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legcramps - Wednesday Oct 11, 2017

Weight: 0.0

The day after I posted here, I went on a trip with bf to see my family.  I've been struggling to get back into a routine ever since LOL.  Gosh, trips always bring out the lazy in me... I want to sleep more, eat more, and move less.  ALWAYS.  Combatted it fairly well this time around though, pretty happy with how the trip went.  Lots of good times!

Exercise as below; not too bad but can definitely see that I was trying hard to figure out a routine after getting back from my trip on Oct 1st.

Sept 22 - No exercise; prep for trip; visit with family

Sept 23 - Travel day; gym session with bf

Sept 24 - Hike 3.5 hours; Bike 2.5 hours; WOW 6 hours of exercise

Sept 26 - Hike 1 hour; gym session with bf

Sept 27 - Hike 1 hour

Sept 28 - Hike 1 hour; Bike 1/2 hour to the park with the kids; tried PARKOUR!  pretty cool stuff

Sept 29 - Travel day; Hike 2.5 hours; went down a mountain on a coaster!  pretty cool stuff also 

Sept 30 - Travel day; Hike 2 hours

Oct 1 - Run/Walk 5k

Oct 4 - Bike 1 hour

Oct 5 - Gym session with friend; then another gym session with bf

Oct 8 - Gym session with bf

Oct 10 - Gym session with friend

I also finally set up my bike on the indoor trainer last night, with bf's help.  Damn it is not easy to do.  Regardless, it's ready to go and the plan is to get a few morning workouts in on it each week.  Heading to bf's tonight so will 99% more than likely hit the gym for another session because apparently we live at the gym LOL.

BearCountryGG on 10/11/2017:
Lots of great exercise there....Good Going!

legcramps - Friday Sep 22, 2017

Weight: 0.0


CALORIES - 1,750   MACROS - 37-47-16


CALORIES - 1,750   MACROS - 50-35-16

BIKE 15 minutes

GYM workout with bf - 50 minute full body


CALORIES -  2,350   MACROS - 42-38-20


CALORIES - 2,150   MACROS - 50-37-13

GYM workout - 50 minute full body

Kind of a busy week; wasn't feeling great on Monday so took an extra rest day, then Wednesday I had an evening work meeting (completely exhausts me to go to these things). Yesterday's workout was harder than usual, but I persevered and took the heavy weights instead of copping out with the light weights ;)

Calories seem to be pretty consistent with where they need to be, so i'll stop counting after today.  I don't need to obsess over it if i'm being consistent enough.

One problem though is possible allergies to foods i'm eating.  I'm lactose intolerant, so I bloat and experience nausea for a couple days after i've eaten dairy.  I had frozen yogurt on Sunday night, so was sick Monday and a little of Tuesday, but then when I ate supper on Tuesday (subway sub) I got sick almost immediately after eating.  Not cool.  And then yesterday I felt ill after eating a steak ceasar salad for supper, and today my stomach just doesn't feel great and all I had so far was soup and 1/2 a wrap with ham in it (it is mid-afternoon now).  Contemplating getting tested for food allergies.  I don't feel sick all the time, but it is often enough to start to concern me a bit.  Is something else going on?

bearcountrygg on 09/22/2017:
I'm lactose intolerant to..and I also have bloat, gas and diahrrea ....after eating dairy...your symptoms sound a bit to me like possibly an ulcer too...or gluten intolerance..actually I'm thinking most possibly ulcer.

Donkey on 09/23/2017:
If these problems continue much longer, I would definitely get tested. GI problems are terribly interfering and quite unpleasant, as I'm sure you know. Could there have been hidden dairy in the salad and Subway?

horn_of_plenty on 09/25/2017:
Hi Legs:

Nice exercise and calories on all days! I see you ate a little more calories than past days but that is OK bc even 2,000-2,200 is not going to cause weight gain. Especially if other days are only 1700’s…you have a great balance as well as great exercise included! Go you!

It’s my first day back and I will also certainly be using a rest day today – like you did last Monday. The truth is that (in my opinion) rest is more important than a workout for overall health. I do believe that in order to be able to work out well and consistently that rest & sleep also needs to be aimed for consistency.

Yes, I get completely exhausted too when I have many activities in the evenings, like a meeting, after work. You described a good balance and I agree you do not need to count calories if it’s been consistent and you know approx. what to eat to maintain consistency.

No, I do not really think you need to be tested. I think as you mention that you are lactose intolerant!

legcramps - Monday Sep 18, 2017

Weight: 0.0


CALORIES: 1,550  MACROS:  49-26-25

GYM workout with bf - 40 minutes full body


CALORIES:  1,550  MACROS:  52-29-19

GYM workout with bf - 40 minutes legs


CALORIES:  1,650  MACROS:  32-51-16


CALORIES:  2,100  MACROS:  61-23-16

GOLF tournament

I took a rest day on Saturday and hung out with some friends at the hockey home opener, then golfed all day on Sunday in a tournament. I haven't been out golfing in at least two years; it sure took long enough to get warmed up and find my swing again, but once I did I had lots of fun. My longest drive was 180-ish yards, felt really good. Then we had a steak supper and I had frozen yogurt later for dessert. That meant I was up in the middle of the night for two hours with a no good, very bad stomach issue. Yuck. I am tired today, but that's what I get for eating foods that my body finds difficult to digest. I think it might be another rest day today to just relax and let my body recover a little.

bearcountrygg on 09/18/2017:
Yup...that middle of the night stuff is no fun.

horn_of_plenty on 09/19/2017:
Hi Legs!

Lately similar to you I feel the need for extra rest days. Or to make sure I have planned rest days. Seems to work better when I am not overdoing the # of days I am active. Like, I enjoy my highly intense exercise when I do it, but then I prefer to make sure I have enough rest inbetween. Go job lady, golfing is great exercise – all the walking and swinging! I don’t know how but it looks & sounds like loads of fun with friends!

legcramps - Thursday Sep 14, 2017

Weight: 0.0


CALORIES:  1,450 MACROS:  43-43-15

BIKE 23 kilometres highway; smooth; fun

GYM workout with bf - back and triceps


CALORIES:  2,250 MACROS:  47-38-14

GYM workout - full body dumbbells


CALORIES:  1,550 MACROS:  33-45-22

BIKE  6 kilometres residential; some trails

GYM workout with bf - arms arms arms!


I know, i've been to the gym lots this week. I'm sort of trying to make up for last week, but also trying to avoid DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), so doing a little bit every day. Today I took my hybrid in for a check-up / tune-up so I probably won't be biking. I have an evening work meeting, and then bf is coming so we might go to the gym. Might also check out a kindness rally that is happening in town later on today. BBQ! Bouncy house! I sure hope it doesn't rain :( Lots of stuff going on, why does work always get in the way?!!

horn_of_plenty on 09/14/2017:
LOL...def! Work definitely always gets in the way...even if I personally sit on my a$$ all day, it's just not the same as sitting on my a$$ relaxing at home! Lol.

But you are right, work def gets in the way, sometimes! Of doing more....but we need the $$$ to do and see more too! lol. what a give and take it is!

Your plans sound WONDERFUL! Sounds like your bf is a cool dude, really nice to see you working out with him sometimes.

I like your arms...they are slim...lol...and if you continue to work them out, they'll actually slim down (lean out) more before growing bigger with muscle and you'll never look like a man! don't worry!

nice to see you biking! i want to get into that, but not this year. maybe next summer or fall.

legcramps - Monday Sep 11, 2017

Weight: 0.0


CALORIES:  1,650     MACROS:  48-40-12



CALORIES:  1,750     MACROS:  38-48-14



CALORIES:  1,750     MACROS:  31-58-11



CALORIES:  1,750     MACROS:  53-37-10



CALORIES:  1,700     MACROS:  48-37-15


BIKE - 30 minutes; distance unknown; testing out gravel bikes



CALORIES:  1,450     MACROS:  58-29-14

BIKE - 45 minutes; trails and residential streets

GYM - 45 minutes full body


So pretty well the whole workweek was one big rest day. My gym time with a friend was cancelled and of course, it's so much harder to go on your own than it is when you know you have to meet someone else there. And I got myself so worked up over sky diving on Saturday that I didn't even think about going for a ride on the bike at all. This is why we keep getting MONDAYS, so we can start fresh with another week :)  Besides, I was back at it yesterday with both a bike ride and a gym workout.

I made a crock pot of pork ribs yesterday for dinner, and I have lots of leftovers so that's what i'll be eating for dinners this week. So good, and a nice change from my usual eggs or chicken meals. Even tried some home grown corn on the cob, although it plays with my stomach a little but was so worth it - delicious!

I built up some wicked fear leading up to the tandem dive on Saturday, making the whole thing a little anti-climactic. I thought my fear of heights would be a lot more debilitating once I was up in the air, but it seriously wasn't. I loved it, and would do it again in a second.  Only the free fall part scared me, and that was only because it was so hard to breathe because we were falling so fast.  Once the parachute was pulled, it was just too much fun twirling around looking at the scenery.

horn_of_plenty on 09/11/2017:
Hiiii Legs!

How did you get into doing the Tandem Skydive!? Was it close to your home? Very cool. I’ve been wanting to do it but do not know if I really should risk my safety / risk injury right now..

Also, nice to see finally someone besides myself who goes to the gym and works the FULL body in once session. I love doing it this way because it means that I only need to show up at the gym 2x a week. It’s nice to know that right now I need only TWO DAYS at a gym (and I try for two days jogging which is not enough to turn me into a pro, but enough to keep me jogging which is enough for now and enough thru probably mid-October…after that, I may have to add another day (yuck) to my jogging to ensure I am ready for NYPD training in January….let me get back to your diary….

I actually start my exercise routine as per the calendar – Sunday is my start day. And calorie counting – I do weekly averages, I start on Saturday so that the weekend can be a splurge which can be lowered throughout the week – if need-be. But lately I am splurging…ugh…but tasty!

I noticed your two-in-one workout day. That’s cool. I generally don’t do it because it takes too much outta me…but that’s definitely a GREAT workout! I applaud you and just because I may not like it for me doesn’t mean it’s not freaking awesome for you. I have NO IDEA how I’m going to be a cop on foot and actually work out after….being on foot all day for me is a HUGE workout! I don’t do it now…it gets me sorta nervous to think of it…but I do know I’ll grow into the job….and it’ll only get EASIER. Just like the cleaning lady here, who works so hard all day and grew into it and I witnessed her body getting stronger, i’ll have to do it OBVIOUSLY! Mind over matter!

Go YOU on the crockpot. I really MUST delve into this one day….meals could be so delicious and last all week and just so healthy and simple to make. I’m nervous to start and don’t have a pot. One day. I have enough on my plate now and still don’t cook enough to now start with a pot! LOL.

Yes, that’s my feeling on the sky dive. The parachute part is fun but I’m afraid of the free fall. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

bearcountrygg on 09/11/2017:

biscottibody59 on 09/12/2017:
Good to see you back!

My condolences to you on the loss of your father--seems that you were pretty close--moreso than your mom? I may be wrong.

Glad to see you living it up! Keep up the good work!

legcramps - Tuesday Sep 05, 2017

Weight: 0.0


Total Calories -  1,475 MACROS 51-38-11 meh not bad, really struggling with getting enough protein lately.

No exercise - surprise rest day; watched tv with bf and then all of a sudden it was midnight.


Total Calories - 1,650 MACROS 31-55-15 yikes all that fat was from real bacon for breakfast but soooo goooood.

BIKE - 45 minutes on some terrifying trails all by myself; level of difficulty - HIGH.

GYM - 60 minutes push/pull workout, good intensity, great workout.


Total Calories - 1,465 MACROS 45-36-19 superb, practically perfect :)

WALK - 45 minutes on some more trails, listened to music, very relaxing.

BIKE - 60 minutes on terrifying trails with bf; level of difficulty - INTERMEDIATE. It pays to go the right way through the trails; the other way is just too darn difficult.

GYM - 60 minutes push/pull workout #2, another great workout.


Total Calories - 1,600 MACROS 54-31-15 this is pretty good considering I had ice cream and fudge for dessert at the end of the day.

GYM - 60 minutes leg workout, lots of squats and lunges, complained through it all ;)


Great start to September; really hoping for some good results strength-wise. Will get my own key fob to the gym soon - so exciting!!!

horn_of_plenty on 09/05/2017:
Your calories are excellent, if you want to keep it low, just throw in a few egg whites ... that'll up your protein.

Tofu, assuming you can eat it, can also increase your protein.

or a greek yogurt?

Hey fat is not the worst thing for you. Sometimes it's good to eat some extra fat....your body will practically thank you :) haha...actually i never feel bad eating extra fat especially if it's bacon.

1600 is great calories if you were able to fit that ice cream and fudge in...only way i could fit ice cream and fudge into 1600 cals is with my lower calorie ice cream :)

legcramps on 09/05/2017:
Thanks! Great ideas... can't eat yogurt but the rest I could definitely try. I already add egg whites, but tofu is a great idea.

I enjoyed my bacon very much :)

Bf only seems to eat twice a day, so we had a late breakfast and then didn't have dinner until later on at night - probably not ideal, but it did let me eat 1/2 cup of ice cream and an oz of fudge so i'm good :)

horn_of_plenty on 09/05/2017:
The ice cream i currently enjoy is all the types that Enlightened makes. I used to like Halo Top but now a little sick of it bc I pigged out on the Halo Top Brand all the previous summer '16 thru the fall. lol. so this year, it's Enlightened, in slightly better moderation. I crave it for tonight!

legcramps on 09/05/2017:
I haven't tried either of these...but i've heard that Halo Top is very good.

horn_of_plenty on 09/05/2017:
I can't wait to hear of your strength gains as they come..

legcramps on 09/05/2017:
maybe i should do some before and after pics?

bearcountrygg on 09/05/2017:
Would love to see pic!

horn_of_plenty on 09/05/2017:
Halo top is pretty good, yes. Mint chip flavor is quite excellent and i enjoy the green tea flavor also.

yes def do before & after pics!

Donkey on 09/09/2017:
Ohhh bacon.... worth every bite... yummm....

Do take pictures! If for nothing else, for yourself to see your progress. Every time (LOL) I lose weight, I regret not having taken before pictures. The one time I did try to motivate myself with a "before" picture, I ended up gaining 35+ pounds...

legcramps - Friday Sep 01, 2017

Weight: 0.0



Total CALORIES - 1,650; MACROS - 58-27-16 very very close to my goals - this is VERY good.

BIKE RIDE - 20km (12.5 miles); 46 minutes; FAST ride - lots of laughing with bf :)


Total CALORIES - 1,460; MACROS - 42-48-10 not enough protein :( a protein shake would have pumped this up to a good level, but wasn't hungry enough for that by the end of the night. Must work harder to stay AWARE of nutrition throughout the day!! Protein is VERY important!!

GYM - 50 minutes dumbbell workout #3 and finished it off with some rowing - got it up to 60lbs.


Pretty good week so far; woke up this morning feeling a little under the weather. I haven't been sleeping well through this heat wave and this morning my stomach and back really hurt. Hoping this is going to pass before the weekend starts. Plan on spending it with bf and maybe getting out for a trail ride with the mountain bikes before it gets too cold for biking.

Have a great weekend!

horn_of_plenty on 09/01/2017:
I agree that protein is VERY important...when i don't get enough i tend to get bigger carb cravings and tend to want to overeat on those carbs! like a bad carb cycle of continuously wanting more and more...protein and veg have always helped me to curb that.

horn_of_plenty on 09/01/2017:
tired so will jog today and do gym (the longer routine by like over an hour longer than how long i jog for!) ...do gym when i'm more rested tomorrow!

bearcountrygg on 09/01/2017:
The heat gets to everyone.....fall is almost here YEAH!

Donkey on 09/02/2017:
Hope you feel better soon!

legcramps - Wednesday Aug 30, 2017

Weight: 0.0

Such nice comments from everyone, thanks so much :)

I went to a Guns 'N Roses concert over the weekend, so first day back in routine was yesterday. I kept thinking all morning it was Thursday, but it's only Wednesday... :( that is sad. Monday went to bf's place and mostly napped. Woke up so many times, bad sleep; he worked all night so didn't even see him all that much!


Calories - 2035; I was craving all the sodium... I needed more protein, but got lots of good fibre!

GYM - dumbbell workout, 45 mins full body with 24lb-30lb weight, then maxed out at 70lb on prone row just to see how much I could lift :)

Spent the rest of the night bumming out on the couch.

Maybe a bike ride tonight with bf. Hope so, missing the bike and we have a heat wave right now so we need to take advantage of it!

bearcountrygg on 08/30/2017:
Nice workout routine. In the Midwest it's beginning to feel a bit like fall.

horn_of_plenty on 09/01/2017:
I am also planning to get back into biking next summer i think :) it's a good change from walking / jogging and i like that slightly different muscles will be worked!

Nice going to a concert fun! I always have a hard time getting up early for work on Mondays after a fun, active weekend!

legcramps - Friday Aug 25, 2017

Weight: 0.0


It has been awhile... these are the athletic events I did in 2016:

MAY 2016 - Duathlon completed; 3km run, 23km bike, 3km run

JUNE 2016 - Sprint distance triathlon; 750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run

JULY 2016 - Foam Fest 5km run

JULY 2016 - Bike Tour 115km bike (took just over 5 hours!)

SEPTEMBER 2016 - Bike Tour 79km bike

SEPTEMBER 2016 - Obstacle Course 5km run


After that fantastic summer, in October my Dad got sick so I was kept busy driving back and forth to take him to appointments, get groceries, etc.  In November, I met a boy ;) but he was not very athletic and so I let my workout routine slip a little bit.  In January we became exclusive; in February I went to Cuba for my 40th birthday (so awesome!); in April my Dad was taken to hospital; in May he passed away and in that same week, I broke up with my then boyfriend.  I lost a lot of weight during those months due to all the stress I was under, and was having a very difficult time coping with life.  I ended up on presciption meds, but by the end of May I had managed to turn myself back around.  Thank goodness.

A month later, in June, I met a different boy :-D and he was very athletic and wanted to be involved in my passion - biking.  He is also very kind, warm and considerate, and always does whatever he can to make sure we are OK and happy.  I convinced him to sign up with me for a bike tour in August and he biked 160km and I biked 130km.  It was awesome!  Over 6 hours on the bike.  I was trashed after that, but it felt absolutely amazing to finish my longest distance yet!  We constantly talk about when we can start signing up for next year's season ;-)

I was going to do a long 4km open water swim in September, but instead I think I will sign up to a gym to enable me to increase my muscle mass.  Nothing crazy, but I want to see some definite gains.  In October I will work on getting my fitness instructor certification, and I will also be taking part in a colour run.  I'm looking forward to it all!  I also want to do a tandem dive in September but i'm still on the fence about it - i'm actually scared of heights but what better way to hammer that into submission?!  Am I right?!!

Donkey on 08/26/2017:
I'm very sorry for your loss. (((hugs)))

Wow, what a list of accomplishments!!!

(You're right, of course) :-)

bearcountrygg on 08/26/2017:
I'm sorry to hear of your losses...but you gathered yourself up well and dealt with them productively.....awesome exercise you are getting.

horn_of_plenty on 08/28/2017:
Hi Legcramps! Nice to read your entry!!!

I didn’t know that that they really had any duathlons! How cool! That’s something I could possibly do down the read (I do NOT enjoy swimming!). Did you enjoy the mix of Run-Bike-Run?? Sounds awesome….

And the Foam Festival…I’ve heard of those yes. Did you like it? Was it a good temperature outside to go running in the foam? I’d love to see any photos!?

The bike tour sounds AMAZING! I hope there were some nice sights to see? Or maybe you couldn’t look and were concentrating more on the road in front of you???

And of course the Obstacle Course! How was it? I would have to GUESS that this race was the most challenging one? No? Because it’s hard to train for the obstacles? It must have been such an aventure!

Happy belated 40th bday! I knew we were very close in age…I’ll be 35 this September! And ALWAYS WANTED TO GO TO CUBA! I hope it was safe…my friend ended up going without me! It’s so affordable with nice beaches! I am so jealy.,…in a good way jealous! I am glad you were able to get healthy again after that difficult time….i can understand the pain and emotional difficulty with this loss of your father not being so easy to manage…nobody could manage that well….it’s very hard yes and I’m glad you got through it! That’s what it is about !!! Picking yourself up again, congrats girl on getting back onto your life and healthy ways.

I’m so glad you then met an athletic guy…SO MUCH better because he understands your passion and will not be frustrated when you spend time pursuing your athletic endeavors. Like you, I try to put an emphasis on my training but have been slightly derailed (but still focused) this summer because I’m been having a VERY BUSY social life, lol!

YES, you are right about the tandem dive….just hold onto whoever you are going with!!!!!

Keep up the great work, LegCramps!

oh - smart to gain some muscle before racing again.

Horn_of_plenty on 08/30/2017:
I admire your training and races, you are an inspiration!

legcramps - Friday Apr 29, 2016

Weight: 0.0

Hello Diet Diarists ;)

Time for another update!

My second beginner's triathlon was held in July in open water with a swim angel, and i'm pleased to say that I finished well. The swim angel was very helpful in keeping me calm and cheering me on through the swim; I ran into a bee right after transition to the bike and the sucker stung me HARD; and the run was...well, the run was a run, which is never all that much fun for me!

In August I completed a 5k race and was quite pleased with my results. I hadn't trained much for the 5k distance, so I was a little worried about whether I would have to stop and walk for part of this race. I didn't! I stopped once at the water station, and once to take my sweater off, but ran the entire rest of the way.

There was a lot going on in September; I was part of a half-marathon relay team and did a 6.3k run (around the same time as my 5k pace) and then the following weekend I biked 86k up and over a whole lot of hills to raise money for MS. It took me just over 4 hours to complete this distance, but the feeling of accomplishment afterwards was so overwhelming! And I was completely delirious for the rest of the evening lol!

After all that, my body crashed for awhile under the stress. There were a few weeks where I was really down and out, but I managed to keep my spirits up and keep moving forward. My workouts decreased exponentially for the remainder of 2015, so when the new year came, I vowed to do better. I started small - swimming once a week for 30-40 minutes, setting up an indoor bike trainer so I could do a little biking, and jogging on the treadmill when I felt up to it. After a few more health issues, I had finally gotten myself back into a routine towards the end of February, and started planning for the 2016 season!

First up is a duathlon the first weekend in May (only a week away!). It will be a 3k run, 20k bike, and 3k run. I have been working on my fitness and am hoping to finish in under 2:00 hours (Goal B) - and am aiming for 1:50 (Goal A).

The other fantastic news is that i've joined a women's cycling group in the city and we will begin riding every Monday starting next week! I am not excited about the 3 hour drive to do this, but am SO excited to meet like-minded people and start really working hard on the bike! Also next week I will start doing a learn-to-run 10k program with another group of people. I am finding that it is so much better to train with other people there to support and cheer you on :)

grannyannie on 04/29/2016:
You're getting serious exercise!

legcramps on 04/30/2016:
Yes, it sure feels good to be able to get in some high volume workouts again!

innerpeace on 04/29/2016:
Wow! that is awesome. Making goals and accomplishing them is always motivating. Good luck with your race next weekend!

legcramps on 04/30/2016:
Thank you so much!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/29/2016:
LOL! I know you HATE your runs and sorry about the bee sting! I haven't never been stung and I am scared to my dear life about that! Sounds like a great experience overall for last July in open water. That's really cool how you had a guide for it. Sounds perfect.

And your August race sounds awesome, too! Like you, I have had a bad case of shin splints in the past if you remember. I'm still recovering and pacing myself overall to keep growing stronger and not have any backtracking as I cannot afford it anymore in life. At 33, I am trying my hardest to train but not to the point of failure - especially concerning my legs. With my upper body, I have quite a lot of "give" as my muscles have been developing for well over 5yrs (and also in the past before I took time off). but my legs - well, I had just started training them before my first round of injuries, and not i'm just starting again. I doubt I even have a year of pain-free / injury-free training under my belt for my legs. if you have any tips, i'd gladly take them. I could also prob run a 5k but...writing more later...still at work lol and need to finish up for today....gonna write more laterz.

OhioRaven on 04/30/2016:
Great to hear from you again, LC.If you ever get stung again, put mud directly on the sting and the pain goes away INSTANTLY. if you can't find mud, Spit on the ground.

legcramps on 04/30/2016:
Really? I will have to try that next time. Thanks for the tip!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/30/2016:
WOW! 4hrs biking!? that's awesome. I can say I have NEVER in my life tried it...YET. you are such an inspiration. I love to read your entries. I think you are like being extreme sometimes? so do I.

Similar to you, I tend to crash after a long period of giving my all. Unlike others that believe in moderation, I don't like moderation. I prefer to live on a high...and when I do need to come back down to rest, I've learned & am still learning - that it's ok to rest for a bit. I recently took 3 weeks off the gym & after returning, my workouts were shaky for the first week, but after that, i'm feeling great again. My workouts make me feel so good, I could never stop for long. I only stopped because I was completely run down due to an increasingly busy lifestyle from fall and winter was crazy busy...and thru the first half of April. So I took that time off from the gym (and all exercise basically!) - best decision ever.

Balance. I'm still working to achieve it more, so I don't have to get fully run down. I know that feeling really well, you aren't the only one. :)

You know, for running, I may also look to find a program near me...or i'll follow one online. I haven't run in around 3 years now. I'm still not ready because my ankle is weak.

But I plan to start training after my birthday, in the Fall.

legcramps on 04/30/2016:
Lol, I am definitely extreme when it comes to new adventure - all or nothing!

Thanks for your reply - you mentioned shin splints issues and I just wanted to talk a bit about that. I went to physio for six weeks and it didn't help much. When I started training for my first triathlon, I started getting them again. A couple of things got me through the initial few months of trouble: I went to a massage therapist, who used myofascial release and scraped my shins to release the tissue from the bone. It hurts, but it helps enormously (my #1 recommendation); I also did a lot of foam rolling on my own, and concentrated on my quads, hamstrings, arches of my feet, and hips, which also helped a lot. I needed to strengthen all the muscles in my legs in order for them to be able to 'absorb' everything I was putting them through. It took some time but I don't suffer half as much as I used to! I also take a glutamine supplement now, which helps my muscles recover faster which might be keeping me from getting extreme shin splints. I still get them if I haven't been running regularly, so I try to be as consistent with this exercise as possible.

Hope these ideas help!

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