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moogy - Sunday Aug 08, 2010
(Weight Watchers Points)
Weight: 229.2

Hello Girls, It is Sunday morning and yet again, for the third week in a row I didn't get to go to church, previous two weeks due to my illness but today my daughter has a tacky heart (irregular heart beat - see my bio for full story), so it's all hands on deck just in case she needs to go to hospital. The tacky heart happens quite often and is always scary, usually meds and rest settle it down but as her mommy it is hard to see her scared - not much scares her but this particular thing does. I could feel her heart jumping around all over the place desperatly trying to get a regular beat.

I had the angel with me for a couple of hours just so her mom could lay down and the other kids know how to look after themselves - they are used to having a mommy that needs to rest now and again - even the princess goes into competent mode!! Son-in-law is still in bed because the angel was up most of the night - it never rains but it pours. I am writing my food menu down but not promising anything, when these episodes happen it just brings the whole daughter dying before me reality to the fore.. I have handled lots of tough stuff in my life but can't find a way around living with this and watching her slowly deteriorate over the next 15 years as I turn into an old lady.  I never ask why me - I always think why not me, I am not any better than anyone else but I don't think it is fair for her to suffer and for my grandchildren to be left without a mother, the boys will be in their late twenties but the girls will still be teenagers. It is heartbreaking. Anyhow, here what a should be eating.

hot chocolate, porridge                 5

fish fillet, corn on the cob (from last night)    4

seasoned chicken thingh, cauliflower, green beans, peas, gravy,    5

hot chocolate, bodywise bars           2

                  total                                    16

UPDATE: Well, it is now mid Sunday afternoon, my daughter is now resting and her heart has settled down. So imminent emergency over, for now, thank you  for all the support and prayers.


Progress as of today: 5.8 lbs lost so far, only 89.2 lbs to go!

just42day on 08/07/2010:
I posted 2 recipes today - check the recipe section of this site and you should find both. Hope that helps!

sweetpea1977 on 08/07/2010:
Im so sorry to about your daughter. I can't even begin to imagine what are going through. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. xoxoxo

2luvself on 08/07/2010:
I am sorry to hear about your daughter. I know how much she means to you. Take the time to listen to the concerns and needs of your angel. Let her know that you are there for her and are willing to listen and meet her needs wherever possible. Which I think you are doing for her right this moment. In the event that you cannot do much, your physical presence sends a message of support to your baby girl.

Learn to live as fully as possible while accommodating the presence of the illness she is dealing with. It helps for your family member not to feel like a liability by seeing you as whole and able on a daily basis. SO it is equally important to look after yourself and keep a positive mind set.

I pray for the best case scenario in the next 15 years. And in 15 years a new medication-surgery-cure can always come into play. So hold tight to the faith and be strong my girl.

Our thoughts are with you.

Maria7 on 08/07/2010:
I prayed for you and your family. Hope your Daughter feels better.

Umpqua on 08/07/2010:
That is truly devastating to read about your daughter. What a strong person you are and need to be to live through this, as well as her husband and daughters. I also hope some medical advances are made in the coming years. I'm thinking of you and your family.

V on 08/07/2010:
Your family is so blessed to have you to turn to. I will pray for your family my friend :) Please keep us updated if you are not too busy. I love you girl

selina on 08/08/2010:
Moogie, I can't even start to imagine how painful it must be for you to watch your daughter's suffering, I am so sorry to hear about your plight. You are a wondrful mum and grandmother and have made yourself available to be there for them, just a step away - it warms my heart just thinking of that. Take care of yourself, warm hugs to you.

selina on 08/08/2010:
I don't know the name of the flower, Moogy. Sorry. I think it's a variety of thistle... they are very prickly and dry beautifully...

nosetwitch on 08/08/2010:
I'm so sorry about your daughter. My thoughts are with your family.

biscottibody59 on 08/08/2010:
Glad it turned out well for your daughter. As a caregiver I'm sure you know you have to take good care of yourself--hard to do on a day like yesterday.

Hope you get some time to yourself or whatever you count as "recharging."

cleaneating on 08/08/2010:
You are an amazingly strong woman,and a wonderful mother(and grandma)to your family.I am so pleased your daughter is okay,I can't imagine the worry it must all bring. I hope you get some rest and you can relax after your stressful time this weekend.

KathyBlue on 08/08/2010:
It must be so hard for you! I think you're living life to the fullest, I mean you're living with them, and you are a young mommy and grandmommy! Maybe that 15 year prediction is not that precise and with care you can extend to much more beautiful years. And of course, 2luvself is right, maybe they will discover some new treatment, they have new technologies, knowledge, science is better and better, on a daily basis!

moogy - Saturday Aug 07, 2010
(Weight Watchers Points)
Weight: 229.2

Yesterday, I was obsessing about donuts. Didn't have any because I would have had to go out and get them , would have had to go to the shopping centre about 10 mins drive away and to do that I would have had to put going out clothes on, put a face on, do my hair, dodge little girls downstairs, the list goes on. It just wasn't worth the effort. My daughter and I often (well, not that often) discuss, why is it that there is no diet on which one can eat donuts. Low carb - you get to eat cheese, chicken with it's skin, all sorts of yummy cheesecakes. Low cal - you get to eat just about anything in proportion - except donuts, and I do mean donuts, plural. I mean one is bad enough, enough calories for a whole day just about. I am just musing that it would be nice to live in a world where donuts were vituous, like sushi!!!

Well, the upshot of all this obsessing was that I didn't plan my food - someone should have noticed that and said something!!!!! I am depending on you girls you know!!! Anyway, I was OK, with breakfast, and the chicken teriyaki sushi (yum!)  and I wasn't hungry for ages, but then dah! dah! I got hungry, checked my book and nothing was written down, nothing was out of the freezer, so I just sat. What an idiot!! I have done this before, all I have is food is the house (as oppossed to snacks, goodies, nice things to comfort me - you know what I mean) so after about four hours - by this time it is 6.30 at night and I am REALLY hungry, I open the fridge and freezer and stand there - you know with one arm over the top of the door, looking for inspiration and what do I spy, my grandsons meat pies - so OK, I am off - into the oven they go and voila half an hour later hot pies to eat. Then of course, I have blown the day so I get my daughter to give me chocolate (she knows chocolate equals love - I have taught her well!!) and I eat all that as well - it was yummy!!

So, the lesson we have learned is make sure I have planned my day and written in down. I will take most of the responsibility - the planning, the cooking, the eating, but I am expecting you to take some of the responsibility of making sure I have written down what I am going to eat so I can GET IT OUT OF THE FREEZER!!!!!! Thank You.

Have a wonderful weekend teamies!!

hot chocolate, porridge                     5

chicken sausages, mashed potato, peas, brussel sprouts, gravy   8

fish fillet, corn on the cob                3 (UPDATE: didn't eat this, I wasn't hungry)

hot chocolate, bodywise bar          2

                total                                    15

Progress as of today: 5.8 lbs lost so far, only 89.2 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 08/06/2010:
Good for you on avoiding those donuts. You forgot one other reason you were able to avoid them - having to confess to us ladies and fearing our wrath! :-)

I KNEW something was missing from your diary yesterday. Of course, your meal plan!! Next time that I dont see it, I will definitely point it out to you!!

Thanks for the kinds thoughts. My hubby is real good at taking care of me whenever he is home and he usually takes over the main parenting role on the weekends when he isn't busy mowing our lawn. He's a real good man and I am lucky to have him! :)

2luvself on 08/06/2010:
Sounds like we both had a bit of a roller coaster night. I am glad we can work through it together. Only 40 minutes before my husband gets home where I will tell him to eat em up or take them out of the house. And if he refuses and tells me to have some self control... at this point I think I may dramatically just through the suckers out in front of him so that he know just how serious I am about them.

V on 08/06/2010:
Awww Moogy :( Snap out of it!!!!! No f*****g donuts. From now on I will watch like a hawk!!!!! LOL

cleaneating on 08/07/2010:
I am with you on planning my food unless all hell could break loose with me! What kind of fish do you like to eat? I have no big plans for this weekend,I am off to the gym today and tomorrow I am thinking I am hoping to do some weeding and general tidying in my garden,if the weather permits. I hope you enjoy your weekend Moogy :)

selina on 08/07/2010:
You are right on, Moogie, thanks for the reminder!

I'm glad you were able to avoid the donuts! Planning one's meals is a very important thing to do, I agree. Your menu today does look yummy. Have a great weekend!

KathyBlue on 08/07/2010:
LOL, Never never never liked donuts! :-) See, the meal plan... lol. I don't write it down in a book, I have everything written here. As I have constant access to Internet... OK, if the site would die suddenly, I would lose all my history. EXCEPT for the weight I've lost so far - for good! :)

WI3 on 08/07/2010:
LOL I loved that recount of your day! Way to go on avoiding them! I love donuts as well and could EASILY eat a dozen in one go. No lie and as God is my witness. :) Have a gorgeous day!

KathyBlue on 08/07/2010:
I'm struggling with an ice-cream craving though...

geevee on 08/07/2010:
Planning is a "must" for me. Seldom do I deviate from it. It makes budgeting food somuch easier.

Umpqua on 08/07/2010:
Glad you resisted the donuts, but sorry about the planning struggle. I sometimes run into trouble if i don't at least have a game plan for the day in mind. I hope today (or tomorrow i guess) is better for you!

biscottibody59 on 08/07/2010:
I'm the same way with donuts--every so often I just have to have one or two or . . . crazy! Luckily it's rare!

Have yourself a wonderful Sunday!

moogy - Thursday Aug 05, 2010
(Weight Watchers Points)
Weight: 229.2

Hello Girls,  Well, I got the cleaning done, even moved the furniture around. Wow, I found more stuff  under the settee's than I knew I had. It's the angel, I have a huge tin of buttons (it's kind of an heirloom, it was my mom's and I have been adding to it - some people pass down silver, we pass down buttons - it takes all sorts!!) she comes up and hauls this tin out of a cupboard and sets about distributing them around the rooms. I am so sick of buttons - I can't tell you. It's her little face asking for them - I can't say no to her. Anyway, I must have found a couple of dozen buttons secreted away under various furniture peices, in corners, need I go on. Well it's clean now, until she arrives later this afternoon!!!!!

I have to tell you that for the past 24 hours all I have thought about is flippping donuts, they are everywhere, on the TV, in my dreams - I was floating on a sea of donuts, can you imagine, oh man, I can do without that kind of extra pressure I can tell you. I am not even going to look there today. I am having virtuous sushi for brunch today, usual breakfast, after that I may see if anyone home delivers DONUTS!!!!!!! LOL

Progress as of today: 5.8 lbs lost so far, only 89.2 lbs to go!

V on 08/05/2010:
I am going to virtual hypnotize you right now Moogy...Look closely at my words No donuts for you!!!!!! I hope that worked :) Now you posed a question to me about what I would be doing if I didn't have to work.....Well a personal trainer is the first thing that comes to mind...So what would 1 do with the rest of the 20 or so hours in the day,I would definitely come to visit you my love and the rest of my Divas because it would be dangerous for a naughty girl like myself to have idle time, I imagine ALL of the possibilities ;)

sweetpea1977 on 08/05/2010:
Oh my! Donuts! Stay away moogy, stay away!!

Have fun with your little angel. :)

Umpqua on 08/05/2010:
Bad donuts, bad donuts! I hope you have a great day :)

V on 08/05/2010:
Please feel free to make all of the comments you want to say! I knew you would appreciate my story :)

nosetwitch on 08/05/2010:
thanks!! yeah, i am actually horrible at estimating restaurant entrees. i never know if i'm even close to being right. the chicken tikka masala i listed is from Trader Joe's, though, so it has the calorie info on the back.

V on 08/05/2010:
And Moogy strikes again!!!!! Bravo! :) You really call it as you see it..

just42day on 08/05/2010:
Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I appreciate it. I'm actually quite taken with your family's button collection. Be thankful the family doesn't collect knives or elephants. Just think what that would do to your house...

2luvself on 08/06/2010:
Its funny how it can be so hard to reach out and touch someone on a day to day basis. Seems like people have a lot of missed connections when what we don't know about them is that when they go home they think quite similar to us. In that they want companionship- be it friendship or more and they don't know how to bridge the gap.

My mother didn't find her best friend until she was 52 years old. They spent a lot of tea times together and went out for lunch and the hair salon. So its never to late to meet that perfect girl friend just for you.

I guess we just have to keep putting our feelers out there and see if we get a bite or two.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/06/2010:
wow! donuts!! haha. just kidding!

No, I'm not doing ice cream for breakfast on purpose. I'm under a bit of stress for this past month and I tend to reach for whatever tastes I really want. Lately, it's been biscuits with cheese and ice cream!

selina on 08/06/2010:
Donuts - That's one thing I have never liked - it's way too greasy for me! Once I saw something on TV that really put me off - they dropped a donut in the water and the grease that formed around it on the surface of the water was huge, shiny and disgusting! (Sorry for that, couldn't help it but telling the story!) Now, BUTTONS I like! I have a huge collection of them in a jar and I can't throw them away. You gave the idea of passing them on to my daughter with the Will stating that "button collection and all worldly possessions bequeathed to Ms.... " Ha!

Have a great day!

Maria7 on 08/06/2010:
I LOVE donuts, especially donut holes from the Krispy Kreme over here, don't know if y'all have KK over there? People collect different things...lots of people collect buttons (very useful, btw)... I collect animated music boxes. I used to collect clocks a long time ago, then eventually sold most of them and don't have many now and have begun collecting animated music boxes. I have 3...little figurenes of people skate around a Christmas tree in a village that has houses and even a beautiful church in the bottom of the music box all lit up pretty and on top, bells play different tunes. Hubby bought me all 3 over the past few years. Another one is a music box house that has a lighted ballroom with couples dancing together, twirling around, while music plays. The recent one he bought me, is a music box curio cabinet with people figurenes in sleighs, some couples with Christmas gifts, circling a church, all lit up with Christmas trees and lamp posts outside the church, while bells on top of the music box and other music play different tunes. Soooo, we all have different things we collect.

Hope you had a nice visit with your Mom! :-D

hollybelle on 08/06/2010:
See my post - a co worker brought in two dozen donuts - one of my favorite things and I promise you right now I will NOT have one. So, if I can do it - you can too! It's not that we can't have them - we just choose not to! Right? Right!

KathyBlue on 08/06/2010:
I'm glad you took time to see the video. I didn't learn anything new either buuuuut I was so amazed by science... :) I mean, I would love to have that "water" to measure my calorie intake on the next day, lol now that would save me time and would certainly help me. They should have this in pharmacies like pregnancy tests, lol...

moogy - Thursday Aug 05, 2010
(Weight Watchers Points)
Weight: 229.2

Good Thursday Morning Girls, Well, the time has arrived, I have to do some cleaning today, didn't to any last week, but as I can now breathe normally I must get a wriggle on. It wouldn't be so bad, after all it is only me that lives up here - but - and there is always a but isn't there? I am known as the Talc Queen, have been the Queen for about thirty years, I don't have showers (three this summer past) I bathe (as you would expect from a Queen) and the ritual is followed by a liberal dusting of talcum powder. Of course, the powder finds it's sneaky way everywhere. So after a week of bathing and no dusting the apartment looks like a gentle snowfall has graced us. It starts out pretty heavy in the bathroom and then eases of through the bedroom and stairwell and finally dies down in the dining area. Like a fairy has waved her wand " Moogy, you shall have snow".

Anyway, enough of the meandering, I am having a good cleaning day today, get myself moving, I love the end bit of cleaning, when you can sit down and let out a deep breath. Have a wonderful evening, day  'whatever", love you girls.

hot chocolate, porridge                     5

chicken, broccolini, snow peas, noodle, stir fry       7.5

hot chocolate, bodywise bar              2

                        total                               14.5

UPDATED: Everything seemed to get pushed back today, maybe it was the cleaning, didn't have my porridge until 11, so lunch at 3.30, so my snack at 6 and I am out for the day!! Bonus!!

Progress as of today: 5.8 lbs lost so far, only 89.2 lbs to go!

V on 08/04/2010:
Love you too Moogy :)

sweetpea1977 on 08/04/2010:
lol, you are too cute. Have fun cleaning up the snow! :)

Meal plan looks great, by the way. Enjoy!!

Maria7 on 08/04/2010:
Wow, your menu looks delicious! :-) Hope you have a nice Thursday...as for us over here, we're still in Wednesday! :-)

just42day on 08/04/2010:
Yes, your menu looks lovely. (I'll pass on the brussel sprouts - thankfully I like other veggies.) Now that you've spent the day cleaning, you deserve a relaxing bath followed by lots of Talc... .hmmm do you see a pattern developing?

2luvself on 08/04/2010:
Cleaning can be a great way to get the body moving so good for you. I heard somewhere if you vacuumed and swept the floors for 30-60 min it would be the same as the calories in a candy bar canceled out.

V on 08/04/2010:
You know what I love about you???? You are a no nonsense woman who calls it like it is :)

2luvself on 08/04/2010:
I was talking to V about a certain someone and this is my thoughts on the matter. Well to be honest when I am not on my diet I most definitely could eat the same as her. Or at least when I was younger that was how it went. I don't think I could revert so badly to the same type of menu that she has. I guess my conclusion is that she is extremely young like 18-22 years of age. And she is suffering from a decease called "obsessive over eating". Something I found out was an actual syndrome that people can go to clinics for and there are also support groups in the city. This is where she is at now a good metabolism rate but zero knowledge of how to actually diet. I am relieved that she is seeking help, but my patients is thin and I kinda want to smack her with a reality check but without actually scaring her away. She needs help. My other theory is that she is a stoner. Munchie mayhem is happening and MarryJane has studies that show your metabolism sky rockets when your on it.

Yeah I don't know.... I want to shake her and be like WOMAN YOUR KILLING YOURSELF. smarten up. But thats only because I was so similar to her when I was younger and its more of an anger at myself for getting to this weight in the first place.

2luvself on 08/04/2010:
Yeah I understand... I sorta snapped at the donut thing today.

Bikiniwax85 on 08/04/2010:
Happy Thursday too!!! I love thursdays!! Coz I know tomorrow is Friday!! Yay!... Let me bow to you my Talc Queen! Lolz.. Hugs..

2luvself on 08/05/2010:
your menu looks great by the way.

selina on 08/05/2010:
Thank you, Moogie, I hope to see your art here, too. I love pen and ink ...

selina on 08/05/2010:
You sound so full of energy today and I love it! Your talcum story is funny, lol! Have a great day!

selina on 08/05/2010:
Thanks, Moogie! Actually it's not that bad, hehe, the move I mean. I'm pretty laid back, actually. It's only this time around that I was a bit intent about getting rid of stuff since we were overweight, we were told... And I shall be here on DD until the very last minute on Monday, lol

cleaneating on 08/05/2010:
I had a sneaky weigh in I couldn't resist,I pleased to say the scales says I have lost 1.2lbs. Are you going to have a sneaky one? Again your chicken dish sounds very very nice! Have a good day :)

Umpqua on 08/05/2010:
I hope you had a good battle with the talc :) Have a great day!

Maria7 on 08/05/2010:
Good morning, Moogy! :-)

Maria7 on 08/05/2010:
I guess it must be about 8:13am there as it is 6:13pm here. Hope you have a nice Friday! :-)

moogy - Wednesday Aug 04, 2010
(Weight Watchers Points)
Weight: 229.2


It is 9 am here in Sydney, chilly but sunny. I am not really game to mention anything that may be misconstrued by you cheeky girls. The guy was about 60 (well, that is not to old for me - but, I am still married, even though I have been seperated for nine years, my husband and I still love each other, just can't live together - painful but true) and he was very nice. Had a little hicupp last night - won't go into the ugly details, just lets say it wasn't very ugly.... just a little.

Today, I have a lovely easy day, make something for my grandsons's afternoon tea,  the princess sleep's with me on Tuesday night's (it has become a tradition with her, last week when I was sick she said her body didn't feel right in her own bed - cute) so I am always a little tired on Wednesday mornings from all the cuddling. Isn't life tough for nanna's? The angel will probably come up a little later and 'lud' me for a while.  Hang on!! it is getting pretty busy at Chez Nanna after all!!!! LOL

Mint Sauce - One bunch fresh mint, remove leaves and chop finely, boil a couple of cups of vinegar in a saucepan, add mint leaves and turn off heat, add 2 tablespoons sugar and stir. Allow to cool. pour into bottles and keep in the fridge. If you want to adjust the sweetness just add a little more sugar. If you want to make mint jelly, add approx 1 1/2 tablespoons dry gelatine to 1/4 cup hot water to dissolve and add to warm mint mixture, stir well and decant into jars.

Have a wonderful day ladies.

hot chocolate, porridge                         5

fish fillet, corn on the cob, oven baked chips     4

hot chocolate, bodywise bar                2

steak, cauliflower, zucchini, pumpkin, gravy, hot English mustard        5.5

                             total                           16.5

Progress as of today: 5.8 lbs lost so far, only 89.2 lbs to go!

V on 08/03/2010:
Ooooooh Moogy you sly vixen! I for one approves your naughtiness :)

Maria7 on 08/03/2010:
Good morning...it's nitetime over here! :-) Your menu looks real good. Thanks for the compliment. Have a nice day! :-)

sweetpea1977 on 08/03/2010:
You are such a good nanna!! :)

Thank you so much for the sauce and jelly recipes. I knew you would have some good recipes to share.

Not sure if I told you this, but I am part Australian. My paternal grandmother was born and raised there (not sure what part) and met my grandfather (French-American) when he was stationed there with the US Army. They eventually moved to the USA and started having kids. Sadly, my grandmother passed away at 89 years of age in May. I will miss her wit, loving advice, and her thick Aussie accent. Long story short, seeing or hearing someone from her homeland always brings a smile to my face as it reminds me of my wonderful grandma. :)

Moody3 on 08/03/2010:
:::agreeing with V::::heh

What a sweet nanna you are~One of these I'll be one (not for at least 5 years I hope tho, my son is just starting college next month and the last thing he needs is to become a father)~but yeh, it'll be sweet to be someones Nanna someday! I love your stories!

2luvself on 08/03/2010:
haha when you said "hiccup" I read it as "hookup" at first. LOL you don't even need to misconstrue things I know I am already reading what I want to hear...lol

V on 08/03/2010:
Your mint sauce sounds amazing! Thank you for sharing and putting up with my cheekiness :)

Bikiniwax85 on 08/03/2010:
ahh... thats so sweet :) Hey moogy! are you on FB? :)

Bikiniwax85 on 08/03/2010:
Yea, your right!! I so agree with you on that one. Erm, some time he can say he love seeing me sweat??!!?? What is that suppose to mean? Geez, lolz..

moogy on 08/03/2010:
No I am not on FB, my illness(Dysthemia) makes it almost impossible to juggle to much information. It is like my mind just fizzes out and I can't see or understand what is in front of me. My daughter handles anything to complex for me - I used to run a community centre with 12 staff as well as teach adults at a further education centre. So I was once very capable - time and circumstances have combined to compromise me. Sad but my reality. Some people are much worse off, I am grateful to be able to come here and chat with you wonderful women.

Bikiniwax85 on 08/03/2010:
Oh dear, But, you still can cook those awesome food! you have a very good sense of humor! Inspiration moogy!! Sometimes I wish I could be more positive towards life like you do! Hugs! Love ya women!!! I am so visiting you next year for my trip to AU! A good friend of mine is getting marry in Brisbane next year. It will be somewhere around May next year.. Ehe..

V on 08/03/2010:
I agree Bikini! I look forward to talking to moogy everyday! You are such a sweetheart Moogy!!!!

KathyBlue on 08/04/2010:
ahhh, a rewarding life of a grandma over there :-) My mother is a Taurus so I should the queen of the house, center of attention, etc... but it's not true, I moved to my grandparents' house when I was 13... :-) BTW my man is a Leo too, imagine! :) "Pick that dirty sheet up from the floor.." "But it wasn't me throwing that away"... "Wasn't me either!" ... (then, normally I give up and pick it up LATER... because I'm the woman... and therefore wiser.. :D)

selina on 08/04/2010:
Moogy, sounds like you are feeling SO much better! Have a great week!

Umpqua on 08/04/2010:
Glad you're getting some extra exercise in ;) Have fun with those grandbabies!

tangalyn on 08/04/2010:
ooooh sounds like u had some excitement :) hope u have a great day today!

sweetpea1977 on 08/04/2010:
thanks for the recipe correction! :)

biscottibody59 on 08/04/2010:
That mint sauce sounds intriguing--will let you know! I haven't had a lamb shank in a month of Sundays:-)

cleaneating on 08/04/2010:
I hope you have had a nice day :)

Maria7 on 08/04/2010:
Good Thursday morning, Moogy! Looking forward to reading your entry. Hope you're having a nice day! :-)

moogy - Tuesday Aug 03, 2010
(Weight Watchers Points)
Weight: 229.2

OK , it is 7.45 am on Tuesday morning and I have had the pay TV guy here for half and hour fixing my service. Quite a treat to have a man in my place!!!!!! Anyhow, I am feeling good, ready to get back into the fray! I have read all the diaries and made the usual wise, witty or sarcastic comments. I am planning on eating real healthy food today and getting back in the saddle.

hot chocolate, porridge                5

toasted ham and tomato sandwich             4

hot chocolate, bodywise bar        2

roasted lamb shank, roasted parsnip, carrots, green beans, peas, gravy, mint sauce                                                                  5.5

                                       total                             16.5

Updale: I am glad I didn't mention the service man might come back this pm to "fiddle with the settings a bit"!!!!! You norti girls would have laughed yourselves silly!!

Progress as of today: 5.8 lbs lost so far, only 89.2 lbs to go!

just42day on 08/02/2010:
Getting back in the saddle with the TV repair guy are you? I won't tell. :)

V on 08/02/2010:
HaHa!!!! too funny just42day, you beat me to the punch, you know what they say dirty, oops I mean great minds think alike :)

Maria7 on 08/02/2010:
Good on your points, Moogy! Hope you have a nice Tuesday while we over here are finishing out Monday.... :-)

Moody3 on 08/02/2010:
So glad to hear that you are feeling better~just be careful to not over do anything or push yourself too hard~don't want a relapse!!

Looks like a great day Moogs~Keep it up!!!!

SkinnyGrlWithin on 08/02/2010:
lol I'm definitely gonna keep doing it... I can tell you what I did if you'd like to join!!! =) All you need is a ball and some hand weights and you can do it at home!

just42day on 08/02/2010:
tee hee. I only wrote what everyone else was thinking about your TV repair guy....

Bikiniwax85 on 08/02/2010:
Women! Thanks for the comment! It is very true. I made the decision to come back home from AU after uni to be nearer to my dad just finding out now that I am still far away from him. BTW, Hows the Cable guy? Cute? lolz..

WI3 on 08/03/2010:
Have a wonderful day!

2luvself on 08/03/2010:
mmmm did he have a uniform? *dreamystair* wait I am married... thats right... lol *checks shoulder for husband*

Maria7 on 08/03/2010:
I just checked your time and it was 10 am, 080310 here and at Sydney, Australia it was 12 am, 080410. Sweet dreams!

nosetwitch on 08/03/2010:
thanks for the advice. i'm only on birth control currently, but i should discuss the st. john's wort with my doctor!

sweetpea1977 on 08/03/2010:
hahaha, I love J42D's and V's comments. I was thinking along the same lines. ;)

Good job on your foods. My husband and I would have loved your lamb shank meal. mmmmm! Did you made the mint sauce yourself? We love lamb, but I have never been brave enough to make a mint sauce/jelly to go with it.

cleaneating on 08/03/2010:
Have a great day :)

Maria7 on 08/03/2010:
I guess it is almost 9 am where you are, Wednesday. Good morning to you over there in Australia! :-)

moogy - Monday Aug 02, 2010
(Weight Watchers Points)
Weight: 229.2

Hello Ladies, I feel like a new woman today, well, let's not exagerate, I feel much better. I had a sneaky weigh in this morning, to see if I would have an official weigh in tomorrow!!!!!! I have lost a pound and a bit , so today's unoffical weigh in has become this weeks official weigh in!!!!!!!  lol  I am not risking anything untoward upsetting a loss for this particularly difficult week.

I just loved V's poem, I am woman, I can do anything. Well, not really, I went shopping on Friday, went when I was at less than my best and even with a list of things to buy, apparently, I forgot half of what I was suppose to get. I have to go out again this morning, I just may take the princess (4) and the angel (she will be 2 in a couple of weeks) with me. I will have to get back into the swing of planning and eating real food again, now that I am just about all better. I am not sure what I am eating today apart from my usual breakfast. I will await my challenge from just42day.

Have a wonderful day ladies.

Progress as of today: 5.8 lbs lost so far, only 89.2 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 08/01/2010:
haha, you are too cute. :) Congrats on the loss!

Maria7 on 08/01/2010:
In answer to your question, 140.0 was my goalweight, which I reached sort of recently and now I'm above it, trying to get back to it again. :-) So glad you are feeling better. ;-)

grumpy on 08/01/2010:
haha, good job. garlic salt and rosemary sound awesome, but i was avoiding salt altogether. i can probably do garlic powder and parsey, i was thinking that would be good too. :)

V on 08/01/2010:
Yay!!! She's back :) So happy that you are able to move about without feeling horrible :) My weigh in is 2morrow as well and I am not looking forward to it, I worked out extra hard this week and TOM hit me this morning :( I will leave you a message after the Dr's appointment

V on 08/01/2010:
BTW glad you liked the poem :) Maya Angelou has a few books as well as a collection of poetry. Next time you are at the book store you should look her up...My first book I read by her was I know why the caged bird sings...I was 10 or so and it really moved me

nosetwitch on 08/01/2010:
You're right...no more messing around! :)

KathyBlue on 08/02/2010:
ahh that happens a lot to me, forgetting the half of the stuff I need. And even when I have a list, I tend to "miss" a few items... lol... I'm terrible. Thanks for the Calorie King, will look it up for sure!

nita51 on 08/02/2010:
Congrads on the pound and a bit! :) :) :) Every bit counts. You are doings great, keep up the good work. Hugs!

cleaneating on 08/02/2010:
Woohoo on the weight loss :) I am pleased you are finely feeling better. Enjoy the little ones,they seem to grow up so fast!

Umpqua on 08/02/2010:
Congrats on the pound lost! Your grandkids are the same age as my kids. Except mine are boys and I don't think I'd describe them as princely or angelic ;P Hope you have a great day!

V on 08/02/2010:
Sorry to keep you weighting (pun intended) 1.1 lbs. You know I already had my temper tantrum and now I'm over it :) Next week Tom will be gone and so will a little more of me ;)

SkinnyGrlWithin on 08/02/2010:
lol..I'm going to have to start all my entries like that!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/02/2010:
Great job! perhaps i won't lose weight with what i'm currently eating, but I am probably maintaining. LOL. with an exam looming, and some stress, I can't be bothered with limiting myself too much! :-)

moogy - Sunday Aug 01, 2010
(Weight Watchers Points)
Weight: 230.5

Good Sunday Morning Girls, I managed to stay in bed all last night with only a couple of coughing bouts. Yay!!  My throat is still reallly sore but I think I have turned a corner and am on the mend. It was last Sunday when I first got sick, so whatever this is, it is not a usual cough, but as I am improving now I expect to be back to normal in a couple of days.

It is another beautiful sunny winter's day here, it will reach the high 60's f/19c. I am still coughing too much to go to church this morning, so I have caught up with all the diary entries and am enjoying the quiet of the house. I live in an apartment above my daughter's house, and with two loud adults and four grandchildren downstairs it can get a little noisy. I love hearing them all laughing as they have family activities - can't really beat hearing a laughing family!!!

I am starting the day off with my usual hot chocolate and porridge but am not sure if I can eat anything very solid (hurts my likkle froat!!), I will just have to see how I go. I am not sure whether to weigh myself this week. I have been lying around on the settee all week , had a more than a couple of dodgy meals, TOM, and lots of medicine and cough lollies. What do you think, weigh or not weigh??  Anyway I hope you ladies all have a wonderful weekend.

Progress as of today: 4.5 lbs lost so far, only 90.5 lbs to go!

CoverGirl on 07/31/2010:
Id say not weigh, but make sure to buckle down once you get better. Hope you feel better soon :)

SkinnyGrlWithin on 07/31/2010:
I'm definitely thinking pretty low in fat...I normally eat decently low fat as is... so my main concern will be the carbs. You should try it... I did it once for 8 days...I had to study for finals right before I was going away to Vegas so I literally sat on my ass for 8 days and ate no carbs and lost 6 pounds... so I'm hoping the no carbs plus double work outs will really hype up my weight loss.

SkinnyGrlWithin on 07/31/2010:
Yea i only plan on doing it for like 10 days...the trick, which I've never done...is slowly integrate a few carbs back into your diet.. but I'm gonna try really hard to do no carbs for 10 days...then for another days just add one piece of fruit into my diet... and then after that just eat limited carbs

Maria7 on 07/31/2010:
If it was me, I'd weigh (and probably be sad), so I'd tell you 'not weigh'...who wants to be sad? You need to feel JOYFUL and keep getting better! (However if you are pretty sure you lost, then I change that to 'weigh'.... :-)

V on 07/31/2010:
Sorry to hear your cold is lingering :( I hope you feel better soon!

V on 08/01/2010:
Oh BTW you asked if I was from the islands...My parents are cajun and they are of French descent

selina on 08/01/2010:
hot chocolate and porridge in a cold winter morning sounds perfect! Enjoy your sunday!

just42day on 08/01/2010:
Hey moogy! Glad you're feeling better. I guess I'm supposed to give you a challenge -- how about staying w/in your WW point range AND drinking 64 oz. (I was going to challenge you to take a nap so you can hopefully fully recover, but I'll leave that on up to you...)

cleaneating on 08/01/2010:
I hope you enjoyed your hot choclate sounds nice and comforting.Have you any soup you could try to eat? I hope you can try and eat a little something so you can keep fighting your cough away. I too can't decide whether to weigh or not!

moogy - Saturday Jul 31, 2010
(Weight Watchers Points)
Weight: 230.5

Hey Ho, I will keep it short and sweet this morning. I had another bad night of coughing, didn't get much sleep and have kept up the coughing so far today. My throat is killing me. Someone shoot me and put me out of my misery!!!

Eating was fine until I couldn't sleep, had another of my drug induced chocolate eating bouts, this morning I felt so ill I couldn't be bothered getting food for myself. I got hungry and had a hot chocolate and almost a full packet of scotch finger biscuits - dipped them in and ate them so they wouldn't hurt my throat (medicinal). Just to top it all of  it is my TOM and I got on the scale and had put on 2lbs.

On a positive note, it kept raining for two day and three nights, wonderful, wonderful rain. It is a beautiful sunny day, should be around 21c/70f. Maybe the sunshine will help. Hope you are all feeling better than I am,  I will get back on the straight and narrow as soon as I am well.

Progress as of today: 4.5 lbs lost so far, only 90.5 lbs to go!

Moody3 on 07/30/2010:
Dang, sorry you are STILL feeling like crap~Have you been to the doctor??????


tangalyn on 07/30/2010:
i really hope u feel better soon and ur coughing goes away so u can get some good sleep.. try to enjoy ur day :)

Maria7 on 07/30/2010:
I hope you start getting better quickly. I just now prayed for you. Get all the rest you can. Hang in there.

V on 07/30/2010:
:( I want you to get better! Please take care of yourself

selina on 07/31/2010:
The much needed rain in Australia :)!

Take care and stay well. Once the winter cold is over, you can always restart fresh.

cleaneating on 07/31/2010:
I hope you are feeling better soon.

moogy - Friday Jul 30, 2010
(Weight Watchers Points)
Weight: 230.5

Hello Everybody, I had a bad night but only because I was actually clearing out my lungs (nice!!!!) , so I am feeling better this morning. I still think there is yuckky stuff down there so when I go out shopping this morning I will stop by the chemist's and pick up some medicine - just to zap it!!! Hey now that is an idea - wouldn't it be great if we could just zap cold and coughs! I thought I was trying to give myself a lungectomy in the night .LOL  Anyway, there is always a silver lining, didn't eat much yesterday, so must have lost weight, yay!! The fog did clear yesterday and gave way to more clouds and rain, yippee, foggy again this morning but I can't imagine three days of rain in a row. But it would be nice.

Thank you all so much for your well wishes, care and suggestions, prayer and also for your examples of striving, determination and generally being good companions on the road to weight loss. I thank you.

hot chocolate, porridge               5

WW ham and pineapple pizza (Got it when I went out shopping, only ate half of it..........yuckky)   3.5

veal T bone, cauliflower, mushrooms, peas, gravy     5

hot chocolate, bodywise bar                2

                                total                  15.5

Progress as of today: 4.5 lbs lost so far, only 90.5 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 07/29/2010:
Thanks for the reality check you posted, as well as the advice about eating carbs in the morning. I just may try that next week since I seem to burn more in the morning. It also might be more satisfying so I'm not so munchy in the evening. I hope you have a great day!

just42day on 07/29/2010:
So glad you're finally feeling better! That was quite the haul. Thank you for your kind note of support. Hope you get a great night's sleep and wake up feeling 100% yourself!

V on 07/29/2010:
Well hello there!!! i see someone is feeling alot better :) you are such a sweetheart!

Maria7 on 07/29/2010:
Hope you are feeling better. Hang in there. It will pass. You'll get better. Just take good care of yourself. :-)

sweetpea1977 on 07/29/2010:
So glad you are feeling better. :)

2luvself on 07/30/2010:
Hope you feel better soon luv. Have a good one tomorrow.

selina on 07/30/2010:
Thank you for your supportive comments, Moogie. I'm happy to hear you are getting over your winter cold. yay!

legcramps on 07/30/2010:
Get better soon!

cleaneating on 07/30/2010:
I hope you have a nice weekend and feel a lot perkier now you are have been 'clearing' out :)

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