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mylilsista - Saturday Feb 17, 2001

Weight: 292.0

Hello Everyone! Thanks for all of the information you left me on snacks that I can take to work/school (I work at the same college where I attend classes). You definately gave me some advice that I can implement right away. Thank you SO much (hugs!) Things are finally mellowing out at school (thank God). Yesterday, I set my homework aside and took my family swimming at an indoor pool. For two hours, we played in the water, swam and had fun. It was great exercise and I felt really good afterwards. I think we'll start doing that once a week. I woke up this morning and passed on the coffee & tea. Instead, I had a BIG glass of water. As you know, I haven't been doing very good lately with this. But today, I woke up, determined to pay better attention to my water intake because it IS important. I've also been working toward finalizing my schedule for next quarter. I'm thinking about taking water arobics 2 times a week, power walking classes 2 times a week, and weight training classes 2 times a week. Not only will these activities help me relieve stress, but they'll give me regular exercise throughout the week. Since I will be graded on these activities, I CAN'T miss class or procrastinate exercising; so it will force me to make the time. I did gain a few pounds during midterms but, I'm not beating myself up over it. I'm just going to use this experience to help me take better care of myself during finals. With all of the great advice on snacks you all gave me, I feel confident I'll be better prepared next time. Oh, I wanted to tell you all that I found something that is great for lunches or dinners. Dinty Moore has little microwave dinners (roast beef, chicken noodles, chicken breast, lasagna, turkey & dressing, beef ravioli) that are low in carbs, calories, and fat. They're not in the freezer section, but are on the store shelves. Therefore, you can toss them in your purse or bookbag and take them with you. They're delicious and satisfying. You may want to give them a try. In addition, they're very economical in price. I just thought I would pass that on. Well, I must go do the homework thing. You all take care and have a wonderful weekend!


Kyrin on 02/17/2001:
Did you really sign up for those exercise classes? Good for you!

You sound very UP this morning. Congrats on surviving your mid-terms...and on the terrific swimming session with your family.

Keep it going...chug-a-lug that water, gal. Come on...only one more pound to your 50-pound loss mark!

pastagal on 02/17/2001:
Your doing terrifice,,keep it up:}}} have a wonderful weekend:}

Koko on 02/17/2001:
Hi there! You're doing great, handling school and implementing a healthy lifestyle change. I gained over 50 lbs during law school and then lost 20 my last year. It was tough, and I wish I'd have been determined like you to eat healthily. We lived off of pizza and bagels and fast food b/c we had so little time for living. Hang in there, and taking those classes sounds like a great idea! I'm thinking about starting a basketball league at the office to incorporate exercise and fun on weekends.

maria7 on 02/17/2001:
Lisa, that sounds like such fun, what you shared about taking your family swimming at an indoor pool...it is great exercise, too! Have a GREAT day! :)

breakaway on 02/19/2001:
Hi Lisa,

I agree on the dinty moore dinner's...there fabulous! I have them at least twice a week. There so easy to haul to work. Good luck on your classes and have a wonderful day!! Your doing great!!

breakaway on 02/20/2001:
Hey...it's the 20th where are you? I so look forward to reading your entries everyday!! Hope nothing is wrong at home or with you!! I will be watching for you!

mylilsista - Thursday Feb 15, 2001

Weight: 290.0

Hi Everyone. I know I haven't made entries the last couple of days. Things have been extremely hectic at school with midterms (screammmmm!) When I'm not at school, I'm at work (sigh). I have not been making the best food choices lately (school cafeteria food), and have had little, if any time for exercise. By the time I get home at night, I'm exhausted and have been either cramming for another exam of falling immediately to sleep. Although I haven't weighed, I'm sure I've gained. But this morning I got up early, packed a yogurt and granola for breakfast and a lean ham sandwich & pork skins for lunch. I'm going to try to make better choices today. I've even scheduled in time for exercise this afternoon. My last Midterm is Tuesday and it'll be over. The positive side of this is that I've learned a valuable lesson and will plan better during finals. This was the first time I experienced midterms while dieting and underestimated how much time I would be spending at work and school. Therefore, I didn't plan accordingly. I'll just chalk this one up to a lesson learned and move on! I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet. If any of you have ideas for healthy snacks or food that I can pack for work & school, on those 14-15 hour days, please let me know. I could use the advice! Have a great day! Lisa

maria7 on 02/15/2001:
Lisa, you are doing great...as to healthy food and snacks to take with you, I suggest fruits (bananas, oranges, grapes) and diet bread sandwiches made with fat free bologna, ham, or cheese. Also, little 200 calories snack packs of peanut butter cheese crackers are good, too. You might want to make some tea at home, low in sugar, and fill a water bottle with the tea and take that along with your water for something different to drink. Hope these suggestions are helpful. Have a great day! :)

Kyrin on 02/15/2001:
Hi Lisa!

When I was in school, I had access to microwaves in the business school and in one of the student lounges, so I sometimes took small cans of ready to eat soups, some bread, plus fruits and vegetables to nibble on. Another good back-pack item is a chunk of solid cheese (like cheddar, montery jack, etc.) and an apple. Homemade peanut butter crackers and fruit, a crush-proof container of popped popcorn (lite butter) and some fruit, or a $5 bill for stopping at Subway were also favorties during my hurry-to-class, no-time-to-eat student life.

I'm glad that your mid-terms are almost over. They sure can screw up a schedule, can't they?!?

miss piggy on 02/15/2001:
Carrot and celery sticks and apple wedges. Boiled egg. Sliver of cheese on a whole wheat cracker or a dab of peanut butter on a whole wheat cracker. An orange. Giant dill pickle? Banana. Sunflower seeds.

pastagal on 02/15/2001:
Boy talk about stress,you really dealing with it right now,,,but you will make it through your midterms and already you have been given some great choices of food to take with you,,,V8 juice is great to drink when you are starving or just need something to curb you over,,,and ya can't go wrong with an apple or banana,,grapes,,,and maria has a great idea,,sandwiches made on diet bread with lunch meat,,,turkey or ham,,,,,lots of lettuce,,,,,and a BIG water bottle with a straw;]]well just tell yourself ,,YOU can do this,and take it one day at a time and don't get discouraged ok,,,,

m@ry on 02/15/2001:
Hey Lisa, It takes a lot just to get through exams. I give you lots of credit for that. That alone takes a lot of willpower to set aside study time. Take it easy on yourself through exam time, it's pretty stressfull. You'll get back on track. Have a great day! See you lighter!

sunny3 on 02/15/2001:
Geeze you are living a hectic life right now!

But it sounds like you are figuring out how to get yourself on track and on some sort of schedule with eating. Thats wonderful!! You are going to do this because you have what it takes! Motivation and spunk!

Keep up the great work! Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

SoccerMom on 02/15/2001:
Sometimes my kids like to pack apple slices, and sprinkle just a hint of cinnamon over them...gives them some pizzazz, and hides the discoloration that apples can get after being cut.

Also, grapes and a little chunk of cheese make a good snack. I like to keep some low-salt cashews in my car, for those "emergency snackings" on the road...to keep me from stopping for something I'll regret later. Carry a water bottle too.

Good luck on the tests, and have a wonderful day.

mylilsista - Monday Feb 12, 2001

Weight: 290.0

Good morning everyone! I made good food choices yesterday (trying to be angelic since my buffet rampage!). This morning, I did great. I had 2 pieces of toast with Brummer & Brown spread for breakfast. I packed a cup of yogurt, a turkey sandwich and WOW chips for lunch. Tonight, for dinner, I'm going to have a chicken breast, peas & carrots, 1/2 baked potato, and a salad. I'm getting right back into the groove of things since my adulterous affair with those greasy foods the other night (I feel SO dirty)...lol I don't have time to exercise this morning but, I plan to exercise for 30 minutes tonight. I'm pushing the water today and my positive attitude is still intact! You all have a great day and I look forward to reading your diary entries. Lotsa Love! Lisa

breakaway on 02/12/2001:
GOOD JOB LISA!! Get right back up and keep fighting! You have the right attitude for this! Good food choices for today and lots of water will get you right back on the right road. Have a wonderful day!

miss piggy on 02/12/2001:
Good work Lisa. Hugs. Hope you have a wonderful day today too.

Kyrin on 02/12/2001:
Your meal plan for today looks nice and filling...good for you too.

I like your attitude!

maria7 on 02/12/2001:
Well, looks like you've gotten right back on track since your 'buffet rampage'...taking your food with you and supper all planned out and had a nice breakfast, good for you! And good for you on your exercise tonight, too! :)

pastagal on 02/12/2001:
Well sounds like you have things in control,,,,glad to hear that,,,have a wonderful day ok:}}

SoccerMom on 02/12/2001:
Glad to hear you're recovering from your scandalous affair with the buffet line! hahaha

Sounds like you're jumping right back into the dieting and healthy living mode. Good for you!

Have a wonderful day.

muggg on 02/12/2001:
Been there.. done that buffet routine! (Sigh) The buffet is bigger than us.. they should have warning signs like they do on the cigarette packages.. don't you think?

You've got a winning attitude though and that's the way to be. The good news is.. that after a month of being good... you'll notice that your next reward meal doesn't appeal to you as much AND that the feeling of fullness and bloat isn't worth the splurge. I have to admit that I feel better eating healthy than I do when on a feeding frenzy.

Hang in there.. and thanks for the laugh!

Breann on 02/12/2001:
Congrats for getting right back on track. All of that food sounded delicious though. You made the right choice for choosing your meal! Todays meals sound very healthy. It sounds like you are doing great!


mostlyidle on 02/12/2001:
Sounds like you're making great progress (from 339 to 290 in a year!) That's what I'm going for.. about 50 lbs a year. If I can look back after a year and say I dropped as much as you did, I'll be ecstatic!

Good to see you just bounced right back after your "cheating" the other night. Everything I have been reading says you're supposed to average your eating/nutrients out over three days at a minimum up to a week. Looks like you've already almost made up for the other night. :)

Sorry your hubby isn't ready to work on his weight with you yet (from your comments to my last post.) It's a heck of a lot easier for me with Breakaway doing it too. Here's hoping he'll decide he has reasons to lose weight and you can do it together.

miss piggy on 02/13/2001:
Hope you have a wonderful valentines day tomorrow!

mylilsista - Sunday Feb 11, 2001

Weight: 290.0

Ok, last night while at the restuarant I did stick to my commitment to make "wise" food choices. Initially I began with a salad & fruit. Afterwards, I "wisely" choose meatloaf instead of baked fish, greasy stir fry with rice instead of lean turkey, cornbread stuffing instead of wheat roll, mashed potatoes instead of steamed greenbeans, and then I carefully selected brownies, chocolate cake, & carrot cake with cream cheese frosting instead of sugar-free jello. Yes, I completely and utterly went nuts. I was like a drunk that fell off the wagon, like a starving parrana on a piece of bloody beef,and like a woman with a gold card at the mall. Do I feel guilty for mowing down that buffet as if it were a GM assembly line? Well, I did begin to feel guilty initially, but then I decided that I would just use that particular meal as my monthly reward dinner (one day of the month where I can eat absolutely anything I want). So, for the next 29 days, I have to be good. Usually I plan that day in advance but last night, me and my other personalities had an emerengcy meeting while at the restuarant...since we can resist anything but temptation, the vote was unanimous! THIS WAS OUR REWARD MEAL! (lol) We ate all of our favorites! I had to wrestle one little old lady to the ground for the last fudge brownie, but other than that, I conducted myself in a perfectly dignified manner (unless you insist on counting my pimp-smacking those little kids away from the ice-cream machine, misconduct)....just kidding. Oh well, no more reward dinners for me for the next month. You all have a great day!

Many hugs! Lisa

Kyrin on 02/11/2001:
You are too funny. Thanks for the chuckles this morning!

Your fall off the wagon was done with such charm and grace, how could we do anything but applaud and volunteer to remind you..."No more reward meals until next month."

One question though, was the pimp that you mentioned one of your alternate personalities or your date for the evening? Just curious. :-)


pastagal on 02/11/2001:
Well your meal sounded great i have to admit;}} and i think you could do that once a month and it be ok,,,,not a bad idea at all:}} well have a great Sunday ok,,,,<font color=red><b>ONE day at a time:}}}

SoccerMom on 02/11/2001:
Have you ever thought of taking your comedy act on the road? You are a hoot!! I'm still laughing...

OK...now...either stay away from buffets, and only eat out where you have to order each item and you get a single serving...or take someone with you who will smack your hands when you reach for those yukky brownies and fried foods. (If you tell yourself that those things are really awful tasting...eventually you might believe it?)

Drink plenty of water...and go EXERCISE till you sweat today. Have a healthy day.

maria7 on 02/11/2001:
<font color=green><b>Lisa, this is why I try to stay away from buffets...cause usually temptation wins...I get carried away in there! I am SOOOO glad you had an enjoyable time....NOW...back to WORK!!! NO MORE SLIPPING!!! NO MORE INDULGING!!! (for a whole month!) :)

Koko on 02/11/2001:
I love this entry to pieces!!! Thanks for sharing it and I've fallen off track a time or two, but took the same attitude you did. Tomorrow is another day!!!! Hugs to you too, Lisa.

breakaway on 02/12/2001:
Lisa!!! you are too funny today...so I think were all going to have to forgive this one. It is SOO great that you were so totally honest about all that. We are all reaching down to you to help you back on the wagon that you fell off today!! Tomorrow get back to exercise and eating right and you will be ok!! I don't look forward to the day this will happen to me thats for sure. But I know it will sooner or later! It happens to everyone...and you have a great attitude about it. You will do great the rest of the month! Have a great day!

mylilsista - Saturday Feb 10, 2001

Weight: 290.0

Good Morning Peoples! Last night was a really good one for me. My husband took me out to eat (I rarely eat out anymore)and I ate a sensible dinner and even indulged in a couple small desserts. Today I feel really good and the scales show that I've maintained my 4 lb loss, therefore, I'm in great spirits! I have, however, went several days without exercising. So I'm going to get off my boot-tocks and go upstairs and exercise before getting into the shower. I'm also going to buy a lottery ticket this weekend and if I win, I'm going to hire someone to exercise for me so I can lose weight more rapidly (lol)! My inlaws are coming for a visit today (screammmmmm!!!!!!) Just kidding, they're great people! Anyway, they usually take us out to eat each time they visit. But I'm not so concerned this time because I'm finally feeling confident that I can make wise choices while eating in restuarants. Therefore, I'm not as afraid anymore. You all take care and have a great weight loss weekend. I'll sign on later tonight and read some of your diary entries. I love to read how you're doing each day! Keep up the good work and remember, one second on the lips means months of pounds on the hips!

Hug! Lisa

breakaway on 02/10/2001:
Hi Lisa,

Great job at maintaining your weight loss! I'm proud of you. Go out to eat and make those good choices. I wish you luck at that lottery ticket lol. My mother and father in law also came for a surprise visit this morning (screammmm)? lol That's only because the house was a mess! Oh well! I cleaned as they were here. Have a wonderful day Lisa and good luck at the restaurant.

pastagal on 02/10/2001:
<font color=blue><b> Aww lisa you are doing good,,,and congrats on holding on to that weight loss,,isnt that a great feeling,if you just keep doing what your doing and being consistent it will keep coming off and staying off,,,don't be concerned about going out with inlaws,,,just make good choices,,,there is so much we CAN eat in a resturant ,,you just have to make the choice and it be the right one:}} Enjoy your weekend with them and have a great Saturday:}}

maria7 on 02/10/2001:
Sounds like you've really got it together with your food choices when eating out....you're not going to be intimidated by tempting sugary or fat foods....that is great and I LOVE what you wrote at the end of your entry.....<font color=red><b>HOW TRUE IT IS!!!! :)

sunny3 on 02/10/2001:
Good for you! Keep up that motivation!

Im glad you treated yourself and still maintained that four pound loss! Awesome! Hope your visit with the inlaws is great! Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

miss piggy on 02/10/2001:
You go girl! I think it is great you have such confidence. Good work. Hope you have fun. Hugs

mylilsista - Friday Feb 09, 2001

Weight: 290.6

Ok, I'm back from the doctor's office. I think I may be beating this plateau thing because I'm down from 294.4 lb to 290.6!!! YES! I've dropped 3.8 lbs!!! (jumping around, doing the cabbage patch). I was SO excited! Funny, the first thing that crossed my mind when I found out that I dropped those 3.8 lbs was, "Well Lisa, you should reward yourself...how about going out to eat?!" DUH! HELLO! Is anybody home in there(knocking on my forehead)? Someone kick me (bending over)! I've worked hard to break the plateau (and hopefully I have)...the LAST thing I need is to go out and pack on 5 pounds to commemorate a 3.8 lb loss (lol). I also took my measurements today. I've put on a half of an inch here and there but hey, they'll go away. Bouncing up and down on my measurements or scales is just a part of this and I'm determined that those minature hurdles are just that, "minature." I could beat myself up for gaining a half inch here and there or I can celebrate nearly a 4 lb loss. I choose to celebrate!!!Thanks for your support, you all are totally awesome! Remember that the largest obstacle between us and our goal, is our "STATE OF MIND!" So think POSITIVE!

Many Hugs! Lisa


Beth on 02/09/2001:
Congratulations! You must feel wonderful. Also, congratulations on walking away from the chocolate and taco salad. I always think of going out to eat or making dinner for celebration times, too. Next time, I'll just buy myself something nice, some new clothes maybe! Thanks for sharing your positive attitude.

miss piggy on 02/09/2001:
Now we have to celebrate with a candlelight bubble bath or something. Or dance a jig of joy. Or send ourselves an e-card. Or use the good china at supper. But you definately have reason to celebrate. Hugs

pastagal on 02/10/2001:
<font color=RED><B> CONGRATS!!!! on the weight loss,,,that is super:}}}} i am so happy for you,,keep it up,,your doing something right,,,wow thats a great loss:}

mylilsista - Friday Feb 09, 2001

Weight: 294.0

Good Morning everyone! I didn't make an entry yesterday because I was in the twilight zone all day (do do do do do do do do)...In other words, I didn't get much sleep and was exhausted all day. I have to go to the doctor today so I'll post my weight when I get back. I still feel really upbeat and motivated. Once I committed myself to losing weight, giving up when I had less than perfect days was no longer an option. I had to fight off the urge to purchase and totally ravish a taco salad yesterday. My mouth was watering, my fangs were in position to chomp down on every succulant morsel, my stomach was yearning for it...but I walked right past that taco salad line and I ended up selecting a small (1 cup) bowl of mexican rice. On the way to the checkout, I had to pass "Temptation Valley" (the cake, cookie, and pie line). I stood momentarily, pausing at the chocolate cake slices...then decided I didn't really need it. I felt really good walking away. I stared into the face of CHOCOLATE and I WON!!!!(lol) I didn't do my workout yesterday (only had 3 hours of sleep & was too tired). However, I will do it this evening. Have a great day!!


SoccerMom on 02/09/2001:
Oh, my gosh! You <i>are</i> a strong woman! Not many have won the chocolate battle with such style and grace! hahaha

You're doing GREAT! Have a wonderful day.

sunny3 on 02/09/2001:
That is awesome! You resisted all that temptation! You keep that up and you will be to your goal before you know it!

You are really doing terrific! Hope you get more sleep tonight! Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

km on 02/09/2001:

So glad you won the battle in the grocery aisle I had that same bout yesterday and lost this time but I will be back there and look out I will kick their buts no chocolate for me next time!LOL

Have a great day!!!!~KIM~

miss piggy on 02/09/2001:
Bravo! Chocolate is a formidible adversary. I hope I can be half as strong. Keep up the good work. Hugs

breakaway on 02/09/2001:
Hi Lisa!!!

I sure did miss you yesterday...I was waiting and waiting for your entry :o( I even checked at midnight when I did my last entry and still no lisa...Don't do that k. :o) GREAT JOB at the grocery store!! I hope I can do the same later today when i go shopping. This will be my first trip since I started. I am so proud of you for resisting that temptation!! I will think of you when those awful food choices come into view for me. And I will stick my nose up at them lol. Have a great day Lisa and glad to see your entry here today!

Bunny on 02/09/2001:
Way to say no to temptation! You are really on your way! Keep it up! HAve a wonderful healthy day!!!

pastagal on 02/09/2001:
Giving you a Great Big Pat on the Back for having so much will power yesterday,,thats terrific,,,,see you can do it,,,,and so just to that everyday,,Have a wonderful day ok;}}}}

Kyrin on 02/09/2001:
All Right, Lisa! Walked right on by all that tempting stuff! I'm PROUD of you. :-)

Want to make a healthy Taco Salad at home?

2 c. Lettuce (romaine is hearty enough to stand up to the ingredients), 1/2 c. Black Beans (drained), 1/2 c. Corn Kernels (frozen/thawed), 1/4 c. diced Green Pepper, 2 oz Taco Beef (cook 2 oz portion of ground sirloin, add taco seasoning powder to taste--it helps to freeze the beef in 2 oz sections on a cookie sheet in the freezer, then store the frozen squares in a ziploc bag), 1/2 c grape tomato halves, 1/4 c. shredded taco/nacho cheese, tbsp taco bell hot sauce (available in Grocery store), 2 tbsp chopped onion, 2 tbsp fat free sour cream. ...optional--2 tbsp black olive slices or jalepeno peppers.

mylilsista - Wednesday Feb 07, 2001

Weight: 294.0

This morning I had an appointment with the doctor. I stepped on the scales and discovered that I had gained one pound. Not only have I hit my plateau, but I've added lbs(horrifying scream)! In spite of this, I still feel positive and upbeat (weird isn't it?) I view this as a "minor" setback. If I allowed myself to get too depressed over every little obstacle then I'd be in a padded cell screaming for the ward nurse to administer electric shock treatment. My dietician told me last week that this could happen and that these few extra pounds could be muscle. I sure hope they are. If not, then I suppose I'll just have to work harder! No time for sulking and feeling sorry for myself! I didn't "gain" all this weight overnight. Therefore, it's certainly in my best interest to accept the fact that "losing" it will take a long time as well. I've always been an impatient person, wanting everything yesterday. That's probably why most of my previous weight loss efforts failed. I would lose some weight but then freak out and give up when I gained a few pounds back (viewing myself as as failure). But I seriously think that our weight bouncing up and down a few pounds is a normal and predictable part of this journey, it's inevitable. So I'm going to be patient, not jump to any hasty conclusions, and recognize that all is NOT lost simply because I've gained a few. I've made a lot of progress throughout the past year and I refuse to ignore that and focus only on the occasional negatives. Wish me luck and please leave me a hug! (hug)


pastagal on 02/07/2001:
{{{{{{{{{{{{{{MYlilsista}}}}}}}}}}}} big hugg for you and more where that came from;}}} Listen,,,if you just stay consistent and do what your doing daily,,you will see results,,don't let that scale disappoint you ok,,,you can do this ,,,just take it slow and ONE day at a time,,,cause it does take time;}}}

breakaway on 02/07/2001:
HI Lisa!!...Please don't get to discouraged about this. Just remember that you came down from 339 That Is a GREAT achievement!! I know you have the ability to do this. I am behind you all the way!!! You will be heading down on that scale soon...I can feel it! You have a great attitude about this that's for sure. That is the way to be. Next week will be a better weigh in for you! Have a great day Lisa and whatever you do don't give up!! (((HUGS)))

sparkymel on 02/07/2001:
You have the right attitude. Everyone hits a plateu, so don't feel bad. You may gain a pund this week and lose 3 next week. So keep it up! You're doing great!! Have a wonderful day!!!

muggg on 02/07/2001:
As hard as it is to ignore that pound... it will go away... and some more with it next weigh in. I'm sure of it. You've had such success previously, I have faith in you.

Sometimes when I get discouraged, it helps me to remember not to give up... that WHEN I get thin.. I'll have to eat thin to stay that way.. so I may as well get used to it and quit whining! Wah..wah... (LOL)

A big {hug} to ya!

maria7 on 02/07/2001:
Whatever you do, don't give up....it could be waterweight, or muscle due to exercising...also in times past, I've had the scale to go up a day or two before a good loss!

Bunny on 02/07/2001:
You have a great attitude about this despite the fact that the scale moved a tiny bit. There is nothin wrong with adding some muscle weight. You are really doing a great job!! And your positive attitude sure helps get me through my tough days!!! Have a wonderful healthy day!!!

garlic on 02/07/2001:
Hey, thanks for the info on the Denise Austin show. I'll have to check it out. I'm not real familiar with her (just photos). Is she bearable to listen to? She isn't dippy, is she? Is she someone you would want in your living room every day?

Kyrin on 02/07/2001:
Hey, Lisa! I like your attitude, gal! You've really just started the exercising part of your lifestyle change, so you need to be consistent in doing it and BE PATIENT.

It may take a bit for the weight loss to start showing up. With exercise, usually you get muscle growth before you get fat loss...and since what we want is fat loss, not muscle or water loss... patience.

I know we can do this!

BTW--did you try Denise Austin? Is she perky or what?

Have a good night tonight. I'll be looking for your successes tomorrow. <i>Have some fun!</i>



caro on 02/08/2001:
That's the power of living well -- it just feels so darn good. *You* know you are doing your best, eating healthier and exercising more. So what if the scale doesn't agree -- it's just a tool. What's important is how you feel and it sounds like you are doing GREAT! Keep up the good work!

miss piggy on 02/09/2001:
Great big teddy bear hugs to you. You sound like a very intelligent person. Good luck and hang in there.

mylilsista - Tuesday Feb 06, 2001

Weight: 293.0

Ok, this morning I got up and weighed and my scales said 290. However, I'm reluctant to trust them because they're usually 2 to 3 lbs less than my doctor's scales. This basically means, I haven't lost anything lately. I've definately hit my plateau! I have a couple of choices here. I could get depressed because of my lack of progress and give up or I could get off my duff and do what it takes to get past this plateau. I choose to challenge myself to get past the plateau! Every journey begins with the first step and since I've already taken that step, it would be stupid to turn back now. I taped Denise Austin yesterday but didn't have time to work out. This morning, I didn't want to get up (was really tired)...but I drug my hiney out of bed and came downstairs, popped in the video tape and after I finish this entry, I'm going to do my workout. In addition, I spent a few hours last night, making out my spring schedule for school. Instead of taking only academic courses in the spring, I decided to incorporate some water arobics, weight training, and walking classes as well. This will force me to work out on days that I wouldn't normally be able to find the time. In spite of my not being able to lose pounds lately, I've maintained my positive attitude and view this plateau as a challange! It's the first major hurdle in my weight-loss journey. I'm confident if I work hard enough, I'll get past it! Wish me luck...


sunny3 on 02/06/2001:
Now that is terrific motivation! You are definitely on the right track!

Good for you! Your entry really gave me a boost too! I will not give up!

You have a wonderful day! Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

Koko on 02/06/2001:
It's so wonderful to read how one turns a challenge into such a positive thing!!!! Thank you and the best of luck to you. You will do it. I have no doubt. :)

breakaway on 02/06/2001:
Hi Lisa,

I am so glad your not giving up...remember it's because of your entry's that got me going! I am anxious to make this journey with you. It sure can be hard getting out of bed in the morning...It's great that you have the determination to make yourself do it. I think your doing terrific! Keep up the great work...I look forward to your entries every day. :)

muggg on 02/06/2001:
I sympathize with the scale thing. Use your scale and go with it... in the long run.. when you've made your goal... what's 3 little pounds?

You've got a great attitude! Kudos for signing up for those classes... you'll be glad you did!

pastagal on 02/06/2001:
Lisa,,,,,if you stay consistent and keep doing what you have been doing,you will see a loss soon,,,check your measurements ,,,you could be loseing in that way and not on the scales,,,thats how i did for many many months,,,so don't give up,,just keep being consistent,,,and it will happen:}}}

Bunny on 02/06/2001:
What a great way to incorprate exercise into your lifestyle. Your right the first step is the hardest but your well on your way. I wish you great health, weight loss, and happiness!!!!!

SoccerMom on 02/06/2001:
You're right...you WILL get past this! Just stick with it, and suddenly you'll see a drop on the scales. It's wonderful that you're able to take some exercise classes at school. Good for you!

<font color=gold>BIG GOLD STAR AWARD!!</font color>

caro on 02/06/2001:
Lisa, Yes! You will get past your plateau! Your attitude is wonderful. And what a great idea to sign up for some movement courses in the spring. You'll get to try something new and get a good workout in at the same time. Have fun!

garlic on 02/06/2001:
Hi - what time and channel is Denise Austin on? What type of workout does she do? Thanks.

mylilsista - Sunday Feb 04, 2001

Weight: 293.0

First of all, I want to thank all of you for the overwhelming amount of support you've given me. Until yesterday, I didn't even know you had been leaving messages for me. When I stumbled onto this, I went back and read all your postings. What a support system you are (hug)! I read some of your diaries as well and I see a lot of similarities in how we feel sometimes...it's nice to know we're not alone in this! I did really good with my eating habits yesterday. I got a good night's sleep and woke up feeling refreshed this a.m. My blood sugar this morning was super and my foot, though it's still hurting, is not hurting as badly. I have everything ready to record Denise Austin's exercise program tomorrow. So, if you all are woke up in the morning by a blood-curling scream, you'll know it's me pulling a ham-string or something (laugh). Last night was my husband's last midnight shift!!! Yes, after years of his working nights, we've decided he should switch to day shift. We'll get a lot more time together that way. We both work and go to school, so we've rarely seen one another. However, by working days, we can spend the evenings with each other and actually go to bed together at night (whoo-hoo)! MoreSexMoreSexMoreSex!!!(evil grin). Bruce has been in the military for almost 20 years (Air Force) and is supposed to retire in 2 more years. However, we want him to retire earlier than that. So he's attending the Ohio Police Academy this summer. He's certified for law enforcement at a federal level. However, he has to be certified at a state level. This academy will do that for him. As soon as he graduates, he's going to try to secure a job so that we can leave the military and have a "normal" life (something we both fantasize about). How nice it will be to not have to move anymore, to be able to make friends that wont move away to other bases, for the kids to be able to grow up with the same friends they went to junior high or high school with..and for our family not to be separated for months at on end. How great to know we can spend holidays together, instead of me and my kids being at home, while he's spending Christmas in the Persian Gulf, Africa, Italy, or some other country. I can hardly wait! Sorry, I kind of went off on a fantasy tangine there. Anyway, I don't know what to expect in the morning with the workout, I'm going to try my best with it. It may be difficult at first, but I'm sure it'll get easier, the more I do it. As far as my doctor's appointment yesterday, the doctor said I have a case of tendonitis going on in my left foot. Thank God, it isn't diabetic related. She prescribed some antiflamatories. I'll keep you all posted. This morning for breakfast, I had 4 egg whites, scrambled with 2 slices of lean, low-fat ham. 1 bagel with fruit spread, 1/2 banana sliced up and mixed with 1/2 cup of yogurt. This is in accordance to the diet the dietician gave me. It's within my calorie and carb limits and I feel very satisfied (full). Wish me luck...hope you all have a great diet week.


pastagal on 02/04/2001:
Aww so you didn't know we were commenting huh,:{ well glad you found it and know now:}} You sound great today,,,and that is great that your hubby will soon be out of the service and have a normal job,,,,i know that has to be something super to look forward to,,especially the 'Sex' part,,lol,,,,you won't know how to act girl:}} well have great sunday and keep up the good work:}

Kyrin on 02/04/2001:
Hi Lisa!

I just wanted ot give you a hug and wish you a good experience as you start your exercise program tomorrow. I hope you'll like Ms. Austin. If you can get past her "sweetness," her program really is a pretty good place to start.

Just remember to drink a glass or two of water before you get started and don't forget some water to sip during your commercial (rest) breaks. Also stop when you have to, but jump right back in again as soon as you can.


breakaway on 02/05/2001:
Lisa, I am new here and I have to say you are the one who really inspired me to start a diary here. I want to thank you for that. I look forward to watching your progress and keep up the great effort your doing great! It seems like there are a lot of great people here and I look forward to getting to know them all. I know I will get the support here that I need to keep me going.

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