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mylilsista - Saturday Feb 03, 2001
(Counting Carbs & Calories)
Weight: 293.0

I have an appointment at the doctor this morning (for my foot). It may be a good idea for me to start entering my measurements & weight once a week. Since my weight will fluctuate daily due to multiple variables, it would not be an accurate picture of my true weight (if I weighed daily). I didn't have time to totally summarize my appointment yesterday with the dietician/nutricianist. He said I (a) wasn't getting enough milk in my diet, (b) needed to eat more non-starchy vegetables, (c) force myself to eat breakfast...even if I graze on it for an hour or so, and (d) start some type of regular exercise routine (I knew this was coming). I will think about how I am going to fit this into my schedule. Bernice told me about a woman named Denise Austin who comes on lifetime at 6:30 in the morning and presents an exercise routine. I think I will start recording her shows and working out at home each morning. Several people I've talked to at work said her program is really good. I'll tape it and see if it's something that will work for me and my lifestyle. People at work are starting to notice a change in my appearence and have commented to me about it. When someone says something to me like this, it makes me feel good because I know my hard work is paying off! Susan came back to work after taking two weeks off for a surgery. The very first thing she said when she seen me is "You've lost weight!" That really gave me a lift. Yesterday, I visited Tina (my bestest friend in the world) and she said, "Wow, you've really lost weight, I can tell a big difference...you look good!" That made me feel good as well. So even though I sometimes feel like I'm having "fat days" and that I'm not making progress, I know I am. I will enter my weight and measurements one week from today.

Kyrin on 02/03/2001:

Yup, you knew that the exercise was going to be in your future. No doubt about it. LOL

Really, it isn't so bad! As you ease yourself into that new part of your lifestyle change, you'll probably want to resist (at first). "Just do it" anyway. You'll feel better afterwards. I promise.

When I started exercising again, after many years of being a student and sitting in a chair for what seemed like 24/7, I began with Denise Austin (on the Lifetime channel). She was sugary sweet, and some mornings I swore that if she said, "your spine is your life line" just one more time, I was gonna reach right into the TV tube and twist her perky blonde head right off. ...But I have to admit, when I first started, the commercials were spaced just about right for catching my breath and getting a drink of water. Thank God for all of the product pushing, or I wouldn't have made it.

Her program is actually a pretty good place to start because she repeats the moves enough so that you WILL see and feel a change during the first couple of weeks. It may feel as though your arms, legs, and other various parts of your anatomy are about to fall off, but do as many repetitions as you can.

**Taping the show is a good idea. That way you can replay your favorite workouts.

Best wishes as you start this part of your lifestyle change.


sunny3 on 02/03/2001:
Isn't it great when people start to notice and make a nice comment! It happened to me last night in the grocery store. Made me feel so good. And it kept me on my diet! Lol.

Keep up the awesome work! Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

garlic on 02/03/2001:
Hi!! Hi'm new here and I was reading your diaries. You have done great!!! You should be proud of yourself. Exercising will definitely make things happen for you. Considering walking - it's easy and enjoyable. It gives you uninterrupted time to think, soul search, sort stuff out.

Bunny on 02/03/2001:
It is one thing to lose weight but it makes 100% better when someone starts to notice. Way to go You are a real inspiration.

pastagal on 02/03/2001:
So glad people are noticing your weight loss so far,,that can really be encourageing huh,,,i know i go through so many days i feel FAT yet,and sometimes on the days i truely feel fat to me is when others will comment on how great i look ,,,so its really a head trip sometimes to not give into how the mind makes us feel,,,,just keep doing what your doing,cause its working and take it ONE day at a TIME:}}} Have a super good weekend;}}

caro on 02/03/2001:
Let us know how you like the Denise Austin show -- I'm thinking about trying it myself! You sure are busy, and fitting in exercise sounds like a big challenge for you. Good luck!!!!!! And congratulations for being willing to try different things -- Tae Bo, for instance (I didn't like it much, myself).

SoccerMom on 02/04/2001:
Hope your dr. appt goes well. Sounds like you've got a good nutritionist, too.

Doesn't it just make your day, when someone notices that you're getting thinner? Congrats!

Have a wonderful heatlhy weekend.

mylilsista - Friday Feb 02, 2001
(Counting Carbs & Calories)
Weight: 293.6

Ok, the scales this morning are showing a 4 lbs gain. My measurements are indicating both loss & gain. My left foot has been bothering me a lot lately & I haven't been able to walk as much. I'm going to make an appointment at the doctor for this and see if they can give me something to relieve the pain. I'm seriuosly beginning to doubt if my foot problem is due to my diabetes. After all, I haven't been diagnosed very long and I don't have any of the symptoms of diabetic foot problems. It feels more like a ligament or muscle problem. I'm still comfortably wearing size 26 and I had hoped, by now, that I would be closer to wearing size 24. But, that hasn't happened yet. At first, the weight was coming off quickly and that was great! However, the weight loss appears to be slowing down now and I have to monitor myself to make sure I don't get depressed or discouraged and, as a result, give up. My doctor cautioned me that I would hit a plateau and that I should start preparing myself for that. She never told me how to get past it..but I will ask that when I see my dietician today. Wish me luck! I'm not gonna give up! I don't want to turn back now. Ok, I just got back from my appointment with my nutritionist. He (yes, Amy wasn't there) said that the pounds I am gaining could very well be muscle, not fat...and that it's nothing to worry about. In fact, he said it wasn't unusual for weight to fluctuate up or down 3-5 lbs and this could be due to something as simple as drinking a glass of water. The fat will go away, some of it will be replaced by muscle, and my weight WILL end up evening out appropriately. This made me feel a lot better. He showed me a model of 5 lbs of fat...then he showed me a model of 5 lbs of muscle. Gosh! It was amazing. The 5 lbs of fat was all bulkly, ugly, yellow, and huge. The 5 lbs of muscle was lean, a LOT smaller, and neatly created. I immediately understood why I was losing inches of fat around the waist and yet, the scales were showing a minimal weight loss...that's because some of the fat was being replaced by lean muscle (which is definately a good thing)! Therefore, instead of measuring my success by the scale alone, I need to start paying more attention to my measurements. If I'm losing fat, yet, gaining muscle, my measurements will keep reducing even if the scales are stagnant or showing a larger weight.

SoccerMom on 02/02/2001:
Good for you! Great attitude! Let's keep walking down the path together, OK? We're all gonna get there!

Have a wonderful day.

pastagal on 02/02/2001:
YES please don't give up,,just give it time and be consistent,,,it will happen,,,we ALL have the same happen to us,,i have gone weeks without a loss,,,and the gain could be water,,,so don't let that stupid scale get to you,just keep doing what you have been doing:}}} Have a great weekend and hope your foot gets better quickly;}

Bunny on 02/02/2001:
Nothing wrong with a little muscle gain. Keep on the path of your journey and never look back. You are doing great. Keep up the good work.

mylilsista - Wednesday Jan 31, 2001
(Counting Carbs & Calories)
Weight: 290.0

Today my weight stayed the same but I lost some inches so I'm satisfied. I didn't sleep well last night (forgot & had a soda with caffeine in it yesterday). I have a class this morning, have to work all day, & then I have to take a test tonight. Tomorrow I have to work and take another test...urghhhh!!!!! (snoreeeeee)! Ok, I am at work now. I finished my psychology class, which was very enlightening. This professor, Dr. Cindy Kennedy, has taught me things that have had a profound effect on me. I am so glad I met her. I handed in a 5 page extra-credit paper during our last class..it was worth up-to 5 points. Cindy loved it and gave me 5 points PLUS 2 additional points for quality and organization! She added the extra-credit to my last test score...raising it to 98.6% In any event, today's class was about schemes formed in children's minds and their use of logic (later in life) to determine whether those schemes satisfy equalibrium or disequalibrium. This information was so enlightening that it immediately lifted my spirits because this logic makes sense of some of the personal problems I've had in my life lately. I'm an adult survivor of child abuse and learning how I came to feel about myself has been very rewarding. Anyway, This morning, for breakfast, I had a yogurt. For lunch, I had a cup of mixed fresh fruit and a mixed salad. I also had 2 chocolate (Snackwell cookies). Other than being tired, I'm feeling great! I look forward to losing that next pound! Total amount lost = 49 lbs.

km on 01/31/2001:
You are doing fantastic keep up the great work and good luck with all the test, I am sure you will do great!~KIm~

sunny3 on 01/31/2001:
Wow you have the next few days cut out for you! Busy busy!!

Congratulations on the inches lost!!! No loss is better than a gain!!

Have a wonderful day!

Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

muggg on 01/31/2001:
I woke up at 5 this morning and never got back to sleep.... don't know why.... Tests..bummer. I'm glad those days are over!

Good luck!

Bunny on 01/31/2001:
Way to lose those inches! I have to say losing inches for me is just as satisfying as losing pounds. Good luck on your tests. Have a wonderful happy day!

pastagal on 01/31/2001:
I don't envy you with having to take Tests,,i always hated that part of school:{ well losing inches is as good i think as losing weight:}}} Congrats,,keep it up!!!

muggg on 01/31/2001:
Hi, it's me again. Your professor sounds wonderful. Isn't it a neat experience to learn something like that? Your menu sounds yummy.

49 pounds!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

TweetieCat on 01/31/2001:

I've been reading your journal and find that we have a lot in common. First off, I live in the East, too (New Jersey) and I work as an admin. assistant for a major food company (Nabisco). I also have a college degree and am married to my high school/college sweetheart for almost 28 years. We have two young adult children (boy & girl). The thing that caught my eye was the fact that you mentioned how your feet hurt. My feet have been hurting me for the past couple of months. I weigh about 250 and desperately need to loose about 80 lbs. I've done this before (many times) but this last go round has been the hardest. I am at my all-time high. My brother has been diabetic for about 12 years and he just recently started taking insulin. I know that this is partly hereditary and I was wondering if you would mind sharing some of the other symptoms of diabetes.

Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Good luck on your journey to a new happy & healthier you!


SoccerMom on 01/31/2001:
WOW!!! You are really an inspiration! You're going to school and doing so well there...and losing weight, too. What a wonderful lifestyle change you're making.


mylilsista - Tuesday Jan 30, 2001
(Counting Carbs & Calories)
Weight: 290.0

Lost another 2 lbs (yoo hoo!) I certainly didn't see that coming! But I'm not going to complain...I gained a half an inch around the waist & hips but that could be muscle mass; who knows? It's not anything I'm going to worry about. I've been doing really good so far. I tried Tybo last night and didn't like it at all. I'm going to have to find another activity/exercise. My goal today is to drink more water and so far, I've achieved this. I'll post more tomorrow. Lisa

SoccerMom on 01/30/2001:
Wow! TAH-DAH!! You're doing GREAT!! Now...at two pounds a week, you can be 100 pounds lighter by Christmas!

I haven't tried the Taebo stuff, but my sister seems to enjoy finding "lost" muscles with it. Have a great day!

pastagal on 01/30/2001:
CONGRATS on the loss,,that is super,,,Tybo is alittle hard to do at first,,,take it slowly and do it at your pace,,,it grows on ya;}}

muggg on 01/30/2001:
Congrats on the loss! And try a different tape for awhile. As you get stronger and lose weight, it may be fun the next time you try it!

You're doing super, gal!

bunny on 01/30/2001:
Congratulations on those 2 pounds! Hopefully you'll find an exercise program that works for you. Have a wonderful day!

mylilsista - Monday Jan 29, 2001
(Counting Carbs & Calories)
Weight: 292.0

Ok, lost another pound & also 3/4 of an inch around my waist! Yipee! Yesterday was an emotional rollercoaster for me but I didn't pig out (which is what I use to do when I was upset). Actually, I'm proud of myself for keeping things in perspective (food wise). My husband got up this morning & helped me take my measurements. So I was off a little bit on my measurements yesterday, but not much. I feel as if I'm getting a slight stomach bug or something. My appetite hasn't been very good and I'm nauseated. I ate a third of a cup of cream of wheat this morning for breakfast. I know I should have eaten more (for the diabetes) but I seriously couldn't stomach much. But, maybe my appetite will pick up at lunch. When Bernice came to work, I told her that I had dropped 7 pounds since my cycle ended. She was thrilled and gave me a hug. She said I look really good and she can see the difference big time! Several people here at work are telling me they can see a difference (even people who don't even know I'm dieting). That makes me feel as if what I'm doing is paying off. I still have to lose another 13 lbs before I can take a picture and post it on my web page. I have been trying to take pictures and line them up beside one another each time I drop twenty-pounds (so that I can see the difference...it's motivational!) The last time I took a picture was at 299 lbs. Next picture will be taken when I reach 279 lbs. I'm on my way! I didn't sleep well last night, very emotional, tearful and depressed. Trying to concentrate on my academics, which means a lot to me, but can't seem to achieve it for any length of time. I'm very angry with my biological family right now and I have to express it somehow. Maybe I'll go to the gym and beat up a punching bag or something. Bruce is so supportive and loving, it's amazing how he's evolved and matured through these years. Five years ago we were on the verge of divorce...but today, it's better than it's ever been. Some women say that men never change. That's not true. God can work miracles in even the proudest man's life! As my husband gets older, he just keeps getting better! How lucky I am that even when doors shut, windows open!!!

sunny3 on 01/29/2001:
Congratulations on another pound! That is so awesome!!!

Keep up the great work!! Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

OhAnn on 01/29/2001:
I don't get much time to read here anymore...(single parent, in college, and work full time) but I was happy that I took the time to read your diaries. You will do great, just know that you aren't alone out there. I have been on Atkins for a year now and still fight the urges at times. I know what you mean about the clothes thing. I still go into those stores, but can finally go to a regular store and find clothes..yippee!

maria7 on 01/29/2001:
I LOVE what you said, 'that even when doors shut, windows open!' So true. God never closes one door without opening another! Maria

pastagal on 01/29/2001:
Aww a nice entry,,,you sound like a person who carries there heart on there shoulder:}}} i know what you mean about some men being able to change,,mine did to about 5 yrs ago for the better and now my life is Great and he is such a happier person also,:}

As for your dieting ,your doing super,,,,and yes it is great motivation when others notice and tell you huh;} i had a flu bug hit me sat,so be careful,,,tho there was no real warning,,just boom i was hugging the toliet:{ well have a great day ok,,,,keep up the good work:}}}

Koko on 01/29/2001:
congrats on everything, mylilsista, and I haven't read all of your entries (will do that tonight) but just wanted to say that all bad times/anger, depression, etc. passes if you keep the right spirit, the one that exudes from your entry for today. I speak from experience, and you are seriously ROCKING!


muggg on 01/29/2001:
What a uplifting entry... I'm glad things worked out well for you and your husband. How nice that he is supportive of you the way he is. You're doing great... keep it up!

Aren't the compliments nice?

mylilsista - Sunday Jan 28, 2001
(Counting Carbs & Calories)
Weight: 293.0

Yipeeee! I lost another pound and some more inches! I love tracking my progress this way. I never would have thought of taking my measurements without this program! Usually, I only measure my progress in pounds, not inches. With this program, I can do both. Since I initially began taking my measurements, I've lost 6 lbs, 3.5 inches around the waist, 3 inches off the hips, 1.5 inches from the chest, 2 inches off the thigh, and 1 inch off the upper arm. It may not seem like much, but it's leaps and bounds for me! One thing I have to be cautious of is "eating out of stress." I have tons of homework and projects and find myself wanting to nibble while trying to complete some of them. That urge to nibble is not hunger, but stress. I also need to drink more water (which I haven't been doing lately). I'm going to talk to hubby about my leaving early on certain mornings and visiting the gym at the college. He would have to get the kids off to school on those mornings. But, at least I'll be able to work in some type of exercise. Now that the water weight is receding, I am better able to get a grasp on how much weight I've really lost (thank God). I was really beginning to get depressed thinking that I had gained weight or not lost any at all. My blood sugars are great...I'm eating right and feel good. The only problem I am having is the nerve damage in my feet. The doctor said it's due to the Diabetes and there's nothing they can do other than prescribe muscle relaxers; which aren't working too well. I am not waking up in pain at night anymore. But my feet are hurting severely in the mornings and throughout the day. I thought this would improve as I lost weight but the doctor said what damage is done, is done and even with my losing weight, chances are, my feet will continue to get worse (Diabetes). I'm going to talk to him again about this during my next visit. Total lost since last year = 46 lbs.

SoccerMom on 01/28/2001:
Woooo-hoooo! Congratulations on the losses! Have a great day!

Kyrin on 01/28/2001:
Aren't those inches great??? What do you mean they may not seem like much? They do to me! I know how difficult it is to get those darned things to move. So, big hugs for the lost inches You've been doing really well.

Now, about the stress eating and those reports... Take it from one who spent from '93-'99 in college. It is extrememly easy to pack the weight on while you're studying or working on projects. I got my degrees, so the time I spent was worth it. However, I wish that I had gone to the gym, used exercise tapes, or done *anything* that would have helped with the stress. The snacks were just a temporary fix, for which I gained more stress. I added 40 pounds in school on top of the 35-40 that I was already carrying (job stress).

It's hard to take someone else's word for a lot of things ("It won't happen to me."), but if I could wish something good for you, it would be that you don't let the stress rut grab a hold of you. Get rid of the urges now.

You're moving in the right direction! Exercise will help you handle the stress. It will dump a whole bunch of the same "feel-good" chemicals into your system that you would get from the snacks, while doing the opposite calorie-wise to your system. You'll be creating a calorie deficit instead of a surplus.

Go for it. Get out of the house and get moving.

Best wishes for a more stressless college exerience!


Beth on 01/28/2001:
46 pounds! Wow! I hope I can someday achieve that. Congratulations on your recent loss as well. Sorry about the foot pain, but I'm sure it will ease up as you lose. Good luck!

maria7 on 01/28/2001:
Congratulations on your loss. You are doing great! Maria

Soon2BThin on 01/28/2001:
Hey, good job on the weight loss & inches. That's just great! Also the exercise is not only good for losing weight, but, afterward, you not only feel tired, but really good. And it's great for relieving the stress. I also have the diabetic foot problems. Mine start tingling usually every night, once in awhile I'm lucky & get a night when they don't. I only have the pain sometimes, not regularly. I guess it's true what they say, once you're a diabetic, you're one for life. But I think the weight loss & exercise really do help. Keep up the good work.

pastagal on 01/28/2001:
46lbs is a GREAT loss for one yr,,,keep it up,,what ever your doing its working;}}}

sunny3 on 01/28/2001:
Great going! One pound is absolutely wonderful!!!

Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

mylilsista - Saturday Jan 27, 2001
(Counting Carbos)
Weight: 294.0

Well I appear to be back on track today. I wasn't hungry this morning, but I ate a cup of yogurt anyway. At dinner we went to Ponderosa. I was really afraid that I'd lose control and pig out at the buffet. But, I suprised myself. I ate a salad. Afterwards, I ate a chicken breast, a very small serving of mashed potatoes, 1/2 of a dinner roll, and a small serving of corn. For dessert I asked what they had that was sugar-free and the lady told me the only desserts that were sugar-free were the jello and spice cake. I had a little jello and a tiny piece of spice cake. That was it, I was satisfied! I felt proud of myself that I was able to exercise some self-control. Normally I would have eaten whatever I wanted, going through the buffet as if it were an assembly line. This was the very first time that I had eaten in a controlled manner at a resturant/buffet. I'm really excited about being able to fit into the size 26's again (some of the water weight receded) and am trying to keep myself motivated to lose enough to fit into the 24's. But it isn't easy being motivated all day, each day. But I'm trying. My goal this week is simply to find a way to curb the sweet/chocolate cravings. I went to the store down the street and checked out nearly every candy they have. The only one that I found to be low in calories and carbs was York Pepperment Patties. I can have 3 (they're thick) miniature bars for 50 calories and 10 grams of carbs. I haven't eaten any tonight (I am not craving them right now). But I put them up (out of sight) so that they will be available when I do begin to crave them. This craving sweets during my menstual cycle has been the most challanging thing that I have encountered since I began trying to lose weight. But, I think I may have it under control. I bought scales tonight and weighed myself. The scales say I weigh 294 lbs. Apparently the bloating is leaving and my actual weight is emerging. I'll try to weigh more often so I can curve things if my weight begins increasing. I'm also thinking about slowly incorporating some exercise into my life. So far, I've lost weight with little effort. I've just been changing the way I eat. But I'm going to hit a plateau one day and will not be able to lose any more unless I exercise. I may as well start doing it now. Lisa

maria7 on 01/27/2001:
You're doing great! I know it's not easy to control yourself when eating buffet. Maria

Soon2BThin on 01/27/2001:
Hey, you did great at Ponderosa! Those buffets are so hard. I love this Chinese one that we sometimes go to for lunch after bowling, I think they plan on going there this week too, so I'll just think of how great you did at Ponderosa & try to do the same. Thanks for the help.

Kyrin on 01/27/2001:
Hey, Lisa, you did really well at the buffet! If you just keep working on it little by little, YOU WILL get into the 24's before you know it.

About the chocolates--My husband suggested that you put your York peppermint patties in the freezer. He says that it intensifies the flavor, so you probably won't need all of them at once. I can't speak from experience when it comes to eating chocolates. I'm allergic to that magical stuff. It's probably a good thing, too! LOL

pastagal on 01/27/2001:
Well glad to hear your back on track,just take it one day at a time and slowly,,,you can do this:}}}

SoccerMom on 01/28/2001:
Good for you, for showing restraint at the buffet! I'm looking forward to following your success story.

Have a healthy day...and keep smiling!

mylilsista - Friday Jan 26, 2001
(Counting Carbos)
Weight: 300.0

Well it's Friday again. I'm trying to take my measurements and weigh in the same day each week. Today is that day. I don't feel as if I've lost any weight this week, but who knows? I took my measurements this morning and was suprised that I had lost some inches. I'm still a little bloated from my menstrual cycle. That should go away in a couple days (hopefully). Next Friday's weigh-in should be more revealing (all of the water weight will be gone). I haven't did too good this week with the chocolate/sweet cravings. However, I've still been doing my best to monitor and count up what I have eaten (even when I cheat). This time of the month is very difficult for me because of all the cravings. Well, I have to go to the doctor. I will post my weight (regardless of what it is) when I return. Ok, I am back from the hospital. I weigh 300. I gained one pound. Hopefully it's just water weight. If not, I'm really confused because I lost an inch & a half around my waist, an inch around my hips & breast. Oh well, next Friday will tell. Lisa

sunny3 on 01/26/2001:
Thats a great positive attitude! Good for you! Even though you have felt a few set backs you are counting up those calories and doing your best to stay motivated and on track!!

I am really proud of you because that is a challenge!

Congratulations on those inches lost! Keep up the wonderful work and have a great day!

Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

km on 01/26/2001:
Lisa, Good decision on weighing only once a week so much can happen in a week too much water, period eating too much salt and it really isn't fat just water weight but seeing a new higher number can really set you off your diet, I too am trying to stop weighing in everyday after all this is a life style change so what does it matter what we weigh every single day!

Good luck with the doctor's scale my doctor's scale is always alot higher than mine so mine is right and his is off balance from all those people stepping on it everyday LOL, That's how I choose to look at it!! Works for me howabout YOU!! Have a great day~KIM~

pastagal on 01/26/2001:
Listen if when you weigh in you don't see a loss on the scale,,,remember that you LOST inches,and thats what really counts right now,,,i wish you the best and can't wait to hear how you did:}}} keep it up,,slowly but surely you will get to the end of that long road;}}}Have a wonderful weekend:}

SoccerMom on 01/26/2001:
Woohooo! I see lost inches! CONGRATULATIONS!! I know, chocolate seems to be the one thing we can't resist "that time of the month". That's OK...just try harder during the rest of the month to avoid it.

You're doing great. Have a wonderful day.

muggg on 01/26/2001:
I found that if I avoided sweets and high salty foods all the time.. I didn't have water retention at all. They link water retention to so many discomforts (PMS) that it's worth a try!

Good plan to measure. Sometimes the scale is stubborn and the tape measure cooperates! Even more so if you exercise!

I am a chocoholic too! I do understand.

pastagal on 01/26/2001:
Don't be surprised just because you gained a lb but lost inches,,,that is what i have come to learn this time around,,DON'T rely on the scale as a motivator,,,check your inches cause you will lose there even when the scale doesn't move,

Isn't that a great feeling:}}}

maria7 on 01/27/2001:
The tape measure is a more accurate indicator of one's size than the scale....I used to doubt this, but not anymore! Maria

mylilsista - Wednesday Jan 24, 2001
(Counting Carbos)
Weight: 299.0

Ok, everything was going along perfectly until the 22nd. My menstrual cycle started and I've been craving chocolate like crazy. Yesterday and today (both), I attacked a bag of Sweet Escape candy bars. I was so mad at myself. At first I thought about chucking the diet until my cycle was over but this would only make me feel worse about myself. So, I forced myself to count up my calories and carbs (accountability). I called my dietician this evening and talked to her about it. She said to eat either tootsie rolls or peppermint patties (which are both low in fat). I'll try that the next time I get that really bad craving. I can't just flush my progress down the toilet and start eating like crazy again. In addition to this, I'm bloated really bad (which makes me feel like I haven't lost an ounce). I weighed myself yesterday in the gym at the college and still weighed 299. This makes it appear that none of my efforts are working. However, it's been my experience that I get bloated and gain weight during my menstrual cycle. However, once it's over, I weigh about 3-5 lbs less. Hopefully that will happen this time as well. I just can't allow myself to indulge into chocolate binges.

Wish me luck, Lisa

pastagal on 01/24/2001:
You need to flush those candy bars down the toliet,,,or hide them :} Yes buy some tootsi pops or diet jello w/ff cool whip,,,gosh you could eat lots of that and it be ok,,,,but you really need to not buy and bring home the candy bars,,,,we all know how hard it is when you get that urge to grab them and before you know it the damage is done,,,,but don't beat yourself up,,just move forward and have better stuff to grab next time,,,,and yes,,that time of the month is horrible for feeling BIG,,,,,at least your still trying tho,,,and consistency is what counts in the end,,,,best of luck:}}}

pastagal on 01/24/2001:
You need to flush those candy bars down the toliet,,,or hide them :} Yes buy some tootsi pops or diet jello w/ff cool whip,,,gosh you could eat lots of that and it be ok,,,,but you really need to not buy and bring home the candy bars,,,,we all know how hard it is when you get that urge to grab them and before you know it the damage is done,,,,but don't beat yourself up,,just move forward and have better stuff to grab next time,,,,and yes,,that time of the month is horrible for feeling BIG,,,,,at least your still trying tho,,,and consistency is what counts in the end,,,,best of luck:}}}

Kyrin on 01/25/2001:
You were tempted and you gave in, but you didn't quit. I'm proud of you... and happy for you too. You'll probably handle the next time a little better. Calling the dietician and getting "tools" for dealing with the next time was a good move.

You're doing a fantastic job with your weight loss...forty pounds and counting. Hooray, 'lilsista!

sunny3 on 01/25/2001:
Hi Lisa! Good for you for not ditching your diet all together! I am sure those little indulgences won't hurt you too much.

I go through the same as you with the bloating and water retention when I am on my period. Don't you worry, I am sure as soon as its over, you will see a difference!

You are doing so great, you keep up up the awesome work!

Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

mylilsista - Friday Jan 19, 2001
(Counting Carbos)
Weight: 299.0

I am so excited right now! My pants (size 30) are quite a bit too big for me so tonight, while out shopping for other things, I wandered over to the section of the store that sold jeans. I took a pair of 26's off the shelf and tried them on and they fit perfectly!! I didn't have to suck my tummy in or anything!! They zipped with ease and I could still breathe (laugh). I bought 2 pairs (one black and one blue). This was the first time in years that I bought pants in a normal store, opposed to buying them at a large woman's store (Lane Bryant's, Catherine's, etc). I also bought a tape measure and took all my measurements. Wish I would have done this when I first started losing this weight. I'm curious to know what those measurements would have been. Oh well, I can only monitor my progress from here on. My next goal is to fit into a size 24. Wish me luck. This has been a wonderful day for me. First I achieved my goal of getting below 300 lbs. Then, I found out that I dropped from a size 30 to a size 26. This really motivates me to keep doing what I'm doing! My friends, Bernice & John (coworkers) are so inspiring! They're so supportive and understanding. I don't know what I would do without them! Hubby & the kids have also been a God-send, very supportive and cheer me on each time I lose a pound! Thank you God for giving me such wonderful, caring, and supportive people in my life (smile).

maria7 on 01/20/2001:
Congratulations! Doesn't it feel great. I know that you said you'd already lost, I think about 40 pounds before you came to this site. I am so happy for you. Yes, I would like to have had my tape measurements also before I lost the 50 pounds in 1998, but I do know that I lost 10 inches off my waist, actually 10 1/2 inches. But you can always begin now with taking/recording your measurements and on the days you don't lose any weight, you may see a difference in the tape measurement, which is really probably a more accurate measurement since muscle weighs more than fat and as we exercise, we will gain some muscle weight and lose fat weight, thus not always showing a loss on the scale. I am SO happy for you! Soon you will be into a 24! Maria

Kyrin on 01/21/2001:
Congratulations on busting through that 300 mark! You're doing really well. Keep it up!

SoccerMom on 01/22/2001:
Don't you just love it, when you go to try on pants, and find out that your usual size doesn't fit...because they're too BIG?? Congrats on the loss!!

muggg on 01/22/2001:
I'm really thrilled for you! Woo Hoo! You're doing great! How lucky for you to have support in your friends! Keep it up!

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