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legcramps - Friday Nov 23, 2018

Weight: 0.0

Got home at 9:30p last night; we hit up subway for supper and I inhaled a 6" turkey sub; will have the other 6" today for lunch. I managed a quick workout before I had to coach and still burned just over 300 calories, so i'm happy with that. Really hoping to do the same tonight but will have to see what I have time for because I am coaching again.

I was whining pretty loudly this morning when I had to get up for work. In fact, I believe I even shouted "WHY???" once with my fist up in the air. I'm glad it's Friday, but I need it to be over quickly so I can go back to bed LOL.

Toast with pb and 1/2 banana, coffee, oranges, protein bite, 6" turkey sub, oranges. Protein bar on the way to the gym, then either leftovers or maybe i'll finally make the salmon bake tonight.

On to another day! TGIF!

BearCountryGG on 11/23/2018:
Bummer about having to work today....and usually everyone is just "serving their time" on days like this......but $ is $...!!!

Donkey on 11/23/2018:
I worked today until 1pm. I answered my last email at 10:25a. I sent out my last email at 12:31p and got 4 automatic replies back saying the recipient was out of the office until Monday... Spent sometime reading a blog... spent a few minutes helping put up the Christmas decorations.

horn_of_plenty on 11/26/2018:
you may need to limit your coaching...if it is preventing you from getting adequate rest...tho i'm sure you don't like this advice!

legcramps on 11/26/2018:
Yes, i've been chatting with BF about this as well. I think i'm doing too much and I need to make some better decisions.

legcramps - Thursday Nov 22, 2018

Weight: 0.0

I woke up coughing this morning; BF said I was coughing through the night also. My throat hurts again and i'm congested and blowing my nose every five seconds. Here we go again! I am tired of being sick. I need to rest, but it is too busy right now for that.

Thursday - toast with pb and honey, coffee, oranges, leftover potato lasagna, oranges. I don't know what we'll have for supper, I don't even know if we'll have time to eat.

After a full day work for me, we are heading to the gym; I will work there until 8:30 for sure; then do a quick workout and then we have to drive 45 minutes home. Not sure if there will be a lot of time or energy to make supper. I am already tired just thinking about it.

A Black Friday sale tomorrow has a wicked good deal on a television set i've been looking at getting; sale starts at 7am so maybe I will drive into the city before work to get it?!? That seems a silly thing to do. But it is a really good deal and I won't buy one at regular price (electronics are so over-priced).

Working at the gym again on Friday after my already full day of work at the hospital; likely another quick workout of my own after that, THEN I can relax for a bit. But probably not, because there will be house duties and other things to get done i'm sure.

Thinking of getting some Christmas shopping done on Saturday/Sunday.

This is why I hate this time of year. Everyone is sick, but we all need to still do ALL the things. It makes me miserable, quite honestly, the things that are required of us just to get through the holidays. I'm only miserable on the inside though!!! LOL, just taking one day at a time.

BearCountryGG on 11/22/2018:
Hope you feel better quickly.....I know in Canada you have already had your Thanksgiving....but I didn't know that you have Black friday...interesting....

legcramps on 11/22/2018:
LOL, I find it interesting as well! I guess they thought it would be easier to have it at the same time; maybe they are trying to get us to buy local ;)

Donkey on 11/22/2018:
Have you considered running your toothbrush through the dishwasher? Or boiling it in hot water? Also, cleaning/replacing your bathroom cup? One year, I kept re-infecting myself over and over with sinus infections/colds, until I realized it was my toothbrush. Took me until April to figure that out, but once replaced, I didn't have any issues after that.

I get so impatient with myself when I am sick.

Coughing through the night = whiskey, the cheaper the better.

legcramps on 11/22/2018:
I have not heard the one about the toothbrush. I am going to boil it tonight, and replace the cup. Thank you!

Also - yes I have been advised to take whiskey or brandy, and i've not taken anyone up on that offer quite yet. Drinking alcohol doesn't appeal to me, but I might just suck it up (or, down, to be literal).

horn_of_plenty on 11/26/2018:
#1 - please take extra vitamin C - i actually take a multi and extra vitamin C

#2 - please sleep more if you can....like try to sleep in without an alarm clock if you are able to on the weekend at least 1 day?

#3 - Perhaps cook with more spices? like anti-inflamatories like ginger powder / black pepper / garlic....also the fruits that have antioxidants...try to make sure you are eating some veggies / fruits daily.

#4 - there are certain spices i said above - and herbs that are truly extraordinary. i'm reading about them...i think you need to double up on the types of spices and seasonings you use in your cooking

#5 cook your onions and garlic in food...these foods combat sickness also...and raise your health.

legcramps - Wednesday Nov 21, 2018

Weight: 0.0

Monday - good eats, all healthy, went to gym and worked out for 1.5 hours, all cardio. It was fantastic. I jumped from airdyne to power mill to treadmill to spin bike, not going for more than 25 minutes on each, which was perfect because I didn't get bored or overworked from any of the machines. Burned almost 700 calories, so that was a really nice bonus too!

Tuesday - woke up early and drove BF to his surgery. I had a protein bite and some coffee, then while he was in surgery I bought a turkey sandwich and another coffee. I took him out for food after surgery and he had some soup and I had a burger with fries. We shared the fries, but I didn't share my burger because it was DELICIOUS and I am mean about sharing delicious food LOL. Later that night after we'd been home for awhile, I had leftover chicken and rice with veggies. BF is doing great with recovery and hardly in any pain at all - yes he is on painkillers!

Wednesday - so far so good; toast with pb and honey, protein bite, two oranges. I'm thinking lunch will be the last chicken breast with some rice. We have leftover chili as well, and i'm thinking of making it into a potato lasagna - we would add scalloped potatoes and mozza cheese and bake it in the oven. I do still have half a sweet potato too we could use up in this dish. I'm kind of excited to give it a try! BF has some physio he needs to accomplish today so I will help him with that, and then I might get on the indoor bike trainer for a bit just to get a little exercise in since I didn't do anything yesterday.

I coach tomorrow after work so I will take BF with me so he can do some upper body stuff and chat with some of his gym friends. Then Friday another coaching session after work at the other gym. He will be kept busy for sure, hopefully he won't overdo it but he is insisting on accompanying me!

Donkey on 11/21/2018:
The potato lasagna sounds wonderful! If you make it, let us know how it turns out.

Glad to hear that the knee surgery went well. Namaste!

legcramps on 11/22/2018:
Yes we made it and it turned out great! In fact, BF had two servings and I wanted two servings also and really had to control myself LOL. I will have my second serving today :)

horn_of_plenty on 11/26/2018:
wow what a wonderful cardio session you had Monday! good idea of course swapping between machines :)

lol i can be spiteful on sharing food too and then i expect everyone to share their fries with me!!!!! haha

what did he have surgery for? i missed that?

legcramps - Monday Nov 19, 2018

Weight: 0.0

Well I guess feeling better was short-lived, I went ahead and lost my voice yesterday because of this darn cold I can't get rid of.

I did a lot of coaching between Friday and Saturday, so i'm not suprised I have no voice left. At least I get to rest it for a few days now since I don't have to coach again until Thursday. It's actually exhausting to have to talk, because I have to push hard through my vocal cords to get any kind of noise out LOL. BF thinks it's quite funny, and I have to agree, I sound like a whiney nincompoop.

Friday I did a cardio workout after coaching, but couldn't get too far into one because of my cold - so I just did some power mill (stairs) and airdyne (bike). Friday night BF and I had eggs and toast for supper, and BF brought some leftover hamburger meat with him, so we made chili for Saturday's supper, which was really good even though I was kind of craving salmon. After I coached on Saturday, BF and I did a fit check to see if our cardio and strength have gotten better over the last three weeks of the challenge (it has). We went to the movie on Saturday night - Bohemian Rhapsody, which I loved so much. And Sunday we used as a day of rest rather than going to spin class; BF went for a massage, then we went out for brunch together and I had pancakes and all the other things that had carbs in them LOL. It was really delicious and fun to go out - we never go out to eat because we're usually always cooking at home. We extended the luxury into supper as well and ordered ourselves some pizza while we watched Dead Pool 2.

I did some laundry over the weekend, but other than that I didn't really do the cleaning I wanted to. Oh well, we will survive anyways. I am at work today, and then I will go to the gym after work and see what kind of workout I can get in, then BF is coming back to my place because he has his knee surgery tomorrow morning and i'm going to be driving him there and back and then he'll be staying with me while he recovers. We have lots of leftovers in the fridge for this week, so I will probably only have to cook once or twice - things like eggs and rice, and maybe we'll bake that salmon this week before my brusell sprouts go bad!

horn_of_plenty on 11/19/2018:
GET MORE REST...usually if i have a cold and work out, i do remain sick or get sicker.... :(

i think you also cooked and posted some nice things again?

you are also a great chef!

Donkey on 11/20/2018:
Good luck with the BF's knee surgery. I've seen people in their first session of PT after surgery... not fun. I think it's almost more painful than the hip surgery my husband had.

Rest up and stay healthy! Usually, for me, losing the voice is the last stage before full recovery :)

horn_of_plenty on 11/20/2018:
darn!!!!!!! were you coughing a lot? you may have lost your voice due to coughing???

oh, it's from talking!! as i read on....

yes, def a voice drainer!

even my coworkers saw that movie...i have heard EXCELLENT THINGS!...i may go treat myself to it on my own over the weekend :)

i also skipped out on laundry and cleaning...figured i'd do it all on the very long weekend :) 4day Thanksgiving by us!

legcramps - Friday Nov 16, 2018

Weight: 0.0

I've been taking Buckley's like a champion for the last three days, and finally today I feel like I am slowly getting back to normal (crosses fingers and knocks on wood). I hope so, because it's going to be a busy weekend!

I am working today, then coaching at the gym tonight. I want to get my own workout in too; I decided against working out last night and gave myself another rest day instead. The best decision, because I feel so much better today, and ready to giver again. BF is meeting me at the gym and then coming home with me for the weekend.

Tomorrow morning I coach again, two sessions. I imagine we will work out afterwards, and then I want to head home and get some cleaning done. BF is having a scope done on his knee on Tuesday, and he'll be staying with me while he recovers, so I want to get some stuff cleaned up and ready for next week so it's less I have to worry about.

I am hoping to talk BF into a spin session on Sunday morning. I know it is a rest day, but I haven't done much this week and we both have a free ride to use up, so I think we should get it done before his surgery and while I have some energy! Then it's meal prep again, and I think I will try and come up with a 6 week strength program for myself to start next week. I need something to work towards, and the FEMSPORT workshop has been scheduled on a day that I can't attend, so I guess that's out for me. I would really like to get rid of some belly and hip fat; try and lean up a bit more. I guess this is where all my training will come in handy LOL. I could share my plan as I go along if anyone is interested!

I had a sandwich for supper last night, and some lay's potato chips. Went to sleep early - the workday really sucked my energy up.

Today - toast with peanut butter and honey, coffee, water, oranges, chicken, rice, veggies, water, oranges. Supper might be eggs and toast or eggs and rice; that's what BF likes to eat and to be honest, I don't mind it either. I haven't been eating too many eggs so it would be a good meal for sure.

One meal we'll be having on the weekend is baked salmon with roasted brussel sprouts and potatoes. Can't wait - so delicious!

BearCountryGG on 11/16/2018:
My husband had a knee replacement in April....and hearing that you BF is having a knee scope on tuesday....makes me wonder if it will be good for him to take a final spin class just 2 days before....( D had the scope prior to his replacement)......that may aggravate things even more before the scope...just my 2 cents worth....... Your planned Salmon dinner sounds wonderful!!!!

legcramps on 11/16/2018:
You do have a point; however, he is going to do some form of exercise regardless (I can't stop him from that) so it might as well be one that has the least amount of stress on the knee joints! Then maybe he'll be worn out and he won't do anymore at the gym before his surgery.

Donkey on 11/17/2018:
Sorry, what is Buckley's? I'm glad you are feeling better!

legcramps on 11/19/2018:
It's a cold/cough syrup. Very, very disgusting, but it works. I actually think I quoted the commercial word for word.

horn_of_plenty on 11/19/2018:
you sound active...good job resting the one night instead of working out if sick!

legcramps - Thursday Nov 15, 2018

Weight: 0.0

After all the darn oranges i've been eating non-stop, just to keep away all the viruses that are going around, and what do I end up with for the weekend?! A COLD! I started feeling sick on Sunday, and was actually sick from work Tuesday and Wednesday. It feels like it's starting to loosen up, i'm super phlegmy today so maybe it's on the way out.

I didn't have the best weekend. I tweaked my back at the gym on Friday and then I had to sit in a car for 9 hours on Saturday to go with BF to pick up his daughter. I collapsed into bed that night while BF and his daughter stayed up to watch a movie, then he went to work early Sunday morning and didn't get back to my house until 10:30am. His daughter and I just watched tv and played games, but by the time he got back I needed to DO something, and he wanted to nap on the couch. Plus his daughter really wanted to see her friends, who live in BF's city, not mine, so I mentioned to BF that maybe they should go home that day so she could see her friends. They ended up going home and I went to the gym. Then I found out she didn't even see any of her friends until Monday. Aggravating, they could have stayed had that been the case, but I suppose it was my fault for sending them home?

Then on Monday, BF won some tickets to a concert we had bought raffle tickets for. I texted him when I saw that he won, and he texted me back, but then proceeded to CALL his ex-wife to let her know ?!? He told me he phoned her because they still share an email account for his daughter's school, and that's where he got them to send the tickets so he didn't want her to delete the email... but to me it felt like he wanted to share the good news with her, which feels threatening to me - does that make sense? I was not very happy anyways, and being sick never puts me in a good mood. Working out ALWAYS puts me in a good mood, but unfortunately i've been too sick to work out much!

That brings us to today! I'm sticking it out at work today, and so far it's going well. I'm happy that I remembered to bring my own box of kleenex LOL, and a lot of oranges to eat. I'm going to kick this thing before it gets too out of control! I might try to get in a home workout tonight too, I know it will help me feel better.

My food over the weekend is not memorable...I had some Coke Zeros, and a few freezies, but otherwise I stuck to chicken, rice and veggies. Oh, I made black bean burgers on Monday night, with garlic parmesan sweet potatoes fries - man, those fries were delicious! It was a good meal, and I had enough leftovers for supper last night.

Thursday - water, toast with peanut butter and honey, oranges, chicken, rice and veggies, oranges, chicken, rice and veggies, lots of BUCKLEY'S!!!

Hope everyone's having a great week!!!


horn_of_plenty on 11/15/2018:
so the sleep thing - i highly recommend it to fight the cold...

a couple times i've already felt so lethargic like i was fighting off a cold..like my body was fighting something and i feel that by getting sleep i feel better the next day. trying hard, because i do not have any days to use - i have saved them on a two week vacation to miami (staying with a friend) in the new year!

legcramps on 11/15/2018:
I slept almost all day yesterday, and I think i'm on the mend now. I hope so anyways!

horn_of_plenty on 11/15/2018:
and i'd also suggest taking extra vitamin C.

Donkey on 11/16/2018:
Rest, rest, and more rest! Everything becomes so much more difficult when one is sick. Focus on getting better and the rest will fall into place, with a clearer perspective. (((hugs)))

legcramps on 11/16/2018:
Thank you, I think you're right :)

legcramps - Friday Nov 09, 2018

Weight: 0.0

I checked the scale this morning (I only do this every few months, and I never post it because that's not what it's about) and lost a couple of pounds since the last time I checked. Might be because of the 21 day challenge i'm doing with my clients, might be because i'm hitting the workouts a little harder because of the new heart rate monitor; what I know for sure is that it's not from stress for once! Feeling pretty mellow today and i'm so happy about that - I want to continue this mellowness through the weekend if I can. Worry about next week, next week.

Wednesday - toast, peanut butter, coffee, protein bite, sweet potato chicken bake, two oranges, protein bite, water, tomato soup and pepperoni deli sandwich. POUND workout, 45 minutes. I forgot how difficult Pound can be; I haven't tried it for awhile and I can feel it in my hips today.

Thursday - two Nature Valley granola bars, coffee, banana, toast, peanut butter, two egg quiche cups, two oranges, protein bite, water, pepperoni deli sandwich, two more egg quiche cups (so yummy), Mr. Freezie. Indoor Bike Trainer workout, 1 hour.

I was sweating profusely by the time I finished the hour on the bike; the amount of effort I had to put in to reach my max heart rate zone was INTIMIDATING, which really surprised me. I even had a hard time getting off the bike once I was done because my legs were completely over it. So much for easy, steady-state cardio. If this doesn't make me a more efficient cyclist, nothing will! I felt like I earned a Mr. Freezie for sure.

Friday - toast, peanut butter, coffee, protein bite, two oranges, sweet potato chicken bake, water, I have two more egg quiche cups and two more pepperoni slices that I need to finish up. BF is coming tonight, so I took out some chicken breast to make in the slow cooker - we'll probably have that for supper with veggies and rice.

I have to complete a tank push today after I coach at the gym; day 3 week 1 of a 4 week challenge. It takes awhile to get it done - I have to do something like 20 lengths with differing torques (resistances) - so I might just call that my workout and be done.

BearCountryGG on 11/09/2018:
Looking good!!!

horn_of_plenty on 11/09/2018:
feels sooo good to lose a few lbs!

I'm just getting off of a fairly high cal month or so...still working to lose a couple!

Donkey on 11/10/2018:
Your entries are so helpful to me. I wanted you to know that :)

legcramps - Tuesday Nov 06, 2018

Weight: 0.0

This week is going by very slowly...

Monday:  toast, protein bites, mandarins, coffee, water, baked zuchinni & chicken with rice, baked zuchinni & sausage with rice, a serving of Lay's potato chips (plain), Coke Zero. I drove to the city to take advantage of a great deal on the first 7 seasons of Game of Thrones (I am excited to watch it now), so I went to the gym while I was there; I jumped in on a group session for an hour, then did the power mill for 20 minutes, and a 10 minute mobility workout afterwards - felt good!

Tuesday:  toast, protein bites, mandarins, coffee, water, sweet potato & chicken, granola bar, slow cooker chicken tacos with toast. I am driving to BF's tonight; I have two sessions to coach and then hopefully get in a workout of my own. My left side back is a little sore today - must have tweaked something yesterday; I always push hard in group sessions and I might have overdone it a bit.

Otherwise, not much going on this week. I woke up to snow on the ground, so tomorrow I imagine will be spent shovelling.

If dates work out for me, I might begin a training program for a FEM SPORT competition next summer. It looks like fun, and it might be that little extra push to get me into better cycling shape too :)

Image result for fem sport training

happy-1 on 11/06/2018:
Snow angels!!!! Snowball fight! If your guy won’t play, just hit random kids on their way home from school.

legcramps on 11/06/2018:
Haha, BF would be so jealous if I did that without him ;)

BearCountryGG on 11/06/2018:
LOVE the picture!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 11/06/2018:
is that photo you??? i cannot tell? or is it the FEM SPORT program!?

you sound so happy...full of life! You motivate me to keep on with my exercise :) and look forward.

legcramps on 11/07/2018:
The picture is from a FEM SPORT competition in BC; I found it online :)

Donkey on 11/07/2018:
We're supposed to be getting snow by the end of the week. I hope I do not have to shovel much.

If you decide to go for it, I would look forward to reading about your FEM SPORT training!

legcramps - Monday Nov 05, 2018

Weight: 0.0

Well, first of all, thanks for everyone's kind words on my last post; I know we all have days like that, but it's hard to admit my failings sometimes. Especially when I know better and I know what I need to be doing. I really appreciate this site because I know I can just be real here :)

I had a nice weekend and got caught up on some sleep. I had a coaching session after work on Friday, and then BF met me at the gym and we practiced my coaching session for next week, then worked arms. It was really nice, and we got to stay up a little later because I didn't have to work the next morning. Woohoo, weekends off are awesome! Supper was slow cooker chicken tacos and stir-fried rice with ham and veggies.

We went back to the gym on Saturday because we pretty much live there, and I went on the elliptical for about half an hour. I don't usually go on this device, i'm not over the moon for cardio equipment to be honest, but it was a good, steady state workout. Unfortunately, it didn't raise my heart rate as much as I would have liked, so afterwards I did some medicine ball slams and worked with kettlebells and that raised it up very nicely and managed to lay me out flat on the floor too. After the gym we went for coffee with BF's friend and then home for supper, which was rice, veggies and double smoked sausage we got from a butcher just out of town, very highly recommended, delicious sausage!

BF's son came to visit on Saturday and stayed over to Sunday, so we watched a movie Saturday night with him, Rampage. On Sunday it was meal prep and laundry day, and BF graciously set up my indoor trainer for me so I can cycle indoors for the winter. We had chicken bacon and eggs for breakfast, and a sweet potato and chicken bake for supper and watched Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkaban.

This morning we got up early so that BF could start the drive back home, and I got my bike shorts on and did a quick 30 minute ride. I am using a heart rate monitor for my workouts called MyZone, and it connects to an app on my phone and shows me what 'training zone' I am in. It definitely showed me that I could be putting in a lot more effort when i'm on the bike. So that's good to know, and hopefully using it will change the way I train on the bike during the winter months.

Today's food is toast, protein bites, oranges, coffee, rice with sausage and veggies, water, granola bar, sweet potato and chicken bake.

Have a good Monday!

horn_of_plenty on 11/05/2018:
slow cooker chicken taco meat sounds amazing. i need to do a mexican dish next.

we appreciate you being real, teaches us some things and reminds us where we came from!

keep on with your excellent exercise...

your food for today looks fantastic!

BearCountryGG on 11/05/2018:
Good food choices......Sounds like a nice weekend.

Donkey on 11/06/2018:
What a lovely weekend! And good for you on the indoor bike trainer! WOOT!

legcramps - Friday Nov 02, 2018

Weight: 0.0

When I got home from work yesterday I was just SO TIRED from not getting enough sleep the night before. So I layed down on the couch and ended up reaching for a bag of chips, eating that and then falling asleep for three hours. When I got up, I was hungry again (of course) so I had rice with leftover slow cooker chicken tacos. It was still pretty early, but I did not feel like doing any housework, so I took a bath. When I was done, I went back to the couch (I should have just gone to bed). In the hour that I sat watching tv, I ate three Mr. Freeze freezies, and two peanut butter sandwiches!

There's a lesson I keep failing to learn here -- I beat myself up when I start feeling guilty about not doing ENOUGH; not enough workouts, not eating healthy enough, not spending enough time with my family and friends, not doing enough at work, not getting enough sleep...and because i'm too exhausted and disappointed to do anything about it, I sit and eat instead, like my brain just completely shuts off and I can't deal.

And today, I STILL feel the same way. It's not just tired; it's defeated; mentally drained; unworthy. It's been a rough morning at work; i'm taking things far too personally. So I am here to give myself a time out. I will use the weekend to re-charge. It hasn't been the best couple of days, but I need to let it go rather than wallow in it!

And the point, really, is that I don't have to feel this way at all! I'm totally doing it to myself! What's the name of that book??? WASH YOUR FACE, GIRL. This is not 'the sky is falling', you are not a princess, and you have the strength to power through one more day. Heck, you probably even have the strength to make somebody else's day better, too. So maybe let's focus on that instead.

Good talk.


BearCountryGG on 11/02/2018:
YUP...it's a food fit! Been there....couldn't eat stuff fast enough. This too shall pass!

Donkey on 11/03/2018:
Oh my word, I have so been there, done that. Eating instead of going to bed. Yep. Beating yourself up afterwards does no good. Just start a new day and do better for yourself.

Donkey on 11/03/2018:
I should add that this is how I sometimes get into trouble with eating, although I'm getting better of being self-aware. I eat to fulfill some other need, whether it be thirst, sleep, or something else.

happy-1 on 11/03/2018:
Don’t beat yourself up. Give yourself a 30 second hug instead . If you aren’t doing “enough “ it’s because you aren’t taking care of yourself, so give yourself a hug and get back on track.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/05/2018:
Do not get to angry about the eating scenario you had on the couch. I have BEEN THERE and DONE THAT, exactly that. Rest is important like i was saying and i'm sure that's what you really wanted.

I have had a long-time habit, MANY MANY years, of eating instead of sleeping. I'm still working on it.

It's ok to rest and feel tired. and in the end, ii'm sure you also burned so many calories with your exercise that some of what you ate will just cover what you burned.

also, i'm loving slow cooker recipes now...and plan to continue with them all winter! it's such a breeze to throw things in a cooker and come home to dinner!

do you use the pot liners? the plastic liners so you don't clean up after, just throw the bag out? i've been using that approach.

legcramps on 11/05/2018:
I don't think i've heard of the liners! That would really save a lot of time on cleaning up afterwards!

horn_of_plenty on 11/05/2018:
they're amazing...look them up! there's NO CLEANUP, just remove the liner carefully after you remove most of whats in it, and then take the liner out, getting more of the food out on your dish...tray..bowl...and throw the bag out.

simply wipe the moisture on the slow cooker...and it's clean!

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