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malh - Friday Apr 01, 2005

Weight: 0.0

malh - Wednesday Oct 20, 2004
(On my own...)
Weight: 199.0

SW: 319, CW: 199 NextGoal Weight: 194, GW: 150 ....and another one bites the dust...na na na na....The scale showed 198.8 this morning...yessssssss. I even asked my hubby this morning if he noticed anything different about me...lol and he looks up and down and umm...trying to come up with something...I just laughed at him and told him poor guy...Anyways was pretty excited for that to happen. THats a goal met...but in order to get the reward, I need 30 consecutive days of being under 200, otherwise I think I would go get my shoes and then flucuate too much...My next goal is 194, which is a weight I was down to in June of 2004. Then I will get my hair colored, highlighted and cut. THe walk with my friend went great last night, she went the whole way with me, I told her anytime she wanted to turn around we could. THe only time she had trouble was the hill we come back up...we did stop at the top for her to catch her breath, she wants to do it again tonight. It makes the time go so much more faster. The shopping trip to Topeka is still on for Saturday, esp now that I'm under that 200 mark. Everyone make the wise choices for today. Mary

timetolose on 10/24/2004:
I am so inspired by your entries. I recently found out I gained 12 pounds since mid- August...ugh. I'm heavier than I've ever been and feeling awful. I AM planning on starting to work at it tomorrow so need to start moving and make plan...any suggestions?

malh - Tuesday Oct 19, 2004
(On my own...)
Weight: 200.0

Good Tuesday morning all!!! Went walking yesterday...had two layers of clothes on plus my gloves. Least I was warm. Today doesn't look much better...foggy. But I have a friend of mine coming over at 5, so we will go at 5 tonite. Made spaghetti for my hubby and son last night and of course I had to taste and taste. The scale still read 200 this morning. I knew it wouldn't change....but I do BELIEVE in miracles...lol. Today, not much new going on, but it will be different to go walkign with someone else besides my hubby, usually I go by myself at my own pace, so this will be different, esp. since this friend isnt a walker and wants to start. I'm drinking my smoothie this morning...made with yougart, ice, frozen berries and a banana and some skim milk. I like to drink those..it will last me all morning with appox 250 calories. My neighbor who comes over every morning here while I work...tells me those arent good for me...lol...he believes in little green pills also. I tell him I getting some much needed calcium. Then I talk about womenly things and that shuts him up. Everyone make the wise choices today. Mary

malh - Monday Oct 18, 2004
(On my own...)
Weight: 200.0

SW(August 5, 2003):319, CW:200, GW:150 Well I'm sitting on that 200 pound fence....hopefully, crossing fingers...that I'm falling over to that 199 mark by the end of this week. Since around June of this year, I think I have gained the same 10 pounds and relost it about a million times. Now if I would of put all that effort into keeping it off in the first place, I would be 50 pounds lighter...hmmmmmm...doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out....hehe. My first goal this time around is 199 mark...with the reward being a new pair of walking shoes...but I have to stay under that mark for 30 consecutive days...I will do it...ALso this weekend my hubby and I are going to go anniversary ring shopping, its our 25th this year, but I told him I wasn't gonna go unless I was under 200...so hopefully thats my incentive to keep on losing this week. Everyone take care today...make the wise choice today.Mary

Becca27 on 10/18/2004:
It does get tiring, all that stopping and starting. I've also reached a point where I don't care how slow I lose my weight, as long as I am going in the right direction, even at 1lb a month, in one year I will be pretty close to where I want to be. Congratulations on 25 years of marriage. That's a great accomplishment, especially these days. You have some nice plans ahead and I hope you can make the right choices to help you reach your goal. Have a great day.

Becca27 on 10/18/2004:
It does get tiring, all that stopping and starting. I've also reached a point where I don't care how slow I lose my weight, as long as I am going in the right direction, even at 1lb a month, in one year I will be pretty close to where I want to be. Congratulations on 25 years of marriage. That's a great accomplishment, especially these days. You have some nice plans ahead and I hope you can make the right choices to help you reach your goal. Have a great day.

malh - Wednesday Sep 22, 2004
(On my own...)
Weight: 205.0

Its Wednesday and I have a dentist appt this morning...just a cleaning....DOes the Flouride treatment have calories??? lol. Did great on the dietfront yesterday. Ate within my limit...did exercising...walking, elliptical...treadmill and pilates. Didn't do any cleaning but I had so much other little things I did accomplish I didn't feel bad about that. Special treatment I TRIED to do for myself...use some things to take off my hair above my lip...only thing I succeeded at was making it red...lol...that went into the garbage can. Plans for the day are about the same. Tomorrow I need to make a trip to Manhattan to bring a computer desk down for my son and then pick up some landscape rock. So no exercise tomorrow...will try to make up for that fact today. I did run some yesterday when I was out for my walk...I would run 3 telephone poles...walk 3...etc..I did a total of 23...which I figure on my telephone pole measuring is 1 mile. Just adding some variety to my walking. I read somewhere that you are suppose to change your shoes if you walk every 3 months...if you walk daily and for more than 30 mins...hmmmm....so I'm wearing the same pair of shoes for the last 3 years...so I owe myself about 12 pairs of shoes...lol. Thats my "treat" when I reach 199 to get myself a new pair of walking shoes...Yayyyyy. Everyone have a good day. Mary

P.S. Does anyone out there know how to put pictures in with your post??? thanks

legcramps on 09/22/2004:
Wow, I haven't heard from you in a long while! How have you been doing? Sounds like you're really doing well for yourself! That's great to hear. Keep up that running and walking, alternating between them is a great idea! Have a great day today Mary!

malh - Tuesday Sep 21, 2004
(On my own...)
Weight: 205.0

Hi to everyone. Well since I've been letting my hubby be my weigher every Monday morning...I have pretty much been held accountable for my weight. It has worked out great. I started back in at 222 and down to 205 now. I figured those first 20 pounds would come off easy because I had just quickly put them back on. So now fitting back into all those clothes I bought and wanting to slowly get them to big for me. I'm back into the exercising and watching what I eat. Its HARD work. Like my sister said....you just want to have a day or even a minute that you don't have to think about dieting. But I did that for 2 months and put on close to 25 pounds. EEEKS!!!!!!! And its not like I don't know the magic solution to weight loss....its less imput more output...its just the "doing" it sometimes is the hardest part. So.....I'm on to seeing that glorious onederland again...this time I'm not looking back. My hubby is great about my weight....he loved me when I was 319...he loves me now...he just wants me around in 15 years for him to still love. Letting him see my weight was real hard for me...I've never in my over 25 years of knowing him have let him see my weight, but it has helped alot...because I found out I'm more accountable to him than I am to me. I won't put that extra cookie in my mouth, knowing he will see my weight on Monday. He wants to lose some weight too...he gets on the scale....fully clothed...big ole farming boots on and says how much and its like 175....I get on fully naked...(which he likes)..lol and take a deep breath....difference between the sexes???? I've also been cleaning my house room by room...so far I've gotten through 4 rooms with 9 more to go...it looks so good what I have done though...cleaning out closets...washing walls....washing curtains...giving to the missions....maybe getting a new bedspread. My next room to tackle is my main bathroom...it shouldnt be too bad...just the linen closet...I think I still have baby blankets in there and my "baby" is 15 years old... Everyone take care...have a wonderful fabulous day Mary

geevee on 09/21/2004:
Mary, that's so true about gaining weight THE MINUTE you stop thinking about it! Well, it's a small price to pay if we get down to where we want to be, and so far, you've done great!

And how men get on scales with boots, jeans, heavy belt and buckle is beyond me! They even do it in public! If I get below 120, I'll do it!

TheMother on 09/22/2004:
Hello malh:

Nice to see your entry and glad that you are quickly relosing the weight you had put on recently. Good for you! Hubby sounds like a wonderfully supportive guy - that's so nice and important that you can share your weight loss program with him. Keep up the good work and hope to "see" you here more often. We're interested in knowing how things are going.

Take care,


malh - Wednesday Aug 25, 2004
(On my own...)
Weight: 211.0

Happy Wednesday, Busy day so far at work. We have a insurance rep here for health insurance. So I'm needing to answer some questions...etc as I do the bookwork. Its nice though, the employer will be paying for the employee's share of health care. NICEEEEEE!!!!! Dietwise, went well yesterday, stayed within my limited portions, did exercise on the elliptical and on the treadmill. Did some of my pilate routine. I'm having a heck of a time with my left arm. Right in my uppper arm, when I try to lift it...it really doesnt hurt, but its almost like it won't let me lift....but then if I really really concentrate I can lift it and then for awhile it acts weird and then its okay....I did do weights and pilates for like 6 months straight, every other day and then quit like for a month....is that a side effect because I quit and then try to restart??? will it go away?????. Just seems weird thats its just that one muscle. I had only did 30 minutes on the elliptical and got busy cleaning again and it was like 9:30 and my mind said that I shouldnt' do anymore...but I had just read somewhere that 30 minutes of exercise is to maintain your weight 45 minutes and over is for people who want to lose.....so with that thought burning in my brain, I went back down and did 30 more minutes on the treadmill. See what reading helpful information does for me....lol. I've been drinking a smoothie in the morning...mainly just yougart, skim milk and some fruit. I like it and it seems to last all morning for me. Rest of the day, looks good, hoping to get outside and walk tonite...no meetings....and no storms forecasted. Everyone take care.. Mary

malh - Tuesday Aug 24, 2004
(On my own...)
Weight: 211.0

Good Tuesday morning. Monday turned out to be a great day. I went home....went on the elliptical for 30 mins, treadmill for 30 and weights for 20 minutes. Plus I started to houseclean in my daughter's room..I took curtains down...washed...took my carpet cleaning machine and cleaned her carpets...I'm still not done in there. I washed all the bedding. Tonight after a school meeting I hope to get it all back in place and then its on to the next room. Which will be the computer/guest room. Which is a mess, because its the catch-all room. Foodwise I did excellant. I AM SO IN CONTROL of this. AND the biggest blessing. we got almost an inch of rain. We have been so dry again this summer, rain all around us but not here. Our grass is so brown. But we had rain last night, it was so nice. I'm planning on not weighing until Sept 1. Everyone take care and have a great day. Mary

legcramps on 08/24/2004:
Good job yesterday! Keep it up!

malh - Monday Aug 23, 2004
(On my own...)
Weight: 211.0

End of the work day here. I'm back up in my weight. I get started for a day or two....then I blow it. I need to get back into this and reach my goal weight of 150!!!!!!!!. So today started another day. Its nice to know we can always start once again....picking myself back up again and getting back into that saddle.

My food intake today...has been pretty good..Its just tonight when I get back home....and I get in these moods where once I start to eat I can't seem to stop. I know I need to get up and go do something... I have read crittermom's diary and I need to get in her state of mind in doing the cleaning....and getting rid of things. Its just I need to push myself in that direction.ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrr at me.

I plan to walk tonight...do some weights...etc. Right now its sprinkling rain...which has been a rarity in these parts. So crossing fingers that when I get home its not. Okay...doing as planned for tonight and NOT overeating. signed and dated this day....(sometimes I really need to get away from work) Mary

malh - Monday Aug 16, 2004

Weight: 0.0

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