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legcramps - Wednesday Jul 16, 2014

Weight: 0.0

Mmnn, fried rice leftovers today.

I don't make fried rice often because it's too time consuming for me (I'm a cook it in five and eat it in two kind of girl), but it sure was worth it yesterday. I cooked the rice and chicken ahead of time and let them cool in the fridge. I used brown, wild rice and quinoa, and seasoned the chicken breasts with paprika, among other things. I am a huge fan of paprika.

I started the fry with  white onion, then added: red pepper, garlic, and green onion. I left out eggs because I don't have any raw eggs left in the fridge. Once that was cooked down a bit, I added the cooked rice, some teriyaki sauce, and soy sauce. I added the chicken last and let it just warm up basically. Delicious! We also had roasted carrots and boiled broccoli with herb & garlic shredded cheese as the sides.

I didn't do any exercise yesterday; PT did electrotherapy on my knee to try and reduce the swelling, but I think she poked and prodded a little too much after that. It's kind of sore now, and the swelling didn't go down much. She wrapped it for me, which only scared my company into thinking there was something seriously wrong with my knee. I assured them I was fine. Still taking aleve, so we'll see what that does.

Had a nighttime snack of chips and cheese and am not very happy about it, but will simply try and do better today.

Food yesterday: water, coffee, cottage cheese with blueberries and pineapple, chicken potato casserole, yogurt and 1/2 banana, chicken fried rice with carrots and broccoli, chips and cheese. Believe it or not, it added up to around 1800 calories, which still isn't all that bad!

KTbabyweight on 07/16/2014:
Ooh that fried rice sounds delicious - I will have to try making it! Well done on the good calorie day!

thenewMLE on 07/18/2014:
Thanks for the fried rice method! I really wanted to do this with the LoMein, but maybe I will just do it next week as a side dish. Take care of that knee!

legcramps - Tuesday Jul 15, 2014

Weight: 0.0

Visited with a friend after work yesterday; we both have had knee difficulty during the flooding, although she has had trouble with both knees. She also mentioned two others who have had knee problems, so we are going to start a Knee Support Group ;) We'll meet each week at someone's house and sit in the backyard with our knees elevated, drinking margaritas ;) Good group, if you ask me!

It took me awhile to cook supper yesterday so I snuck in a few snacks along the way - pb sandwich, a little slice of french toast bake, hashbrown casserole. This is what happens when I have many leftovers in the fridge. I should have just left my snacks as my supper, but the fried rice with chicken and veggies was too hard to resist trying, so I had a small bowl of that as well.

At least I didn't go to bed hungry.

I need to stop all the At Home Snacking. If i'm going to be honest, I wasn't even all that hungry. I probably could've waited for supper to be cooked. Must start walking in a forward direction instead of a backward one!

PT appt today and will hopefully get ultrasound on my knee. Then will decide what to do about my knee. I took two Aleve so far and that seems to be helping slightly so I might give it a few more days before I ask my doctor.

I have company coming for supper today and i'm making another batch of chicken fried rice with some baked carrots and broccoli. And tomorrow I need to get back into the basement and start cleaning it again, and maybe cut the grass. Geez that grass grows fast!

Horn_of_plenty on 07/15/2014:
My best friend would love u!!! She LOVES chicken fried rice. It's mostly the only thing she orders when we go out for Thai/Chinese/Japanese. Sorry about yours knees but u had me laughing about the support group! I am very excited for the concert tonight!!

thenewMLE on 07/15/2014:
Glad you enjoyed your company, now it's back to business at hand! I hope your knee isn't too badly messed up. Maybe it's just doctor's orders to stay off it and let it heal kind of a thing. Sounds like you make a killer fried rice. We are doing LoMein tonight, and I offered to make fried rice, but hubby says it is easier to buy it. I like to cook fresh because I know what is in stuff. I have never done a fried rice. Care to share your recipe? Enjoy dinner and company!

legcramps - Monday Jul 14, 2014

Weight: 0.0

Good Monday Morning!

My weekend was pretty good; i'm always sad to see Monday come, but today it means that all my company is gone and the house is empty once again.

Aside from being pretty tired all weekend, it was nice to have so many people around. Different, for sure!

Once everyone left yesterday, I re-filled my fridge with some essentials for the week, and tried a new recipe. I made quiche in a muffin tin; it worked great! Now I can have a much more nutritious breakfast in the mornings.

I have some leftover chicken and potato casserole for lunch, and I picked up some snack items - fruit, yogurt, cottage cheese. I should have no excuse to eat junk this week.

My knee is quite swollen; it has been for over a week now. I have a physio appointment tomorrow after work, so will wait and see what she thinks about it. I think there's some fluid buildup, and i'm a little frightened it might cause a blood clot.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/14/2014:
it's good you are taking care of your knee, too bad you had to deal with it all week! I'm glad you had a nice weekend. personally, one the weekend I tend to need almost a full day to myself each weekend for laundry, gym, errands. usually I can be done and ready for dinner with someone or a small get together later on in the afternoon, but usually one day is just shot for the most part getting all my things done, which I don't mind. LOL, if I had company, I would probably need Monday off lol.

legcramps on 07/15/2014:
We are so alike! I desperately need to do laundry and clean the house, but wasn't able to get to it on the weekend so now it's probably going to have to wait until Friday! Should have taken Monday off :)

legcramps - Friday Jul 11, 2014

Weight: 0.0

Another good day yesterday, thank goodness.

My Mom has moved in to my spare room for a couple of nights. She arrived late last night without telling me she would be so late (I was already sleeping) and I still had to show her to her room and give her some instructions on the bathroom before I could go back to bed. I was a little grumpy about it, and therefore didn't get much sleep last night. Also, from the moment she set foot in my house she was already pointing things out that I should be doing better.

I do not enjoy being constantly told what i'm doing wrong. I also don't enjoy being taken advantage of in that she didn't really care what time she arrived at my place. She could easily have arrived sooner, but instead chose to go to my grandma's first to chat with them before coming to my place.

But otherwise, it was a good day! Honest! After work I ran a few errands and picked up the last of the odds and ends I should need for the weekend. Once home, I cut the grass, got my bike back (yay!), and then went over to grandma's for a visit with her and my uncle.

My basement is slowly drying out. A friend of mine picked up a Red Cross bucket wtih cleaning supplies in it for me to use when i'm cleaning the basement. It was very thoughtful of her and much appreciated.

I also received a phone call that my fridge that the movers dropped is going to be completely replaced today! Yay! That's pretty exciting news :)

The rest of my company arrives this evening. I hope they won't give me as much tension as my Mother does :)

thenewMLE on 07/11/2014:
Yeah for the bike ride and the grass cutting!!! Don't worry about Mom, they tend to be our worst critics!! Glad the basement is drying and the new fridge is exciting!!! this looks like the way to a fun weekend. Enjoy your company!!

SkinInTheGame on 07/13/2014:
Legs - you are a trooper! You have all this going on and you still have a great attitude - good for you!

legcramps - Thursday Jul 10, 2014

Weight: 0.0

It's been a slow process, but I think i'm finally gaining control over my house and home. Yesterday, after running an errand for Grandma, I bought groceries and stocked up the fridge for the weekend.

I stopped by to play with my Godson for a bit after that, and ate some humble pie when a friend of a friend started talking about how she needs to replace her furnace and water heater. I don't have to because I saved mine from going underwater, so I felt a bit humbled in that everyone is feeling stress these days around these parts. I need to be conscious and respectful of this.

Anyways, after that I went for a bike ride and it was wonderful. Just what the doctor ordered! It wasn't very long, just over to a friend's to drop it off and visit with her for awhile. She is going to take it in to the shop to get the gears checked.

I was feeling so much better, and so when I got home I finally attacked that spare room and got it put together. Now the only thing left to do before my company arrives is to clean the bathroom, buy some ant killer (they found a spot to come into my house), and cut the grass. I am hoping to get all this done tonight after work.

You know, as long as it doesn't rain. Too soon?

thenewMLE on 07/10/2014:
Sounds like a great day yesterday!!! One day at a time... Don't you like the feeling from a good bike ride? Those accomplishments may seem small to some, but they are gigantic in the whole scheme of things!! I hope today is a great one too. Have fun with your company!!

legcramps - Wednesday Jul 09, 2014

Weight: 0.0

Oh my God you guys. If I weren't so exhausted, the last 14 hours would have been spent sobbing my brains out.

The movers dropped my fridge.

I can't get the lights to work in the bathroom and there are no electricians in this town! I will have to pay for them to travel here, fix the lights, and travel back. Bloody hell!

My garage is a complete disaster because of everything i've had to stuff into it in the past few weeks.

I am in overload, completely.

I live minimally; the less I have, the less chaos lives inside my brain. I'm not blaming here, but the constant stream of 'things' coming into my house from my mother's place is driving me insane. The straw that broke the camel's back is the GIGANTIC fridge the movers dropped. I mean, whatever, stuff happens and that's why we carry insurance, but SERIOUSLY?

I guess I just don't have enough going on. Yes, i'm feeling sorry for myself. Today is cuddle-time with my misery.

thenewMLE on 07/09/2014:
I can honestly say my heart goes out to you. Weather disasters that cause natural personal disasters are very hard to deal with and I speak from experience. After not only Katrina, but 3 other floods, I find it so difficult because many around you are experiencing the same thing if not worse. You can't get the moral support or even the personal help because all help is being used. It was so kind of you to hand out those relief baskets at the hospital. One thing that helped me somewhat was to remind myself that some people were affected worse than I was. I know that it didn't make my situation any better, but it helped me be grateful that I wasn't any worse. And other peoples stuff... That's a whole other issue!! I'm sorting out my feelings about "stuff" right now. But I don't seem to have enough hours in a day to deal with it all. Take a deep breath and know that you can be and will be in control of everything, maybe just not today! Don't overwhelm or beat yourself up. Take a small area, things, or project at a time. ON YOUR TIME SCHEDULE! Disasters complicate life more than anyone will ever know and you will still be untangling yourself and the rest of the world will have forgotten what you went through. For your own sanity, handle yourself day to day. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

legcramps on 07/10/2014:
THANK YOU! This is exactly what I needed to hear.

legcramps - Tuesday Jul 08, 2014

Weight: 0.0

This morning I am at work, passing out baskets to the staff, then sending in more information on my personal situation for disaster relief.

At lunch, we're moving some appliances from Mom's to my place, and then I would like to vacuum the carpets. After that I want to head over to Grandma's because my uncle is visiting.

I hope this evening to cut the grass as well, must wait until later in the evening when it's cooler - I hope it doesn't rain!

I spent some time in my spare room last night going through my things, but I think I am just going to pack everything up into containers and go through it another time - I just don't have time for it this week.

I also desperately need to do some laundry and figure out why my bathroom lights don't work. Just gotta add to my own "honey-do" list!

legcramps - Monday Jul 07, 2014

Weight: 0.0

Thank goodness my basement is no longer taking in water like... well, like whatever takes in water really fast. It is a lot slower and the pumps seem to be handling it nicely. But i'm not relaxing until that basement is bone dry!

So this week will be spent disinfecting the basement with bleach. I also want to clean the upstairs spare room and vacuum the carpets, as i'm getting company this weekend. And while i'm at the list of things to do, add moving my fridge, stove, and old treadmill into my garage, and moving in a new fridge and stove. That's happening tomorrow.

I also need to check with my insurance and then send paperwork into our provincial Disaster Relief Fund, and buy our staff a bunch of baskets with candy and chocolate for the work they did to keep our hospital safe.

Does anyone want to fly up here and help me out for a few days? LOL. Ok, one thing at a time then.

P.S. My Mom is also moving at the end of this week, so there's that too.


Maria7 on 07/07/2014:
Wow! How busy you have been! That is nice that you have a basement...we used to have one but had it covered over, it kept filling up with water and we decided to do away with it....it was on the outside of our house but next to it. So...yes, there's a basement covered over (unusable now, cause it was filled up with things before it was covered over) in our back yard. That sounds real nice about getting a new stove and fridge...bet you will enjoy that! With your staff and your Mom, sounds like a very busy but rewarding week! :-)

legcramps - Wednesday Jul 02, 2014

Weight: 0.0

Holy ****. Pardon my language, but seriously.

My city is in a state of emergency; we are flooding. The hospital and long term care facility has been evacuated. It has been a really horrible five or so days. I have been constantly in my basement, bailing water.

I got food poisoning on Saturday too, to add insult to injury. I don't want you to get a visual, but it was tough trying to bail water and not throw up. I think i've lost about five pounds from not eating anything but crackers and gingerale. I'm actually scared to eat anything more than that.

My body is sore so I know I am getting my exercise in. I've also taken this opportunity to wear my pretty pink rubber boots.

The sun is out and shining and hopefully drying things up finally. If my grass is dry enough I am going to have a fire pit party tonight and will try to eat a smokie for dinner.

Sorry if I don't make any sense; I am a little delirious from all the stress and effort of trying to save my basement.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/03/2014:
Ohhh no :( so sad for you. Awwww, sorry to hear about how the flooding has screwed up your basement again. I also feel terrible for the city and the nuisance and devastation the flooding may have caused some people. I guess this is because of hurricane Arthur? So terrible! I wish that things turn up for u soon, legs :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/05/2014:
legs, are things looking up for you today??

legcramps on 07/06/2014:
Still working on bailing out my basement, but it hasn't flooded so I'm very grateful. We are still in a state of emergency but the water levels are starting to lower now thank goodness! Hoping to be able to post again tomorrow :)

legcramps - Friday Jun 27, 2014

Weight: 0.0


Coffee, chicken BLT salad, carrot muffin, 1/2 banana, last serving of crackers & cheese

Mow lawn - 60 minutes

shop-vaccing water - 20 minutes

And thank goodness I did cut the grass because now it's raining cats and dogs. Expected to get over three inches today in rainfall. I will be popping out every so often to monitor my basement, but when I checked it before I left work this morning it already had standing water so I think I might be in trouble!

Whatever will be, will be.

thenewMLE on 06/27/2014:
Who is doing this rain dance??? They need to stop!! Sorry about your basement. We don't have basements because we live below sea level, but I would hate to have one and then have to worry about water intrusion ruining my stuff. I'm worried about hurricane season because the intensity of these storms have been so severe I think something isn't right in the atmosphere! Have a great weekend!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/01/2014:
Hey legs! sorry it's raining so much...and I really do hope that the water didn't pose any damage to your house!

lately, what I'm finding is, I'm making it much more mandatory to drink COCONUT water throughout the day - at least at breakfast. It's similar to having a banana and I feel that since when I had bloodwork done - postassium was low - that this is going to help me.

these two weeks are the first two weeks in MONTHS that I notice very positive progress in my legs. my PT is pushing me to try to run, but I'm going to wait until August for sure - I am not rushing it as legs still hurt at the end of the day. Do you have any advice? do you think I should run like he said now, 2-3 minutes, just to condition myself at PT? or should I wait till August?

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