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legcramps - Friday May 06, 2011

Weight: 164.0

Well, heck. I weighed myself this morning and it shows that i'm 166 pounds - what?!! I'm going to just let that go and see what next week brings - I feel like i've been doing really well this week but more probable is i'm overlooking something that makes up the two pound weight gain. I'm in a great mood to just power on, so that's what i'm going to do.

A little hectic at work today; I must say, i'm ready for it to be 4pm so that I can get home and zone out. I grilled chicken tenders on the bbq last night for dinner and have some leftover so I won't even have to plan and cook dinner tonight - whew! That'll help with the whole "feeling wiped out" thing i've got going on. I have to do some grocery shopping but I think i'll save that job for tomorrow.

My cousin, who i've been close with my entire life, just graduated from a business course, built a new home with her hubby and their family, and has gone through many, many misfortunes and obstacles in her life. I was so upset to learn that we wouldn't be able to make the drive to celebrate her graduation with her that I decided I must send her a congrats package through the mail. I included a card, candle and some other kitchen items for her new home. She just received it yesterday and sent me a message telling me how wonderful it was to get it. It was so worth the $8 it cost to send it to know that it means the world to her. Must do this more often ;) In the spirit of giving, I also sent a Mother's Day card in the mail to my Dad's wife. They are recently separated and I thought it would be a nice gesture to show her that she is still wanted and welcome in my life. Feels good.

My walk to work this morning was uneventful. I feel some blisters forming on my ankles...

Foam rolled and did my ab routine last night. The crunches are getting easier, thank goodness, but the foam rolling still hurts! But oh, so good once it's been done!

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 05/06/2011:
Girl, I hear ya about the unexplained weight gain. Im doing everything I can to figure it out - upping my calories didnt seem to help so it must have to do with either water retention in my muscles or not doing enough cardio. Im not going to let the scale rule my life. Im just to keep doing my best and hope my efforts will show up on the scale soon!

I hope the blisters heal quickly!!

hollybelle on 05/06/2011:
Great attitude to just ignore what the scales says. If you've done OK then a loss is bound to show up soon. There are so many things that can make us retain water or weigh more at any given moment.....good for you - powering on. I liked reading about your expressions of love and goodwill this week. You are wise to plan more of those type of activities in the coming weeks. We can make a difference in someone's life with so little effort, sometimes......it's a shame to deny ourselves the pleasure of doing it.:o)

moogy on 05/06/2011:
Random acts of kindness are some of the most wonderful things we can do in our life. Your friend obviously loved your gift and I am sure that your dad's wife will appreciate it that you thought of her. Look after those blisters sweetie. It sounds as if you are working hard at your exercise routine and seeing success, so yay! for that.:)

YellowDress on 05/07/2011:
Reading yours gave me an idea. I always send an sms to my father's wife on mother's day but today i decided to send her a small gift!Don't worry about this week,i'm same this week but it forced me to exercise 40 minutes exercise everyday! Thanks for your comment and have a good day!

legcramps - Thursday May 05, 2011

Weight: 164.0

I attempted to walk home from work yesterday but only got halfway when my Dad drove by and picked me up for lunch. We had a great visit - they always end with stories of "back in the day" and all things extraterrestrial ;-) (he's a fan of things unknown). We are planning some road trips in the summer to see some sites where there has been ghostly or otherworldly happenings. Should be fun!

I took a nap after he left and enjoyed that immensely and then had a snack of fro-yo after dinner and called it a night. I didn't wake up until 6:30am this morning, so I must've really needed some sleep. I walked to work again this morning but I really didn't want to. My legs are feeling wiped and my neck is starting to hurt from having to carry my work bag with me. It looks like i'll be foam rolling tonight!

So I delved into the book my Dad brought me yesterday "Eat Right 4 Your Type" and a few things ring true for me: 1) digestive issues, 2) thyroid issues, 3) importance of exercise. Over the next month or so, i'll be working towards following the diet that's recommended for my blood type. I hope to see some improvement, but as should be with most diets i'm not going to expect too much. I'll give updates from time to time and let you know if I think it's working for me.

It's cold and windy today, even though the sun is shining. I'd rather be cuddled with Dog in the blankets than here at work, but that's just my lazy side talking ;-) Hope you all have a wonderful day today!

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

lifestylechange on 05/05/2011:
So happy you were able to get some one on one time with you Dad....so priceless! :)

~Moody~ on 05/05/2011:
Sounds like you had fun with your Dad~The roadtrips you're planning this summer sound great~I love spooky things!

Keep us posted about the book/diet~Sounds interesting!

V on 05/05/2011:
Sounds like you have fun fun fun with your dad :) I am a fan of the unknown, as well!!!

moogy on 05/05/2011:
Glad that you might be getting some insight into your dietary needs. Your dad sounds like a scream and even better you join in with the craziness. Wonderful!!

legcramps - Wednesday May 04, 2011

Weight: 164.0

So apparently I like to do things that i've already said I shouldn't do...

Yesterday I spoke about wanting to go for a run, but deciding not to because I didn't want to "over-do" it and be wiped at work. This morning I was up bright and early with the birds at 5:30am. I had tons of time to slowly get myself out of bed and changed into workout clothes. By the time my brain woke up and started to think, I was already out the door and absolutely ITCHING to run. I made it a respectable two miles. I think it takes me the whole first mile (if not more) just to warm up, because in the beginning I was really hurting and not having much fun but by the end, things were flowing smoothly and I was in the groove. Dog came with me and she even caught the groove bug towards the end of the run - she knew exactly how to run beside me and kept looking over at me to make sure I was still going in the same direction ;-) we had it going on, people.

In all of that time, I didn't take note of the weather. I knew it was a bit windy, but I was totally involved in running and didn't notice how cold it actually was. When I got home, I jumped in the shower and "ouched" and "ooched" my way through scrubbing down (cold skin + loofah = scary shower scene) and once again warm and cozy started getting ready for work. I did a quick ab routine and put on my compression socks, and decided to attempt the walk to work. I dressed much more warmly than for my run, and I pushed through the wind and the cold (I think it may have been trying to rain) all the way to work. I have to say, it wasn't much fun. And now I get to look forward to the walk home! But the positive is that my Dad will be waiting for me and we're going to hit the town for some lunch. I'm going to get something warm to eat.

So during my standard web surfing episode yesterday I came to the conclusion that a lot of my stomach issues could be because of my blood type. My Dad has a book "Eating Right For Your Type" that i've asked him to bring for me to read. It might be a total hoax, but i'm guessing it just might give me some insight into what types of foods I should be eating. It gives you examples of a healthy diet based on your blood type. My type also suggests that I need lots of exercise to keep me happy :-) That is probably very true!

Have a great day everyone!

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

~Moody~ on 05/04/2011:
I always admire people that are able to get out of a nice warm bed at the crack of dawn to exercise!! Great run today~and I think it's so cool that Dog goes with you!

Hope you had fun with Dad~Wishing you a great day!

V on 05/04/2011:
Great job!!! Wooohoo! Thank you for your kind and wonderful comments :)

moogy on 05/04/2011:
I could just picure you running and your dog looking up at you, making sure you were working as a team. Gotta love those dogs!!! Good for you and your running, through rain, and snow, wind and sun - she runs!!!!

legcramps - Tuesday May 03, 2011

Weight: 164.0

Doing well! Just a quick check-in because there isn't much to say today.

I walked to work again this morning; I was actually thinking about going for a run but I still can't get my car out of the garage and I didn't want to totally exhaust myself by 8am ;) so I decided not to.

Last night I did some stretching, some foam rolling, and my ab routine, and slept in my compression socks again. Boy, that really makes a difference, I felt fine this morning on my walk. All this foam rolling takes some getting used to though; I haven't done so many rolling planks in my life! But it sure does the trick, so i'm not complaining.

A full day today and then a half day tomorrow at work; my Dad is coming down to help me build a trellace for the garden (well, trellace-ish; more like chicken wire) so hopefully it will be warm and sunny for us tomorrow afternoon. The snow is almost gone, thank goodness.

Happy Tuesday!

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 05/03/2011:
I can't believe you got snow this week!! We think the RAIN is bad! When you say foam rolling - are you doing that for your shins? I use one on my back. It hurts like $#!+ but it helps in the long run.

~Moody~ on 05/03/2011:
Glad to hear things are going well!

V on 05/03/2011:
Great job Girlie!! Hey I posted a pic for you ;)

legcramps - Monday May 02, 2011

Weight: 164.0

Back to the darn grind

My little town got a blast of a snowstorm on Saturday morning. I was supposed to go to a cousin's graduation out of town, but there was no way that was going to happen. So I spent the day doing nothing instead. Well, first of all I fixed my sump pump because it stopped working, and then I cleaned up water from the basement, and then I did nothing.

You know how when the weather changes abruptly and there is suddenly no sun where there used to be sun and you start to feel all disoriented and depressed? That's exactly why I did nothing on Saturday with regard to exercise or house chores. What did I do? I went out and drank beer. Lots of it. Canadian beer, hear me? My head was pounding when I woke up on Sunday morning . Saw a guy at the bar who kept looking over at our table (duh, the table was filled with nothing but women) but then we had some major drama and I forgot all about him in my haste to get the heck outta there. Guess it wasn't meant to be

I managed to get some laundry done and the dishes washed on Sunday, and I even went out for coffee with a friend - which included a 20 minute walk - in the afternoon.

My back alley is a frightening pit of quicksand right now, so I had no choice but to walk to work this morning. Thank goodness, because I think I would have driven if I had the choice. I hope to walk for the rest of the week, but maybe Friday I will run in the morning again and drive to work. We'll see! It will be a good week!

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

~Moody~ on 05/02/2011:
Sounds like an interesting weekend! Hope you had a great Monday!

V on 05/02/2011:
Girl sometimes V flys solo out to avoid the drama...LOl Sorry you had a massive headache, these things happen from time to time ;) Love you have a wonderful healthy week ;)

legcramps - Friday Apr 29, 2011

Weight: 164.0

Thank Goodness It's Friday

So I was surfing yesterday and found a message board about compression socks and shin splints, and one of the suggestions was to sleep wearing compression socks. So I did that last night. And I woke up at 2:30am boiling hot because I had knee high socks on ;)

However... it did help.

When I rolled out of bed at 6am my calves definitely felt good. And when I dressed and headed outside in the rain for a run, they still felt good. Even when I was back inside and quite literally peeling off my pants because they were soaked right through, no shin pain! Sweet! I will have to try that again sometime.

Because I was soaked within 5 minutes of heading out for my run, I thought you might enjoy seeing what I looked like after the workout:

           What is with the picture quality?

Anyways, I lie. That might be how I looked, but this was how I felt:

Believe me, I was soakered. And very tired.                

After stuffing my runners with paper towel to help dry them out, I showered and got ready for work. I was way early because I thought I might still want to walk to work (nah.), so I decided to eat my breakfast at home for once and it was really enjoyable to actually sit down and eat a toasted bagel with a smackload of honey on it ;) This early morning thing isn't all that bad, once in a while.

All ready for work! And definitely ready for the weekend!

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 04/29/2011:
Cute pics! Neat to see what you look like. Years ago when I first began teaching aerobics I got awful shin splints. Luckily back then (the 80's!!!) we wore leotards and LEG WARMERS to work out in and I used to tape my legs lightly with ace bandages so that it would ease the shin splitts! No one was the wiser!! and eventually they eased and I didn't need them. Remember it didn't help that we didn't know any better than to do aerobics - high impact on carpet over concrete floors! So compression socks make sense.

lolla on 04/29/2011:
You are so beautiful! I am happy the socks helped you, it nice to be pain-free! Hope you keep feeling better!

moogy on 04/29/2011:
Well wet or dry you still look beautiful!! I am so glad that you found a trick that works with the compression socks. I had to laugh at hollybelle's comment about the leg warmers, she probably went to disco's as well!!!! Have a great weekend legcramps:)

~Moody~ on 04/29/2011:
Very cute pictures..you are really pretty!! You remind me of an aunt of mine, cept she has red hair, but your face is strikingly similar!!

I suffer from shin splints too..I can't run on concrete at all..I have to be careful on my treadmill too..if I increase my speed too quickly, my shins pay for it big time.

Wishing you a wonderful Friday!!

legcramps - Thursday Apr 28, 2011

Weight: 164.0

I wore my compression socks on the walk to work this morning and felt pretty good, other than my feet felt squished because the socks are pretty thick. I might try to find compression sleeves and try those out instead.

When I got home from work yesterday, I immediately ran some errands including getting water and gas in the car and groceries. By the time I got back home, it was almost 6:00 and I had a message waiting for me from a good friend who was visiting her Mom at the lake. So a friend and I drove down to visit with her; I didn't get back home until after 11:00! Now that's past my bedtime. I was quite groggy when I got up this morning ;)

My muscles are finally starting to recover from the 'bootcamp' slo-pitch practice on Friday. I am hoping that i'll be able to fit in a run tomorrow evening because the weekend is shot with attending a cousin's graduation out of town. Unless I can convince her to run with me. So I might decide to drive to work tomorrow; still need to confirm with Running Buddy on whether or not she will want to run on Friday.

The To-Do's for today: 1 hr walk; grocery shopping again; sleep ;) oh, and watch American Idol episode from last night. When will the raking get done? I don't know.

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

~Moody~ on 04/28/2011:
Sounds like a busy weekend ahead...Hope you have a great day!

moogy on 04/28/2011:
I sounds like you had a lovely evening and sometimes staying up past bedtime is worth it!! I hope your muscles hang in there for you. Have a great weekend legcramps:)

legcramps - Wednesday Apr 27, 2011

Weight: 164.0


The hour of walking I did yesterday (it's close to a half an hour walk each way to and from work) and the full day of work after so many days off really did me in. I was in bed around 8:30pm. Gosh! I noticed some shin pain during my walk home, so after dinner I rolled out my calves on a foam roller and boy did it hurt! I should have also worn my compression socks to bed, but I forgot. I threw on my old pair of runners yesterday and I think that's why my shins were hurting - today I wore my new runners and noticed less shin pain. Stick with the new runners, legcramps. Lesson learned.

Suffice to say, I did not do any raking of the yard. When I got home, I checked the mail and made idon'tknowhowmany phone calls, cooked dinner, foam rolled and then completely zoned out.

This might sound crazy, but I phoned my cable company yesterday and cancelled my cable! They're going to cut if off tomorrow morning, so I will get in one last episode of Survivor tonight. I will save around $50 a month because of it, and I really only have the tv on when I am too lazy to do anything else. I don't want to pay for an unhealthy habit. Unless we're talking about potato chips ;)

So that's a nice little addition to the budget and should help me pay for an upcoming trip to visit my brother this summer.

There is nothing going on with my love life at the moment, V ;) I am only slightly bummed about this as I had a very nice convo with my aunt last week and decided that when the time is right... well, then the time will be right! I can wait; I will practice the virtue of patience since i've never been very good at it in the past.

And that is all!  for now, anyways... 

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

moogy on 04/27/2011:
Courageous decision to turn of the cable. I would be lost without my pay TV. I hate commercials and all the smut on free to air. I do watch a lot of TV as I am basically trapped in the house until I can be diagnosed!! Great job with the walking. That will really make a difference but will take your legs and stamina a little time to catch up. Plus if it is too hot or yucky weather you will still need to drive, so you will get days of naturally. I am so proud of you and yes, patience is a virtue!!

V on 04/27/2011:
Aww Man!! I was hoping for a little somethin somethin :( Oh well soon(Ihope)....Yes MOM and SIS should be very afraid, Sarge Slaughter is coming with a vengance!!! LOl have a good one!!

~Moody~ on 04/27/2011:
Wow, cutting out cable! I would go nuts..I'm a major TV/movie person..but I totally understand saving on fundage wherever possible..espcially on something you don't use that often..

Hope you have a great day!

h82bfat on 04/30/2011:
Now that's dedication, running in the rain! I tried walking in the rain once & it didn't turn out so good.... ;c) I used to get major leg cramps, but not so much anymore & I don't know why that is becus I'm not doing anything different. Very strange. Have a great weekend!

legcramps - Tuesday Apr 26, 2011

Weight: 164.0

Back to work today :( heehee, just kidding, i'm okay with it.

Well it was a great week off, I got so much accomplished and yet still managed to visit with family more than regularly, take more walks with Dog, and get more exercise. How I wish we didn't have to work to earn a living ;)

Hard as I tried though, I couldn't dwindle the To-Do List to nothing, so this week will be a busy one while I catch up on things at work, and continue to work on the List.

The positive is that i'm going to attempt to walk to and from work every day this week. Mostly because there's no gas left in my car and I have no money to put gas into it. Actually, I do, but I am not willing to waste it on fuel if I don't have to. I'd like to save it and use it to travel to see my brother in the summer instead.

I still have to finish raking the yard, but i'm going to do a little each day and hopefully by the end of the week it'll be done. And on Friday I get to do some shopping! Of the grocery variety, that is. So this week i'll also be pouring over flyers and checking into coupons.

Well I better get back at it, this work won't do itself!

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

getmebackto150 on 04/26/2011:
walking to work will be AWESOME exercise!!! If it was anywhere near the realm of possibilities I would be all about it, but I live 20 miles from work across a major highway... BLAH... Darn suburbs! Glad you had a good week off from work!

sweetpea1977 on 04/26/2011:
Walking to and from work is an awesome idea! How long is the commute?? My situation was similar to getmeback's, though my job was also located in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Downttown ATL is downright scary at times, lol.

~Moody~ on 04/26/2011:
Lucky you that walking to work is an option! I wish I could say the same~Great way to get some exercise in and save money~

Hope you have a great day~

moogy on 04/26/2011:
I think that walking to and from work is a great idea. How far away is work? I have to say that you sound like a new person since I have returned, it is lovely to read that you are feeling so positive even with work and daily life getting in the way of you doing what you want!! Good for you:)

V on 04/26/2011:
Glad you enjoyed your staycation ;) I missed you man>>> Give me some dirt on the love life!!

biscottibody59 on 04/26/2011:
All credit to you on walking to work--we're pretty unfriendly to walkers in most places here in the US.

h82bfat on 04/27/2011:
Sounds like you're staying busy in an active, productive way, so Cudos to you! I hope you're able to walk to work! Great for the bod AND the budget!!

legcramps - Saturday Apr 23, 2011

Weight: 164.0

I managed to rake a 12 x 12 section of lawn in the front yard so far today. I'll need to allocate more time towards raking... it's apparently exhausting work.

I washed all the floors and finished up most of the laundry, washed walls and cupboards in the kitchen, window frames, vacuumed upstairs... all that's left is the yard and it's probably going to take me a lot longer than I figured. Stupid leaves.

I'm taking a break and we'll see how long I drag it out ;)

Yesterday we had ball practice for 1.5 hours, and I am soooorrrreee. This morning I went for a 40 minute run with a running buddy, and I am now even more soooorrrreee. Yes, I think a break is just the ticket.

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 04/24/2011:
Wow,what a productive day! :)

moogy on 04/25/2011:
I need to have a little rest now...........................good going and you are right, raking is exhausting but so good for the upper body. You sound like you are enjoying yourself, lovely to read!!!

h82bfat on 04/26/2011:
Wow - I don't get THAT much done in a week! No wonder you're sore!

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