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legcramps - Tuesday Feb 09, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Yesterday was around 1,000 calories.  I got lazy after work and instead of making myself something to eat, I just went to the grocery store and picked up a sandwich.  It was made with cheese bread too, so my supper was not the healthiest it could have been.  I gotta watch this bread kick!

After the meeting last night, gym buddy and I went to the gym.  I walked for 10 minutes on the treadmill, then did a run/walk combo for 50 minutes, totalling one hour.  I ran for a total of 34 minutes.  That's darn good, if you ask me!  That's like a mugger is chasing me and it's not a dream and I need to get away quick, darn good.  I visualized the end of the 5k race actually.  Each time I had to run, I pretended people were cheering me on from the sidelines.  It's funny how my mind seems to unravel the more I run, kinda crazy-like.  But to be honest, I WAS having trouble concentrating on anything except finishing that run.  I started off running 4 minutes, then I would walk 2 minutes.  I did that right to the end, but it was heavy.  Not weak.  Heavy.  Hard.

This morning I did Day 7 of the Shred.  All good.  I have three more workouts to master the art of the push-up, and then i'll be ready to move onto level 2.  That is now the only thing I can't do.  I once hated bicycle crunches, but now find the challenge quite enjoyable.  Who would have thunk?

I had more to say, lots of funny and endearing comments to make.  I swear, I dreamt about it and had my next entry written out perfectly.  This... is not it.  I wish I could remember it, I betcha it'd be pretty funny.  It probably wouldn't make any sense at all.  Oh, maybe this IS it, then.

biscottibody59 on 02/09/2010:
Sounds like a good day--bread and all:-)

Have a good one!

glycrina on 02/09/2010:
You are only eating 1000 calories?

4everhopeful on 02/09/2010:
I admire you; I can walk for miles but could not run if my life depended on it :) you go girl!

chidogs on 02/09/2010:
Sounds like you are doing a fantastic job!

nita51 on 02/09/2010:
Hey, Hows it going? Thank you for your encouragement, Great roll model for me,,, your walking and low calorie meals, are great examples, for us all. Enjoy your Day.

balloonlady on 02/09/2010:
bread is so hard to give up///

KathyBlue on 02/09/2010:
I cheer you from here! :)

bez15 on 02/09/2010:
Oh I love bicycle crunches!! I HATE butt kicks and jumping rope. Ugghhh tough. You're doing great lately!! Keep up the great work!

legcramps - Monday Feb 08, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Hi!  I'm doing great today, and I believe I can thank the garlic bread for that.  Seriously!  I *almost* feel like running down the hallways clicking my heels together and singing loudly!  We'll see if it lasts until the end of the day, but so far I have enormous piles of energy just waiting to be used up!

Please don't picture me running down hallways clicking my heels together and singing.  I just did, and I don't think I like that picture.  LOL.

I ended yesterday with 1,300 calories which is pretty good considering I went out for supper.  And I did the Shred workout that day, too.

Day #6 of the Shred was this morning.  I continued my goals of following the higher impact workout more often than the regular routine.  It was another successful workout, but i'm starting to get pretty tired of getting up in the morning!  Part of the whole 'suck it up' thing, I guess.

I might go to the gym tonight, but also have an evening meeting so will see how much time I have.  If I don't go to the gym, maybe i'll throw in a different workout DVD instead.

grumpy on 02/08/2010:
hahaha, yea, when you go out you need to use only maybe 5% of those moves. hahahaha. most classes are some sort of hip hop, they have some latin jazz, salsa, belly dancing, disco, 80s etc. I like the hip hops better, you break more of a sweat too.

hollybelle on 02/08/2010:
I'm excited - I should have my dvds this week. I am not feeling well so I might just watch them and see what they are all about at first so that I will be prepared when I actually go to do them. But hopefully I'll be better soon. Your SHRED one really got my attention. I got a stretch one, and I might be able to do that one. As far as the "whole suck it up thing" goes - well, I think there are choices we make and you are making good ones. On one hand we'd like to stay in bed, on the other we'd like to be in shape, which one do we want more? Maybe I'll do my workouts in the morning when I get in the "mode" and you won't feel like you are "alone, even though I'll be in KY - LOL!! We'll see.

MoodyMe on 02/08/2010:
Your entries always make me laugh~=)

I gave up getting up early for a workout long ago~I was setting myself up for failure by doing that..so I truly admire anyone who can climb out of bed and get moving~WTG!!

bez15 on 02/08/2010:
I'm glad you're sticking with the Shred. I'm planning on getting up early before my internship tomorrow and doing it. It does suck giving up extra sleep but oh well. If this helps shed pounds I'll be thrilled!

I'm also happy that you're doing so great lately! Great job!

balloonlady on 02/08/2010:
Sounds like I need to get some Garlic Bread : )

selina on 02/09/2010:
I'd never guess - garlic bread! Have a great day!

legcramps - Sunday Feb 07, 2010

Weight: 0.0

I missed doing the Shred workout yesterday.  On friday I fell asleep after having something to eat (1,000 calories), and slept until Saturday morning.  My Dad came to visit yesterday, so I was kept busy cleaning up and getting ready for the visit.  We went out for lunch and I had a denver sandwich on whole wheat, with fries.  Once he left, I just bummed around and ate more (1,600 calories), and went to bed early!  I really must have needed some sleep.  When I got up this morning I felt pretty blah, like I just wanted to keep sleeping or something.

I just finished my 5th day of Shredding.  I will have to retract my statement about going after Jillian Micheals' hide.  Today I was even able to incorporate some of Natalie's moves! (Natalie does the higher impact workout), especially with the cardio parts.  I hope this means that by workout 10 I might feel the need to move onto level 2.  Haha - probably not.  I'm watching level 2's workout right now.  I'm laughing out loud.  Maybe i'd better move onto this level as soon as possible, since I don't imagine i'll EVER master some of those moves they're doing!  I'll be stuck on level 2 for months, i'm sure.

I'm going out for supper tonight with a few friends for an early birthday supper (my birthday is in a few days), and plan on having the small chicken caesar salad.  It comes with garlic bread.  This, my friends, is what i'm looking forward to!  YES!  More bread this weekend than in the last two weeks put together!  Oy!

geevee on 02/07/2010:
There is NOTHING better than good bread! Enjoy it! It's your birthday.

MoodyMe on 02/07/2010:
I LOVE chicken caeser salad and garlic bread!! YUM!!

I'm doing the Shred too~Today was day 2..I'm thinking I'll do it for a month, then move up to level 2..Unless by some miracle, I actually start to find Level 1 too easy..we'll see!

Hope you enjoy your evening!!

chidogs on 02/08/2010:
Mmmm, yeah bread of any kind just about is a major weakness of mine, more than sweet stuff! Enjoy!

legcramps - Friday Feb 05, 2010

Weight: 0.0

The days are starting to blur into each other.  I'm exhausted when I go to bed, and i'm exhausted when I wake up.  Don't get me wrong, I like the feeling of losing inches and pounds due to all this working out, and i'm in a great mood during *most* of the day and have lots of energy in the mornings, but... ok, wait.  I lost my train of thought.  What was I saying?

I'm too sore from Shredding to shovel the walkway for my Dad when he visits tomorrow, so i've let him know that it's dangerously icy and to be careful when he's walking up it.  My arms are killing me - I can't do the dishes.  Well, I can and I did do the dishes, but not all of them.  It's a slow process due to not being able to lift my arms higher than my waist.  I think of something to do, then forget it 5 minutes later.  Is it burnout?  And am I at a point where I am too exhausted to realize it?

Yesterday was 1,500 calories!  Thank you, mocha!  Your extra-largeness added 450 calories to my day!  And you were good, too!  I haven't had one of your kind for a while!

I didn't go to the gym last night.  My new computer was delivered yesterday, and so instead I spent the evening getting it set up.  Later on I had some friends over to watch Charmed.  I think I actually fell asleep quickly, but I sure did not want to get up this morning at 6am.  I slept in for half an hour, then dragged myself out of bed.

The Shred workout was a little easier this morning.  I even used my weights and did all the exercises without cheating!  I felt horrible towards the end of the workout, like I really wanted to lose my cookies, but I finished and Day 4 is done!  Two more days to The Reckoning (a.k.a the day I go after Jillian if the workout hasn't gotten a LOT easier by then).

glycrina on 02/05/2010:
are you getting enough calories from the right foods? that may be causing exhaustion. I am not a doctor though . . .

still_too_heavy on 02/05/2010:
I hear alot of talk about the Jillian video, must be a great workout! Todays a new day!! and soon we will be starting a new week! Let's blame the sleepiness on the cold weather!

hollybelle on 02/05/2010:
Don't stop now! The pain will lessen. Too funny in a way - arms too sore to do dishes, could be good thing. Keep up the good shredding! Your body will adjust. I never get sore but that's a sign I'm not working hard enough!!!

biscottibody59 on 02/05/2010:
RYC: Doing the workout at night--I ended up doing it rather late last night. I just don't want to make a habit of it. I like to try to wind down just before bedtime.

Hope you get to recover from the shred! Oh, let us know how you like the new computer--sounds like fun!

Have a good one!

panda22 on 02/05/2010:
I feel the burnout sometimes too...I actually think that's what led to my binge session yesterday...not getting enough calories...and just feeling exhausted from the diet and exercise. I agree with glycrina, maybe your calories aren't high enough for the amount of activity that you've been doing. Sounds like your total was only around 1,000 without that mocha, so that may have contributed to the tired feeling. Hope the Shred gets better for you! Sounds like you are making progress adding the weights and not "cheating" on the moves! Keep it up!!! Have a good weekend =)

legcramps - Thursday Feb 04, 2010

Weight: 0.0

I was so tired yesterday.  I hardly ate anything and this morning everything just hurts!

When I got home from work yesterday, all I wanted to do was lay on the couch until it was time to go to the gym.  I had a bowl of rice and 1/2 cup peas, then lay down, staring at the wall for an hour.  I got to the gym, sleepy-eyed and miserable.  43 minutes on the treadmill, 12 of that running.  I felt better after that, so I ran a few errands then had coffee with a friend.  I practically fell into bed last night; unfortunately I couldn't get myself wound down quickly enough and didn't actually fall asleep until well after midnight.

This morning the alarm blared in my ears at 6am.  I seriously considered staying in bed and just telling you all that I gave up on the darn workout DVD.  Then I thought I should take a day off from it.  Then I thought 'if I really want to go after Jillian Micheals' hide after day 6, i'd better just suck it up'.  So that's what I did.  I have to say though, I didn't use any weights today.  It was bad enough having to move the coffee table so I could stand in front of the tv.  No way was I bending down to fill some water bottles up.  I thought of the canned peas in the cupboard, but got lazy and didn't bother with them either.  I also cheated with the skip-rope parts and the jumping jacks.  Basically, I skewed the entire workout to resemble this:  shuffle, shuffle, fall down on the floor and try to do a curl up; try to get up off the floor; lay on the floor an extra second; try to get up again; shuffle, shuffle, fall down on the floor.  It was weak, ladies.  Weak.

I am sitting at my desk dreading the moment when i'll have to stand up to do something.

Gym tonight.  Gym buddy must be torturing me for something I did that I haven't realized yet.

still_too_heavy on 02/04/2010:
Ah, You poor thing.. but we all need a day off from time to time. Hang in there.. Today, at the gym, kick some major butt. Work out extra hard! You can do it!! Just stay focused!!!

grumpy on 02/04/2010:
hahaha, it was yum and i had them put very little cheese, and not a lot of rice and beans either. so it wasnt as bad but still a huge lunch which will make me have to have a very light dinner :)

still_too_heavy on 02/04/2010:
Thank you for commenting on my situation. Your words mean alot to me. I will confront him (although, i dont want to). I know it needs to be done. so thank you for putting things into perspective for me. you are right. i am growing and realizing what i need in my life to survive.

geevee on 02/04/2010:
About hummus. I love it so much, I could simply eat it by the spoonsful. Usually I smear it on toast. I also like to tear off pieces of pita and use them to scoop up the hummus like you do with potato chips and dip. Last night I coated a wrap with it and then added salad fixins.

There's no cooking involved. Just take off the top of the container and dig in!

KathyBlue on 02/05/2010:
ehehe, next time it will be better ... :D it comes with practice!

balloonlady on 02/05/2010:
Sounds like you need a down day, get a massage or something you enjoy..

legcramps - Wednesday Feb 03, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Well, I got up this morning.  Alarm went off at 6am, I lay there for 45 minutes trying to think of a good enough excuse to stay in bed.  When I couldn't think of one, I got up and shuffled to the living room to turn on the Shred DVD. 

20 minutes later, I sit on the couch breathing heavily, mildly surprised.  Mildly, mind you.  Remember that it's about 7 in the morning - full emotion doesn't kick in until at least 9.  I got through it all without having to stop the video.  Of course, I stepped it down a notch and followed the girl that was doing the alternate moves for less impact.  And sometimes when Jillian counted down from 4, I stopped when she reached 2.  Whatever, I got through it.  Day 2.

When she says the day 6 and 7'ers will be noticing a huge difference, she better be right.  I'll take it out of 'er hide if there isn't a huge difference by that time!

1,000 calories yesterday.  I even ate some cashews, but skipped a later evening bowl of rice because I wasn't hungry.

Gym tonight.  My legs are wobbly right now, so i'm hoping they will work once I get on the treadmill.  If not, that's okay, i'll just walk.

bez15 on 02/03/2010:
Lol we'll hunt her down together if this doesn't work for us... I'm procrastinating Shredding right this very moment.. haha.

hollybelle on 02/03/2010:
Is the video Shred-as in shredding papers? or Shed - as in shedding pounds? I'm confused. Sounds hard and fun - I'll have to check it out on line! That's put a answer to my question.......curiosity, your know - keep up the good work - I want to know how day 6-7 is !! nowwti

panda22 on 02/03/2010:
HAHAHA man Jillian might have a whole brigade after her in no time! Well today was my 14th day of "Shredding" and I am still sticking to Level 1. Reason being, I have TRIED Level 2 once....and it incorporates "Plank" ((very hard push up position)) exercises...which are still a little difficult for me. I also feel like Level 1 is a very good workout....Bicycle crunches STILL suck...but it gets us sweating in 20 minutes, so it's great! My personal plan is to continue Level 1 for 30 days..then progress to Level 2. I actually have the Biggest Loser Power Sculpt DVD, and it has a basic Plank exercise in it...so I have been doing that to help me get ready for Level 2 HAHA. Stick with it, you really DO get results, I have toned up a LOT since I started. It works!

biscottibody59 on 02/03/2010:
Good for you! And you got it over with--early--of course you could always do it again later on:-) Have a great afternoon!

chidogs on 02/03/2010:
Thanks for the kind suggestions. I will certainly keep looking for things that I can do, and that will not bore me to tears. It is nice that at least I can vent here to people who understand the problems we all face! Thanks again.

balloonlady on 02/03/2010:
doing good... but 7 is really early... I cound'nt do it...

nita51 on 02/03/2010:
Thanks for caring. Yay on your workouts! and Yay for passing up the rice. You are doing a marvelous job. I loved then you said "full emotions doesn't kick in til 9" :) How true. Have a fantastic Thursday Hey! the weekends almost here again. Hugs!

legcramps - Tuesday Feb 02, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Ok.  O. M. G.

So I got my Shred DVD today.  I don't know if I even need to say anymore than that, i'm sure bez15 and panda22 know exactly how i'm feeling right now.  I just had to log on to let you all know I tried it out.  Just finished level 1, like, two minutes ago.  I can hardly breathe.  I had to stop the DVD twice to catch my breath.  Seriously.  TWICE.  That really kicked my butt.  It makes me wonder if i'll get up in the morning to do it again.


So I added up my calories on Sunday - 2,200.  Actually, to be honest, that's not as bad as it could have been.  I know I can eat so much more than that when i'm on a mission.

Yesterday 1,000 calories.  For the life of me, on these low cal days I don't know how to get them higher besides eating more later on in the evening.  Should I add another granola bar, in the morning maybe?  I really can't add anything to my meals - they are filling enough already.  Maybe I should try to find some smoothies and I can take them to work with me in the mornings.  Only problem - that will surely cut down on my daily water intake.  It's a dilemma, for sure :>)

I went to the gym last night and treadmilled for 47 minutes, running 10 minutes out of that total.  This time, I felt great, but forced myself to slow down.  We'll see how i'm doing by the end of the week (I like to burn myself out Mondays and Tuesdays... then have nothing left for the rest of the week).  I only ran 1 minute after walking 5, then at minute 45 I ran for 2 minutes.  Next time (tomorrow hopefully), I will do the same, except will start running at minute 40 and not stop until I hit 3 miles.  Oh, you really don't care about the details, do you?!!  Sorry, it's the number-cruncher coming out in me.

Today i'm hoping to get some more shovelling done, maybe take dog for a walk, and tidy the house.  My Dad and his wife are visiting this weekend, so I want to make a nice healthy diabetic lunch for us all (my Dad is diabetic).  Off I go to investigate some slow cooker recipes!  Have a great day all!

KathyBlue on 02/02/2010:
Add some fruits! For example apples, banana or whole wheat cookies maybe... :)

bez15 on 02/02/2010:
Sounds like your gym workouts are going well! That's weird how you can eat 2200 calories one day and just 1000 the next and feel full. Sounds like you need a balance between the two. But you're doing good!!

hollybelle on 02/02/2010:
Ahhhh, sometimes you just gotta add up those claories and accept them and move on, don't ya? I don't think 2200 is all that bad either. Then you have low cal days. I think that is how it's supposed to be. keeps your body confused enough to keep burning calories. Good exercise, too - Number crunching - LLOL!! I do that, too. I am a "score keeper" if you know what I mean - I have to watch that! It can build confidence, or tear it down if I get too hung up on the numbers. Keep up the good work.

panda22 on 02/02/2010:
Great exercise! I tend to number crunch a lot too, hard not to get wrapped up in them sometimes! Keep it up, you're doing fantastic =) Hope you find a nice recipe!

biscottibody59 on 02/02/2010:
Still a good day all things considered! Keep up the good work!

loveray on 02/02/2010:
a good, healthy way to add some calories is a handful of nuts. not too filling and very good for your heart. try a 1/4 or almonds, cashews or walnuts and you will be almost 200 cals more on your way!!

loveray on 02/02/2010:
ps- SOOO excited about the remainder of winter- NOT!

balloonlady on 02/02/2010:
looks good...My brother is diabetic and I help him with his diet. After realizing I eat more like a diabetic than him and his stoke last week we are having food and cooking lessons...Let me know any tips you might have...

bez15 on 02/02/2010:
Hahahaha I love you update about Shred. Don't give up on it though!! Stretch those calves!! Trust me on that one. I just did the DVD a second time tonight. And it was definitely eaiser, not much, but easier. You might have to take a day of rest tomorrow. But more power to ya if you can do it again tomorrow! Good luck!

selina on 02/03/2010:
You gave me the incentive to start running again, I mean, incorporate running in my walks. have a great day!

legcramps - Monday Feb 01, 2010

Weight: 0.0

I managed to make it to the gym on Thursday, but didn't really do much.  All the treadmills were taken when we got there, so I went on the recumbant bike until a treadmill freed up - 9 minutes, about 1.5 miles.  Gosh, were my legs sore!  When I got on the treadmill, my legs were feeling quite rubbery and I was already sweating like a banshee...do banshee's sweat?  21 minutes, 3 running, 1.5 miles.  I tried to continue on the treadmill, but found myself unable to.  That's ok.  About 1,000 calories Thursday.

Friday - 1,300 calories.  I had the day off work, so dog and I went for a quick walk down some back alleys (I didn't have her leashed), then I shovelled - totalled about an hour.  I cleaned house a bit, too.  Other than that, I went for supper to a friend's and we watched some Charmed episodes.  Good day.

Saturday - 1,300 calories.  I did nothing for exercise Saturday, but did really well with my diet and even managed to make that cream of broccoli soup i'd been wanting to.  I used skim milk and whole wheat flour and it didn't turn out as well as I wanted, but it's edible so i'll probably finish it off this week.

Sunday - I didn't add up these calories yet, but it'll be high.  I took dog for a walk, about 40 minutes, then sat on the couch and watched tv almost all day and evening.  During one of my non-tv watching moments, I drove uptown and almost ran over a stray dog.  When I pulled over due to the non-rhythmic beating of my heart, the dog came right up to me and wouldn't go away, so I picked it up and took it home.  It stayed overnight in the garage and this morning the catcher came and picked it up.

All in all, it was a good weekend.  I still haven't received my Shred DVD; hopefully today I can pick it up.  The plan is to go to the gym tonight.  I feel blah from all the eating I did yesterday, but hopefully I will be able to work some of it off tonight.  Good day to all!

panda22 on 02/01/2010:
Sounds like you had a nice healthy weekend! You are doing well getting to the gym and walking! Hope your Shred comes in soooooooon =) Make sure you have some hand weights...I recommend 3 pound as there are some compound exercises with legs and arms that they do. Have a great Monday and have a good workout later!

i_believe on 02/01/2010:
You are doing SOOOO awesome :)))

greengirl on 02/01/2010:
Sounds like you had a good few days, on the whole. Well done :0)

nita51 on 02/02/2010:
Great total calories, each of those days. Keep up the good works.

legcramps - Thursday Jan 28, 2010

Weight: 0.0

I went to bed a little earlier last night in an attempt to ensure I would wake up early enough in the morning to start a workout routine.

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I thought to myself was "wow, what a great sleep".  It felt like I had actually SLEPT, and the alarm hadn't even gone off yet!  Before I turned over to sleep some more before the alarm sounded, I had my second thought of the day "I will definitely be able to get up and do a workout this morning, for sure".

When I woke up again and the alarm STILL hadn't gone off, I started to worry.  I rolled over and checked the time... 7:45!!!!  OMG.  I have to be at work at 8:00!  What the hell?!  When I checked the volume, I realized my mistake... I had switched it to 'beep' instead of full-on 'alarm'.

Moral of the story... wake up before you go to sleep and make sure your alarm is set properly.  No wonder I feel so bloody rested.  A positive is that I actually made it to work on time.  I have no idea how.  It's about 11am here, and I don't think i've completely woken up yet.


Yesterday was better for calories, just over 1,000.  I think I am eating too much rice; I want to hit the grocery stores today and pick up the ingredients for cream of broccoli soup - after watching all those broccoli commercials (you know which ones i'm taking about? with that funny, NOT funny guy in them?) I feel the need to start including it in my meals.

Went to the gym as well.  47 minutes on the treadmill, 6 running, 3 miles.  My legs were sore after 2 minutes of running, so I took it easy.  They're really sore today, but i'm going to the gym after work anyways.  I'll just walk.  Maybe.

KathyBlue on 01/28/2010:
:-) What a story. Never happens to me, I'm normally overstressed so I check the alarm 5 times, etc... I'm going to do tennis 3 times a week, hopefully from 7AM so I'll have to wake up at 6AM... Normally I wake up at 7H45 :)

balloonlady on 01/28/2010:
Man I have done that so many times.... I hate alarms, My legs hurt after running on treadmills I switched to the elipitcals. Lower impact and more cals burned.. your doing great...stay motivated.

mcwoo40 on 01/28/2010:
Many thanks for your comments you have been leaving me your a great support,Jules

glycrina on 01/28/2010:
re:better than double chin girl LOL! anyway, I work out in the mornings and it was really rough when I first started to get out of bed. Then I got a dog and he wakes me -- but don't get a dog for that reason. The thing that makes it easier for me is having my work out ready for the morning that way, I can just get up and put my work out clothes on -- one step at a time.

glycrina on 01/28/2010:
but you got your workout in so it sounds like you already have a routine.

nita51 on 01/28/2010:
Doesn't it feel good when your body gets the rest it needs? Glad you made it to work on time. You are so faithful with your work-outs. You give us all inspiration. Have Yourself A Great Friday!

biscottibody59 on 01/29/2010:
Alarms schmalarms--I hate 'em!

Have a good day and keep up the good work(outs) LC!

legcramps - Wednesday Jan 27, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Whoop!  Finally made it to the gym last night!

My calories sucked, though.  I never even made it to 1,000.  I wonder if i'm just not adding them up right.  I think I will have to start measuring everything out, at least the rice I eat.  Maybe i'm eating way more than I think I am?  I enter everything into FitDay, but maybe i'm going too easy on the portion sizes.  Anyways, I was definitely full yesterday and didn't feel like I needed to eat more.  I also drank lots and lots of water yesterday.

I was on the treadmill at the gym for 45 minutes, 11 of that running.  I swore that i'd stay on that thing until I reached 3 miles, and I did.  From now on, no matter if I have to walk for hours on end, everytime I get on that treadmill i'm going to go 3 miles.  If I want workouts to pass quickly, I guess i'll just have to run.

I purchased the 30 Day Shred DVD and will start that probably next week, in the mornings.  So, this morning I tried getting up earlier in order to get into the habit of getting out of bed when the alarm goes off.  I was even going to workout to a pilates DVD I bought years ago, just to start getting into the routine.  You know I love routine, right?  When it changes, it's hard for me to adjust right away.  When i'm forced into it, it's much easier to adjust :)  Anyways, it didn't happen.  I pressed the snooze button something like 35 times and before I knew it, it was time to get dressed for work.  So much for today, but I will try again tomorrow!

I am so glad I remembered to bring an extra sweater to work with me.  I am currently the only one working today so the office is pretty empty except for me.  Without extra bodies moving around and warming the place up, it's pretty cool in here.  Well, I guess i'll drink my coffee - that should warm me up a bit!!

hollybelle on 01/27/2010:
Thanks for bringing a smile to my face. Picture me doing the dance - I think I'll call it the "Skinni(er) Butt Dance"! I am doing pretty well, I'm just skeptical by nauture ! LOL!

bez15 on 01/27/2010:
I just bought the 30 Day Shred DVD too! My plan is trying it out tomorrow morning. Let's hope it works miracles for us :)

nita51 on 01/28/2010:
Have a great Thursday.

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