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legcramps - Friday Jun 13, 2014

Weight: 0.0


One thing out of my eats that I should have maybe thought about before stuffing it into my mouth - a delicious, mouth watering slice of butter tart, filled with pecans. I was at an evening meeting where we had a catered dinner; the rest of the meal was pretty uneventful - ham sandwich and tossed salad.

Long bike ride - 2 hours (22.5 miles)

Stretching - 15 minutes

PT appointment - she wrapped that darn achilles for me and we both agreed that some time off from slopitch could only benefit me in the long run. So I've decided three weeks off of slopitch and running, and continue everything else while listening to my body - stopping when things are hurting is something I really need to work on.

The 22.5 mile bike ride yesterday after work might have been a little too long, but I stretched well and iced afterwards and my knees only ache a little bit this morning! It looks like my goal of riding 30 miles by the end of summer might actually happen :)

legcramps - Thursday Jun 12, 2014

Weight: 0.0


I am getting really good at not overeating; yesterday my eats were just great. I've been switching things up a bit - having oatmeal late in the afternoon and then a later dinner that keeps me full enough until bedtime. It's been working great, and i'm not spending all evening thinking about whether or not I should have a treat.

Walk - 30 minutes easy walk around town

Slopitch - 1&1/2 hours

Did a lot more running than usual at slopitch and I just keep tweaking that darn ankle and achilles tendon in my right leg. I might have to back out of slopitch and completely stop jogging for the next couple of weeks and see what happens. I was even wearing a tensor around it, and it still got tweaked!

My bike and I will have to become besties.

SkinInTheGame on 06/12/2014:
That is great - make changes and you see a difference and your habits and behaviors change for the better as well!

Very happy for you and inspired by your post! Great job, Legs!

legcramps - Wednesday Jun 11, 2014

Weight: 0.0


Awesome eats; finished all the bison meat so now i'm back to chicken - my absolute, without a doubt, favorite!

Cutting Grass - 45 minutes (45 minutes? This is a new PR! Sometimes the yard takes me DAYS to cut!)

Yoga - 60 minutes

Dropped in on an outside yoga class for $10 a pop; she taught me a few new stretches for my hamstrings which was great, but I overdid the rest of the moves she taught and that ankle I rolled a couple weeks ago is acting up a bit now. And there is a slopitch game scheduled for tonight, so that's awesome. But the rest of the class was good, and being outside was a novelty for sure.

I had big plans to get 10 miles in on the bike as well, but the gusting winds frightened me into backing out. I'm glad I did, it would have been a hell of a hard ride.

PT appointment went fast as I didn't feel I had any issues; however once she started working on my legs I changed my mind fast. Funny how pains and aches can hide in the body! What I need is a good leg massage - I think that would feel wonderful right now on those hamstrings.

legcramps - Tuesday Jun 10, 2014

Weight: 0.0


Work brings me down, man. It might be time to start looking for something else.

Good eats, really looked forward to having another bison burger for dinner!

Hauling wood - 30 minutes

Stretching - 10 minutes

That's it; took it easy in preparation for a big day today, but we'll see if the weather cooperates.

PT appointment this morning; my hammies have been super tight for a while now, but other than that and my nagging achilles, no real issues! Good!

Horn_of_plenty on 06/10/2014:
Glad to hear you are chugging through my favorite coho chop train here :) haha keep up the great work cramps!

SkinInTheGame on 06/11/2014:
It's Wednesday - the weekend is right around the corner!!

legcramps - Monday Jun 09, 2014

Weight: 0.0


Lots of eats, including weekly bagel treat, chocolate bar, hot dog and potato chips. There really wasn't a reason, so i'm just going to live it, document it, and now forget it.

Rest day! Went camping, but decided to drive home because it was too darn cold to sleep in a tent. Got home around midnight which meant Saturday morning came early.


Great eats! Back on track :)

Yardwork - 1 hour and 30 minutes

Golf - 1 hour at the driving range

Hauling wood - 30 minutes

Stretching - 10 minutes

I now have a fire pit in the backyard and enough wood to last me for years! Sweet!


Super eats; tried a bison burger with roasted brussel sprouts - delicious!

Yardwork - 2 hours

Long Bike Ride - 2 hours

Stretching - 15 minutes

Went biking with a friend and we took it easy. Once I dropped her off, I booked it home and tacked on another 3 miles to make it a 16 mile ride. Very challenging - through dirt and up and down hills!

I'm in a great mood so far today; I feel like I accomplished some good stuff on the weekend, and now I just need to roll through this week real fast so that another weekend gets here quick ;)

Horn_of_plenty on 06/09/2014:
Love how you talk about the workweek! I am with you girl let it go fast!

legcramps - Friday Jun 06, 2014

Weight: 0.0


Fantastic eats! A little extra at dinnertime because I was a little extra hungry. Seems like the rest days are my hungry days - wtf?

Physiotherapy - massage happened and Holy Hamstrings! Yee-ouch. Achilles is still buggin'.

Stretching - 5 minutes

Walk - 30 minutes

Took the rest of the evening to nap and pack for a camping trip this weekend. The napping kind of took precedence.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/07/2014:
I was reading an article online regarding dieting and calories. Dieters usually have their best days on Thursdays keeping calories low right before the weekend :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/08/2014:
I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

SkinInTheGame on 06/08/2014:
Camping - how fun! Have a great time!

legcramps - Thursday Jun 05, 2014

Weight: 0.0


Seriously? It's not Friday yet?

Great eats once again. I am rocking the menu this week! I polished off a bag of popchips, but thankfully that only worked out to 200 cals and I had plenty of room for it.

Yoga - 30 minutes

Stretching - 15 minutes

Walk/Jog - 23 minutes

Iced achilles - 15 minutes

I hemmed and hawed about what to do for exercise, finally deciding on yoga and then once I was done that, I wanted to do more :) too bad the jogging sort of trashed my achilles for the night.

legcramps - Wednesday Jun 04, 2014

Weight: 0.0


Great eats! Wasn't hungry for dinner, but I made myself eat anyways.

Biked 11+ miles - 1 hour

Golfed - 2 hours

I went biking on the highway to see if the side of the road would be smooth enough for our longer rides (once we get into the 20+ mile rides). Seems like it should work, though it was a little bumpy and my right thumb went numb almost immediately ;)

Stretching - 15 minutes

Iced knee/calves/achilles/ankle - 15 minutes

That pretty much left me with enough time to eat dinner, watch Salem, and go to sleep. AWESOME sleep - like a rock!

Horn_of_plenty on 06/05/2014:
One of my physical therapists mentions to me how important it is to just keep stretching all day :)

SkinInTheGame on 06/05/2014:
I so agree - I started doing 20 minutes daily of good stretching from a tape and I plan to double the time next week to 40 minutes - I really feel good after a stretch session.

legcramps - Tuesday Jun 03, 2014

Weight: 0.0


good eats, with some frozen yogurt thrown in for good measure

yardwork 1/2 hour

physiotherapy -

recumbant bike 20 minutes hard effort

probed and prodded my rolled ankle; i'm going to start wearing tensor wraps on my ankles to give them more support

analyzed my gait to see why I keep getting shin splints; must remember to walk off the first two toes of the feet!!! that probably means nothing to you, but it's something that I need to be reminding myself of every now and then.

then I drove to the city because I was fed up with my lack of summer clothing; spent way too much money and it will probably take me a full month to recover from that little spree

legcramps - Monday Jun 02, 2014

Weight: 0.0

I'm a little frightened to head to PT after work today and tell her that I rolled my ankle playing ball. I know she will just take it in stride, but I certainly don't want her to feel like she's not doing much for me - she's made a huge difference in my life so far!

My ankle feels much better anyways, and so does the achilles tendon. I think it's because I truly rested them this time instead of pushing it. Although I sure missed my yoga this weekend.

Friday - bike 1/2 hour and yardwork 1&1/2 hours, also baseball game was fabulous :)

Saturday - yardwork 4 hours and fireside chitchat later in the evening

Sunday - REST; stretched and did some situps, pushups, and planked for 45 seconds, but that was it; spent the day cleaning and getting organized for this week

All in all it was a great weekend, too bad it ended so quickly!


SkinInTheGame on 06/02/2014:
Glad to see you let yourself rest - you will get better faster!

It's Murphy's Law that when you think you've got a plan, something like that will bite you in the butt!

Sounds like you are getting the best of if!!

Hope you are 100% soon!

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