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legcramps - Tuesday Aug 14, 2018

Weight: 0.0

Monday: lactose-free yogurt, oatmeal banana square, coffee with almond milk, chicken and rice, sausage with hard mozarella cheese and soda crackers, chicken and rice, gingerale, water

Only one bad bathroom break on Monday; sticking to chicken and rice seems to be working out ok so far, but at some point I need to start adding some kind of vegetables in! Good thing my coworker just brought me a box full of garden fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and green peppers! 

Tuesday: flax bread toasted with peanut butter, lactose-free yogurt, coffee with almond milk, subway turkey breast sandwich on 9 grain bread, peanut butter granola bar - plan for the rest of the day: chicken or sausage and rice

The subway turkey breast sandwich was a TERRIBLE idea. Don't let me add mayonnaise or fake, greasy bacon to anything :( Something like three bathroom breaks after lunch. Blergh.

Heading to BF's to coach at the gym there tonight; two sessions. Hopefully get in a workout as well. I have an evening to myself tomorrow night; hoping to make jello shooters for my cousin's b-day on the weekend.

BearCountryGG on 08/14/2018:
The things that get my IBS agitated are....chocolate, dairy ( not yogurt though), pop, coffee, turkey, peanut butter, too many liquids of any kind. I still eat these things and just plan to stay at home...but I'm not sure if this is a good thing...it is probably keeping inflammation active....now flax and chia are horrible for me

legcramps on 08/15/2018:
Ugh, that is not good news as those are a lot of my favorite foods, lol. I just really should not have made that sandwich with mayonnaise...I know better! How come we still make bad decisions when we know better?!

Horn_of_plenty on 08/15/2018:
yes, i was also thinking to coffee can do it to you....and any overly fatty stuff....yeah. i hope you feel better! I was thinking also the cheese.

I'm glad you are doing better. Subway sandwiches aren't that great for you...a lot of preservatives...who knows, maybe you are allergic to a preservative?

legcramps on 08/15/2018:
Yeah, that's why I thought i'd give the FODMAP diet a try, but I don't seem to be sticking to it very well :( Me and structure in eating do not get along very well LOL.

BearCountryGG on 08/15/2018:
I still eat the stuff totally knowing what the outcome will be.......I guess the punishment is less than the enjoyment of eating.....sad but true.

legcramps - Monday Aug 13, 2018

Weight: 0.0

Friday after work I went to the gym to coach; no one showed up for the session so I got to work out with a co-worker instead for a bit. That was nice, actually, and lots of fun, which I needed because I was so bummed about being so sick that day. With fear in my heart, I ate a protein bar on the way home from the gym #1 because I was hungry and wanted to stop myself from stopping at a fast food joint for grease, and #2 because I wanted to see if it would make me sick. Success...it didn't! When I got home I had chicken and rice for supper and one more bathroom break before hitting the sack. And by sack, I mean couch, since it was far too hot to sleep upstairs with no air conditioning.

Up early on Saturday morning to coach at the gym again; I coached two sessions and drove straight home. For breakfast, I just ate a container of lactose-free yogurt. No problems! On the way home, another protein bar. Sipped on coffee with almond milk. I did some laundry, had some chicken and rice, then packed a bag and headed to BF's for the rest of the weekend. For supper, we ate at BF's sister's house and had burgers and baby potatoes. For dessert I tried a couple spoons of a whipped treat she made, then gave the rest to BF to finish. During the afternoon, I had a lot of stomach pain, and in the evening a couple of bathroom breaks but otherwise i'd say it was a better day than Friday!

I did not get a good sleep Saturday night, so Sunday was a late morning. I had brown toast with peanut butter and half of a banana for breakfast, then we did some shopping and went to the swimming pool for the rest of the day. I was craving potato chips, so I had a few doritos. After we popped supper in the oven to cook, BF and I went to the gym and had an awesome workout! Finally, we are working out again! It felt so good to be back at it, putting in the time. I had pork ribs and rice for supper. No explosive bathroom breaks on Sunday! WOOHOO!! BF helped me vacuum and wipe down my car, then we just hung out for the rest of the evening. While BF and his daughter had ice cream, I ate another lactose-free yogurt.

It was not hot overnight, especially sleeping in BF's cold basement, but I woke up around 1:00am sweating profusely, literally dripping with sweat! Wasn't my tummy though, so I just changed my clothes and went back to sleep. This morning came quickly; the 45 minute drive back home before heading to work this morning felt like it dragged on and on. So far today i've had a lactose-free yogurt with a banana oatmeal bar and sipping on coffee and almond milk. Feeling good so far!

BearCountryGG on 08/13/2018:
Sounds like things are improving....Hope that you are figuring out what agrees with you and what doesn't.....I have IBS and it does sound like it to me.

legcramps on 08/14/2018:
I'm definitely trying to stay away from some pinpointed 'trigger' foods, so I think that's helping! I do think it has something to do with IBS.

Donkey on 08/14/2018:
After reading this entry, I'm wondering if you have or had a bug rather than an allergy.... glad you seem to be feeling better! Good health is everything, isn't it?

legcramps on 08/14/2018:
I would have totally called it a bug if it hadn't lasted as long as it did... we're talking weeks of stomach issues, so although at some point during those weeks I could have been fighting something, I also think there are other issues going on.

legcramps - Friday Aug 10, 2018

Weight: 0.0

Last night I didn't have the best sleep, I got sick late at night with stomach pain and it kept me up for about an hour.

Coaching today after work! I cooked a supply of chicken and rice for the next couple of days for myself. Today i'll give you an example of the number of times I have to use the bathroom...

7:00 am bathroom break

B: dairy-free smoothie (lactose-free yogurt, almond milk, bananas & strawberries), coffee (with almond milk, no sugar)

10:00 am bathroom break

NOTE TO SELF: Stomach pain, but I CANNOT cut out the coffee! I am addicted! But wait, I've barely had any coffee so far this morning, just a few sips...it must be something in the smoothie!

12:00 pm bathroom break

L: chicken and rice

1:30 pm so far no pain, but my tummy is rumbling so much!

2:30 pm bathroom break ughhhh

NOTE TO SELF: Oh does my tummy hurt now! Going to try some soda crackers.

D: chicken and rice

S: soda crackers

I'll get to the bottom of this eventually...in the meantime, if you haven't noticed, I haven't been doing much working out. I'm far more interested in applying heating pads and hugging my pillows lately. This is definitely some kind of flare up. I couldn't even imagine going out for a long ride!

horn_of_plenty on 08/10/2018:
stomach pain can just be to having SO MUCH LIQUID it's causing you to have to p*oop....

when i drink a lot of liquids, soon enough i gotta eliminate...usually....

i hope you feel better soon....and i do recall that you are fighting some food allergies / issues now...feel better lady.

sometimes my bowels at mixed up also when it's around the week of my period i have major issues / can't tolerate veggies as much.

legcramps on 08/10/2018:
Yes, that sometimes happens to me but I am on the depo provera shot so I don't have 'regular' periods so it's hard to know if that is the cause. I don't think it is, though it might be part of the reason for my symptoms! I definitely also have back pain; but you would think it wouldn't last so long! This is a few weeks now of stomach issues; this last week has been the worst, but it has definitely been building up to this point.

Donkey on 08/11/2018:
Oh I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this. This sounds a LOT like my husband's IBS.

You've really pared down your diet, and yet you are still suffering. I would be at a loss for any direction or suggestions. Does the pain feel like it's in your stomach or your intestines? Or lower GI (colon)?

I guess the only thing I can offer at this time is to suggest trying very hard to cut out all of the coffee. Even a few sips might be enough to throw your system into chaos. :-( I get how hard this would be - I'm so addicted. AND I am a totally different person without coffee - not very pleasant to be around.

I truly do hope that you can get to the bottom of this.

BearCountryGG on 08/11/2018:
It sounds like IBS to me too........but also...there are a lot of food and over the counter med recalls right now too......one I saw today was a nasal spray (over the counter).

legcramps - Thursday Aug 09, 2018

Weight: 0.0

Oh my goodness, I didn't realize just how sick i'd been until I tried to play ball last night. Holy cannoli, did I sweat buckets. The really positive thing about it though is that I slept like a ROCKSTAR and I feel so much better this morning!


B: dairy-free yogurt smoothie, gingerale

S: soda crackers

L: small chicken breast

S: soda crackers

S: rice, gingerale

D: small chicken breast, rice

It seemed that only the gingerale set me off, so no more of that. Today I am setting a goal to follow the FODMAP diet plan. I plan to take it day by day; I want to try it out to see just how restrictive it could get. I will likely be living on rice for the next little while LOL! Thank goodness I love rice.


B: dairy-free yogurt smoothie (1/2 banana and strawberries), coffee (with almond milk, no sugar)

NOTE TO SELF: That didn't work this morning; probably the coffee. I feel awful.

L: rice, cut up sausage with hard mozzarella cheese (FODMAP says hard cheeses are OK?? This might ring true for me, as I have not experienced much pain when I eat this particular cheese. Maybe it is low in lactose.) I don't know about the sausage; it's not on the list but it hasn't seemed to bother me at all.

NOTE TO SELF: This was better! Much better!

D: small chicken breast, rice

S: soda crackers, dairy-free ice cream

NOTE TO SELF: Pain late at night; had to use heating pad, took tylenol. Noticed the dairy-free ice cream had a lot of sugar in it...maybe that's why.

Really hoping that none of this will set me off. If it doesn't, tomorrow will look very similar. I am going to take it easy on the veggies until I can get to the grocery store; I know what I currently have will not be the best to eat - cauliflower and broccoli are both 'gassy' vegetables, and that's basically what I have in stock.

I understand that i'm not getting a whole lot of calories in; please just keep in mind this is only temporary!

horn_of_plenty on 08/09/2018:
i hope you feel better! sounds like it's been frustrating lately eating-wise. no, i've never tried the FODMAP. It's difficult for me to go according to any plan which isn't my complete own!

BearCountryGG on 08/09/2018:
Imodium works very well to stop diahhrea..... Our pediatrician used to prescribe flat 7 up peeled apple jello water soda crackers

But definitely stay away from any kind of greasy food.

legcramps on 08/09/2018:
I'd been trying flat gingerale, but that's no good, apples are not good for my stomach either. Sticking to the soda crackers for now!

BearCountryGG on 08/09/2018:
Sorry...when I wrote the post above I had listed the foods going down and forgot it wouldn't post that way...so no commas...

legcramps on 08/10/2018:
no worries, I got it!

happy-1 on 08/09/2018:
Glad you are feeling better!

legcramps on 08/10/2018:
thank you :)

Donkey on 08/10/2018:
Keep testing and trying! Calories may be lower and nutrition out of whack until you get this sorted out. I'm confident you'll find what to avoid and what works.

legcramps on 08/10/2018:
Exactly, me too! Thanks for the boost!

legcramps - Wednesday Aug 08, 2018

Weight: 0.0

I had an OK weekend; we had an extra day off on Monday for a statutory holiday. I did my coaching, and we had a family day on Sunday, and Monday I started feeling crappy; was sick off work yesterday. So this is a short work week I guess; I had caught up on some work last week so I actually don't feel like i'm starting this week behind. I just wish I wasn't starting it still feeling crappy.

I have been experiencing so many food intolerances, i'm beginning to wonder what I actually can eat that won't make me feel sick. Hopefully, this is only a phase and I am not really intolerant to all the food because oh my goodness that would suck. I could also have a stomach bug, who knows. This morning, I made a dairy-free smoothie; also sipping on gingerale and snacking on soda crackers. Too scared to try anything with more substance but maybe i'll find something in the fridge to try for lunch.

I downloaded the FODMAP diet plan, so I think I might try and attempt this sometime after my trip in September. Basically, I would eliminate most things from my diet for about 8 weeks, then reintroduce them one at a time to see what I am intolerant to. Maybe I will try it sooner though, especially if my stomach continues to disagree with me about everything. Has anyone else tried this plan out? Any thoughts?

Slopitch tonight, our last game before playoffs begin next week.

happy-1 on 08/08/2018:
Feel better! Wash your produce with veggie wash! Cut all deli and sausage / processed meats first. Check your supplements for sugar alcohols and sucralose.

legcramps on 08/09/2018:
I haven't had any fresh produce recently (I know I know, but our grocery stores are terrible at keeping fresh fruit and veggies on their shelves), or deli or processed meats aside from some sausage which I did cut. I quit all the supplements with sugar or sugar substitutes, and just today am reintroducing coffee with almond milk and no sugar. Thanks for the ideas!!

Donkey on 08/09/2018:
I'm so sorry to hear of your stomach distress! Not fun! Do you think it could be IBS? Husband & my coworker struggle with that just horribly. (I'm surrounded by people who have explosive bathroom issues *sigh*)

I - nor my husband - have done the elimination procedure, but I have had friends that DID do that to get to the bottom of what is making them sick. My friend with migraines was successful. There were a few other successful friends. It's helpful, but not necessarily easy.

legcramps on 08/09/2018:
I think it could be, yes. Bathroom issues are not fun at all! But it could be worse, so it's not really worth complaining about too much ;)

I think I will do the FODMAP elimination diet; I just want to feel better!

legcramps - Friday Aug 03, 2018

Weight: 0.0

I might be having a grumpy day today. There are a lot of reasons behind the way i'm feeling today; mostly based around feeling inadequate. Which is hogwash and I know it. Sometimes my mind likes to play tricks on me though; today is one of those days.

So, to try and bring myself around, I am going to have a really good lunch of a roast beef sandwich and lots of water this afternoon while i'm at work. And right now, i'm going to grin like an idiot until I actually feel like i'm not faking it.

And later, after I coach at the gym, i'm going to do my own workout, come home, take a warm bath, and go to bed early.


BearCountryGG on 08/03/2018:
Hope you day gets better!!!

Donkey on 08/04/2018:
I did a lot of grinning yesterday too. Thank goodness for the weekend...

Horn_of_plenty on 08/05/2018:
Self care is sooo important. Like you and Donkey, i'll be grinning all week.

legcramps - Thursday Aug 02, 2018

Weight: 0.0

Slopitch last night, coaching group training this morning. Probably taking a nap after work.

Valuable lesson learned for me this morning in group training; while my role as a coach is to push people to do their best and to challenge themselves, I don't always observe when one person within the group might be struggling a bit more than the rest. One person in particular this morning had just gotten back into working out, and was having a hard time reaching the '300 calories burned' point (we have heartrate monitors at the gym that show calorie burn on a tv screen). At the end of our workout I was about to shout out "let's get ready for our cooldown" when I noticed the other participants gathered around this person, clapping and encouraging them. I happily joined in when I realized they were encouraging them to reach their '300 burned point', and with only a few more calories to go, we fake-skipped our way to success (some of us with a few alligator tears in our eyes).

The moral is, even though you might look to me and it is my job to encourage you to do your best every day, it takes the whole team to come together and actually make it happen. There is not much we can do without help from others. So accept it, do what you need to do with it, but accept that others are around you to support you and to help you. Let them in.

horn_of_plenty on 08/02/2018:
aN HOUR is far to the gym...maybe there's a gym closer to him where you can coach????

legcramps on 08/02/2018:
There is, right in the town that he lives in. I'm coaching at both right now, actually, but I get way more hours at the other gym an hour away, and they'll be opening one in my city in the next year or so, so I don't know if I really want to move before giving myself an opportunity to work at a gym right in my own city!

legcramps on 08/02/2018:
If I can work at a gym in my city, and work my normal job in my city, I wouldn't have to travel at all! Could get everywhere on my bike in the summer and literally would be minutes away by car in the winter.

horn_of_plenty on 08/02/2018:
you've shared good words of encouragement both with your coaching group and with us here on DD :)

BearCountryGG on 08/02/2018:
Loved That!!!

legcramps - Tuesday Jul 31, 2018

Weight: 0.0

Actually posting two days in a row, I can't believe it.

I made fried rice for supper yesterday (not really, more like steamed rice and then warmed up canned veggies in the frying pan LOL), and made scrambled eggs to go with it instead of chicken. Wasn't in the mood to make a large meal. I will do that today, since BF and his daughter are coming over later; lemon pepper chicken with steamed rice and boiled veggies. Maybe roasted veggies, they're way more nutritious.

Is it terrible that I don't remember what I did last night past supper and clean-up? I don't know, i'm wracking my brain but I really think I just watched tv, took a bath, and went to bed.

After work i'm driving into the city to pick up a tent that someone is selling for $40; we went camping this summer and borrowed a friend's tent, which was an 8 person, 2 room tent and was AWESOME so now we're looking for one. I think I may have found one that is exactly the same as the one we borrowed. Hopefully it isn't missing anything and is in decent shape.

Then, BF will be here probably for supper and to hang out for a bit. BF lives about 45 minutes away; at first, this was perfect because it allowed me the personal time that I still needed for myself, but now it's almost an inconvenience because after a year together, we're wanting to spend more time with each other and it's not always so easy to plan. He has mentioned moving in together, but then who would move where? How would I manage my workday? What about coaching? And my workouts? And his kids? Obviously, i'm not likely ready for that anytime soon because I feel excitement, but also a little bit of terror every time it's mentioned. Change is hard.

happy-1 on 07/31/2018:
Good job! Make sure to open it and check for stickiness

legcramps on 08/01/2018:
The only problem with it was one of the rods was broken, which BF is already starting to fix today. Nice! I actually think he was telling me the truth when he said he barely used it!

BearCountryGG on 07/31/2018:
Love fried rice.

legcramps on 08/01/2018:
Me too! I would eat it all the time, but maybe I should try substituting rice with cauliflower, like HoP mentioned.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/31/2018:
Nice job making fried rice. I did this using "cauliflower rice." ...i really want to make it again, soon, because it tasted awesome! I also added the egg and everything else into it :) so good!

Good luck with the tent, i hope it ends up being what you wanted.

Well, even if you live together, you still should be able to do certain things apart :) i'd hope you can continue your passions and if he loves you, he will allow you to and back you up!

legcramps on 08/01/2018:
The tent is fantastic!

I would absolutely still do my thing, I am only concerned about the logistics of it - for example, right now I live half an hour away from the gym I coach at. If I moved, I would end up being an hour away :(

Donkey on 08/01/2018:
I moved in with my husband - before he was my husband - because we wanted to see more of each other, and the commuting bak and forth was really inconvenient. Here we are 23 years later...

I agree with Horn: if it's meant to be, he'll respect your need for time and space to do your own thing. Nothing has to be decided today. Time will tell :-)

legcramps on 08/01/2018:
Thanks, I needed to hear that :)

BearCountryGG on 08/01/2018:
Doing things individually helps our 52 year marriage ( we were 16 and 17 when we got married).......we both need our alone time.

legcramps on 08/01/2018:
Absolutely, we need our own time, but have been feeling like we could be spending more time together as well; right now it's maybe half and half - we get a quick visit in sometime during the week, then the majority of the weekends we get to actually spend together (one or two days usually). It's just not enough!

legcramps - Monday Jul 30, 2018

Weight: 0.0

My tattoo is at the itchy healing stage...gawd it's driving me crazy. That, and I mostly wear longer sleeves to cover it at work (adhering to appropriate office wear), and the sleeves make it itch SO MUCH MORE! I guess it's my own fault isn't it; I decided I needed to have another tattoo.

One of the cities I coach in had a ribfest this weekend, so I went to check it out. Twice. So much for trying to watch what I eat, huh. In fact, I almost made myself sick Friday night because I ate so much meat in one sitting. If someone would like to do a case study on me, you know, How She Didn't Know When Enough Was Enough, or something, feel free. I've got tons of content.

Besides coaching, I attended a kettlebell workshop on Saturday morning. I could barely drive myself home afterwards, not even kidding. My arms were even more wobbly than jell-o. Look up "kettlebell snatch" on you tube; that's what I did for the last eight or so minutes of the workshop, exactly 200 of them. It fired me right up, let me tell you, I was a total ball of sweat by the end of that eight minutes.

B: 1 slice protein bread, toasted, with pb / coffee

L: 1 cup tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwich on protein bread / coffee (leftovers, about half a cup of the soup is still left)

S: water, granola bar

D: thinking about making fried rice, chicken breast, and veggies. Might nap instead, then wake up ravenous and eat ice cream (thereby restarting the vicious cycle of making myself sick from eating). Just kidding, that doesn't sound like fun. Chicken and rice it is!

My schedule calls for a 10 kilometer time trial on the bike tonight in the big city. Sadly, the thought of driving over three hours to bike hard and fast for less than 20 minutes...just doesn't appeal to me anymore. I love cycling, but it's being incredibly high maintenance lately and very demanding...i'm not too sure I can manage the attention it requires as well as I used to. I literally had nothing else to do in the summer except go to the lake. Now I have coaching, and BF, and kettlebell snatches. Maybe my priorities are shifting a bit. I wish I could do it all, but I am not a super hero (except in my dreams I am. a really hot super hero, with firey red hair who is eerily similar to Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad).

You guys have a good week!

happy-1 on 07/30/2018:
Lol... hardcore workouts and tattoos hiding in officewear. You must be a kick in the pants to hang out with.

legcramps on 07/30/2018:
nah, i'm just a poser ;)

BearCountryGG on 07/30/2018:
I have been craving grilled cheese for the last few days.....

legcramps on 07/30/2018:
so good!

horn_of_plenty on 07/31/2018:
Were you really hungry Friday? is that why you eat so much meat in one sitting?

Whenever i'm overly hungry, i have sincere troubles watching my portions at times still.

Congrats again on your tattoo. I'm getting a belly ring for my bday :) #NeverTooOld

legcramps on 07/31/2018:
Nope, it was just so good I couldn't stop myself. Like, I was groaning because I was so full, and still taking forkfuls into my mouth!

legcramps - Thursday Jul 26, 2018

Weight: 0.0

I find myself taking off extra days here and there from work. It is nice to be away from the unpleasantness, but I hurt myself by coming back to even more work than I had when I left! Gotta pay the bills somehow though...so I guess I gotta work!

I am finding coaching to be a nice lift in my day; sometimes I worry that I won't 'get it right', but every single time it has been fun and i've gotten through it just fine. I am coaching again Friday after work and Saturday morning, and then taking part in a kettlebell workshop on Saturday as well. I'm really looking forward to that - I love using kettlebells :)

So last weekend after I coached on Saturday morning, I golfed in a ladies' best ball tournament for the rest of the day, then drove to BF's house. We were going to get up early on Sunday and go for a long bike ride; unfortunately, it was raining when we woke up. By lunchtime the rain had stopped, it was overcast and windy but we decided to give it a try anyways. We made it 100km! That was just over five hours on the bike, boy my butt STILL hurts from that one, but it was a fantastic success and i'm so happy we decided to forge ahead.

Went swimming Sunday night and had a lovely supper of ribs and potatoes, then basically passed out on the couch watching The Martian.

I was off on Monday and Tuesday, so on Monday afternoon, BF took the afternoon off and we took his daughter and her friend to the water park. The hot tub felt great on my ouchy spots after that long bike ride, and then we went for sushi and pizza before heading back home. I can tell that i've been indulging a bit too much; feeling pretty bloated these days and my pants are not as loose as they were just a month ago. I guess I should taper all the carbs a bit ;) especially since i'm not working out as much during the summer as I was in the winter/spring.

Tuesday I got a new tattoo; it was done on my right arm; some sunflowers in my Dad's memory and the words "love you so much" in his handwriting. He passed away last year in May, and i've been wanting to do something to memorialize him ever since. I know he would love it.

I am hoping to have a laid back weekend this weekend; I have been feeling especially tired and sleeping a lot for the last few weeks, also having some tummy troubles. I am hoping it is just because of my eating habits and not something more serious to consider. I started taking my iron supplements again, and I think I should start on B12 again too. Just don't have any energy. Will probably have a nap right after work today.

BearCountryGG on 07/26/2018:
I think a lot of us are sleeping more lately.....I know I am too.

legcramps on 07/26/2018:
It's weird though...I am like this in the winter because of the weather and minimal amount of sunlight we get throughout the day, but I don't remember feeling so tired in the summers!

Donkey on 07/28/2018:
What you described is exactly why I don't leave work early even when I can. I just come back to more work. I'd rather stay on top of it... it's easy money. But seriously, I need a break.

I don't know about you, but the hot weather makes me tired. And it seems as though the hot has been hotter this year, although this week and next will be pleasantly cool. If only it could be like that year round...

horn_of_plenty on 07/30/2018:
Congrats on your new tattoo! SOunds like you are being really active even tho you say it's less than the Winter and Spring lol!!

your trips and training sound awesome ! :) nice job giving back and training others!

It's the perfect time of year for water parks....i'll be going out to one also in a few weeks!

you are always on the run which could be what is causing you to feel tired - maybe you really need more sleep!? napping is very restorative after lots of working out!

Usually i take a few days off in summer too, but i'm saving them for mostly in January when i go on a trip to visit my friend in miami for 2 weeks!

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