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moogy - Thursday Apr 07, 2011
(staying in control of my eating behaviour)
Weight: 232.7

Hello Lovely Girls, I am not feeling too good today. A little dizzy and tired. I hope that you are having a wonderful day and remember that I love you. Hopefully, I will be back on board tomorrow. Hugs.

Progress as of today: 28.6 lbs lost so far, only 57.7 lbs to go!

V on 04/07/2011:
I LUB YoU Moogy!! I have been waiting for you, now I can get some sleep :) I shall catch up with you tomorrow night(your afternoon) Nite my friend

getmebackto150 on 04/07/2011:
Hope you feel better soon!

loveray on 04/07/2011:
love you and hope you feel better soon. get some rest! xo

sweetpea1977 on 04/07/2011:
Feel better soon! Love you!!

liza36 on 04/08/2011:
Hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself!

biscottibody59 on 04/08/2011:
Take it easy--we'll still be here (I hope) when you get back to full moogy-ness!

moogy - Wednesday Apr 06, 2011
(staying in control of my eating behaviour)
Weight: 232.7



I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.   Fred Allen
Today I am grateful for: the peace in which I live, the food I eat, the fresh air I breathe.
Hello Lovely Girls, Another beautiful day here in paradise, the gentle sun in shining, the birds are singing, a gentle breeze is blowing, perfect in fact, expected temperature somewhere in the low seventies!! (I tend to wax lyrical this time of year, I am afraid you will just have to put up with it!) My daughter just yelled up to me that she had a two year old for sale, we escapes the terrible two's with the other three but the angel has a mind of her own and stands her ground. Funny, I never have any problems with her!! Mind you if you lived downstairs with two enormous big brothers and a princess you may have to yell to get your point across!!
I don't have anything special planned today although the bathroom talcum powder looks like a bit of a snow fall at the moment and now I am feeling somewhat better (still a bit dizzy, but I think that may be my brain not my ear - shoot me now and put me out of my misery!!) I think I had better attack that before it starts to cover the television screen - that would be a tragedy!! I say my home is not dirty it just smells nice!! The big boys are going to Goulburn today, it is near Canberra (our capital city, still in our state, just a territory of it's own, about two good hours away  - to buy a new seven seater car, which apparently we can all fit it and the chairs move up and down so I wont be on a different level and my daughter and I can drive it into the city - you see the strangeness here. He is still in the mind set of a man who is moving home. Men!!! they are so slow!!!!) so anyway, they will be gone for two days, they are staying overnight in Canberra and visiting the War Memorial and taking their time. I don't mind the Memorial, it is all just a bit sad, but I just cried and cried at the Vietnam Memorial because my husband was only one year away from being in the draft to go and I knew friends that went. It is heartbreaking, all those wasted young men in all those wars, and for what!! If politicians fought we would have less wars!!!!!
OK, back on point, I am really not trying to hard on my diet these last few days before the EEG, too much pressure, I am not emotionally eating, but just not putting the extra pressure on my self to stay on program. I am still feeling in control of my eating behaviour - so that at least is a lesson well and truly learned. Yay!! Any other time I would have gone crazy, but not this time. Well that is all for today, have a wonderful day and hug someone you love. Love you girls:)

Progress as of today: 28.6 lbs lost so far, only 57.7 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 04/06/2011:
Oh I think the terrible threes are much worse! We've just started going through this a little early with younger son <groan>. I hope you have a great day and enjoy that beautiful, mild weather!

lifestylechange on 04/06/2011:
Thanks you SO much for your very sincere, sweet comment Moogy! You are an amazing woman, mother, grandmother, friend... I truly appreciate all of your support! Hope you have an amazing day my friend!

Umpqua on 04/06/2011:
Haha, well because it's through the Kinect, the game does record some of it. But no way am I posting it, I look ridiculous! I'm a horrible dancer but this game is lots of fun and no one else has to watch me ;)

getmebackto150 on 04/06/2011:
glad to hear you are feeling a bit better! I love picturing your house covered in powder... It looks and smells very pretty in my mind:)

V on 04/06/2011:
I know the place smells amazing!! i love powders and everything that smells and reminds me of babies :) Hey so I have been meaning to ask how goes it with Donna and your SIL?? Do you still want to give him a good whack across his head?? LOL I sure hope you are enjoying my OUR Life!! So much fun isn't it??? ;) LUB you!!

~Moody~ on 04/06/2011:
I hope you had a relaxing day~and good for you for staying in control of your eating while being under stress. Indeed that is a lesson learned, a very important one!

hopingforhealth on 04/06/2011:
I'm glad you are feeling in control and waxing lyrical. :) I don't mind it a bit! When is the EEG scheduled for?

Guys, indeed. They can be so ridiculous!

loveray on 04/06/2011:
sending lots of hugs to you via cyberspace! thanks so much for all of your encouragement - i couldnt do this without you!! xo

V on 04/06/2011:
LOL!! Goos to hear she still has it, and just because she is married doesn't mean she has to lose it!!! LOL :) Well I guess it is sorta hard to pissed at him if he is suffering from depression....But I hope if she gives him the okay to move back in(has she) He better walk the line right OR ELSE!! And BTW as a "trust fund kid" I know a few things about family doctors! LOL JK but they really are a bit more normal to have them these days with people being more open about their feelings and all...Do you see this therapist as well?? This takes the family secrets to the next level :)

Supercheese on 04/06/2011:
lol yep...just ate an apple to help with that. I know how I get with war memorials. Hope staying on track goes well tomorrow! Ill have my fingers crossed

selina on 04/07/2011:
I have a film of talcum looking powder around the house but they don't smell so good, haha! The carpenter is sawing bathroom tiles to fit, thus the powder/dust...

I'm glad to hear you're in control of your eating.... not an easy task! stay well!

biscottibody59 on 04/07/2011:
Have a great day moogy~~do you pronounce it with a hard "G" or a "J" sound?

Maria7 on 04/07/2011:
The car sounds really, really nice! Thanks for the advice on doing other activities instead of giving in to snacking at nite. Hope you have a wonderful day! :-D

liza36 on 04/07/2011:
Hope you have a good day. Nice to hear you are in control, and doing what you can. That's all we can ask for!

Hackersdiet on 04/07/2011:
Thanks for the encouragement!

moogy - Tuesday Apr 05, 2011
(staying in control of my eating behaviour)
Weight: 232.7



We are not retreating - we are advancing in another direction.  Douglas MacArthur
Today I am grateful for: April (it's my favourite month of the year), being free of pain, hope and trust

Hello Lovely Girls, Fabulous weather!! cloudy and overcast!! the sun will be out later but we can't have everything. It was the princess's sleepover night last night and she didn't hit me once (admittedly I had threatened to hit her back! but whatever!) and I got a fairly good night's sleep. She was so funny she came up with her second merit certificate from school and announced that she only has to get EIGHT more and she get to have luncheon with the principal. I suspect she has been reading my pink heading on the top of my pages. I got to give it to her for her enthusiasm and determination. I choose the MacArther quote for today because that is how I feel, I am not sure where I am heading but I am definitely going somewhere!!

Thank you for the welcome back it was good to hear from my wonderful teammates who regularly come to my page and offer support and encouragement.  I  tried to get to most of the diaries yesterday but if I missed you I am sorry, I will give it another go today. I hope that you have a wonderful day and get to enjoy your hopefully warmer weather. Love you girls.


Progress as of today: 28.6 lbs lost so far, only 57.7 lbs to go!

V on 04/05/2011:
Aww I am so happy the Princess is back in good graces with you! Hey congrats on not getting kicked! LOl I love the quote and I LUB YOU!! :)

V on 04/05/2011:
LOL!! You must be inside my head!! That really is my next goal!!I will get there!! Just you wait...yes that work nonsense is getting in the way but I always will make time for my Turbo ;) LOL

Hackersdiet on 04/05/2011:
Sounds like you are doing well. i like the quote too! The weather here is very nice, 64 now and 74 degrees tomorrow in Alabama... yea! Where are you?

Umpqua on 04/05/2011:
Another great Douglas quote :) Kangaroo would be exotic in these parts, bison not so much! It's all relative, when I lived in Oregon I remember driving home from work one night and being stuck behind a giant emu walking down the middle of the road, it had broken free of its pen and they are farmed a lot out there, not here on the East Coast. We also got stuck driving behind a buffalo/bison in Yellowstone Park, it was just wandering down the road.

getmebackto150 on 04/05/2011:
glad to see you back! I was also mia for a few days... bogged down with my stupid rash... I went tanning again today and the spots are retreating even more... BUT... now I have a bit of a sunburn, so even if they are not entirely gone, I defintely cannot go tanning tomorrow! Glad to hear from you!!!

V on 04/05/2011:
You my friend are a very wise woman and I know you are beautiful! I could care less about you jowls BTW I just LuB you!!! Unconditionally!! I am sorry that you have to sensor the thoughts, they are very creative and yes very nauti at times ;) LOL

sweetpea1977 on 04/05/2011:
Way to go Princess!!

Im so happy that you're posting on a daily basis again. I've missed you!

selina on 04/06/2011:
Hey Moogy, great to hear you are well! Take care!

waydesmommy on 04/06/2011:
Just want to say hi...HI! I hope you have a great day!

Hackersdiet on 04/06/2011:
Moogy, you posted that you are trying to stay in control of eating behavior. Are you a stress eater? Have you considered writing down what you are thinking about before the episode? I think Sydney is a great city. I would love to visit Australia some day. :)

biscottibody59 on 04/06/2011:
Oh, I've already had the air conditioning on a couple of times at night. Our weather here is nothing like it is for Umpqua or legcramps, we're firmly in Spring--weeeee! Summer temps may hit at any moment.

Glad you got a date for the EEG--and wanting to get it done and answers as well is a good sign that you're moving on--at least I think it is. You sound good moogy!

Your quotation fits my bill for sure:-)

chidogs on 04/06/2011:
I wrote that quote down I love it so much! Sounds like you are doing fine now. Good for you. Keep us posted on the test thing though. Take care and hugs.

moogy - Monday Apr 04, 2011
(staying in control of my eating behaviour)
Weight: 232.7



I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.  Douglas Adams
Today I am grateful: to get out of the house, feeling better, posting again
Hello Lovely Girls, Forecast, rainy and overcast, yay! At last, I am out of bed although still having to lay down with drops in my ears a few times a day but definitely on the mend. Ye Olde Remedy didn't work this time and it turn nasty on me. Never mind, these things are fixed easily these days. I am soooo grateful to live in the age of antibiotics, we forget that we have only had them since the 1940, goodness knows how they coped in those day prior to that. Well, they didn't lots of them died!!
On a happier note, I have missed you all terribly, missed keeping up with what is happening in your lives and there is no way I will be able to catch up now. So if I have missed any juicy gossip, life highlights, or general stuff I NEED to know, please fill me in. My food has been a bit up and down either I wasn't eating (it hurt to chew!) or I was just grabbing stuff that was not painful to east, rice bubbles and other slurpable foods. I have my date for my sleep deprivation EEG, it will be next Monday, so whoo hoo!!! Sunday night is officially eats and chocolate night, in an effort to stay awake until 1pm, I figure getting up four hours later will be hard but I will hope on here on do my entry and read diaries, time flys when I am doing that. Anyway, I will love you and leave you and catch up with you tomorrow. I love you girls:)

Progress as of today: 28.6 lbs lost so far, only 57.7 lbs to go!

~Moody~ on 04/04/2011:
Moogy! I'm sorry you've been sick, seems like a lot of us have been fighting the crud dangit! Glad you've begun antibiotics and hope they start working soon..Hugs!!

V on 04/04/2011:
I missed you so much and I have a bit of news that I will email via FB it promises to be juicy!! LOl I Lub you Moogy!!

Umpqua on 04/04/2011:
I'm glad you're feeling better Moogy! V will provide you with all the juicy tidbits you're looking for LOL. Oh and great quote from the brilliant Douglas Adams :)

loveray on 04/04/2011:
missed you!! i hope that you are feeling much better now and so sorry you had a rough go of it the past few weeks! things were awesome with the training - so glad i joined the community and very happy to see what the future holds for me. lots of changes coming up, i can feel it!!

sweetpea1977 on 04/04/2011:
Yay, moogy is back. Im glad you are able to get out of bed. That ear infection sounds nasty!! Hope you are back to 100% better soon!!

V on 04/04/2011:
Oh watching Gone with the wind!! It is on TCM!!! What a great epic!!

V on 04/04/2011:
Donna is beautiful! I imagine she looks alot like you :) I was hoping that she would have a photo of you on her FB page I really want to see my favorite girl here ;)

nemogirl on 04/05/2011:
I've been out of the picture, too, lately. What's new with you? How are all those doctor visits going? Anything productive so far? God bless you.

liza36 on 04/05/2011:
Glad to hear you are on the mend, and are back! I find that when I'm not feeling well or sick, all good sensible eating goes out the door. It's hard enough when I'm well, and too hard to keep up with when I'm not. So it's understandable that food was up and down for you. I hope you are on your way to feeling 100% better.

KathyBlue on 04/05/2011:
ahhh, better!!!!! :D Finally! You're right, we have to be grateful :) our age is advanced. I hope someone finds out the cure for cancer soon.

greengirl on 04/05/2011:
Hi Moogy, your Douglas Adams quote cracked me up :-) Sorry to hear you have been feeling poorly, hope the antibiotics clear things up for you. Our forecast here is rainy and overcast too !!

hopingforhealth on 04/05/2011:
Blech, I'm sorry you aren't feeling well, but echo your love for modern medicine. If I lived back in the day, and didn't get my migraine meds, my quality of life would be wayyy worse. Try some healthy slurpable soups! I am not a huge soup fan and always wish I was, bc this is just the time they are perfect for and still healthy. I always carbo load when I am sick :)

I never have fun gossip for you, and I'm still the same. :) But I missed you too! I'm so glad you're back.

biscottibody59 on 04/05/2011:
I was hoping you'd gotten the EEG over with, oh well. I had an earache (prolonged) one time as an adult--one of the most miserable things ever invented. I hope you're feeling better and will be at 100% soon!

Always Always--thanks for your vote of confidence!

Hope you're doing okay today!

moogy - Wednesday Mar 30, 2011
(staying in control of my eating behaviour)
Weight: 232.7

Fiddlesticks, I just hit the wrong key and wiped out my entry. I am still here. I will attempt another entry later. Love you all:)

Progress as of today: 28.6 lbs lost so far, only 57.7 lbs to go!

getmebackto150 on 03/30/2011:
ooh! That is the WORST! Hope you are having a good day:)

V on 03/30/2011:
I was so hoping to read about our little princess!! LOL How goes it?? I am thinking that today was a good one for you (well minus hitting the wrong key) LOl LUB YOU ;)

Umpqua on 03/30/2011:
Ah, I hate when that happens. I hope you're having a good day Moogy!

balloonlady on 03/30/2011:
I have done that, Love the idea of spelt flour for cakes, I will have to try that... thanks for your kind words after moms passing...

legcramps on 03/31/2011:
teehee, fiddlesticks! Luv 'ya, hope you're doing well :-)

biscottibody59 on 03/31/2011:
"Desiderata" by Les Crane--your inquiry to loveray. (I remember hearing it and can recall the sound of his voice very vaguely after I looked it up.) An aside, he was married to Tina Louise--the "movie star" from "Gilligan's Island." I just love these little tidbits courtesy of the www!

Have a good one--keep on keepin' on!

liza36 on 03/31/2011:
How's your ear, feeling any better? And the princess, is it torture for her not to join you for tea? Or maybe it's more torture for you, I don't know. Hope you are doing well.

Umpqua on 03/31/2011:
Thinking of you Moogy, I hope you are getting that dreaded test over with so you can move on. Keep us posted when you get a chance!

hopingforhealth on 03/31/2011:
Ugh, I hate that. i never want to retype the darned thing! I hope your ear is doing better. :)

V on 03/31/2011:
I hope you are doing okay!! If you are not up to posting send me an email, you know how I worry about you when I don't hear from you :( LUBS

loveray on 03/31/2011:
missin my moogy today!! xoxo

starfish on 04/01/2011:

PoolWalker on 04/02/2011:
Thank you for the welcome sorry your ear is hurting you, feel better soon!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/03/2011:
yeah, i wish the admin of DD could do something about that! I think we've ALL experienced a pure WIPE-OUT of journal entries/comments from time to time on here! I certainly have!!!

chica, you are doing EXCELLENTLY with your weight loss!!!!! keep it up, you have been VERY successful and it's gonna continue for you. stay committed, busy, and strong!!!! you go girl. keep on, and you will reach your goals. This is what I think for myself - it's WORKING!!!!!!!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/03/2011:
you are 1/3 of the way there...not bad at all!!! that is great progress.

chidogs on 04/03/2011:
Hi there moogy. I hope all is well with you. I was just checking in to see how things are going.

hopingforhealth on 04/04/2011:
Hi Moogy! I am just checking in to see how you are doing. Hope things are ok!

moogy - Tuesday Mar 29, 2011
(staying in control of my eating behaviour)
Weight: 232.7



A man begins cutting his wisdom teeth the first time he bites off more than he can chew. Herb Caen
Today I am grateful for: home remedies, realizing I am not as clever as I thought I was, being smart enough to change
Hello Lovely Girls, It's another beautiful Autumn day, you will get sick of this as the next few weeks are my perfect weather!!! LOL. Well, I have a story to tell, huhummm! As you know I have been eating very healthy food and just trusting myself to eat when I am hungry, well, it was all going along swimmingly until I came back from the neurologists and apparently my subconscious has been deciding if I am hungry or not. Hence my quote for the day, I weighed myself this morning and found that I had put on weight. How did that happen, I have only been eating healthy food, that's a bit rude!! However, I have been eating too much healthy food, you know, my conscious brain did realize this but was suspending reality so I could eat to calm my anxiety. I think that it all stems from if I am on a diet I eat healthy food and if I am not I eat, well, whatever I want!! I don't seem to have come to grips with I am still trying to lose weight and I can eat when I am hungry. I haven't recognised the extra eating as emotional eating because it was sneaking up as vague anxiety and not my usual 'life sucks, I want out' which of course, is easy to recognise. So I have to be more vigilant. I am eating good for me food but still need to watch out for sneaky subconscious motivations. Just to top it all off I have an ear infection, killer, and so I am going to be lying down with warm garlic olive oil in my ear on and off all day. I have always used this method on me and my children (and a grandchild come to think of it) and it always works. The oldies are the best!!
Anyway, I have to finish so I can lay down and pour oil in my ear!!! LOL You don't get to hear that very often do you???? Have a wonderful day girls.:)
Yesterday's Food
fibre plus flaxseed cereal, seeds
buttermilk chocolate cake (I made it with spelt flour and it turn out fine, less fudgy and drier than ususal, although the big boys didn't notice)
toasted hi fibre low gi bread ham and tomato sandwich
seasoned chicken thigh, cauliflower, green beans, peas, gravy
2 CAMP museli bars
4 squares dark chocolate

Progress as of today: 28.6 lbs lost so far, only 57.7 lbs to go!

lifestylechange on 03/29/2011:
Awe, I'm sorry to hear you have an ear infection, they are so darn painful! Hopefully you find relief SOON!

I think it's wonderful how soon you are able to recognize when you are "emotional eating". You will get there... You are getting to the bottom of the issue and will have success! :) Have a great day/night!

V on 03/29/2011:
My mom uses her "sweet oils" for ear infections...I am so sorry, those infections are horrible :( I hope that you feel better when you get back up...Lub You

hopingforhealth on 03/29/2011:
Yea, sometimes it's so hard to remember that portions matter with healthy food, not just bad food. I always have to really watch myself with pasta... whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce is decently healthy, but I could eat my weight in pasta if I didn't pay attention.

Good luck with the ear infection. It is shenanigans that you have to deal with that right now on top of everything else. Boo!

Umpqua on 03/29/2011:
Feel better Moogy! I've used warm olive oil to soothe after using ear candles to suck the wax out of my ears ;P

Maria7 on 03/29/2011:
Don't feel bad, you aren't the only one that's up some. We can just thank our Lord for the good food He provides for us. :-D Thanks for your sweet comment. :-D

V on 03/29/2011:
YES!!! I am!! I am going and I shall tape it all so you can experience it with me :) WE are going to have so much fun!!!

V on 03/29/2011:
Did miss princess stop by today???

Supercheese on 03/29/2011:
HA! I hope so! Supconscious eating? HM, I think I've done that before....A salad is great but not a salad thats just as big as a non healthy dinner. I hope you feel better! I hate ear infections! Tea and sleep :)

V on 03/29/2011:
LOL!!! You are indeed a great Nana!! Mine isn't too shabby either, sweets were not allowed in a house full of athletes so when we went over to Nana's it was a bit like going to Willy Wonka's LOL My mom would be so pissed so Nana would hide our treats til the parents departed...Now that we are adults, our candy comes in a Martini glass!! LOL YUMMM.. I am sure the princess got the message, I feel bad for her :(

loveray on 03/29/2011:
YOU are so precious:) im so sorry that you are having ear infection issues - those are the worst!! im proud of you for recognizing the overeating behaviors even with "healthy" foods - i did that for years and it didnt serve me well. its so hard to eat just to get nutrients to live. it tastes so delicious sometimes!! happy for you and your spiritual evolution. xo

loveray on 03/29/2011:
BTW - i indulged with 3 dark chocolate covered almonds from the fresh market today. i only bought three because i knew i could easily eat the whole bag. reminded me of you and how sweet you are!

cosima'smom on 03/29/2011:
hope you get over your ear infection quickly. i also often go overboard with healthy food- my problem isn't what i eat, it's how much. so i really need to watch that, too. all the best and feel better.

chidogs on 03/29/2011:
I am sorry you have the ear infection. Those are no fun at all! I hope your oil treatment makes it go away very quickly. I know exactly what you mean on the food thing. Overall, I eat healthy. But.....boy can I eat a LOT of healthy. So I sabotage myself in that way by figuring at least it isn't a greasy cheeseburger and fries. Haha. You take care! Hugs.

sweetpea1977 on 03/30/2011:
aww, sorry about the ear infection. I cant recall if I've ever had one, but I've seen both my sister and Ethan suffer from them. Im worried that E will get another one with this cold he has been dealing with. Sigh!

Thanks for the sweet comment you left me. I've survived much worse things, so what Im dealing with now is pretty easy in comparison. Its mostly annoying stuff that I have no real control over, so Im doing the best I can by doing the things I can control. :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/30/2011:
wow, i've never heard that, let alone hear it often! haha, if it is a remedy that works, then so be it! good to know.

i know what you mean when you say eating too much of the healthy foods - i do that, too! thank god i exercise...haha.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/30/2011:
btw, if you've forgotten, your weight is going down! and you've been doing a good job these past few months! keep at it and please don't stop! you are doing GREAT.

liza36 on 03/30/2011:
Sorry you are dealing with an ear infection. I've had many in my life, but have never heard of the oil in the ear. May have to try that next time.

Well, that subconscious is just out of line, trying to sneak up on you like that! Now that its made itself known, you can deal with it with the many strategies you've been using lately. Hang in there, and feel better!

Supercheese on 03/30/2011:
Thank you so much for the kind words the other day (as you can see im just getting to them now! lol) Ah, so your an english australian? lol either way, you have a cool accent. I'm from New York and have a semi-thick new york accent but ive always LOVED british accents.

legcramps on 03/30/2011:
Oh I hope that ear infection clears up for you, that's no fun :(

Another wonderful weather day for you!

I hear you about going overboard on the healthy foods, I do that as well. The smoothies I make are a prime example. I stuff whatever good stuff I can into them and totally gorge, so I can't have them very often - they're a nice treat though when i'm feeling "snackish".

moogy - Monday Mar 28, 2011
(staying in control of my eating behaviour)
Weight: 232.7



One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving. Paulo Coelho


Today I am grateful for: a foggy morning, being free of pain, fresh air

Hello Lovely Girls, It is indeed a foggy morning here in Sydney and that means it will be a glorious sunny day later when it burn off. I cannot tell you how relieved I am to have cool weather, I feel as if a weight has been lifted of my shoulders. Yay! I am hanging my head a little this morning, I put it down to anxiety, but I ate three homemade muesli bars last night. Not exactly partying but I should have stuck with one. They are a variation on the recipe for muesli bars I put on the forum but contain no chocolate and include dried cranberries, dried apricots, macadamia nuts and pecans and are delicious. I am calling them CAMP Muesli bars - I know, it took my ages to come up with that one!!!!!!! LOL Anyway only a slight meandering of the track so back into gear today.

I am baking my Buttermilk Chocolate Cake for the big boys afternoon tea (the princess is banned for a week for being ungrateful!) and I am giving it a go using Spelt flour, so I will let you know how it worked out. I also have a little angel watching and a little cleaning and a some little girl bathing planned for my day. It isn't a bad life, I appreciate that I can potter around doing my bits and pieces and make the best of what I have, finding joy in life's simple pleasures. I love it that you all seem to know how much I love chocolate and you are right it is a bright spot in an otherwise nerve racking operation. Hope they ring soon and let me know when I can do the test, but they said they had to juggle appointments around to get me in for the sleep deprivation test. I will get my daughter onto it if I haven't heard anything by tomorrow. She is my go to girl!! Love you girls and thank you for all your support through this difficult time. Kisses for you all! XXX

Yesterday's Food

fibre plus flaxseed cereal, seeds

one slice vegetable pizza

basa fillet, honeyed carrots, pea, broccolini

3 CAMP museli bars

Progress as of today: 28.6 lbs lost so far, only 57.7 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 03/28/2011:
I'm glad your weather is nice and those muesli bars sound great! I will definitely be around here when I'm maintaining, don't worry. I know from past experience that maintaining is tough and when I don't check in here I tend to go astray. So I will probably be on during the week as always. I hope you have a great day!

V on 03/28/2011:
Dare i ask what the princess did to fall from the good graces of Nana, this had to be some hell of a tantrum,LOL I am happy that you are having a good day, despite the rift :) Have a good one Moogy Lub You :)

hopingforhealth on 03/28/2011:
Oooh, I looked back but didn't see how the princess got in trouble. I am sure you are well within your rights to ban!

Ugh, sleep deprivation tests suck. I had to do one in high school (or I am guessing it's the same for my migraines)... you have to stay up all night then go in to sleep there with a bunch of electrodes on you? I stayed up all night the night before with my mom (staying up in solidarity/ to help me) and we played scrabble and watched a charlies angels marathon. By the end of the night, or words were like "cat" and "Sit" ha ha. That part is actually a nice memory, but having the test is lame. I hope it helps figuring out your stuff!

sweetpea1977 on 03/28/2011:
Glad you are having cooler weather. What a relief, huh?

What did the princess do?? Im curious in knowing what she did to make her nana forbid her any cake. :)

As for me, Im doing ok. I am so ready to get back in the game, even if I have to take it slowly. I promise not to overdo it, especially since Im the main caregiver for my children. However, the main reason why Im so ready to get my health back is for my children's sake. They need a healthy and happy mommy to help them have a happy and healthy life. :)

hopingforhealth on 03/28/2011:
Oh man, I just read on V's diary. She should appreciate having such a sweet grandma to give her so many treats! I hope the ban works and the gratitude is there next week :)

Thanks for the congrats. I'm pumped :)

lifestylechange on 03/28/2011:
Thanks love... Most everything is dry and fixed now but still waiting for the bottom wood of the cupboard to dry out... Sigh! It's just been one of those MONTHS, lol. I think God is testing to me to see how much I can handle and how I choose to handle it. :) Trying to remain positive and "go with it" but sometimes it's hard because I'm a very organized, structured, type A personality and I don't like big switches to my plans... :) Oh well.... Life goes on and it could always be worse... I am very thankful for amazing people, such as yourself, who offer so much support :) LOVES!!!

V on 03/28/2011:
Uh oh :( Yes i think this will take her down a peg or two, but if I mat play "Devil's Advocate" for a minute, where did this behavior come from??? Surely not from the lovely Nana who treats the princess as such!!! LOl I am sure she shall come back to you a bit humbled the poos girl, missing out on the afternoon tea :( Has she attempet to sneak up to chat with ya??? You must keep me posted, I can smell a coup brewing ;) LOL Lubs!!

V on 03/28/2011:
LOL well she is such a cutie, who could resist her!! LOl I bet she can play up the sad eyes too :)

nemogirl on 03/28/2011:
thanks Moogy. I agree, I love losing water weight because it requires no effort at all! I say forgive the princess and spoil her silly. That's what I'm going to do to my grandchildren. In fact, I hope and dream of living as close as you to my daughters so I can watch their children, too. You are living my future dream, think about that!

biscottibody59 on 03/29/2011:
The CAMPs sound pretty good! Never heard of that kind of EEG--I'm sure you'll do fine!

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm glad I'm still here battling on, but at the same time wishing it was all done!

legcramps on 03/29/2011:
I'm glad to see that you're getting some cooler weather finally - must be very refreshing for you. I'm hoping that soon the warm weather will head my way ;)

Sounds like a truly relaxing and lovely day ahead :) Enjoy it Moogy!

chidogs on 03/29/2011:
Mmm, you muesli bars sound awesome good. And your weather does too. We are slowly approaching dreaded summer here. But this year we will have our escape to the beach condo where it will be much cooler than the 90s - 100s we get inland. I'm sorry the princess lost her time with you. Hopefully, she will miss it so much she won't make the same mistake again! Take care and hugs.

liza36 on 03/29/2011:
Oh my, the princess is banned? I'm sure that hurt and she'll want to fix whatever happened.

I got a chuckle from your comment to me. Sometimes an advil and sleep IS the alternative to exercise, haha!

Have a wonderful day!

moogy - Sunday Mar 27, 2011
(staying in control of my eating behaviour)
Weight: 232.7



Stop worrying/nobody gets out of this world alive.  Clive James Australian critic

Today I am grateful for: my daughter, modern medicine, Autumn

Hello Lovely Girls, I feel that the time has passed from when I need to let you know about the weather. If you remember I was only doing it during the Summer so that I didn't have to moan too much and you could just read the temperature and know I was suffering!!!!!! It is a beautiful sunny Autumn day here in Sydney. I have just got back from the neurologists where I was grilled and given a real third degree, my daughter came into the office with me, just as well, as she told him stuff I couldn't remember and also because she can remember what I need to do next. Well, within the next few days or at least a week or so I have to go into the office sleep deprived to do an EEG, apparently he is expecting me to stay awake until 1pm in the morning and get up at 5am, good grief!!! I am usually asleep by 9pm and get up at 7am. I am not allowed to take my sleepy drugs so that will help and the only other thing that keeps me awake is food and chocolate. So, dah! dah! officially I have to eat chocolate for a medical reason!!!! I am loving it! Really, that will keep me awake, I just hope my appointment is early in the morning, there is no way I will be able to stay awake for an afternoon appointment. Apparently they do a normal EEG (all the probes attached to the skull and flashing lights thingy) and then kept you hooked up and expect you to go to sleep. Huh! They will be lucky, although I can put myself into a bit of a trance like state, that may have to do them. Having said that I may just be so knackered that I actually fall asleep. The neurologist doesn't say much just fires questions at you but did say that he felt that he could put me on some medication after the test, so I thought that way a move in the right direction. So that's my report on my medical status, oh! and blood pressure was about 135/90 according to my daughter, so excellent with that!

On to more important things. I did get some spelt flour which I will be using later in the week to make a vegie quiche and some other wholefoods for my new unencumbered way of eating. I had a really excellent day yesterday. It is weigh in day tomorrow, but I wont be back to my posted weight yet, but I am hopeful that I should be by next week.:) I hope you are enjoying the last bit of your weekend and enjoying yourselves. Love you girls!!

Yesterday's Food

hot chocolate, bodywise bar

sate prawns, broccolini & noodles

apple, almonds

weetbix, skim milk, xylitol

Progress as of today: 28.6 lbs lost so far, only 57.7 lbs to go!

shadetree on 03/27/2011:
A prescription for chocolate! Huh - wonder if I can get my doctor to prescribe that for me! You can update me on your weather whenever you like - autumn is my favorite time of year!

biscottibody59 on 03/27/2011:
Sounds like good progress on your way to answers. Enjoy your day!

getmebackto150 on 03/27/2011:
sounds like you are at least getting SOME answers as to your health issues... Have a good one Moogy... Also glad the weather is getting nicer for you!

nemogirl on 03/27/2011:
I've read where taking a support person (family is a great choice) to medical appointments and hospital stays really improves the care your doctor give you. Good for you! I think my dad had something like that done. It was slightly different so I'm guessing a totally different type of test, but practically speaking he was in a clinic trying to sleep while doo dads were hooked up to every part imaginable. I think he said he slept maybe 2 or 3 hours over his 12 hour stay. Have fun. Enjoy the chocolate!

chidogs on 03/27/2011:
I am so glad you have a doctor working on things! Good for you and for your daughter. Keep up the good work. I have fallen far off the wagon this weekend, but i am getting my fortitude back up. Goodness, I don't have a thing to mope about really. Just emotional baggage is all. I admire how you are coping and send you major hugs! Take care, Moogy.

nemogirl on 03/27/2011:
Re Nursing at night? I do the exact same thing you did with your daughter. It's a special kind of experience! Where I live, even though I'm in the open-minded NW, not many women share it. So, I'm warmed by the kindred spirit.

cosima'smom on 03/28/2011:
you sound happy and on track. good luck at the doctor, and keep us posted. have a great week!

loveray on 03/28/2011:
love you - missed you!! i hope that you have a good doctors visit. sending many prayers your way. xo

waydesmommy on 03/28/2011:
I hope all goes well for you and enjoy that chocolate!

Hackersdiet on 03/28/2011:
I love reading your posts and progress. You are making good food choices. :)

Umpqua on 03/28/2011:
The sleep deprivation sounds brutal, but at least you get to eat chocolate. I hope you get some answers soon, I'm thining of you!

liza36 on 03/28/2011:
Good luck with the EEG. The silver lining is the chocolate!

greengirl on 03/28/2011:
Good luck with your tests. It's great that you always stay so positive :-)

moogy - Saturday Mar 26, 2011
(staying in control of my eating behaviour)
Weight: 232.7



The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.  Audrey Hepburn
Today I am grateful for: my Saviour, the blessings I have in my life, hope
Hello Lovely Girls, Forecast 70ish degrees and overcast and raining occasionally, what more could I ask for!!!!! Yay! I am very late in posting today it is 2pm on Sunday afternoon, had a lovely morning at church and then when I got home my daughter wanted to show me something funny on my laptop, so we have been laughing for an hour or so. Good medicine!
I will keep it short and sweet. I had a good day yesterday, again!! I am surprised at how good I am doing and how easy I am find this whole no rules way of eating. So far so good. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and get to spend time with people you love.
Yesterday's Food
hot chocolate, porridge
3 slices homemade vegetable pizza
mini tortilla wrap, 1T peanut butter, banana
hot chocolate, turkish delight

Progress as of today: 28.6 lbs lost so far, only 57.7 lbs to go!

Supercheese on 03/26/2011:
Thanks for that :) The highest weight I've ever been is 180 at 5'4 and I was so excited about losing 5 lbs a week when I got really good at it, that now losing 1-2 lbs is like "huh" whats going on here? But you are right, it just takes time :) Nope, I haven't decided yet but I think I'm gonna wait till next week to see what the weather is like. Bright colors really pop on my cause of my skin color so i know its gonna be one of those two....Hm, i'll definitely let you know!

V on 03/26/2011:
I Lub You too :) Talk to you tomorrow!!!

shadetree on 03/27/2011:
Hope you enjoyed your Sunday, Moogy. I'm so glad the 'no rules' thing is working out for you. I am kind of like that - I can't count calories or follow a strict 'you must do this, you must do that' - it stresses me out too much and then I just completely cave in to bad things...Sounds like you have my kind of weather - I would love for it to be in the 70's all year! Enjoy it while you have it!

Hackersdiet on 03/27/2011:
You sound great. Keep it up!

nemogirl on 03/27/2011:
I am happy to hear you are doing well today! Thanks for you help, I have really appreciated your comments more than you know!

V on 03/27/2011:
You are up pretty early...Insomnia?? Good movie on??? Lub you!!

V on 03/27/2011:
Oh My very strict long endless list of rules all all etched in my brain..LOL

moogy - Friday Mar 25, 2011
(staying in control of my eating behaviour)
Weight: 232.7



They who came here in chains, who were lashed while they worked in convict gangs at Port Arthur. They who like many others were driven through starvation or oppression from their home-lands to the shores of this new country, Australia. They, who for a multitude of reasons that hopefully, I or my children will never witness or experience, decided not to harbour grudges or discontent but rather to look to the future. They who embraced this country as their own and said; "let's get on with it, this is a new land, this is our home. Dennis O'Keeffe - Australian musician

Today I am grateful for: living in a free country, for those who went before, the women who fought for the right to vote

Hello Lovely Girls, Forecast mid seventies, perfect!! I am a happy camper today. It is only four o'clock in the morning and I am awake, I hope to go back to sleep shortly otherwise it will be a very long day!! If you are wondering about my strange opening to my diary, it is because it is a State election today and voting in Australia in compulsory so we tend to be involved, committed and fairly informed about the whole political system and who we are voting for. We will pop into the local school either before or after we have been shopping, we don't have the children this weekend (they are at my son in laws - my daughter was saying last night that he might be moving back in when his six month lease is up - we shall see!!). I am always grateful to the woman who fought and died so that women could vote and always remember them and deem it an honour and privilege to vote when so many people can't. My quote is an acknowledgement to those poor sods who started this country, no one wanted to be hear, not the English soldiers, not the mainly English and Irish convicts and even the free settlers would have preferred to have gone home. It is a harsh and unforgiving country, even in these days you have to be prepared if you are travelling into the bush. Everyone nearly died during the first year, it was only the arrival of a ship with supplies that kept the colony alive. Tough people will a dislike of authority and a we can do it attitude. The attitude stuck. There are only 24 million of us on a continent almost the size of the continental USA and yet Australian's are everywhere around the world excelling in their chosen fields. I love my adopted country, recognise it weaknesses and love it anyway. We hate politicians and any kind of authority, there is a touch of the anarchist about us. I suspect that is what makes is a great country in which to live, wonderful social support system and health system and I think it is because the government's are always a little nervous about how long we are going to put up with their high handedness - no matter which political party they come from. We currently have a Labour government (Democrats) but everyone already knows that a Liberal one is going to be voted in (Republican) due to the announcement of a carbon tax, which we are refusing to pay. That will show them who is boss and not to push us too far. I am a bit of a political animal given rein and try to keep myself reined in otherwise I am afraid my soapbox comes out!!

Anyway, back to diet stuff. I had a good day yesterday. Things are going well. I am looking forward to going shopping today, I have decided to buy Spelt flour instead of wholegrain (I am not all that keen on wholemeal flour and figured the ancient grain is an excellent alternative) plus a heap of other ultra healthy ingredients for my new way of eating. Turns out that left to my own devises and without being given a limit, I don't actually eat a lot, who knew!! Anyway, I hope that you enjoy your Friday as I enjoy my Saturday, nine days 'til Wrestlemania, whoo hoo!! Love you girls.

Yesterday's Food

mini tortilla wrap, 1T peanut butter, banana

half a brownie, scoop light ice cream

bubble and squeak, egg

weetbix, skim milk, xylitol

20g rice crackers

Progress as of today: 28.6 lbs lost so far, only 57.7 lbs to go!

KathyBlue on 03/25/2011:
wow, i love your enthusiasm over the new way of eating! I couldn't agree more: wholemeal flours, etc. and keeping it simple. Be sure you get your dose of fruits (and don't overdose like me... :( )

liza36 on 03/25/2011:
I heard for the first time the other day "bubble and squeak" on a cooking show. It struck me as a funny term. Hope you enjoy it.

I like your enthusiasm for both politics and wrestlemania! Have a great weekend.

KathyBlue on 03/25/2011:
yeah, banana is a boost for me, I use it (when I remember) before exercising because it gives me immediate energy. Lots of simple carb (sugar), huh... :)

KathyBlue on 03/25/2011:
Ahh, I still wonder if Donna liked the book :)

lifestylechange on 03/25/2011:
Weekend....Gym, Shopping, Cleaning, Laundry, take my daughter to a birthday party, etc etc... Maybe watch a movie with my babies and enjoy some cuddle time... :) How about you?

Umpqua on 03/25/2011:
I love your attitude about politics and your new attitude towards eating and shopping. I'm looking forward to hearing all about your new ingredients and the spelt, maybe I'll have to give that a try. Have a good day!

cosima'smom on 03/25/2011:
moogy, thanks for your nice welcome, and for the tip. i'm not much of a computer whiz, so i hope i'm doing this right. thanks for the above comments,it's good to be reminded how lucky we are to live as we do (l live in the u.s.). anyway, i look forward to hearing more from you.

starfish on 03/25/2011:
Sounds like you are doing wonderful :-)

V on 03/25/2011:
Hey Moogy!!! I am headed to bed soon but I just wanted to say I LUB You ;) Nite

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/26/2011:
WOW, moogy! I had no idea you were into politics. That was an awesome piece of writing. You should write editorials and send them in every so often to your LOCAL newspaper, i think that people who enjoy reading editorials would enjoy your writing VERY MUCH. or, you could attempt to write objectively, too, of course, for a local paper as a hobby if you did have the time! otherwise, i will always continue to enjoy reading everything you write here on DD, of course!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/26/2011:
Of what i've seen, who i've met from your country (I have a few Autralian friends from my days as a camp counselor), the Australlians are a fun-loving, friendly, and honorable people. My friend Leah has got to be one of the nicest people i've met, enjoys her life, is a hard worker but also knows how to have a good time. It seems that Australians have their priorities worked out properly. that, and the fact that you guys do not see a need for such conflict and harsh attitudes with other countries in the world. I like that attitude!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/26/2011:
I was looking in a few of your recent entries, it seems that you like some more exotic foods too - like the steak kidney pie! I'm not sure if that's for me, but you are right when you suggested to eat what works for me! It is totally the best method of "dieting."

Supercheese on 03/26/2011:
Yes, I see what you mean about the pink. Its my favorite dress for that reason (Makes me look tiny). Thank you for your advice :) Let me know what you think about spelt, I was thinking about it too. Always though Australian history was so interesting (and history in general). I'd love to go one day to see the great barrier reef and all the geology too and sydney as well! You said australia is your adopted country so where are you from originally?

biscottibody59 on 03/26/2011:
While I think it's admirable that voting is compulsory--it wouldn't fly here. And the electorate gets stupider and stupider here in the US--the tea party is evidence of that. And they drag along yet another group of people who wouldn't know how to vote their own interests (economic mostly) if you dragged them by the hand to the polls and then spelled it out in Sesame Street terms!

To your question, eating properly definitely helps my sleep. But the bigger issue for me is drinking ANY caffeine after my current ONE CUP OF COFFEE in the morning. It's hard for me to avoid caffeine in the afternoon/evening some days--you'd think I'd learn. Well, to credit myself, I am learning! It's good that I can still learn:-)

I'm taking my chances with the scale, maybe I'll have an interesting tale to tell soon--haha! I hope they send me something basic and sturdy!

Have a good Sunday!

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