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legcramps - Saturday Jun 15, 2013

Weight: 168.0

Oh. Em. Gee. What a crazy, long, amazing day!

Great charity golf tournament today, up bright and early for breakfast, then out on the course for 18 holes of pure fun! My awesome team of three ended with one over par, a few wobbly drinks drunk, and I foresee an early bedtime ;)

We were poured on three times but they never cancelled the tournament, so we stuck it through to the end. Troopers! They also gave us a smorgasbord dinner and I filled my plate with salad, potato, and meatballs. I'm still kinda hungry though, so I might end the night by warming my chilled body with some soup. Or maybe i'll take a hot shower and pass out ;)

If I don't develop a chest/sinus cold after being thrown to the elements today, I will be completely amazed.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads on DDs for tomorrow! I'll be spending the afternoon with my Dad :)

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

Tangalyn~ on 06/15/2013:
glad u had a good day.. hope u enjoy ur time with ur dad :)

legcramps - Friday Jun 14, 2013

Weight: 168.0

Wow, it's Friday already! Sweet.

I went golfing again yesterday and scraped up the best score i've had to date! Just in time for the tournament tomorrow; hopefully it won't storm on us but it's calling for lots of rain which has already begun this morning :( I know we need the rain, but it gets in the way of my outside activity time!

My babies are still safe and sound ;) The dingo did NOT eat my baby LOL. They were sleeping soundly when I left for work this morning. Oh my God I need to get a dog before I become obsessed with these birdies ;)

I was so tired last night but had an extra coffee during the round of golf so it was hard to get to sleep at a decent hour. I'm yawning big today!

If the rain keeps up, golfing at 4:30 will be cancelled, as will the baseball game later on. Might be a quiet night for this girl.

Foods were AWESOME yesterday. Feeling like i'm getting back on track. Aside from the extra caffiene I took in, my eating was quite perfect. Boss took me out for lunch and we had sushi which made me ever so happy, and filled me up for the rest of the afternoon. Then rice, a little hamburger, and more green stuff for dinner. Keep it up, kid!

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 06/14/2013:
Hey, LegCramps. I'm glad to hear you BIRDIES are doing good. I'll be checking on the US Open this weekend. I'd sure like to see Phil win another. Take care.

Umpqua on 06/14/2013:
I hope you are able to get golfing in this weekend. Have fun at the tournament!

V on 06/14/2013:
RYC that makes sense to me..I don't blame you for being super conscience of your knee! Take care of the babies mama bird <3 have a great weekend!

legcramps - Thursday Jun 13, 2013

Weight: 168.0

I had to shoo away a cat from my babies' nest yesterday after work; the little bugger was sprawled out on the grass just waiting for an opportunity to get my babies! I must say the cat really tweaked my nerves. Apparently I am a Momma Bear ;)

Got the lawn mowed after waiting over an hour for someone that was supposed to show up but didn't. So even though I got the lawn cut in record speed, I was still running late for the rest of the night. Makes me angry. Attended another BBQ without vegetables (I had a smokie, some chips, and watermelon... oh, and there was that small slice of cake too), so when I got back home I had a smattering of steamed green beans as a "snack".

Once again, I didn't want to wake up this morning but so far the day is going fairly well so I won't complain too much ;)

I made a batch of wild rice and quinoa so i'm good to go for meals today; will add some protein to this as well as more greens. And tonight I need to make some phone calls and get some visits lined up for the next few weeks. I've been tardy with visiting family and this has to stop now. Summer cannot only be about me and what I want to do! Besides, I need to restock my wild rice and quinoa inventory and I can only do that if I make a trip to the city ;)

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

puddles on 06/13/2013:
You have to protect the birdies from the big bad cat. LOL Good job. Home you have a great day.

Umpqua on 06/13/2013:
Our cats aren't supposed to get outside, but they sneak out every so often. And the last couple of times, my female has left me gifts which I won't describe. Those birds are very lucky to have you protecting them :)

V on 06/13/2013:
Great job protecting your babies from the Dingo/cat, all the same..Hahahaha

Hey when does slo pitch season start up again for you? I am sure you are stoked about that!!

Have a wonderful evening friend <3

legcramps - Wednesday Jun 12, 2013

Weight: 168.0

Hello all!

A bit rushed in getting out to the golf course yesterday, but I made it and we got 8 holes in (one was under construction). On the last hole, I finally cranked out an awesome 200+ yard drive, straight down the fairway. I've been waiting for my new driver to pull this out ever since I bought her! Taylormade Burner for the win :)

I had dinner once I got home from the golf course - hamburger, green beans, salad (loads of greens) and a snack later on of crackers and cheese. Pretty good day all in all, though I talked myself out of mowing the lawn. Not sure why, I had time to do it.

I found a robin's nest in the ivy that crawls up my garage every summer; i've posted a picture on my facebook profile so some of you may have seen it. I thought there were three little birdies inside the nest; this morning I checked and boy are they growing fast! The nest looks way too tiny now, and there are actually FOUR babies in there! Cutest things EVER. Well, a close second to puppies.

Another busy workday and evening plans for tonight! Tell you about it tomorrow!


Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

puddles on 06/12/2013:
Congrats 200+ yards. Babies of any kind are so cute. Have a great day.

Umpqua on 06/12/2013:
What a great finish to your golf game, congrats! I'm sure the birdies are super cute :)

OhioRaven on 06/12/2013:
Have a Great Day, LC !

biscottibody59 on 06/12/2013:
Sounds like you had a good time!

Tangalyn~ on 06/12/2013:
aww baby birds make me happy :) soo precious! have a great day!!

V on 06/12/2013:
Going to check out your fb page!! LOL I hope the day was stellar for you my friend <3

legcramps - Tuesday Jun 11, 2013

Weight: 167.5

My food yesterday was slightly off kilter due to a friend's BBQ; I had a hot dog and some chips. You know summer is upon us when people start breaking out the dogs! I tried to balance that out with some watermelon. It was very hot and muggy yesterday; we had tornado warnings throughout the south east area but they didn't touch down near us thank goodness!

After the BBQ I went to the baseball game but decided to leave in the 8th inning because it was starting to get too cold to sit in one spot. We were up 8 runs to 4, so I think we won but i'm not entirely sure since I had a dream that we lost the game. wtf dreamworld? Where'd all my harlequin romance dreams go??? I really have to dream about a baseball game? LOL.

Didn't really want to get up this morning for work, and I really need to get some greens into my body. I'm drained and it's only Tuesday! I can tell i'm drained because i'm feeling down for absolutely no reason.

Golfing after work today; hopefully that will cheer me up a bit! Have a great Tuesday!

Progress as of today: 17.5 lbs lost so far, only 7.5 lbs to go!

puddles on 06/11/2013:
Love BBQ - I don't know what it is about food cooked on a grill probably because we can only do it for a part of the year. Have a great day.

Umpqua on 06/11/2013:
Yay for BBQ season and glad the bad weather missed your area. I hope you get some rest and veggies today!

V on 06/11/2013:
I would much rather dream about baseball than the stupid work dreams I have, LOL Have a good evening my friend <3

legcramps - Monday Jun 10, 2013

Weight: 167.5

Weekend was okay; I went golfing 18 holes on Friday afternoon and twisted my knee. It's been pretty sore lately, no sharp pains but definitely some swelling and just general soreness. I iced it a few times but it stiffens up quickly and makes it difficult to find motivation to do much.

Had a garage sale on Saturday and mowed the lawn, pulled a few more weeds and such. It started raining in the late morning and continued through the day, so baseball game was cancelled. I relaxed at home instead.

Sunday was a household chore day with laundry and whatnot. Tried to golf in the afternoon but the rain started up again, so instead I bought some groceries and made a few meals for the week.

My eating wasn't very good on Saturday, but the rest of the weekend was alright. Hopefully it won't rain too much this week; I need to get out on the golf course to practice for a tournament this weekend!

Progress as of today: 17.5 lbs lost so far, only 7.5 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 06/10/2013:
Sounds like you got a lot accomplished over the weekend, even if you didn't get to golf. I hope your knee feels better!

legcramps on 06/10/2013:
I did, didn't I?!!!

supercheese on 06/10/2013:
hope you made some $$$ at the garage sale!! Have a great day legs!

legcramps on 06/10/2013:
Nah, it started raining and people just weren't in the mood to check out sales I guess!

Tangalyn~ on 06/10/2013:
hope ur sale went well.. have a great day!

biscottibody59 on 06/10/2013:
I hope your knee doesn't hamper your activities--onward and upward!

puddles on 06/10/2013:
Take care of yourself. Have a great day.

lolla on 06/10/2013:
Hope your knee heals soon!

OhioRaven on 06/10/2013:
Hey, LC. Good to hear from you. I'll be your caddy this weekend. Stay back on your weak knee. Don't overswing or try to kill the ball. Don't push anything. Hit ALL the fairways and leave yourself a good approach. Then take charge of the greens like you own them. And then kick some ASS ! Have a Good Day, LC

V on 06/10/2013:
Holy hell, please be careful with your knee <3 I hope that your day was a good one!!

RYC yes I am going crazy here with anticipation waiting for Shaun to release Focus 25 <3 LOL Have a good evening my friend!

legcramps - Thursday Jun 06, 2013

Weight: 167.5


Driving Range - 1; Legcramps - 0

Who knew I could demolish all the muscles in my body just by wacking balls for an hour?

Even my ABDOMINAL MUSCLES hurt. And I sweated buckets. Haven't done that for YEARS, man. LOL. Feels that way anyways. 

If I continue to experience an endorphin high every time I golf or have anything to do with golfing, I may just become obsessed with the sport. Playing ball has never given me a high like this after every game. I don't understand how an hour of ball wacking equates to a high impact workout, but somehow it does.

Anyways, I was all nice and sore by the time I got home and don't recall doing anything except take a shower and go to bed...

Messy garage - 1; Legcramps - 0

So. Today. After work i'll do a quick run-through in the garage, but I gotta be out on the course by 5:30. Priorities, people.

Progress as of today: 17.5 lbs lost so far, only 7.5 lbs to go!

skinnygrlwithin on 06/06/2013:
Whatever it is that gets you sore is good in my book... it's probably using muscles you haven't used in awhile? I did leg lifts the other day and one side hurt so bad I was walking like a 90 year old woman yesterday.

legcramps on 06/06/2013:
LOL, I hear you. I think i'm just putting some lazy muscles to work and they're not happy about it ;)

grannyannie on 06/06/2013:
Glad you enjoy the golf. And sore abs are a good thing!

Umpqua on 06/06/2013:
Heh, that's awesome that you're enjoying the golf so much. I felt the same way about disc golf when I was playing all the time. Gotta get back out there soon, you're making me miss it!

puddles on 06/06/2013:
Nice day on the golf course is the most wonderful thing. Enjoy

V on 06/06/2013:
Sore IS good, just as long as you aren't in any pain...Hey how is the knee?

hollybelle on 06/09/2013:
I love to hit balls - not play golf, actually, but hit balls. But haven't done it for so long I think it would kill my back, though! It's so nice to get outside and be active.

legcramps - Wednesday Jun 05, 2013

Weight: 167.5

I took the afternoon off from work yesterday and planted my container garden and pulled more weeds. When I had had enough of the heat, I went inside and swept and mopped the floors and shampooed rugs.

Then I golfed 9 holes! And when I got home after that, I did a few more household chores. Still need to clean out that garage  that thing is a thorn in my side right now since it needs to be ready for a garage sale on Saturday.

It is no wonder that I wasn't able to get up with my alarm this morning. Luckily, I still made it to work in time. However, there was no time to pack my healthy lunch. Instead I snacked on cinammon crackers and hickory sticks.

Heading to the driving range after work today, then hopefully attacking that garage. Somebody's gotta do it, and since my name's on the title I guess that's me... LOL.

Progress as of today: 17.5 lbs lost so far, only 7.5 lbs to go!

V on 06/05/2013:
Look at you gardening! I am sure that makes your busy body neighbors happy ;) LOL

Have fun golfing and attack that garage ASAP!! <3

Mskitty on 06/05/2013:
Getter done! :)

legcramps - Tuesday Jun 04, 2013

Weight: 167.5

Flying right along through the week. I'm thinking of taking Friday off to get some bigger tasks at home done, so that would mean only three more days of work.

Yesterday I was frustrated with my job and took that emotion home with me. Thankfully I got over it without taking it out on anyone. Mowed the lawn and pulled some weeds; still a lot of work to do out there.

I ate very well; cooked some wild rice and quinoa, added red pepper, onion, and green beans. Lovely. My boss brought me a big slice of chocolate cheesecake; I haven't tucked into it yet because I don't know if i'll be able to stop from eating it all at once! Also tried a 6" turkey and avocado from Subway. Eh, I think I can live without it.

Today is all about leftovers. Should be fine. And the plan is to clean up the garage for a sale this weekend. Maybe pull a few more weeds if i'm still in an ornery mood ;)

Progress as of today: 17.5 lbs lost so far, only 7.5 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 06/04/2013:
The quinoa concoction sounds lovely. I still have lots of weeding and mulching to do, it's neverending. Have a good one!

getmebackto150 on 06/04/2013:
your food from yesterday sounds delish! I don't know if I would be able to portion out that cheesecake either:(... Have a great day!!

getmebackto150 on 06/04/2013:
Just caught up with yesterday's post-golfing gets SUPER expensive quickly... I too have these same issues... with golfing eating into my budget... I guess with my back issues of late, it won't be an issue in the near future... BLAH!!! Have a good one!!

puddles on 06/04/2013:
Food sound real good. Have a great day.

V on 06/04/2013:
Sorry that you had the same experience as i did yesterday..Man I was so pissed and I am sure you were too!! Hopefully today was a better one for you <3

legcramps - Monday Jun 03, 2013

Weight: 167.5

Very busy weekend! But good!

Friday - visited with a friend after work, then quick dinner of sausage and veggies before the ballgame; did NOT eat there, did NOT have any beer! once the sun went down, it was chiiiiiiiilllllllly. it took me awhile to warm up again back at home. local team WON!

Saturday - had a bagel and coffee for breakfast, went golfing. 18 holes. mowed the lawn when i got home and had FAST FOOD for dinner  went to another ballgame (they played three cold nights in a row, poor things). it was very cold! no eats, no beer; local team WON AGAIN! fell into bed with the electric blanket turned way up.

Sunday - coffee for breakfast, went into the city and bought a new driver and a couple golf shirts and basically blew my budget for June; this is an expensive hobby! cut back to town in time for a 3pm tee time, golfed 9 holes and went home frustrated with my short game. had FAST FOOD for dinner again!  waxed legs, burned my knee with hot wax - yowch!

And here I am.

Today's plan is.... written out on my laptop at home. something about renewing a costco membership, something something, cut the grass, something something, golf?

Progress as of today: 17.5 lbs lost so far, only 7.5 lbs to go!

V on 06/03/2013:
Awesome work resiting the beer at the games! Not sure if I could be that strong so bravo to you my friend! Congrats on your new club and golf gear, I am sure ya look super stylish :) Have a good evening <3

Mskitty on 06/03/2013:
Agreed beer is a weakness for me as well. Good on ya.

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