounds nice.

grannyannie on 07/11/2013:
You did great! Don't beat yourself up!

hollybelle on 07/11/2013:
Ah, get ahead of the game. When you get old, like me, you won't care too much what others think, so why not start now? LOL! Personally, I think you didn't much better than you are letting on!

biscottibody59 on 07/11/2013:
I don't blame you for letting the grass wait!

V on 07/11/2013:
Yayy for a lazy day and YES we all need them once or twice a week!! Hey how is your knee??? Have a wonderful evening <3

supercheese on 07/12/2013:
lol to your impatient comment. sorry but ive updated it!! poor knee. still hurting?

MrsD on 07/16/2013:
I read it as slop-itch and was like "What is she talking about slop-itch? what is that?" LOL!!! I hope your knee feels better and people stop standing on top of your head :)

legcramps - Wednesday Jul 10, 2013

Weight: 168.0

Alright kids,

i'm sort of pissy with myself for being so lazy yesterday that it felt a chore even to wash the dishes up after dinner (one plate. one glass. a fork.) even though I did get out to the course for 9 holes.

I'm hoping to make up for my lazy ways today; must repeat mantra "effort equals accomplishment" over and over in my head.


Breakfast - pecan roll, coffee with sugar, water with crystal light

Lunch - baked breaded chicken, soft bun, light mayo, ketchup, oriental-style rice

PM - diet pop

Dinner - same as lunch, OR subway (sandwich or salad)

Exercise - slo-pitch, mow lawn, pull weeds

Other - sweep floors

I have plenty to do to catch up with house work. And then there's a couple of phone calls that i've been avoiding having to make.

Must. stay. away. from. couch.

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 07/10/2013:
Sell your couch !

legcramps on 07/10/2013:
lol, i should.

V on 07/10/2013:
Hahahahaha!! It is so lame how us gals who live alone consider washing a plate, glass and fork a chore..LOL I guess we live a charmed life huh??? Love ya <3

hollybelle on 07/10/2013:
I am that way about mundane chores sometimes, too. There are only two of us at our house now since daughter got married in March and I am reluctant to actually clean the kitchen up entirely. It's weird. We haven't been alone in the house in 22 years since 13 months after we got married and it's a different tempo. Sounds like you been doing a lot - golf and slopitch and pulling weeds and sweeping!

Pumpkincake44 on 07/11/2013:
I love having a mantra to get me through any challenge. It almost always works!

legcramps - Tuesday Jul 09, 2013

Weight: 168.0

It is sooooo difficult to eat well when camping... ... ... ...

Sorry, I had to stop typing for a mosquito-bite-scratching-session.

Friday: Good! Visited friend, had chicken and rice for dinner, went to bed early. Workout was loading the camping gear, of which I apparently have a lot.

Camping Weekend: Got out to the lake with minimal difficulty and a large glass of iced coffee. It rained off and on Saturday so we stayed in the trailer and played Yahtzee! and snacked on pretzels, crackers and cheese; roasted hot dogs with watermelon, pineapple and cherries. Sat out more stormy weather at a friend's cabin.

Two super awesome breakfasts with the works, cooked over the fire. One dinner of burgers and potatoes, also cooked over the fire. Swimming, tanning, a little bailey's in my coffee. More snacking.

And then we packed up and went home!

There were a lot of things I wanted and could have done yesterday once I got home. Unpacking and laundry were top of the list and I got that done, but that was it. I must've still been in camping-lazy-ass mode.


Breakfast - pecan cinammon roll, mocha, water with crystal light

AM - pineapple

Lunch - chicken salad

PM - raw veggies and ranch dip, Jello pudding

Dinner - baked breaded chicken, rice, sweet peas

Exercise - mow lawn? golf? undecided.

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 07/09/2013:
You're gonna have to pay for those two Super Awesome Breakfasts...maybe a second round of golf :v)

V on 07/09/2013:
Welcome back!!! No beer on your camping trip?? What the hay? LOL Happy to hear you had a good time despite the rain.. Have a great evening friend <3

Umpqua on 07/10/2013:
Sounds like a fantastic weekend. Breakfast over an open fire while camping is one of my favorite things!

legcramps - Friday Jul 05, 2013

Weight: 168.0

This is what happens when I burn out during the workweek:


AM - sugar, apple fritter with sugar, more sugar, caffiene with sugar

Really healthy salad for lunch

PM - salt, salty crackers, salty mozza cheese, more salt

Exercise - non existent, did everything OTHER than workout

Dinner - wait, what?

Evening - salt, salt... sugar. It's almost like I was playing Duck, Duck, Goose. By myself.

Finally, I turned off the television and opened up a book. The snacking stopped after that. Unfortunately, I got deep into the book and didn't come out of it until close to midnight. And so the cycle will likely continue today.

I made cinammon rolls from scratch yesterday to take camping this weekend. They turned out pretty well, so I brought one for breakfast today. Pecans instead of raisins, NO icing or yummy gooey stuff.


Breakfast: coffee with sugar, cinammon roll, water with crystal light

Lunch: pizza day at work! yikes!

Exercise: mow lawn

Dinner: *sigh* something with some substance would be nice

Other: pack car for camping weekend, visit friend

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 07/05/2013:
Wow ! Great post today. It rained all day and I napped and napped.

V on 07/05/2013:
Have fun on your camping trip and please forgive me, I couldn't resist


Have a good evening friend ;)

Umpqua on 07/06/2013:
I hope you have an awesome weekend of camping!

sleepyRN on 07/07/2013:
Lol. Your post made me giggle. I guess we all have those days huh?

liza36 on 07/08/2013:
I can relate to your salt / sugar diet. I think I'm on the same one! Hope you had a good time camping.

legcramps - Thursday Jul 04, 2013

Weight: 168.0

whew, i'm burning out fast in this heat...

I had to walk to pick up my car after work yesterday because I took it in for some repairs; it was a 20 minute walk from work. Then stopped at Mom's quickly, and off to the grocery store for an hour of isle walking. I was coined the "Foodie" for our girls' camping trip this weekend, so I had to pick up most of the food. I've never seen my cart so full; it was so memorable I was tempted to take a picture!

I didn't have time for dinner before slo-pitch so I had two servings of triscuit crackers with mozarella cheese. Even though I had a delicious chicken BLT salad for lunch, I was pretty hungry by the time I got through grocery-shopping, and the cheese and crackers really hit the spot.

Slo-pitch was tiring! But I think I actually get more exercise golfing. We lost by two runs, and that was only because the sky opened up and we got some thunder and lightening. Don't want to be stuck in the middle of a field with an aluminum bat. My running could have been much better, but I didn't want to push it - and thank goodness I didn't because that little bit of jogging was enough to make my knee cry out. I stuck to backcatching which was OK on the knee I guess, except for a few fouls that I tried to run to get.

When I got home, I heated up leftovers. I'd rather not have much left in the fridge before camping this weekend. Two hot dogs and 2/3 cup curried basmati rice. And then I finally finished the last of the oreo cookie cake! Only took a whole week. Now just a couple of donuts to go. Don't ask.

Didn't get the lawn mowed for obvious reasons. Maybe tonight.


Breakfast - Tim Horton's apple fritter, coffee with sugar, water with crystal light

Lunch - cafeteria salad, hopefully another yummy chicken BLT!

Exercise - golf 9 holes; mow lawn

Dinner - chicken strips, 2/3 cup curried basmati, cooked sweet peas

Other - prep food for camping (cut up fruit, peel and soak potatoes)

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 07/04/2013:
Phew ! I'm tired just Reading about your day, LC. Have a great one .

legcramps on 07/04/2013:
I know, man. I know.

V on 07/04/2013:
LOL!! I am not one of those thrill seekers either, when it comes to lightning I get the heck outta dodge..Hahahaha

Hey BTW Apple fritters is my weakness..LOVE them too much..

RyC jello shots go hand in hand with slo- pitch <3 Good evening :)

biscottibody59 on 07/05/2013:
The chicken BLT sounds good!

legcramps - Wednesday Jul 03, 2013

Weight: 168.0

It was so hot yesterday, I felt like throwing up after golfing. The heat just sucked all the energy out of me - no excuse for the terrible game I had, but gosh I am not at all adjusted to this hot weather yet! I think it reached 31 or 32 above (that's celsius) and that is considered a heat wave up here LOL. Today is no different, still hot - love it, just can't do much in it!

So after work I made a quick stop to run an errand, then was out on the golf course for 9 holes of heat exhaustion LOL. I stopped at home afterwards to change and ate 1/2 cup of mac n'cheese before the ballgame. Snacked on sunflower seeds and water at the game.

It was a very long game with a little action at the end from some angry crowd-dwellers and I didn't get home until almost 11:00pm! I had to eat something more than some mac n'cheese for dinner, so I stayed up long enough to finish the thai chicken wrap I had in the fridge. Spicey! Took me a while and a bottle of water to get it down, but I did. Then I went to bed.

And was wide awake at 4:30am. Really?!


Breakfast - coffee with sugar, water with crystal light

Lunch - sandwich or salad from cafeteria

Dinner - getting groceries today; I will let you know!

Snack - oreo cookie cake (I really need to finish this before it goes bad!)

Exercise - slo-pitch!!!!!!!! and mow lawn

Other - groceries, visit sick friend

Yes, my first slo-pitch game of the season! I don't know how it will go; please cross your fingers and toes that all goes smoothly and nothing happens to my knee!!!

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 07/03/2013:
Yay for slo-pitch starting up, I'm sure you're excited! I will be thinking of you and hoping your knee is up to the task.

V on 07/03/2013:
Yayyy for slo- pitch and jello shots :) Have a wonderful evening!!

legcramps - Tuesday Jul 02, 2013

Weight: 168.0

Long weekend due to Canada Day on Monday; it was a wonderful one for sure!!

9 holes at the golf course on Saturday morning; man I was out of practice after so many days off (4). In the afternoon I tackled my big flower bed, pulling weeds and trying not to get too close to the rose bush for fear of bumblebees attacking me. Still some work to do on this flower bed.

I really didn't feel like doing much on Sunday, so I drove out to the lake where a few friends were camping, and hung out with them for the afternoon. Does swimming in the lake count as exercise? And tugging a friggin 18 foot dingy behind me while swimming? With people on it? Regardless, it tired me out. It tired out my knee as well; getting on and off the dingy was really tough on it; I was worried I may have done some irreparable damage to it but it seems to be okay this morning. Went to the ball game in the evening and we WON!

I slept in on Canada Day, then spent half the day waiting for a friend to stop by for a visit. Very, VERY frustrating when someone tells you they will be coming through town before noon, and then doesn't show up until almost 3:30pm. When you are leaving at 4:00pm because you've now made other plans. So there was a short visit, then a few of us went to the driving range for an hour's worth of work, and out for dinner. Dessert was ridiculous; I ordered a sundae for three of us to split, and it was HUGE. Ridiculously huge. I was on a sugar high for the rest of the evening, which we spent at the ball park again! Another WIN for the local team!


Breakfast / Morning - coffee with sugar, water with iced tea, water with mio

Lunch - 12:00pm turkey sandwich or chicken salad from the cafeteria

Exercise - 4:30pm golf 9 holes

Dinner - 6:30pm leftovers (1/2 thai chicken wrap, 1/2 cup mac & cheese)

Other - 7:00pm ball game

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 07/02/2013:
Happy belated Canada Day ! V wrote yesterday that she was going to watch American ninja on t.v. last night. It is an obstacle course that competitors run through. Hauling passengers in a Dingy eh' ? Go easy on the knee.

legcramps on 07/02/2013:
The show sounds interesting, will have to look for it over here in the hicks ;) Thanks, I will take it easy today on the knee but so far, so good.

Umpqua on 07/02/2013:
Belated Happy Canada Day! Sounds like you had a really fun weekend and I'm glad your knee recovered after they dinghy incident. Hope you have an excellent golf game today!

legcramps on 07/02/2013:

hollybelle on 07/02/2013:
Nice to have a holiday Monday! Everything you mentioned certain IS EXERCISE! Sounds like fun. Glad you knee is OK. Take care!!

supercheese on 07/02/2013:
Happy belated Canada day! Secretly wish I was canadian for the coolness of saying eh lol.

V on 07/02/2013:
Happy Canada Day my friend <3 Hey i feel your pain since ALL of my friends have issues with time management :( So frustrating!!

P.S. American Ninja Warrior ROCKS!! You gotta check it out :)

Mskitty on 07/02/2013:
All in all it sounds like a pretty active weekend. Good for you me-dear.

legcramps - Friday Jun 28, 2013

Weight: 168.0


Breakfast: black coffee, 1/2 cup strawberries, 2 tspn whipped topping

Lunch: black coffee, beef burger on white bun with condiments, 1/2 cup pasta salad

Snack: 1 can soda :-/

Dinner: hot dog on white bun with condiments, 1 cup pasta salad

Snack: 2 glasses diet soda :-/

Dessert: 1 serving oreo cookie cake (there are three more servings left)

I finished the leftovers yesterday, aside from the pasta salad of which I made another batch because it was so yummy.

No exercise; I was tuckered out after work, so I did a few things around the house and then took a nap. When I woke up from my nap, I was grumpy and hot. So I kept to myself last night.

My List of Things To Do is getting longer with each passing day. Time to make a new list and start prioritizing!


Breakfast: 1 cup mocha, water and liquid crystal light

Lunch: 1 cup pasta salad

Snack: 1 can sparkling juice

Dinner: 1 cup pasta salad

Dessert: 1 serving oreo cookie cake

I need to add more veggies to this, and I know I still have some strawberries to finish up in the fridge.

I would like to golf after work today, but I have a tonne of other things I should get done instead. It might be time to catch up on everything and everyone that i've been neglecting.

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 06/28/2013:
I hope you get some golf in at some point over the weekend. Enjoy!

OhioRaven on 06/28/2013:
Hey, LC. It sounds like you've been a busy girl. Take Care.

V on 06/28/2013:
Hello there!! You must keep me in the loop with Mr X...Is it the shy golf guy or someone else??? Anyhoo hope you have a stellar weekend and as always thank you for your support and bringing a smile to my day <3

Mskitty on 06/28/2013:
Have a kickbutt weekend.

biscottibody59 on 06/30/2013:
You're really into playing golf--or as it's pronounced around here (parts of TX)--"gahf!"

Have a nice week!

selina on 06/30/2013:
Enjoy your golf! I love naps, they are good for you!

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