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legcramps - Wednesday Jul 31, 2013

Weight: 168.0

This morning has been a bit of a whirlwind at work and i'm frustrated and can't wait for lunchtime to walk some of it off.

After work yesterday, I ate a chocolate bar while putting my car through the car wash. Then it started raining. Bloody hell.

Got home and started cooking:

Wild rice and quinoa, stir-fried vegetables, steamed carrots and a beef patty (no bun)

pb and j sandwiches (binge). AWE. SOME.

Ended up not reaching my water goal.

I did a cardio combat workout last evening; only made it 15 minutes into the workout but it's a start. Strange to not feel limber or reflexive anymore. I think a lot has changed since knee surgery. With my 15 minute walk at lunch, that made 30 minutes of activity yesterday.

 I Can't bring myself to play ball; I am frustrated with a few teammates, and also the fact that so many people show up to play; we sit the bench almost every 2nd inning. Not cool with me. I could be doing something far more productive, even if - like last night - I don't. The point is that I could be. End Vent.


Green smoothie - almond milk, yogurt, 1/2 banana, spinach

Coffee with ff creamer

cream of potato and bacon soup, caramel swirl muffin

yogurt, blueberries

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/31/2013:
ohhh, nice green smoothie! :-D good way to get spinach in without the bulk...need to do this again!

legcramps on 07/31/2013:
Yes, it definitely helps get those veggies in!

hollybelle on 08/01/2013:
Good post. Does your local car wash give out rain checks - sometimes here they will let you wash it again free if it rains within 24 hours and you show receipt, etc.....

Umpqua on 08/01/2013:
Good job on the workout, 15 minutes is great and you'll need to build up your endurance. I hope today is less frustrating for you!

legcramps - Tuesday Jul 30, 2013

Weight: 168.0

Been feeling weird lately, can't explain it. Just off. Lethargic. Slow.

Napped after work; pulled some weeds; tried out the weed trimmer. Stronger arms may be required.

Did NOT eat well but won't dwell on it. A new day today.

It didn't start well, though - I wanted to walk again. When I left the house it was raining, so with a heavy heart I decided not to walk and to drive instead. Half an hour later, when I left to drive to work, the sun was shining and no rain whatsoever. Someone is plotting against me.

Jet Fuel coffee 1/2 cup; bagel with light cream cheese

coffee with ff creamer at work

cream of mushroom soup for lunch

snack of an apple and ff yogurt

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/30/2013:
I feel your pain, chica. been feeling the same exact way as you...

V on 07/30/2013:
Hope you were able to shake off the blahs today :)

hollybelle on 07/30/2013:
I thought I was the only one who took a nap after work. I can't hardly keep my eyes open. Then I wake up and get some stuff done, but I wish I didn't do that. Must keep putting one foot in front of the other!

legcramps - Monday Jul 29, 2013

Weight: 168.0

It was a good weekend; had lots of fun with family being down and "fair days" on the weekend.

Friday: golfed, switched off walking and driving, so maybe 60 minutes walking / dinner was salad, baked chicken, veggies / small s'mores blizzard / went to outdoor movie / watched fireworks.

Saturday: coffee, donut, Phillipine spring rolls and pork kebab, taste of sticky rice pudding, lemonade, wild rice and quinoa mix, chips / watched parade / walked to check out street fair, 45 minutes / relaxed and did some reading / went to baseball game / nixed the street dance and went home instead (I do not regret).

Sunday: coffee, bagel with light cream cheese, peanut butter and jam sandwich, A&W meal / got groceries, walked 30 minutes / road trip to pick up new weed trimmer / relaxed and watched RBC Canadian Open. Good job Sneeds, too bad Mahan.

I was up with the sun this morning (lol, ok not quite). I was going to walk to work, but then I checked the weather report and decided i'd rather not walk in the rain if I don't have to. Plus, I woke up with pain in the ball of my left foot - weird! Hopefully I will still get my walk in at lunchtime.

Maybe golf today, maybe ball, maybe try out the new weed trimmer (without slicing my ankles or whipping the tops of my pepper plants right off).

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 07/29/2013:
Sounds like a fantastic,l fun weekend! Have fun with your new toy today ;)

hollybelle on 07/29/2013:
Sounds like fun weekend. I am deadly with the week-whacker, too! Usually manage to get it tangled and waste a spool of the string!

V on 07/29/2013:
Fun filled weekend for you I see :) Sorry that the rain kept ya from walking to work today..Have a great evening friend :)

MrsD on 07/30/2013:
S'mores blizzard...oh my LOL! So happy you were able to spend time with both your uncles! YAY!

legcramps - Friday Jul 26, 2013

Weight: 168.0

I scored the afternoon off work yesterday so that my uncle and I could go golfing, and about half an hour after I left work, it started to rain. And then it poured a little bit. And rained some more.

When our tee time came around, we 1) could still see it drizzling outside, and 2) were on a skype call with another uncle who is hilarious and pretty much does all the talking in a conversation. We cancelled the golf outing in favor of staying inside where it was warm and dry, and splitting some guts listening to my other uncle yak away ;)

I still managed to get my laundry done and clean the kitchen, and took my 15 minute walk in the morning while still at work.

A few of us went for DQ ice cream; I had the mini oreo blizzard. And then I saw that they have that new kind here; S'MORES. Might be going back to DQ tonight. Just saying.

Dinner was okay but I overdid it; a few slices of vegetarian pizza and a tossed garden salad. I think I overate because my water intake was far lower than usual. I'm going to try hard to make sure I get lots of water in, because it's back to Grandma's today for another dinner that will likely not be the healthiest in the world.

And if it's nice out after work, i'll take my uncle golfing. As you can tell, I really want to golf with him while he's here!

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 07/26/2013:
Mmm...ice cream is so hard to resist in warm weather! Have a good weekend.

legcramps on 07/26/2013:
Ice cream, for me, is hard to resist in any weather LOL. Yesterday was not exception as it was more chilly than not!

biscottibody59 on 07/26/2013:
Enjoy playing golf!

V on 07/26/2013:
Stupid rain :( Sorry you didn't get the chance to golf today but i see you still managed to have FUN!! Isn't that what life is about?? Yeah it is ;)

legcramps - Thursday Jul 25, 2013

Weight: 168.0

A couple of important things happened yesterday; my aunt, uncle and their kids arrived in town, and my lawn got cut. By the neighbor.

I'm telling you, the best way to get someone to do something for you is:

1) don't do it until it bothers them so much they have to

2) make it look like you've gone camping for two weeks and just didn't have time

Fortunately, my neighbor didn't cut it in anger, he just thought i'd gone with door #2. LOL.


Oh, Gawd, it's hilarious really.

No exercise yesterday except for my walk at lunchtime, had a nice visit with the relatives and promised a cruise around town (maybe for ice cream) with my cousins tonight and possibly a round of golf this afternoon, if I can get the time off work, although I can't see that being a problem unless all hell breaks loose.

Good eats until later on in the night when I went to a convenience store and purchased a small bag of doritos. I was very tired, but apparently not tired enough to get in my car and drive for potato chips. I don't remember the entire drive there, may have been wearing my pajama's by then, and really hope my slurred 'hellooooooo' to a fellow co-worker while waiting to purchase said chips didn't make him think I was intoxicated.

So yeah. Can't wait to see what happens today!

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 07/25/2013:
Nice post today, LegCramps ! It made me laugh and I really needed it.

Umpqua on 07/25/2013:
Oh fantastic on your neighbor cutting your lawn! You need to make it look like you take extended camping trips ALL the time, haha.

V on 07/25/2013:
Hahahahaha SCORE on free lawn service ;) Have a wonderful evening!

horn_of_plenty on 07/25/2013:
wow...you are so slick!!! never would I have thought to do what you did....to get the neighbor to cut my grass!?!? this is the first I've heard of someone doing this and I plan to tell my best friend about this. she'll die laughing. she hates her neighbors and...she will like this one :-D

legcramps - Wednesday Jul 24, 2013

Weight: 168.0

I went golfing yesterday; did 9 holes and was pretty much exhausted by the end. Apparently, a 15 minute walk everyday at lunchtime does NOT a cardio workout make.

I had plenty of varying eats yesterday and ended slightly over calories (it was a hungry day) but I kept mainly to healthy foods and limited my snacking as well. It's all good. Lots of water too.

It had been awhile since i'd had a nice, relaxing bath instead of a hurried shower, so last night I took the time to do this. I felt very sleepy afterwards, and fell asleep fairly quickly - in comparison to my usual three hours of fidgeting, squirming, and tossing around before falling asleep. I must try to do this more often during the week.

Ball is on the schedule tonight, but I might go to a friend's bbq instead. And hopefully now that my spirit is in a better place, I can motivate myself to get the yardwork completed before the weekend; I believe my aunt and her family will be down for a visit so it would be nice if I could clean it up a bit.

Plan - coffee, rice and maybe soup?, cinammon crackers, turkey sandwich x 2, lots of water.

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 07/24/2013:
You're looking good, LC.

Umpqua on 07/24/2013:
Just got the jungle/meadow known as my backyard mowed ;P Let me tell you, it's rewarding just to look out there now - hope you get a chance to play in your yard soon!

V on 07/24/2013:
I hope whatever you do this evening it will be FUN FUN FUN <3 love ya girl :)

horn_of_plenty on 07/24/2013:
it's good to relax before bed...I find I can get to sleep earlier also when I have an earlier night, overall, and don't get home as late. it's good to let the body relax :-D I love your idea of a bath, although, I guess I am not clean enough to fathom taking a bath in my bathtub hahahaha

legcramps - Tuesday Jul 23, 2013

Weight: 168.0

I don't know what's going on with me lately, but I wish it would stop. I almost started bawling yesterday simply because my mother was being her typical controlling self. Even right now as I type that, my eyes rolled up. What's up? Who cares? It's never bothered me like this before. I need a mental health day. Also? I am STILL craving pickles. None of this makes any sense. I've gone through three jars in the same number of weeks. That's ridiculous.

While I go temporarily insane, here were my eats from yesterday:

Breakfast - coffee with ff creamer x 2, water with crystal light

Lunch - quinoa, wild rice, blackened chicken, water with mio

Afternoon - another water with crystal light

Dinner - turkey sandwich, lots of pickles x 2

Snack - piece of milk chocolate with nuts x 2, yogurt covered pretzels x 3

 Exercise yesterday was slo ----- pitch LOL. It was alright. Maybe today I will golf.

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 07/23/2013:
Well there are worse things you could snack on than pickles! Glad to hear slo pitch is going well :)

legcramps on 07/23/2013:
That's very true!

OhioRaven on 07/23/2013:
Sorry, you are NO WHERE NEAR the pickle freak that I am:v) I wouldn't worry too much about your controlling Mother. People who act out in a controlling way are usually the people who are in fear of losing it. (control that is) Hey, did you watch the Open last weekend ? Great job, Phil. See ya.

legcramps on 07/23/2013:
I did watch some of it, recorded the rest so that I can watch it this weekend when I have more time. Phil was awesome :) I also recorded the LPGA Classic and can't wait to watch that!

V on 07/23/2013:
I hope this helps and true story that my MOM is NUTBAG :( I love her I guess but man is she ALOT to deal with :( LOL!!

Pumpkincake44 on 07/24/2013:
Look how close you are to your goal! You're almost there!

legcramps - Monday Jul 22, 2013

Weight: 168.0

Well my friends, it just so happened to rain on Friday as well as the weekend.

But I still managed to watch some fastball games; drive to the place my Dad used to live when he was a boy; get in a lot of visiting; eat a lot of food, and read two books.

What I didn't manage to do was the yardwork. I'm okay with this.

What I also didn't manage to do was decipher how to use my DVD player with my new(ish) cable provider. I am an Information Technology reject. I spent close to an hour trying to solve the riddle before finally getting so frustrated that I turned everything off and refused to even watch t.v.

So, no insanity DVDs until I get that figured out. I did get some walking in on the weekend, though not as much as I would've liked. Que Sera.

It's Monday! Woohoo! I can feel the adrenaline of a brand new week coming at us and kicking us in the a$$!

I was up late reading so this morning came quickly, but i'm making it through :)

Foods - coffee, yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, quinoa, wild rice, blackened chicken, pm snack, dinner might have to be subway to save some time.

Exercise - slopitch

My goal for tonight is to get the front lawn cleaned up. Gonna have to take the yard in zones now, since i've left it so long it's not something that can be done all at once. Pull the weeds, trim the trees, and mow the lawn. Do-able. Has to be done tonight, because this is the only day it's not supposed to rain!!!

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

biscottibody59 on 07/22/2013:
Enjoy your day!

V on 07/22/2013:
Girl I am an idiot when it comes to solving computer issues and I am also an Information Technology reject as well so at least we are in good company, LOL

Hope you get your goal met today, if not...Oh well, hahahaha have a good one my friend :)

horn_of_plenty on 07/22/2013:
I love reading, too. Romance novels haha. I really have a crazy side :-D Sorry bout all the rain, over here it's stayed quite dry!

horn_of_plenty on 07/22/2013:
I love reading, too. Romance novels haha. I really have a crazy side :-D Sorry bout all the rain, over here it's stayed quite dry!

hollybelle on 07/23/2013:
All this rain has made it hard to keep the yards up around here. I like green grass and all, but enough! Meant to tell you no matter that I have read the work slopitch a lot oon your post, Unless I stop and think about it I usually read it as "slop-itch"! Mind games!

legcramps - Friday Jul 19, 2013

Weight: 168.0

Quite the work week it's been; lots of peeps on vacay and things are happening here that I don't know what to do about. So glad it's Friday.


6 AM - alarm goes off; press snooze; press snooze; groan and moan and grumble about having to get up; brush teeth and take shower

7 AM - prep for workday, 1 big mug Chai Tea Latte

8 AM - arrive at work; make coffee; begin workday

9 AM - yogurt, strawberries, blueberries; coffee w/ ff creamer

10 AM - coffee w/ ff creamer, water with crystal light

RE: water and crystal light/mio liquid - the only way I can drink the water at work is to add something to it. Otherwise? disgusting.

11 AM - water with mio

After this is the plan for the rest of today:

12 PM - baked chicken, garden salad, ff ranch dressing; walk 15 minutes

1 PM - water with crystal light

2 PM - water with mio

3 PM - search for plain, salted chips and have with garlic hummus

4 PM - workday is done! Home; pull some weeds

5 PM - turkey sandwich on whole grain, spinach, pickles, mozza cheese; vegetable soup

6 PM - water

7 PM - yogurt covered pretzels and a little bit of chocolate with nuts

8 PM - mow lawn; water; pull more weeds

I hope it doesn't rain today, because having to postpone my plans for yardwork will severely interfere with the rest of my weekend plans. Which include a lot of visiting and a very good dinner tomorrow, and lots of golf on Sunday. So, please don't rain.

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 07/19/2013:
Hope your weekend goes well!

hollybelle on 07/19/2013:
Hope weather cooperates and your weekend goes as planned.

V on 07/19/2013:
Rain in Canada as well?? That blows my friend :( It has rained at some point of the day here in the past 3 frigging weeks :'( That is so lame!! Hahahaha Have a good evening <3

legcramps - Thursday Jul 18, 2013

Weight: 168.0


This week I started walking for 15 minutes at lunchtime, just around the building outside. Thankfully, it's been nice out.

So I mentioned that I started playing ball again. Well, last night I went directly home after playing and had to ice my knee for a couple of hours before it felt numb enough to walk around on. Not good; after getting a taste of what being back to full ability might be like, it will be incredibly difficult if I have to back off again.

Regardless, I will keep on and see what happens. I haven't been out golfing for a week or so, just because there are a lot of other things I need to be doing, and i've chosen golf as my reward after doing them. LOL, that might mean it'll be another week before I get back out on the course, but if that's what a person needs to do to get their butt moving, then so be it.

I even prioritized my days into certain tasks because i've been falling so behind on everything. Ball on Mondays and Wednesdays, yardwork on Tuesdays and Fridays (and weekends if I need to catch up), housework and laundry on Thursdays.

And i'm stubborn enough to give Insanity a try this weekend. I'll pick the easiest one and see how it goes. If it goes well enough, that's what i'll do on weekends, along with some longer walks. No use scheduling in exercise during the week if it's all I can do to keep my yard and house work from buckling under!

I recently cleaned up my eating as well; not as many bbqs happening so that helps too. Basically whole grains, veggies, fruits, some dairy, and chicken or turkey. For some reason i'm also craving pickles. Like, a LOT. Very wierd, i'm not really a fan of anything pickled.

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

V on 07/18/2013:
Sup girl! Hope that your knee cooperates with you.. Good luck with your Insanity class!! Have a great evening :)

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