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moogy - Monday Mar 19, 2012
(Intuitive Eating)
Weight: 0.0



Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.    Blaise Pascal

Today I am grateful for: time spent with my daughter, sweet moments of joy, neighbourhood noises

Hello Lovely Girls, Forecast 72 degrees, another perfect Autumn day:) I had a good day with food yesterday and am enjoying getting in touch with the feelings I have around food. You would think by this time of life I would have gotten a handle on it, but my issues seem endlessly morphing and consequently the need to medicate with food. I am following the intuitive eating way of doing things, hence the reason that my weight and graphs have disappeared. I am not weighing myself and am trying to let go of all the rules and programming I have had rammed down my throat for all these years. I am finding it surprisingly enjoyable. Trying not to feel guilty about not counting and weighing is the big issue at the moment, but I shall persevere. I have put the Intuitive Website in my favourite list and read from it regularly to keep me focused. Just trying to eat healthy food when I feel hungry. Sounds easy enough doesn't it?

Hope you have a good day wonderful women:) Love you girls:)

Yesterday's Food

hot chocolate

baked beans on crumpets

deep dish cookie pie

chicken sausage, mashed potato, peas, gravy

chocolate covered katie's mint choc fudge (recipe posted in forum)

V on 03/19/2012:
Great to hear that you had a happy healthy day Moogy, LUB You too :)

hollybelle on 03/20/2012:
Sounds like a good day for Moogy!

selina on 03/20/2012:
Have a great day, Moogy! Sounds like you've got there a good plan - eating only when you feel hungry. Can't go wrong with that!

Umpqua on 03/20/2012:
Bringing the Katie love over to your diary ;) I forgot to tell you - I made her mint chocolate chip cupcakes over the weekend and they're just about gone - big hit with everyone here! I added mint and dark chocolate chips to the recipe but made them in a square pan so I could cut smaller, they came out as cake squares. My strategy didn't work though because everyone just ate more of them ;P Have a good one!

grannyannie on 03/20/2012:
Do you mean people will finally do what we tell them when we get close to 80? LOL. Have a great day!

sweetpea1977 on 03/20/2012:
Sounds good to me! :)

moogy - Sunday Mar 18, 2012
(Intuitive Eating)
Weight: 0.0



Love conquers all.   Virgil

Today I am grateful for: hearing the children singing at school from my living room, people with a sense of humour, laughter

Hello Lovely Girls, Forecast 71 degrees, perfect! but we have a 82 coming up on Wednesday and I am hopeful that that will be the last of the warm days!! Yay! I have been away for a few days, sick children mainly and other draining issues that I will not bore you with! Anyhoo! all seems well again downstairs and with fingers crossed I seem to have avoided the dreaded lurgy so far. I have no doubt one of those lovely children will pass on something nasty to me that will leave me coughing for months. They have never failed in five years!!

Monday morning here in Sydney, I have a healthy and hopefully happy (or at least not unhappy) week planned which means my usual quiet days. I hope that you girls have a good week:) Love you girls:)

Day 9 of being in control of my eating behaviour

macadamia and cranberry bar

hot chocolate, porridge

chicken sausages, mashed potato, peas, gravy

deep dish cookie pie

V on 03/18/2012:
Oh i hope you avoid catching the illness <3 Yeah that was one Hell of a play and I couldn't help but laugh at my landlords not so quiet reactions throughout the play..Teehee..We kept making guesses as to which area of the theater would get soaked and the laugh was on us when it was US!! It wasn't too bad, we didn't need a towel, just a napkin! LOL I hope you have a happy healthy day..LUB YOU!!

grannyannie on 03/18/2012:
Hope you can avoid the lurgy as well!

Thanks. Everybody thinks of Idi Amin when they think of Uganda, but he's been gone over 30 years. Of course the stuff that went on in the north has come up lately as well. But it's a lovely country with the friendliest people, and very safe. Going back to visit in Jan. and very excited.

Umpqua on 03/19/2012:
Stay well Moogy and I hope you avoid the crud going around!!

biscottibody59 on 03/19/2012:
Oh the creeping crud--do what you can to dodge that mess! You're gonna have a great week, I just know it! (Thanks for your kind sentiments--I appreciate your vote of confidence:-)

moogy - Wednesday Mar 14, 2012
(Intuitive Eating)
Weight: 236.2



The good and the wise lead quiet lives.  Euripides
Today I am grateful for: loving grandchildren, living in a peaceful country, the dawn
Hello Lovely Girls, Forecast 84 degrees with the chance of late thunderstorms! Yay! for the storms, not the 84!! I loved today's quote as I felt it gave my quiet life some gravitas, a much needed quality at my time of life:) LOL Well, this is my story and I am sticking to it. I made some lentil bolognaise a couple of weeks ago and portioned it and froze it. Got some out for my dinner last night and yuck! it tasted grainy and lacked body and had a really weird mouth feel. So that went in the bin along with it's friends. I don't know why I did it but I then ate four or maybe five chocolate chip cookies, stayed in control because there are several left!!! Woke up this morning and asked myself why on earth I hadn't had some deep dish cookie pie, no answer from myself.....idiot!!! It was after seven o'clock and my drugs where kicking in, so I probably wasn't totally 'with it'! Anyhoo, the upshot is that bolognaise needs meat, I love bolognaise so am deciding if I should just make some with beef!!! Mmmm!
Apart from that I had a good day yesterday, favourite bit was reading to the angel and her reaching up really high so she could put her arm around my shoulders! I could eat her up.........now that would not be staying in control!! I have my usual day today......the quiet one, washing smalls and bed linens, baking, more time with the angel, afternoon tea. What a lucky nana I am:) Hope you girls have a great day:) Love you lovely women:)
Day 4 of staying in control of my eating behaviour.
Yesterday's Food
hot chocolate, porridge
basa fillet, honeyed carrots, peas
4 mouthfuls of lentil bolognaise
4 or maybe 5 choc chip cookies

Progress as of today: 25.1 lbs lost so far, only 61.2 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 03/14/2012:
84 is a bit too hot for me, 80 is nice, and a big thunderstorm! Love your nana story. I could eat my granddaughters up as well!

CaveGirl on 03/14/2012:
I love Basa! It's my favourite white fish.

grannyannie on 03/14/2012:
I was sitting on the bus so the one lady didn't notice the change. The one who was my boss 10 years ago said I looked really good. I haven't really seen her except in passing since then. But when I worked with her it was around my 50th birthday and she saw me over the course of months lose a lot of weight - I got to the same weight I am now.

V on 03/14/2012:

hollybelle on 03/14/2012:
Stay cool Moogy!

thinkpositive on 03/15/2012:
Nice loving times with the grandchildren, very sweet. No big deal with the cookies & hey you didn't eat them all so pat on the back for that.

Kati on 03/15/2012:
I've been "spamming" around with the advertisement of our DD site on FB, and I'm so glad to see you posting!!! :) Send us some storms, please. We need some rain, desperately. It just doesn't seem to develop into any good. I have a tremendous headache... Bahh!

V on 03/15/2012:
I will catch up with you later :)

sweetpea1977 on 03/15/2012:
Hey moogy, Atlanta GA has been experiencing temperatures in the low 80's this week. So it feels like summer, even thought its still technically winter! Crazy huh?

Enjoy the rain!

Umpqua on 03/15/2012:
Enjoy your storms, our rainy season will be starting here soon!

biscottibody59 on 03/16/2012:
Sign me up for good and wise above:-)

Hope you're having a good one there!

moogy - Tuesday Mar 13, 2012
(Intuitive Eating)
Weight: 236.2




How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and the strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of these.   George Washington Carver

Today I am grateful for: a white and blue stripey sky, feeling in control, listening to my body

Hello Lovely Girls, Forecast 82 degrees, same as yesterday, too warm in the afternoon but chilly in the mornings and evenings, so I am not complaining after the wonderfully not stinking hot Summer we had!! The princess slept over last night and didn't kick me once, is it too soon to think she has lost the habit together with her two front teeth?? LOL

I have a pretty normal day today, a little cleaning, a little baking (chocolate swirl cake), a little angel watching (although this has turning into a reading for an hour now, my babies love to read!), I have also been making soft food for the big child downstairs who is still feeling a bit under the weather from the poisoning incident. Then afternoon tea and the evening is mine, all mine!!!! I hope you have a good day lovely girls:)

Day 3 of stay in control of my eating behaviour

Yesterday's Food Day 2

hot chocolate, grilled cheese on toast with cherry tomatoes

chicken sausages, mashed pumpkin, peas and gravy

cranberry and macadamia bar

deep dish cookie pie

Progress as of today: 25.1 lbs lost so far, only 61.2 lbs to go!

liza36 on 03/13/2012:
Great you are at day 3 of staying in control. Keep it up!

grannyannie on 03/13/2012:
You ARE in control! Have a great day.

Thanks for comments.

liza36 on 03/13/2012:
I did start my challenge, and I'm on day 4. So we're pretty close together with our start dates. Here's to a great challenge!!

hollybelle on 03/13/2012:
Hi Moogy! How have I missed your posts the last few days??? Welcome back! I haven't really been reading too many diaries, I think - mainly just posting, but I'll be looking for your posts now that you are back.

V on 03/13/2012:
So what book is the angel reading?? Oh wait you are probably reading to her? I love story time :) Lub You!!

thinkpositive on 03/14/2012:
No kicks in the night- that's good. You are such a good grandmother! They are lucky to have you. Good luck ( yes, that's right I said it!) to you on your challenge with liza36! :) And yes I know it will take hard work , not luck, but if only...

selina on 03/14/2012:
Those foods sound so good! Enjoy your day!

Starving artist, LOL. That's literally true!

Umpqua on 03/14/2012:
Your weather sounds so lovely. You're doing well Moogy, keep up the great work!

loveray on 03/14/2012:
have a wonderful day lovely! xoxo

moogy - Monday Mar 12, 2012
(staying in control of my eating behaviour)
Weight: 236.2




Know thyself means this, that you get acquainted with what you know, and what you can do.   Menander

Today I am grateful for: being free of pain, my strong body, feeling more positive

Hello Lovely Girls, Going for 82 degrees today which is normal for this time of year, another couple of weeks and the temps will drop a lot. Well, for us anyway!! LOL I had a good day yesterday and am feeling much better about 'the eating' after reading some good articles and having a good talk to myself!! There is a really good article in the forum about Intuitive Eating which sweetpea posted some time ago but is really worth reading and I think would suit me and is really how I have been attempting to eat since the start of the year without even realizing it! Thank you sweetpea:)

Anyhoo! I have to take the angel to pre-school, do battle with the talcum powder and bake afternoon tea before the ravening threesome arrive home. I am planning on having boiled eggs and soliders for breakfast today and not bacon and potato soup for another meal, not sure what I feel like for later as it is going to be warm. I will report in on Day 2 tomorrow. Hope you girls have a lovely day:) Love you:)

Progress as of today: 25.1 lbs lost so far, only 61.2 lbs to go!

liza36 on 03/12/2012:
I'm just getting caught up from over the weekend. I'm sorry your daughter had another visit to the hospital. Hope all is ok now.

I can understand your need to medicate with food. I have the same issue. I know how to lose weight, I have all the tools, I've done it before, if only losing and then gaining the same 5 pounds. It's a constant battle. But giving up is not an option, at least not yet. I'm glad you're reading some of the exerpts posted in the forum. I've read them too had they have been helpful.

I remember you were doing your 30-day challenge along side with me and my challenge. You motivated me a lot during that time. And you did a great job being very mindful of your challenge and succeeding. I think it would be a good time for another challenge. Are you up for it?

V on 03/12/2012:
Well hello there Moogy! You would have totally enjoyed brunch yesterday, lots of laughs and yes checking out the hotties walking by ;) You should take D out for afternoon brunch when she is feeling up to it <3 Lub YOU

V on 03/12/2012:
Yep unless it comes to cleaning!! Hahahaha

loveray on 03/12/2012:
missed you sweetie!! love you and hope you are doing well. can't wait to catch up!

thinkpositive on 03/12/2012:
Have a good day Moogy & hang in there.

selina on 03/13/2012:
Sounds like you've a good plan for the day, there! It's great to see you back here, posting again, after the computer failure. Thank you so much for your comments about my work, I appreciate it!

Umpqua on 03/13/2012:
You are doing well Moogy, thinking of you!!

sweetpea1977 on 03/13/2012:
Sounds like you are doing well moogy, which makes me smile! Glad you found the article I posted useful. :)

moogy - Sunday Mar 11, 2012
(staying in control of my eating behaviour)
Weight: 236.2




Do the things you know, and you shall learn the truth you need to know.    Louisa May Alcott
Today I am grateful for: my DD friends, an overcast morning, a quiet house
Hello Lovely Girls, Forecast 78 degrees and cloudy. Not too bad. Yet another ambulance ride to the hospital on Saturday night for my daughter (I am beginning to think she is trying to find a new husband!! they are mostly very dishy!) this time nothing life threatening, thank goodness! Food poisoning, and we didn't have the children this weekend and she was out by Sunday afternoon after a drip, x-rays and two surgeons had checked her out!! We were hoping to see the delicious Dr. Tim, but he wasn't on duty!! Shame. As usual not a cent out of our pocket! Several hours of sitting on my bum on Sunday was no fun!! LOL
Thank you for your kind, useful and loving words from  Saturday's meltdown. Obviously I didn't get back to you yesterday, however, that may have been a good thing. I have an ingenious plan.......*rubs her hands together*....  to override my food issues. Biscotti bumped an article that has really helped me in the past and I had forgotten about (thank you biscotti! you are a gem), and umpqua offered an great idea as well, others just loved me which is the best help I could have received.
Last year I did a 30 day challenge of 'staying in control of my eating behaviour' so I thought I would do that again. I can't get rid of the ongoing and frequent extra stress I am living in at the moment so I will try to focus on sticking with the challenge instead of eating when the world flips on me this month (hard to this of a recent month when it hasn't!!) and I am planning on reading an uplifting article each day from my church's website (something I can do each day to keep focused, learn, and stay calm, thank you umpqua!). I am doing the best I can and that is all I can do:) Love you girls, wish I could hug you:)
Todays Planned Food (Day 1)
chickpea, spinch and pinenut sausages, mashed pumpkin, peas
baked beans on toast
deep dish cookie pie (for night time if I need it!)

Progress as of today: 25.1 lbs lost so far, only 61.2 lbs to go!

V on 03/11/2012:
Sending lots of Love D's way as well as a prayer for you Moogy..LUB YOU

TinaAnn on 03/11/2012:
There is always something that causes extra stress. I have lots of it going on, too. We just take control of what we can. It's extra tough here but I'm finding my way. You can too.

TinaAnn on 03/11/2012:
Before moving into this household, I was pretty good about eating whole and unprocessed food. My problem was the chocolate and that sort of thing. But I cooked whole and fresh. Here I have not had that control and they don't eat like that. It has not been good to my system to make such a change. So, move over, houseboy. I can't take it anymore!

thenewmle on 03/11/2012:
Hugs Moogy! I like the idea of a 30 day challenge. Sometimes the shorter goals are easier to keep control. Obstacles will always be there, it's just a matter of reprogramming your automatic response system. I know, easier said than done, but I really think if you focus on a 30 day program, or even cut it to a 14 day program of control maybe you could feel the success and just keep extending the range. I wish you luck and will keep you in my prayers.

thinkpositive on 03/11/2012:
A great plan Moogy! I read the article which was very good and raised many points that are problem areas for me & others I would bet. Sorry to hear about your daughter. Food poisoning is nothing to mess with.Have a great day.

Umpqua on 03/12/2012:
I hope your daughter feels better and can stay away from the hospital for a long time now! Good plan Moogy and I'm glad you bumped up a lot of the great articles we have posted here, I think they could be useful for many people. Much love to you <3

moogy - Friday Mar 09, 2012
(staying in control of my eating behaviour)
Weight: 236.2



Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it.   Thomas Fuller
Today I am grateful for: a sunny day with a cool breeze, insight, the ability to change
Hello Lovely Girls, I am so glad to be back. My absence for almost three weeks is explained in yesterday's post. The time after the first few days of panic was spent in a state of firstly, panic, then resignation to being out of control. I know I am an intelligent and insightful woman and understand why I use food to medicate myself. (Bad childhood, couple of severe adult traumas, mental illness, blah blah). However, I am really struggling with the idea of actually if I am ever going to lose weight. I mean I know how to do it and can keep to a diet for a couple of weeks and then the panic rises up inside me, like a raging animal screaming "FEED ME", I am not hungry, my brain tells me so, my intelligence tells me I am eating enough food, my stomach tells me I am not hungry. And yet, this panic overcomes me, I don't just want to eat, I need to feel full, totally full, enough to stop the emptiness inside me. It is only when I have eaten enough to stop the panic that I feel safe and able to function.
So, what to do, my intent is that it would be nice to lose weight to fit into my clothes (the new ones that I have never worn!!), just enough to do that. Why is it that I understand why I do this but seem powerless to stop it? I have become almost vegetarian, just the occasional chicken sausage. I have got as far as trying to eat healthy whole food as much as possible, in fact, most of the time. I feel like Jack Nicholson in the movie "As Good As It Gets", really, is this as good as it gets? I have been dieting since I was 15, food has dominated my life, it is my friend, my comfort, my enemy, I hate it, I love it. I sometimes wish I didn't have to eat again and other times I feel like sitting on a massive pile of food and eating myself to death. Surprisingly enough I don't eat junk food and cook everything I eat from scratch! I have no answers, maybe you do, maybe you know how I feel, maybe you don't understand at all. I just had to get it out, if crying and screaming would help I would be fine:) I feel as if I am letting you down, I should be losing weight but I have only lost the same few pounds and put them back on all year! Sorry for the rave, maybe I should have given a warning before I started:) Love you girls:)
Today's Food
salmon and vegie mornay
chocolate covered katie's deep dish cookie pie

Progress as of today: 25.1 lbs lost so far, only 61.2 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 03/10/2012:
You're not letting us down, we're here to support you. You've already identified the problem - "I use food to medicate myself." The solution won't be easy, but junk food eating and bad everyday habits are not your problem. You understand nutrition, you cook nutritious and whole foods, and so you already have all the tools in place to make healthy eating a regular habit, on a regular basis. The difficult thing you will have to do is stop using food to cope with the stresses you are dealing with and find another way to work through them. I would suggest exercise, but I know that doesn't work for you the way it does for most people because of the way your body deals with endorphins. What do you love? What are you passionate about? Perhaps if you throw yourself into a new endeavor and let it occupy your mind you will be less likely to turn to food as a comfort.

I'm speaking from the heart Moogy, since you asked some questions about why you're repeating this cycle. I know this isn't easy and all of us have our demons and our struggles. I strongly believe that if you shift your focus and expend some energy on something that matters to Moogy that it will help you to stay happy and healthy and you'll find yourself turning to food less and less for comfort. What that something is I can't say. It's something to think about. And now I'll shut up with the armchair theories and advice ;P Here to help always!

grannyannie on 03/10/2012:
Welcome back. Sorry about the flooding. I've been gone most of the last 2 weeks as we've been in Morocco.

I understand how you feel. I've often kept eating even when full and can't seem to get enough. Still want to do that sometimes and it's hard fight.

WII on 03/10/2012:
hang in there and have a great week!

biscottibody59 on 03/10/2012:
Be nice to yourself. I got over losing that same couple pounds repeatedly when I finally realized that giving up was the worst possible thing that I could do--I don't know how it is for you. At this stage, it's sometimes hard to find the motivation to keep at this. I figure as long as the site is still up and running I'll continue to try to make the best of it.

Cheers moogy!

ps I bumped those excerpts from "Overcoming Overeating" on the forum, in case you're interested.

V on 03/10/2012:

thinkpositive on 03/11/2012:
You have been very encouraging to me and you are one of the reasons I'm still here on DD & trying to continue my weight loss. No I don't have any answers for you but I understand wanting to eat & I understand the wonderful feeling of eating food that is satisfying. I realize that I have kept myself feeling real hunger. Today I was sitting in church & my stomach growled- that rarely happens because I don't like the feeling of being hungry. I need to allow myself to feel hungry, not starving but just hungry. So , enough about me, just stay here & keep trying.Love you Moogy!

moogy - Thursday Mar 08, 2012
(staying in control of my eating behaviour)
Weight: 236.2

Hello Lovely Girls, Finally, got my PC back, the flood waters receded enough for me to get to the next town over where my baby was being held captive. Just took the angel to pre-school and had to drive through low water. We live in an area (rare in Australia) where there is a major river and a few smaller rivers, as a consequence we have been affected by the unprecedented rainfall (over 3/4 of Australia being rained on at the same time!) Mostly it has just been inconvenient and disruptive in our area. The two bridges are going under water again today. Of course, for me it is exciting and much better than a drought but I do feel sorry for the people who have has the water in their homes (mostly in country towns). I love rain, as you know, but I wasn't planning for this much.  My itunes still isn't working properly so the man from the shop is making a home visit (nice!), what else has happened during my absence. Oh! the princess has lost her two front teeth, soo cute, now she and the angel have a lisp!! LOL Daughter damaged her shoulder and was sent for CT scan, seems to be getting better, her clots have all but dissipated! Yay!! My current hall pass is Timothy Olyphant (yum!), I lost two pounds and put it back on again, the heat never did arrive (yay!) Summer is over and I can now look forward to my beloved Autumn. Sooo glad to be back here I have missed you girls sooo much. I shall do a proper entry tomorrow. Hope you have a wonderful day:) Love you girls:)


Progress as of today: 25.1 lbs lost so far, only 61.2 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 03/08/2012:
Welcome back Moogy! I'm glad you were finally able to rescue your computer. TImothy Olyphant is great, I used to watch Deadwood and he was awesome in that (as was the entire cast). Good to see you!

V on 03/08/2012:
Hey MOOGY!! Welcome back :)

V on 03/08/2012:
Yep it is a natural talent to sling drinks And flirt at the same time! What can I say?? I got it ;) hahahaha

thinkpositive on 03/08/2012:
Missed you! My granddaughter just lost 2 front teeth this past week.She's 6, going to be 7 in May. Too bad about the flooding & glad you aren't affected. Losing & gaining the same 2 lbs- the story of my life!

liza36 on 03/09/2012:
Glad the PC is working again and you're back. Missed you! Glad to hear everyone is well. And oh yes, Timothy Olyphant is yummy. Thanks for sharing the photo.

moogy - Friday Feb 17, 2012
(staying in control of my eating behaviour)
Weight: 236.2

Hello Lovely Girls, Saturday afternoon here and my compuer died on Friday morning:( Took it to the computer doctor this morning, the man said he could probably fix it but may take one or two weeks:( I am using my grandsons tiny tiny lap top at the moment. Just borrowing as the boys are constantly on theirs. I will try and nab it on Monday to log in my weigh in!! Looking good for a moment in the number:) I will stick to the straight and narrow, promise, no fingers crossed. Love you girls:)

Progress as of today: 25.1 lbs lost so far, only 61.2 lbs to go!

V on 02/18/2012:
Hello there Moogy :)

selina on 02/18/2012:
hope your computer gets well soon. stay well!

grannyannie on 02/18/2012:
Sorry about your poor computer :-( Hope it's fixed quickly. Hope you get a good weigh in!

Maria7 on 02/18/2012:
Hey, Moogy! Good to see an entry from ya! Hope your computer gets fixed. Hope you are having a good day. :-)

liza36 on 02/24/2012:
Thanks for checking in with me while I was gone. It was kind of you to think of me. Hope the computer gets fixed. We can't have you gone for too long either!

thinkpositive on 02/24/2012:
That's a pain to be without a computer! Take care, Moogy!

biscottibody59 on 02/26/2012:
Heard there was flooding your way (a few days ago???). Hope all's well there with you and yours!

Maria7 on 02/27/2012:

TinaAnn on 02/27/2012:
Oh, I hate it when I have computer problems! I go through withdrawals without mine! Hope he gets it fixed fast!

Maria7 on 02/28/2012:
Just so you know that you are being thought about over here on this side of the world...I miss you! Hope it won't be long til we hear from you and hope you and your family are all well. Love ya, Friend. Maria

Maria7 on 03/08/2012:
It's been almost a month! I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

moogy - Wednesday Feb 15, 2012
(staying in control of my eating behaviour)
Weight: 236.2



A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway.    Fr. Jerome Cummings

Today I am grateful for: a beautiful morning, kookaburras laughing, my DD team

Hello Lovely Girls, Forecast 80 degrees, OK, I am not complaining:) Just grateful it isn't 100 degrees! I had a pretty good day yesterday, tried to keep the calories low to make up for the spurge on V day:(  Today I have my usual day, a little cleaning, a little baking (only today it is Chocolate Cornflakes Cakes - already in the fridge! that was easy), afternoon tea with the big children:) I had the angel sleep over with me last night, what a nightmare at 12.30am she started arm baring me across the face, OK, put a pillow up between us. Then she started kicking me!! We started a to and fro pushing and kicking exercise for the next three hours. At 3.30am I gave up and came out and slept on the settee!! So that's it!! No more sleepovers for the angel and definitely a nana nap for me today:) This morning when she woke up it was all smiles and " Good Morning Nana" so cute and so hard to hold a grudge against her. I asked her if she had a good night's sleep and of course, she had!!! What's a nana to do?  I hope you girls have a lovely day:)

Yesterday's Food

boiled egg, toast soldiers    198

baked beans on crumpets  341

chocolate sustagen   206        Total   745 

Progress as of today: 25.1 lbs lost so far, only 61.2 lbs to go!

V on 02/15/2012:
Who are you kidding, no sleepovers?? Rubbish, hahahaha <3 Lub you

V on 02/15/2012:
Hahaha! I BET you will have a little bed buddy BEFORE the week is over ;)

hollybelle on 02/15/2012:
My mother said that when our daughter (now almost 21) used to sleep with her when she was little she was like a bucking bronco and she didn't get any sleep - must be a gran/nana thing....heheheh

thenewmle on 02/15/2012:
My daughter was a kicker and now we have a dog that's a kicker! It's amazing that the kicker has a wonderful sleep but the kickee is so disrupted!! Enjoy your 80 degrees - we jumped from 40 degrees this weekend back up to 70's again! But here comes the rain...just in time for the parades! I love to bake, what is a Chocolate Cornflake cake?

Umpqua on 02/16/2012:
Well at least you got a nighttime workout in ;) I hope you are getting caught up on sleep now!

selina on 02/16/2012:
I have a long, body pillow that I always keep between me and daughter when I sleep with her. Sometimes I use it for when I sleep with hubby, too, haha! Maybe that will help. Enjoy your day! And thanks for checking up on me!

supercheese on 02/16/2012:
80 degrees. I wish! aww sleep overs!! hope she didn't kick too hard!

grannyannie on 02/16/2012:
As a fellow Nana I know there will more sleepovers!

Maria7 on 02/16/2012:
What are kuckaburras? Are they birds? I'll have to look that up...whatever they are, that's got to be cheerful, hearing them laughing! :-D Hope you have a WONDERFUL DAY! :-)

biscottibody59 on 02/17/2012:
Kookaburra sits in the old gumtree-ee! We sang that in Bluebirds/Campfire girls:-)

Hope this finds you well--have a good weekend!

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