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lolla - Friday May 22, 2015
(trying to figure it out...)
Weight: 184.0

Hello dear diet buddies! I am back here trying one more time to figure this out. I will never give up but this is definetly the hardest challenge in my life. It has been for most of my life now.

I am going in a 10 day challenge to try to reboot my motivation and feel better. I am doing phase one of the South Beach Diet. It always worked for me but it takes a lot of willpower to stay away from the nasty carbs.

Good luck to me and to you all!

Progress as of today: 19 lbs lost so far, only 12 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 05/23/2015:
Welcome Back, Lolla.

puddles on 05/23/2015:
Good to have you back Lolla.

grannyannie on 05/23/2015:
Welcome back and good luck.

Umpqua on 05/26/2015:
Welcome back and I hope you will stay with us.

lolla - Thursday Nov 20, 2014
(trying to figure it out...)
Weight: 185.6

Hello dear fellow diet diaristas!

I am back here, happy that I did not gain a bunch of weight, unhappy I did not lose some weight. Glad to be healthy and live in California.

I will try to write my food soon.

Good Luck to all of you!!!

Progress as of today: 17.4 lbs lost so far, only 13.6 lbs to go!

Jezebel on 11/21/2014:
Love the picture(s).

lolla - Tuesday May 27, 2014
(trying to figure it out...)
Weight: 182.6

Hello you all.

I've been on and off the wagon, sometimes I cannot even locate the darn wagon.

Back again.

I realized I am a dysfunctional eater. My eating is always alternating between moments of eating what I really want and feeling guilty or eating what I should and feeling deprived. Hoping one day when I am done losing the extra weight I can finally reach some sort of normalcy where eating will be back in its place, just a means of nutrition.

Wishing you all good luck and joyful moments while we fight the fight!


Progress as of today: 20.4 lbs lost so far, only 10.6 lbs to go!

SkinInTheGame on 05/27/2014:
Hello Lolla,

Great picture! Don't ever feel guilty - enjoy eating and if you eat more than you want or not the "right foods", don't beat yourself up - who doesn't do this?? Tomorrow is another day! Enjoy the challenge!

lolla - Wednesday Apr 02, 2014
(trying to figure it out...)
Weight: 179.6

I am hanging in there! I finally reached the 170's which is a huge acomplishment since it's been so very hard to lose anything. I must be very patient with the new speed of weight loss due probably to me not being 30 anymore as doctors looove to tell me.

hope you all have a great day.

Progress as of today: 23.4 lbs lost so far, only 7.6 lbs to go!

nosetwitch on 04/03/2014:

lolla - Friday Mar 21, 2014
(trying to figure it out...)
Weight: 182.6

What a beautiful world out there! .. and here I am in this box of a Library with not one soul to hear me. Middle School Libraries are like cemeteries of ideas, I am these dead books' keeper.

I sound Sour hum? Yes, I woke up and weighed myself and got very upset, I resisted so many tempatations in the last 7 days, I made the very best choices I could and still the scale didn't give me a decimal of change. Stupid scale. STUCK, totally miserably stuck I am. Luckly my anger has not turned against me yet, I am still  going to have tomato salad for lunch, with basil and eggs. I WIIL NOT GIVE UP!!!! I can tell this is the decisive moment, like that team that is losing but still hangs in there, blind to the fact that they are losing and keeps going. May the force be with me and all of you out there in your own persional battles.


Progress as of today: 20.4 lbs lost so far, only 10.6 lbs to go!

nosetwitch on 03/24/2014:
I hate when the scale doesn't reflect hard work. Good luck today!

lolla - Wednesday Mar 19, 2014
(trying to figure it out...)
Weight: 185.4

Checking in, I was able to see a 182.6 on Sunday but then my daughter's birthday happened. I resisted the pizza, the cake, the chips and I ate a bunch of carrots with spinach dip, but late at night I did attack the brazilian sweets that were leftovers. Now  I am afraid to weigh myself plus what do I really expect by weighing myself so darn often?? Self sabotage probably, a reason to blow it I am sure. So I am standing strong and I will not weigh myself until a week has gone by. Plus I should start working on the concept of unattaching my happiness from a number on a stupid scale.

Yesterday I had a terrible hunger day, It felt like I had this giant hole inside and nothing would satisfy me. I did not est anything bad but that feeling of emptyness was pretty awful all day. Oh how I wish food was not a problem in my life. Maybe one day it won't be anymore, gotta keep hoping right?!!

Have a great day everyone.


Progress as of today: 17.6 lbs lost so far, only 13.4 lbs to go!

glassgirl3 on 03/20/2014:
Great photo! Good job resisting the goodies.

Maria7 on 03/20/2014:
Hope you are having a good day.

OhioRaven on 03/21/2014:
Fill the void with charity

Umpqua on 03/21/2014:
All you can do is keep trying and you will get where you want to be. I agree that weighing less often is probably best if the scale is getting you down. I hope you have a nice weekend!

lolla - Thursday Mar 13, 2014
(trying to figure it out...)
Weight: 185.4

Showing up for the 1,000,000 thh time it seems like. This stupid weight loss process can drive you completely insane. I do hope I learn something with this one day.

I was 182.8 on saturday, then I just had one night of sampling foods at this Girl Scout event where the troops have food from all over the world and I couldn't resist even though i did go to my car and ate a giant apple thinking it would fill me up but no, my willpower just didn't kick in that day. Then the last days were not that bad but I guess it doesn't matter, I just can't enjoy food without paying a price always. F@#k!!!!!

Here I am today at 185.4 trying really hard not to blow it all and forget about losing stupid weight. but I will be a good girl and hang in there, maybe I am bloated with all the salt of Chipotle food (I controlled the rice to 1/2 a cup on the side, no guacamole, no cheese, no chuips. Just not fair.

breakfast  2 hard boiled eggs at 10 am

Good Luck to you all!

Progress as of today: 17.6 lbs lost so far, only 13.4 lbs to go!

nosetwitch on 03/13/2014:
I'm with you on how difficult it is. It seems like I just look at food and gain. Hope you don't get too discouraged, though. You have lost a lot of weight!

lolla - Thursday Feb 27, 2014
(trying to figure it out...)
Weight: 184.4

Oh wish I was somewhere like that, with the whole day to explore a city I've never been to, new faces, new smells and tastes.

Back to reality:

I've been losing some weight but at a very high cost mentally. It is such a struggle and I wish it wasn't. The problem is that I have a trip home coming up and I want to go to the beach there and... the bathing suit issue again. At least I am much better than the lastyear when  I went and that should make me feel proud of myself and realize I am changing and going in the right direction as the months pass.

My ultimate goal is 157 which might be totally unrealistic for my 5'11''  height but I shall see qhen I get there, if ever. I do want to get to 172 because that's where I was before blowing it all and gaining 30 pounds back. At least I will fix that pain.

I've been doing South Beach diet but it is very challenging at times. I am adding fruits today to see if I feel less deprived all the time. Have to lower my expectations of losing 2 pounds a week for 6 weeks before I travel. At my age I don't hink that is possible anymore and I must accept that reality. And then comes the even harder fact: even if I do lose all the weight I doubt my skin will go back and I will never look like I looked before gaining and losing  all this weight so many times.  So basically it is a lost battle already, let's focus on fuelling my body with the best choices and staying healthy to watch my kids grow up. That's is a better goal for sure. Looking super good... nah, I had that time in my life already. Now I must turn my attention to other things in this world that my appearance.

Nice to read your posst and I wish you all the very very best in your journeys!!!


Progress as of today: 18.6 lbs lost so far, only 12.4 lbs to go!

legcramps on 02/28/2014:
That would be such a great view to wake up to :)

hollybelle on 03/03/2014:
Well, it sounds like you are actually very realistic about getting back to good health. Hang in there with your plan and it's one day at a time!!

lolla - Tuesday Feb 04, 2014
(trying to figure it out...)
Weight: 190.0

Do you know that feeling?

That sense of eagerness for the moment. Optimism for the future. And confidence that you are exactly "when" and where you should be. That feeling that makes dark days lighter and light days brighter. That precedes breakthroughs, conquests, and euphoria.

Yes, that feeling!

Well, it doesn't just come.

You have to give it to yourself.

Go on.



Well, Here I am! Trying one more time, and that's all I can do. Fight my fears and impulses and keep going forward and try to be kind to myself.

Today I am back on the South Beach diet phase one wich means no carbs for 2 weeks. I think it will be good to get away from those darn carbs since I believe they do make my hunger go crazy. Never enough, never satisfied. Always wanting more.  I've been very sucessful before and I believe I can be sucessfull again. Just a matter of distracting my mind from destructive thoughts.

Sending you all best wishes for sucess!!!!

Progress as of today: 13 lbs lost so far, only 33 lbs to go!

glassgirl3 on 02/04/2014:
Great post, Its easy to forget that feeling in the long haul of weight loss. Thanks for the reminder!

liza36 on 02/04/2014:
Carbs have been my downfall lately. Good luck with SBD phase 1!

thinkpositive on 02/05/2014:
A good way to get back on track. Best wishes to you!

hollybelle on 02/08/2014:
Ah, carbs! Darn carbs! I am cutting back on 'em, too! Remembering the first two days are the worst - I load oup on vegetables and chicken breast for those first two days - can you say grilled chicken salad? I eat a lot of that stuff. Also - mexican chicken salad and rotisserie chicken salad - well yoou get the picture! It pays off and if I havent' had chicken salads for awhile, it's not that boring! Have a good one!

OhioRaven on 02/12/2014:
Hey, Lolla !

lolla - Tuesday Jan 14, 2014
(trying to figure it out...)
Weight: 189.6

This is a  close-up of a sea star. What a wonderful world we live in, with so many amazing creatures and sights to see. I feel so blessed to be part of this world.

Back to reality: I was able to keep my weight under 190 during the holidays and I must congratulate myself even though I did gain from the last time I weighed in, probably a good 4 pounds. Oh well, now it's time to move on and make good choices and  concentrate in being the healthiest I can be.

I wish you all a very peaceful, joyful and sucesfull 2014!!!


Progress as of today: 13.4 lbs lost so far, only 32.6 lbs to go!

thinkpositive on 01/14/2014:
A good attitude- time to move ahead. I am in the same post holiday mode, trying to get back on track.

Maria7 on 01/14/2014:
What interesting pics. I especially like the one with the church.

dana_johnson426 on 01/14/2014:
You can lose those four pounds again! Keep at it!

OhioRaven on 01/15/2014:
It's really good to hear from you again. I think you did Great through the holidays. Stay in touch.

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