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moogy - Friday May 18, 2012
(Intuitive Eating)
Weight: 0.0



It is the quality rather than the quantity that matters.  Lucius Annaeus Seneca
Today I am grateful for: our beautiful world, acts of kindness, feeling hopeful
Hello Lovely Girls, Another lovely Autumn day here in Sydney, cool and sunny, I think around seventy today! Yay! I was standing on my balcony when the sun had gone down and there was still a rosy sky in the west when about 400-500 cockatoos flew over right in front of me about 50 feet away. The noise was deafening but the joy I felt was undeniable! Such joy in their flight and freedom. They don't know what will happen tomorrow and just live in the moment. Screeching their bonds one with another. It lasted about two minutes and was beautiful with their stark white bodies against the darkening sky, put a smile on my face which has had a hangover effect into today:)
My son in law lost his job a couple of months ago and has started his own business which has got off to a flying start, so that is good news, as he pays the mortgage and the children's school fees. Also on the domestic front, he told my daughter that he doesn't want to get a divorce, not ready to move home but I coloured my daughter's hair this morning and their was a huge love bite on her neck.!!!! Why are men so slow??? Anyway, I hope you have a lovely weekend:) Love you girls:)
Yesterday's Food
hot chocolate, porridge
tuna and corn mornay
rye cruskits, rasperry jam, 60% philly cream

grannyannie on 05/19/2012:
Happy the weather is the cooler temps you enjoy. How nice you got to see the cockatoos display! We could learn from them by trying more to live in the moment. Good news with sil and daughter!! Stay tuned.

Mmm...love chocolate melting my mouth. I do like dark chocolate but nothing melts in your mouth like good ole Cadbury's milk chocolate!

grannyannie on 05/19/2012:
Oh, forgot. Locker room. LOL. There is a unisex locker room with lots of changing rooms. But hubby did steal a wee kiss before I left. ;-)

V on 05/19/2012:
Oh my!! You must keep us informed about D..Juicy tidbits..I am assuming the bites came from the hubby??? LOL I am off to work, chat with you later, LUB YOU!!

hollybelle on 05/19/2012:
Well, I wondered about the SiL and the job, etc., so I am glad the news is good. Could part of their problems been he was unhappy or stressed with his old job? Maybe he is happier and sees the rest of his life differently now that he's working for himself?? Hope all continues in the best way!

Maria7 on 05/20/2012:
I could just imagine those cockatoos as I read what you wrote about them. How sweet and wonderful! Glad your family is doing well and you, too. :-)

LeakingLife on 05/20/2012:
I hope you have a good week!

selina on 05/21/2012:
Those birds sound really lively, I can almost hear them!

Umpqua on 05/21/2012:
Sounds like things are going really well there :D I hope you had a great weekend!

liza36 on 05/21/2012:
Men...who can figure them out! Nice the job is going well. Hope you stay well.

moogy - Wednesday May 16, 2012
(Intuitive Eating)
Weight: 0.0



Nationalism is both a vital medicine and a dangerous drug Geoffrey Blainey - Australian Historian

Today I am grateful for: having a home, fresh water, good food

Hello Lovely Girls, Heading for around 70 degrees today, nice! I don't  have a great deal to report today, yesterday was a quiet one with a few cuddles and a bit of reading thrown in. I love it that the angel in so confident in my love for her that she just clambers up onto my lap and pushes her head into my neck with no consideration as to what I am doing and expects me to immediately start snuggling and kissing her (Which of course I do). If only we could be that confident and loved as adults:) I never want any of my grandchildren to feel anything but love and support from me, I will leave the discipline (except in the case of rudeness and ingratitude) to the parents. Children always need a safe haven to go to and I plan to be that place.:)

I had a funny sort of eating day yesterday, not a great deal of food but a block of chocolate, don't think that there was any emotion involved, I just felt like it. I dare say today it may be vegies, who knows. That's the beauty of intuitive eating.......it's all in the mind!!!! LOL  Love you girls:)

Yesterday's Food

hot chocolate, toast, marg, orange marmalade

chicken sausage, roasted pumpkin, peas, gravy

dark chocolate




V on 05/16/2012:
Hello there Moogy :) You would love the electrical storm :) Happy to hear that IE is working out so well for you..Have fun snuggling with the Angel, LUB YOU!!

nunnermack on 05/16/2012:
You are such a good Grandma and they'll always remember these moments with you!!!

LeakingLife on 05/16/2012:
Spartan--too funny!

grannyannie on 05/17/2012:
You are a fantastic granny! The only thing I regret about living abroad is the distance from my sweet granddaughters. :(

RYC my sister sews but since altering my dress 3 days before her only daughter's wedding won't be high on her agenda, I don't think that's an option. Actually it is a bit wide in the shoulders. As I recall I was buying this dress at the end of summer in a panic for a wedding. Not many choices and I believe they didn't have my size so I got the bigger one - a UK 16. I probably weighed about 15 - 20 pounds more than now, not at my max.

liza36 on 05/17/2012:
Your intuitive eating is going well.

All those little hugs must be wonderful! You are lucky!

Umpqua on 05/17/2012:
My MIL has the same grandparenting philosophy as you and the boys adore her. And they are exceptionally well behaved around her too, imagine that ;) Have a good one!

getmebackto150 on 05/17/2012:
Love your stories about your grandchildren... They are so lucky to have the unconditional love that you give!

selina on 05/18/2012:
Sounds like you are doing good! I'm planning to visit Australia this year - maybe for Christmas holidays. How's your artwork coming along? I can't wait to see your final product! Stay well, cheers!

moogy - Tuesday May 15, 2012
(Intuitive Eating)
Weight: 0.0



He is not a lover who does not love forever.   Euripides
Today I am grateful for: words of the prophets, being steadfast and immovable, being a forgiving person
Hello Lovely Girls, Chilly morning and a lovely sunny day to come, it was 41 degrees overnight up to 68 degrees today, I feel Winter in the air. Our Winter of course, most of you would laugh at what we consider to be a 'cold' day!! LOL Thank you for my welcome back and the support with the Intuitive Eating:) Another good day yesterday, actually I don't think you have 'bad' days eating this way! Whatever you do is just part of the learning and adjusting. I am finding that I can track back a day when I have wanted more food to some emotional trigger if I haven't managed to notice it when I was eating, and that is helpful as well.!
My usual day, a little cleaning, a little baking (Chocolate Covered Katie's deep dish cookie pie - the big boys like it as well!), a visit from the angel and afternoon tea with the school kids, no bad at all. My life has much sadness but also happiness with sprinklings of joy and I am grateful for all I have:) Love you girls:)
Yesterday's Food
malay fish curry and jasmine rice (1/2 small serve)
dark chocolate
crab and mayo sandwich (1/4 and a bit)

V on 05/15/2012:
Nice pressie :) Happy to hear that your Mother's Day was a good one! LUB YOU

V on 05/15/2012:
Never know til I get there..hahahaha ;)

hollybelle on 05/15/2012:
I love what you said - "no bad days eating this way"! That is a revelation! Don't worry about me in traffic - it is not for everyone but I am super careful and never take it for granted. Biker must always be defensive, because cars sure aren't. I only cycle in and out of heavy traffic across main intersections to get to a less travelled place. But anything can anywhere. See my post about tonights runner and dog incident! Hehehehe. The runner did apologize! Keep up the IE Mooogy - you are very intuitive soul!

getmebackto150 on 05/15/2012:
Great post today!! SO happy to hear you are doing well!

selina on 05/15/2012:
Sounds like you are doing wonderfully with your intuitive eating! Stay well!

thinkpositive on 05/16/2012:
You do find the bright moments in the day. learning and adjusting - the story of my life! I guess it could be worse, right?

Umpqua on 05/16/2012:
Heck yeah let's swap, we're getting plenty of rain here and it's very lush and green. I would love to visit your neck of the woods. Glad the kids are enjoying Katie's recipes too!

grannyannie on 05/16/2012:
You doing so well. Glad you get such pleasure out of the kids. Seeing my grandbabies very soon! I Skyped my SIL in Melbourne yesterday and she was all bundled up in a jumper and said it's been cold with torrential rain.

Wish you could sort out my dress for me! My sis says I can still find a dress when I arrive but they'll have autumn clothes out very soon. Hate that!

LeakingLife on 05/16/2012:
Hope it's another good day for you!

moogy - Monday May 14, 2012
(Intuitive Eating)
Weight: 0.0



Things start out as hopes and end up as habits.     Lillian Hellman

Today I am grateful for: perfect weather, being loved, loose clothes

Hello Lovely Girls, Sorry, sorry, sorry, Um! The story goes......I was cleaning my computer without turning it off first!!!!! It gets complicated after that!!!! All fixed now:) Today's quote reminded me of a saying a wise person told me a few years ago " Practice, Habit, Character", what you practice becomes a habit and habit's become part of your character. It helped me change some things that I didn't like about myself. Very valuable little saying that one:)

Anyway, life has being going on as normal here, some drama, lots of love and laughter. I was driving the angel to pre-school this morning and I could feel that my skirt was loose all around my middle. Now, you are not suppose to 'measure' yourself in anyway using Intuitive Eating, but, it is hard not to notice when I had to taken another skirt in the other day and finding it easier to fit into other clothes. I am mentioning this because I have been thinking that I have been eating too much lately. However, just as they say in the IE book 'it all balances out over time'. When I thought about it I really have only been eating about 3/4 of anything I have on my plate before I have had enough. It is amazing to me that when you have permission to eat anything and as much as you want the desire to eat any particular thing seems to minimise. Anyway! I have missed you and am glad to be back and have my computer up and running again. Must remember not to use anything damp.....must remember......must remember......  Love you girls:)


LeakingLife on 05/14/2012:
Slipping in here I see:-) Good going on your progress--shhhh let's not tell IT about it--haha!

nunnermack on 05/14/2012:
Such a good feeling when the clothes are loose!!! I'm visualizing it happening to me very soon!!

hollybelle on 05/15/2012:
Ah, good to see you back. Interested in your comments about IE. Sounds good and when I think about it - I do better when I don't tell myself certain foods aren't off limit and that I "can" have anything I want - but I make good choices and stay in touch with my hunger.

thinkpositive on 05/15/2012:
I love what you are saying about intuitive eating & so glad it's working for you.

grannyannie on 05/15/2012:
Missed you! Woohoo for loose clothes!

Tried on the dress for the wedding today and it's wearable because of the big sash around the waist which I can tighten but it's obviously too big in the top. It's at least 2, probably 3 sizes too big. I'll really need to find another dress!

V on 05/15/2012:
Welcome back! Did you have a good Mother's Day? I hope so.. I am headed out to work but i will catch ya later, LUB YOU

supercheese on 05/15/2012:
welcome back moogy!!!

Kati on 05/15/2012:
IE must help one with ED, right?

getmebackto150 on 05/15/2012:
So glad to hear that IE is working for you!!!!! Glad to hear from you:)

Umpqua on 05/15/2012:
Excellent news on having to take your skirts in, that's a sure sign of progress! Of course you are welcome to come visit me, we're only a few hours from Maine and only 2 hours from New York City. CT is small but centrally located :) LOL, the butt makeover is going well, the program comes with a "custom booty makeover guide" so you can target your exercises to whatever butt shape you may have haha. There's something for everyone! Have a good one :)

Bikiniwax85 on 05/15/2012:
Ah.. A size down you said??? Yay!! RYC. I know need to do something about it. Being too nice is not good that is why I am still with him I think... BTW, I am feeling good about being back! More motivated than ever!! :)

moogy - Wednesday May 09, 2012
(Intuitive Eating)
Weight: 0.0



The most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself.    Wallace Stevens

Today I am grateful for: my chocolate faced angel (3 year old granddaughter), knowing that everything turns out perfectly in the end, a warm bed

Hello Lovely Girls, Going for 77 degrees again today, it got quite warm up here yesterday afternoon with my full length windows and I had to throw open all windows, nice this time of year:) I am a little late getting my tush into gear today and I already have the angel with me (sitting next to me - face cleaned up after she had a little chocolate frog for her daily treat), she has been cuddling me while she watches her shows and I read. Of course, I have announced that she is to go downstairs after My Little Pony (kill me now!) and now she is on the floor getting ALL the toys out of the toy box!!!!! You have to understand that as a nana the only thing I correct is poor grammar and rudeness! I am used to picking up all the toys and count it toward my exercise!!! LOL

Another good day yesterday, feeling good and trusting my instincts, well, instincts and common sense, which do not necessarily go hand in hand:) I hope you have a good healthy and happy day:) Love you girls:)

Yesterday's Food

muesli, skim milk

tuna and mayo, alfalfa sprouts sandwich

chilli honey chicken, broccolini, jasmine rice

dark choc

selina on 05/09/2012:
Sounds like you are having a lovely day - My Little Pony, how girlie and sweet ;) Have a great day!

thinkpositive on 05/10/2012:
Sweet stories about your granddaughter. She's so fortunate to have you so close by.

V on 05/10/2012:
LOL! Well at least she didn't pick Dora, I know how much you LOVE that one ;) hahaha.. Yep i went to bed pretty early and if you have never watched The Boondock Saints, I think you would dig it.. I am sure that you are fast asleep by now so i will catch ya later..LUB You

V on 05/10/2012:
Oh RYC it is always a little slow this time of year right before the kids get out for summer.Management is still staffing like it is season. Too many people to make decent money..I am making sure that next week's schedule will be less slackers! LOL

thenewmle on 05/10/2012:
RYC, I have never sent anything back - ever! I'm a very non confrontational person. But you can bet if I go back, I won't order that again! It's hard because I cook so I can't hold people to my standards. That's why I cook so much. I would take my girls out to eat and they would always say Mom, you do better than this! Your painting yesterday was beautiful and calming.

Umpqua on 05/10/2012:
The boys went through a brief My Little Pony phase, haha. Did you know it has a cult following among older kids in the role playing/gaming/Dungeons & Dragons type realm? Bizarre! Have a good one :)

grannyannie on 05/10/2012:
You are doing fantastically! I miss my granddaughters when you talk about yours!! But I get to see them in less than 3 weeks :-)) I so envy your 77 degrees!

liza36 on 05/10/2012:
I love hearing about your grandchildren. They are lucky to have you as their nana. Picking up toys as exercise - lol - I'd sure count it!

TheMother on 05/10/2012:
I'm smiling as I read your post. I can just imagine how adorable your granddaughter is. I simply cannot wait until I become a Grandma (hopefully within the next two years). Hope you're having a wonderful day. I can feel the breeze from your open windows blowing on my face. Feels SO good.

Bikiniwax85 on 05/10/2012:
Moogy!! I took your advise and start posting again. Hahahha.. I need to fix my food intake. Need pointers and oh yes a boast as well!

thenewMLE on 05/10/2012:
On my comment earlier about the painting - it was Selina's painting I wanted to compliment! I guess it was early and I had so much to say to so many people I combined the 2 replies!!! Sorry Moogy!!!

hollybelle on 05/12/2012:
Where you been? I told a story about your comment to me on my diary today.....

LeakingLife on 05/14/2012:
I hope your week is going well so far!

moogy - Tuesday May 08, 2012
(Intuitive Eating)
Weight: 0.0



Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.   Joseph Campbell

Today I am grateful for: laughing with my daughter, living with my grandchildren, finding the joy everyday

Hello Lovely Girls, Going for 77 today and for the next couple of days! Just a smidge too warm for late Autumn! I had a hungry day yesterday, couldn't figure out if I had any 'feelings' that was causing this so just went with the flow. I wish now that I hadn't sat for so long waiting for inspiration to figure out why I needed to eat. By the time I finally did eat I was too tired to be bothered to prepare vegies!! Not happy about that. Learnt something else though, not to wait for too long before getting my food ready.!!! LOL

The princess and I had a lovely sleepover, as it is chilly at night now she snuggled in most of the night without kicking, it was lovely! Might have to give the angel another try after the disaster of her first attempt at a sleepover. I have my usual day today, a little cleaning, a little baking (coconut cake), a visit from the angel and afternoon tea with the three big schoolchildren.

Oh! I was lying on my side this morning and resting my arm on my hip and I felt bone, I felt bone, yes there is still a decent covering, but it was bone, definitely bone!!!! Yay!

mini tortilla wrap, banana, peanut butter

prawn wonton soup

deep dish cookie pie

chicken sausage, bread

dark choc

hollybelle on 05/08/2012:
What you described above about waiting to figure out if it's really hunger or not and then it being too late to fix decent vegetables, etc. ran a bell with me. I still do tht sometimes. I think I've gotten faster at figuring it out, but there is no hurry - every experience yields knowledge.

V on 05/08/2012:
Great progress Moogy :) Hey BTW I think it is time to file a petition to rid ourselves of TOM forever!! Hahahaha Let's do it, we will show those blowhards than make us suffer every month ;) Hahahah LUB YOU

nunnermack on 05/08/2012:
Yeah, I get that way too when I'm trying to focus in on whether I'm hungry or it's just my emotion. Hard to distinguish the two for me. Sometimes when I get that way I realize I haven't taken in enough protein that day. That's when I'll do the sleep walking 'vulture walk' as I call it. I raid the refer at midnight looking for protein.

Hey, that's great about feeling the hip bones!! I love that feeling!!

When you said 77 degrees is hot for Autumn I had to take a gander at where you lived. I completely forget about the seasons in other parts of the world. Actually, what am I saying, I live in SoCal now and I completely forget what time of the year it is period!! HA! Ha!! Seems like it's always spring here.

Well, have an awesome day....or night...whatever time of the day it is there!!

selina on 05/08/2012:
The photo is beautiful - I can imagine a forest like that in Japan, I've seen something similar - just stunning, thank you! Can't wait to see your watercolor! I'm like you - must eat when I'm hungry and can't wait, LOL. Lovely to sleep with your sweet grandchild - I fall asleep while chatting with my daughter at night and end up sleeping with her all night long, sometimes. Must enjoy her now - she'll go to college in a few years ;)

thinkpositive on 05/09/2012:
Hi Moogy- and yes I did have to buy a warmer jacket! Loved the cool air, blue skies and looking at the stars. Hope all is well with you.

Umpqua on 05/09/2012:
Good work Moogy and that is incredible weather you're having, enjoy it!

thenewMLE on 05/09/2012:
Hello bone!! Isn't that a neat discovery? I used to sleep with my knee tucked up in my chest and for the last year it was blocked by my stomach. Last month my knee made it back to my chest and now I am sleeping better! Maybe it was subconscious that I wasn't in my normal position, but whatever it was I was happy to not have my chest blocked with my tummy! Enjoy your Angel - will she help you prepare the Coconut Cake? My girls loved to bake with me. We would all fight over the bowl and the beaters. I told them as much as I love them, before them I didn't have to fight or share the bowl!! They thought that was funny. I miss my girls... I miss Coconut Cake.... I DON"T MISS MY BELLY!! hahahha! Have a great day!

moogy - Monday May 07, 2012
(Intuitive Eating)
Weight: 0.0



 A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of.   Jane Austen  (I know that this isn't so, but, I would really like to disprove it for myself)

Today I am grateful: for the comfort in which I live, for sun shining through lace, hydrangeas (especially pink ones)

Hello Lovely Girls, Chilly morning but going up to 72 today, perfect! I have had a lovely weekend, quiet without the children but I enjoyed watching a movie with my daughter and catching up on my reading. My eating has been going well, trusting myself seems to be the hardest thing to do after all these years of someone else telling me what to eat and how much to eat. In the main though it is good to be free of the 'voices' and the scale:)

I have quite a bit of cleaning to do today, making healthy lemon squares from Chocolate Covered Katie (yum!) for the children's afternoon tea, the angel is at pre-school today so I have a free day until school is over! Yay! More reading, my favourite thing, well, that and little peoples cuddles. The princess sleeps over tonight, so I have an evening of cuddling her while watching a show of her choice, she loves Toddlers and Tiara's and gives commentary ALL the way through, I am treasuring every moment. Times flies and you don't realise it until it is gone:) That's my wisdom for the day! Have a lovely day wonderful women:) Love you girls:)

Yesterday's Food

hot chocolate, muesli

sate chicken, snow peas, jasmine rice

deep dish cookie pie, 60% philly cream

V on 05/07/2012:
Hey there Moogy! So happy to hear how well your weekend went.What movie did you girls watch?? Humm..I am thinking a zombie flick? Hahaha Have a good day, LuB YOU :)

getmebackto150 on 05/07/2012:
Hi Moogy! I'm finally catching back up:) Glad to hear that you had a good weekend and have had good eating and weather:)

V on 05/07/2012:
LOL pretty close huh?? ;)

hollybelle on 05/07/2012:
Your weather sounds PERFECT INDEED! Thank you for your kind remarks and encouragement.

thenewmle on 05/07/2012:
I don't have any really little ones yet, but my baby (20 yrs old) likes to cuddle with me and comment on Toddlers and Tiaras!!! Her big thing is "Mom, those moms are crazy!!" I love Chocolate covered Katie! I read her recipes like most people enjoy mysteries! Let me know how her lemon squares are. My mom's aren't even close to healthy! have a great week!

selina on 05/07/2012:
Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers! They remind me of of rainy days, though, I don't know why... Sounds like you are having a great day!

nunnermack on 05/07/2012:
Hey Moogy, What are you reading? I am a huge reader too. I'm currently reading "The Lady and the Unicorn" by Tracy Chevalier for my book club. And yes, cherish the little one because they grow up sooo very fast!! Hope you have a great evening!!

Umpqua on 05/08/2012:
I'm a squatting machine now Moogy ;P I'm not a huge lemon fan (in baked goods, love lemonade) but I'll eat lemon meringue pie and stuff like that occasionally. I may try making these for a party or picnic, they look great for something like that!

liza36 on 05/08/2012:
Thanks for the link to intuitive eating, I will definitely check it out. I think I need to trust myself a little more because essentially I know what to do, I just don't make the most healthy choices all the time. Life is for learning...I'll get it eventually. Have a great day.

TheMother on 05/08/2012:
Sounds like a busy but fun day - enjoy!

moogy - Friday May 04, 2012
(Intuitive Eating)
Weight: 0.0

Friday Update: It's a bright sunshiny day, 74 degrees, the birds are singing, the children at school are playing and laughing, I am healthy and strong. What's not to be grateful for? Love you girls:)

Thursday's Food

apple juice

roasted, salted chickpeas

bread, chicken sausage

sate chicken, snow peas and jasmine rice

lindt passionfruit intense dark choc



A straight path never leads anyway but the objective.    Andre Gide

Today I am grateful for: feeling good, perfect weather days, finding the good

Hello Lovely Girls, Another perfect day here in Sydney, it is midday as I type and about 74 degrees! I love Autumn:) I have had a great morning after my early hours of being up and around, finally got back to sleep about five!! I think I may be in for a nana nap shortly:) I took the angel food shopping with me and there were not many people around in the supermarket so we actually played a game of running (yes! running) up the ailes, she was in the cart with her arms out 'flying' and laughing:) I got some funny looks, little short fat grandma running round, I don't care!

Had another good day yesterday. Eating slowly, tasting the food, listening to my body for that first little sign of fullness! I actually bought some apple juice today. I mention this because I haven't had juice in about 12 years because I felt it was just like drinking sugar because of the immediate effect it has of blood sugar. However, I love apple juice and as I am not denying myself anything, I got some. I had a half a glass and it was so funny to really taste it, slightly sour, like green apples, I sipped slowly and really enjoyed the experience! Nice! Also found some salted toasted chickpeas I am having for a snack and they are nice as well:) All in all a good morning. I am feeling really good, which as you know is a different sort of feeling for me as I struggle to find the happiness!! I hope you girls have a happy and healthy day:) Love you girls:)

Yesterday's Food

chocolate sustagen

potato and bacon soup

1/2 ham and tomato sandwich

deep dish cookie pie

selina on 05/02/2012:
Lol, I can just imagine you girls having a ball at the store! Oh well, YOLO (you only live once) Enjoy the nana nap and enjoy our day! Bonne journee'!

V on 05/03/2012:
Hey there Moogy! I am so thrilled that you are in such high spirits <3 LUB YOU

Umpqua on 05/04/2012:
I'm glad you're doing well! We keep pineapple juice in the house for hubby and the boys but I occasionally like to have a little, it's great mixed with a little soda water.

LeakingLife on 05/05/2012:
Hope it's been a good weekend for you!

Cheers--keep up the good work!

liza36 on 05/07/2012:
Like you, I have not had juice in years for the same reason. I'm glad you got to enjoy a little bit. And I'm thrilled you are feeling so good. Keep it up!

moogy - Tuesday May 01, 2012
(Intuitive Eating)
Weight: 0.0



This is my depressed stance. When you're depressed, it makes a lot of difference how you stand. The worst thing you can do is straighten up and hold your head high because then you'll start to feel better. If you're going to get any joy out of being depressed, you've got to stand like this.
Charlie Brown

Today I am grateful for: being a grandparent, pink roses, caring people

Hello Lovely Girls, Beautiful day here in Sydney, not sure what the temp is but feels just right, so probably in the low seventies! Yay! Loved this quote, as a depressed person I had a chuckle - love Charlie Brown but empathise with Eyeore, the depressed donkey. LOL It was grandparents morning at the second eldest boy and princess's school today. I walked round and meandered through until I found the princess's class, spent some time with her and then she informs me that she has left her weekly lunch order at home. OK, I will go and get it for you and bring it back. Back I come and spend some time with her playing maths games that looks suspiciously like training to work in a casino (just joking - they involved dice and playing cards!). Then off  I go to spend some time with the loving second eldest boy. He is now a senior and had been on 'gate duty' when I arrived. Swift and business like, we got through his books and I was politely told 'that's it nan, you can go now' - fair enough, I got up to leave only to be asked 'what's for afternoon tea?" Cheeky thing! I tell you I felt like I had done a good days exercise after I got home. The school has over 1000 students with no more than 25 in each class, so you can imagine how spread out it is. Just to make my get a little sweat up the children's classrooms where at one end and the other!!!

Had a good day yesterday but only after I thought I had made a mistake. I was hungry at 8pm at night!!! Was it the drug munchies or was I really hungry. I honoured my hunger and had two nut bars. This morning I felt a little disappointed, however, just to make sure I was doing OK I did a quick rough calorie count (shhh! don't tell anyone) and I had only had about 1200 during the day, so no wonder I was still hungry. Note to self: need to eat more during the day!  I hope you girls have a happy and healthy day:) Love you girls:)

Yesterday's Food

hot chocolate, porridge

choc sustagen (too busy reading to cook or eat!!! hence the nightime hunger - I am learning as I am going)

macaroni cheese

WW nut deluxe bar & coconut, apricot nut bar

LeakingLife on 05/01/2012:
Good to see you're getting so much out of your new thing--keep up the good work!

grannyannie on 05/02/2012:
You're doing great! So jealous of your weather.

RYC: last thing I need is a padded bra! LOL. I'm twice as big as I'd like to be! Will shop for a dress soon and will post of pic of me in it!

V on 05/02/2012:
Hello there Moogy! I hope you had a good day, Lub You

selina on 05/02/2012:
Lol - the quote is funny!

We don't have grandparents day's at school in the US, I wonder why... they had it in Japan, I remember and I thought it was the nicest thing to honor the people so much involved in the children's lives - my daughter never had a grandparent to come because they were overseas, but I think they would have adored it!

Have a great day!

hollybelle on 05/02/2012:
Oh yes, that top hat was famous. I read in an on line biography that it came from a movie studio and after a while he had thrown it about and the like and the lining came out of it and he noticed it said "Al Jolson" on the inside. I have been lucky enough to see many wonderful performers live in my lifetime. I still have one all-time favorite that I haven't seen and now I don't know if I will get to - as he is getting old - Van Morrison. He doesn't tour much in the U.S. So I'll just have to keep an eye out.

hollybelle on 05/02/2012:
P.S.Good job on the honoring hunger. Sometimes I am hungry after supper/dinner and I will eat something. Often I am not hungry at dinner time and eat light but then it's not enough to go through the night - really depends on what I have for lunch, usually.....

thenewMLE on 05/02/2012:
I'm glad you enjoyed grandparent's day with both of the kids!! Isn't it funny that when we are occupied we sometimes forget to eat? (or eat enough?) Have a great day!!

grannyannie on 05/02/2012:
LOL, aye no padded bras here, although it's impossible to find a tshirt bra that isn't padded, even when they are huge!

Besides grammar, I'm having trouble remembering which nouns are m/f.

grannyannie on 05/02/2012:
I just love the bra sizes here - so different from the US. They are measured differently. In the UK I'm a 32 F (but had been a 32 FF). How weird is that?

hollybelle on 05/02/2012:
Yeah, no, I don't think thyroid supplement helps with sleep. I hope getting everything balanced helps, though. I have had insomnia for over 20 years. Meaning I go to sleep, but don't stay asleep. I used to wake up between midnight and 3:00 and either not go back to sleep or stay up a couple of hours and THEN fall back asleep. Now I go back to sleep after 1-1.5 hours and I sleep deeper than I used to, but it's still a PAIN.

selina on 05/02/2012:
You are right, we can learn a lot making mistakes, maybe more so than when we get it right. It's nice getting it right the first time, though ;) Have a lovely day, Moogy et `a bientot :)

V on 05/02/2012:
Good Morning!!

moogy - Monday Apr 30, 2012
(Intuitive Eating)
Weight: 0.0



Forgiveness is the final form of love.    Reinhold Niebuhr 

Today I am grateful for: rainbows, the moon and stars on a clear black night, my strong resilient body

Hello Lovely Girls, Lovely weather, really cold mornings and evenings and sunny cool days!! Perfect! It is the 1st May here, time is whizzing by and getting faster each year. I had a good weekend, which means of course that I was happy with my eating. Listening to what my body would like and eating it. I am not having any cravings, managing my feelings more easily and generally feeling as if I am getting somewhere. I received the IE book in the mail yesterday and so I will be reading it and gaining more knowledge. However, I am thinking this is the answer for me, not dieting is the solution. I was giving myself my regular 'feel up' this morning and I can feel that my body is changing! I have more energy as well. Part of the IE way of eating is to exercise (Yuk!), not to lose weight, or get a sweat up but just to enjoy moving. This is a big barrier for me and I shall cross that bridge (no pun intended) when I get to that chapter!!

I have taken the angel to pre-school and have a little baking, a little cleaning, a little cooking and lots of reading to do today. I hope you girls have a good day:) Love you girls:)

Yesterday's Food

cheese on toast, hot chocolate

pumpkin, pecan and ginger deep dish cake

chicken and vegetable soup

dark chocolate

V on 04/30/2012:
Thrilled to hear that IE is working so well for you Moogy :) Enjoy your afternoon alone, i am sure all the kids will be busting through the door for Nana Time :) Oh and RYC it is easy to smile between the sweat when I am getting my workout fix! LOL Have a good day, LUB YOU

Umpqua on 04/30/2012:
I forgot you had asked about the nutty protein squares, I have the recipe posted on my blog here: http://www.fitfoodieforlife.com/2012/04/nutty-chocolate-chunk-protein-squares.html

I'm a little hesitant to post any "dessert like" recipes in the forums here since chocolate and peanut butter are major triggers for some folks. I would love to get your new version of the deep dish pie recipe when you get a chance, and great news on the IE working for you!

sweetpea1977 on 04/30/2012:
Glad you are doing well with intuitive eating!

hollybelle on 05/01/2012:
Oh, yes, I wish he had played some of he stuff he played with Joe Cocker. Werent those the days? I really wouldn't want to go back though. I am more confident now.I wouldn't want to go back to those insecure days of my youth! LOL! I am happy you are enjoying being intuitive!

grannyannie on 05/01/2012:
Wonderful! So glad you've found what works for you and you're feeling good! You're doing so great!

RYC: family saw me at goal weight at xmas but then I was wearing heavy winter clothes. If I can't find a dress I like for the wedding I'll wear the same one I wore at her brother's 5 years ago. :-( It will fit because it's got a long sash for waist and I can just tie it tighter. Of course, it will be too big in the boobs. Hmm..better go shopping.

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