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mylilsista - Friday Jan 19, 2001
(Counting Carbos)
Weight: 299.0

I have successfully lost 40 lbs throughout the past year but, I goofed off and fell off the wagon more times than I care to admit. A few weeks ago I went to my doctor's office and asked them to educate me on how to take care of myself and lose weight. They taught me how to count my carbs & calories. So far, it's worked great!

January 1, 2001 - I weighed 312 lbs.

January 12, 2001 - I weighed 307

January 19, 2001 - I weighed 299!! Finally made it under 300 lbs, which was my first goal(yipeee!!!) I haven't been under 300 lbs for many many years!

This new way of eating, thinking and living is definately working out for me! I can't wait until next Friday...so I can weigh again and see if I've lost anything. Wish me luck!

pastagal on 01/19/2001:
Your diet sounds great,,,and it must be good for you cause your losing on a consistent basis:}} Keep it up and you will make your goal,,,:}}

muggg on 01/19/2001:
Welcome to Diet Diaries! You have done so well! Congratulations on your losses! I am doing a lower carb diet too and it really works for me. Be sure to add water consumption to your diet. A really neat site is water.com

Keep up the good work!

sunny3 on 01/19/2001:
Good for you!!! Wow you are doing so great!!!!

You must be so proud of yourself! I know I admire you greatly for your enthusiastic attitude and your take charge way of thinking!

Keep up the awesome work!!!!

Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

mylilsista - Monday Jan 01, 2001
(Counting Carbos)
Weight: 312.0

Last year I weighed 339 lbs. Although I've lost 27 pounds, it's been slow and I haven't taken this as seriously as I should. I sometimes feel as if I'll never lose this weight. I'm diabetic, overweight, depressed, and hatee all of the little inconveniences that come with being this heavy.


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