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legcramps - Tuesday Feb 12, 2019

Weight: 0.0


MONDAY - REST; 10 hours, 16 minutes

TUESDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-8:00; REST; 

WEDNESDAY - Work 8-4; Work 5-7; Workout 7:30-8:00; 

THURSDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 5:00-6:00; 

FRIDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 3:30-6:30; REST; 

SATURDAY - Workout 2-3;

SUNDAY - Workout 2-3;

Last week I got an average of 8 hours and 24 minutes of sleep each night. Yesterday I took the day off work so I got in a great sleep then too, just over 10 hours.

I went to my new local gym on Saturday morning and got in a nice strength session, and then on Sunday BF and I went to the city to the gym I work at, and we did our brick workout for the week. Both great workouts, and i'm glad to be back at it full force, and feeling good. We are now 11 weeks out from our first event, a Duathlon, going down on May 4th!

I work at the gym tonight, so i'll take another rest day, and i've scheduled in a 30 minute run at my local gym for tomorrow. 

Eats over the weekend were OK; we had BF's daughter, her friend, and BF's son over on Saturday, so we picked up a pizza for supper, but Sunday I made the retro burger with sweet potato fries from Hello Fresh and it was SO delicious! I still have one more meal to make, but I had to throw it in the freezer because I won't be able to make it until Thursday now. 

Heading to BF's tonight, and I work late tomorrow and they're bringing in catering for supper. I think sandwiches.

Donkey on 02/12/2019:

legcramps on 02/13/2019:
It was wonderful!

SilverySparkles on 02/12/2019:
Hello Fresh food is always good as far as I can tell. I think we will be buying that again.

legcramps on 02/13/2019:
I have had a couple of bags where the vegetables didn't last to the end of the week, but otherwise it's been really good. The cuts of meat have been fantastic actually; much better than any meats we can find locally!

horn_of_plenty on 02/12/2019:
yeah, how'd you get the 10 hours? cold meds or were you just tired!?

i love seeing the 2 rest days. today i'm surely taking a rest day tonight - bed early!

do you like your new local gym? how is it?

you can always have a salad maybe with the sandwich. i find sandwiches don't keep me full all afternoon!

legcramps on 02/13/2019:
I'm guessing my body just needed the sleep; I was up early morning but went back to sleep very easily.

I have had two workouts in the new local gym, and I like it so far. It has everything I need, so that's all that really matters to me. It's outdated for sure - and some of the equipment doesn't really look all that safe to use, but I stick to the cardio machines, and the free weights or the cable stuff, and that all seems to be OK.

I would definitely have a salad with the sandwiches, but I don't think they are bringing in salad. I might have to grab a side salad from the cafeteria to add to my sandwiches. Good idea!

horn_of_plenty on 02/13/2019:
yeah, i find it useful to have vegggies with a sandwich.

legcramps - Friday Feb 08, 2019

Weight: 0.0


MONDAY - Work 8-4; REST; 5 hours, 54 minutes

TUESDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-8:00; REST; 9 hours, 1 minute 

WEDNESDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 6:00-7:00; 6 hours, 20 minutes

THURSDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 5:00-6:00; 8 hours, 12 minutes

FRIDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-6:30; REST; 8 hours, 34 minutes

SATURDAY - Workout 9-10; Watch Godson's hockey game; hang out with BF and his daughter;

SUNDAY - Workout 2-3;

Happy Friday! TGIF!

I bought myself a local gym membership on Monday because I am getting sick of having to drive everywhere just to work out (I can do home workouts, but I must face the fact that I am definitely not as focused at home). I thought I would go check it out yesterday once I was done working and doing errands. The gym seems to be ok, some of the equipment is not in the best of shape, but it's something I can work with. The membership is only $10 a month, so I guess you get what you pay for. I jumped on one of the treadmills and did a couple of movements with free weights and a kettlebell, then called it a day. It was enough for this girl, rest is definitely more important to me right now. And rest I got! Over 8 hours of sleep again; I am really killing it this week!

My daily eats have been pretty regular lately; breakfast is one egg, egg whites, one slice bread, and peanut butter. Morning snack is fruit. Lunch has been a repeat of breakfast because I forgot all my ripe avocado at BF's! :( and afternoon snack is vegetables. I made a Hello Fresh meal last night, popcorn shrimp with a salad. It was really good, but didn't fill me up as much as I was hoping. Cleaned up, took a nice bath, and went to bed.

Today I coach after work, and then i'm hoping to have one more night to myself before BF and his daughter come to visit tomorrow. Saturday will be a busy day probably.

SilverySparkles on 02/08/2019:
I ordered kettle bells from amazon and they should arrive tomorrow. What type of exercises do you suggest to begin working with them. We both plan to use them.

legcramps on 02/08/2019:
How wonderful! I love working with kettlebells :)

I would suggest starting off with deadlifts, squats, figure 8's, bottom loaded windmills, and part of a turkish get up. I will see if I can find links to videos for these movements for you, so you can get the form down. It's still going to be all about making sure you're using proper form before you start loading the resistance (adding weight). Have fun with them!

legcramps on 02/08/2019:

That link is the 1/2 turkish get up :)

legcramps on 02/08/2019:

Bottom loaded windmill :)

legcramps on 02/08/2019:


legcramps on 02/08/2019:
You can look up kettlebell squats too for a video demonstration; the figure 8's might be a next-level exercise you'll want to wait a bit before trying - up to you, but it can be searched on you tube as well :)

SilverySparkles on 02/08/2019:
We ordered 5, 10 and 15 pounds.

SilverySparkles on 02/08/2019:
Thank you. We are excited to start using them and plan to begin with the 5 pounder. I will also go onto youtube and see what is there. You are the first person I know that is using them. I have always been interested in them and think they will make a good addition to our home gym.

SilverySparkles on 02/08/2019:
Thank you so much, all three look like they will be very useful. I will look for others too. I think these will be used a lot. Thanks for the suggestions!

horn_of_plenty on 02/08/2019:
great idea to save time in commuting and buy a local gym pass. i'd have DEFINITELY done the same in your position, for sure! i am always up for convenience and at $10 its so minimal when you are into going to the gym and it's your pasttime like yours!

great sleep! was it due to sleep meds? i've been sleeping LOADS all week...easy to do after taking the equivalent of a great store brand Nyquil every single night since Monday :) Looking to do the same tonight :) and planning to do SOME walking home, though not the whole 3mi. not interested in getting 3mi in tonight :)

Cannot even wait for a great gym routine tomorrow! :) wooohooo

PS - popcorn shrimp and salad is DEFINITELY MY KINDA MEAL ! love it!!!!!

thinkpositive on 02/09/2019:
Thinking about buying a kettlebell myself & can’t decide between 10 or 15 lb. I’m comfortable with a 10 lb but maybe it won’t be enough weight? Great idea joining the gym. For $10 a month , a great bargain.

Donkey on 02/09/2019:
I completely understand the balancing act between working out or getting more sleep.

Good for you for joining a gym. One of my "lottery dreams" is to join the fancy schmancy fitness center, but some of my best work has been done at gyms that offer the very basics.

Still this time around, I'm working out at home. I do not see a gym membership in my near future... unless I win the lottery, that is.

Maria7 on 02/09/2019:
Happy for you about the gym.

legcramps - Thursday Feb 07, 2019

Weight: 0.0


MONDAY - Work 8-4; REST; 5 hours, 54 minutes

TUESDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-8:00; REST; 9 hours, 1 minute 

WEDNESDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 4:30-5:00; 6 hours, 20 minutes

THURSDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 4:30-5:30; 8 hours, 12 minutes

FRIDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-6:30; REST; 

SATURDAY - Workout 9-10; Watch Godson's hockey game; hang out with BF and his daughter;

SUNDAY - Workout 2-3;

I had a sinus headache yesterday, but by evening it was better so I put in about 45 minutes on the bike trainer. Did not eat much through the day, a little chocolate and a peanut butter and banana sandwich for supper. This morning I took a cold med to alleviate some sinus congestion.

I'm supposed to workout again tonight, but will have to decide if that's the right thing to do with being on the brink of a head cold. I switched up my workout yesterday to the bike because it was originally supposed to be a run but I figured the bike would be easier on me. I guess we'll just wait and see how i'm feeling later!

Right now i'm having a nice hot cup of coffee, and i'm going to eat a banana and just try and get myself through the work day. I should have bit the bullet and gone on a nice hot vacation right now; it's minus 30 celsius here today - and that's without windchill; with windchill, it's probably closer to minus 37! I'm over it. I think it's time to move to Florida.

horn_of_plenty on 02/07/2019:
right?! i want to move to florida, too.

being that i woke up not 100%, i'm waiting until the weekend to workout with weights again.

tonight it's more important, i think?, for me to get extended sleep....AGAIN.

i'd hate to be sick another week (next week). so, home to bed it is. no extra exercise today...

it's annoying because i know i'll be weaker AGAIN!

all winter for me it's playing catch up...but, i guess that's part of being an adult...making the proper choices.

if you are on the brink of being sick, i'd suggest rest.

legcramps on 02/08/2019:
Yes, winter is catch up season for me too; unfortunately, winter is soooo long!

legcramps - Tuesday Feb 05, 2019

Weight: 0.0


MONDAY - Work 8-4; REST; 5 hours, 54 minutes

TUESDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-8:00; REST; 9 hours, 1 minute 

WEDNESDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 4:30-5:00; 

THURSDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 4:30-5:30; 

FRIDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-6:30; REST; 

SATURDAY - Workout 9-10; Watch Godson's hockey game; hang out with BF and his daughter;

SUNDAY - Workout 2-3;

I went to bed super early last night because my throat was still quite sore and I wanted to try and get as much sleep as I could, and I got in 9 hours!! Wow! I'll take it. My throat is still sore this morning, and now i'm feeling congested also, but I will continue to try and get in lots of sleep and take cold meds and hopefully will not have to deal with it much longer.

I am coaching after work today and will stay at BF's for the night.

Had to shovel after work yesterday, so I put my heart rate monitor on to see how much of a workout it would be LOL; turns out, it's a little bit of work for sure. I spent 52 minutes shoveling, burned 250 calories, and gained numerous icicles on my toque and scarf LOL. Looks like it still snowed more during the night, but not enough to worry about shoveling today. I'll leave that fun for tomorrow.

I made the last Hello Fresh meal last night; it was a Turkish beef freekah. Not too bad. Today I should be getting another box; I can't wait because this one has a burger and sweet potato fries recipe in it!

horn_of_plenty on 02/05/2019:
wow that's different, such a different kinda meal how did you get that option for a burger and fries lol!? i wouldn't want that one because it wouldn't fill me...unless i added some veggies on the side?

great sleep for you - seems you must keep up on it to feel better...i didn't sleep well last week although i did on the weekend but still i ended up sick possibly because i compromised my immune system earlier in the week.

i got the throat thing too, which means there's a nasal drip...make sure to keep drinking liquids and taking the vitamin C. one thing is for sure, i won't be exercising at all until i'm feeling that i'm over this cold.

legcramps on 02/05/2019:
It's called a retro burger and comes with caramelized onions and roasted sweet potato, so I guess they aren't fries, but close enough ;) I do hope that the bun is fresh, but if not, I will swap it out for a lettuce wrap instead! I agree if you need more food, just add veggies!

I get to have a red meat meal, a chicken meal, and a seafood meal, so i'm really being 'balanced' this week with Hello Fresh meals. Can't wait to try them out.

Yeah, i'm chugging the water as much as possible. I also have a big tub of vitamin C at home :)

SilverySparkles on 02/05/2019:
I really like the Hello Fresh meals. I don't think I have ever slept 9 hours any night in my life. Sounds nice!

legcramps on 02/07/2019:
It was!

thinkpositive on 02/05/2019:
I might look into Hello Fesh. Yesterday had a pork meal with kale & peppers with a salsa verde over it. They say 25 minutes prep but I’d put it more like 45, It was tasty though and very healthy.

legcramps - Monday Feb 04, 2019

Weight: 0.0


MONDAY - Work 8-4; REST; 5 hours, 54 minutes

TUESDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-8:00; REST

WEDNESDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 4:30-5:00; 

THURSDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 4:30-5:30; 

FRIDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-6:30; REST; 

SATURDAY - Workout 9-10; Watch Godson's hockey game; hang out with BF and his daughter;

SUNDAY - Workout 2-3;

I averaged 7 hours and 55 minutes of sleep last week, it feels pretty awesome. It's not the greatest start, but i'm hoping this week will be just as awesome :)

However, even with a good amount of sleep, I am still catching colds. Yesterday at bedtime, my throat was bugging me a little, very dry and scratchy. I woke up twice through the night, the last time I finally got out of bed and took some benadryl (or benalyn, I can never remember which one is for colds and which one is for allergies). It was hard to fall back asleep because my throat was bothering me so much. Still really bugging me this morning, so i've been sucking on cough drops all morning! I hope i'm not getting a cold, but if I am it might as well come now because I have two REST days scheduled - today and tomorrow LOL. It could also be from the dry air. We just got a hit of snow over the weekend, so maybe that will help.

I had some fantastic workouts last week, and managed to recover pretty well from them, with a lot of icing and rolling, and a group workout on Saturday morning that was tailored for recovery.

On Sunday BF and I completed a brick workout, to officially start our training for an upcoming duathlon at the beginning of May. A brick workout involves cycling for an amount of time, and then running right after, to get your legs used to the transition from bike to shoe. I had a shorter workout to get in than BF because he is training for a longer distance, so I got to coach him a little bit after I was done. Even though he doesn't really listen to me very well ;) I ended up walking away and getting in a mobility workout instead, which I think also helped me to recover faster.

We made miso pork stir fry over the weekend, which was really good (part of the meal delivery plan), and then last night I was going to make another one of their meals but BF wanted pizza instead. I'll make the other meal tonight, it's a ginger beef recipe, and then this week's food should arrive tomorrow sometime. Our other weekend foods were good; I made a healthy ice cream on Saturday with chocolate protein milk, frozen bananas, and frozen pears. It was really good and I am sure I will make that a few more times - it's the perfect alternative to real ice cream and a great snack or dessert as well!

horn_of_plenty on 02/04/2019:
it seems pretty difficult not to catch a cold! i also have managed to catch one! couldn't believe it since i got great sleep on Fri and Sat nights and even into Today.

another reason you could be getting sick is the gym equipment. i was at the gym last night and i'm thinking maybe this could be what helped?

woke up with the sore throat.

excellent menu and meal plans in there! miso pork sounds so good!

legcramps on 02/04/2019:
Absolutely could be the gym equipment, who knows, sure makes me irritable to have to go through another sickness though!

I hope your sore throat doesn't last long :(

I bet you'd have loved the miso pork! It had just the perfect amount of spiciness too; I will definitely make this dish again!

SilverySparkles on 02/04/2019:
Your healthy ice cream sounds so good.

horn_of_plenty on 02/04/2019:
Yeah nice job on healthy ice cream and maybe you should make more types like this that may be better alternatives to your typical indulgence!!!

Donkey on 02/05/2019:
Oh I hope you're not getting sick again!

legcramps - Friday Feb 01, 2019

Weight: 0.0


MONDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 5:00-6:00; Work 7-86 hours, 53 minutes

TUESDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-8:00; 8 hours, 25 minutes

WEDNESDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 4:30-5:30; 5 hours, 46 minutes + nap 1 hour, 34 minutes

THURSDAY - Work 8-4; REST, possibly coffee visit with friend; Workout 4:30-6:30; 7 hours, 37 minutes

FRIDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-6:30; Workout 6:30-7:30; REST; 8 hours, 40 minutes

SATURDAY - ACTIVE RECOVERY; Workout 9:30-10:30;

SUNDAY - Workout 1:00-2:00; REST

I put in a wicked workout yesterday; 1 hour and 15 minutes of running, then another 30 minutes of biking when I got home. It will be a well-deserved rest day today!

Snowing here right now; I have to drive to the gym to coach after work, and then on to BF's for the weekend, so hopefully it doesn't snow too much today or on the weekend; it makes the highways so hard to navigate.

Breakfast 1 egg with egg whites, 1 slice toast with peanut butter; Lunch 1 slice toast, 1/2 avocado, cucumber slices, 1 egg; Dinner leftover corn fritters and avocado and tomato salad; Snacks banana, raw vegetables and dip, ice cream again :(

I know my body will be sore from the extra workouts i've put it through this week. I rolled out my body really well yesterday, and I took a salt bath. I'll roll out again tonight and take some glutamine. Hopefully by tomorrow morning's strength workout i'll be good as new :) 

Donkey on 02/02/2019:
I'm not sure these wicked workouts are worth it... You are wise to incorporate some rest days in your schedule. Sleep is looking pretty darn awesome!

Donkey on 02/02/2019:
I should clarify: Your sleep stats are looking pretty darn awesome!

Horn_of_plenty on 02/02/2019:
i agree with j donk! your sleep stats are improved. i'm sure you feel good after the 8+ hours of sleep. In general, i'm also a type that needs 8+ on the REGULAR though! so, it has become a challenge to do during the week, but, i make up for it the next night or so when i'm under..

4 kids is a lot for your bf... what is his age and yours?

also though, with him involved with the kids, it gives you a change to go and coach and work and do the things you enjoy for you! :) right?

your foods look great!

thank you for the advice with the guy - my 46 yo Jason.

legcramps - Thursday Jan 31, 2019

Weight: 0.0


MONDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 5:00-6:00; Work 7-86 hours, 53 minutes

TUESDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-8:00; 8 hours, 25 minutes

WEDNESDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 4:30-5:30; 5 hours, 46 minutes

THURSDAY - Work 8-4; REST, possibly coffee visit with friend; Workout 4:30-6:30; 7 hours, 37 minutes + 

FRIDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-6:30; Workout 6:30-7:30; REST;

SATURDAY - ACTIVE RECOVERY; Workout 9:00-10:00;

SUNDAY - Workout 1:00-2:00;

Had to change up my schedule a bit; I have a heart rate monitor that gives me points each month for working out, and you can work your way through different statuses - silver, bronze, gold, etc.; i've done so little this month that it will start me back at square one unless I get in 242 points today. I will probably try to get in a run, and then hop on the bike once I get home. It will probably take me two hours to get the points I need, unless I slack through the workout, then it will take even longer! I'll take a rest day tomorrow instead. I can do it. Maybe.

I tried to earn some points last night and hopped on the bike for an hour, but my legs were so sore from my brick workout on Monday that I couldn't get them to turn over fast enough. I can't believe i'm saying it, but I actually think running will be easier than biking for me today!

Hello Fresh food order came in on Tuesday, so I made one of the meals last night; corn fritters with tomato, avocado, and feta salad. It was pretty good, but I probably won't make it again. The corn fritters had an after taste that I didn't enjoy. The salad was really good though. Breakfast was 1 egg with egg whites, and a slice of toast with peanut butter. Lunch was a slice of toast, 1/2 an avocado, cucumber and 1 egg. I snacked on bananas and raw vegetables, but snuck some potato chips and some ice cream later on at night. I don't know why I allow these things to be in my house!

horn_of_plenty on 01/31/2019:
i don't remember the last time you said you got in a run!? is this new for you this winter? I plan to resume my own running in the Spring.

yes, i've never had a situation (yet) where running were easier than biking ;) if you are sore, why didn't you rest? or was it like an active rest?

sounds all healthy. i actually threw out the last two slices of the pizza i made (the frozen one by Oprah) simply because it was wayyyy too much like regular pizza: not filling and makes me just start craving another slice and also makes my appetite spike when i'm ready for the next meal too soon....

so yeah. i do like potato chips too as i count them as a carb and fat and easy to digest. but ice cream i just stick with my light ones...because i'd have trouble on portions when it comes to ice cream since i think a half cup is such a miniscule serving size!

legcramps on 02/01/2019:
I needed to get in some points for my heart rate monitor status yesterday, and the best way was to run as that spikes my heartrate. I would have rather rested, but I will rest today instead and I rolled out my calves last night and had an epsom salt bath, so they are feeling much better this morning :)

You're right - I don't usually run at all really, unless i'm training for something. But, I will be incorporating some runs this winter and early spring, because I do have some events I want to enter that will involve running. So it's time to bring it back!

I try hard to limit potato chips and ice cream, but it's super hard when I know it's in the house :(

legcramps - Wednesday Jan 30, 2019

Weight: 0.0


MONDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 5:00-6:00; Work 7-86 hours, 53 minutes

TUESDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-8:00; 8 hours, 25 minutes

WEDNESDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 4:30-5:30;  5 hours, 46 minutes

THURSDAY - Work 8-4; REST, possibly coffee visit with friend;

FRIDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-6:30; Workout 6:30-7:30;


SUNDAY - Workout;

I had really good intentions when I went to bed at 10:10 p.m. last night, but I started setting up a puzzle on my Puzzles app on the iPad, and then suddenly it was 11:10 p.m. I was also up early this morning to drive back home from BF's, so that cut another hour off my possible sleep time. OK, i'll do better tonight.

The great day I was having turned itself around last night, boy did it ever LOL! My group coaching session turned into a chaotic mess.  The workout template just wasn't suited for group training, and then the metabolic finisher was way too complicated.  My group just laughed at me for the majority of the hour, while I struggled to explain the exercises and finisher.  I also had a private training session right before the group session, so I didn't have time to set up properly and so things were just...EVERYWHERE, which in hindsight was hilarious really, and something I likely do more often than not.

We got back to BF's finally and I went downstairs to get my iPad and on the way back upstairs I FELL BACK DOWN FIVE STAIRS. I think I even broke one of the steps because I fell so hard! It stunned me into silence for more than a few seconds, and then I picked myself up and went into the kitchen and told BF. He started laughing at me, but then when I said 'my elbow hurts' and lifted it up to look at it his face went white and he was like 'oh my God you're bleeding' LOL. It wasn't bad, but I scraped my elbow pretty good on the edge of the steps.

Anyways, it was a slice of a night.

P.S. don't feel bad for me; this is actually quite normal. I am extremely clumsy and chaotic and I just don't behave the same way normal people do.  I told BF he is going to have one hell of a time looking after me when I am old and decrepid.

Donkey on 01/30/2019:
I do hope you get more sleep tonight. Is that what the blue numbers are on your entry? (I forget.) Tracking sleep is the main reason I wanted to upgrade my FitBit to a Charge 2.

legcramps on 01/30/2019:
Yep, that's what the blue numbers are for!

horn_of_plenty on 01/31/2019:
i think the clumsiness of yesterday stemmed from trying to do too many things at once!? in all situations - the gym and back at bf's!!!!!!!!!

legcramps - Tuesday Jan 29, 2019

Weight: 0.0


MONDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 5:00-6:00; Work 7-86 hours, 53 minutes

TUESDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-8:00; 8 hours, 25 minutes

WEDNESDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 4:30-5:30;

THURSDAY - Work 8-4; REST, possibly coffee visit with friend;

FRIDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-6:30; Workout 6:30-7:30;


SUNDAY - Workout;


-34 degrees Celsius (-29 Fahrenheit)

-47 degrees Celsius (-52 Fahrenheit) with windchill

Upping my sleep game this week (or trying to anyways); fantastic sleep last night.

I jumped on the indoor bike trainer for my workout yesterday, and made it into a brick workout and added a short run off the bike. It felt good, and made me wish I still had my treadmill at home so I could do that more often during the winter. But then i'd have no room for my kitchen table :) :D 8D

I coach tonight in BF's town; should be a fun group session.

I had leftover chicken breast so I cubed it and made chicken salad to add to a slice of toast; I had that with cherry tomatoes for lunch yesterday and there's just enough for lunch today - i'll add cucumber maybe. Breakfast was 1 egg with egg whites, and a slice of toast with peanut butter. I snacked on apple slices and a banana. Dinner was chicken with pasta, and I added a small dessert.

It was a good day :)

horn_of_plenty on 01/29/2019:
Seems like your weather is in line with Donkey's !!! boy, is that FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm so considering missing a workout tonight to sleep, but, i know that it's only going to lead to more of a downward spiral, so, trying to keep on :)

whenever i get really tired, i feel it means i'm on the verge of getting sick...but, my goal is to just get this workout in and then sleep well Wednesday....ahhh, so hard to get sleep and exercise!

your food is nice and nutritious without additives or artificial ingredients, nice!

legcramps - Monday Jan 28, 2019

Weight: 0.0


MONDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 5:00-6:00; Work 7-8; 6 hours, 53 minutes

TUESDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-8:00;

WEDNESDAY - Work 8-4; REST, possibly coffee visit with friend;

THURSDAY - Work 8-4; Workout 4:30-5:30;

FRIDAY - Work 8-4; Coach 4:30-6:30; Workout 6:30-7:30;


SUNDAY - Workout;

Last week I averaged 7 hours and 24 minutes of sleep/night. Not bad I guess; I would have liked it to be a bit longer than that. Was up early this morning because I thought i'd workout but then I just sort of layed in bed for an hour because it was so warm under the blankets and so cold out of them! LOL, i'm not much of a morning workout person, but I do try from time to time ;)

Finally got in my first workout after having had the flu; went to spin class and nearly died. So fun! Plan is to get on the bike trainer today after work and get an hour in before I have to take part in a conference call. Feeling good energy right now, so just hoping the feeling stays with me for the entirety of the day.

Workouts are scheduled to be nice and easy this week, just to ease my way back in. Maybe one big lifting session on Friday or one day on the weekend. I wouldn't mind doing some lane swimming this weekend; will have to see what kind of plans BF wants to make.

I have all my foods ready to go this week. Lots of raw veggies and fruit, whole grain toast, eggs and egg whites, avocadoes, etc. and some leftovers from the weekend as well. Should not have any issues with eating this week!

horn_of_plenty on 01/28/2019:
wow nice average on your sleep. i bet it's an increase from many of the your previous weeks?

i like a couple rest / recovery days in your plan.

excellent food especially the eggs/avocado/toast mixes should be good for you in every way!!! great foods there! i am def looking to reintroduce more avocado when they ripen in a day or two :)

legcramps on 01/28/2019:
It is actually the lowest amount of sleep in a week since the beginning of the year. Granted, I was not feeling great for most of the month, so that's probably why I was sleeping more and not feeling much of the benefits. This last week felt much better, even though it was less sleep!

I'm going to need the recovery ;)

Thanks, I think these are great foods also - they make me feel good and I still love to eat warm lunches through the winter so it passes that test with the cooked eggs and toast.

Donkey on 01/29/2019:
Love raw fruits and vegetables!!!

BTW thank you for encouraging me to use the heavier weights and the new squat (which I had to look up, but it's a simple move). I'll write about it more in my own diary, but this is opening a new door for me in this journey.

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