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legcramps - Monday Jan 21, 2013

Weight: 166.0

I really, really love wallyball. It honestly gives me an endorphine rush that lasts well into Monday, which is super nice because i'm back at work and horrifically happy about it.

I need one of these.

I had a lovely dinner date Saturday night with two great friends, and wallyball on Sunday and that was the extent of my social activities aside from some shopping. Wow, i'm just oozing happy right now; even my morning car troubles are not getting me down. Yes, it's minus 40 celcius today with windchill, and my car wanted to sleep in. I can't say that I blame it for not wanting to be out in this weather.

On my mini shopping spree I purchased a brita water bottle. Anyone try these? Or "Boggles"? Same idea. They have a filter inside the bottle to filter your water as you drink it. I thought it would be good for work instead of having to haul a couple of litres of water to work with me everyday. We'll see.

I need to pick up some groceries today after work, and going to workout friend's place tonight for Dance Dance Revolution. I am going to suggest we do a Zumba DVD instead; much more of a workout.

Breakfast - mocha (I forgot my oatmeal in the microwave at home, sad face)

Lunch - soup, maybe a sandwich to make up for missing breakfast

Snack - yogurt and skinny B

Dinner - chicken and rice, some fresh veggies

Exercise - Zumba (hopefully)

I glanced over at the clock on my nightstand a little after midnight, so i'm pretty sure I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night. I will be tired tonight I think; early to bed sounds good.

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 01/21/2013:
That stuff I eat is only on Sunday and its only one slice. Tradition I guess.

Umpqua on 01/21/2013:
Holy freezing temperatures! I'm glad you had a nice weekend, I hope today is a good one!

getmebackto150 on 01/21/2013:
Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!!! Have a great day!

mskitty on 01/21/2013:
Wallyball I had to google that one.- Looks like fun. I was thinking about maybe getting into squash again the other day. Anyways I really wanted to thank you for your comment to tell you the truth it stopped me from having a binge this morning. I tend to let things get to me--personally. and I kinda took my stress from last night into today and I was all over just eating everything in the house. So thank you for helping me through a "F*ck it" moment. Hope today goes well you deserve all the happiness the world has to offer.

V on 01/21/2013:
Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! YES you must get one of those totes :) Sorry that your car was sleepy and you forgot your oatmeal this morning but good for you not letting this interfere with your great mood :)

As for me well i didn't do much today after finishing my chores, did have a nice nap and a skinny margarita ;) Still not quite adjusted to my extra work day..Trying to take it in stride but it is putting a major damper on my social life..Hahahaha Have fun with your workout this evening whatever it may be :)

Just42day on 01/21/2013:
Stay warm! Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. Hope you catch up on sleep tonight.

horn_of_plenty on 01/21/2013:
it tastes so close to being a brownie! it's the chocolate quest, i highly recommend it. sometimes they are a bit hard, even if the expiration date hasn't passed, so, i have learned to nuke them in the microwave and i eat them after my cereal with almond milk....still not as good as eggs and toast or something more real...

horn_of_plenty on 01/21/2013:
..more natural i mean!

niftyjack on 01/22/2013:
I had to google wallyball, too. (Thought it was some crazy Australian sport.) Also, DDR? Makes me almost wish I hadn't sold my old pad years ago.

legcramps - Friday Jan 18, 2013

Weight: 166.0

'Yo! TGIF! Favorite Day! Woohoo! Yeehaw! Tally-ho!

Yesterday was a pretty good day, although I didn't get to bed until after midnight. I got a bout of 30 Day Shred in, and felt pretty good once we were done.

Then we waxed legs. Felt pretty good once we were done. Look at that. Same reaction.

Therefore, exercising is like waxing legs.

Just kidding. It's Friday!!!!!!

Breakfast - mocha, oatmeal with 1/2 apple & PB

Lunch - yogurt, skinny B

Snack - peanut butter sandwich

Dinner - chicken, rice, squash

Exercise - hmmmn???

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 01/18/2013:
Happy Friday.

Tangalyn~ on 01/18/2013:
lol that actually is a good comparsion.. hurts while doing it but feels great afterwards.. i like it :) have a great day!!

thenewMLE on 01/18/2013:
I love Fridays too!! Have a great weekend. Does waxing hurt real bad? What's the advantage over shaving? I've never tried it but the thought of pulling hair out by the roots kind of scares me!

getmebackto150 on 01/18/2013:
your menu looks good! Have a great weekend:) Love the working out and waxing legs comparison!!!

Umpqua on 01/18/2013:
Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

V on 01/18/2013:
I am always excited for you on Friday, i know it is your favorite day of the week!! Mine is Saturday <3 Any exciting plans for the weekend?

biscottibody59 on 01/19/2013:
Enjoy your weekend!

legcramps - Thursday Jan 17, 2013

Weight: 166.0

I didn't do any workouts yesterday, decided that the meeting was exercising my brain and that would be enough for me ;)

I went to bed earlier than usual, and woke up before the alarm clock. My eyes are still a little red, but I do feel a lot better than I have for the past couple of weeks. A juice feast would whiten up those eyes in just a few days, but I would need a juicer for that. Tangent?

Breakfast - mocha, oatmeal with 1/2 apple and blueberries (281)

Lunch - yogurt with 2 tbls skinny B cereal (chia, hemp, buckwheat) (200)

Snack - peanut butter sandwich (372)

Dinner - chicken, rice and squash casserole (711)

Exercise - 30 day shred (-200)

Other - leg waxing night!

Snack - cup a soup, Lipton chicken supreme (60)

Not much else going on today. Hopefully another night early to bed.

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

supercheese on 01/17/2013:
lol i went to bed at 730 last night and still slept in....I would LOVE a juicer too...Hm...maybe my next splurge. Have a good one!

OhioRaven on 01/17/2013:
Hey, I got an e-mail today at work about drinking water before bed reduces or eliminates leg cramps. Don't know if its true or not.

Umpqua on 01/17/2013:
Your foods look fantastic, have a good one!

V on 01/17/2013:
I went to bed hella early last night too..I guess I needed it as well as the long ass nap I had today..LOL It rained all day here and YES I was pretty happy that I got an extra day off :) RYC those burgers are super easy to make..You can use whatever ground meat you like(I usually use extra lean ground turkey of the leanest beef I can find) Blue Cheese crumbles(I use reduced fat)add the cheese while you are making the patty, cook and voila! LOL Not sure if you are a fan of ground lamb but I bet lamb burger with crumbled feta would be good too(that's if you like feta cheese) Hope your eyes clear up, have a good evening!

legcramps - Wednesday Jan 16, 2013

Weight: 166.0

I had some time to kill before my meeting last night, so I filled it with oatmeal and a peanut butter sandwich. Slight veer off the shiny, straight path of weight loss.

Good news is that I didn't go over my calorie max.

The meeting was painful, but it's over now so let's just let it go.

I went walking at the track, even did a little jogging too! And then when I was back at home I watched Hungry for Change and went to bed. Uneventful night, but I feel as though I did a lot.

Breakfast - mocha, oatmeal with 1/2 apple and blueberries

Lunch - soup

Snack - peanut butter sandwich

Dinner - undecided; evening meeting will have a catered dinner

Exercise - undecided; it's possible I may read a little and then turn in for the night

Other - another evening meeting, blurgh

I am still spotting today, and that damn Period Pain is radiating through my stomach and lower back. I'm going to take an advil and see what happens. I knew something was up when I woke up cranky yesterday morning! I was so ornery the people at work even looked at me differently.

Ok, no they didn't. I'm always ornery at work.

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

IndependentEm93 on 01/16/2013:
Have a great day!

OhioRaven on 01/16/2013:
Good luck with dinner. Fill up with salads, fruits, veggies if you can.

mylilsista on 01/16/2013:
Thanks for dropping by my diary and offering encouragement. You're right, this is a one-day at a time deal. I guess I got all caught up in thinking about how long it was going to take to shed the last 25. Yikes; back to today (only)! :)

Umpqua on 01/16/2013:
I hope your pain eases up. People around here are wusses about the snow - it's New England and it snows every winter (not as much as you get though), but people act like it's the end of the world!

V on 01/16/2013:
I am a HUGE supporter of Aleve for cramps/back pain.If Advil doesn't do the trick, i highly suggest you try it..My sister turned me on to it, she calls it "Blue Magic" hahahaha Hope you have a great evening and a quick and painless meeting to boot :)

skinnygrlwithin on 01/17/2013:
It's always hard to eat well when someone else is providing the food! I'm sure you did well.

RYC: Yes, I definitely think it was better that I slept in the other day... I think I can do 2 days at the gym before work a week MAX and then just throw some workouts in on the weekend.

legcramps - Tuesday Jan 15, 2013

Weight: 166.0

My legs are killing me. It was tough getting down the stairs this morning.

The bad part is that I noticed that i'm spotting and having stomach ouchies (this shouldn't be happening), my eyes are both bloodshot even though I had a decent sleep, and i'm coughing and sneezing like crazy.

As I recall, December/January are always tough months for me; I tend to get sick no matter what right around this time of year. For my sake I hope i'm able to work through it because i've got two evening meetings this week that I can't miss.

Dance Dance Revolution last night for exercise - pretty boring. Not much of a workout. Will have to think of something else to do when I get home afterwards since this is a once a week thing with friends.

Breakfast - mocha, oatmeal with apple and blueberries

Lunch - soup

Snack - peanut butter sandwich

Dinner - chicken, rice, squash casserole

Exercise - walk 30 minutes at track

Other - evening meeting

Will try to get to sleep early tonight and maybe a little extra rest is all I need to feel better.

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

thenewMLE on 01/15/2013:
I hope you feel better! There has been nasty stomach viruses going around here for the last 3 weeks, so maybe it's a virus and not anything too serious. But do take care of yourself!!! I'm sorry your DDR wasn't as productive. If you are doing it with friends, maybe they would want to put in a Zumba DVD instead? Or DDR with them and do ZUmba on your own? I hope your legs settle down. Fortunately, my leg issues were dehydration and have improved tremendously with the increased water. I hope you can find an easy solution for yours!

Just42day on 01/15/2013:
yes, feel better soon. The chocolate raspberry coffee is just such a nice change from the standard coffee. If you like mocha, I think you like it. The downside, like any specialty coffee, it's pricey. Santa gave me some $ so I splurged. (Plus I stretch out the grounds by reusing them the 2nd day & just adding another tbls. Cheap, yes but it's tastes the same and I get to have my special coffee twice as often!)

OhioRaven on 01/15/2013:
Hope you get better. Take care.

supercheese on 01/15/2013:
feel better!!! <3

V on 01/15/2013:
Hope you feel better <3 As far as the spotting goes, sometimes that happens when you are doing Depo shots but if it becomes heavier, you might want to have your gyno check it out..Have a great evening :)

IndependentEm93 on 01/15/2013:
Feel better!!!

legcramps - Monday Jan 14, 2013

Weight: 166.0

Weekend Recap:

Friday 1/11: one hour shoveling, afternoon off. good eats.

Saturday 1/12: no exercise, day off (hockey game). out for supper - chicken ceasar salad. good eats.

Sunday 1/13: two hours wallyball. good eats. lots of water.

Ouch! Back at wallyball yesterday, and o.m.g. does my body ache! It's awesome.

Breakfast: mocha, oatmeal with apple and blueberries

Lunch: soup

Snack: peanut butter sandwich

Dinner: crockpot chicken drumsticks with rice and sauteed sweet pepper

Exercise: Dance Dance Revolution

I want to play wallyball everyday. Except that my arms are so red, swollen and sore from hitting the hardest ball EVER, I won't be able to play until next Sunday anyways.

But day-am, that was a good day yesterday. Organized sports is my euphoria. I love it.

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

V on 01/14/2013:
Yayyy for wallyball season! Hope that you have a good day :)

thenewMLE on 01/14/2013:
Your dinner sounds delicious! What is wallyball? Whatever it is, I think I would take that over shoveling!! hahaha - I've never shoveled because I have only had snow 4 times in my life here and it was only a dusting - never an accumulation. I did live in Chicago after Katrina, but there were 9 kids between me and my cousin and the other sister so there was always someone assigned to the shoveling. Have fun with DDR! My girls used to love that!

graindart on 01/14/2013:
I totally forgot about Wallyball. I used to play that all of the time in my teens and loved it.

OhioRaven on 01/14/2013:
Sounds like you're staying on track. Good Job !

liza36 on 01/14/2013:
Nice weekend you had. Love that "good" kind of soreness.

Maria7 on 01/14/2013:
You get a lot of exercise in. Your menu looks good, too. :-)

horn_of_plenty on 01/14/2013:
sorry to hear you got snow! lol

yes, i am feeling a bit better lately :-) i also asked for and got an hour lunch. i went on the treadmill at the gym next door, only .7 mi but that's .7 more than usual and I got a little sweaty, but felt so good. tomorrow i'll remember a tshirt! :-) today i walked in a sweater, lol., since i wasn't gonna change into my gym attire for a little walk at lunch haha

horn_of_plenty on 01/14/2013:
...breakfast sounds nice, tasty...fun!

Umpqua on 01/15/2013:
Wallyball sounds vicious but I'm glad you're enjoying it :) Have a good one!

legcramps - Friday Jan 11, 2013

Weight: 166.0

I ended up coming to work today instead of taking the day off... so hard to change my mindset about working myself to the bone! But I think I will take the afternoon off. No, I WILL take the afternoon off! LOL.

We had a severe snowstorm yesterday and it is blowing and blustery today. Perfect day to stay inside and watch movies.

I did 30 day shred twice yesterday as my two workout buddies showed up at different times. Big workout there! Fine with me :)

Breakfast - gingerale, oatmeal with baked apple (much easier on the tummy)

Lunch - chicken noodle soup

Snack - peanut butter sandwich

Dinner - chicken and quinoa with coleslaw

Exercise - not sure... might try an insanity workout - the fit test maybe? would be interesting to see where i'm at with that.

Was invited out for drinks with friends tonight, but I think i'll pass and maybe get a start on all the shovelling that will take over my life for the next couple of days ;)

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

liza36 on 01/11/2013:
Wow, the Shred twice! That's awesome. Enjoy your afternoon off.

getmebackto150 on 01/11/2013:
Have a great day and enjoy the afternoon off!!!

Just42day on 01/11/2013:
thanks for the welcome back! Sounds like you'll be getting sufficient exercise shoveling. Be careful! I do love the turkey meatballs. I also throw in oatmeal,worchestshire sauce, garlic powder and egg. Use a mini-ice cream scoop to make the balls and just bake for 20 minutes. They freeze incredibly well. I've served them as a appetizer with sweet N sour sauce on the side and people gobble them up. (get it -turkey - gobble?? sorry...)

Umpqua on 01/11/2013:
I hope you're taking the afternoon off work :) You wrote what I was thinking - I've been taking my probiotics and vitamins so I'm hoping my body is fighting whatever this is. Have a good weekend!

V on 01/11/2013:
I assume you took the day off yesterday so that may be the reason why you felt the need to go to work today..LOL Hope you decided to take the afternoon off.. Dam girl shred twice? Stellar! Have a wonderful weekend!

horn_of_plenty on 01/11/2013:
sorry about your tummy! i hope it is better? :-)

thanks for cheering me on. lately i am so nervous about everything. i will also be moving out this year, but is undecided when - it's whenever an apartment opens up on the waiting list :-)

if you say i can do it, at least i can believe that.. :-)

hollybelle on 01/11/2013:
Sorry you weren't feeling well earlier in the week. Great workouts! How is your weather? I hope you are enjoying some warmer than usual weather like we are here. It's so odd to have warm weather in January, for heaven sake!

sailingeagle on 01/12/2013:
I hope you had a wonderful day off! Keep warm! :)

biscottibody59 on 01/13/2013:
I hope you've gotten a break from the shoveling by now--sounds pretty strenuous!

Enjoy your Sunday!

legcramps - Thursday Jan 10, 2013

Weight: 166.0

I liked yesterday, it was a good day. Wow, another one, look at me go!

I skipped the cup of soup in the afternoon, and only ate half of my egg sandwich with leftover fries for dinner, but I think my eating is pretty much back on track. Of course, I ruined it a little bit by having a few cups of black coffee in the evening (hadn't had coffee for six days up until then) which then kept me awake until well after midnight. I'm a sucker for peer pressure and I was visiting a friend at the time.

Breakfast - yogurt, gingerale

Lunch - soup

Snack - peanut butter sandwich

Dinner - chicken and quinoa leftovers, coleslaw

Exercise - 30 day shred

I went walking to the track last night and saw Golf Guy watching a hockey game. Said hi. Fumbled a few words around. Decided best course of action would be to stop talking altogether.

But it was nice to see him. I should really grow a backbone soon and ask him out. Worst that can happen is he says 'no thanks', right?

I am thinking of taking the day off tomorrow; one of my resolutions was to take more time for myself. Might as well start now!

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

IndependentEm93 on 01/10/2013:

mskitty on 01/10/2013:
Coffee is such a hard thing to kick for me too. I tried my hardest but lol it still is my dirty little habit lol.

Tangalyn~ on 01/10/2013:
glad u got to see golf guy ;) hope today is a good one for ya!

liza36 on 01/10/2013:
Definitely take time for yourself - I approve of taking the day off!

V on 01/10/2013:
Golf guy says <3 LOL have a good one ;)

biscottibody59 on 01/11/2013:
Hope you have a good weekend!

legcramps - Wednesday Jan 09, 2013

Weight: 166.0

Good day yesterday. Added cheese and crackers to the menu as a snack after walking.

The apple was not a good idea yesterday. Left the stomach feeling really upset. Won't make that mistake again.

Breakfast - gingerale, yogurt

Lunch - peanut butter sandwich and I might see what the soup of the day is in the cafeteria

Snack - chicken noodle soup

Dinner - leftovers. i've got everything from french fries to roast pork to finish up. time to start eating solid foods. no apples.

Exercise - walk 30 minutes at track

That's about all i've got on the list for today. I have a little bit of tidying to do, and of course the laundry is staring me in the face so we'll see if I manage to tackle any of that tonight.

Happy Wednesday :) see 'ya on the flip side.

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

Tangalyn~ on 01/09/2013:
sorry apple made ur tummy sick.. hope u have a great day! =)

IndependentEm93 on 01/09/2013:
Feel better!

V on 01/09/2013:
Man I am sorry that your tummy isn't feeling any better :( Laundry can wait, get some rest girl <3

horn_of_plenty on 01/09/2013:
thanks for the kind words! :-) feel better!

selina on 01/09/2013:
Hi Legs, you are doing so well, congrats! I also get upset stomach when I eat fruit on an empty stomach :( stay well!

legcramps - Tuesday Jan 08, 2013

Weight: 166.0

Thanks everyone for the well wishes, I am feeling better today. I went home sick at lunchtime yesterday, so i've gotten a lot of rest since then. Today will be better!

Also, I am introducing apples back into my diet. One step at a time. Not sure the stomach likes this too much.

Breakfast - gingerale, apple

Lunch - peanut butter sandwich, chicken noodle soup

PM - gingerale, yogurt

Dinner - i'm going to try two eggs fried, with toast. and gingerale

Exercise - walk 30 minutes at track

I indulged and rented Pitch Perfect yesterday; what a hilarious movie. I rented it until tomorrow, so I might have to watch it again tonight ;)

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 01/08/2013:
I'm glad you left early yesterday and are feeling better with extra rest. Careful with the apples, they can be harsh on your tummy. Have a good one!

sweetpea1977 on 01/08/2013:
Wow, what a way to start off a new year. Im glad you are feeling better today!

IndependentEm93 on 01/08/2013:
Have a great day!

OhioRaven on 01/08/2013:
Keep up the Good Work, eh'

thenewMLE on 01/09/2013:
Take it easy with that flu. There has been over 800 cases reported in Louisiana in the last 3 weeks and it is brutally hard on the stomach. My youngest daughter got in Christmas Eve night and threw up all through Christmas. She had requested my brother to prepare his corn and crab bisque with jumbo lump crab meat and couldn't even eat any. In fact, she couldn't even come downstairs to be social. She had it for 5 days. Some of the guys at work had it for 4 days and then it progressed into bronchitis. Just rest and drink a lot of fluids ( I know easier said than done because daughter was throwing up after just sips of water for a while), but try and get some antibiotics to knock it out quicker than wearing yourself down. enjoy the movie and get stronger soon!!

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