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legcramps - Saturday Sep 26, 2020

Weight: 0.0


September 26 - supplements, vitamins, protein done; heel presses, abc's, stretches, walking 10 minutes, spin bike 30 minutes, walking around getting groceries 40 minutes. 

No pain meds taken yet today, maybe one before bed. 

I managed only 10 minutes of walking because we were at the gym and I had many interruptions. I knew I wanted to do a longer bike ride so I cut the walking short. Made up for it grocery shopping I think! Again, the walking was easier today when I put my knee brace on, and I was well warmed up before I tried to walk without the crutches.

Eating - toast with pb, coffee, a protein bar after working out, and a second breakfast for lunch - toast, eggs and turkey bacon. Planning on fish and chips for dinner, and snacking on some nibs while we watch Enola Holmes.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/26/2020:
sounds good. i wouldn't rush anything. good job walking for groceries to make up the walking at the gym that didn't go on long. good idea.

doing those errands, like grocery shopping, def burns some calories no doubt and is a "little exercise."

i ran errands for the good part of yesterday and i felt a little extra energy burn doing it..

bearcountrygg on 09/26/2020:
You are doing great getting around...so many are afraid to use a limb after breaking it.....it takes time....meals sound delish!

Donkey on 09/27/2020:
Funny you mention Enola Holmes, as Husband was talking about her yesterday. I wonder if he's watched the movie, too. That might be something we could do together, if he hasn't.

A day without pain meds shows that you are really improving and healing! However, don't be afraid to take one if you need to. Don't "tough it out" for the sake of being brave.

You're getting there!!!

Donkey on 09/27/2020:
Oh, and I love the idea of a physio journal. That was a really good idea!

legcramps - Thursday Sep 24, 2020

Weight: 0.0


September 23 - supplements, vitamins, protein taken; used one crutch to get to and from work; heel presses, abc's, stretches, weight-bearing for 12 minutes total. Two pain meds. I scratched the spin bike because my ankle and inside of my knee were really sore/painful. I'm still calling it a win though, since I did complete all my physio, even though I really wasn't feeling it. 

September 24 - supplements, vitamins, protein taken; worked; heel presses, abc's, stretches, weight-bearing for 15 minutes total, spin bike for 20 minutes. Will end up having two pain meds again, but not as much soreness/pain in my ankle and knee today. I wore my knee brace during weight-bearing which really helped. 

I'm saving a long bike ride for Saturday when we go to the gym. And by long I mean longer than 20 minutes hahaha. Means something completely different these days!

Better eating today - banana, cliff bar, turkey melt with potato wedges, tasted a salted caramel cream donut thingy that a coworker gave me, and having supper now - rice with roasted chicken and lots of veggies.

happy-1 on 09/24/2020:
I find it very awesome that the PT actually does their PT for an injury. Inspiring!

grannyannie on 09/25/2020:
I had a really good PT for a rotator cuff injury years ago.

Well done on the eating!

bearcountrygg on 09/25/2020:
D had a good round of PT after a knee replacement and it was a lot of help....she was tough on him but it pushed him to work harder....and was worthwhile.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/25/2020:
proud of you legs! you are doing GREAT GREAT GREAT. be proud of your recovery process!

Donkey on 09/25/2020:
I LOVE PT! The results are amazing.

legcramps - Tuesday Sep 22, 2020

Weight: 0.0


September 21 - 3 sets of heel presses, abc's, mobility stretches, spin bike 20 minutes, and weight-bearing on one crutch. Took all my supplements, protein and vitamins, and one pain med. Had the day off work. 

September 22 - 3 sets of heel presses, abc's, mobility stretches, spin bike 20 minutes, AND weight-bearing with no crutches! I managed that for a few minutes before my calf started complaining very loudly  I went into the office today until 1:00. Took all my supplements, protein and vitamins, and two pain meds.

I have not been focusing on my diet too much, trying to use all my energy to focus on healing. Today I had a banana, coffee, hash browns with eggs and toast, a croissant, some potato chips, a slice of pizza and a kale salad with baked chicken breast. So not great. I wish I had the energy and focus to work on my healing AND my nutrition, but my brain is not capable of taking on that many things at once LOL.

Forging ahead! One week of physio is complete!

grannyannie on 09/23/2020:
Yes, focus on healing is the best plan! Hope you heal quickly!

bearcountrygg on 09/23/2020:
I agree...just deal with healing...you need to eat to heal.

Donkey on 09/23/2020:
^I too agree with focusing on healing. It's just so frustrating that the nutrition can't fall into place effortlessly. Maybe there's a little comfort eating, there?

You're coming asking quite nicely! I was impressed that you were able to be crutch-less for a bit!

Horn_of_plenty on 09/23/2020:
maybe not focused on diet, but you are focused on the ankle and how you are training it for it's strength. one thing at a time, once the ankle is more healed then you can refocus more on nutrition!

but, you do have a LOT of knowledge on nutrition and you aren't a beginning, so even without thinking you can do pretty well on that end :)

legcramps on 09/24/2020:
good point, HoP. No excuses now LOL.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/24/2020:
but with that, it's ok to indulge and eat the things you like!!! :)

legcramps - Monday Sep 21, 2020

Weight: 0.0


September 18th - I drove myself to work today! The morning in the office took a lot out of me though, and I had to rest my ankle once I got home. So I didn't do as much physio as the day before, but I still managed my abc's, a set of heel presses, and I got on the bike for another 15 minutes. I had to ice my ankle for a bit in the evening, and took two pain meds.

September 19th - BF came and we went to the gym. I did my abc's, two sets of heel presses, and spin bike for 15 minutes. While I was at the gym I also did some stretching and mobility work with resistance bands which felt pretty good. I overdid it afterwards when we went for groceries, we spent almost an hour in the store, and all I had were my crutches so I definitely got my workout in, but strained the muscles and tendons in my calf. One pain med.

September 20th - day 5 of physio went well. Still feeling strain in my tendon, but funny enough it doesn't hurt as much when I put pressure on it... three sets of heel presses, abc's, and bike 15 minutes with increased resistance. To compare, on the 2nd day of physio I went 3.43km on the bike, and on this day I went 5.51km. I also completed 10 laps around my kitchen using only one of my crutches! No pain, but I still took a pain med later for the calf strain. I also managed an actual bath, and was able to soak my extremely dry foot in the tub!

I had a sneaky suspicion that I actually had vacation days today and Friday this week, and sure enough when I logged in from home this morning I realized it was so. So a slight change in my work schedule will include days in the office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday instead, as long as I can stay in the office. I'll have three days to rest after Thursday so I think I can manage that.

So pumped that I managed to walk with one crutch yesterday! I'm going to work on that again today. You guys should see my calf muscle though...or should I say lack of calf muscle lol. It's hilarious to compare my legs, I literally have so much work to do to get that muscle back. I think that's going to be more of an issue than mobilizing my ankle will be!!

I jiggle my calf with my finger every so often because it amazes me how there is no muscle there. I cannot remember a time when my calves weren't the strongest part of my body.

bearcountrygg on 09/21/2020:
I know how it is to get out of a cast, It is like having to learn to use that limb all over again......having to regain any strength....I'm glad to hear that you will have some days off......take it slow.

Donkey on 09/21/2020:
Are you wearing a boot? How is that working for you?

Oh my, I'm not so sure I would want to see your lack of muscle in the calf. But you're right- you'll have work to do, when you're ready. I share your amazement at how quickly the changes go. Well, atrophy is easy. I think building your calf muscle back up will take time and effort.

legcramps on 09/22/2020:
Yes, i'm wearing a boot and it's going well. I take it off as much as I can so that I can start getting used to not being dependent on it all the time.

It sure will take time, but time is something i've got in spades and I won't be doing anything else until the end of October for sure - so lots of time to get there slowly and work my way up the right way!

And now I can tell my fitness clients exactly how long it might take for muscle atrophy to occur in the calf ;) Consistency really is the key in rebuilding these muscle groups, but I know I can do it if I just keep at it.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/22/2020:
you are def doing great...try to be gentle to yourself with the strain. you sound soooo positive! :) you are doing good.

legcramps - Friday Sep 18, 2020

Weight: 0.0


September 17th

AM: B12, Calcium, protein, aspirin 

PM: meds for inflammation, glutamine, iron 

PHYSIO: heel presses 1 set of 3 x 10 seconds; abc's for mobility; spin bike 15 minutes

Felt like a good day yesterday; I accomplished what I wanted with physio, and when I got on the bike was surprised to note that it was much easier to pedal than the day before. I still felt so good after 10 minutes that I decided to try for 15. The entire physio session including the bike took me 40 minutes to complete, so I think that was definitely enough!

I didn't think I would get through the whole alphabet tracing with my toes, but I did eventually. I stopped a few times for a quick rest. Some of the letters were...uncomfortable to trace...but I didn't feel any pain.

I went back to doing the heel presses because I thought it would help with weight-bearing and eventually getting rid of the crutches.

Moral of the story is everything is feeling pretty good - knock on wood!


Monday AM in the office, PM work from home

Tuesday work from home

Wednesday AM extend to 2:00 p.m. in the office, off for the rest of the day

Thursday work from home

Friday ALL DAY in the office

We'll see how this goes; trying to slowly work my way back to a full time office routine. I hate working from home in this position, it is not conducive to efficient work processes.

grannyannie on 09/18/2020:
Glad you are making progress with physio.

bearcountrygg on 09/18/2020:
Happy for you ......

Donkey on 09/19/2020:
Isn't it wonderful when you try something, and it doesn't hurt any more?

I think you have a good plan, although Friday sounds a bit ambitious. Please be amenable! However, I do see that you would have the weekend to rest and recover if Friday is a long day.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/19/2020:
the is really wonderful how much you are progressing! all of your previous bike riding and physical activity will certainly serve to help you in recovery!! you have a lot of muscle that will be able to work for you as you recover too. so happy to hear these good things!

Horn_of_plenty on 09/19/2020:
i may start doing the alphabet a couple times a week with one of my ankles also, the weak one!

legcramps - Thursday Sep 17, 2020

Weight: 0.0

I went in yesterday morning and finally had my cast removed! I also got a clean bill of health, in fact the surgeon looked at my xrays and seemed almost surprised at how good they looked.

I have zero pain, he manipulated my foot a little bit and I had no issues other than a lot of tightness. So I asked him about physio, told him what my thoughts were and how I wanted to progress, and he suggested I follow my plan for physio and check in with him if I felt I needed more support. Works for me!

We talked a lot about what my goals were for progression; I needed him to really understand that I would pursue it as agressively as I could, and he is all for it. I got the thumbs up and the "sounds like you know what your body is capable of" speech. The only thing he warned me against was clipping into my bike, which I wouldn't have done anyways.

My ankle is just as swollen as it was when I got the cast on, so I was very concerned about that but the surgeon told me to expect this for MONTHS to come. He said I should have no issues working through it. I might have some issues wearing shoes though lol.

I'll be keeping a journal of my daily weight-bearing and physiotherapy exercises, and also keeping track of all the vitamins and  supplements I started taking, and if I need to take any pain meds. It will show me my progression just in case I encounter days where I don't feel like I'm accomplishing anything, and will slow me down and keep me on track rather than doing too much too soon.

So yesterday when we got back home, we adjusted the spin bike so that I could hop on easily, and I did five minutes of slow and easy pedaling.

The plan for today is to trace the alphabet with my toes (ankle mobility), and another few minutes on the bike!

In other new I had my interview this morning. I don't know if it went well, I feel like I talked way too much lol. What is meant to be will be!

My frame of mind and mental health still isn't great. I wasn't happy about the way my ankle looked out of the cast. I thought it would look a lot better, but I think I just need to get over it and keep moving forward, nice and slow. It feels fantastic to be able to take the walking boot off while I'm on the couch though! I even feel more stable with the walking boot than I did with the cast.

bearcountrygg on 09/17/2020:
I'm happy for you that it healed well and you don't have to wear that cast any longer...they can be miserable.

legcramps on 09/18/2020:

Horn_of_plenty on 09/17/2020:
i was also told to trace the alphabet...i should keep doing that now...elps a lot...

keep us updated on your ankle :)

I'm so glad that the cast is off...was it heavy or just a nuissance?

legcramps on 09/18/2020:
I think the biggest thing with the cast is that it forced me to limit every single thing I did. I couldn't drive, I always had to ask for help with things, I couldn't take a proper bath, etc. It made me pretty miserable. At least with the walking boot, I can drive, I can take it off to bath or shower, and it's much easier to get around with!

Maria7 on 09/18/2020:
Congrats on having your cast removed. I know you are very happy about that and we are for you, too! Have a happy day and enjoy being free of it. So happy for you.

legcramps on 09/18/2020:

legcramps - Monday Sep 14, 2020

Weight: 0.0

I am at a point where I keep flipping back and forth between relief that this cast is coming off soon (two more days!), and complete misery for the situation i'm in. I know others have things so much worse in life, but I cannot help but wallow in my selfish misery. I just go there automatically, and it's really starting to affect my life.

I wake up in the morning, struggle to get dressed, struggle to get to the bathroom, then struggle to reach the couch. My hands are in so much pain from using the crutches that it's all I can do to stop myself from crying in the morning when I pick them up again. The pain becomes more bearable throughout the day.

I wait to be served coffee, I wait to be served water, I wait to be served breakfast. It is the WORST feeling to sit there and just let someone else do all the work. The absolute WORST feeling. So I am extra quiet in the morning, trying to work through these emotions, and BF notices and says "just five more days" or "only a few more days sweetie" and I KNOW THAT, but it doesn't help. Not in that moment.

After breakfast I become antsty, like I need to do something, so I get up and struggle my way to the kitchen to wash all the dishes, clean the counters, then back to the couch to fold the laundry. We run some errands - groceries, hardware to repair a back door, deliver home made jam, etc. then we start supper in the slow cooker once we get back home. The outings are too much for me, and my foot is swollen inside the cast, so I have to struggle to the couch and elevate it. It is very uncomfortable, so I take some medication, and it knocks me out and I wake up an hour later drowsy with a terribly dry mouth.

We visit for a bit, maybe a friend or family member comes over, or we watch a movie. After supper, I struggle to the kitchen to help clean up, and BF and I argue about how to put away the leftovers. He says "you'd better change once this cast is off" and I say "thanks" and have a little cry once i'm by myself. He's teasing, but i'm overly sensitive and feeling hugely guilty for my behaviour already, so the offhand remark cuts deep.

I am taken back home the next day and BF unloads all my stuff and brings it into the house. I am able to finally wash my hair after four days, but am visibly exhausted after doing so.

I keep saying to myself "only two more days". This cast can't come off soon enough. But the real question is what happens after that? How long will I continue to have to maneuvre around with a walking boot until I regain the use of my leg?

I know there are some positives in here... like the fact i'll be able to drive myself to work, take the boot off when my foot is swollen, ice it (that will feel so nice!) and perhaps take a real, honest to goodness, SHOWER after six weeks. It's just that the positives don't outweigh the negatives in my mind right now, and I know I need to work through that. The affect of this on my mental health has been acute, and painful, and I am really going to have to work hard to get back to my old self!

bearcountrygg on 09/14/2020:
((HUGS))....What a tough time for you....It must be so hard to sit around when you were so active before the accident. Are they planning to have you go to physical therapy after the cast comes off? As hard as it is...you your ankle is swelling...keeping it above or equal to your heart is the best thing........so close to getting rid of that thing....you don't want to challenge it now....My husband spent 10 weeks in a leg cast and he was desperate to find any little thing he could do...and eventually did go to work with it on.....and swore that if the doctor said he had to wear it longer he was going to break it off with a hammer....yup...miserable....((MORE HUGS))

innerpeace on 09/14/2020:
OM gosh, you poor thing! I cannot even imagine what you are going through. I know you were active with riding your bike and working and swimming to be able to NOT do that must be so terrible...but two more days! I hope you are able to get back to being busy after you rehab your ankle.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/14/2020:
I would be feeling the same misery as you are. I totally understand and i'm glad you can reach out to use here.

you are such an active person and your injury is completely messing with your way of life.

I think you did great these 6 weeks and you are at the FINAL STRETCH!

I think you are extra antsy to get the cast off because it's only 2 days away and you just can't take it anymore knowing the end is so close that you want it here NOW!

Please continue to take your time healing. DO THE PT (physical therapy). Don't rush.

When i broke my ankle i do not believe i performed the physical therapy as well as i should have. it's affected me for life.

i'm so glad the cast is almost off. you will be feeling much better when you don't have to lug that thick, smelly, cast everywhere.

Maria7 on 09/15/2020:
Bless your heart! Makes me ashamed I even wrote a complaining post the other day. I hope you can get the cast off very soon and be feeling better and more mobile. Thanks for sharing with all of us. We are all going through different things but all dealing with everything the best we can. I hope that you and Annie both are soon well. Praying for Y'all.

Donkey on 09/15/2020:
I think the waiting part for everything would drive me nuts. This definitely is a study in patience.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the walking boot versus the cast.

Hang in there!

Maria7 on 09/17/2020:
I hope you are better today.

legcramps - Thursday Sep 10, 2020

Weight: 0.0

Some additional swelling in my foot over the past couple of days. Uncomfortable, but it is what it is. 

Almost ready for my job interview next week, a couple things to brush up on but the presentation I needed to develop is done.

BF is coming to pick me up to stay at his place this weekend. I have taken Friday off completely from work, first day off of work since my week off after breaking my ankle.

Done for the rest of today though, my toes feel and look enormous and I just want to put my foot up and relax my brain.

Wednesdays meals - Waffle, banana, coffee, turkey sandwich, chicken breast with spaghetti and parmesan and garlic toast, popcorn.

Thursdays meals - banana, coffee, chicken breast with rice, another coffee lol, that's it so far.

Have a great weekend!

bearcountrygg on 09/10/2020:
The swelling doesn't sound like any fun......sounds like it needs to be higher than your heart....maybe that would help. ((HUGS))

Horn_of_plenty on 09/10/2020:
i hope the swelling ends...does the dr recommend taking anything that will "flush out" the extra fluid?

Horn_of_plenty on 09/10/2020:
try to stop weight-bearing to let yourself continue to heal!

the first month of healing must be gentle maneuvers i would think!

grannyannie on 09/11/2020:
Yikes! Didn't know you broke your ankle. How awful! Let yourself heal, don't push it.

Donkey on 09/11/2020:
I hope that you can get some TLC at the boyfriend's this weekend.

Good job preparing for the interview! Fingers crossed!

legcramps - Wednesday Sep 09, 2020

Weight: 0.0

Nothing new to report lately, just getting through each day trying to stay positive!

Yesterday's eating was not positive though, I made pear jam and I think I ate half a container of it on my toast lol. I also had leftover pizza for lunch. At least it's gone now.

I tried a few times to weight-bear over the long weekend but rested yesterday because I was in the office for the morning. My leg always swells up and is so uncomfortable when I go to the office. So I might try again today. Will see how the day goes.

Working on a presentation that I have to develop for this upcoming job interview, and a project for work that I've been procrastinating over because it's miserable to work with Microsoft access and excel on a laptop at home. So I've been struggling trying to get it done.

Off to read your entries!

bearcountrygg on 09/09/2020:
Did you get your cast off? The swelling doesn't sound like any fun. Hope the presentation works out well.

legcramps on 09/10/2020:
Not yet, next week!

Jacky82020 on 09/09/2020:
Good luck!

Maria7 on 09/09/2020:
Staying positive each day is a good thing for everyone to do.

Donkey on 09/10/2020:
Pear jam sounds delightful! I've had those days where my consolation is, Well at least it's gone so I can't eat it any more.

Be careful with the swelling! That's your body telling you something!

legcramps - Friday Sep 04, 2020

Weight: 0.0

I keep trying to update from my iPad and it doesn't seem to want to work! So will only write a bit at a time ;)

Wednesday - banana, coffee, chicken with rice and veggies, egg and turkey sandwich with chili, drumstick

Thursday - waffle and eggs, coffee, fish and chips, turkey sandwich, freezie, Coke Zero 

Friday so far - turkey sandwich, coffee

I woke up with a stomach ache today, ugh. Why is it always something?!

BF is smoking brisket for supper tonight, his kids will be coming to eat with us. Well, some of them anyways.

I did my sets of heel presses again yesterday, and will again today sometime. Maybe this weekend I will start trying weight bearing with BF's help. Or maybe I will wait until next week.

Got an interview for the 17th, the day after I get the cast off lol. Talk about good timing!

Jacky82020 on 09/04/2020:
My iPad can be a pesky little brat too!

Good luck on the interview !

Horn_of_plenty on 09/04/2020:
Well an interview is something nice too! So not everything is bad.

I sorta suggest to skip the weight bearing till next week and not rush.

enjoy the brisket, brisket is amazing-tasting!

Donkey on 09/05/2020:
Ahhh so the job hunting has been fruitful! I admit I had forgotten that you were going to put some feelers out there, to see if anything came about.

Well, good luck on your interview. That's a ways off. Lots of time to prepare.

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