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legcramps - Thursday Aug 02, 2018

Weight: 0.0

Slopitch last night, coaching group training this morning. Probably taking a nap after work.

Valuable lesson learned for me this morning in group training; while my role as a coach is to push people to do their best and to challenge themselves, I don't always observe when one person within the group might be struggling a bit more than the rest. One person in particular this morning had just gotten back into working out, and was having a hard time reaching the '300 calories burned' point (we have heartrate monitors at the gym that show calorie burn on a tv screen). At the end of our workout I was about to shout out "let's get ready for our cooldown" when I noticed the other participants gathered around this person, clapping and encouraging them. I happily joined in when I realized they were encouraging them to reach their '300 burned point', and with only a few more calories to go, we fake-skipped our way to success (some of us with a few alligator tears in our eyes).

The moral is, even though you might look to me and it is my job to encourage you to do your best every day, it takes the whole team to come together and actually make it happen. There is not much we can do without help from others. So accept it, do what you need to do with it, but accept that others are around you to support you and to help you. Let them in.

horn_of_plenty on 08/02/2018:
aN HOUR is far to the gym...maybe there's a gym closer to him where you can coach????

legcramps on 08/02/2018:
There is, right in the town that he lives in. I'm coaching at both right now, actually, but I get way more hours at the other gym an hour away, and they'll be opening one in my city in the next year or so, so I don't know if I really want to move before giving myself an opportunity to work at a gym right in my own city!

legcramps on 08/02/2018:
If I can work at a gym in my city, and work my normal job in my city, I wouldn't have to travel at all! Could get everywhere on my bike in the summer and literally would be minutes away by car in the winter.

horn_of_plenty on 08/02/2018:
you've shared good words of encouragement both with your coaching group and with us here on DD :)

BearCountryGG on 08/02/2018:
Loved That!!!

legcramps - Tuesday Jul 31, 2018

Weight: 0.0

Actually posting two days in a row, I can't believe it.

I made fried rice for supper yesterday (not really, more like steamed rice and then warmed up canned veggies in the frying pan LOL), and made scrambled eggs to go with it instead of chicken. Wasn't in the mood to make a large meal. I will do that today, since BF and his daughter are coming over later; lemon pepper chicken with steamed rice and boiled veggies. Maybe roasted veggies, they're way more nutritious.

Is it terrible that I don't remember what I did last night past supper and clean-up? I don't know, i'm wracking my brain but I really think I just watched tv, took a bath, and went to bed.

After work i'm driving into the city to pick up a tent that someone is selling for $40; we went camping this summer and borrowed a friend's tent, which was an 8 person, 2 room tent and was AWESOME so now we're looking for one. I think I may have found one that is exactly the same as the one we borrowed. Hopefully it isn't missing anything and is in decent shape.

Then, BF will be here probably for supper and to hang out for a bit. BF lives about 45 minutes away; at first, this was perfect because it allowed me the personal time that I still needed for myself, but now it's almost an inconvenience because after a year together, we're wanting to spend more time with each other and it's not always so easy to plan. He has mentioned moving in together, but then who would move where? How would I manage my workday? What about coaching? And my workouts? And his kids? Obviously, i'm not likely ready for that anytime soon because I feel excitement, but also a little bit of terror every time it's mentioned. Change is hard.

happy-1 on 07/31/2018:
Good job! Make sure to open it and check for stickiness

legcramps on 08/01/2018:
The only problem with it was one of the rods was broken, which BF is already starting to fix today. Nice! I actually think he was telling me the truth when he said he barely used it!

BearCountryGG on 07/31/2018:
Love fried rice.

legcramps on 08/01/2018:
Me too! I would eat it all the time, but maybe I should try substituting rice with cauliflower, like HoP mentioned.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/31/2018:
Nice job making fried rice. I did this using "cauliflower rice." ...i really want to make it again, soon, because it tasted awesome! I also added the egg and everything else into it :) so good!

Good luck with the tent, i hope it ends up being what you wanted.

Well, even if you live together, you still should be able to do certain things apart :) i'd hope you can continue your passions and if he loves you, he will allow you to and back you up!

legcramps on 08/01/2018:
The tent is fantastic!

I would absolutely still do my thing, I am only concerned about the logistics of it - for example, right now I live half an hour away from the gym I coach at. If I moved, I would end up being an hour away :(

Donkey on 08/01/2018:
I moved in with my husband - before he was my husband - because we wanted to see more of each other, and the commuting bak and forth was really inconvenient. Here we are 23 years later...

I agree with Horn: if it's meant to be, he'll respect your need for time and space to do your own thing. Nothing has to be decided today. Time will tell :-)

legcramps on 08/01/2018:
Thanks, I needed to hear that :)

BearCountryGG on 08/01/2018:
Doing things individually helps our 52 year marriage ( we were 16 and 17 when we got married).......we both need our alone time.

legcramps on 08/01/2018:
Absolutely, we need our own time, but have been feeling like we could be spending more time together as well; right now it's maybe half and half - we get a quick visit in sometime during the week, then the majority of the weekends we get to actually spend together (one or two days usually). It's just not enough!

legcramps - Monday Jul 30, 2018

Weight: 0.0

My tattoo is at the itchy healing stage...gawd it's driving me crazy. That, and I mostly wear longer sleeves to cover it at work (adhering to appropriate office wear), and the sleeves make it itch SO MUCH MORE! I guess it's my own fault isn't it; I decided I needed to have another tattoo.

One of the cities I coach in had a ribfest this weekend, so I went to check it out. Twice. So much for trying to watch what I eat, huh. In fact, I almost made myself sick Friday night because I ate so much meat in one sitting. If someone would like to do a case study on me, you know, How She Didn't Know When Enough Was Enough, or something, feel free. I've got tons of content.

Besides coaching, I attended a kettlebell workshop on Saturday morning. I could barely drive myself home afterwards, not even kidding. My arms were even more wobbly than jell-o. Look up "kettlebell snatch" on you tube; that's what I did for the last eight or so minutes of the workshop, exactly 200 of them. It fired me right up, let me tell you, I was a total ball of sweat by the end of that eight minutes.

B: 1 slice protein bread, toasted, with pb / coffee

L: 1 cup tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwich on protein bread / coffee (leftovers, about half a cup of the soup is still left)

S: water, granola bar

D: thinking about making fried rice, chicken breast, and veggies. Might nap instead, then wake up ravenous and eat ice cream (thereby restarting the vicious cycle of making myself sick from eating). Just kidding, that doesn't sound like fun. Chicken and rice it is!

My schedule calls for a 10 kilometer time trial on the bike tonight in the big city. Sadly, the thought of driving over three hours to bike hard and fast for less than 20 minutes...just doesn't appeal to me anymore. I love cycling, but it's being incredibly high maintenance lately and very demanding...i'm not too sure I can manage the attention it requires as well as I used to. I literally had nothing else to do in the summer except go to the lake. Now I have coaching, and BF, and kettlebell snatches. Maybe my priorities are shifting a bit. I wish I could do it all, but I am not a super hero (except in my dreams I am. a really hot super hero, with firey red hair who is eerily similar to Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad).

You guys have a good week!

happy-1 on 07/30/2018:
Lol... hardcore workouts and tattoos hiding in officewear. You must be a kick in the pants to hang out with.

legcramps on 07/30/2018:
nah, i'm just a poser ;)

BearCountryGG on 07/30/2018:
I have been craving grilled cheese for the last few days.....

legcramps on 07/30/2018:
so good!

horn_of_plenty on 07/31/2018:
Were you really hungry Friday? is that why you eat so much meat in one sitting?

Whenever i'm overly hungry, i have sincere troubles watching my portions at times still.

Congrats again on your tattoo. I'm getting a belly ring for my bday :) #NeverTooOld

legcramps on 07/31/2018:
Nope, it was just so good I couldn't stop myself. Like, I was groaning because I was so full, and still taking forkfuls into my mouth!

legcramps - Thursday Jul 26, 2018

Weight: 0.0

I find myself taking off extra days here and there from work. It is nice to be away from the unpleasantness, but I hurt myself by coming back to even more work than I had when I left! Gotta pay the bills somehow though...so I guess I gotta work!

I am finding coaching to be a nice lift in my day; sometimes I worry that I won't 'get it right', but every single time it has been fun and i've gotten through it just fine. I am coaching again Friday after work and Saturday morning, and then taking part in a kettlebell workshop on Saturday as well. I'm really looking forward to that - I love using kettlebells :)

So last weekend after I coached on Saturday morning, I golfed in a ladies' best ball tournament for the rest of the day, then drove to BF's house. We were going to get up early on Sunday and go for a long bike ride; unfortunately, it was raining when we woke up. By lunchtime the rain had stopped, it was overcast and windy but we decided to give it a try anyways. We made it 100km! That was just over five hours on the bike, boy my butt STILL hurts from that one, but it was a fantastic success and i'm so happy we decided to forge ahead.

Went swimming Sunday night and had a lovely supper of ribs and potatoes, then basically passed out on the couch watching The Martian.

I was off on Monday and Tuesday, so on Monday afternoon, BF took the afternoon off and we took his daughter and her friend to the water park. The hot tub felt great on my ouchy spots after that long bike ride, and then we went for sushi and pizza before heading back home. I can tell that i've been indulging a bit too much; feeling pretty bloated these days and my pants are not as loose as they were just a month ago. I guess I should taper all the carbs a bit ;) especially since i'm not working out as much during the summer as I was in the winter/spring.

Tuesday I got a new tattoo; it was done on my right arm; some sunflowers in my Dad's memory and the words "love you so much" in his handwriting. He passed away last year in May, and i've been wanting to do something to memorialize him ever since. I know he would love it.

I am hoping to have a laid back weekend this weekend; I have been feeling especially tired and sleeping a lot for the last few weeks, also having some tummy troubles. I am hoping it is just because of my eating habits and not something more serious to consider. I started taking my iron supplements again, and I think I should start on B12 again too. Just don't have any energy. Will probably have a nap right after work today.

BearCountryGG on 07/26/2018:
I think a lot of us are sleeping more lately.....I know I am too.

legcramps on 07/26/2018:
It's weird though...I am like this in the winter because of the weather and minimal amount of sunlight we get throughout the day, but I don't remember feeling so tired in the summers!

Donkey on 07/28/2018:
What you described is exactly why I don't leave work early even when I can. I just come back to more work. I'd rather stay on top of it... it's easy money. But seriously, I need a break.

I don't know about you, but the hot weather makes me tired. And it seems as though the hot has been hotter this year, although this week and next will be pleasantly cool. If only it could be like that year round...

horn_of_plenty on 07/30/2018:
Congrats on your new tattoo! SOunds like you are being really active even tho you say it's less than the Winter and Spring lol!!

your trips and training sound awesome ! :) nice job giving back and training others!

It's the perfect time of year for water parks....i'll be going out to one also in a few weeks!

you are always on the run which could be what is causing you to feel tired - maybe you really need more sleep!? napping is very restorative after lots of working out!

Usually i take a few days off in summer too, but i'm saving them for mostly in January when i go on a trip to visit my friend in miami for 2 weeks!

legcramps - Wednesday Jul 18, 2018

Weight: 0.0

My feelings of unpleasantness towards my work situation have not changed much, unfortunately. I had a whole week off, and within the first hour of coming back to work this week, I was already counting to 10 and trying to calm myself down! Is it me? Some other things not work related are starting to weigh on me; maybe i'm picking up on the littlest bit of idiocy and making it something more than it needs to be. Perhaps I should just get over myself?

Camping wasn't really that great, but I didn't have to work so there was that. We had tornado warnings and thunderstorms for two days, and then one day was super windy. So really, one day of good weather out of four. That. Sucked. Balls. Try keeping an 11 year old entertained when there is absolutely nothing to do! I can only play so many card games, 'yo. I was not cut out to look after kids :(

I did manage to get a nice long bike ride in, a few minutes short of 4 hours in the saddle! It felt really good to get that done, and I managed to make it over 80 kilometers in total. Hopefully one or two more of those before the 120 kilometer ride in September.

I also completed a 5k Foam Fest run last weekend; it was so muddy and dirty!!! Lots of fun though. And i've gone on two nice long walks since the weekend - 4.5 k and 6.5 k last night. This weekend I am coaching at the gym, and then playing in a ladies' golf tournament, so i'm looking forward to spending some quality time with my bestie :)

I haven't been eating great since coming home from camping; many meals of toast and eggs LOL and I do not have too much for groceries in the fridge. I have no motivation to get out and buy good food, but last night I found some pork chops in the freezer so I made those, and ate it with rice and some veggies I also found in the freezer! Thank goodness for freezers, huh?! And now I have leftovers for a couple of days so that's good.

horn_of_plenty on 07/18/2018:
Hi Legs!

With work stuff…realize that you are dealing with many personalities many of which you wouldn’t ordinarily choose to interact with on a daily basis if you weren’t being paid to interact with them!!! Try to realize that a lot of the work stuff is necessary for a paycheck and most other people also feel the same way as you and don’t always want to be there. And after a vacation, I understand you feeling extra tired / cranky to not want to deal with office folks!

I’m sooo sorry the weather didn’t work out for your trip…it’s so important for it to be nice if you are doing outdoor activities, I know! I remember I once took a vacation day and it was huge thunderstorms but I wasn’t camping…my friend and I simply headed out to the movies and for once it was a REALLY good movie haha…

So this long 4 HOUR ride, was it hilly terrain or mostly flat? Bc if it was hills, I’d have died!

I’m so inspired by your runs and the nice, long weekend walks. You are certainly getting awesomely fun activity in, go you!

My freezer…yeah…I buy things and then they expire…except for ICE CREAM! That, I eat!

happy-1 on 07/19/2018:
OMG. trapped in a tent with a bored 11 year old and no chloroform...

Donkey on 07/19/2018:
^^^ Hahahahaha!

You are not alone in your feelings about work. I get this every time I come back from a vacation. It is AMAZING how quickly all of my work concerns go out the window, and then when I return, that wonderful "recharged" feeling dissipates. I know it's not just me, because my male co-worker has said the same thing happens to him. The difference is that he gets to retire next year and I've got at least 20 more years to work, although not in the job I'm doing now.

legcramps - Thursday Jul 05, 2018

Weight: 0.0

I took this week as a rest week. I am feeling super lazy from the long weekend, and I just want to do nothing but sleep this week! Just in time to be well rested for camping next week ;) The only problem with taking a rest WEEK is that I am very ornery because I have not been working out!

I am only coaching one day this week, Friday after work. I was going to have a garage sale on Saturday, but i'm thinking now that maybe I will wake up super early instead and go for a nice long bike ride. I need to get more time in on the bike, and who needs to be stuck in a garage waiting for people to stop by - so boring! And then I am off work for a whole week next week - halleluiah!!! 

Stupid people have been seriously stressing me out, and I am in desperate need of a break. It is really breaking me down. I try so hard to not let other people bring me down, but man has it ever been hard this week (and last week, and let's face it - the week before that too). It is all adding up to an overall feeling of unpleasantness, like I could shake people. Adults. Grown adults that should know better. Anyways!

I have a beauty of a camping spot reserved from Tuesday to Friday next week at a park that is about half an hour's drive away. It is lakefront - right off the water. I don't know how it will go - I am close enough that I could be pulled back into town for various reasons, but i'm hoping that won't happen and the weather will be wonderful and I will be able to relax. We'll see!

The fair is on in the city this week. BF and his kids are checking it out this afternoon, so I will meet them once i'm done work and i'm totally going to have some elephant ears and lemonade ;) and maybe shoot some balloons or other various targets to let off some steam from the workday.

I should really just quit and start working at the gym full time. If only my workplace didn't have such an awesome pension and benefit plan!

Horn_of_plenty on 07/05/2018:
Isn't bike riding the absolute best! I love the breeze you get while riding! I rode yesterday for approx a half hour. My legs felt super good today. I'm thinking maybe i should start to trade off jogging with biking here and there. certainly my legs thanked me today for not jogging on them. sitting on the bike was a treat!

i was gonna jog also, but the track was locked due to the holiday, so i just stayed on my bike. but in the end, it was the better thing for my body as my ankle was still sore from days earlier. now i feel great!

Horn_of_plenty on 07/05/2018:
your BF has kids, i didn't know!?

also, rest is helpful. you'll feel better for the weekend.

and yes, garage sale - maybe wait for other weather? it's not worth sitting around i do NOT think...unless you have a lot to sell...but perhaps wait for the type of weather you don't mind sitting in.

Donkey on 07/06/2018:
What is WRONG with people these days??? I so feel your pain about stupid people stressing you out. And not just stupid, but if I could add RUDE and CHILDISH.

Sadly, I can see this becoming more the norm for our real estate clients, rather than the exceptional "bad one". UGH, some of these clients - I don't even want to work on their files any more, and then they think that this behavior can be excused with an apology. Well, after 6 weeks of putting up with your ****, an apology seems rather empty.

legcramps - Monday Jun 18, 2018

Weight: 0.0

Hey peeps,

I'm so tired, guys, LOL. I've been over-extending myself and i'm burning out! Smoking! Down to the ashes! So I made an executive decision in the Life of Legcramps, and decided to kick Cycling in the City to the curb. It's almost six hours out of every Monday night, and leaves me totally exhausted for the rest of the week. I am better off cycling where I am and saving myself four hours or more each week that I can put towards studying for personal training certification. It makes me sad, but it's for the best.

Otherwise things are plugging along. I might add a Tuesday to my coaching routine, we'll see if that happens in the next couple of weeks. Here's a run down of what last week looked like:

Monday - lane swim 1 kilometer, work all day, drive 1 hour 45 minutes, cycle 30 kilometers, drive 1 hour 45 minutes back home

Tuesday - lane swim 1 kilometer, work all day, fall asleep on couch all night

Wednesday - lane swim 1 kilometer, work all day, mow lawn for 1 hour, play slopitch 1.5 hours

Thursday - lane swim 1.25 kilometers, work all day, drive 45 minutes, attend training session

Friday - lane swim 500 meter drills, work all day, drive 30 minutes, coach training session, drive 30 minutes home

Saturday - drive 30 minutes, coach training session, drive 1 hour 45 minutes, cycle 67 kilometers, collapse on bf's couch

Sunday - drive 1.5 hours, open water swim 450 meters, paddleboard 6 kilometers, drive 45 minutes, eat a lot of food, fall asleep on couch

Good times, huh?! LOL

Horn_of_plenty on 06/18/2018:
just reading your schedule has me flat out wiped out! dayum girl, you were on fire last week! very impressive schedule! and i do think that 1hr and 45 min is a very far drive.

Donkey on 06/18/2018:
I can see how you became fatigued. Yowza! You rock!! But I'm glad you are cutting back. Better for you in the long run.

bearcountrygg on 06/19/2018:
I'm tired just reading that.

happy-1 on 06/19/2018:
O.M.G. I wish I had your energy and focus. Good job!

legcramps - Monday Jun 04, 2018

Weight: 0.0

I have finally started coaching group sessions at the gym! Yay! I think i've now done 4 coaching sessions, and I will be confirmed for most Friday evenings, and i'll be switching off Saturday morning with the other trainers at the gym. Hopefully in the fall I can add another day to the routine, but this is fantastic for a start! I'm very happy about jumping this pond giant ocean from training to coaching. Finally!

Something else i'm happy about is finally having a routine. I do so much better when I have a schedule, rather than flying by the seat of my pants, which i've had to do for the last few months with all the training at the gym. I am just so relieved to finally be able to set some kind of routine and know what i'm doing each week. I know things will change, due to weather or circumstance, and that's ok, but at least I will have something I can follow along to for the most part.

I am feeling a little under the weather today; I had some ice cream last night after supper and it's definitely haunting me today. I was supposed to drive into the city for group cycling, but instead I think I will use the heating pad for a bit and then see if I can go out for a shorter ride from home instead. I should really try harder to stop myself from eating dairy - especially being lactose-intolerant 

Donkey on 06/04/2018:
Sounds like things are going very well for you... aside from the ice cream, that is, LOL... Hope you feel better soon.

bearcountrygg on 06/04/2018:
Hope you feel better soon.

horn_of_plenty on 06/05/2018:
i feel similarly regarding my rather crappy dinner last night...

i also do well with a schedule :)

congrats to you on coaching now!!!!!!! so exciting...plus you get paid right!

legcramps on 06/06/2018:
Yes! It will hopefully be enough to pay for the gas to get there and back since i'm driving an hour round trip in order to be able to coach these sessions ;)

happy-1 on 06/08/2018:
Hope you are doing well on your fitness efforts!

legcramps - Thursday May 24, 2018

Weight: 0.0

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well!

I have been plowing along; I can't believe it is almost the end of May already, I don't feel like I have accomplished much this month. I did start eating more vegetables so that is good - and have cheat days once a week although i'm not sure how great an idea that is and if I will continue doing that in June. I lost a pound of weight since the beginning of the month, and i'm hoping that's fat, not water lol! I think it is fat, which is nice - I am just at a point where I will not lose weight quickly anymore so if it is even one pound a month, that is cool with me. 

I started group cycling in May, so that has been going really well. I moved up one group, to Group 4, and I can tell they are much faster and I am getting pretty decent workouts in so i'm very happy about that. I am trying to get in more training on the bike to prepare for the long rides i'm doing this summer.

What else am I doing...still working through the gym training and onboarding. It is moving pretty slowly, and I doubt it will get any faster now that summer is here, but I will continue to work through it at whatever pace I can! I still haven't opened the Personal Training course textbook past the first chapter, so I have a lot work ahead of me for that.

I put Pound training on hold for the time being. I just cannot find enough time to practice enough songs, so it will have to wait until I do have time. I'm thinking the fall might be a better time to introduce it anyways, so hopefully no one else gets to it before I do!

Other than that, i'm working on getting the yard in order and setting up a garage sale in the next few weeks. Lane swimming opens up in the beginning of June, so i'm hoping to get there in the early mornings to do that again - I really miss swimming. I also signed up for a 5k run in June, so I guess I will have to do some training for that (I really dislike running, but it is for a good cause and it's more of a fun run/colour run). 

bearcountrygg on 05/24/2018:
I'm working on the yard right now too....nice to see some flowers again.

Horn_of_plenty on 05/24/2018:
Same here, weight is pretty stable and takes more effort to lose, but once i get my cardio going again, i think it'll lower down a hair more. for me, cardio helps TONS in weight loss. i was able to maintain a very low weight last summer/fall because of cardio but then stopped so now i'm at square one again...and that's fine :) it's nice now to be outside more!

the color run sounds like so much fuN!

I'm loving how you mix up your workouts and how you also swim. I was never a good swimmer and there's nowhere to swim around here outside and i don't really like the area where the local pool is, plus, if there's traffic, it can take up to a half hour to get there...but swimming may just be the best possible exercise as we all know!

i love the running and biking.

i noticed with my own biking that it uses the front of the thigh...the quads i guess! it's amazing bc i could use more muscle building in all areas of my legs and it seems that's one area that could use it tons!...and it's just a big muscle and finally bc i'm getting stronger with all my squats, i can actually semi feel my muscles working while running and on the bike....i used to feel like i was just powering myself thru with my ligaments and bones...like i had no leg muscle at all...you must be quite a powerhouse to do these different athletic activities and also have the stamina for them...extremely impressive!

Donkey on 05/24/2018:
Wow, you are busy :-)

happy-1 on 05/28/2018:
You're doing all the fun things I am working towards!

happy-1 on 05/28/2018:
You're doing all the fun things I am working towards!

legcramps - Friday Apr 27, 2018

Weight: 0.0

I procrastinated about getting my taxes done and finally did them last night at 11:30p.m. Gosh, I would have much rather gone to bed early, but it had to get done. Pretty tired today.

New plan for May; really going to focus on my nutrition and making sure I get in healthier meals during the week and cut down a bit on the junky stuff that does nothing for me. I made a list of healthy foods to buy over the course of the month, and will try my best to stick to them - mainly will be eating a heck of a lot more vegetables and protein. We'll see how it goes!

Training at the gym is still ongoing; I will be co-coaching some training sessions over the next few weeks and then hopefully I will be able to start coaching them on my own and finally get into a routine. Looking forward to it! I also registered to take the Personal Training certification course through NASM, and that will be starting soon I think. Not really looking forward to that lol, but I will put in the work I need to put in so that I give myself the best future possible.

So, I pulled an impulse buy and purchased another bicycle...

I think someone needs to tell me to stop twisting my own arm lol!

This one is a triathlon bike; it is a used Cervelo P2 and has been in a Worlds Ironman event! I am already proud of it, and I have yet to ride it haha! It will be delivered tonight, so hopefully if it is nice enough out this weekend I will be able to take it for a test ride. Oh my goodness I can't wait! That makes four bikes for me, yikes. I'm going to have to start selling some older ones if I continue to find bikes I want to buy. I just couldn't pass up the deal on this one...Cervelo is very elite...ok I will stop defending my purchase now lol.

happy-1 on 04/27/2018:
I feel you on the impulse buys of bicycles. I have the same problem. I can always use another one.

legcramps on 04/27/2018:
I know! This brand actually won a Worlds Ironman competition in Kona, Hawaii in like 2009 or something. So cool!

happy-1 on 04/27/2018:
I kind of want to build a bicycle laundry-washer. I feel like as compulsive as I am with doing laundry I'd get a lot of exercise.

happy-1 on 04/27/2018:
I kind of want to build a bicycle laundry-washer. I feel like as compulsive as I am with doing laundry I'd get a lot of exercise.

Donkey on 04/27/2018:
Enjoy the new bike!!!

horn_of_plenty on 04/29/2018:
Congrats on your new bicycle purchase !!!!

Also congrats on all of your very impressive achievements !!!!

I also will be bicycling around the neighborhood to the track I run at. Bike is a great purchase of yours bc it compliments your lifestyle!

Whenever I bring my meals to work, it seems I eat better ....even though food selection in NYC is phenomenal, it's too easy to overeat.... by meal prepping you leave less to chance and this helps especially when you are hungry and have your own prepped food to eat !!!

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