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mylilsista - Wednesday Nov 05, 2003
(Counting Carbs/Calories/Exercising)
Weight: 242.0

Hello Fellow Dieters!

Serveral people have asked me what I've done to lose some of my weight; well, here goes. I tried dieting for a long time and only lost minimally. Meanwhile, my Diabetes was raging out of control and my health declined. On June 17th of this year, I had gastric bypass surgery; I was 304 lbs at the time. Since that time, I have lost 62 lbs; but now, the hard work really begins as I have to start an exercise program to tone up.

Since my entries in 2001, many things have happened in my life. First of all, my marriage fell apart. My husband and I are separated and remain friends for the sake of our children. Secondly, I'm still in college and only have 3 classes left before graduating and moving on to a four-year program. I'm really excited about this! I can't wait to get finished with this part of the journey. Also, I recently began dating someone and although I have no idea where he and I are headed, I am at a happy and content place in my life.

My weight however, remains a preoccupation as losing more weight will be beneficial in my fight to keep my Diabetes under control. Some people mistakenly believe that having gastric bypass surgery is the "easy" way out. However, I am here to say that this is not true! It is still a daliy struggle to control my eating habits, to exercise, and to stay focused.

I will keep you all posted. God Bless! Lisa

TheMother on 11/06/2003:
WOW!!!! So you've had the gastric bypass. My boss who is about 100 lbs. overweight is having tests done right now to determine if she is a good candidate for this procedure. I also know a former coworker of my daughter's who had it done and she's at her goal weight. I think she lost 100+ lbs. I'm really impressed and rest assured I am not one of the ones who think that is the easy way out. I have a low threshold for pain (I'm amazed I had two kids - ha!) and I know from what I've heard and read that's no easy road to travel. You are doing SO well. Losing weight is not easy. Just take it one day at a time, try to do the best you can. My motto is "each day we are one day closer to achieving our goal". If we truly believe it, it is possible!

Have a GREAT day!


mylilsista - Wednesday Nov 05, 2003
(Counting Carbs/Calories/Exercising)
Weight: 242.0

Wow...it's been a long time since I came to this site but I wanted to review my progress. I got on the scales today and couldn't believe my eyes; I lost another 5 lbs since I'd weighed last. Each pound lost is so precious to me, especially since my Diabetes is under control now! I am making a promise to myself to get my behind back over to the gym; I've really slacked off lately! I'll have to take my measurements and update the rest of the entry information.

God Bless! Lisa

legcramp on 11/05/2003:
Wow!! I just went back through all your entries, and you've done a GREAT job losing the weight!!! Congratulations!!! What's your secret?! I'm happy that you decided to return to diet diaries, i'm really interested in what kind of turns your life has taken since you last updated here! Well, take care and have a great day today! Hope to hear from you again soon!

TheMother on 11/05/2003:
Hello: I hope you've decided to start journaling again. I hope so as I find it helpful not to mention the tons of support I receive from my fellow DDers. Congrats on being down another 5 lbs. I know what you mean about each pound lost being precious. It sure is! Keep up the good work.


breakaway on 11/05/2003:
HI LIsa!! WOW you have done well! I am very proud of you! I can't wait to watch your entries as you lose that weight! Glad your back.

mylilsista - Tuesday Jul 24, 2001
(Counting Carbs/Calories)
Weight: 294.0

Hey Gang Don't have a lot of time today to make a lengthy entry. Everything is well. I'm at work (not that I'm goofing off on the computer or anything like that...grin). I ate a bagel with fruit spread for breakfast, drinking lots of water here at work today, brought salad and fruit for lunch and plan on a light dinner. So far, so good. I will write more tomorrow. Really busy week at work for me right now, but wanted to say howdy...so "howdy yall"


halley on 07/24/2001:
Being prepared with food is so important!!! It can really make you or break you!

breakaway on 07/24/2001:
Good job Lisa, so glad your still here with us! So nice to see your name with us again. And good to see all that fruit and veggies and water! I need to do more of that myself! Take care and have a great day today!

breakaway on 08/02/2001:
Hey you...HOw are you! It's Aug 2 Miss your entries here! Hope to see you real soon...I am back on track and doing very well! Alot of that had to do with seeing you come back here! Don't forget that your missed here when you leave for a while! Have a great day today!

breakaway on 03/11/2002:
Hi again, It's me...I went off DD for a while and gained a lot of my weight back and now I'm ready to start again. It's march 11 2002 and I still think of you often. Hope your doing ok and that life is good. Come let us know how your doing ok. Take care and hope to see you again soon.


mylilsista - Saturday Jul 21, 2001
(Counting Carbs/Calories)
Weight: 294.0

Good Morning, evening, night (whichever applies when you're reading this). I did really good on drinking water yesterday. It's only 3:45 in the morning and already, I'm sitting here with my trusty ole water bottle (patting bottle). Today is the day of the cookout with my coworkers. Since it's at my house, I have a lot of control in what's being served. As I said in yesterday's entry, I went to Kroger & got diet soda, low-fat chips, fat-free dip, veggies, & fruits. John, one of my coworkers, is bringing his grandma's homemade chocolate poundcake. I've thought about this and decided I have several options. I can, (1) starve myself all day and then grab the pound cake from his hands when he arrives & gobble it down, thereby satisfying all of today's carbs & calories simultaneously!!! (2) I can try to pass up the cake altogether....but then I would probably spend the rest of the day wearing black and mourning the loss of a chocolate opportunity (which I haven't had in a while) or (3) I can eat light today and have a small piece of cake with everyone else. Personally, I prefer option #1 (like, who wouldn't? DUH)...but, I'm trying to lose weight and after carefully studying the food pyramid I've come to the conclusion that there is no "chocolate" group (it was obviously a man who created that thing; you know women would have included a chocolate group at least twice a day!)

Today's exercise

I woke up this morning and sat up in bed (1 sit up)

I ran quickly to the bathroom (I think that's equal to jogging isn't it?)

The bathroom was occupied by my husband so I "danced" around in the hallway, waiting for him to get the heck outta there!!! (dancing I hear is considered an arobic activity).

While walking through the livingroom, feeling around for the light switch, I tripped over my son's Nintendo ("lifting" myself up off the floor = 1 push up)

Then I chased a fly around the kitchen with a flyswatter & had to smack at him 6 times before the Lord called the poor little thing home (6 arm twisters).

Now, here I am typing away at my computer and as I type, I am tapping my feet on the office floor. Whew! I think I'm over doing it this morning!! (panting) My commitment to exercise is becoming obsessive don't ya think? (grabbing towel and wiping away beads of simulated perspiration).

Ok, seriously. I plan to do a 10 minute workout 3 times today (which is what my dietician recommended). This is supposed to increase my heartrate enough that it will lower my blood sugar after each meal. I plan to eat light and have ONE piece of cake at the cookout (I have to learn to eat normal...portion control, portion control, portion control!!!) I also plan to carry my water bottle around with me today and keep filling it up. My goal is to stay under 1500 calories and not to supercede my carb allowance.

You all have a great day!

God Bless!


Kyrin on 07/21/2001:
I always loved your upbeat entries. Sooooo glad that you're back with us!

Congrats on all of that early morning exercise! What an inspiration. {grinning at you!}

Have fun at the party. One slim slice of cake for a soon to be slim gal...


autumn on 07/21/2001:
you are so funny! good luck at the cookout, sounds like you have everything under control. chocolate....yummy! mmmmm...i get cravings for chocoate...i love it.

Soon2BThin on 07/21/2001:
Thanks for making me laugh today, you are so funny, girl. I could just picture you tackling the guy with the chocolate pound cake, even though I don't know what you look like, haha. And great exercise too!

kanga on 07/21/2001:
hi and welcome. You have such a great sense of humor you remind me of a other friend who I e-mail with often. Glad you are here and glad to see the ways you are working your plan. Have a great time, food is only part of the fun, even at a cook out!

halley on 07/21/2001:
I hope option #3 worked out for you. It is much easier if you plann what you are going to do in advance!!!

Tabby on 07/22/2001:
I loved your entry for today. I can just see you dancing around in outside the bathroom waiting on you husband to get out:) ( We have all done that at one time or the other) All of that water will make you wish for a toilet next to the bed for easy access but then I guess the exercise back and forth should count for something. Right? I am starting my diet on Monday and I hope for some great results this time around. I can't wait to read your next entry. Tabatha

mylilsista - Friday Jul 20, 2001
(Counting Carbs/Calories)
Weight: 294.0

I did really good yesterday. I ate a total of 1364 calories and felt great. I have an appointment with my dietician today. He's really a cool guy and very supportive. I'm glad I made the decision to get back on top of this. My goal is to stay under 1500 calories (instead of 2000 calories). So far, that hasn't been very difficult. With proper food choices, 1500 calories a day (or under) has been easily achieved. My goal for today is to drink more water and take a 2-mile walk. Have a great day everyone! (hugs)

Ok, I am back. The dietician cut me down to 1500 calories (which is what I've been aiming for anyway) and 180 grams carbs (which is more sensible). I did really good today. I bought a bottle of water and kept filling it up and drinking it. Sometimes I forget how important drinking water is and then I come here and read your entries and the next thing I know I'm chug-a-lugging H2o(thanks)!

It feels really good to be back in control of my eating habits! It's way too hot & humid here to go walking. So, my plan is to set the timer on my vcr and record some workouts and do them before leaving for work each morning. I have to get back into the exercise routine I had earlier this year. I felt great and it helped me lose weight.

I'm having a cookout with some coworkers tomorrow. I went to the store and got diet soda, low-fat chips, fat-free dip, vegetables for veggie trays and some fruit. I figured by planning in advance, I wont make bad food choices. You all have a great evening! (hugs)

God Bless Lisa

pastagal on 07/20/2001:
Sounds like your heading in the right direction,,,,keep it up and have a wonderful weekend ok;}}

Soon2BThin on 07/20/2001:
Welcome back! It's great that you got back on the wagon before things got too out of control. You sound really good now & I'm proud of you for doing so well. Keep up the good work. Your attitude is terrific. You CAN do it!!

dvdmon on 07/20/2001:
Hey Lisa, thanks for the complements. I still want to shed another 10 lbs or so, but the last amount of weight is always the hardest and this is no exception! I've basically been the same weight for the past couple of months. That's why I'm thinking about going back to my eating/exercise plan I had back in the Spring before I stopped losing...

breakaway on 07/21/2001:
LISA...oh my gosh I am so happy to see that you made it back! I have been watching for you and decided that you may not be coming back...but glad you did. You and I can get back on track together ok. Talk to you real soon and have a great day today!

mylilsista - Thursday Jul 19, 2001
(Counting Carbs)
Weight: 294.0

Good Morning Everyone Well, a lot has happened since I made my last entry. First of all, pipes bursted in our basement and flooded everything in it. Unfortunately, the computer was one of those items. I just got it fixed and back on-line. Secondly, I actually got down to 280 lbs, I was so excited. But, then I allowed the stress to get to me and suddenly, losing weight didn't seem that important anymore. I gained quite a bit of weight (14 lbs). I spent a while beating myself up but then figured that it was time to quit making excuses & feeling sorry for myself and get back into the swing of things. I started out at 338 lbs and got down to 280. Now I'm 294 lbs. I still have a 44 lb loss. No need to throw that success away simply because I stumbled for a while. I went to the store and replaced everything with low-fat, low-carb foods. I allow myself up to 2000 calories per day and 255 grams carbs. This worked extremely well for me earlier this year; when I lost all that weight. So, if it works well, I'm not going to mess with it. Because I get snacky at work, I bought some gladware containers and am putting fresh fruits and sliced raw veggies in them and taking them to work. I also took a large water bottle to work and am filling it up with water and drinking it throughout the day. I have an appointment with my nutritionist tomorrow and feel confident that I CAN make it back down to 280 lbs. I'm really glad to be back. You guys are an awesome source of support and I just love you!! (HUGS)


pinkus on 07/19/2001:
Welcome back...glad you got yourself back on track in such a positive way. Looking forward to reading about how you're doing. Pink

dvdmon on 07/19/2001:
Hi Lisa, thanks for the tip. I actually use a tool at fitday.com which works really well because you actually create your own account and enter in what you've had during the day and it does all the counting for you, plus tracks your weight, exercise, calories burned vs. consumed, etc. Really cool site.

I was a bit surprised when you said you were eating 255 grams of carbs as I initially seen the "counting carbs" and your mentioning buying low-fat/low-carb items. Guess "low-carb" to me means a MAXIUMUM of 100 grams or so, but then I am on a low-carb diet similar to Atkins. In fact, I am trying to remember what I've heard the average carb intake is and I don't think it's much higher than 255 grams if I'm not mistaken, but perhaps this is a lot lower than what you were doing previously? Levi

Kyrin on 07/19/2001:
Hey, Lisa! Welcome back! ...and congrats on the awesome losses!

Hugs back at ya!

DVDMon on 07/19/2001:
Hey, I wanted to comment on what you just wrote. There's a Doctor who's written a lot about carb intake and diabetes. He is himself a type I diabetic and has treated himself and others with types I and II with low-carb diets. His name is Dr. Berstein and he has a book called Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. A lot of the info from the book is on his website: <a href="http://www.diabetes-normalsugars.com/" target="_new">Here</a>. I think it would be interesting to read if nothing else, but I know he's helped a lot of people with diabetes. I know somewhat how diabetes can develop and what the disease is about, but I do not know that much about the day-to-day maintenance of it other than trying to keep blood sugar within a certain range by eating at prescribed periods and prescribed amounts of food...

halley on 07/19/2001:
You are so right about still having a 44 pound loss! That is awesome. Good job on bringing your own snack, that makes it much easier!

mylilsista - Monday Mar 19, 2001

Weight: 286.0

Hi Everyone I know it's been quite some time since I've made an entry. No, I haven't forgotten you all or given up my challange of losing weight; I've been sick. I've had bronchitis that's been with me for three weeks and so far, it's not getting any better (despite the antibiotics). I have another appointment this evening. Hopefully the doctor will give me some other type of meds that WILL help this time. In any event, I've lost another 4 lbs since my last entry! I'm not losing as fast as I was, but I'm still losing & that's what is important. The military is sending my husband to Panama City, Florida for 2 months for some training. So it'll just be me, school, work, 3 kids, the cats & dog, all the cooking & cleaning, laundry, etc..etc..etc. But don't worry, I can handle all of this responsibility...I'm on PROZAC!!!!!!!!!! (laugh)! Well, I'll try to make an entry more often (I promise). I've missed hearing from you all daily and reading your diaries! Many hugs! Lisa

Krispy on 03/19/2001:
Well hello - I have joined DDs in your absence and what a great place it is. I just love it here. Well done on the weighloss, if you're losing slowly then you have more chance of keeping it off, which means you'll never see that 4lbs again!

We'll keep you company while your hubby is away. Look forward to reading your entries - take care!!

pastagal on 03/19/2001:
Sorry to hear you have been down with broncitis,,,i have had that a couple times already this yr and i know how hard it is to get over it,take care of you,glad your going back to the doctor again,maybe a change in meds will help,,,,and <font color=Blue>CONGRATS on the 4 lb you lost while away,,WTG:}}}}keep it up ok;}

Kyrin on 03/19/2001:
Woooo-Hooo, Lisa! That latest loss put you up over your 50 pound loss mark!!! (53 to be exact) Congratulations!!

Now, go get those meds and get yourself well.


SoccerMom on 03/19/2001:
I once was treated for chronic bronchitis for almost 9 months, before I saw a new doctor, and got an accurate diagnosis. I had mycoplasm(sp?) pneumonia. Turns out this mycoplasm needs stronger antibiotic for a longer period of time to kill it, so the 250mg erythromycin they were giving me for 10 days (each time) would just kind of "stun" it, then it would come back stronger.

When the new doctor put me on 500mg erythrmycin for 20 days, it really did a number on my digestive tract, but killed that nasty little bug.

Ask your doctor to do the blood test to check for mycoplasm.

Hope you're better soon!

ABrown6794 on 03/19/2001:
Hello, I'm a new member of this site, it's fun to keep finding new people to "chat" with all the time. Congratulations on the 4lb. loss

Miss Piggy on 03/19/2001:
I hear sick and I feel for you. I've been sick too. Hope you get better real soon. Glad you're still with us.

breakaway on 03/20/2001:
Great to have you back! I was worried that something happened to you! Sure hope doc gives you better news today! I will pray for you! Glad to see that weight loss CONGRATS!! Yes a little is better than nothing at all. Keep up the great work! Look forward to your entries again. Tak care and have a wonderful day!

breakaway on 03/23/2001:
Alright Lisa!! It's been a few days again! Where have you been? YOu get me all excited thinking I was going to see entries again from you and your not here! I'm only teasing you! But I DO miss your entries! Hope your feeling ok. Take care of yourself first and then get back here ok! Be good! And DON'T give up!!! Hope your haveing a great week!

breakaway on 03/28/2001:
<font color="fusia"><B> LISA!!!! WHERE AER YOU??? I have really missed your entries...it's the 28th today and everyday I look for you here. Hope things are alright with you! And that your doing fantastic on your diet...send us an entry soon so we know your ok. Please take care and have a great day!

breakaway on 04/02/2001:
<font color="fusia"><B> Ok I know it's my 4th comment...but I'm worried about you...It's april 2 today and it's just not the same without you here! Hope things are ok and that you will be back very soon! I have the regular entries that I read daily and your's is one of them and that's why I am being such a pest! lol Hope I'm not annoying you! If I am please tell me! COme back soon ok we miss you here!

breakaway on 04/07/2001:

breakaway on 04/09/2001:
<FONT SIZE="+1"><FONT COLOR="#FF0000">L</FONT><FONT COLOR="#B23280">I</FONT><FONT COLOR="#6464FF">S</FONT><FONT COLOR="#6464FF">A</FONT><FONT COLOR="#32B2FF"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#00FFFF">I</FONT><FONT COLOR="#00FFFF">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#00FF80">'</FONT><FONT COLOR="#00FF00">s</FONT><FONT COLOR="#00FF00"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#00AA55">m</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0055AA">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0000FF"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#0000FF">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#2B00FF">g</FONT><FONT COLOR="#5500FF">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#8000FF">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#8000FF">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#AA00FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#D500FF">!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#FF00FF">!</FONT></FONT>as if you didn't know that right lol. I'm not going to tell you how much we miss you or how much we miss your comments...but I am going to tell you that we NEED you here! You have written me such nice comments and they really helped me so much! You have to come back SOON ok. PLEASE!!!

breakaway on 05/02/2001:
Lisa, I don't know if your getting these messages...but your page is going to be FULL of me begging you to come back here!!! It's now May 1st and I am daily watching for your entry to return. I really miss you here! You were always one of my favorite's! When you do come back here your going to say MAN, this women is a looney! lol I just want you to know I haven't forgotten about you and I miss your entries and your comments!!! I hope things are going well for you!!! Let us know how you are!

breakaway on 06/06/2001:
I'M still looking for you and hoping that you will rejoin us. How are you? Hope to see you soon...It is June 6 today and I watch for you all the time. Take care!

mylilsista - Sunday Feb 25, 2001

Weight: 290.0

Good Morning everyone!

It's a beautiful day here, it's warmer and really sunny! It feels just like a spring day!!! I decided to start some of my spring cleaning today and do all of the laundry that has accumulated throughout last week. I swear, I think laundry breeds in this house!

Anyway, I've been doing pretty good (diet wise). I'm still bloated and puffy but I'm feeling pretty positive about it; because I know it'll go away.

We got a new puppy yesterday. She is adorable. So far, no puddles and piles in the house. She's taken to the leash well and does her business when the kids take her outside. Hopefully she'll stay this well behaved.

Well I must go. I have a whole house waiting to be cleaned and laundry needing to be done. You all take care and hope you have wonderful weeks!

Lotsa love Lisa

Miss Piggy on 02/25/2001:
Good luck with the spring cleaning. Send some of the spring weather out here to Oklahoma. No rain though. The puppy sounds cute. Have a happy day.

pastagal on 02/25/2001:
Well sounds like you have a day of cleaning ahead of you,,,thats great exersise:}}}

breakaway on 02/26/2001:
Hi Lisa I hope you enjoy your day!!! SOunds beautiful there! I envy you! I can't wait to open my window's. Whay kind of puppy did you get? I love puppy's they are adorable that's for sure. I hope you had a really great day today and got lot's done...I bet you got in a lot of exercise today. Take care Lisa

breakaway on 03/03/2001:
Hi there!!! It is saturday March 3rd...HOpe your ok!! Is that puppy keeping you really busy? I bet he is just adorable! I would love to house train him for you...that is my favorite part of getting a puppy. I feel like i acomplished something really great. I trained my dog in about a week and 1/2. He was so wonderful about it. I love to give them lots of praise for doing there business outside. The neighbors probablly think I am a looney lol. I really miss your entries...hope your back real soon!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

breakaway on 03/17/2001:
Still worried about you!! It's march 16 and I haven't seen you in a while. Hope your ok! I hope to see you back here soon! I miss your entries! Have a great week! Did you get the puppy trained?

mylilsista - Friday Feb 23, 2001

Weight: 290.0

Good Morning Everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for wishing me well on my mid-terms. So far, I've gotten 3 of my grades back and they've all been teriffic! My menstrual cycle started today and you all know I gain weight like crazy during this time of the month. So, I'm not even going to weigh for a while (it just makes me feel depressed). If you remember, last month I whined, cried, complained, & pouted when I gained that water weight. Then, after it was over, I dropped 7 pounds! So, I'm not going to whine about it this month!

I did really good with my eating habits yesterday and I've penciled some time in my schedule for exercise this weekend. I feel great! I'm carrying my water bottle around with me today and I'm doing better about getting that water in to my bod....

Hope you all have a great day and a wonderful weekend. It snowed here yesterday and it's been very cold. I will be SO glad when spring comes and I can take a nice long walk without freezing my buns off. Is it just me or does this winter seem to be dragging?!

Lotsa Hugs Lisa

sunny3 on 02/23/2001:
Congrats on your grades! That is terrific! Keep up the great work and great motivation!! You are going to do this! Youre worth it!

Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

maria7 on 02/23/2001:
Congratulations on your grades..keep up the good work and have a great weekend! :)

SoccerMom on 02/23/2001:
I think we all gain a few pounds then, and whining also is easier. You're doing great though, so don't let a little puffiness get ya...it'll all disappear again in a few days.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kyrin on 02/23/2001:
Hi Lisa!

Great attitude this morning! Congrats on your grades!

pastagal on 02/23/2001:
Good girl,,,,,,i love your new attitude:}}} keep thinking that way,and just focus on moving forward and being consistent and it will happen for you,,,,and i agree,,,,it does feel like winter is dragging,,,,,,i am ready for spring and then summer;}}

Bunny on 02/23/2001:
That time of the month for us girls is an evil trick our bodies like to play on us. I used to gain between 13-15 pounds every month and my doctor finally gave me water pills to take so it would be more manageable for me.Way to go on those great grades. It sounds like your really doing a fantastic job! Keep it up.:)

mylilsista - Thursday Feb 22, 2001

Weight: 290.0

Good Morning Everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I was finishing up midterms and finalizing essays that had to be turned in. I managed to lose those two extra pounds I gained and my eating habits are back on track! I feel good!! Thanks for all of your encouragement during a very stressful time (hugs!) You are just awesome!

Yesterdays Menu:

Breakfast: Low-fat yogurt, strawberry breakfast bar. Lunch: Lean turkey sandwich, salad, and cantelope. Dinner: Tuna sandwich, WOW Doritos, Crystal light lemonade, and snackwell chocolate chip mini cookies. SNACK: Low Calorie Fudge bar.

Todays Menu:

Breakfast: 2 slices of diet toast with Brummel & Brown, Honeydew mellon. Lunch: Lean ham sandwich, low calorie popcorn cheese puffs, & 1 cup of soup. Dinner: Pork chop, peas & carrots, corn on cobb, and 1/2 baked potato. Snacks: neutrasweet popcicle & popcorn.

Exercise: Haven't had much time for this lately.

Water: Have been doing okay with this...will do better today. I'm taking my trusty water bottle in to work and school with me today and will keep it filled.

You all have a great day...I'll catch up on your entries tonight!

Lotsa Love! Lisa

breakaway on 02/22/2001:
Lisa!! I am so glad your back. Hope your midterms went ok. I bet that can be a very busy stressfull time! Congratulations on your two lbs!!! Keep up on the water...your doing great! Your entrie cheered me up today :-) have a wonderful day!!

Breann on 02/22/2001:
Welcome back! Congratulations on your two pound loss. Keep up the good work!


sunny3 on 02/22/2001:
Wow you've been busy! Congrats on the weight loss! That is terrific!! You are doing so great, even with all that added work and stress of school! Good for you!!

Keep up the wonderful work! Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

Kyrin on 02/22/2001:
Hi 'lilsista!

You're doing really well for yourself. Bet you feel proud...and you should too!

You're getting some exercise walking around campus. Is it pretty there?

maria7 on 02/22/2001:
Congratulations on your loss! Keep up the good work! :)

pastagal on 02/22/2001:
You sound like your on track and doing great,,,great menu you got going for today:}} keep it up ONE day at a time:}}

miss piggy on 02/22/2001:
Hope you did well on the exams. Yeah! on the weight loss. Keep up the good work. Hugs

Bunny on 02/22/2001:
Way to go on those two pounds!! keep up the great work!!

SoccerMom on 02/22/2001:
Good for you...hope you did well on the midterms and essays.

Have a wonderful day.

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