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monet0329 - Monday Nov 22, 2004
(Weight Watchers :O))
Weight: 0.0

Morning everyone.. just wanted you to know... diet is still good.. being on ww sure helps when your busy and cant plan on meals..like we had to order pizza one night.. but I only had a piece..grante it was the biggest piece in the box..lol.. but I hardly ate all day.. and when I did I grabbed veggies.. so im ok.. im havnt realy been keeping track of my points this weekend.. but watching how I eat ..But soon as I get moved and situated I will :O).. water isnt good yet either.. i forget to even drink and when I do.. I have diet.. that will change once the move is over too..

ok I am not sure when I will be here next.. I am calling the phone company this am to have the phone switched over.. so Im not sure when they will happen or when hub will set up my computer over there..so everyone stay on track and I wish you the best.. and if I dont get back here by Thanksgiving.. I wish you the best day.. hope everyone is with their loved ones and has a safe and happy thankful day.. the one thing I am Thankful for is this web site..a few of you are so very kind... "thank you!!!"..

love and hugs to all... Me~

legcramps on 11/22/2004:
I hope that you will be able to update before thanksgiving, but if not, have a wonderful day and stay strong and healthy through it all! Take care!

Becca27 on 11/22/2004:
I'm so glad that you're doing so well! Keep up the terrific work. I bet you can't wait until you're all settled. I hope that you got the recipe I sent. It won't help with your diet, but maybe you can make it and give it out to some family and friends. Have a wonderful day and Happy Thanksgiving!!

TheMother on 11/22/2004:
Dear Monet:

Pretty soon you'll be done with the move. What an exciting and stressful time all rolled into one but it is one of life's most special times - moving to a new home. You seem to be excited with the move so I'm assuming it's a move "up" so to speak. You did great on the pizza - that food is one of my weaknesses. I have two slices and sometimes I eat my daughter's leftover crust. I always comment "how can anyone NOT like pizza". To me, it's a basic staple of life - should be it's own food group - ha!!!. Anyway, I wish you and your family a super Thanksgiving. I'm hosting it at my house as I've been doing for the past 18 years. My brother will not be coming up from VA this year as his elderly inlaws moved in with him in May and they cannot make the 7 hour drive so it will be my sister and her kids and us - 8 people; a small, but very special, group. We'll talk to my brother by phone either before or after dinner. Have a wonderful holiday. Try to stay "legal". I will too.


monet0329 - Saturday Nov 20, 2004
(Weight Watchers :O))
Weight: 0.0

morning all.. just checking in.. I have alot to do today .. :O).. painting the kitchen this evening and more packing..its amazing how much you can store in a house..lol..

have a great day all..

monet0329 - Friday Nov 19, 2004
(Weight Watchers :O))
Weight: 0.0

Good morning ladies.. I cant stay long.. I have packing to do.. just wanted to wish you all a great day.. I did get my bathroom border up last night.. yay and put my shelves on the wall.. hehee.. I wanna get some new trim in there.. ;O).. it will look so good..

stay on plan and drink your H2o.. :O).. hugsssss

legcramps on 11/19/2004:
Glad to see everything's working out well for you. Keep it up and have a great day today!

monet0329 - Thursday Nov 18, 2004
(Weight Watchers :O))
Weight: 0.0

Hiya ladies.. here it is Thursday..wow how time flys.. I have been packing , packing and more packing..lol.. will I ever get done.. I dont knowwwww..lol..

I hope all is well with you all.. food wise I am still ok.. eating alot of the same things during the day.. I know I will get burnt out on these things.. but for now its easier with being so busy.. I get some new recipes and stuff once I get all setteled in the new house. we are having carpet put down in the bedrooms and the kitchen.. I dont really care for carpet in the kitchen.. but we are getting it free from a friend of ours who is in the carpet business.. and the floor thats down now is ewwww..this is an older house.. I bet the floor has never been changed,.lol. so thats why I said ok.. only because with christmas coming up.. it may be awhile before I could get anything else done in there .. also it will be done Sunday before we move in.. :O).I am trying to get all the painting done before we move in as well.. so wish me luck..lol.

ok I'll stop rambling on about the house.. I havent done any extra exercising latetly.. with all the packing I am bending and doning all that so.. it works for me..lol.. while I am busy anyway..

ok you all have a great day.. :O).. hugs

legcramps on 11/18/2004:
Good to hear from you monet! I hope all that packing isn't wearing you out too much. Remember to take some time for you and just 'veg'. Moving is a huge step and can be very stressful at times, so just take it easy and it'll be smooth sailing! I don't have a scanner, but if I did I would definitely post a picture of my dog for you to see. I would love to see a picture of your Molli, but que sera sera, right?! Whatever will be, will be.

Have a wonderful day today - much happiness your way!!!

TheMother on 11/18/2004:

Things are moving (no pun intended) right along for you. I'm sure you're getting plenty of exercise between running around and packing. I had to laugh when I read your entry about the carpeting being installed and you mentioned carpet in the kitchen. My first thought was that I didn't think it was practical to have carpet in a kitchen and then your next sentence was that you were not keen on carpet in the kitchen but it was free. I guess under those circumstances, I might consider it too. Glad you're doing well on your program. Keep up the good work.

Have a GREAT day!


Becca27 on 11/18/2004:

I think it's incredibly brave of you to move during the holidays. As far as eating the same things, I do that just about every day. When you know what works, it's easy to stick with it. I seem to be a creature of habit. I just marvel at your ability to be so disciplined while you're probably surrounded by chaos (moving). Ty for the offer for the pumpkin rolls. I will definitely "swap" with you. I will do my best to write down this recipe - it's a two day process - so after you try it, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. You're right though, I doubt we'll be giving it to the same people, so it's safe. Thanks for your continual support- I was pretty discouraged yesterday and it was (is always)nice to read your comments. TY! Have a great day!

monet0329 - Tuesday Nov 16, 2004
(Weight Watchers :O))
Weight: 0.0

Good morning all.. :O).. yesterday was a good day.. I stayed within my points :O).. still need to work on the water.. I just get so busy and dont think to drink.. eeek...

I didnt do a whole lot as far as packing yesterday.. I had to take my washed clothes to the laundry mat.. Hub NEEEEDS to check my dryer out grrrr...then I went to visit with my friend Beth :O)..

well I hope oyu all had a very good day yesterday.. :O).. stay on plan .. hug ladies:O)

legcramps on 11/16/2004:
I had trouble getting my water in yesterday too. It's just hard sometimes when it doesn't even taste good! I guess it's just one of those things that we have to learn to do. Just like brushing my teeth. I don't particularily enjoy that, either! Have a great day today monet!

Becca27 on 11/17/2004:
Thanks so much for your encouragement!! You seem to be doing so well - I'm so happy for you!! This is such a busy time for you that it would be easy to put the diet on hold - good for you to keep on plugging away. I hope the points thing is still working and you're finding that it's enough food. Have a great day and keep up the great work!!!

monet0329 - Monday Nov 15, 2004
(Weight Watchers :O))
Weight: 0.0

Good Morning everyone :O).. boy have I been busy.. Friday.. I had to get things ready for my dad and step mom to come for dinner and pick up my oldest son.. they took him hunting for the first time.. I was a nervous wreck all weekend :O(.. I spent all my extra moments in prayer.. my dad has been waiting for this day since my son was born.. I on the other had havent been.. they called me a few weeks ago saying.. we bought Korbey a gun.. and he was excited.. he took the safty course last year in school.. then we went there and dad showed him all the safty stuff and they practiced shooting.. I dont care much for the sport myself.. but if he wants to do it.. I would rather my dad teach him then some kids who THINK they know it all..lol.

ok other then all that,.. sat I packed and shopped..lol. today, I went to the house and painted my bathroom.. put together an over the toilet cabnet.. and washed clothes.. busy busy busy I tell ya..

I was so happy when they brought KOrbey home tonight.. they called me all weekend when ever they would come in from the woods.. to let me know he was ok.. now I dont have to worry so bad.. till next weekend :O(.. every weekend this month is hunting season..

ok food wise.. still on the ball water wise.. need moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee..exercize.. just packing and painting..lol.. trust me thats alot..lol.

ok I hope you all have had a great weekend.. I'll be trying to read up tomorrow .. but I have alot of packing to do.. hugs to all.. :O)

geevee on 11/15/2004:
I know how you feel about teaching children to use guns. I was in the same situation with my sons and my husbanc who insisted on teaching them how to use a gun and then go out hunting. I was very upset by the whole situation but couldn't do anything about it. Anyway, they learned how to use guns, go hunting all the time and don't think anything about it! Sorta makes me feel like I'm out in left field. It must be a male thing.

On the positive side your son knows he's loved by others in the family and is doing a "male" thing.

monet0329 - Thursday Nov 11, 2004
(Weight Watchers :O))
Weight: 0.0

good morning ladies.. I didnt make it in here yesterday :O( I didnt get any sleep the night before so I slept in .. then my day was so busy after that.. they delivered the new stove and refridgerater at the house.. so of course I had to go check it out hehehe..

Food was great.. water ok.. need more.. exercise.. not much.. but I did run and play with my boys alittle at the new house in the hugggggggge yard :O).. we had races..lol

ok everyone .. Im gonna go read ya.. have a great day and stay on plan :O)

TheMother on 11/11/2004:
Hi Monet:

Seems like things are coming along with the new house...terrific! When do you move in? It's an exciting time for your family. Today makes 18 years ago we moved into our house and it's one of the reasons I love this time of year plus my son's BD is in November (yesterday) and autumn is my favorite season.

Have a GREAT Thursday...


Becca27 on 11/11/2004:
You've been doing so well. I'm very happy for you. I hope that you enjoy your new stove and refrigerator. Keep up the terrific work!!!

monet0329 - Tuesday Nov 09, 2004
(Weight Watchers :O))
Weight: 0.0

Good morning all.. had another good food day.. :O).. stayed in the point range.. didnt do richard but did do my floor exercises last night during watching the swan.. hehehe.. Does anyone watch it?.. I dont think I could ever go through all that stuff.. looks to painful..lol..

well everyone have a great day and stay on your plan.. :O).. and dont forget the water water water.. :O)

TheMother on 11/09/2004:
Glad things are coming along nicely with your new home. It's an exciting time for you and your family. This Thursday, the 11th, will mark 18 years we're in our home and this time of year is always special for me because of that - plus it's my son's BD (11/10). Anyway, enjoy your new home, fixing it up, etc.

Have a GREAT day today, too!


Becca27 on 11/09/2004:
I hate water. Keep up the great work yourself!!! Have you been going to meetings, or are you skipping that?

Becca27 on 11/10/2004:
I have no idea how much a points calculator costs. I have a "points finder" - which is like a slide ruler - it came free when I joined. Actually, I have a few of them from all the times I've joined. I also have an activity points finder to help figure out how many points I've earned through exercise. Again, it was a freebie at week 4. Is this calculator an actual calculator? You put in the calories, fat, and fiber and it spits out the # of points your food costs? That's pretty cool. My mom might have one - she's a WW - on again / off again person, too. I can't wait to get a weigh in report for you. You've been so consistent, I'm sure you're losing a lot of weight. Keep up the great work!

monet0329 - Monday Nov 08, 2004
(Weight Watchers :O))
Weight: 0.0

Good morning all.. hope you all had a great weekend.. I sure did.. went to check out the new house :O).. love it out there in the country.. its just so cozy.. :O)..

Food intake was good.. as well as water.. but that could have been alittle better..hub actually cooked last night.. me make these salad shell things.. with steak lettuce tomatoes and cheese.. I had one with alittle ranch dressing it it.. it was pretty good :O)..

Did anyone watch the Home make over show last night?? It was a 2 hour special and I forgot.. so I just watched an hour of it.. but I cried through the whole show.. :O(.. Both parents where def.. and the youngest boy was blind , but light sensitive.. and he is autistic.. how ever you spell it.. they made that house so wonderful for him.. :O).. when you see a show like that.. it makes you all that more thankful for the people in your lives.. I explained to my lil boy why the Lance (lil boy in show) was like he was.. I covered his eyes and said.. now just think if all you ever saw was darkness and just alittle lights.. to never be able to catch the frogs and bugs that Kayden does..or see the color red (his fav) or the cars .. then I covered his ears.. and said.. can you even think of never hearing anything.. the movies you watch.. the cars horn... frogs crocks..I said.. his mommy and daddy cant even hear their lil boys talk.. or cry .. :O(.. then we talked about why the parents talked funny.. because they couldnt hear themselves or others to learn how to talk.. he had tears in his eyes.. but didnt want me to see.. just goes to show he has a big heart like me and his brother :O).. the lil boy has a 14 year old brother that has takin on so much for his family.. he is their eyes and ears.. just an exceptional boy.. :O)they did him real good .. his schooling is all paid for :O).. and now he doesnt need to worry about his family so much.. you know he will.. but with all the light alarms and stuff.. his parents will know when Lance gets out of his room or the house.. :O).. I hope you all got to watch it.. that family was very insperational.. so loving.. the parents.. they asked for a smaller bed.. so they could be closer at night.. how sweet is that? hehe.

ok you all have a great Monday.. and take care of yourselves.. God Bless :O) hugs

Becca27 on 11/08/2004:
Thanks for your comments.. I'm glad to see that you've been eating well. Free points are great, aren't they? I went back and read your weekend entry - your new house sounds so wonderful! I live in the country,too, but I've had a difficult time adjusting. We live in a subdivision, so I have neighbors, but I don't have access to a lot of conveniences that come with living in a town. Everything is a 15 - 30 minute drive away - The apple trees sound delightful and very picturesque - I can just see the hammock and tire swing!!! Enjoy it all! Have a wonderful day!

StartingOver on 11/08/2004:
Just reading your entry today made me heart break, I wish I wouldve seen it, how sweet to do for that family.

legcramps on 11/08/2004:
I don't usually watch t.v. much, and I didn't get to seeing that episode but it sounds very heartfelt and tear-jerking! You'll be moving out to the country soon? Won't that be nice, especially for the amount of quiet you'll get. Good luck and have a great day today!

monet0329 - Sunday Nov 07, 2004
(Weight Watchers :O))
Weight: 0.0

Just a lil hello to everyone.. had a busy day yesterday :O).. went to the house.. messed in the yard alittle :O)..hub put his tools and stuff in the garage .. the good thing about this house is the storage.. we will have a garage.. and 3 little buildings.. one is an old ice house from back in the day .. yes, this is an old house.. and I love it hehehe.. its so peacful there.. no neighbors..lol..not that I dont like neighbors.. but where we live now is on a very busy street...and I am afraid to let my lil guy out side.. here.. at the new house.. he has a huge back and front yard.. we have 2 apple trees.. one is good for pickin and eating and the other is good cooking :O)..I'll be able to have a garden.. yay..I think I told you all that already..lol.. but I am just excited..and I if I didn't already tell you.. it must have been my other group I am in.. lol..

ok.. today I am washing up laundry .. then I need to take it to the laundry mat.. hubs just been so busy.. he hasnt looked to see the dryer problem.. but until then.. I make him go with me..lol.. maybe he will find the time soon..lololol.. he took the boys with him to the new house to mow and rake.. while I am here doing this.. then its the laundry mat .. then the store.. ok thats it for the day..lol..

food was good yesterday.. stayed in my points.. ate later then I wanted.. but we where at the house..so.. thats ok..long as its not every day..

hope everyone is having a great day :O).. hugs

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