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legcramps - Thursday Aug 29, 2013

Weight: 168.0

Wednesday managed a 20 minute walk at work.

Wednesday dinner: ham sandwich, pickles, a few different slices for dessert, coffee, lots of water.

continued visiting with the family after the funeral. late night; it was after midnight when i finally decided i should probably go to sleep.

Wednesday evening snack: a few chips, crackers and cheese, water. very happy with this.

Thursday breakfast: a slow-going-down green smoothie. i should have made them a little less thick. coffee, water.

lazy morning, didn't bring lunch today so will have to get something from the cafeteria.

Thursday lunch: chicken BLT salad, water.

35 minute walk at work.

Thursday pm snack: peach.

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 08/29/2013:
Good Job getting your 20min walk in on Wednesday. I'll probably get a zero for today. Too much going on.

biscottibody59 on 08/29/2013:
Have a good day there!

OhioRaven on 08/29/2013:
It's one of those Girl Groups from the 60s. To be totally honest I'm gonna have to Google it. Have a good one.

OArecovery on 08/29/2013:
Hope you have a good day and enjoyed the walk! Thanks for the advice on the tea/coffee thing- got to take myself a little less seriously I think!

hollybelle on 08/29/2013:
Two great days on food and exercise.

legcramps - Wednesday Aug 28, 2013

Weight: 168.0

Horrible, horrible eating yesterday!

Drove to the city after work to shop for a few things; hunger struck and I was still stuck in the city. Burger King epic fail. Eaten while trying to hurry back to town for prayer services.

Tuesday evening snack: pb&j.

Good thing I drank lots of water at work during the day.

40 minute walk at work.

Tuesday evening snack: pb&j.

Tried to make kale chips - can anyone help me out here? Didn't get that chip-like consistency. Will go well on my salads though.

Wednesday breakfast: very thick green smoothie, coffee

Wednesday am snack: water, peach

Wednesday lunch: spring mix, cucumber, boiled egg, 1/2 chicken breast, kale, green onion, poppyseed dressing.

Funeral this pm, with lunch to follow. Will see what happens. I have a headache. And I need a hug.

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 08/28/2013:
This road is always bumpy and full of potholes. You can't avoid ALL of them, but its fun to swerve from side to side and watch the faces on some of the people around you. (HUG)

biscottibody59 on 08/28/2013:
Hope you get to feeling better! MrsD (aka WorkingIt) used to make kale chips IIRC--maybe she can help:-)

horn_of_plenty on 08/28/2013:
are you enjoying your green smoothies?? I made them too much & now can't even think to have another!

hollybelle on 08/29/2013:
Ah, BK has sidetracked me a couple of times! I hope you at least enjoyed it! I have not made kale chips at all so I am no help there.

legcramps - Tuesday Aug 27, 2013

Weight: 168.0

Monday lunch: missed due to work requirements.

Monday snack after work: crackers and cheese. and a nap.

40 minute walk at work.

friend came over and we spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how to order picture mugs; which would have taken half the time had my brain not been completely fried.

Monday evening snack: pb&j, water.

Stayed up late reading. Not enough water.

Tuesday breakfast: Arthur's Smoothie, coffee, water.

Tuesday lunch: spring mix, cucumber, boiled eggs, poppyseed dressing, green onion, water.

not even close to enough.

Tuesday pm snacks (so far): peach, cinammon bun.

gosh! so hungry!

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 08/27/2013:
My pastor once said, "what most Christians really need is a snack and a nap." I'm still not sure what he meant by that.. maybe I should have been paying attention. Have a good day, LC.

legcramps on 08/27/2013:
you sure it wasn't a "smack and a nip"? LOL

biscottibody59 on 08/27/2013:
Hope your on your way to "unfrying" your brain today!

Have a lovely evening!

V on 08/27/2013:
Hoping today was a much better one for ya <3

legcramps - Monday Aug 26, 2013

Weight: 168.0

OK, had I known my morning at work would end up going straight down the toilet, I would have kept my head under the covers and practiced avoidance. Holy Goshdurn, I am ready to lay down a whole lotta pain on somebody. Somebodies. Several persons.

Fifteen minutes to lunch and I am just now having time to eat breakfast. Awesome.

Sunday lunch: salad, tofu, cucumber, green onion, boiled eggs, water.

Long walk on treadmill 55 minutes.

Sunday pm snack: peaches, water, munchies mix.

Sunday mini-binge-after-my-snack: A&W, more munchies mix, two hot dog buns with pb & j.

I pummeled myself with water for the rest of the night and tried my best to keep my nose out of the fridge. Must have been an omen in regards to what today would be like for me.

Monday breakfast: coffee, peach (eaten not at breakfast, but at lunch)

Monday lunch: salad, cucumbers, boiled eggs, green onion. just remembered that I forgot my salad dressing.

Pray we get a power outage and all our electronics go on the blink. So I can go home and cry into my pillow.

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 08/26/2013:
Aww, I hope your day improves!

OhioRaven on 08/26/2013:
Praying for your power outage :v)

V on 08/26/2013:
:( I am so sorry that you had such a tough day <3

hollybelle on 08/26/2013:
Sounds like it could only get better, and I hope it did!

OArecovery on 08/27/2013:
Sorry you are having such a rough time,but well done for keeping it together around food after the mini-binge. I must say that I really struggle with that- stopping once I've started as I just get so obsessive and carry on and on, so really, well done!

legcramps - Sunday Aug 25, 2013

Weight: 168.0

Friday evening snack: greek yogurt, fruit and nuts.

no exercise

Saturday lunch: froyo, fruit and granola. just let me overload on dairy.

brought home my new treadmill and spent some time setting it up before heading to a fundraiser event. got home late. set up the treadmill and took a 15 minute walk. hey, exercise is exercise whenever you can get it in, right?

Saturday pm snack: munchies mix while reading.

Saturday dinner: steak, baked potato, coleslaw and salad. very proud - ate until just barely full so that I could have dessert as well; that meant lots of food left on the plate. I don't know why the cooks thought we could each take on an 8 pound steak anyways. dessert was a chocolate slice and a piece of butter tart.

not enough water.

Sunday breakfast: mocha, water.

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 08/25/2013:
I like my treadmill especially during football, mma, and NASCAR.

OArecovery on 08/26/2013:
That is so awesome that you got a treadmill and go some exercise in! And well done too on your Saturday dinner portion controlling!

liza36 on 08/26/2013:
Yay for a new treadmill.

MrsD on 08/26/2013:
YAY for new exercise equipment! Good for you!!!! And every little bit of exercise counts! Have a great day Legs!!

legcramps - Friday Aug 23, 2013

Weight: 168.0

Thursday dinner: sprouted rice, quinoa, chicken breast, steamed veggies. geez that's boring.

The hummus tortillas got me while I was reading... after a few of those, they start to taste a lot less interesting. Just saying. I did even it out with a lot of water.

Friday breakfast: coffee, water.

Grieving over the loss of best friend's father; why God takes the wonderful ones i'll never understand. Spent some time alone with her, and then with the family. Tough day; they are such strong people.

Friday lunch: forced down sprouted rice, quinoa, chicken breast and steamed veggies, more water.

Friday dinner: had some of this and that with friend's family.

Just got home; I have a headache that won't go away so I think i'll just sit and try to relax for a moment or two. A walk would help, if I could just get myself to go for one.

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

legcramps - Thursday Aug 22, 2013

Weight: 168.0

Wednesday dinner: wild rice, quinoa, veggies and chicken breast.

Wednesday evening snack: greek yogurt, fruit and nuts, water.

went to ball team's wind-up last night; wasn't as entertaining as I thought it might be, so opted out early to head home and read before bed.

NO exercise today - first day in a long, long time :(

Thursday morning breakfast: iced coffee.

Thursday lunch: peaches, hummus tortilla chips, water.

put away the rest of my shopping spree findings; cut the grass (mulched); watered plants and just generally tidied up in the yard. also sprayed the deck with spider repellant - those things look like they're getting bigger and bigger, and I DO NOT want them joining me in my bed. saw one that had a WHITE back. wth? arachnophobia setting in.

Thursday pm snack: hummus tortilla chips, lots of water.

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 08/22/2013:
Spiders are Good ! They eat the Bad bugs.

V on 08/22/2013:
So NOT agreeing with Ohio..Spiders? No mi gusto, I was bit by one and my entire face ballooned up, had to go to the ER..I will leave it at that.. Anyhoo hope you have a good evening friend :)

Umpqua on 08/23/2013:
Not a huge fan of spiders myself, although I generally try to ignore them. You've been doing great with your foods!

legcramps - Wednesday Aug 21, 2013

Weight: 168.0

 posting from my phone:

Wednesday breakfast: a handful of nuts and a mocha.

Drove to the city and missed lunch.

Wednesday pm snack: froyo - nsa vanilla with fruit, granola and a little chocolate again ;)

Bought another treadmill, hopefully ill have it up and running sometime on the weekend. yay!

That is all. heading home soon, after enjoying the froyo been waiting what seems like all my life for. so good.

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 08/21/2013:
Get that treadmill going ! See ya'.

V on 08/21/2013:
Congrats on the new treadmill!! Happy to hear life is good for ya <3

liza36 on 08/22/2013:
Yay for a new treadmill.

legcramps - Tuesday Aug 20, 2013

Weight: 168.0

Tuesday breakfast - woke up late on my day off so had a late breakfast/early lunch of wild rice, quinoa and stir-fried veggies.

Tuesday pm snack - cottage cheese, green onion, peach.

laundry, cleaned house a little, listening to music :)

Tuesday pm not-quite-full-yet-snack - peach.

Tuesday dinner - wild rice, quinoa, veggies and chicken breast.

slo-pitch. we lost; things got a little... aggressive out there tonight! no one got hurt though, just some smart talk from some bozos and even more smart talk from the ump... wtf is up with that?

Tuesday evening snack - frozen greek yogurt, fruit, nuts and a little chocolate :)

walk 30 minutes until the treadmill broke down. really need to buy a new one.

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 08/20/2013:
I hope you're having a fantastic day off!

V on 08/20/2013:
OOOh a day off during the week? Is it a holiday there or you took a "legcramps day"? Either way I hope it was nice and relaxing for you <3

OArecovery on 08/21/2013:
Hope you enjoyed your day off!

OArecovery on 08/21/2013:
Hope you enjoyed your day off!

OArecovery on 08/21/2013:
Hope you enjoyed your day off!

hollybelle on 08/21/2013:
Looks like a great day, except for the treadmill breaking.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/21/2013:
love your foods, sounds healthy & tasty

legcramps - Monday Aug 19, 2013

Weight: 168.0

Sunday breakfast: nothing, had some water

Sunday lunch: tortilla chips, more water

swept and mopped floors, coffee with friend

Sunday dinner: nothing, more water

golfed 9 holes; tried to drive off the 10th and lost five balls in the creek

Sunday evening: tofu and spring mix, steamed brussel sprouts

iced knee

Monday breakfast: strawberry / banana smoothie, water, raw fruit

Monday a.m.: slice of white cake from cafeteria, water, walk 20 minutes

Monday lunch: tofu and spring mix, brussel sprouts, walk 20 minutes

Monday p.m.: assorted nuts, 1 serving, water, snacked on pretzels after work

slo-pitch, very warm, good game, off to the semi-finals - wish us luck!

was going to take another walk and then found the couch instead; more water

Monday dinner: wild rice, quinoa, stir-fried vegetables. would have baked chicken breast with that but got lazy.

The heat and humidity is still hanging around. Good, but if this sinus headache doesn't go away, warm weather won't do me much good.

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 08/19/2013:
Wonderful clean eating over the weekend. I hope you have a good one today!

legcramps on 08/19/2013:
thanks :)

OhioRaven on 08/19/2013:
Hope your knee feels better.

legcramps on 08/19/2013:
yes, after I iced it :) thanks OR

grannyannie on 08/19/2013:
Good job over the weekend. Hope your knee feels better soon.

legcramps on 08/19/2013:
thanks! it does :)

V on 08/19/2013:
Man I wish you could come over to help with my chores..I blew most of them off today..Hahahaha Oh well.. Sounds like you had a low key weekend, I hope it was a nice relaxing one for ya <3

legcramps on 08/19/2013:
I would make an awesome housekeeper ;) I've been trying to manipulate people into doing my yardwork by offering my house cleaning services. I don't know why it isn't working.

legcramps on 08/19/2013:
probably because they've seen my yard and cleaning a house just doesn't compare in effort required ;)

hollybelle on 08/19/2013:
Looks like a good weekend - maximum power on the food, cleaning and hanging in there!

legcramps on 08/19/2013:
thanks! it was :)

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