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legcramps - Friday Nov 13, 2020

Weight: 0.0


November 12 - Gym Workout; burned 333 calories.


November 12 - oatmeal, coffee (200); banana (100); beef taco mix with rice (450); salted almonds (250); wok box chicken teriyaki (600); freezie (70). 1,670 calories.

Feeling pretty tired this week, but i've been pushing my workouts quite a bit so that might be why. I've also had a headache for the last couple of days that doesn't seem to go away with sleep, which is frustrating. I really need that dawn simulator. Maybe i'll check the mail today to see if it has arrived.

I had a lower calorie count for yesterday simply because I was too tired to continue eating. Working a full day and then being at the gym, I didn't get home until almost 9:00 p.m. last night and still needed to eat supper LOL. I'm glad I only committed to training people one night a week - how on earth did I ever do three nights a week before covid! I wish I had that energy again. Anyways, I guess I have delicious leftovers for today!

I did get a random workout in though; I warmed up on the stair climber, then did sets of squats with resistance, then bar hangs, and finished off with a quick kettlebell workout. My abdominal muscles are REALLY sore from the Remembrance Day workout on Wednesday, so the kettlebell workout pushed my limits a little bit LOL. Sometimes it's good for me to workout by myself - then no one hears how much I complain about the exercises that I CHOOSE FOR MYSELF! Haha.

I slightly regret that Remembrance Day workout, but am proud of myself for finishing it.

Probably heading to BFs after work today. Have a great weekend!

Jacky82020 on 11/13/2020:
You’re a personal trainer? Cool. Love the meme. lol

grannyannie on 11/13/2020:
Good menu and workout.

So far no bad luck today!

Maria7 on 11/13/2020:
Try to get some extra rest. Smiles.

horn_of_plenty on 11/13/2020:
Lol you are funny about working out by yourself so nobody hears your complaints !

When I was lifting the big milks on Wednesday, at times I was breathing out a little strong / sighing after giving it to people haha ....I would say to them, sorry!, it’s a lot of exercise ! Hahaha I didn’t mean to sigh and do that, but I caught myself doing it.

Donkey on 11/14/2020:
Funny, I've had similar symptoms this past week. Not COVID but not feeling 100%. I hope you get some good rest this weekend!

legcramps - Thursday Nov 12, 2020

Weight: 0.0


November 9 - zwift indoor bike ride 1:30; burned 355 calories. I was going for two hours, but my bum got too sore to stay on after 1:30, plus the last group I joined was doing sprints and I am terrible at high RPM pedal strokes! This is why I now prefer gravel and mountain biking over road biking, because the pedal strokes are a lot slower ;)

November 10 - REST

November 11 - Remembrance Day workout and a little stair climbing; burned 572 calories


November 9 - supplements, vitamins DONE; oatmeal, coffee (200); turkey taco mix with pasta salad (550); protein bar (250); turkey tacos (750); freezies (140). 1,890 calories.

November 10 - supplements, vitamins DONE; oatmeal, coffee (200); rice with ketchup (all I had left in the fridge) (300); banana (100); protein bar (250); blueberry waffles with 1/2 banana, syrup, and protein powder (750); freezies (140); snack mix (250). 1,990 calories.

November 11 - supplements, vitamins DONE; coffee, toast with pb (200); banana, salted almonds (300); waffle with 1/2 banana, two eggs, syrup (600); snack mix (250); beef taco mix with naan bread (750); freezie (70). 2,170 calories.

When I do a catch-up post for three days, I start to see a pattern in my eating - it seems like the third day has been a little higher in calories that last couple of posts. This time, the third day was also a big workout day, so maybe i'm just seeing something where there is actually a very reasonable explanation LOL.

Working a shift at the gym tonight. I don't have anyone signed up for my second session, so looks like I am only training one session. That means I could get in a workout of my own, or I can leave early and have some extra time at home.

Jacky82020 on 11/12/2020:
I bought the biggest seat I could find for the spinner and it’s still uncomfortable!

grannyannie on 11/12/2020:
The seat on my spin bike has a cut out in the middle and is cushy, but my bum doesn't get a chance to get sore as I only sit one minute at a time - then stand for a minute.

Good workouts and meals.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/12/2020:
i think i'd opt for slower pedal strokes too, i'd probably agree and prefer the mountain/gravel as well...

i guess see how you feel tonight and if you want to stay at the gym you can...and for the amount of time that you want to stay.

legcramps - Monday Nov 09, 2020

Weight: 0.0


November 6 - a quick strength workout completed. Burned 243 calories. 

November 7 - fast-paced HIIT workout completed. Burned 552 calories.

November 8 - REST DAY


November 6 - supplements and protein DONE; coffee, oatmeal (200); banana (100); leftover wok box chicken teriyaki, kimchi fire balls (550); protein bar (250); coke zero, potato chips (250); one slice pizza, ceasar salad (450); freezie (70). 1,870 calories.

November 7 - supplements and protein DONE; coffee, one slice toast with hashbrowns and two eggs, one slice bacon (550); banana (100); potato chips (500); turkey sandwich, pasta salad (450); freezies (140). 1,740 calories.

November 8 - supplements and protein DONE; coffee, protein pancake with blueberries and banana (300); potato chips (250); crackers and cheese (500); pasta salad, turkey tacos (750); jasmine rice (200); freezies (140). 2,140 calories.

It looks like I needed a re-feed yesterday looking at my calorie count for the day compared to the rest of the weekend's calories LOL. That plus having a rest day probably hurt me more than it helped me, but that's ok.

Weather is not the best around here right now - we were hit with freezing rain and snow over the weekend, so I won't be going anywhere or doing much outside this week. 

I did go to BF's on Friday, but came back home on Saturday night because the freezing rain was supposed to start overnight, and sure enough it did. I'm so glad I decided to drive home before it started!

That HIIT workout I did on Saturday is having an effect today. Even yesterday I started to feel sore from it, but today every time I get up from my desk I have to take a second to stretch before I start walking LOL. Also, coughing - although frowned upon at the best of times these days - also hurts.

grannyannie on 11/09/2020:
Good calories overall. Weather is weird over there - cold or people in sleeveless tops!

Jacky82020 on 11/09/2020:
Hear the HIIT workouts are fantastic! Need to work harder at it!

Donkey on 11/10/2020:
Oh so glad you got home before the bad weather hit!

You seem to be doing so well. Do you think so? Just a really nice balance of food and activity. Can you come over here and run my life, please?

legcramps on 11/12/2020:
I don't think i'm doing well at all, just getting the basics done but I guess that's better than nothing!

I keep comparing myself to when I was moving a lot more, and I should stop doing that. I guess I am doing a lot better than I was, so there's that!

Horn_of_plenty on 11/10/2020:
Do you have a garage for your car? just asking bc i'm curious because you live where it can snow a lot and i was wondering if you always have to shovel out your car?

it's apparent you are very much back into the swing of things, doing your workouts and generally well-healed after your injury. that is amazing, lady. i don't have the same good experience!

legcramps on 11/12/2020:
Yes I do have a garage! I have to shovel out the driveway and sidewalks during the winter - my garage is at the back of my house, and my garbage/recycling gets picked up at the front of the house. So it all gets shoveled!

I am still getting a lot of swelling in my foot, and it is not 100% healed. Quite sore in certain areas, especially after a full day. I'm trying to stay positive!

legcramps - Friday Nov 06, 2020

Weight: 0.0


November 5 - supplement, vitamins DONE; got to the gym early so did a quick workout before training. Burned 266 calories.


November 5 - oatmeal, coffee (200); banana (100); chicken breast with rice and veggies (500); protein bar (250); wok box chicken teriyaki, kimchi fire balls (850). 1,900 calories.

I can't imagine what everyone is going through right now; watching the U.S. election coverage and all the riots and protests has been just astounding. Stay strong and peaceful my friends.

I had a good shift at the gym; there are a lot of dramatics going on there right now. Just trying to stay out of it all and leave the dramatics to people who are better at it than me LOL.

Will likely be spending the weekend at BFs with his daughter, depending on the weather. It was freezing rain this morning and it supposed to snow on the weekend, so if I can avoid driving in it I will!

Still waiting for my dawn simulator and struggling to get up in the mornings. I've noticed that I am hungry as soon as I wake up now, and I think that is because i'm craving more carbs because of SAD. So i've been eating breakfast at home instead of my usual routine of bringing it to work with me to eat when I actually get hungry, which was between 10:00 and 11:00. Now I am eating around 7:00. But it's working, and I moved my banana to my morning snack and added a protein bar in the afternoon. It hasn't increased my calories that much at all. And if it improves my mood in the morning, i'll do it LOL.

bearcountrygg on 11/06/2020:
About the gastric symptoms...I find bananas help regulate things if you know what I mean.

legcramps on 11/06/2020:
Yes! I find them to be very beneficial as well :)

grannyannie on 11/06/2020:
Yes to bananas.

I felt proud of the protestors and would be protesting myself if I still lived there (with mask of course). Hated the violence.

As for election, feeling very hopeful now! Celebrating now.

Maria7 on 11/06/2020:
I like bananas, too, and so does my Mama.

Donkey on 11/07/2020:
I can tell you what I'm feeling: constant stress. Sometimes it flares up and it's quite uncomfortable, and sometimes it's in the background, as I try to move forward with everyday life. But it's always there, and it's quite painful.

I read your entries and think, "If Legs can go to the gym, then why can't I?" but I think that's probably an unfair comparison. I suspect that if our COVID numbers keep going up, the Governor will close down the gyms, and then I won't have to wrestle with this any more.

We had 10,000 new cases yesterday and a positivity rate of 11% - highest ever for both :-(

Horn_of_plenty on 11/07/2020:
there is far less protests / rioting in my state, NY. so, overall, you see a good amount (majority you can call it) of overjoyed people and trump supporters who aren't really doing too much damage since i live in a blue state. it's the other states were there are issues...but it's mostly peaceful protests that i've heard about on the news...including right in front of the white house...TRUMP can prob hear them chanting thru the windows.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/07/2020:
it is hard to break out of carbs in the morning. i don't think it's the worst thing...to have a small thing when you wake up, even class of milk or cocoa packet in almond milk? something small...to get you going if you need it. i used to do kombucha but now that i'm not waking up so early, it's not by light, low cal, go-to, before i get ready, leave, commute to work, and FINALLY have breakfast.

legcramps - Thursday Nov 05, 2020

Weight: 0.0


November 3 - hmm - supplements and vitamins DONE; stopped taking extra protein for no real reason (does being lazy count?). I did go for a bike ride today; 45 minute on the trails. Riding into the sunset! Burned 452 calories.

November 4 -  as above regarding supplements and stuff; another bike ride of 45 minutes completed. Burned 421 calories.


November 3 - I am beginning to estimate calories on a go-forward basis. Oatmeal, coffee (200); banana, the last of the almonds (300); ciabatta bun with beef taco mix (500); toasted ciabatta bun with peanut butter x 2 (600); chicken breast, rice and veggies (500); freezies (150). 2,250 calories.

November 4 - Oatmeal, coffee (200); banana (100); chicken breast, rice and veggies (500); protein bar (250); chicken breast, rice and veggies x 2 (1000); freezies (150). 2,200 calories.

Heading to the gym after work today. We're in a covid surge at the moment, so i'm very hesitant to actually workout but I have four people to train so will wear a mask and keep my distance. It may well be that the only exercise I will get in will be from anxiety sweats.

bearcountrygg on 11/05/2020:
Estimating cals sound like a good idea to me too.....Seems a lot more natural way to live with it.

Maria7 on 11/05/2020:
I always try to round up to either 50 or 100...helps with the tally a lot.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/05/2020:
today i rode my bike. first time in many weeks, i think. when the weather was raining for two weeks and then the temps dropped this week, no bide riding was done. I pretty much stop the bike riding in late fall and thru winter.

so today, on my first bike ride in awhile, i could feel my cardio and my breathing was deep (good workout for cardio, one of the best ones in a long time). thank gosh for an alternative to walking.

yes, keep that mask on. they really should also. it's tough, but it can be a way to add to the workout.

when i volunteer, it can be like a workout sometimes, and i wear the mask...and everyone does, so it makes it more normal to keep it on.

legcramps - Tuesday Nov 03, 2020

Weight: 0.0


November 2 - supplements, vitamins DONE; took a nap, had a bite to eat, took a hot bath.


November 2 - oatmeal, blueberries, cinammon, oat milk, coffee; potato wedges, turkey club; chicken fingers, a few fries; freezie, coke zero. I haven't added up the calories, but am assuming it is around 2,000 calories.

Ever since the sun started rising later in the mornings, I have just been feeling really BAD in general. I don't have any energy or motivation, my eyes are always sore and tired, and I am having a hard time focusing on anything that requires brain power.

Here we go again, Seasonal Affective Disorder. So nice to hear from you.

For the first time in my life, I've admitted that this is something that affects me and something I need to try to fight.

The first step in doing that was purchasing a light box that I can use (at home at first, perhaps in my office down the road) and a dawn simulator for my night stand. I have already purchased these items, and am hoping it won't take too long to get to me.

I'll let you know how it goes once I start using it consistently.

This waking up in complete darkness every morning is for the birds. Maybe not even for the birds! 


Jacky82020 on 11/03/2020:
SAD is a bummer. By all means, try the lights.

grannyannie on 11/03/2020:
I hate the very short days here in winter! One reason we always go to Thailand for the winter. But this year we are stuck here. :(

Maria7 on 11/03/2020:
Are you sure it is not stress? That is what I've been blaming mine on. Smiles.

bearcountrygg on 11/03/2020:
Legs...do you take B vitamins...they are mood lifters...maybe that would help.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/03/2020:
i have a dawn simulator also...maybe i should use it also, to help me get up earlier! it was pretty useful last year when i used it.

Donkey on 11/04/2020:
It's dark when I wake up at 5a. It's dark when I leave work at 5p. What time do you wake up that it's light out?

I think a dawn light is a great idea. And the light box is a must have. Go for it!

legcramps on 11/04/2020:
In the summer,we get a LOT of sunlight. On our longest day in July the sun rose at 4:46am and set at 9:12pm.

Going from summer to winter here is such a shock to the system. For example, this morning the sun rose at 7:55am and will set at 5:27pm. On our shortest day in the winter, it will rise around 9am and set around 5pm.

legcramps - Monday Nov 02, 2020

Weight: 0.0


October 30 - supplements, vitamins, protein DONE; REST day since I didn't do anything prior to BF arriving, and then we didn't do anything after his arrival either LOL. 

October 31 - supplements, vitamins, DONE; gym session in the morning. Burned 484 calories and tweaked my back because of my own recklessness.

November 1 - supplements, vitamins, DONE; gym session in the afternoon; bike ride on the trails 45 minutes. Burned 590 calories. Back was achy, but not too bad.


October 30 - toast with peanut butter, coffee with protein shake; chicken teriyaki bowl; salted almonds, banana; jerky trail, tacos, mozzarella; treat size kit kat, cheesies. 2,190 calories.

October 31 - coffee with protein shake, oatmeal, oat milk, blueberries, cinammon; pancakes with blueberries and Walden Farms syrup, two eggs; ritz crackers, mozzarella; salad, chicken fingers, a few french fries and a slice of garlic toast; freezie. 2,073 calories.

November 1 - coffee with oat milk, hashbrowns, two eggs, ketchup; ciabatta bun with leftover taco mix, mozzarella; chicken breast, rice and veggies; freezie, coke zero. 1,544 calories.

Another weekend gone!

As usual, I didn't get everything on the TO-DO list done, but I don't even care. It was a good weekend spent doing a little bit of everything except visiting friends or family. BF and I started watching The Queen's Gambit on Friday evening, and pretty much binge-watched it until we were finally finished late Saturday afternoon - what a good show!

In the in-between time, I cleaned and did laundry, we went to the gym twice and for a sunset bike ride, enjoyed seeing a few kids dressed up and scampering around for hallowe'en, then enjoyed shutting off all the lights and pretending we weren't home LOL. I also painted the back door and managed to finagle a construction worker into providing me with a quote to renovate the bathroom. He will hopefully be coming this week to take a look. So all in all, not a bad weekend at all.

grannyannie on 11/02/2020:
Nice photo!

Maria7 on 11/02/2020:
Wow, what a busy weekend you had! Nice photo.

bearcountrygg on 11/02/2020:
Love the pic!!

Horn_of_plenty on 11/02/2020:
That photo is definitely frame-able! so nice!

i hope your back is better...yup, there's 3 people on here, at least, with back issues right now.

i've never heard of that show, perhaps i'll look it up, but still will prob never settle down to actually watch it. i have a problem with tv and it takes me a long time to get the nerve to even think to turn on a show...it's weird.

seems your aren't the only one who "wasn't home" on halloween. same for my parents and also innerpeace!...and in my own apartment, it was forbidden - cancelled!

Donkey on 11/03/2020:
You can add me to the list of people who "weren't home" for Halloween, and I was actually quite relieved.

I can also join you with back issues. Is yours feeling better? I'm still feeling a small ache. Just have to take care so that it doesn't get worse.

legcramps on 11/03/2020:
My back still feels a little achy too. I was using a heating pad which helped. Yes, I agree, just need to take it easy for a few days until it starts to feel better! Getting old sucks!

legcramps - Friday Oct 30, 2020

Weight: 0.0


October 29 - supplements, vitamins, protein done; bike ride 45 minutes. Burned 320 calories.


October 29 - oatmeal, blueberries, cinammon, protein shake, coffee; veggies, rice, pepperoni; salted almonds, banana; rice, veggies, mozzarella; cheesies. 2,076 calories.

I took BF's fat bike out for a ride yesterday after work; lots of fun with that thing, it's built like a horse and is challenging to ride in its own way. I've been looking to buy one but haven't found anything I like within my price range yet. It seems unreasonable to pay more for something that I will use less than my other bikes. So I will keep looking until I find something cheaper to buy, or until I break down and pay the $$$ for a new one LOL.

Was going to go for a bike ride again today with a friend but it is cool out and she isn't interested today. So I will either slap on the ski pants and go by myself, or maybe I could get on the spin bike at home today instead. Will see what the weather does later on, if it gets any warmer.

I have my doctor's appointment this afternoon for a birth control shot. I think if I have some time this weekend I might buy some paint and start painting the living room or kitchen. Haven't decided which room I want to start in. I want to eventually paint everything a neutral gray, then repaint my kitchen cupboards in a darker grey. I think it would brighten everything up, since I only have one window on the main floor that faces the sun.

I have plans down the line to look into better lighting in the living room, too. Right now I just have two wall sconces, and they do not throw much light at all in that big of a space, so it always seems so dreary in there unless it's during the day and I have the window drapes open.

I also have to replace the toilet in the bathroom; might harass BF to do that this weekend ;)

grannyannie on 10/30/2020:
How many bikes do you have? My husband thinks you can't have too many bikes!

Hope to get back on mine for a short ride next week.

legcramps on 11/02/2020:
Too many LOL... i'm still trying to sell one, but have four altogether right now.

I agree with your husband ;)

bearcountrygg on 10/30/2020:
Could you add a lamp or 2 in the living room...or are you thinking about some permanent type of lighting?

legcramps on 11/02/2020:
I'm thinking of changing the sconces to something that provides a little more light, but if that doesn't work I might have to look into floor lamps or something!

Horn_of_plenty on 10/30/2020:
it's great that you got that exercise in yesterday and your friend got you to do it. i know that sometimes i am only accountable to myself and i skip out...(well, i didn't used to but i just don't have that inner strength anymore to push if it's not really necessary for a goal - since i'm really just maintaining and not looking for anything better right now with weights.). my reason - my career isn't going to include a lot of strength needs like i used to think it would, so i'm just doing what i can and moving onwards with other interests...i may change my mind later, who knows...back to you...

maybe you can find a used bike like BF's...look on ebay and facebook marketplace..even amazon might have a discounted one for an open-box or something.

yeah, unless there's some overhead lighting, it's hard to brighten up living rooms. it's funny how so many apartments / homes don't have lights installed in the ceiling in the living rooms - including mine. but my father (former electrician) helped me and installed a few track lights in the living room, above my couch, so i can read and it's bright in that particular spot (over the couch/desk). the rest of the room is not as bright at all bc the tracklights are spotlights i guess.

legcramps on 11/02/2020:
I've looked at all the usual avenues for bike purchasing, but nothing has popped up. I'm in no rush, so it's okay if it ends up being a year or two down the road. I will focus on house renovations instead for now :)

Donkey on 10/31/2020:
I've never ridden a fat tire bike before! I don't ride off-street anyway, if I do ride. I recently discovered that I can safely ride my bike on the paved bike trails to a local Starbucks! It's unfortunate that (a) winter is coming, and (b) COVID restrictions don't allow to sit inside to drink coffee. BUT I could see this becoming a weekly outing for myself. I think I might just do that! Thank you for inspiring me!

legcramps on 11/02/2020:
Yay! It has its own set of challenges, but I do enjoy riding fat bikes. Which is really strange, because I started out on a road bike because of the adrenaline rush from the speed (and maybe the risk) of being out on the highway. I'm slowly changing into a more stable person! LOL!

legcramps - Thursday Oct 29, 2020

Weight: 0.0


October 28 - supplements, vitamins, protein done; gym workout done. 347 calories burned.


October 28 - oatmeal, cinammon, blueberries, coffee, oat milk, protein shake; chicken teriyaki sub with aioli sauce; salted almonds, banana; rice, veggies; freezie, cheesies. 2,230 calories.

Better day yesterday, but still felt like I was walking around with a foggy brain all day. This morning my eyes are bloodshot and I look very tired, but my head feels much clearer than it did for the last few days. Just threw an ice pack on the ankle and taking a work break. It is really swollen today, and I would like to take my bike out for a ride after work so trying to be proactive :)

It felt really good to get a workout in yesterday and I think that's probably a big reason why i'm feeling a lot better today. I'm so glad my friend kept me accountable, because I did NOT feel like going. And it is always nice to see my gym friends, even if it was from a distance. We'll be back at the gym on Saturday morning!

Donkey on 10/30/2020:
I'm glad yesterday was a better day! Take care of that ankle!

legcramps - Wednesday Oct 28, 2020

Weight: 0.0


October 27 - supplements, vitamins, protein done; feeling under the weather so REST DAY again.


October 27 - oatmeal, coffee, protein shake, oat milk, cinammon, blueberries; chicken breast, jasmine rice; salted almonds, banana; subway turkey sub, lemonade; chocolate x5, freezie, potato chips. 2,617 calories.

Food binge! I fell asleep immediately after work, woke up around 6:30 and ate supper. Then back to sleep for another 45 minutes and hungry again. It was just a bad day yesterday in terms of my physical and emotional state, and it got the best of me.

Keeping in mind that not every day is going to look or feel like a good one.

I am feeling a little better today, so that's good. And a friend is keeping me accountable and going to the gym with me later tonight. Hoping to jump into a session so I don't have to think about what to do there. When I get home tonight, I will probably just have a hot bath and go to bed.

grannyannie on 10/28/2020:
Guess you need the extra calories and sleep. Glad you're feeling better.

Jacky82020 on 10/28/2020:
So glad you’re doing better today, yay!

Donkey on 10/29/2020:
I don't like the feeling of frenzied eating, but I do think that higher calorie days have some value to them.

Personally, I think my sanity is worth a couple of extra pounds. The calories and water weight will even itself out in the end. (((hugs)))

Horn_of_plenty on 10/29/2020:
Sorry to hear you had an off day. The great thing about you is that these off days are very seldom. Keep on the good track :)

Maria7 on 10/29/2020:
Hope you had a good rest and feeling better today.

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